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M. Roarke est un milliardaire excentrique, qui a acheté une île au coeur de l'océan Pacifique afin d'y accueillir les touristes. En fait, non : pas n'importe quels touristes. Seuls les êtres malheureux ayant réellement besoin que leur désir le plus cher soit réalisé. Si la plupart du temps, il s'agit de trouver l'Amour, ces fantasmes sont toutefois variés : problèmes familieux, d'identité, mal-être, ou encore trouver un certain équilibre, sont des thèmes abordés. M. Roarke est assisté par le nain Tattoo, un natif coquin et plein d'humour et de fraîcheur. Ce qu'il n'a pas en taille, il l'a en coeur : il est prêt à réconcilier les gens à n'importe quel prix, quitte à parfois précipiter les choses. Il a encore beaucoup à apprendre du calme olympien et de la grande connaissance de l'âme humaine que M. Roarke lui enseigne au fil des épisodes.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de L'Île Fantastique

S01E01 Return to Fantasy Island 20/01/1978 Be careful what you wish for! This is the motto as three couples venture to Fantasy Island in this second pilot.
S01E02 Escape / Cinderella Girls 28/01/1978 In the "Escape" segment, Gregory Udall is an escape artist trying to get out of the shadow of his famous father by duplicating the solo ultimate escape his father performed, with Mr. Roarke providing the prison. Unfortunately for Udall, if you don't escape, stay there forever. Udall manages to escape by overcoming his desire to do it single-handedly as he gets another prisoner to help him. In the "Cinderella" segment, Ann and Maxine are working class girls who manage to afford a trip to Fantasy Island with a wish to become jet-setters for two days. They both get involved with rich men - Maxine ends up getting her man even when she confesses she's poor, and Ann ends up with a doctor pretending to be a rich millionaire to raise money for his health clinic.
S01E03 Bet a Million / Mr. Irresistible 04/02/1978 In "Bet A Million" a Mr. & Mrs. Fred Wade come to the island in the hopes of finding a wealthy financier to help them fulfill their dream of owning a hotel. In "Mr. Irresistible" Chuck Hoffman fantasies about being the most irresistible man in the world.
S01E04 The Prince / The Sheriff 11/02/1978 In 'The Prince' a handsome young prince wants to live as a common man, but falls in love with a woman who despises poverty. And in 'The Sheriff' New York City Police Detective John Burke, wants to go back in time to become a sheriff in the old west.
S01E05 Family Reunion / Voodoo 18/02/1978 In 'Family Reunion' a brother and sister fantasize about reuniting their parents. And in 'Voodoo' a twenty-six year old woman suffering from amnesia undergoes voodoo.
S01E06 Lady of the Evening / The Racer 25/02/1978 In 'Lady of the Evening' a prostitute wants to change her life and settle down but is afraid to tell her respectable fiancé. And in 'The Racer' ex-race car driver Kincaid proves to himself and his family that the crash which destroyed his career is not the reason he quit racing.
S01E07 Treasure Hunt / Beauty Contest 11/03/1978 In "Treasure Hunt" a couple along with their friend thirst for money and adventure leading them to some very difficult decisions. In "Beauty Contest" a sheltered 19 year old girl wishes to enter a beauty contest like her mother did in order to get acceptance from her father.
S01E08 The Funny Girl / Butch and Sundance 18/03/1978 In "The Funny Girl" a TV comedian wishes to become a nobody again and lead a simpler life. In "Butch and Sundance" two friends wish to become Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, for thrills and adventure.
S01E09 Superstar / Salem 25/03/1978 In "Superstar" an accountant wishes to become a baseball Superstar. In "Salem" a couple's wish to live with simple and old fashioned morality and values lands them in Salem Massachusetts leading them to wonder which time is better.
S01E10 Trouble, My Lovely / The Common Man 01/04/1978 In "Trouble, My Lovely" a father's fantasy is to experience peace and respect from his overbearing family. In "The Common Man" a schlub named Stanley Scheckter wishes to become a private investigator but his klutzy ways cause more trouble.
S01E11 The Over the Hill Caper / Poof! You're a Movie Star 15/04/1978 In "The Over-the-Hill Caper" an elderly man's fantasy is to reunite his old gang and pull off one last caper. In "Poof, You're a Movie Star" Shirley Russell wishes to become a movie star when the director demands more than she can offer.
S01E12 Reunion / Anniversary 29/04/1978 In "Reunion" 4 high school friends reveal a hidden secret which places them in jeopardy. In "Anniversary" a couple wish to renew their vows and bring back the good times before the alcohol ruled their lives.
S01E13 King for a Day / Instant Family 06/05/1978 In "King for a Day" a plumber dreams of being king for a day. In "Instant Family" a mother's fantasy is to prove to her daughter that child-rearing isn't what her daughter's college thesis proposed: "The Soft Life of the American Housewife and Mother."
S01E14 Fool for a Client / Double Your Pleasure 15/05/1978 In "Fool for a Client" a brilliant yet insecure lawyer wishes to experience the excitement of a big courtroom trial. In "Double Your Pleasure" the winner of a raffle ticket for a weekend on Fantasy Island is caught between two girls - twins no less.
S01E15 Call Me Lucky / Torch Song 20/05/1978 In "Call Me Lucky" compulsive gambler Harry Beamus wants to be the luckiest gambler alive, realizing his separation from his son may come at a high cost. In "Torch Song" a woman wishes to become a torch singer just like her grandmother.
S02E01 The Homecoming / The Sheikh 16/09/1978 In ""The Homecoming"" a Vietnam veteran, long presumed dead wishes to be reunited with his family. Realizing that his wife has remarried and his son doesn't know him, he must move on with his life. In ""The Sheikh"" a middle-aged school teacher wishes to have a harem of beautiful women, but instead becomes the target of an assassination attempt.
S02E02 The Big Dipper / The Pirate 23/09/1978 In ""The Big Dipper"" a young girl tries to find a normal life with her pick-pocketing father, when a police sergeant shows up in search of her father. In ""The Pirate"" an eccentric Ted Cavanaugh hopes to win back the love of his ex-wife by playing out a fantasy.
S02E03 The Beachcomber / The Last Whodunit 30/09/1978 In ""The Beachcomber"" Charles Preston fed up with the pressures of his life gives it all up to become a carefree beachcomber and winds up in more trouble than he can handle. In ""The Last Whodunit"" an avid mystery reader decides to solve the case of murder involving the death of her favorite writer.
S02E04 Best Seller / The Tomb 14/10/1978 In ""Best Seller"" Barry Hunter desires the limelight as best-selling author and the women throw themselves at him. In ""The Tomb"" an archeologist and his daughter confront an Egyptian curse.
