Affiche L'Île mystérieuse
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    55 minutes
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L'Île mystérieuse est un feuilleton télévisé Hispano-français en six épisodes de 52 minutes, créé par Jacques Champreux et Juan Antonio Bardem d'après le roman éponyme de Jules Verne et diffusé en 1973 sur la première chaîne de l'ORTF. Ce feuilleton met en scène les héros du célèbre roman de Jules Verne. Durant la guerre de Sécession, un groupe de Nordistes de différentes origines parvient à s’échapper à bord d’un ballon. Pris dans une tempête, le ballon est entraîné très loin des terres, au dessus de l’Océan Pacifique et finit par s’écraser sur une île déserte. Malheureusement, l’un des passagers, un ingénieur, tombe du ballon loin de la côte et ses compagnons d’infortune le croyent mort. Mais sous la mer, de mystérieux personnages récupèrent le naufragé et le placent dans un caisson étanche.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de L'Île mystérieuse

S01E01 Genesis 15/06/1995 The Battle of Richmond, March 20, 1865: Captured by Confederate forces, the group escapes their captors and flees in a helium balloon. Rising into the sky, the travelers and their balloon are carried away by strong winds and soon find themselves over open water. Attempting to land, the balloon descends uncontrollably (helped along by Nemo observing from an island below) forcing the group to climb into the rigging and drop the backet to remain aloft in hopes of reaching the island before they plunge into the ocean. Struggling to stay in the air, Captain Harding sacrafices himself to the ocean, allowing the balloon to slow its descent and reach the island. Exploring the island for signs of civilization with Neb, Herbert becomes trapped in a rock pool as the tide comes, threatening to drown him. Neb manages to rescue Herbert (with unseen help from Nemo). Herbery and Neb enter into a cave where they encounter signs of habitation.
S01E02 Down Under 22/06/1995 Herbert and Neb find Captain Harding alive in the cave but he has no memory of how he got there, only of slipping below the waves after jumping from the balloon. Reunited, Harding, Spilett and Neb decide to climb to the top of a mountain to get their bearings. Along the way they stop at a pool where Spilett takes a swim only to get attacked by an unseen creature, eventually escaping to the safety of the shore (with help from Nemo). Meanwhile, Jack and Herbert go off hunting but Herbert can't bring himself to kill. They come across a cave and inside they find an alter and a gold plate. They become trapped when the entrance closes up. Unable to dig their way out and with hope seemingly vanishing, a green light (Nemo) draws their attention to an underwater exit that leads them back to the sea and the arms of their companions.
S01E03 Safe Haven 29/06/1995 Following an earthquake, the group decides to seek shelter further inland. When a landslide strikes, Gideon becomes trapped beneath some large boulders. Harding and Neb set out to find materials to make an explosive change but Neb is overcome by sulfur fumes and must be pulled to safely by Harding. The final item on Cyrus's list turns up out of thin air (Nemo) allowing him to formulate an explosive to free Gideon. Traveling on, Neb falls down into a cave complex which becomes the group's new home, christened "Granite House" by Gideon. While fishing, Neb and Herbert pull an old sea chest out of the ocean. Returning to camp for asistance, Neb is hit by the effects of eating wild berries and loses his sight while atop a dangerous precipice and loses his footing…
S01E04 White Water 06/07/1995 Neb is rescued when a vine is lowered to him, although when Captain Harding and Herbert arrive, both deny being responsible. For Harding, it is another sign that they are not alone on the island. When the sea chest is brought back to Granite House it is found to contain a wealth of ship building tools and other supplies. Eager to get to work on a new boat, the group set out to look for materials and come across the remains of their balloon. Transporting it back down river, their raft overturns in the rapids and washes Pencroft, Gideon and Neb towards a raging waterfall. When all hands are safely rescued, the castaways return home to discover their home has been visited while they were away. Herbert and his father take their new boat out on its maiden voyage but encounter an unknown force at sea that pulls Herbert overboard…
S01E05 A Death In The Family 13/07/1995 Jack leaps into the water to rescue his son from the unseen menace and they swim to the safety of the shore where Gideon has found a bottle. Back at Granite House a message is pulled from the bottle‹written by a fellow castaway on the island! Jack, Herbert and Gideon set out on a test voyage in their boat to locate the castaway. They find his well-stocked camp and gather up supplies as no one is in sight. Mr Ayrton soon makes an appearance and Herbert convinces his father to take him back with them. Meanwhile, Joanne, while out by herself gathering plants, is overcome by Nemo's gas devise and falls unconscous. When Neb goes to search for her, he too is overcome but before he collapses, he sees Nemo approach. Back in Nemo's lair, Nemo posions Neb, making it appear to be from a snake bit. Harding later finds Neb's body and a memorial service is held, with Harding biding a tearful farewell to his dear friend.
