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Tommy Murphy est un détective au passé sombre. En effet, il est très dépressif depuis l'assassinant de sa fille. Après l’échec aux tests psychiatriques et des résultats compromettants, celui-ci n’a d’autre choix que d’attraper la bouée qui lui est lancée par son supérieur pour sauver sa carrière dans la police: infiltrer un gang. Cette mission s'avérera particulièrement dangereuse.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de La loi de Murphy

S01E01 Murphy's Law 00/00/0000 Murphy infiltrates a gang implicated in a series of diamond heists and finds himself out of his depth involving Japan's equivalent of the mafia. Complicating the situation, Murphy finds himself attracted to Annie.
S01E02 Electric Bill 00/00/0000 Richard Mooney, London's most infamous kidnapper, is brought in, and the race is on for Annie and Murphy to get a confession in time to save the life of his latest victim, Kate Jennings. To crack Mooney’s silence, Murphy is set up as a suspected terrorist and goes under cover into Bellview Prison to befriend him. But when this master plan is unexpectedly threatened by the prison's very own protection racket, time seems to be running out for Kate.
S01E03 Kiss and Tell 19/05/2003 Following a bungled attempt to close down an elaborate Russian crime-ring, Murphy and Annie find themselves embroiled in what appears to be a textbook crime of passion. An unknown blonde is busy murdering London's successful business people. The only common link is that all the victims are members of a state-of-the-art health club in the heart of the City.
S01E04 Manic Munday 05/05/2003 When Mickey Munday, a world-famous Irish snooker player, comes under pressure to rig the outcome of his game in the forthcoming championships, Murphy and Annie go undercover to protect his life and find the culprit when he arrives in London. The stakes are raised for Munday when his long-lost love and daughter reappear in his life.
S01E05 Reunion 12/05/2003 In the glittering world of London’s West End club scene the head of security of a well-known East End gang is found murdered. The prime suspect is another gang leader, Carl Tate. In order to prevent another "door wars", Murphy joins Carl's gang undercover, but when warfare escalates Annie is compelled to join ranks with Murphy on the doors of Carl's latest venture, X-Club.
S03E01 The Goodbye Look 26/05/2005 Murphy is out posing as a criminal armourer to make an arrest. During the set-up he recognises Caz Miller, a man known for his connections to criminal gang leader and known cop-killer Dave Callard. Miller tells Murphy that he wants to kill another gang member called Richard Holloway. Murphy stops the planned arrest because he thinks he can gain Callard's trust and infiltrate the entire criminal organisation to take everyone out.
S03E02 Disorganised Crime 02/06/2005 Callard recommends Murphy to the McGeechan brothers. They plan to reactivate some assault rifles, but won't tell Murphy why they need them. Murphy knows they plan something big, but first he has to make sure his cover isn't blown.
S03E03 Strongbox 09/06/2005 Murphy tries to get counterfeit Euros for Callard, and asks fellow undercover officer Jill Calder for help. She has infiltrated an organisation that is printing the fake money. Together they try to set up a deal for both their clients and plan to make the big arrest during the handover.
S03E04 Extra Mile 16/06/2005 After months spent trying to nail gangster Dave Callard, suddenly Murphy has a bigger fish to fry: a wealthy hotelier called George Garvey with a taste for ethnic art. Murphy bumps into someone to whom Garvey's son owes a lot of money and manages to get closer to Garvey. To forget the pressure during work he starts to drink. It looks like only Ellie can save him now.
S03E05 Boys Night Out 23/06/2005 The operation against Callard builds to its conclusion as Murphy is hired to help complete a shipment of Afghan heroin into England. His undercover work could help secure the conviction, but Murphy's presence is demanded elsewhere, as a key prosecution witness in the High Court.
S03E06 Hard Boiled Eggs and Nuts 30/06/2005 Callard starts systematically destroying the forensic evidence. Murphy and Miller fear that he may want to destroy one or both of them too.