S02E05 I Want to Get Married / The Jewel Thief 21/10/1978 In ""I Want to Get Married"" a woman wants her long-standing marriage shy boyfriend to finally go ahead with their wedding. In ""The Jewel Thief"" Jordan Montgomery wants to be a famous jewel thief.
S02E06 War Games / Queen of the Boston Bruisers 28/10/1978 In ""War Games"" a bitter Vietnam veteran challenges a former Army buddy to a deadly competition. Unbeknowst to him, he holds him responsible for his brother's death. In ""Queen of the Boston Bruisers"" a tough Roller Derby Queen and single mom tries to pass herself off as a real lady to impress her future inlaws and not embarrass her daughter.
S02E07 Let the Goodtimes Roll / Nightmare / The Tiger 04/11/1978 In ""Let the Goodtimes Roll"" a former hot-rod king wishes for his past glory and get the girl he left behind. In ""Nightmare"" Jeanine Sanford has terrifying nightmares which she wants to overcome. In ""The Tiger"" also known as Jamporie, world famous adventure writer Victor Duncan wants to stalk a legendary wild beast.
S02E08 Return / The Toughest Man Alive 11/11/1978 In ""Return"" lovely Helena Marsh returns to Fantasy Island to proclaim her love for......Mr. Roarke. In ""The Toughest Man Alive"" an average man becomes a hero and saves the village from Captain Fisk.
S02E09 The Appointment / Mr. Tattoo 18/11/1978 In ""The Appointment"" Dr. John Carlson who is doctor too busy with business to see his patients, seeks funds to build a computerized health care complex and winds up having to make a life and death decision. In ""Mr. Tattoo"" Dee Dee and Evelyn enlist Tattoo in helping them find millionaires to marry.
S02E10 The Flight of the Great Yellow Bird / The Island of Lost Women 25/11/1978 In ""The Flight of the Great Yellow Bird"" a former professional adventurer is hired by Professor Smith-Myles to go in search of Bigfoot. In ""The Island of Lost Women"" a girl crazy sailor Barney Shaw wishes to find out if an island of beautiful women really exists.
S02E11 Carnival / The Vaudevillians 02/12/1978 In ""Carnival"" a young coma victim believes that the man in her dreams really exists. In ""The Vaudevillians"" old timers Will Fields and Charlie Parks try their hand at bringing Vaudeville back, escaping exile to a retirement home neither wants.
S02E12 Charlie's Cherubs / Stalag 3 09/12/1978 In ""Charlie's Cherubs"" three secretaries want to be like their heroines-Charlie's Angels. In ""Stalag 3"" four World War II veterans relive their days in a German prison camp.
S02E13 The Lady and the Longhorn / Vampire 16/12/1978 In ""The Lady and the Longhorn"" sweet but wacky businesswoman Vera Templeton is after a millionaire to save her company from bankruptcy. And in ""Vampire"" famous method actor Leo Drake prepares for his role as Dracula in a very frightening and dangerous way.
S02E14 Seance / The Treasure 13/01/1979 In ""Seance"" Clare Conti still distraught over her brother's suicide learns that her brother was murdered during a seance. In ""The Treasure"" a happy marriage is placed in jeopardy when the quest for wealth and all the it encompasses places Joe Capos at a crossroads.
S02E15 Cowboy / Substitute Wife 20/01/1979 In ""Cowboy"" Brian Kehoe complicates a happy reunion by past lies about being a rodeo star when in fact he is only a rodeo clown. In ""Substitute Wife"" hypochondriac Nadine Winslow seeks a new wife for her husband when she thinks she is dying.
S02E16 Photographs / Royal Flush 27/01/1979 In ""Photographs"" photographer Nancy Weston is haunted by the mysterious image of an unknown girl in her photos. In ""Royal Flush"" Johnny Court attempts to become the best gambler ousting Victor Holly of his title.
S02E17 The Stripper / The Boxer 10/02/1979 In ""The Stripper"" a rich Daddy's girl decides to become a Burlesque dancer using the name Lulu LaVerne, much to her father's dismay. In ""The Boxer"" Billy Blake who has a short time to live decides to have one last bout.
S02E18 Pentagram / A Little Ball / Casting Director 17/02/1979 In ""Pentagram"" TV reporter Jane Garwood becomes an unsuspecting target when her relationships start dying one by one. In ""A Little Ball"" a nun has to decide between the church and getting married. In ""Casting Couch"" Felix Birdsong becomes casting director and is overwhelmed when all the lovelies attempt to win the lead role in a movie. Bribs not withstanding Felix is between a rock and a hard place.
S02E19 Spending Spree / The Hunted 24/02/1979 In ""Spending Spree"" two girlfriends are given half a million dollars to spend and realize that friendship is more important than anything is. In ""The Hunted"" a thrill seeking big game hunter unexpectedly becomes the prey in the hunt.
S02E20 Birthday Party / Ghostbreaker 03/03/1979 ""Birthday Party"" is about a 47-year-old bar and grill owner from Phoenix, AZ (Carol Gates, played by Janet Leigh), who was forced to give up her twins for adoption 30 years prior, right after they were born. Her fantasy was to be reunited with Tom Dearborn and Tracy Miller (the twins) and wish them a happy 30th birthday. ""Ghostbreaker"" is about a librarian (Elliott Fielding, played by Ken Berry) who wanted to have his book on ghostbreaking published. He doubted any publisher would touch it without ghost exorcising experience behind it, so his fantasy was to banish a ghost. He was taken to the Camberly School for Girls, headed by Edna Camberly (played by Annette Funicello). The school was the home of a killer known as the Gentleman Strangler, and his ghost was terrorizing the students. Through the teamwork of Elliott Fielding and Edna Camberly, the ""ghost"" was discovered to be Allan LeBlanc (played by Larry Storch), who was trying to swindle the school away from Edna Camberly.
S02E21 Yesterday's Love / Fountain of Youth 17/03/1979 In ""Yesterday's Love"" Peggy and Charles Atwood who are on the brink of divorce after 35 years of marriage, rekindle their love. In ""Fountain of Youth"" an old man on the brink of death hires a soldier of fortune to take him to the fountain of youth.
S02E22 The Comic / The Golden Hour 05/05/1979 In ""The Comic"" unappreciated comedy writer Jerry Burton longs to become a stand-up comedian like his employer Danny Baker. In ""The Golden Hour"" crippled Sandy Larson who has been a pen-pal with a prison inmate, looks forward to meeting him for the first time.
S02E23 Cornelius and Alfonse / The Choice 06/05/1979 In ""Cornelius and Alfonse"" a couple of petty crooks seeking revenge against Mr. Roarke kidnap Tattoo for ransom. Unaware of what they have gotten themselves into they soon beg Roarke to take Tattoo back. In ""The Choice"" two orphans are given a chance to choose their adoptive parents to their very own specifications.
