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Laramie is an American Western television series that aired on NBC from 1959 to 1963. A Revue Studios production, the program originally starred John Smith as Slim Sherman, Robert Fuller as Jess Harper, Hoagy Carmichael as Jonesy and Robert L. Crawford, Jr., as Andy Sherman.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Laramie

S01E01 Stage Stop 15/09/1959 Drifter Jess Harper arrives in Laramie searching for a man, but gunfire sends him out into the countryside, where he meets rancher Slim Sherman and his brother, Andy.
S01E02 Glory Road 22/09/1959 A down-on-his-luck drifter with ties to Jess arrives at the Sherman station with a lady preacher; though Jess tries to avoid the man, events force Jess to become involved.
S01E03 Circle Of Fire 29/09/1959 Martha Chambers takes refuge from vengeful Indians at the Sherman ranch after she kills the son of a Pawnee chief in a moment of blind terror.
S01E04 Fugitive Road 06/10/1959 Gil Brady seeks out help from his brother-in-law, Jess Harper, when he deserts the calvary and heads for Canada.
S01E05 The Star Trail 13/10/1959 Tully Hatch, the man who saved Jess Harper's life and later made him a deputy sheriff, has been accused of robbing a bank and Jess feels he must help him.
S01E06 The Lawbreakers 20/10/1959 Jess takes on an undercover job for the sheriff, acting as a guide for an outlaw who's searching for money stolen in an earlier robbery.
S01E07 The Iron Captain 27/10/1959 Slim and Jess capture an outlaw and his partner, but find the tables turned when the outlaw's gang breaks the pair out of jail during the trial.
S01E08 The Run To Tumavaca 10/11/1959 A beautiful but greedy rancher's wife turns to old friend Jess for help in leaving her rich husband, but her husband has sent bounty hunters after her.
S01E10 The General Must Die 17/11/1959 Slim's old war buddy arrives on the stage, ostensibly for a visit, but his real intent is to assassinate General Sherman.
S01E11 Dark Verdict 24/11/1959 Jess is livid when his innocent friend is tried, convicted and hanged for the murders of Doc Webb and Sheriff Kiley.
S01E12 Man Of God 01/12/1959 A priest tries to arrange a meeting with Sitting Bull to talk about a peace treaty.
S01E13 Bare Knuckles 08/12/1959 After a run-in with a traveling prizefighter leaves a mess at the station, Jonesy becomes the man's promoter to help pay the bills at the station.
S01E14 The Lonesome Gun 15/12/1959 Slim gets a threatening letter, addressed to his late father, from a man who wants vengeance for the death of his son.
S01E15 Night Of The Quiet Man 22/12/1959 While Jess is away, Slim leases a rough section of land to a former lawman who, unbeknownst to Slim, has hired a bunch of outlaws as his ranch hands.
S01E16 The Pass 29/12/1959 Wyoming Territory has become the winter battleground for the warring Sioux and Cheyenne, forcing Slim and Jess to close the ranch and relay station.
S01E17 Trail Drive 12/01/1960 After a drought and the ending of the stage line, Slim and Jess must join a cattle drive run by a stranger who at first seems impressive, but soon their suspicions are aroused.
S01E18 Day Of Vengeance 19/01/1960 When Jess serves as a special deputy to transport a man who's accused of killing his wife, the stagecoach is attacked by a group that's looking for the prisoner
S01E19 The Legend Of Lily 26/01/1960 Aging but beautiful Lily Langford is touring the West, and she arrives in Laramie broke and one step ahead of bill collectors, thanks to her gambler husband.
S01E20 Death Wind 02/02/1960 Passengers of a stagecoach, forced to wait out a storm at the Sherman Ranch, all have something they are trying to hide.
S01E21 Company Man 09/02/1960 The new stage line superintendent wants Jess fired, which causes tension on the ranch; Slim and Jess track horse thieves.
S01E22 Rope Of Steel 16/02/1960 A man interrupts a murder and robbery, and makes the most out of his moment of celebrity at Slim's expense.
S01E23 Duel At Alta Mesa 23/02/1960 Jess unwillingly works to help T.J. Patterson track a thief who stole money from the stage line, along with the heart of Patterson's daughter.
S01E24 Street Of Hate 01/03/1960 Five years after committing murder, Frank Buckley is paroled to Slim Sherman, but there are some in town who don't want the killer in their midst.
