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Rien n'est trop beau pour les membres de la famille Kardashian, dont le père a défendu O.J. Simpson devant la justice américaine. Les filles veulent ce qui se fait de mieux, de plus cher, de plus classe... ou de plus tape-à-l'oeil ? Allez savoir.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de L'Incroyable Famille Kardashian

S01E00 00/00/0000
S01E01 Kim face à Tyra Banks 14/10/2007 Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner celebrate their anniversary. Kim Kardashian appears on The Tyra Banks Show.
S01E02 Dur dur d'être maman 21/10/2007 Kim "fires" Kris from being her manager after using racy pictures of her which she really didn't want to be used. Meanwhile, Kris hires a nanny named Bree, who isn't as appropriate and decent of a nanny as she thought she would be. Kim later takes Kris back as her manager, after forgiving her for her mistake.
S01E03 Salut, mon frère 28/10/2007 Kourtney, Kim and Khloé go to Mexico for a Girls Gone Wild photo shoot without telling Bruce, as they are afraid that he will disapprove. He finds out and leaves his son Brody Jenner to babysit Kylie and Kendall while he goes to Mexico to confront them.
S01E04 En costume d'Eve 04/11/2007 Playboy magazine contacts Kris, asking her to tell Kim that they want her to be on the cover of their December 2007 issue. Kim is at first hesitant, but at Kris' urge, Kim poses for Playboy. Kris thinks that Kim is complaining over the photoshoot too much and Kim thinks that Kris doesn't know how hard it is to pose nude, so Kim "plays" manager for a day by setting her mom up for a nude photoshoot, which Kris surprisingly handles well.
S01E05 Le souvenir de papa 11/11/2007 The family remembers Robert Kardashian on his death anniversary. Khloé doesn't deal with his anniversary well and gets drunk. She is then arrested for a DUI.
S01E06 Enceinte à Las Vegas 18/11/2007 Kourtney, Kim and Khloé are about to leave to Las Vegas when Kourtney has a pregnancy scare. Meanwhile, Kendall & Kylie ask their dad for a puppy, and he says no, but Kris goes behind his back and buys them a puppy anyway, which makes him upset, as he feels like Kris never lets him make decisions.
S01E07 Une main tendue 25/11/2007 Khloé and Kourtney find out that a homeless man called Shorty is living behind their store D-A-S-H, and they decide to help him out by cleaning his appearance up.
S01E08 Sexe, scandale et vidéo 02/12/2007 Scandalous photos of Kourtney and Kim resurface, which makes Kim both scared and humiliated, as she already feels like she really screwed up with her sex tape.
S02E01 Kim, la diva 09/03/2008 Fame goes to Kim's head; Kourtney confronts Scott about cheating on her.
S02E02 Khloe, l'actrice 16/03/2008 Khloe pursues an acting career, much to Kim's dismay; Bruce receives a fashion makeover.
S02E03 Rob est amoureux 23/03/2008 Rob falls for a pop singer; Kris buys some chickens for the house.
S02E04 Kris, la pom-pom girl 30/03/2008 Kris attends tryouts to be a cheerleader; Kendall's sisters teach her about puberty.
S02E05 Les rencards de Khloe 06/04/2008 Khloe is set up on blind dates by her sisters; Kendall hires a handyman to help with chores.
S02E06 Rob, apprenti mannequin 13/04/2008 The ladies learn the art of self-defense after a break-in at the shop; Rob drops out of college to become a model.
S02E07 La guerre des soeurs 27/04/2008 Kim, Khloe and Kourtney get into a fight that threatens to damage their relationships; Bruce feels he is out of touch with the modern generation.
S02E08 Dur dur, les vacances 04/05/2008 Kris insists the family take a vacation in Colorado in hopes of putting an end to some bickering, but the trip doesn't go exactly as planned.
S02E09 Kim pose pour Reggie 11/05/2008 Kim explodes when she learns a sexy calendar she made for her boyfriend, Reggie Bush, is being made available to the general public; Bruce tries to inspire Khloe and Kourtney.
S02E10 Voyage à La Nouvelle-Orléans 18/05/2008 The sisters travel to New Orleans to attend a pool tournament sponsored by Reggie Bush and to visit devastated parts of the city hit by Hurricane Katrina.
S02E11 Les séquences inédites 25/05/2008 The family members view previously unaired footage and share some of their favorite moments from the series.
S03E01 Libérez Khloe ! 08/03/2009 Khloe goes to jail for violating her parole. Kris visits Robert Kardashian's grave.
S03E02 Kourtney mannequin 15/03/2009 Kourtney hires Kris as her manager. Rob & Adrienne encounter some problems when they move in together.
S03E03 Khloe se met à nu 22/03/2009 Khloe feels pressure from Bruce and the media to lose weight after joining the "I'd Rather Go Naked" PETA campaign, and Kim's family worries about her constant shopping habit and get an interventionist.
S03E04 Kim et les Pussycat Dolls 29/03/2009 Kim undergoes eye surgery before performing with The Pussycat Dolls. Meanwhile, Bruce is due to receive a colonoscopy.
S03E05 Un pour tous et tous pour Kim 05/04/2009 Kris tries to get closer with Bruce. Kim gets a perfume line and Khloe and Kourtney aren't happy. they get into a big fight.