S02E24 Bowling / Command Performance 12/05/1979 In ""Bowling"" amateur bowler Lou Fielding fulfills his dream of bowling with the world's best bowlers! In ""Command Performance"" a retire circus owner gathers her old acts together for a 25 year reunion, aware that one of them wants her dead.
S02E25 Amusement Park / Rock Stars 13/05/1979 In ""Amusement Park"" a boy wants to run the park in order to have the opportunity to hire his dad whom he hasnt seen in a long time. In ""Rock Stars"" four kids whose parents are believed dead seek fame and fortune to remain a family and not be separated by childrens aid.
S03E01 Hit Man / The Swimmer 07/09/1979 In ""Hit Man"" a desperate man hires a hit man to eliminate him, so his family can inherit his lucrative insurance money. When suddenly an unexpected sales offer comes to him, is it too late or will Johnny Detroit do him in. In ""The Swimmer"" Olympic swimmer Terry Summers is paralyzed in an accident and comes to the island seeking a cure.
S03E02 Goose for the Gander / The Stuntman 14/09/1979 In ""Goose for the Gander"" Marjorie Gibbs from Santa Fe, New Mexico signs up for a cooking competition in order to save her diner and ends up falling for a hash slinger named Joe Lange. In ""The Stuntman"" Bill Rawlins who lives in his father's shadow as Greatest stuntman, becomes bitter and alienates everyone around him, its up to his dad to join forces and bring father and son back together again.
S03E03 Tattoo: the Love God / Magnolia Blossoms 21/09/1979 In ""Tattoo: the Love God"", Tattoo's fantasy of becoming a god to many beautiful native women becomes a bit too much for him too handle. In ""Magnolia Blossoms"" Myra and Gladys seek romance a la ""Gone With the Wind"".
S03E04 Baby / Marathon: Battle of the Sexes 05/10/1979 In 'The Baby' Tattoo becomes enamored of the little baby Patrick, whose parents were killed and Tattoo wishes to adopt him, but fears that because of his difference that he cannot give the baby the life he deserves. In 'Marathon: Battle of the Sexes"" Olaf, Bunny and Gretchen enter the marathon in order to save their hometown, meanwhile the race has been sabotaged by Dr. Bunk and Bruno. The tables turn when Mr. Roarke throws in a few curves.
S03E05 The Chain Gang / The Boss 20/10/1979 In 'The Chain Gang' Mike Jenner is obsessed with finding his father's killer, which could wind up causing his own death. In 'The Boss' switchboard operator Cindy Carter fantasizes about becoming the boss of a large corporation, but she uncovers deception and underdealings along the way.
S03E06 The Red Baron / Young at Heart 27/10/1979 In ""The Red Baron"" Cornelius an avid World War I buff and locksmith has the opportunity to experience first hand what it's like to be a Flying Ace and encounter the greatest enemy in the air. In ""Young at Heart"" Helen a 52 year old librarian wishes to be twenty-five again and find true love.
S03E07 The Wedding 03/11/1979 Mr. Roarke marries his longtime love Helena Marsh, knowing that their time together will be very short. Helena has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and her last wish is become Mrs. Roarke.
S03E08 The Handy Man / Tattoo's Romance 10/11/1979 In ""The Handy Man"" Holly Ryan is a small-time bookie who has to testify against gangster Spider Sloat who is out to kill him. His santuary ends up being a Christian Orphanage. In ""Tattoo's Romance"" a pushy aunt who is trying to get her niece a singing career exploits Tattoo who is enamoured of the niece.
S03E09 The Dancer / Nobody's There 17/11/1979 In ""The Dancer"" a Texas millionaire sponsors the comeback of a famous ballerina, so that he can declare his love for her. And in ""Nobody's There"", a well-intentioned but bumbling lady private eye gets the chance to crack her first big case.
S03E10 Class of '69 / The Pug 24/11/1979 In ""Class of '69"" An overweight woman wishes to become thin in order to overcome her humiliation 10 years ago. And in ""The Pug"" Mitch Lee wishes to see his father fight for the World Heavyweight Championship.
S03E11 The Mermaid / The Victim 01/12/1979 In ""The Mermaid"" a marine biologist Professor DeHaven must chose between his infatuation with a mermaid and the love for his wife. And in ""The Victim"" a Julie Brett fails to heed Mr. Roarke's warning and finds herself kidnapped by a man who forces women to be his prostitutes.
S03E12 The Cheerleaders / Marooned 08/12/1979 In ""The Cheerleaders"" two young women wish to become glamorous cheerleaders for their favorite football team. And in ""Marooned"" truck driver Melvyn Mews is infatuated with a movie star and is in for a rude awakening when his wish to spend the weekend with her is fulfilled.
S03E13 The Inventor / On the Other Side 15/12/1979 In ""The Inventor"" absent-minded professor Professor Clebe finds himself in big trouble when his secret invention is revealed to the world. And in ""On the Other Side"" widow Irma Gideon wishes to travel through the doors of death to see what it is really like and contact her deceased husband.
S03E14 Look-Alikes / The Winemaker 22/12/1979 In ""Look-Alikes"" A salesman wants to trade places with someone who looks like him and leads a more exciting life. In ""The Winemaker"" A nun submits her wine for her financially pressed church and townspeople, hoping that first prize will be enough to keep the people and abbey afloat.
S03E15 Unholy Wedlock / Elizabeth 12/01/1980 In ""Unholy Wedlock"" Danny Collier finds himself in a true pickle when the woman he marries turns out to be the girl in his bachelor party cake and not his fiancee. And in ""Elizabeth"" Lisa Corday finds herself possessed by the spirit of a woman dead 300 years, a woman from Roarke's past.
S03E16 Rogues and Riches / Stark Terror 19/01/1980 In ""Rogues and Riches"" Mark Hendricks, an attorney must travel to 18th century England to try and convince his client to go back to the present. And in ""Stark Terror"" Amy Marson a traumatized girl wishes to relive the night of her mother's murder in order to see, once and for all, if she is guilty of the death.
S03E17 Playgirl / Smith's Valhalla 26/01/1980 In ""Playgirl"" beautiful former centerfold model Erica Clark wishes to turn the tables and treat men as sexual objects. And in ""Smith's Valhalla"" Jason Smith wishes to become a war hero and lead a team of soldiers on a daring commando raid.
S03E18 Aphrodite / Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde 02/02/1980 In ""Aphrodite"" Professor Blair risks his sanity and his life when he goes after the woman of perfect beauty. And in ""Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde"" Dr. Griffin, a drab and unfeminine lady psychiatrist makes a shocking discovery about her own nature and instincts.
