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Cette série met en scène les aventures d'une chienne colley, Lassie, et de ses jeunes maîtres, Jeff Miller puis Timmy Martin.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Lassie

S01E01 Inheritance 12/09/1954 Premiere episode. Jeff inherits Lassie from the late Homer Carey, but the young collie seems strangely reluctant to leave the Carey home.
S01E02 Arithmetic 19/09/1954 Jeff is failing arithmetic due to his problems with fractions, so Ellen tells him he may not go to the circus if he doesn't pass his next test.
S01E03 The Colt 26/09/1954 To make up for ignoring Jeff, Gramps brings him home a colt Jeff names ""Domino."" Jeff then starts ignoring Lassie in his enthusiasm over having a horse.
S01E04 The Gun 03/10/1954 Jeff wants to learn to use his father's gun, but Ellen is terrified of him being exposed to a firearm, although Gramps thinks he should learn to use it.
S01E05 Mr. Peabody 10/10/1954 Gramps hires a tramp to do some odd jobs on the farm, then is jealous when Jeff starts to idolize the tale-telling old man.
S01E06 The Convict 17/10/1954 Jeff and Lassie meet an escaped convict in the woods.
S01E07 Feud 24/10/1954 When Gramps quarrels with Matt Brockway after a hotly contested checker game, both men forbid their sons to play with each other. After Jeff and Porky's first attempt to fix the problem goes horribly wrong, so the boys hide in the woods in hopes that in "saving" them Gramps and Matt will be friends again.
S01E08 The Lion 31/10/1954 With Gramps and Ellen away for the day, Jeff and Porky plan a lazy day--until an escaped circus lion invades the farm. Worse, no one will believe them when they call for help.
S01E09 Gramps 07/11/1954 When Gramps has chest pains, the family tries to keep him from exerting himself.
S01E10 Lassie's Pups 14/11/1954 Jeff thinks Lassie needs a vet when her time comes, but a storm is brewing and Gramps says dogs can cope. Dr. Wilson: Frank Ferguson. Mrs. Wilson: Frances Morris.
S01E11 The Job 21/11/1954 A radio producer hears Ellen singing at church and offers her a job singing on radio--but she and Jeff must take an apartment in the city and leave Lassie with Gramps to do it.
S01E12 The Carnival 28/11/1954 Jeff shows a dog trainer at the fair Lassie's tricks--and thinking she can be a headliner for them, the man and his partner steal her. Clay: Richard Garland.
S01E13 Sale of Lassie 05/12/1954 Jeff overhears the wrong conversation, and, thinking Gramps needs an expensive operation, attempts to sell Lassie to raise the money.
S01E14 The Rustlers 12/12/1954 The calf Jeff is raising for the county fair vanishes the same night Lassie comes home injured and covered with mud--then she mysteriously starts chasing Ellen's car.
S01E15 The Fighter 19/12/1954 Jeff doesn't understand why a famous prizefighter doesn't want to box any longer and pegs him as a coward.
S01E16 The Contest 26/12/1954 While Jeff prepares for the county fair, a spoiled little girl visits the farm and continually tries to hurt Lassie.
S01E17 Runaways 02/01/1955 After Lassie is suspected of having rabies, she's about to be taken to the pound--but Jeff runs away with her. Clay: Richard Garland. Brockway: Paul Maxey.
S01E18 The Brat 09/01/1955 Ellen offers the boys a special treat if they will babysit a boy while she is called out on an errand. But the kid turns out to be more than Jeff and Porky can handle.
S01E19 Father 16/01/1955 The church is holding a father-son event and Jeff doesn't want Gramps to fill in for his dad. Jeff is then even more embarrassed when Ellen decides to accompany him instead.
S01E20 The Fawn 23/01/1955 Jeff wants to adopt an orphan fawn, but Gramps says there is no place for wild animals on a farm.
S01E21 Blind Soldier 30/01/1955 The parents of a blind veteran try to buy Lassie--the young man's own collie Lassie has died and they do not want to tell him the truth, fearing he will slip into depression again.
S01E22 The Cave 06/02/1955 Jeff and Lassie are trapped in a cave shown to them by a malicious classmate.
S01E23 The Injury 13/02/1955 An injured man, hurt in a car accident, is brought to the farm. He mutters something about hitting a collie with his car--and Lassie is acting strangely.