S03E06 Histoires de famille 19/04/2009 Khloe wants to get a DNA test to see if Kris is really her mom. Rob gets a new tattoo that Kris isn't happy about.
S03E07 Un vent de panique 26/04/2009 Kourtney accuses Scott of cheating. Khloe has a biopsy to check for skin cancer.
S03E08 Amour ou business ? 03/05/2009 Khloe wants to move to New York, much to the dismay of Kris. Kim faces a difficult decision in choosing between her boyfriend and her career.
S03E09 Un singe dans la famille 10/05/2009 Khloe goes apartment hunting in New York. The girls buy Kris a monkey.
S03E10 Affaires de famille 17/05/2009 Bruce undergoes plastic surgery; the Kardashians meet Adrienne Bailon's family for the first time when they all go camping together.
S03E11 Ce qui est à toi est à moi 24/05/2009 Kourtney and Kim's relationships are threatened when Kourtney continues to test Kim's boundaries when she keeps taking her stuff without asking.
S03E12 Double peine de coeur 31/05/2009 Kourtney and Khloe deal with the heart breaking reality that both their relationships have come to an end.
S03E13 00/00/0000
S04E01 Le mariage 08/11/2009 Khloe marries NBA star Lamar Odom.
S04E02 Le mal-aimé 13/12/2009 Kourtney and Scott find themselves pitted against her family because disapprove of him. Scott invites the family to see the sex of the baby.
S04E03 Khloe contre Scott 20/12/2009 Khloé is forced to get professional help for her anger issues towards Scott after hitting him. Rob ends up in the hospital when he accidentally takes a male enhancement drug meant for Bruce. Kris tries to be in the mood with Bruce.
S04E04 Bébé, es-tu là ? 27/12/2009 Khloé gets excited when she thinks she's pregnant. Kim's tendency to tell 'little white lies' gets her into big trouble.
S04E05 Couples en danger 03/01/2010 Kourtney confronts Scott when he fails to take her pregnancy seriously; Kris takes away Bruce's ATM card, which leads him to demand financial independence.
S04E06 L'amie des bêtes 10/01/2010 Kim takes in a stray Chihuahua and is devastated when she must give it up; Bruce pressures Rob to move out of the house.
S04E07 Les Kardashian sur le ring 24/01/2010 Bruce volunteers the family to help out at a charity boxing event; Kourtney babysits for some friends and learns a valuable lesson in child care.
S04E08 Un week-end en enfer 31/01/2010 Kourtney, Kim and Khloe take an ill-fated weekend trip to Santa Barbara. Back at home, Kylie becomes jealous of Kendall.
S04E09 La «sex tape» 14/02/2010 Khloé makes a 'love tape' for her husband Lamar Odom of the Los Angeles Lakers. Meanwhile, Kourt learns to enjoy sex again while pregnant.
S04E10 Le verre de trop 15/02/2010 Kourtney ends her relationship with Scott after he gets violently drunk on Kim's birthday in Las Vegas. On top of the world, Kim takes on more work than she should.
S04E11 L'arrivée de bébé 21/02/2010 After fainting from exhaustion, Kim learns to manage her professional life. Kourt takes Scott back and gives birth to their baby son, Mason!
S05E01 Kim pend la crémaillère 22/08/2010 Kim throws a housewarming party and Kourtney contemplates moving out of Khloe's house because Scott is not invited there.
S05E02 Rencard avec un inconnu 29/08/2010 Kim goes on a blind date with someone that Kris set her up with; Lamar is in the play-offs and Khloe deals with the pressure.
S05E03 La bague de fiançailles 05/09/2010 Khloé is stuck between a rock and a hard place when she loses her seven-carat engagement ring and is afraid to tell Lamar.
S05E04 Le garde du corps 06/09/2010 Kim develops a serious crush on her hot Australian bodyguard and Khloé helps Lamar to finally learn how to swim.
S05E05 Botox et cigarettes 12/09/2010 Fearful of aging, Kim gets botox and has a bad physical reaction. Meanwhile, the family discovers that Kris is a closet smoker and Kourt is determined to get her to quit.
S05E06 Partie sans laisser d'adresse 19/09/2010 While Kourtney looks for a place to live in New York, her family does what they can to get her to stay in Los Angeles. Bruce looks into getting his dog neutered.
S05E07 Un couple d'enfer 26/09/2010 Rob begins to date his sister Khloe's best friend. Kris contemplates managing another client.
S05E08 Interdit aux garçons 03/10/2010 Kourtney and Scott struggle to have another baby; Bruce has difficulty accepting that 12 year-old Kylie has male friends.
S05E09 Cougar, vous avez dit cougar ? 10/10/2010 Kris flirts with her handsome personal trainer and things get out of hand; Kim's competitive nature gets her into trouble with Kourtney.
S05E10 Dash No More 17/10/2010 Kim meets football star Miles Austin; Kourtney thinks about expanding D-A-S-H by moving to New York but her sisters are against the idea. Meanwhile, Scott and Bruce spend some bonding time together.
S05E11 Du changement dans l'air 24/10/2010 The episode ends with a sneak peak at the second spin-off, Kourtney and Kim Take New York.