S01E25 Ride Or Die 08/03/1960 Slim and Jess hunt for Vernon Kane, who has robbed the bank and killed a popular deputy, but their search also leads them to a gambler and his wife, who've joined forces with the outlaw.
S01E26 Hour After Dawn 15/03/1960 Slim and Jess join a posse hunting for three escaped gang members who attempted to rob the Wells Fargo office, killing a deputy sheriff.
S01E27 The Protectors 22/03/1960 Slim and Jess become involved in a fight between the ranchers and the homesteaders, and despite their efforts at keeping the situation under control, a rancher is murdered.
S01E28 Saddle And Spur 29/03/1960 Hoping to find a better price for their cattle, Slim and Jess wind up in Nebraska, where the death of the marshal leads the two to take his place for a month.
S01E29 Midnight Rebellion 05/04/1960 Jess, on the run after killing a marshal, is offered a place in Owen Cantrell's private army fighting in a border dispute between the U.S. and Canada.
S01E30 Cemetery Road 12/04/1960 Slim encounters a loudmouthed bully with a wagon train on the outskirts of town, and when the bully is killed, Slim is kidnapped to face charges of murder per the wagon train rules.
S01E31 Men Of Defiance 19/04/1960 Jess and the marshal hunt a band of outlaws, but after gunfire is exchanged, the gang leader suggests a prisoner exchange -- he'll give back the local man he's taken in exchange for Jess and the marshal.
S02E01 Queen Of Diamonds 00/00/0000 Slim Sherman's in love with June Brown, a winsome stranger. But Jess recognizes the girl --- as a professional blackjack dealer.
S02E02 The Track Of The Jackal 27/09/1960 While Jess is acting sheriff of Laramie, a notorious yet cowardly bounty hunter targets one of Jess' friends.
S02E03 Three Roads West 04/10/1960 While delivering $10,000 to the stage office, Slim manages to stop one holdup attempt, but a second attempt is successful, leaving Slim to chase down the missing money and the robber.
S02E04 Ride The Wild Wind 11/10/1960 A bank robbery leads to the recovery of a high-strung horse from Slim's ranch, and prompts a disagreement between Slim and Andy.
S02E05 Ride Into Darkness 18/10/1960 When Jess goes to help an old prospector friend, he crosses Matt Jessup and his gang, who have the townsfolk too scared to talk.
S02E06 The Long Riders 25/10/1960 While catching mustangs, Slim and Jess save a man's life, and Slim offers the man a spot at the ranch, to Jess' chagrin.
S02E07 The Dark Trail 01/11/1960 Slim and Jess hope to sell horses to the stage line and collect the extra money offered, so Jess goes in search of horses to sell.
S02E08 .45 Caliber 15/11/1960 When a new marshal arrives in town, he and Jess don't get along and Jess refuses to be deputized until a neighbor is killed and all hands are needed to defend the town.
S02E09 License To Kill 22/11/1960 A bounty hunter turned sheriff comes looking for Jess, who has a price on his head for the killing of Blake Wilkie.
S02E10 Drifter's Gold 29/11/1960 Outlaws take over a town nearly emptied by a rumor of gold, leaving Slim outnumbered and unable to go for help.
S02E11 No Second Chance 06/12/1960 Fran Ericson returns to Laramie looking for revenge on the stage company she blames for her father's ruin.
S02E12 Duel At Parkinson Town 13/12/1960 The shooting of a neighbor's son on Sherman land refuels the feud between the Shermans and the Parkisons, leading Ben Parkison to kidnap Jess.
S02E13 A Sound Of Bells 27/12/1960 A Sioux attack and a stagecoach carrying gold -- plus five passengers -- both come to Laramie on Christmas Eve.
S02E14 The Passing Of Kuba Smith 03/01/1961 When he kills the sheriff chasing him, an outlaw switches identities with the dead man and tries to fool Slim and Jess.
S02E15 Man From Kansas 10/01/1961 The so-called Robin Hood of the West saves Jess from a trio of Sioux warriors, then holds up the stage, robbing a banker and giving the cash to an elderly couple.
S02E16 Killer Without Cause 24/01/1961 Slim finds the town turning against him when he presses charges after a neighbor kills Slim's new ranch hand.
S02E17 Stolen Tribute 31/01/1961 An ex con forces Jess to take him to Utah, where Jess had killed the con's brother -- and where that brother had hidden a large sum of cash.