S03E19 The Swinger / Terrors of the Mind 09/02/1980 In ""The Swinger"" a middle-aged man wishes for the swinging youth he feels he never enjoyed. And in ""Terrors of the Mind"" Sharon Sanders Ward wishes to see what the future holds for her, unaware of the dangers such a vision can hold.
S03E20 Nona / One Million B.C. 01/03/1980 In ""Nona"" a blind man uses his gift of sight for 48 hours to search for the Nona, woman of his dreams. And in ""One Million B.C. two women who wish for the days when men were expected to be macho find themselves being fought over by two tribes of cavemen.
S03E21 Jungle Man / Mary Ann and Miss Sophisticate 08/03/1980 In ""Jungle Man"" David Farley an actor who's life has been centered on the television character ""Jungle Man"" he created wishes to have one last adventure in that role before it's taken from him. In ""Mary Ann and Miss Sophisticate"" Mary Ann Karlen a ventriloquist wishes to rid herself of the tormenting split personality she shares with her puppet, Miss Sophisticate.
S03E22 My Fair Pharaoh / The Power 10/05/1980 In ""My Fair Pharaoh"" Lucy Atwell travels in time to ancient Egypt and poses as Cleopatra, only to find her life in grave danger. And in ""The Power"" Fred Webster wishes to assert more control over his life, is given the tricky power of telekinesis.
S03E23 Eagleman / Children of Mentu 17/05/1980 In ""Eagleman"" Morris Binstock attempts to win back his son's respect and admiration by becoming the comic book hero the boy worships forgoing a possible Vice-Presidency with John Henry Insurance Company. And in ""Children of Mentu"" a young journalism student dreams of breaking the biggest news story of the decade by locating the infamous refugee from justice.
S04E01 The Devil and Mandy Breem / Instant Millionaire 25/10/1980 In ""The Devil and Mandy Breem"" Amanda Breem who sold her soul to Satan in order to save the life of her husband, seeks Mr. Roarke's help in saving her from the devil's grasp. And in ""The Millionaire"" Tattoo takes on a Fred Catlett's fantasy to become an instant millionaire which could end up getting him killed.
S04E02 Flying Aces / The Mermaid Returns 01/11/1980 In ""Flying Aces"" airline pilot Tony Chilton goes back to World War II to experience the thrill of combat flying with his father who died in that war. And in ""The Mermaid Returns"" Princess Nyah desires to learn what human love is like and becomes enamored with Mr. Roarke.
S04E03 The Skater's Edge / Concerto of Death / The Last Great Race 08/11/1980 In ""The Skater's Edge"" untrained farm girl Charlie Girl from Minnesota fantasizes about competing as a world-class figure skater. In ""Concerto of Death"" piano player Jeremy Hale comes to believe that his famous concert pianist brother was murdered and is tormented by his memory. And in ""The Last Great Race"" a couple agree to a winner-take-all race to decide the property settlement for their divorce.
S04E04 Don Quixote / The Sex Symbol 15/11/1980 In ""Don Quixote"" Texas millionaire Donald Quick wishes to become the heroic Don Quixote and find his Dulcinea encountering trouble along his journey. And in ""The Sex Symbol"" plain Jane, Helen Hendrix wishes to become adored and desired by men, as a sexy Marilyn Monroe type. She finds out that being a sex symbol gets her far more than she bargained for.
S04E05 The Love Doctor / The Pleasure Palace / Possessed 22/11/1980 In "The Love Doctor" movie actress Kim Holland seeks to become anonymous for the weekend and finds the Love Doctor instead. In "The Pleasure Palace" Gordon Hughes' attitude about his life is dramatically altered when he travels back to find his "roots" circa San Francisco 1906. In "Possessed" a very worried mother brings her suddenly cold and very changed little girl to Mr. Roarke for help.
S04E06 With Affection, Jack the Ripper / Gigolo 29/11/1980 In ""With Affection, Jack the Ripper"" Lorraine Peters a female criminologist sets out to discover the identity of Jack the Ripper and solve the Whitechapel mystery and finds herself marked as his next victim. And in ""Gigolo"" Stanley Hocker from Stubbenville, Ohio feels totally inadequate in matters dealing with the opposite sex, he dreams of becoming a modern day Don Juan.
S04E07 The Invisible Woman / The Snow Bird 06/12/1980 In ""The Invisible Woman"" Harriet Winkler wishes to become invisible so she can spy on her philandering fiancee and finds that the one thing their relationship doesn't have is trust. And in ""The Snowbird"" Ned Pringle falls in love with one of the Flying Ferinis', a trapeze act, and in order for him to get close to her he takes on the challenge to become a trapeze artist himself.
S04E08 Crescendo / Three Feathers 20/12/1980 In ""Crescendo"" singing star Susan Lohman hopes for romance with the brilliant composer of her songs. Not knowing that the mysterious and elusive composer is cursed her hopes are shockingly dashed when they meet. And in ""Three Feathers"" Alan Colshaw is unjustly accused of cowardice, having abandoned his three flight mates in the crash and disappearing. Not knowing what happened to him, he is in desperate need to exonerate himself.
S04E09 My Late Lover / Sanctuary 03/01/1981 In ""My Late Lover"" the widow Anastasia Dexter has three perspective suitors and is flabergasted by her husband's ghostly interference with choosing one of them. And in ""Sanctuary"" Thomas Henshaw has been poisoned for some unknown reason, and with only hours to live, searches for the identity of his killer in a place called Gull Island Rest Home a sanctuary for known criminals.
S04E10 High Off the Hog / Reprisal 10/01/1981 In ""High Off the Hog"" the Boggs a hillbilly family from the Ozarks become millionaires for the weekend and they fall prey to unscrupulous con men. And in ""Reprisals"" Trudy Brown abuses the power Mr. Roarke grants her to gain confidence and self esteem when her jealousy over her cousins' success in the Fantasy Island Athletic Competition nearly destroy her.
S04E11 Elizabeth's Baby / The Artist and the Lady 17/01/1981 In "Elizabeth's Baby" terminally ill and very expectant Elizabeth Blake wishes to look ahead into her unborn baby's future. And in "The Artist and the Lady" an untalented artist wishes to possess the talent to paint a great masterpiece, ends up becoming enamored of his muse.
S04E12 The Heroine / The Warrior 24/01/1981 In ""The Heroine"" romance novelist Florence Richmond whose own life is rather dull, wishes to become one of her book's wild and lusty heroines. And in ""The Warrior"" mild-mannered Robert Graham wishes to become a martial arts warrior in a fight to the finish in order to fulfill his fantasy about beating the best.