S05E12 A nous New York 20/12/2010 The Kardashian family shares their favourite moments from the past few years and never-before-seen footage.
S06E01 Famille ou argent ? 12/06/2011 Khloe contemplates being friendly towards Kim's new man and Kourtney plans a get together for the family and it gets out of hand.
S06E02 Kim, Manager 19/06/2011 Kendall's modeling career takes her to New York and she enlists Kim to help her. Scott and Kris are at odds with each other over a key to Kourtney and Scott's house.
S06E03 Le derrière de Kim 26/06/2011 Kris decides to change her name back to Kardashian, much to Bruce's displeasure. Kim is tired of people asking if her butt is real & gets an x-ray to set the world straight.
S06E04 Le bébé de Kourtney 10/07/2011 Kourtney contemplates having another child out of wedlock.
S06E05 Rob contre Scott 17/07/2011 Kris thinks Bruce is losing his hearing; Rob admits to Kourtney why they don't hang out anymore.
S06E06 Pilule, mode d'emploi 24/07/2011 Bruce finds out Kendall is taking birth control & decides it's time to talk about the birds & bees. Kim discovers a serious rash on her legs & fears her career may be over.
S06E07 Une leçon d'humilité 31/07/2011 Bruce tries to get his daughters to see how blessed they are.
S06E08 Scott à Las Vegas 07/08/2011 Scott goes to Vegas, and Kourtney is afraid that he will return to his old ways. Kylie and Kendall think their mother Kris is meddling in their lives.
S06E09 L'agent Scott 14/08/2011 Kris gets mad at Scott when he tries to become Kylie and Kendall's manager, and Kim doesn't know how to dance so she gets embarrassed.
S06E10 Vacances à Tahiti 21/08/2011 Kris and Bruce take a vacation to Bora Bora to renew vows and also as a family vacation.
S06E11 Histoires de famille 28/08/2011 Kris has self-image issues that threaten the anniversary celebration in Bora Bora; and Kourtney tries to get Scott and Rob to reconcile.
S06E12 L'ultimatum 04/09/2011 Rob feels insecure about not having a career and it causes him to lash out at Kim while they are in Bora Bora. And Kourtney gives Scott an ultimatum.
S06E13 La demande en mariage 05/09/2011 Kris Humphries plans to ask Kim to marry him, but an argument between the two makes him wonder if he is proceeding too quickly.
S06E14 Un mariage de princesse (1) 09/10/2011 This is going to be a special 2-hour Wedding, Kim Kardashian will host the night with her husband Kris Humphries.
S06E15 Un mariage de princesse (2) 10/10/2011 The wedding of Kim and Kris is shown. Guest includes Eva Longoria, Avril Lavigne, Goerge Lopez, Mario Lopez and Demi Lovato.
S06E16 Les 16 ans de Kendall 19/12/2011 The Kardashians celebrate Kendall's sweet 16.
S07E01 Le père de Khloé 20/05/2012 Kris decides to pursue a DNA test to prove Khloe's paternity. Kourtney angers Kim when she takes over relocating DASH & Bruce goes to extremes to get the family’s attention.
S07E02 La vengeance de Kris 27/05/2012 Kourtney's resentment towards her mom rises to the surface again after Kris releases a memoir detailing the affair that destroyed her first marriage. Unable to keep her attitude (and pregnancy hormones) in check, Kourt's nasty digs and comments toward Kris reach a whole new level, forcing her sisters, and even Scott, to confront her behavior. Will she get to the root of her anger and forgive her mom? Meanwhile, Kendall and Kylie start their gig at "Seventeen" magazine, but the job causes a rift between the usually close sisters.
S07E03 Son linge sale en famille 28/05/2012 Kim starts wearing wigs; Rob hurts Bruce's feelings when he says he never had a male role model growing up; Kris gives in to road rage.
S07E04 La famille fait des efforts 10/06/2012 Kris gets pestered by Bruce to sign his son, Brandon, to her new music management company. Meanwhile, Kourtney doesn’t appreciate Scott’s romantic gestures and Kris tries to get the whole family to play tennis again with disastrous results.
S07E05 Un squelette dans le placard 17/06/2012 Kris runs into the man she had an affair with over twenty years ago and wonders if she should arrange another meeting with him. Meanwhile, Kourtney doesn’t approve of Kim and Scott hanging out together and Kendall and Kylie ruin Kris’s carpet.
S07E06 Les vacances en famille (1) 24/06/2012 The family’s Dominican Republic vacation gets off to a rocky start when Kourtney causes herself, Kim, and Scott to miss their flight. Meanwhile, Bruce and Scott can’t resolve their differences
S07E07 Les vacances en famille (2) 01/07/2012 The family vacation continues as Scott starts to feel like an outcast.Kris wakes up with a mysterious medical condition & Kourt must decide what to do about an ultimatum from Scott
S07E08 Les compromis 08/07/2012 In part one of this two part story, Khloe returns to LA to face increasing demands on her time from the family. Scott has to be on his best behavior at a sweet 16 appearance in NYC
S07E09 Le scoop Kim et Kanye 09/07/2012 Khloe continues to feel pressure from the family and must decide if she will go to NY for Scott’s restaurant opening. The family wonders about Kim's relationship with an old friend.
