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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de La Bamba med Filip och Fredrik

S01E01 Filip as Pastor 17/03/2014 Filip drömmer om att predika i en fullsatt kyrka i södern som en karismatisk pastor med en entusiastisk församling fylld av musik. Romalic M Jones är just en sådan pastor och Filip får hänga med honom i en vecka för att träna sig till pastor.
S01E02 Filip as Cowboy 24/03/2014 Filip har en dröm om att leva som den klassiska cowboyen. På en rodeofestival i Tucson försöker de hitta en äkta cowboy, men inser att alla är småfulla lantbrukare. Istället hittar de citycowboyen Seth och genom honom hittar de ett gäng cowboys.
S01E03 Humiliation TV 31/03/2014 When Philip was in high school , he was humiliated by a classmate. The strange thing is that he afterwards he did not feel knockdown but rather purified and filled with life . Therefore Philip thinks that he would do well to re- feel the sensation of being totally humiliated, being treated really, really bad. His friend Fredrick is not late to help him to a new humiliating experience. Fredrick put an ad online in Philip's name that he is looking for people to be dominated by. He also controls up a meeting with "Flogging Johnny", a man in their 30s living at home with mom and dad, and who loves to be humiliated by dominant women. The ad then? Well, it leads to a long hit on a trashy motel Dominatrix "Mrs. Vera" which is offered in both whips, electric shocks and suspension from the ceiling.
S01E04 Boyz n the Hood with Filip 07/04/2014 When Philip was 15 years the movie Boyz n the Hood was released. Most coolest thought Philip Laurence Fishburne as "Furious Styles" was the father figure who could tell the kids to slide right. Philip felt that a man like that he also wanted to be. Now he gets the chance.
S01E05 Filip and the Monkey 14/04/2014 Filip fell in love with as a kid in a monkey he saw in a circus in France. His friend Fredrik knows this and controls up a meeting with Keith, a zookeeper who takes care of the chimp Eli who is four years. Filip hang with Eli and love arise.
S01E06 Filip & Fredrik Goes to Jamaica 21/04/2014 Fredrik bring Philip to Jamaica and the rastafari culture. They get grain on Sizzla, a controversial antigay artist who is a profile within Rastafari. To see him have to Filip record a dancehall song and find their own rastafaristil.
S01E07 Live the Life of a Hippie 28/04/2014 Filips dream of living like a hippie, releasing all responsibility and loose around. Fredriks wants to help him and take him to meet the hippie Bear, known as Double Rainbow Man. Bear lurking Filip in to strip naked and go into the woods.
S01E08 Filip as Street Entertainer 05/05/2014 Filip want to try to be street entertainers. Fredrik takes him to Venice Beach. There will be spontaneous interaction with performers, skeptical aunts, lunatics and buffoons. Filip and Fredrik uses inspiration for crafting for his appearance.
S01E09 Kelts 12/05/2014 Philip meets a kelts, 80's rockers with Nazi fetish, a Hasidic Jew comedian and Avicii. Everything to find a way to stop time. Filip is seduced by the idea to drop out of the rat race and find a life beyond the internet and the news.
S01E10 The End of the Journey 19/05/2014

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