S02E18 The Lost Dutchman 14/02/1961 When a cattleman who double-crossed Slim is later found dead, Slim becomes the prime suspect in the man's death.
S02E19 Cactus Lady 21/02/1961 A sick passenger arrives on the stage, looking for Jess, who wants nothing to do with the new arrival.
S02E20 Riders Of The Night 07/03/1961 A wounded outlaw's brother kidnaps Slim and a vet and takes them to the gang's hideout to tend the injured man.
S02E21 Mark Of The Manhunters 14/03/1961 An injured marshal, transporting a prisoner to court to testify, is forced to seek help at the Sherman ranch, where they are surrounded by gang members who want to prevent the prisoner's testimony.
S02E22 Rimrock 21/03/1961 When Slim is wounded and another man killed, Jess hunts the shooter, identifying the man by his horse.
S02E23 Run Of The Hunted 04/04/1961 Slim's half-Cheyenne neighbor considers inviting some of his tribe to join him on the ranch he inherited from his father.
S02E24 Two For The Gallows 11/04/1961 A professor from the East asks Slim to guide him to his friend's gold strike from a decade earlier, but there is more to the professor than meets the eye.
S02E25 The Debt 18/04/1961 Jess frees a bounty hunter's prisoner who'd saved his life years earlier; having discharged his debt, he decides to look into the man's crime to see whether he should be left free or recaptured.
S02E26 Killer's Odds 25/04/1961 Jesse comes upon a starving drifter who thinks Jess is going to shoot him; Jess and Slim offer the drifter a job.
S02E27 Bitter Glory 02/05/1961 Jess is put to the test when he is asked by the Army to hunt down a thief who's stolen a payroll delivery -- but the thief is an old friend who once saved Jess' life.
S02E28 The Tumbleweed Wagon 09/05/1961 Slim is taken as a substitute for a condemned man by a farmer who is desperate for the $100 bounty to be paid upon delivery.
S02E29 Trigger Point 16/05/1961 When Jess rides shotgun on a stage carrying an Army payroll, robbers take the cash and leave the passengers stranded in the desert.
S02E30 Badge Of The Outsider 23/05/1961 An old outlaw, hoping to spend his last years in peace in Laramie, asks for Slim's help in clearing his name.
S02E31 Men In Shadows 30/05/1961 Jess gets a call for help from his old partner, Dixie Howard, who once saved Jess' life, but the man Jess once knew has changed.
S02E32 Strange Company 06/06/1961 With an increase of Sioux attacks on the stage, Slim suggests repairing an old road as an alternate route.
S02E33 Widow In White 13/06/1961 Slim Sherman represents the stage line in a contract with an outlaw's widow, who is also a secret investigator.
S03E01 Dragon At The Door 26/09/1961 Slim and Jess come to the aid of a family of entertainers whose wagon breaks down as they travel East; unbeknownst to all, the family is being followed by a group of men who think the family is transporting opium.
S03E02 Ladies Day 03/10/1961 Slim and Jess are in dire need of a housekeeper so the judge will allow them to keep Mike on the ranch.
S03E03 Siege At Jubilee 10/10/1961 When Daisy takes Jess to the dentist in Cheyenne, Jess is deputized to transport a prisoner back to Laramie.
S03E04 The Mountain Men 17/10/1961 After his son is killed, Carl Sanford and his surviving sons decide to use the Sherman Ranch to exact their own brand of justice on the killer as he's being transported to prison.
S03E05 The Fatal Step 24/10/1961 Jess is unwittingly riding shotgun on a payroll stage that has been rigged to wreck; after the robbery, Jess trails the bandits to Billings.
S03E06 The Last Journey 31/10/1961 An ex-con from Slim's past shows up on the ranch, seeking assistance from Slim, who grudgingly agrees to help.
S03E07 Deadly Is The Night 00/00/0000
S03E08 The Accusers 14/11/1961 While visiting Laramie, Daisy discovers a dead body on the floor down the hall from her hotel room, but she has trouble getting people to believe her when she identifies the killer.
S03E09 Wolf Cub 21/11/1961 Jess saves a crippled Blackfoot youth from a scalp hunter despite the Army edict that forbids settlers from helping a member of the Blackfoot tribe.
S03E10 Handful Of Fire 05/12/1961 Slim finds himself caught between an Army colonel and the Sioux nation when the colonel tries to force his agenda after Wounded Knee.
