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This preschool series is a delightful mix of live characters and animation and was created to inspire a love of music performance, knowledge of instruments and musical styles. Lah-Lah and her band of quirky characters take children on magical adventures where anything is possible and music is everywhere.


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S01E01 High or Low for the Show? 02/05/2014 Lah-Lah gets a phone call on her balcony asking if the band can perform a concert tonight because another band had to pull out. Lah-Lah goes next door to the band's house to check if they think they can do it. Together they decide they can and must decide what to perform. Lah-Lah and Buzz can't decide whether to sing something high or something low. When the bus arrives to take them to the concert they still haven't decided but they have to go right away. On the bus they meet James, a trombonist who can play both high and low notes. The band jam with James on the bus
S01E02 Where's Mister Saxophone? 29/04/2014 Mister Saxophone has gone missing at rehearsal time. They can hear him but they just can't find him. Mister Saxophone loves to play hide and seek. They set off to find him but everywhere they turn up, he's just left.
S01E03 Where's My Toothbrush? 30/04/2014 The band can't find their toothbrushes and nobody can hear what anybody is saying because Tom Tom's tinkering is making so much noise.
S01E04 Shiny New Shoes 01/05/2014 Tom Tom is always building new drum sets. This time he's borrowed Buzz's Bandleader shoes to add to his drum kit and Buzz is not happy.
S01E05 Aah Choo! 02/05/2014 Lah-Lah tries to fix Squeezy Sneezy's sneezing!
S01E06 Five More Minutes 05/05/2014 Lah-Lah and the band are sleeping in their tents tonight! Buzz, Mister Saxophone, Squeezy Sneezy and Tom Tom crowd in to their tent but Lah-Lah's not sleepy, she just needs five more minutes.
S01E07 Lah-Lah's New Dance 06/05/2014 Lah-Lah has a new dance but she can't quite get the ending right. The band offers suggestions but they all just look too silly. Maybe she needs to take a real dance lesson?
S01E08 We're A Family 07/05/2014 Lola the double bass isn't feeling very happy because she thinks she's different from the other band members. Buzz introuduces her to the Stringalings.
S01E09 Music For Everyone 08/05/2014 Lah-Lah tries to inspire the band to tidy up their room but they get distracted and start playing the instruments they discover while cleaning up.
S01E10 Buzz's Writing Song 09/05/2014 Buzz is all in a tizzy! Last night he dreamt up a wonderful song but now he can't remember how it went. The band tries various ways to help Buzz remember but nothing helps. Maybe playing the Secret Sound game might help.
S01E11 Noisy, Noisy Birds 12/05/2014 Lah-Lah teaches the birds to sing and they sound really good until they get so loud nobody can think anymore.
S01E12 A Birthday Surprise 13/05/2014 It's Mister Saxophone's birthday and the band is having a lovely birthday lunch at the park. Uncle Woodrow joins them and plays the clarinet as a treat.
S01E13 Music Makes Me Feel So Good 14/05/2014 Lah-Lah is in a great mood only to find the band are all in a terrible mood. They've been trying to rehearse a new song but it sounds awful.
S01E14 Boom Chaka 00/00/0000 Buzz has lost his boom chaka and without it he can't write songs or lead the band! When the band can't find Buzz's Boom Chaka anywhere close to home they go to the park to check.
S01E15 Secret Band Business 00/00/0000 Lah-Lah is on the balcony tending to her lovely potted flowers. She heads over to the band's house for rehearsal only to find very dirty band members. Lah-Lah decides singing outside will be safer.
S01E16 Brassy Babble 00/00/0000 Lah-Lah can't wait to show Buzz the cute little trumpet her uncle sent her in the post; it makes a great high sound. Buzz is just as eager to show Lah-Lah the trombone his aunty sent him, it makes an awesome sound.
S01E17 Squeezy Visits The Dentist 00/00/0000 Lah-Lah is on her balcony explaining to the birds that the band and her are off to the dentist today. But she's interrupted by a phone call from Buzz who needs her her help straight away.
S01E18 Mister Saxophone Loses His Groove 00/00/0000 Lah-Lah is on the balcony with the birds practicing her scales when she gets a call from Buzz. Lah-Lah arrives to find everyone gathered around Mister Saxophone who is cradling a baby piccolo saxophone.
S01E19 Dancing Doll 00/00/0000 Lah-Lah is on her balcony showing the birds the dancing doll, music box her grandmother gave her. When she winds it up the doll spins fast and as it unwinds it slows down. Lah-Lah can't wait to show the band!
S01E20 Parade Day 00/00/0000 Lah-Lah arrives at the band's house to find Buzz trying to teach the band their marching rhythm for the Parade today. They just can't get it right and Buzz is at the end of his bandleader's wits.
S01E21 Nothing To Sneeze About 00/00/0000 Squeezy won't get out of bed. Under his blankets he's making a very strange sound...a hicc...choo. Squeezy has a bad case of the hiccups.
S01E22 A Backwards Day 00/00/0000 Something is definitely not quite right with Buzz today. Everything he's doing is backwards; his music, his conducting, he's even walking backwards.
S01E23 Tom Tom's Tinkering 17/10/2015 Tom Tom was tinkering all night long. With so much banging and thumping Lah-Lah and the band didn't get any sleep. There's only one thing to do; they march out to Tom Tom's shed to have a little chat.
S01E24 I'm Not Sleepy 18/10/2015 Lah-Lah has decided that she doesn't have time to sleep. She has way too many fun things to do! Buzz thinks Lah-Lah should go to bed now because she looks awfully tired, but she disagrees.
S01E25 Buzz Gets Braver 28/10/2015 Lah-Lah is going stargazing with the band, but when it's time to go Buzz keeps making excuses as to why he can't leave. Lah-Lah sees that Buzz is nervous about going to the park where there are strange and scary things.
S01E26 Bad Hair Day 29/10/2015 Lah-Lah is very excited because today they are getting their new band photo taken! The band is all in a kafuffle! Today of all days, Squeezy is having a bad hair day.
S01E27 Woody The Woodwind 30/10/2015

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