S07E10 Traitement royal 15/07/2012 Kris wants Khloe to see Bruce’s dark side. Scott hits London with Kim & Rob and gets a royal title and a big head. Kim’s busy schedule leaves no time for hanging out with Jonathan
S07E11 Ménage à trois 22/07/2012 While Bruce finds a golf buddy in supermodel Angie Everhart Kris wonders if she should call up an old ‘buddy’ of her own.Rob fights with Khloe when he moves back in with her & Lamar
S07E12 Le détecteur de mensonges 29/07/2012 When Kris can’t prove her innocence to Bruce the kids force the couple to work out their issues. Kim makes Lamar go the dentist and Rob fears he’s losing his hair
S07E13 Mères et filles 05/08/2012 The girls urge Kris to take a trip to San Diego to see her sick mother. Kourt looks into water birth and Bruce checks into a sleep clinic to get his nighttime ticks worked out.
S07E14 Le plan obsèque des Kardashian 19/08/2012 Kim and Khloe buy Mason a fish and Kris tells the family that she wants to plan her funeral.
S07E15 Thérapie en famille (1) 26/08/2012 Oprah comes to the house to interview the family. Kim’s desire to explore life as an individual threatens her sisters. Rob breaks down during a family therapy session
S07E16 Thérapie en famille (2) 02/09/2012 A tempest of siblings, business and fame engulf Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner and paparazzi fave Kim Kardashian as their huge Hollywood families collide.
S07E17 En attendant ce jour 09/09/2012 Tired of Kourt making all the decisions, Scott considers a vasectomy.Kris goes in for surgery to replace her breast implants and Kim asks Khloe to go with her to a fertility clinic
S07E18 Faire-part de naissance 16/09/2012 As the family prepares to welcome Kourt’s new baby into the world, Khloe looks into why she can’t conceive and Kim starts the process to freeze her eggs
S07E19 Le bilan 28/10/2012 The Kardashians show never before seen footage and share some of their favorite moments from the series.
S08E00 00/00/0000
S08E01 Nous attendons un bébé 02/06/2013 Season 8 begins with Kim's family overjoyed about her pregnancy, however, Kim seems a little less excited. At the same time, Bruce considers getting a space he can call his own; and Kourtney is encouraged by Scott to make a backdoor deal.
S08E02 Trop c'est trop 09/06/2013 Kim and Khloe defend their mom against allegations made by tabloid magazines; at the same time, Bruce has a heart-to-heart chat with Brody about problems they've had in the past; and Kim offers to help Rob lose some weight.
S08E03 Passe d'armes 16/06/2013 While working out the details of her divorce, Kim is rushed to the hospital with a health issue. Bruce and Kris disagree regarding having guns in the home.
S08E04 Papa, tu m'entends ? 23/06/2013 Bruce deals with his hearing loss; Scott learns of a woman with cancer who wants to meet him; Khloe introduces a new puppy to the family; and Kris is concerned that she might have a stalker.
S08E05 On va te soigner 30/06/2013 Kris notices the difference in Rob and works to fix things. Khloe continues to improve her bond with Kylie and Kendall. Scott faces his fears in order to advance his racing career.
S08E06 Les mères aussi savent s'amuser 07/07/2013 Khloe feels left out when Kourtney and Kim bond over babies; Leah has trouble finishing her and Brandon's new music release; Kris becomes bladder shy.
S08E07 Future maman cherche maison 14/07/2013 Kim is in need of a place to stay after learning her new home won't be ready in time for the baby's arrival; and Kourtney finds it curious that Scott is spending so much time with her pregnant sis. Elsewhere, a Ping-Pong tournament gets Bruce and Brandon's competitive juices flowing.
S08E08 La Grèce pour destination 21/07/2013 Tensions between Kris and Brody threaten to spoil a family vacation to Greece. At the same time, Kim receives news about her divorce, while Khloe and Scott plan a surprise for Kourtney.
S08E09 «Grèce» lui la patte 28/07/2013 Kris gets overly friendly with Brody; Khloe and Kourtney decide to make this vacation one to remember.
S08E10 Opa ! 04/08/2013 Scott shows up to Greece with only one day left; Kendall feels like she's being left out; a putting green at the Jenner home.
S08E11 C'est vraiment trop injuste 11/08/2013 Brody and Brandon begin constructing the putting green at the house. Khloe does a acrobatic latex photoshoot for her husband. Kris shut down Kendall's idea of renting a beach house for the summer.
S08E12 La belle-mère de Kris 18/08/2013 After visiting Bruce's mother, Kris begins to worry. Kim helps Kylie start her fashion blog. The family collaborates on a surprise for Kris.
S08E13 Massacre à la tronçonneuse chez les Kardashian 25/08/2013 Rob shocks everyone when he takes up chainsaw art in Khloe’s backyard. Meanwhile, Kim plans to get back at her judgmental family by secretly feeding them placenta, and Bruce takes some of Jimmy Fallon’s jokes a little too personally.
S08E14 Bruce dans l'embarras 01/09/2013 Kris is confused when Kendall starts spending more time with the Jenner side of the family. The kids attempt to embarrass Bruce by recreating his and Kris's lost sex tape. Khloe tries to figure out her memory issues.