S04E13 The Man from Yesterday / World's Most Desirable Woman 31/01/1981 In ""The Man from Yesterday"" William T. Keating posing to be a photo-journalist arrives with the intent to kill, not interview, his subject the famed Mad Major Calvin Doyle, deserter and murderer. And in ""World's Most Desirable Woman"" middle-aged Marsha Garnett is transformed into Carla Baines, the sexy beauty she was twenty years ago in order to get revenge on her soon-to-be-ex husband.
S04E14 The Chateau / White Lightning 07/02/1981 In ""The Chateau"" Vicky Lee, a journalist wishes to spend the weekend with the man her grandmother, famed Silent Screen actress Becky Lee was in love with in order to complete her biography. But everything isn't what it seems to be and Vicky falls for the same trickery her grandmother did. And in ""White Lightning"" ehe McAllisters' and the Scoggins are feuding families from Eagle Mountain, Tennessee. They enter a contest to find homemade whiskey, aka White Lightning.
S04E15 Loving Strangers / Something Borrowed, Something Blue 14/02/1981 In ""Loving Strangers"" a couple Tom & Marge Wilkerson, who have been happily married for 25 years wish to become strangers to fall in love all over again. And in ""Something Borrowed, Something Blue"" a young bride-to-be Pamela Archer's future happiness threatens to be destroyed when an element from her past makes an unexpected and threatening appearance.
S04E16 Chorus Girl / Surrogate Father 21/02/1981 In ""Chorus Girl"" when a dance teacher Franklin Adams gives his deaf pupil the gift of hearing, he runs the risk of losing her forever. And in ""Surrogate Father"" if the loving father Evan Watkins of a precocious 8-year-old daughter Amy fails to conquer his addiction to gambling, his daughter will be taken away.
S04E17 Also Rans / Portrait of Solange 28/02/1981 In ""Also Rans"" shy shoesalesman Jerome Pepper hopes to catch the attention of the girl he's loved from afar for seven years. By helping her to successfully race her horse Pomona Prince. And in ""Portrait of Solange"" Mr. Roarke grants Tattoo a birthday wish to become an artist like Francois Toulouse-Latrec, which ends up becoming bittersweet since Tattoo falls in love with Solange the girl he is painting.
S04E18 The Searcher / The Way We Weren't 07/03/1981 In ""The Searcher"" Karen Saunders-Holmes has a desperate need to find her father, whose whereabouts have been kept a secret to her since she was a child. And in ""The Way We Weren't"" married couple Fred & Dottie Cooper are in for disappointment when they return to their neighborhood in search of relighting old sparks.
S04E19 The Proxy Billionaire / The Experiment 21/03/1981 In ""The Proxy Billionaire"" Wall Street Analyst Frank Miller gets into some very big trouble when he switches places with billionaire Avery Williams. And in ""The Experiment"" driven by grief Dr. Lucas Bergmann and his lonely daughter Lisa both wish to do some resurrecting of the dead.
S04E20 Delphine / The Unkillable 11/04/1981 In ""Delphine"" Mr. Roarke's god-daughter Delphine comes to him for help in solving a most unusual problem. And in ""The Unkillable"" a scientist and his assistant make a scientific discovery that threatens to cost them both their lives.
S04E21 Basin Street / The Devil's Triangle 02/05/1981 In ""Basin Street"" a would-be musician visits New Orleans during the heyday of ragtime jazz, and learns much more than he bargained for about the old days of Louisiana jazz. And in ""The Devil's Triangle"" an adventure film crew wants to solve the mystery of the Devil's Triangle.
S04E22 Hard Knocks / Lady Godiva 09/05/1981 In ""Hard Knocks"" an ambitious young man gets some helpful pointers from Bogey himself as he sets out to become one of those hard-boiled private eyes of the 1940's. And in ""Lady Godiva"" Sheila Godfrey wants to be an accomplished equestrienne gets much more than she bargained for when she becomes Lady Godiva.
S04E23 Man-Beast / Ole Island Oprey 16/05/1981 In ""Man-Beast"" David Tabori has horrifying and recurring nightmares, discovers he is actually some kind of monster. And in ""Ole Island Oprey"" a man wishes for his daughter to become an Oprey singer turns out to be quite different from those of her own.
S04E24 Paquito's Birthday / Technical Advisor 23/05/1981 In ""Paquito's Birthday"" a desire for happiness for their young son may cause his parents to lose him altogether. And in ""Technical Advisor"" Nancy Harvester who is totally naive to the ways of romance, gets an expert teacher in Helen of Troy.
S05E01 Show Me a Hero / Slam Dunk 10/10/1981 In ""Show Me a Hero"" Helen Ross a romantic woman must confront the love of her past, John Day before she can experience real love in her present, Ted Kingman. And in ""Slam Dunk"" a successful sports writer Matt Kane wishes to become a super-star basketball player in hopes in winning over Ginger Donovan the girl he loves.
S05E02 The Devil and Mr. Roarke / Ziegfeld Girls / Kid Corey Rides Again 17/10/1981 In ""The Devil and Mr. Roarke"" Mephistopheles, the devil himself has come with a very specific purpose in mind -- to capture the immortal soul of Mr. Roarke. In ""Ziegfeld Girls"" two ex-showgirls wish to return to their youth when they were Ziegfeld Girls. And in ""Kid Corey Rides Again"" Ned Plummer who is enamored with the outlaws of the old west wishes to go back in time to ride with one of the legendary and deadly lawbreakers of that era.
S05E03 Cyrano / The Magician 24/10/1981 In ""Cyrano"" Marjorie Denton travels back in time to the days of Cyrano de Bergerac in order to find the world's most chivalrous and romantic man. And in ""The Magician"" Timothy Potter a likable amateur magician learns his craft the hard way when he accidentally makes the girl he loves vanish into thin air.
S05E04 The Last Cowboy / The Lady and the Monster 31/10/1981 In ""The Last Cowboy"" middle-aged urban cowboy, Joel Campbell finds that the old west was not quite the romantic adventure he perceived it to be. And in ""The Lady and the Monster"" scientist Maggie Blair discovers that the fictional Dr. Frankenstein really existed and comes face to face with his monster in the process.
S05E05 Mr. Nobody / La Liberatora 07/11/1981 In ""Mr. Nobody"" A man who wishes for inner strength and confidence is accidentally made into another Hercules when Julie gives him the wrong type of strength. And in ""La Liberatora"" a young woman of Spanish descent wishes to go back to the hard times of old California in order to help liberate the poor and oppressed.
S05E06 Druids / A Night in the Harem 14/11/1981 In ""Druids"" a woman who just wanted to be the center of attention finds her life on the line after becoming an ancient Queen. And in ""A Night in the Harem"" a very shy young man finds himself in a lot of unexpected trouble when all he wanted was a night of getting experience in a harem.
