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Lambing Live is a farming programme which was broadcast live on BBC Two in five parts, beginning on Sunday 7 March 2010. Presented by Kate Humble and Adam Henson, the show was mainly filmed live on the Beavan family farm, near Abergavenny in Monmouthshire and followed a week in the life of the farm, concentrating on the births of the new lambs. Filmed inserts showed the lead-up to the lambing season, including the purchase of two new stud sheep (tups). The show was produced in a style similar to Springwatch.


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S03E01 Farming Families 23/03/2014 Farming families are the backbone of Britain. Ahead of the next series of Lambing Live, Kate Humble looks at what life is really like for these farmers across the UK, and shares her own fledgling experiences of the farming life. Springtime is the busiest time of year for sheep farmers, with 16 million lambs expected over the next few weeks. We meet some of the families working hard to put food on our tables. Why do they do it? How does it feel to live and work together day in, day out? This programme revisits farming families from previous series to explore their connection to the land, before heading to Scotland to meet a few of the farmers making a living north of the border and introducing 2014's Lambing Live family - the Dykes
S03E02 Live Show 1 25/03/2014 Lambing Live returns. This time Kate Humble and Adam Henson put on their wellies and head to Scotland to test their shepherding skills. After a devastating spring in 2013 and a very wet and windy winter, the life-and-death drama of lambing is more of a gamble than ever before. This introduces the new family of farmers, the Dykes, and the very first lambs. Over the past six months, Kate's been learning that having a few sheep at home is very different to managing over a thousand in the hills of the Borders. And Adam's been travelling the UK and beyond to explore the secret life of sheep. How many lambs will be born? How many will survive? Follow their stories over the next four nights.
S03E03 Live Show 2 26/03/2014 Kate Humble and Adam Henson continue to get their hands dirty helping the Dykes family with lambing on their farm in the Scottish Borders. Kate discovers that ultrasounding sheep can be a surprisingly mucky business, while Adam heads to Cyprus in search of the mouflon, an ancient wild sheep that is as rare as it is elusive. Plus there are the latest live updates on all the new arrivals.
S03E04 Live Show 3 27/03/2014 Kate Humble and Adam Henson present the latest live from the Dykes family farm in the Scottish Borders. With nearly a thousand expectant ewes, they have got their work cut out for them. This time, Kate meets a very different kind of sheepdog, while Adam learns that there is much more to grass than meets the eye. Plus there is a chance to catch up with all the newborn lambs.
S03E05 Live Show 4 28/03/2014 Lambing is big business but it's also a gamble. All week Kate Humble and Adam Henson have been broadcasting live from the Dykes family farm in the Scottish Borders. How many lambs have been born? How many have made it through the week? Kate discovers the dedication and detail it takes to raise a lamb to meat, while Adam looks at the future of breeding with some test-tube sheep. Plus the latest from the lambing sheds.
S00E01 Kate's Year with the Beavans 05/12/2010