S08E15 Baby Shower Blues 29/09/2013 Khloe and Kourtney are surprised when Kim reveals that she doesn't want to have a baby shower. Kylie and Kris devise a plan to get Bruce's gun out of the house. Khloe feels self-conscious about her body.
S08E16 En avant les histoires 06/10/2013 After Khloe's numerous attempts to conceive a child, Kim discusses the possibility of adoption with her. Kris thinks that Scott sold a scooter that she gave to him as a gift. Bruce trains Khloe's dog without her knowledge.
S08E17 Papa paparazzi 13/10/2013 Growing tired of the constant presence of the paparazzi, Kim creates a plan to throw them off her trail once she goes into labor. Kourtney and Khloe attempt to set-up a blind date for their grandma.
S08E18 Tous les chemins mènent à North 27/10/2013 Kim learns that she will be giving birth sooner than she thought. Kris continues to prepare for the baby. Bruce receives some wise words from Brody and Khloe attempts to restore peace within the family.
S08E19 Rencontre d'un type particulier 03/11/2013 Bruce takes the family out for a camping trip, and Khloe uses the trip to hunt for aliens. Kris is preparing to launch her talk show and asks for everyone's support.
S08E20 Les 16 ans de Kylie 10/11/2013 Kris is tasked with babysitting a pig. Kylie starts planning her sweet 16 celebration. Rob and Khloe talk about their current living situation.
S08E21 A Very Merry Christmas 01/12/2013 This special Christmas episode features the debut of this years Kardashian Christmas card, as well as the family opening presents and watching back old home footage of past Christmases.
S09E01 Aimer et se séparer 19/01/2014 Bruce and Kris discuss their future. Meanwhile, Khloe and Lamar's relationship continues to decline.
S09E02 Comment faire face 20/01/2014 Scott starts taking karate lessons. Khloe is displeased with an interview that took her words out of context. Kris tries to get Jonathan away from Kim.
S09E03 Et tout le tintouin 26/01/2014 Rob tells Khloe that she has the option of moving in with him. Kris thinks about going on broadway. Kourtney discovers that Scott has been lying again.
S09E04 Les fiançailles (1) 09/02/2014 Kanye flies the family to San Francisco in order to propose to Kim at AT&T Park. Kris is freaking out when she gets word that Kim's house won't be ready. Kourtney and Khloe get some revenge.
S09E05 Les fiançailles (2) 16/02/2014 The family flies to San Francisco, where Kanye has set-up a birthday surprise for Kim at AT&T Park. Everyone is shocked once Kanye proposes to Kim.
S09E06 Deux anniversaires et une brocante 23/02/2014 Kourtney wants to have a Kardashian yard sale. Kendall starts planning for her 18th birthday celebration. Bruce feels that his upcoming birthday doesn't need to be acknowledged.
S09E07 Le courage de changer 09/03/2014 Khloe decides that she has to choose where she wants her relationship with Lamar to go. After having to deal with the news of his mother, Kourtney plans a vacation for her and Scott. Rob gets himself checked out from the doctor.
S09E08 Libérée délivrée 08/06/2014 Kourtney's lack of emotions; Khloé accepts an offer on her house.
S09E09 Nouveau célibataire 15/06/2014 Kris goes overboard trying to make sure Bruce isn't lonely; Scott and Kourtney inherit a painting.
S09E10 Coup de mou 22/06/2014 Scott sets up his own mobile office. Kendall finding her way in the modeling world by traveling finds it hard to take care of her dog, who ends up in Kris' care. Kris and Khloe battle it out.
S09E11 Incident viennois 29/06/2014 Kris and Kim arrive in Vienna. Kourt wants the moving date to their new house to be as delayed as it can be.
S09E12 Coup fourré 06/07/2014 Scott wants a helicopter in his backyard. Kim and Khloe get down and dirty at a mud wrestling match.
S09E13 A prendre ou à laisser 13/07/2014 While Khloe anticipates her move, she realizes that she has been burglarized. Bruce encourages Brody for a golf tournament. Kourtney, Kim and Khloe head to the Big Apple to do a surprise DASH drop-by.
S09E14 Vacances en Thaïlande (1) 20/07/2014 It's time for the annual Kardashian-Jenner vacation! But can they actually get the entire family including Rob together in Thailand? Then, Kris and Bruce will be traveling together for the first trip since separating--and the bickering is nonstop! So Kris extends invites to Leah, Brody and Brandon to help entertain Bruce. Will their trip go down drama-free? Plus, can Kim get over her fears and go zip lining with the family? Join the Kardashian-Jenner crew for a va-cay to remember--for more reasons than one!
S09E15 Vacances en Thaïlande (2) 27/07/2014 Khloe becomes annoyed with the family. Kendall and Kylie leave the vacation early. Brody seeks some revenge after the family continuously teases him.
S09E16 Vacances en Thaïlande (3) 03/08/2014 The family travels to a local orphanage, where Kim becomes close with a young girl. Brandon and Brody work to improve Khloe's mood.