S03E11 The Killer Legend 12/12/1961 Jess, acting as deputy while Mort is in Denver, must foil a murder plot against an ex-con, who is also seeking revenge.
S03E12 The Jailbreakers 19/12/1961 Slim's attempt to help an old friend goes awry when the man is suspected of murder.
S03E13 The Lawless Seven 26/12/1961 After threatening a rancher, Jess is framed when that rancher is murdered, and must join an outlaw gang while trying to clear his name.
S03E14 The Perfect Gift 02/01/1962 When Slim saves the life of a young Arapaho woman targeted by the Cady brothers, she insists that she belongs to Slim thenceforth.
S03E15 The Barefoot Kid 09/01/1962 When his horse is stolen while he's on the trail, Jess tracks the horse and the thief to a village, where he contacts the sheriff, but is stunned when the youth is given a death sentence for the crime.
S03E16 Shadows In The Dust 16/01/1962 Appointed by a cattleman's group to look into a spate of rustling, Slim finds himself tracking a man and a woman, who've been stealing cattle together for some time.
S03E17 The Runaway 23/01/1962 An illiterate youth finds himself caught between a pair of drifters who want him to join their life of crime, and Daisy, who hopes to rehabilitate the boy.
S03E18 The Confederate Express 30/01/1962 A man running from a posse returns to Laramie hoping to win back his wife and daughter, claiming he's reformed, though he is not what he seems.
S03E19 The High Country 06/02/1962 A stolen horse leads Slim to a war between squatters and cattlemen in the high country.
S03E20 A Grave For Cully Brown 13/02/1962 Jess must find the man who stole his identity, his money, and ultimately left him for dead and facing a hanging if he survived.
S03E21 The Runt 20/02/1962 While acting as sheriff, Slim tries to help a man and his wife who've run afoul of the Catlin brothers.
S03E22 The Dynamiters 06/03/1962 Jess is riding shotgun on a stage shipping cash to Denver that has been targeted by a pair of outlaws armed with dynamite.
S03E23 The Day Of The Savage 13/03/1962 When both a stage and the relay station are attacked by Sioux braves, Slim and Jess must rescue Mike, Daisy and the single coach passenger.
S03E24 Justice In A Hurry 20/03/1962 A rancher's daughter goes in search of Slim, hoping to save her father from hanging, since Slim is her father's alibi.
S03E25 The Replacement 00/00/0000 Slim, Jess and Sheriff Corey shoot down an outlaw, who turns out to be a teenager. When the townspeople learn that their sheriff has been shooting children, they think it's time to replace him.
S03E26 The Turn Of The Wheel 03/04/1962 Slim's old flame returns to Laramie to sing in her ex-con boyfriend's newly re-opened casino, but the boyfriend has plans for Slim.
S03E27 Trial By Fire 10/04/1962 Jess offers to help a neighbor whose ranch is threatened by a wildfire, but the neighbor instead asks him to pick up the man's mail-order bride.
S03E28 Fall Into Darkness 17/04/1962 Slim, Daisy and Mike try to help a girl rescue her mother from a well, unaware that the woman's husband is part of a stage robbery.
S04E01 Among The Missing 25/09/1962 Jess and Mort search for the men who robbed the Laramie bank and shot Mike; after finding two, they learn the third man may be in Chlorine, so Jess heads out alone.
S04E02 War Hero 02/10/1962 When Slim's former commander is wounded while riding the stage, he makes a stop at the Sherman ranch to rest and size up the politicians who are urging him to run for president.
S04E03 The Fortune Hunter 09/10/1962 Slim's girlfriend, feeling neglected, turns her attention to a charming gunslinger who's targeted her for extortion.
S04E04 Shadow Of The Past 16/10/1962 While he's acting sheriff, Jess finds his sister in Laramie, trying to get permission to bury her husband, who was a well-known outlaw.
S04E05 The Long Road Home 23/10/1962 As Slim escorts young Virg Walker back to Laramie, it is discovered that Virg is using money from a stage coach robbery and murder.
S04E06 Lost Allegiance 30/10/1962 Injured on the trail, Jess is found by an old friend who has been rustling cattle in the area, and finds himself mistaken for one of the rustlers.
S04E07 The Sunday Shoot 13/11/1962 Shooters from miles around gather in Laramie for the annual Sunday Shoot, but when some disagree with the outcome, Slim and Jess step in.