S01E06 Love Thy Neighbour 20/07/1995 While the castaways grieve for Neb, Nemo revives him and puts him into suspended animation storage. Pencroft's jealousy leads him to hunt down Ayrton. Harding soon realizes the phantom presence on the island is causing the castaways to turn against one another.
S01E07 All That Glitters 27/07/1995 Pirate Captain Cutler and three of his crew come to the island to collect their buried treasure and seek revenge on Ayrton, whose dark past is revealed.
S01E08 The Price Of Vengeance 03/08/1995 Joanna stumbles into an underwater trap set by Nemo and the others race to free her. Shortly thereafter, Captain Cutler, sole survivor of his ship's destruction, makes his presence known on the island and leaves a violent wake as he seeks revenge on the castaways.
S01E09 The Phantom's Lair 10/08/1995 Harding dives into Nemo's lair beneath the lake and is trapped in a chamber. Gideon is awakened by an intruder.
S01E10 It Should Be An Englishman 17/08/1995 A tribe of native Islanders arrive on the island in search of Nui, a young native girl they believe has special significance.
S01E11 No One Rules Me 24/08/1995 Nemo observes Harding's feelings about Joanna, manifested in romantic dreams, as part of his research into the workings of the human mind. Meanwhile, Joanna is trapped by an earthquake while Herbert discovers a cryptic note from Ayrton.
S01E12 He's Not Heavy 31/08/1995 Nemo intercepts a canoe and brings a wise old native woman to the island as a culture clash experience, but finds himself face to face with a superior power. Joanna's stand for women's rights has unexpected consequences.
S01E13 Make Yourselves A Home 07/09/1995 Nemo fulfills a promise to Katira to bring the rest of her people to the island, then watches with glee as the natives take over Granite House and send the castaways into exile.
S01E14 First Impressions Are Skin Deep 14/09/1995 A tattooed native man arrives on the island telling the castaways that he is on a spiritual quest. Nemo is delighted when his presence has a disruptive influence on the group.
S01E15 Gideon's Tale 21/09/1995 Herbert realizes that it is his birthday, but decides to keep it a secret. He is angry because he thinks Joanna has forgotten, and while she prepares a surprise gift for him, he decides to find a way to leave the island.
S01E16 Last Rites of Spring 28/09/1995 When pirates bring two women to the island, Nemo uses the situation to study human mating habits. The women, meanwhile, set their sights on Gideon and Herbert, which encourages the men into a near fatal show of male bravado.
S01E17 Labours Lost 05/10/1995 Joanna argues with Herbert after a dream about a baby, and leaves the Granite House, headed for Ayrton's cabin. She has an accident on the way there, and is rescued by Nemo, who drugs her and questions her, learning she is pregnant with Jack's baby, but is afraid of childbirth.
S01E18 The Visitor 12/10/1995 Nemo's hidden camera in Granite House breaks down, so he disguises himself as a shipwrecked Englishman in order to gain admittance into the house to fix the equipment.
S01E19 What Are You Afraid Of? 19/10/1995 A series of accidents leads Harding to come face to face with the mysterious phantom, and he struggles with how to share the shocking truth.
S01E20 Plan And Attack 26/10/1995 The castaways share their experiences with the phantom and realize he may be their only hope of escaping the island.
S01E21 A Pact With The Devil 02/11/1995 Nemo reveals to Harding that his need to complete his experiment is greater than his desire to help the castaways off the island, and Harding is forced to cut a deal.
S01E22 Going, Going... 09/11/1995 Harding carries out his part of the deal with Nemo, and the other castaways are enraged, moving from the Granite House into a makeshift hut on the beach, and prompting Nemo to announce his experiment is complete.