S09E17 Désastre annoncé 10/08/2014 Kris hopes to end her mother's crucial pains by giving her Medical cannabis. Scott ends up drunk yet again while on a trip to Miami. Khloe is willing to let Kourtney be her interior designer, but changes her mind once she realizes that her sister designs at a high price.
S09E18 Secrets d'une double vie 17/08/2014 When Khloe's attitude changes because of her newfound friendship with French Montana, Kim and Kourtney hope to dig deeper into her new life. Kris meddles in Kim's wedding planning.
S09E19 La main sur le berceau 31/08/2014 When Kourtney drops a huge bombshell on Scott, he avoids facing her. Kim faces the pressure of her wedding and Brody.
S09E20 En route vers l'autel 01/09/2014 Kimye prepare to get married.
S10E01 Nouveau départ 15/03/2015 The family struggles to adjust to life after Bruce and Kris's divorce.
S10E02 Vol en dehors d'un nid de coucou 22/03/2015 Kris finds it hard to be back in the dating scene after 25 years. Khloe has to deal with the aftermath of a controversial Instagram post. Kim fights fire with fire once she plans to recruit Kourtney for her video game.
S10E03 Le parrain 29/03/2015 Kris is concerned she's made a mistake by putting Kourtney in charge of her living will. Scott is accused of acting shady. Kim helps Bruce spend his money wisely.
S10E04 Pas de répit 05/04/2015 Kim has to face surgery to see whether another pregnancy is in her cards. Kourtney, Kim and Khloe set up a DASH dolls obstacle retreat. The family collaborates on trying to get Rob back to his usual self.
S10E05 Sur la route 12/04/2015 Kim talks at a conference to prove that her skills extend beyond the world of beauty and fashion.
S10E06 Pas de panique ! 19/04/2015 Scott up to it wasted and belligerent at Kris's birthday; Kim uses to spy tactics to solve a theft problem at Dash New York.
S10E07 Livraison spéciale 26/04/2015 A security breach persuades Kris to step up security; Scott attends to a Lord Disick party in Vegas while Kourtney finds out the baby could come early; Kim and Khloé put on a last-minute baby shower.
S10E08 Buggy et bébé 03/05/2015 Kris has had it with Scott when he brokers a Vegas nightclub appearance for her birthday, then shows up to it wasted and belligerent. Kim resorts to spy tactics to solve a theft problem at Dash New York, and Kourtney prepares to give birth by baring all for a nude pregnant photoshoot.
S10E09 Relations presse 10/05/2015 Kylie continuously gets bashed by the media due to her beauty skills, she relases her hair extension line. Scott's new job, flipping houses, requires Kourtney's interior design skills, she makes Scott decorate their house together. Kim does another naked photo shoot and she decides to go to the doctors with Khloe.
S10E10 Au sujet de Bruce (1) 17/05/2015 The two-part special will reveal intimate conversations that Bruce had with his famous family, in which they discussed his transition. The specials will also explore each family member's struggle to process his or her own feelings as they all work through hearing from Bruce directly about finally living life as the person he has always known himself to be. The two-part special also includes family home video footage that will remind viewers and the family of the special times they spent with Bruce as a father, husband and friend, and serves as inspiration for the memories they will create as Bruce lives his "new normal".
S10E11 Au sujet de Bruce (2) 18/05/2015 The two-part special will reveal intimate conversations that Bruce had with his famous family, in which they discussed his transition. The specials will also explore each family member's struggle to process his or her own feelings as they all work through hearing from Bruce directly about finally living life as the person he has always known himself to be. The two-part special also includes family home video footage that will remind viewers and the family of the special times they spent with Bruce as a father, husband and friend, and serves as inspiration for the memories they will create as Bruce lives his "new normal".
S10E12 En un clin d'oeil 31/05/2015 The siblings come home from Montana to wish their dad well as Bruce prepares to transition; Kris travels with Kendall to Paris; Kim seeks one last hope of getting pregnant.
S10E14 Terre ancestrale 20/09/2015 Khloé and Kim go on a trip to Armenia to learn more about their ancestors. Kourtney wants to discover why Kylie is acting distant.
S10E15 C'est bon d'être à la maison 27/09/2015 Kanye stages a surprise concert in Armenia; Kim arranges a special stop in Jerusalem to have North baptized in Israel’s oldest Armenian church; and in Los Angeles, Kris has difficulty adjusting to having Caitlyn in her life
S10E16 Répliques d'un séisme 04/10/2015 Caitlyn comes out in her first big magazine interview and states things the family considers hurtful, Kim does her best to pick up the pieces; Khloé has to decide how much emotional support she can afford to give to Lamar.
S10E17 La dernière paille 11/10/2015 In this season finale, Kourtney attempts to keep it together as Scott's behavior spins out of control; Khloé decides to meet face to face with Caitlyn to try to salvage their relationship; Kris finally gives Corey boyfriend status.
S10E18 Kardashian Rewind 00/00/0000
S11E01 Autre temps, autres mesures 15/11/2015 In the Season 11 premiere, Kris is still hurting over public comments Caitlyn made about their marriage, which presents a dilemma for their daughters as they work to be supportive of both parents. Meanwhile, Kourtney focuses her attention on her kids after asking Scott to move out; and Kim encourages Khloé to do a very sexy photo shoot.
