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La La's Full Court Life is an American reality television series on VH1. The series debuted on August 22, 2011, and is the follow up series to La La's Full Court Wedding. La La's Full Court Life chronicles the life of Alani Vasquez aka La La as she experiences married life with the professional basketball player Carmelo Anthony, evolving from being the fiancée of a basketball player to being a basketball wife and how she manages her life while keeping her career in check


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de La La's Full Court Life

S01E01 The Married Life 22/08/2011
S01E02 The Critic's Choice 29/08/2011
S01E03 The Trade 05/09/2011
S01E04 The Aftermath 12/09/2011
S01E05 The Press 19/09/2011
S01E06 The Basketball Wife 26/09/2011
S01E07 The Bright Idea 10/10/2011
S01E08 The Home Front 17/10/2011
S01E09 The Getaway 24/10/2011
S01E10 The End 31/10/2011
S02E01 Miss Trust 19/03/2012
S02E02 Birthday Presence 26/03/2012
S02E03 Friend of Faux Pas 02/04/2012
S02E04 Cakes and Pains 09/04/2012
S02E05 Maybe Baby? 16/04/2012
S02E06 All Bets Are Awful 23/04/2012
S02E07 Race Under Fire 30/04/2012
S02E08 Fights, Camera, Action! 07/05/2012
S02E09 Kiss and Makeup, Part 1 14/05/2012
S02E10 Kiss and Makeup, Part 2 21/05/2012
S03E01 London Ballin' 18/02/2013
S03E02 Global Grind 18/02/2013
S03E03 Here Comes the Groom(s) 25/02/2013
S03E04 Kiyan Makes a Splash 25/02/2013
S03E05 Always Bet on La La 04/03/2013
S03E06 Carmello's Full Court Dedication 04/03/2013
S03E07 La & Kelly Horse Around 11/03/2013
S03E08 Fan Appreciation 11/03/2013
S03E09 No Money, Mo' Problems 18/03/2013
S03E10 The Goodbye Girls 18/03/2013
S04E01 An Open Book 14/07/2013
S04E02 Falling Apart at the Seams 21/07/2013
S04E03 Parenthood 28/07/2013
S04E04 La La Knows Best? 04/08/2013
S04E05 Digital Detox 11/08/2013
S04E06 Met Ball 18/08/2013
S04E07 Be Careful What You Wish For 25/08/2013
S04E08 Nose to the Grindstone 01/09/2013
S04E09 NONE 00/00/0000
S04E10 NONE 00/00/0000