Affiche L'incroyable Hulk (1996)
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Autrefois exposé à une dose élevée de rayons gamma, le scientifique Bruce Banner voit se réveiller la créature qui sommeille en lui : Hulk. Le nouveau réveil du monstre reconduit Banner à fuir l’armée américaine dirigée par le général Ross, père de Betty Ross, la femme de Bruce. Dans sa quête pour un remède et pour la paix intérieure, Hulk devra faire face aux projets machiavéliques du Leader, mais trouvera également, tout au long du voyage, l’aide de ses amis…


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de L'incroyable Hulk (1996)

S01E01 Le Retour de la Bête (1) 08/09/1996 Bruce Banner's latest attempt to rid himself of the Hulk is shut down by General Ross and Major Talbot. Now being held in the Gamma Base, Bruce recalls how he became the Incredible Hulk.
S01E02 Le Retour de la Bête (2) 15/09/1996 On the run from General Ross, Hulk encounters the Gamma Mutant Warriors. But Abomination reappears and captures Bruce. He is taken to The Leader, who wants the power of the Hulk for himself.
S01E03 Le Pouvoir de la Pluie 22/09/1996 Bruce befriends Mitch McCougthen, a man looking for a better life for himself. Their efforts to cure Bruce of the Hulk go horribly wrong when McCoughten is suddenly turned into Zzzazk. Can the Hulk defeat a being of pure energy?
S01E04 Le Meilleur et le Pire 29/09/1996 Bruce Banner and Rick Jones are in L.A., seeking the help of wealthy industrialist Tony Stark. Iron Man, War Machine and H.O.M.E.R. will have to find a way to cure Bruce of the Hulk before S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Gabriel Jones arrives.
S01E05 Du Sang Innocent 06/10/1996 Ghost Rider is after the Hulk and so it Talbot, who has a deadly new weapon at his disposal.
S01E06 L'Homme et la Bête 27/10/1996 Bruce is in Canada looking for the help of his old friend, Dr. Walter Lankowski. When he does find him, Bruce learns his deadly secret.
S01E07 La Malédiction 03/11/1996 Bruce is visiting his cousin, Jennifer Walters, in Washington D.C. But Doctor Doom attacks and captures them, leaving Jennifer needs a blood transfusion. Only Bruce can donate and Jennifer becomes She-Hulk.
S01E08 Voyage Fantastique 10/11/1996 Bruce and She-Hulk seek the help of Reed Richards, but instead find the Thing alone at Four Freedoms Plaza. With the other members of the Fantastic Four on vacation, it's up to the Thing, Hulk and She-Hulk to defeat the Ogress and The Leader's Gamma Warriors.
S01E09 L'Antidote 17/11/1996 When a gamma virus outbreak occurs in Chicago, Dr. Donald Blake transforms into the mighty Thor to force the Hulk to Chicago. Bruce has to work with Gargoyle, who released the virus, to find a cure.
S01E10 L'Alliance Infernale 24/11/1996 Betty encounters the legendary monster, Wendigo. Bruce is unable to save her because Agent Jones and General Ross capture him. Even though he escapes, he is handcuffed to the General, and as much as they hate to admit it, they'll have to work together to save Betty.
S01E11 Le Jour et la Nuit (1) 02/02/1997 Betty and Doc Samson have found a way to seperate Bruce from the Hulk. All they need now is to smuggle the Hulk into the Gamma Base lab where the Nutrient Bath is waiting.
S01E12 Le Jour et la Nuit (2) 09/02/1997 Bruce and the Hulk are now two separate beings, but the Hulk escapes and goes on a destructive rampage. The Leader captures him and has his intellect placed into the Hulk's body, acquiring the power he's craved.
S01E13 Le Jour et la Nuit (3) 16/02/1997 Equipped with exo-armor, Bruce battles the Incredible Hulk in a massive battle in the desert. When it's over, it's discovered they can't exist without each other and are dying. Their only hope is rejoin via the Nutrient Bath, but General Ross' interference will cause it to go horribly wrong.
S02E01 Le Procès de Bruce Banner 21/09/1997 The Nutrient Bath has left Rick Jones transformed into a rampaging teenage Hulk and Bruce turning into a Gray Hulk. Bruce now faces a charge of attempted murder and his lawyer is Jennifer Walters (aka She-Hulk). Meanwhile, The Leader has a plan to capture Rick Jones and suppress Bruce's mind within Gray Hulk.
S02E02 De Vieux Souvenirs Défraichis 28/09/1997 During her high school reunion, Jennifer admits she is becoming unhappy about being She-Hulk. As Bruce sees what he can do to help, The Leader and Gargoyle plot to capture him.
S02E03 L'Esprit contre l'Anti-matière 05/10/1997 A dark entity enters our dimension and takes over Bruce's body. She-Hulk gets help in the form of Dr. Strange, who enters Bruce's mind to convince the Gray and Green Hulks to work together against this dark entity.
S02E04 Un Regard Irrésistible 26/10/1997 Miss Allure and Crusher Creel are making Chicago's crime world an even nastier place. To stop them, She-Hulk masquerades as a mob boss while Gray Hulk dons a pin-stripe suit, becoming Mr. Fixit.
S02E05 Les Combattants de la Mode 02/11/1997 She-Hulk is taking part in a Miami fashion show for charity, when The Leader and Gargoyle attack. It's up to She-Hulk, Betty and a group of models to stop them.
S02E06 La Star Gamma 09/11/1997 Bruce has to stop asteroids from colliding with Earth, but his equipment is stolen by the Fantastic Four's arch-nemesis, Doctor Doom. While Green Hulk storms off after him, She-Hulk is on the fast track to becoming a tv star.
S02E07 The Lost Village 16/11/1997 Bruce and She-Hulk search for the mythical valley of Anavrin in Tibet, where they believe Bruce can be cured once and for all.
S02E08 Mission Incredible 23/11/1997 Gray Hulk and She-Hulk have to work Agent Jones and S.H.I.E.L.D. to save the Sea Base's unstable Gamma Power Core.