S11E02 Le prix à payer 22/11/2015 Kourtney continues to deal with the breakup. Khloé goes to Australia.
S11E03 Rites de passage 29/11/2015 Kylie celebrates her graduation. Kim has troubles dealing with her pregnancy.
S11E04 Tous adultes 06/12/2015 Kris has a reason to meet Caitlyn for the first time at Kylie's 18th birthday; Kim takes over Kris's home in preparation for baby number two; Khloé takes steps to move forward.
S11E05 (Pas trop) bon voyage ! 20/12/2015 The family flies to St. Bart's to forget their troubles, but drama follows them; Kourtney gets disturbing news about Scott; Kendall has beef with Kylie for bringing her boyfriend Tyga; Kris struggles to get back on Kim's good side.
S11E07 Retour du Paradis 03/01/2016 Kendall and Kylie attempt to sort out their differences; Kim and Khloé help Kourtney try to forget Scott; when the family returns home refreshed and ready to start new, an unexpected visit from Scott throws them all for a loop.
S11E08 Le grand lancement 10/01/2016 The Kardashian and Jenner girls travel to New York to launch their new apps. Kourtney isn't ready for the big product launch and her sisters try to get her head in the game.
S11E09 Peur de l'inconnu 17/01/2016 Kris wants the girls to take a genetic test to know their risks for cancer, but not everyone is on board; Kendall has a hard to finding a balance in her relationship with Caitlyn; the family helps Scott as he hits a low point.
S11E10 Mauvaise communication 24/01/2016 Kris decides the family needs Communication Therapy; Kylie is ready to celebrate her new home but her family's bossy ways get in the way of her plans; Khloé struggles to finish her book.
S11E11 La reine Kris 31/01/2016 Kim leads the planning for a grand 60th birthday party for Kris but is afraid she may have taken on too much at nine months pregnant; Scott finally goes into rehab, but only time will tell if he is ready to change.
S11E12 La famille d'abord 14/02/2016 The girls remake a legendary family video for Kris's epic 60th birthday bash; Khloé has a hard time finding a balance between supporting Lamar and returning to her daily life; Kendall gets an amazing opportunity.
S11E13 Avenir imprévu 21/02/2016 Kim learns that her house construction is delayed even further, leaving her living situation in limbo; Scott comes back from rehab ready to prove he is a changed man; Kylie confronts Kendall about being a team.
S12E00 00/00/0000
S12E01 Out With the Old, In With The New 01/05/2016 Khloé adjusts to caregiving for Lamar; Scott decides to buy a house in Calabasas to be closer to Kourtney and their kids, while Kourtney tries to embrace life without him.
S12E02 A New York Family Affair 08/05/2016 Kanye invites the entire family to NYC for his fashion show, but Khloé is torn over whether Lamar can handle such a big first appearance since his accident. Meanwhile, Kim tries to keep Scott busy in hopes that he'll stay out of trouble; and Lamar meets Caitlyn for the first time.
S12E03 Significant Others and Significant Brothers 15/05/2016 Khloé is upset when she is the last to learn that Rob is moving into a house of his own; Kim speculates about Kourtney and Corey's budding friendship; and landing on the cover of Architectural Digest brings out a new side of Kourtney.
S12E04 All About Meme 22/05/2016 Jokes made by Rob on social media aren't taken lightly by the women in his family, which does little to help ease their concerns about his new relationship. Meanwhile, living together puts a major strain on Kris and Kim's relationship; and Kendall feels left out.
S12E05 Fake It 'Til You Make It 05/06/2016 Kendall, Kylie and Khloé get prosthetic makeovers in hopes of having a "normal day out"; Scott feels insecure about his place in the family; Kris resists Corey's idea of fun.
S12E06 The Kardashian Curse 12/06/2016 Khloé travels to Napa with Kourtney and Kris, where she needs to make a decision about her divorce; Scott tries to rid himself of the alleged Kardashian Curse.
S12E07 Snow You Didn't! (Part 1) 19/06/2016 Kris takes her family on a surprise vacation to Vail, Colo.; and the Ks react to news that Rob has proposed to Blac Chyna. Also: Scott's behavior concerns Kourtney.
S12E08 Snow You Didn't! (Part 2) 26/06/2016 Conclusion. The family vacation in Vail, Colo., continues as everyone digests the shocking news that Rob is engaged. Meanwhile Scott tries to behave himself for the rest of the trip.
S12E09 Oh Baby! 03/07/2016 Fresh off the heels of his engagement announcement, Rob has another piece of news that will change the family forever. Meanwhile, Kylie struggles with anxiety from being in the spotlight.
S12E10 Iced Out 10/07/2016 Kim has plans to travel to Iceland with Kanye for his "Highlights" video shoot. Kourtney tags along and makes a birthday trip out of it. Scott feels left out because he isn't celebrating Kourtney's birthday with her for the first time in 10 years. He wants to surprise her in Iceland, but Kris and Khloé convince him it's better to respect her space and focus on being a responsible dad. Meanwhile, Lamar attempts to mediate a conversation between Khloé and Rob, but they still have a way to go to improve their communication. Even though Kim initially went to Iceland for Kanye's music video shoot, she missed the shoot because she was busy celebrating Kourtney's birthday.