S05E07 The Perfect Husband / Volcano 21/11/1981 In ""The Perfect Husband"" a wealthy young woman learns that looking for perfection can mean looking for a lot of unpredictable trouble. And in ""Volcano"" a successful young seismologist, more concerned with science than with humanity, finds his life and the lives of others threatened by a volcano.
S05E08 Lillian Russell / The Lagoon 28/11/1981 In ""Lillian Russell"" Lillian Martin goes back in time and becomes a famous singer in order to accurately write a biography of the performer. And in ""The Lagoon"" a man seeking a peaceful, nostalgic weekend is forced to come face to face with some events of his secret, tormented past.
S05E09 Romance Times Three / Night of the Tormented Soul 05/12/1981 In ""Romance Times Three"" a woman wants to meet the three men of her dreams, although she knows all three by telephone only. And in ""Night of the Tormented Soul"" a brother and sister find their lives alter irrevocably after discovering what really happened on the night their father was killed.
S05E10 A Very Strange Affair / The Sailor 02/01/1982 In ""A Very Strange Affair"" Ron Price gets some very unusual help in obtaining the needed funds for an orphanage. And in ""The Sailor"" Mr. Roarke successfully arranges a love match but in order for the couple to have a future happiness together, Laura Myles must forfeit her life.
S05E11 House of Dolls / Wuthering Heights 09/01/1982 In ""House of Dolls"" window dresser Francis Elkins becomes infatuated with a mannequin and has her brought to life with some surprising results. And in ""Wuthering Heights"" social worker Clarissa Bevis in love with the character from the classic Emily Bronte novel, risks her life to actually meet her literary lover in person.
S05E12 The Magic Camera / Mata Hari / Valerie 16/01/1982 In ""The Magic Camera"" a man who wishes to take pictures no other photographer ever has is shocked when his pictures begin telling the future. In ""Mata Hari"" a woman who wants to know what Mata Hari's life was really like finds her life in grave danger when she actually becomes the famous spy.
S05E13 King Arthur in Mr. Roarke's Court / Shadow Games 23/01/1982 In ""King Arthur in Mr. Roarke's Court"" an English history buff meets up with his hero, the legendary King Arthur, he is in for a major disappointment. And in ""Shadow Games"" a singing star Sara Jean wishes to bring her lover back from the dead.
S05E14 Daddy's Little Girl / The Whistle 30/01/1982 In ""Daddy's Little Girl"" Christa Ackland wishes to find her real father, a man she has never laid eyes on, so that he may give her away at her wedding. And in ""The Whistle"" Scientist, Adrian Brilles wishes to make a famous discovery at any cost, comes face to face with a terror he has never known before.
S05E15 The Case Against Mr. Roarke / Save Sherlock Holmes 06/02/1982 In "The Case Against Mr. Roarke" Fran Warner brings her little girl to the Island along with the announcement that Mr. Roarke is the child's father. In "Save Sherlock Holmes" Kevin Lansing wishes to become a private eye is given the toughest assignment any novice ever had -- to find the kidnapped Sherlock Holmes.
S05E16 The Challenge / A Genie Named Joe 13/02/1982 In ""The Challenge"" Douglas Picard, the richest man in the world comes to the Island with specific intentions of claiming it for his own. And in ""A Genie Named Joe"" Rebecca Walters a florist wishes to meet and marry the man of her dreams and ends up encountering a two-thousand-year-old genie instead.
S05E17 Funny Man / Tattoo, the Matchmaker 20/02/1982 In "Funny Man" a stand-up comic's imaginary family is brought to life and his own life is endangered. In "Tattoo, the Matchmaker," Tattoo's computer dating service is off to a terrible start when his first two lady clients are matched up with the same prospective husband -- Mr. Roarke.
S05E18 Sitting Duck / Sweet Suzi Swann 06/03/1982 In ""Sitting Duck"" a world famous big game hunter has come to track and kill his most challenging prey ever -- Mr. Roarke himself. And in ""Sweet Suzi Swann"" a pretty young lady has a rather unusual fantasy -- she wishes to fall out of love with a man.
S05E19 Face of Love / Image of Celeste 20/03/1982 In ""Face of Love"" a young woman who is a long hardened criminal, has the chance to straighten out her life. And in ""Image of Celeste"" a young woman discovers she looks exactly like the face in a famous painting, she is determined to learn the identity of her historic double.
S05E20 Forget-Me-Not / The Quiz Masters 10/04/1982 In ""Forget-Me-Not"" a woman who has completely lost her memory in an accident wishes to find out who she really is. And in ""The Quiz Masters"" the two most famous game show hosts in the world become contestants and challenge each other to an ultimate game to the death.
S05E21 The Big Bet / Nancy and the Thunderbirds 01/05/1982 In ""The Big Bet"" a young ladies' man makes a bet with his buddies that he can score with a sexy model but winning turns out to be his biggest loss ever. And in ""Nancy and the Thunderbirds"" a young American orphan, raised by an Indian tribe, risks her life to fulfill an ancient tribal prophecy for the sake of her tribal guardian.
S05E22 The Ghost's Story / The Spoilers 08/05/1982 In ""The Ghost's Story"" a young woman must face being alone in a terrifying haunted mansion in order to gain notoriety as an expert of the occult. And in ""The Spoilers"" a famous and fair-minded bounty hunter goes after the only man who has ever eluded him.
S06E01 The Curse of the Moreaus / My Man Friday 16/10/1982 In ""The Curse of the Moreaus"" Jesse and Kathy Moreau come to the Island so Jesse can fulfill his fantasy to rid himiself of a family curse. And in ""My Man Friday"": Linda Whitney's dream is to become vice president of an advertising publicity agency.
S06E02 Dancing Lady / The Final Round 23/10/1982 In ""Dancing Lady"" a receptionist from Toledo, Ohio dreams of becoming the dancing star in a lavish musical. And in ""The Final Round"" a boxing manager wishes to manage his first champion before he retires.
S06E03 The Perfect Gentleman / Legend 30/10/1982 In ""The Perfect Gentleman"" a famous rock singer who witnessed a murder in Las Vegas and faked his own death comes to the Island to assume a new identity. And in ""Legend"" an actress wishes to start an illustrious career in musicals.
S06E04 The Angel's Triangle / Natchez Bound 06/11/1982 In ""The Angel's Triangle"" Michael, the angel of death, spares Brent Harris in a horse accident because he has always loved Catherine Harris and doesn't want to see her hurt. And in ""Natchez Bound"" Las Vegas blackjack dealer Jenny Ryan wishes to spend her weekend aboard a Mississippi riverboat.
