Affiche La route de l'enfer: Sierra Nevada
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Chaque année, des millions voyagent d'une côte à l'autre au États-Unis via l'artère Interstate 80. Et au sommet de l'I-80 se trouve, un tronçon dangereux appelé 'Donner Pass'. Ici, à plus de 2100 mètres, un groupe de remorqueur Tow Dogs, considèrent comme leur mission pour sauver les automobilistes naufragés qui se perdent sur leur chemin et contre les innombrables dangers de la route.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de La route de l'enfer: Sierra Nevada

S01E01 Pas le droit à l'erreur 14/11/2012 A young driver's pickup truck falls down a steep incline and crashes into a tree. A rig carrying hay topples into a ditch; an SUV flips over after hitting a patch of black ice.
S01E02 Dure journée 21/11/2012 An accident leaves a rig sprawled across the highway; a tow-truck driver is almost severely injured while trying to clear a jackknifed truck; another towing employee tries to steal a truck while his own vehicle is being repaired
S01E03 Les héros de la route 28/11/2012 A driver crashes into a tree near a frozen river during the worst snowstorm of the season
S01E04 Un vrai cauchemar 05/12/2012 Two tow-truck drivers compete for jobs, but the winter weather makes conditions dangerous; a driver struggles to move on after a coworker's death; a driver recalls her son's fatal motorcycle accident as she tries to rescue another biker who fell down a 400-foot drop by the side of the freeway.
S01E05 Zone à risque 12/12/2012 An SUV falls through ice during a heavy snowstorm.
S01E06 Sans répit 02/01/2013 It's the holy grail of towing; an enormous blizzard swallows the roadways with a thick layer of wet snow on Donner Summit in northern California.The sudden, deadly conditions force the highway patrol to declare an emergency code thirteen,asking all local tow companies to clear disabled vehicles off the roads, whether the driver wants a tow or not.
S01E07 La descente aux enfers 09/01/2013 Donner Summit is covered with ice after a winter storm, leading to problems such as near-accidents, fights and equipment breakdowns for the tow-truck drivers.
S01E08 Frôler la mort 16/01/2013 A driver loses control of his vehicle and falls down a ravine during a late-season storm. Elsewhere, a pair of tow-truck drivers engage in a competition to see who can earn the most money in 24 hours.