S12E11 Got MILF? 17/07/2016 Kim wonders if she should take a stand for Kanye, feeling fed up that he's misunderstood and unfairly vilified. Between hosting a party in Vegas and getting ready and filming Fergie's "M.I.L.F. $" music video, Kim is a busy lady. However, she still finds time to make an uncharacteristically public move when she calls out Taylor Swift in her GQ interview for lying about the permission Taylor gave Kanye to mention her in his "Famous" track. Kim discovers the entire Kanye/Taylor convo was recorded, giving her the ability to defend her husband and clarify the truth. Meanwhile, Kylie has a stalker and the family plays a prank to ensure she takes her own security seriously.
S12E12 Havana Good Day 31/07/2016 Kim, Kourtney and Khloé travel to to the once-restricted country of Cuba. Originally, they were going to watch Kendall walk in the Chanel show, but she had to drop out due to a schedule conflict. The sisters turn it into a family trip and bring Kanye, Malika and the kids along to absorb some culture. They tour the sites of Havana and are so taken by the Cuban capital that Kanye says he'd like to shoot a music video there. Meanwhile, back in Calabasas, Kris is lonely without her eldest daughters, so she focuses all her attention on Kylie. At first, Kylie feels harassed, but she comes around to enjoying the quality time with her Mom.
S12E13 Havana Good Night 07/08/2016 The Kardashian trip to Cuba continues. Included: A disagreement results from Kim's commitment to her work engagements on Mother's Day; Scott comes down with a major case of FOMO; and tensions rise over Kylie's Puma endorsement.
S12E14 The Digital Rage 21/08/2016 Drama between Rob and the family flares up when Chyna launches an app they find questionable; Scott is on a mission to prove that Kourtney's allergies aren't real.
S12E15 Blood, Sweat, and Fears 28/08/2016 Kris urges Rob to reconnect with his sister and best friend in hopes of helping Khloe move in a more positive direction. Also: The Kardashian matriarch pushes herself too far to keep up with her daughters' intense workouts; and Kourtney worries about giving Scott mixed messages by joining him in Vegas for his birthday.
S12E16 Love at First Fight 04/09/2016 The sisters try to fix Rob and Chyna's relationship after the couple get into an explosive fight; the family set their sights on ending Khloe's streak of bad birthdays; and Kourtney panics about having to go on press tour without her siblings.
S12E17 Khloé's New Breast Friends 23/10/2016 In the mid-season premiere, Kim ends up upsetting her mom by helping Cait get ready for the ESPY Awards. Meanwhile, Khloe gets a taste of what her life would be like with bigger breasts; and Scott tries to find a healthy way to pass the time.
S12E18 Lord Disick Returns 30/10/2016 The family celebrate MJ's birthday in San Diego, but can't escape the drama when Rob doesn't show up for the party and can't be found after a fight with Chyna. Meanwhile, Scott resurrects "Lord Disick" after much prodding from the Kardashians; and Kim finds doing North's hair a struggle.
S12E19 Lord of the Cougars 06/11/2016 Kendall suffers from sleep paralysis; Kim searches for methods to control her anxiety; Scott develops an unlikely friendship.
S12E20 Controversies & Legacies 13/11/2016 Kim's choice to try for a third child proves to be a matter of life and death. Kendall fears backlash from supporting stricter gun control and Kris gets emotional about her mom.
S12E21 No Good Deeds 20/11/2016 The family plan a baby shower for Rob and Chyna, who end up ruining the party with their fighting.
S00E00 A Very Merry Christmas 01/12/2013 This special Christmas episode features the debut of this years Kardashian Christmas card, as well as the family opening presents and watching back old home footage of past Christmases.
S00E01 Khloe & Lamar - The Wedding Special 08/11/2009 Khloe and Lamar - Wedding Special
S00E02 Ryan Seacrest with the Kardashians 21/04/2013 Ryan Seacrest interviews members of the Kardashian-Jenner family over dinner, during which they discuss their success as reality-TV stars.
S00E03 A Very Merry Christmas 01/12/2013 This special Christmas episode features the debut of this years Kardashian Christmas card, as well as the family opening presents and watching back old home footage of past Christmases.
S00E04 Bruce Jenner: The Interview (A Diane Sawyer Special) 24/04/2015 ABC News' Diane Sawyer sits down with former Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner, who discusses his love for his family, the decisions he's made, the journey he has taken to get to this point in his life and what he has planned for the future.
S00E07 Keeping Up: Kardashians on Vacation 12/12/2015 Over the past ten seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we've seen them take some incredible vacations. From Thailand to Greece and from Bora Bora to Montana, wherever the Kardashians went, drama always followed and it was all caught on camera. So in celebration of the upcoming season 11 of KUWTK we wanted to take a look back at all of the Kardashian's most eventful trips! Check out 11 of the Kardashian's most memorable vacations below and relive all of their craziest moments!
S00E08 10th Anniversary Special 24/09/2017 Ryan Seacrest sits down with Kris, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie to reflect back on the most monumental events in their lives.
S00E09 A Very Kardashian Holiday 26/11/2017 The Kardashians prepare for the holiday season bigger and better than ever before.