S06E05 Everybody Goes to Gilley's / Face of Fire 20/11/1982 In ""Everybody Goes to Gilley's"" Mickey Gilley's fantasy is to become a star headliner and a big country western singer. And in ""Face of Fire"" a woman's fantasy is fulfilled when she risks her life in the face of fire to save a reclusive billionaire's life.
S06E06 The Beautiful Skeptic / The Lost Platoon 27/11/1982 In ""The Beautiful Skeptic"" a female reporter comes to the Island to prove it's a fraud. And in ""The Lost Platoon"" a man goes back to World War II to prove his brother was not a coward and was never engaged in black marketeering.
S06E07 Roller Derby Dolls / Thanks a Million 04/12/1982 In ""Roller Derby Dolls"" a manager of a sporting goods store wishes to own and manage a professional sports club. And in ""Thanks A Million"" A waitress from Arkansas along with an auto worker and an owner of a large appliance store arrive to compete in a contest.
S06E08 The Kleptomaniac / Thank God, I'm a Country Girl 11/12/1982 In ""The Kleptomaniac"" A kleptomaniac comes to the Island to rid himself of the urge to steal. Tattoo is asked to keep a constant eye on Fred Simpson, but to no avail! And in ""Thank God, I'm A Country Girl"" A waitress wants to appear to be a wealthy heiress for a daughter she gave up for adoption as a baby.
S06E09 Naughty Marietta / The Winning Ticket 08/01/1983 In ""Naught Marietta"" a mother's fantasy is for her little girl to play the part of Marietta in ""Naughty Marietta."" And in ""The Winning Ticket"" Tattoo is left the ""winning ticket"" in the Irish sweepstakes by his friend who discovers that money does not buy happiness.
S06E10 Operation Breakout / Candy Kiss 15/01/1983 In ""Operation Breakout"" a man's fantasy is to rescue a double agent for a government reward. And in ""Candy Kiss"" A champion racehorse breeder wishes to win the blue ribbon race.
S06E11 The Songwriter / Queen of the Soaps 22/01/1983 In ""The Songwriter"" a man travels back in time to find the unpublished songs of his famous ""songwriter"" grandfather. And in ""Queen of the Soaps"" a soap opera star hopes Mr. Roarke can help her from becoming possessed by Andrea, her evil character she plays on TV.
S06E12 The Tallowed Image / Room and Bard 29/01/1983 In ""The Tallowed Image"" a track coach from Vermont wishes to overcome his emotional fears by pursuing a beautiful older woman. And in ""Room and Bard"" an actress comes to the Island to appear in an original Shakespearean play.
S06E13 Midnight Waltz / Let Them Eat Cake 12/02/1983 In ""Midnight Waltz"" A Man wants to have one more dance with his wife who's been dead for six months. And in ""Let Them Eat Cake"" A waitress from Des Moines wants a weekend as a pampered Queen.
S06E14 Revenge of the Forgotten / Charo 19/02/1983 In ""Revenge of the Forgotten"" a man who spent eight years in a prison comes to Fantasy Island to find a fabulous lost treasure and start a new life. And in ""Charo"" Charles Woodruff has spent his life without love and realizes his dignity and success never gave him happiness. The void in his life is filled when Maria's fantasy comes true and she is reunited with her father.
S06E15 Return to the Cotton Club / No Friends Like Old Friends 26/02/1983 In ""Return to the Cotton Club"", Charles 'Diggs' Whelan comes to Fantasy Island to get a big break in his singing career. He sacrifices his chance to stardom by helping a young singer at ""The Cotton Club"". And in ""No Friends Like Old"", Doreen Murphy wants to impress her old college friends and win their respect, but soon learns that money can't buy respect.
S06E16 Eternal Flame / A Date with Burt 05/03/1983 In "Eternal Flame" a couple search for the fountain of youth. In "A Date With Burt" a file clerk from Salem, Oregon wishes to have a date with a movie star.
S06E17 King of Burlesque / Death Games 12/03/1983 In ""King of Burlesque"" Tom Vail a Wall Street economist wants to experience the world of old time burlesque by becoming a comic headliner and discovers his love for Abby Boudreau. And in ""Death Games"" Vanessa Walgreen, an amateur sportswoman whose fantasy is to win the annual Fantasy Island pentathlon. Mr. Roarke tells Tattoo that Vanessa has appointed herself his judge, jury and executioner. Vanessa wants revenge for her husband, Michael, who was killed during his fantasy a month earlier.
S06E18 The Devil Stick / Touch and Go 19/03/1983 In ""The Devil Stick"" Carl Peters' fantasy is to find his lost love, Hallie Miller, turns out to be a witch's curse. And in ""Touch and Go"" Tattoo fulfills a promise to Susan Henderson, the woman who saved his life years ago - help her find her dream man. With the aid of a magical ring she finds her true love in Carter Ransome.
S06E19 Edward / The Extraordinary Miss Jones 09/04/1983 In ""Edward"" a successful man comes to the Island to restore his acquaintance with his ex-wife and son. And in ""The Extraordinary Miss Jones"" Melanie Jones has a terminal blood disorder and she wishes to make a scientific contribution.
S06E20 What's the Matter with Kids? / Island of Horrors 16/04/1983 In ""What's the Matter with Kids?"" a famous writer of children's books wishes to spend the day with the perfect child. And in ""Island of Horrors"" a woman goes to the ""Island of Horrors"" to find her missing fiancee.
S06E21 Love Island / The Sisters 07/05/1983 In ""Love Island"" two phony playboy wannabe's fanatisize about being on an Island surrounded by beautiful wild women, are in for a huge surprise when their island paradise turns out to be something very prehistoric. And in ""The Sisters"" Stephanie Wilson is in search of her sister Linda. She is having visions of her sister and her abusive captor Richard Winston, she wants to help her sister escape.
S06E22 Remember...When? 14/05/1983 Tattoo has an auto accident and suffers a serious head injury. Mr. Roarke helps him through the surgery and to overcome his depression by reminiscing about their favorite fantasies. In flashback scenes there are appearances by: Anne Jeffreys, Richard Lineback, James Steward, Mabel King, Raymond St. Jacques, Cleavon Little, Berlinda Tolbert, Kedren Jones, Samantha Eggar, Joseph Cotton, John Brandon, Linda Thompson Jenner, Don Ho, Laraine Day, Dick Fair, Sam Melville, Tom Wopat, Robert Mandan, John Fiedler, Lynda Day George, Victor Buono, Michael Hadlow, Angela Slater, Philece Sampler, Rosemary Lord, Paul John Balson, Tom Bailey.
