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With unprecedented access, this series takes viewers inside the actual case files of one of the nation’s largest and most respected crime labs, the LAPD Scientific Investigation Division (SID).


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S01E01 The Makeup Bomber 31/03/2006
S01E02 The Hancock Park Mystery 07/04/2006
S01E03 Close Encounter 14/04/2006 Chatsworth, California. A rural suburb in LA's sprawling San Fernando Valley. Still rugged and rural in parts, it's best known as a place where some of Hollywood's "B" westerns were shot. But in 1998 it also became known as the site of one of LA's most intriguing murder stories. On a warm spring evening, the body of 32 year-old Joel Shanbrom was discovered by his mother-in-law when she returned home from dinner. He was on the couch and appeared to have been shot. Joel's wife Jennifer was hiding with her 3 year-old son in the 2nd story bathroom. She is terrified and tells investigators that she fled there after hearing a gunshot. She also claims to have heard loud arguing and a struggle just before the shots were fired. Was her husband's death the result of a home invasion robbery or did he know his killers?
S01E04 Chain of Custody 21/04/2006
S01E05 Fatal Bullet 28/04/2006 When an off-duty police detective is shot down while responding to a neighbor's report of a prowler, for police, it's personal - one of their own has been killed. Using ballistic tests and a unique surgical-like procedure, can the S.I.D. solve this murder of a man in blue?
S01E06 Preserved Evidence 05/05/2006
S01E07 Moving Target 12/05/2006 A man has cheated death six times, and now he's living in a constant state of terror. Someone wants him dead but he doesn't know who or why. The seventh time his luck runs out. Now the team from LA's Crime Lab, the S.I.D., must pull out all the stops to find the crucial piece of evidence that leads to this relentless killer.
S01E08 Trail of Ants 02/06/2006
S01E09 Family Secrets 16/06/2006
S01E10 American Nightmare 21/07/2006
S01E11 Stolen Lives 30/06/2006 Two young adults are murdered in the street shortly after leaving a party. The only evidence is a pair of eyeglasses.
S01E12 Super Print 14/07/2006
S01E13 Fiber Match 28/07/2006
S01E14 Mattress Mystery 04/08/2006
S01E15 Under the Rug 11/08/2006
S02E01 The Actor's Secret 27/06/2007 The actor had a secret -- a secret that led to his mysterious death. A nationwide manhunt is launched for his killer. Can a revolutionary technique reveal the hidden clue?
S02E02 Bag of Tricks 04/07/2007 A popular Hollywood photographer is found bludgeoned to death in his studio. Was it a business dispute? A random act? Or a crime of rage? Investigators race to beat a deadline before the murderer strikes again.
S02E03 Mistress of Hollywood 11/07/2007 A bizarre investigation of a flamboyant Hollywood madame gunned down in an execution-style killing. The notorious case involves the usual LA suspects: power, porn and the playboy.
S02E04 Man in Shadows 18/07/2007 Two young lovers are shot in an upscale LA suburb. A deathbed clue reveals to investigators a cold-blooded conspiracy. But they need forensic experts to link the key piece of evidence to the killer.
S02E05 A Friend's Betrayal 25/07/2007 A recovering drug addict is bludgeoned to death in an apartment complex. There are no witnesses, but an amazing collection of evidence talks to investigators. However the killer has his own unique story to tell.
S02E06 Double Life 01/08/2007 A young man hopes that LA will offer him a fresh start, a new life. But his double life leads him to death in an alley.
S02E07 The Keystone Diamond 08/08/2007 A kind and generous grandfather is found murdered in his bedroom, a victim of gunshots. Investigators discover that a family diamond is the keystone to revealing a killer close and familiar.
S02E08 Accessory to Murder 15/08/2007 Two men are strangled one week apart. Investigators consider a disturbing possibility that a mysterious clue, a strange "signature", may mean they're searching for one killer.
S02E09 Mysterious Confession 22/08/2007 A remarkable case thirty-five years in the making; three women are strangled to death, their bodies dumped with little or no evidence for investigators. The case goes cold until years later when an unlikely confession restarts the investigation. A ingenious sting-like operation is needed to nail the killer.
S02E10 Sandwich Shop Mystery 29/08/2007 Two teenagers, best friends since grade school, are gunned down in a sandwich shop. A community is outraged at the execution-style killing of these boys. It seems like a robbery gone bad, but was it something more?
S02E11 The Chinatown Widow 05/09/2007 A widow is discovered dead in a pool of blood. It appears that she was tortured in a calculated, cold-blooded killing. Investigators follow a blood trail and fingerprint evidence to reveal the murderer of the private and sweet lady.
S02E12 Where There's Smoke 12/09/2007 A small brush fire near the LA airport reveals a horrific discovery: a burning body bound and gagged with duct tape. Near the unidentifiable victim are bullet casings and unusual tire tracks, but investigators are stymied. What they do next is a remarkable forensics case study.
S02E13 West Hollywood Hustle 19/09/2007 Five middle-aged men have been stripped nude, tied up and found strangled. There is no blood, no struggle, no witnesses and no suspects. It appears that a serial killer has a specific prey and a need for ATM cards. Can investigators link a bank picture to the person before he strikes again?

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