S04E08 Double Eagles 20/11/1962 Outlaws who rob and then kill a wealthy rancher find their escape is slowed when their booty -- weighty gold coins -- becomes difficult to transport.
S04E09 Beyond Justice 27/11/1962 Some women suffragettes arrive in Laramie, and Daisy invites two of them to dinner at the ranch, though Slim and the leader of the group don't see eye to eye.
S04E10 Bad Blood 04/12/1962 When a young woman dies at the ranch, Jess escorts her son to his father, unaware that the mother wanted the boy to go to her sister in Denver.
S04E11 Time Of The Traitor 11/12/1962 The son of a wealthy rancher is severely injured in a wagon accident while his father is away, and upon his return, the father is furious about the medical care given.
S04E12 Gun Duel 25/12/1962 Jess fills in for the sheriff, hoping for a quiet weekend, but a bank robbery in Casper leads to issues in Laramie.
S04E13 Naked Steel 01/01/1963 Upon returning home from a cattle drive, Slim learns a neighbor's son was killed when he stayed behind in Riverton.
S04E14 Vengeance 08/01/1963 When he's attacked, Jess returns fire but winds up shooting the man in the back in the scuffle, prompting the man's brothers to come to Laramie seeking revenge.
S04E15 Protective Custody 15/01/1963 A man searching for his runaway daughter stops at the Sherman ranch, where he learns that she's a saloon girl involved with outlaws who have targeted the stage line.
S04E16 The Betrayers 22/01/1963 Trouble follows when Jess runs into an old friend who tries to convince Jess to join his outlaw gang.
S04E17 The Wedding Party 29/01/1963 Slim and Daisy are invited to Stacey Bishop's wedding, where trouble is expected, since Stacey's ex is determined to stop the nuptials.
S04E18 No Place To Run 05/02/1963 Jess tries to help a former outlaw who's trying to go straight, but finds himself drawn into the man's troubles.
S04E19 The Fugitives 12/02/1963 Jess searches for Slim, shot and left to die by an outlaw following a robbery, but the captured shooter refuses to talk.
S04E20 The Dispossessed 19/02/1963 Slim and Jess try to avert bloodshed when they assist neighbors whose ranch has been set afire and from whom horses had been stolen.
S04E21 The Renegade Brand 26/02/1963 Slim goes on the hunt for the shooters after returning to the ranch to find Jess and a stage executive shot.
S04E22 The Violent Ones 05/03/1963 Bob Blayne's sons come looking for Jess, bent on revenge because Jess maimed their father years ago; though Jess tries to avoid a shootout, when Slim is injured Jess is forced into action.
S04E23 The Unvanquished 12/03/1963 Slim investigates when a ranch fight leads to death, but Slim is not convinced the Arapaho chief found with the body is the killer.
S04E24 The Sometime Gambler 19/03/1963 Though they don't trust him, Slim and Jess are forced to watch an injured ex-con who was forced to assist in a bank robbery.
S04E25 Edge Of Evil 02/04/1963 While on the trail with a couple facing financial issues, Jess and the couple find a mule loaded with sacks of gold.
S04E26 Broken Honor 09/04/1963 When he plans to ride shotgun on a stage carrying a bank shipment, Jess is asked to look the other way and allow a robbery, but when Jess tries to have the man arrested, the office manager refuses to press charges.
S04E27 The Last Battleground 16/04/1963 Jess finds remains of a U.S. Army wagon that disappeared during the war that contained $60,000 in gold.
S04E28 The Stranger 23/04/1963 Slim and Jess try to help a mysterious stranger who's been hiding in the mountains, killing Sherman cattle and leaving gold pieces to pay for the animals.
S04E29 The Marshals 30/04/1963 Jess is critically wounded when he tries to warn Marshal McGary, who is transporting a prisoner to hang, that the prisoner's brother plans to attack the tumbleweed wagon.
S04E30 Badge Of Glory 07/05/1963 Jess catches a man in the freight office who he thinks is casing the place for the Logan gang, though he has no proof.
S04E31 Trapped 14/05/1963 Slim finds an injured young woman, only to be mistaken for one of her kidnappers when her father finds them.
S04E32 The Road To Helena 21/05/1963 After doing Slim a good turn, a saloon girl asks Slim to help her father return money he'd embezzled from a Montana bank.