S07E01 Forbidden Love / The Other Man - Mr. Roarke 08/10/1983 In ""The Other Man - Mr. Roarke"" a woman in her forties wishes to find romance. And in ""Forbidden Love"" a woman brings her boyfriend to the Island hoping to get him to propose to her after a three-year relationship.
S07E02 The Big Switch / Hooker's Holiday 15/10/1983 In ""The Big Switch"" a wife wishes for her husband to experience what it is like to be a woman. And in ""Hooker's Holiday"" a woman of the evening wishes for a normal life with love and romance.
S07E03 Nurses Night Out 22/10/1983 Three nurses are brought to the Island as guests of a mysterious benefactor who appreciated the care he received during his stay at their hospital.
S07E04 God Child / Curtain Call 29/10/1983 In ""God Child"" little Laurie Shannon who lost her parents in an accident wishes to ask God why he took them. And in ""Curtain Call"" a once-famous comedian whose TV show was canceled wishes to do one last shot.
S07E05 Roarke's Sacrifice / The Butler's Affair 12/11/1983 In ""Roarke's Sacrifice"" crippled dancer Julie Mars wishes to experience one last performance. And in ""The Butler's Affair"" the beautiful widow Lesley Darnell wishes to spend the weekend with her butler, Baldwin, not as an employer, but as two ordinary people.
S07E06 Three's a Crowd / Second Time Around 19/11/1983 In ""Second Time Around"" a woman comes to the Island to save her marriage. And in ""Three's A Crowd"" a son separated becomes angry when he sees his widowed mother enjoying the company of a man.
S07E07 The Wedding Picture / Castaways 26/11/1983 In ""The Wedding Picture"" a woman, unhappy with her marriage, wishes to relive her wedding day to determine if she did indeed marry the wrong man. And in ""Castaways"" a man wishes to spend the weekend on a desert Island with a gorgeous model.
S07E08 Random Choices / My Mother, the Swinger 03/12/1983 In ""Random Choices"" a billionaire shipping tycoon with a great lust for life wishes to seek out people who desperately need help so he can use his vast wealth and influence to change their lives. And in ""My Mother, the Swinger"" a woman who dedicated her life to raising her children wishes to become a swinger.
S07E09 The Fantasy Island Girl / Saturday's Child 10/12/1983 In ""The Fantasy Island Girl"" a beauty contest promoter with a disreputable reputation wants to clear up his tarnished image. And in ""Saturday's Child"" a glamorous film actress wishes to meet the two children whom she gave up for adoption.
S07E10 Goin' Home / Ambitious Lady 07/01/1984 In ""Goin' Home"" after leaving his family to find success in Nashville, a country western singer wishes to be reunited with the people he loves. And in ""Ambitious Lady"" a couple have a dual fantasy - she wishes her husband would achieve the same level of success and he wants to recapture the love they once shared.
S07E11 Games People Play / The Sweet Life 14/01/1984 In ""Games People Play"" three young lady employees of a toy company wish to fulfill their dreams. one wishes to gain the courage to stand up to her convictions the other wants to be accepted for her brains and the third wishes to find love. And in ""The Sweet Life"" a man arrives with the desire for his family to experience the rewards of money and position that he has never been able to give them.
S07E12 The High Cost of Living / To Fly with Eagles 21/01/1984 In ""The High Cost of Living"" a workaholic account executive wishes to find a husband and be taken care of. And in ""To Fly With Eagles"" an aging affluent lawyer and amateur sportsman wishes to win one more flying competition.
S07E13 Ladies Choice / Skin Deep 28/01/1984 In ""Ladies Choice"" a woman fantasizes about spending the perfect weekend with the man of her dreams who truly loves her. And in ""Skin Deep"" a shy guy wishes to date a truly beautiful woman for the first time in his life.
S07E14 Lady of the House / Mrs. Brandell's Favorites 25/02/1984 In ""Lady of the House"" a former madam of a house of prostitution wishes to be reunited with her three favorite girls and to have them be her bridesmaids in her upcoming wedding as well as to give them the profits of the money she invested for them. And in ""Mrs. Brandell's Favorites"" a beauty contest promoter with a disreputable reputation wants to clear up his tarnished image.
S07E15 Dark Secret / The Outrageous Mr. Smith 03/03/1984 In ""Dark Secret"" Amy Marshall is afraid to tell her husband that she was raped before they were married, confronts her fear. And in ""The Outrageous Mr. Smith"" Robert Smith a professional singer whose shyness has hampered his chance of success wishes to unleash his suppressed alter-ego.
S07E16 Baby on Demand / The Last Dogfight 10/03/1984 In ""Baby on Demand"" Joanna Jones, once a very successful rock-and-roll singer wishes to become a mother. And in ""The Last Dogfight"" an elderly couple brought to the Island to re-enact his glorious past as a World War II fighter pilot.
S07E17 Awakening of Love / The Impostor 17/03/1984 In ""Awakening of Love"" a world-renowned high fashion model wishes to form a lasting, loving relationship. And in ""The Impostor"" a couple come to the Island in hopes of ""curing"" her partner of his compulsive need to create other personalities.
S07E18 The Mermaid and the Matchmaker / The Obsolete Man 24/03/1984 In ""Mermaid and the Matchmaker"" the mermaid, Nyah asks Mr. Roarke to end her immortality, but upon Mr. Roarke's refusal to do so she threatens to seek revenge on him and Fantasy Island. And in ""The Obsolete Man"" young man who may be replaced at his job by a computer, wants to feel like his life has a purpose once again.
S07E19 Lost and Found / Dick Turpin's Last Ride 07/04/1984 In ""Lost and Found"" a woman's fantasy is to start a new life with a new man, since she has just found out her man is unfaithful. And in ""Dick Turpin's Last Ride"" a CPA's fantasy is to become famous outlaw, Dick Turpin. When he gets his wish, he gets far more then he expected.
S07E20 Don Juan's Last Affair / The Final Adieu 14/04/1984 In ""Don Juan's Last Affair"" Two good friends who share a platonic relationship come to the Island in search of true love - with other partners. And in ""The Final Adieu"" a high-powered career woman wishes to end a long relationship she has had with a married man.
S07E21 Bojangles and the Dancer / Deuces Are Wild 12/05/1984 In ""Bojangles and the Dancer"" a married couple come to the Island with a mixed agenda - he is intent upon performing with his idol, Mr. Bojangles - she, however, is intent upon keeping him from fulfilling his fantasy for fear it may kill him. And in ""Deuces Are Wild"" two sisters hope to fulfill their lifelong fantasy - to be taken seriously.
S07E22 Surrogate Mother / The Ideal Woman 19/05/1984 In ""Surrogate Mother"" a mother wishes to find out how she will feel when she gives up the baby. And in ""The Ideal Woman"" a man's fantasy is to be reunited with the love of his life.