S01E24 The Well 20/02/1955 A snoopy inspector from the water department insists on seeing the Miller well.
S01E25 The Snake 27/02/1955 Jeff is bitten by a rattlesnake and Gramps and Ellen rush to get him to a doctor.
S01E26 The Bear 06/03/1955 Jeff and Porky's campout is ruined by a persistent bear.
S02E01 The Runt 11/09/1955 All of Lassie's pups have been given away except for Laddie, the runt, and she hides him in an abandoned mineshaft to keep him with her.
S02E02 The Pit 18/09/1955 When Jeff and Porky see pit bull terriers, Gramps suspects illegal dogfights are being held in the area.
S02E03 The Kittens 25/09/1955 Jeff and Lassie find a litter of abandoned kittens and are horrified when Gramps says to leave them alone; that they can't be saved and will probably starve.
S02E04 The Dog Show 02/10/1955 Porky enters Lassie in the Capitol City Dog Show obedience trials without knowing what the procedure is, but Jeff finds out what's involved and trains her.
S02E05 The School 19/10/1955
S02E06 The Violin 16/10/1955 Jeff teaches Lassie to howl when he plays the violin, hoping to get out of lessons, but Ellen sees through the scheme
S02E07 The Monster 23/10/1955 There is a weird ""monster"" in the lake making unearthly noises--but it turns out to be a displaced seal, which Jeff promptly tries to adopt.
S02E08 The Witch 30/10/1955
S02E09 The Wild Duck 06/11/1955
S02E10 The Rival 13/11/1955 Jeff and Gramps are jealous when Clay Horton takes Ellen out on a date.
S02E11 The Newspaper 20/11/1955 The boys start printing a newspaper to make themselves some pocket money--but the material they print gets them into hot water instead.
S02E12 The Clown 27/11/1955 After an itinerant clown and his dog entertain at a church carnival, the man is accused of robbing a neighbor.
S02E13 The Twister 04/12/1955 The Millers batten down the hatches as a severe storm approaches.
S02E14 Gramps' Birthday 11/12/1955 Jeff and Ellen plan a surprise party for Gramps so well that Gramps feels neglected on his birthday and ""runs away.""
S02E15 The Gypsies 18/12/1955 A gypsy girl and her family camp on the Miller farm, despite neighbors' reports of thievery.
S02E16 The Gift 25/12/1955 A television set meant for the Brockways is delivered to the Millers.
S02E17 The Stamp Album 01/01/1956 In a quest for a valuable stamp, the boys begin quarreling with each other.
S02E18 The Dog Catcher 08/01/1956 Jeff is horrified at the conditions at the local dog pound and tells the dog catcher to leave the dogs at the Miller farm until he can find homes for them.
S02E19 Pokey 15/01/1956 Matt Brockway says Pokey is useless and tells Porky he is going to give the dog away.
S02E20 The Trial 22/01/1956 When Gramps refuses to sell the farm to nasty Emmet Carey, Edgar Carey pretends that a barbed wire scratch he got in the barn is Lassie's bite, figuring the Millers will give up the farm before giving up Lassie
S02E21 The Hawk 29/01/1956 Jeff and Porky horrify Gramps by trying to tame a red-tailed hawk as a hunting falcon.
S02E22 The Tree House 05/02/1956 The boys quarrel over Pokey being able to sleep in their new tree house.
S02E23 The Visitor 12/02/1956 The Millers welcome a Japanese exchange student--and run into bigotry from a neighbor who has never gotten over World War II.
S02E24 The Raft 19/02/1956 The boys' journey on their new raft is hampered by the fact that Porky can't swim.
S02E25 The Journey 26/02/1956 When Gramps and Ellen tell him that Lassie is going blind, Jeff takes the dog on a long journey to find the doctor that can restore her sight.
S02E26 The Vet 04/03/1956 Jeff decides he wants to be a veterinarian, and his first patient is the Miller cow.
S02E27 Lassie's Double 11/03/1956 Ellen accidentally brings home a valuable champion collie from a dog show rather than Lassie--and is accused of theft!
S02E28 The Child 18/03/1956 Jeff and Porky, told to babysit little Janie, leave the child with Lassie while they run to see construction equipment at work, not knowing Janie is following them.
S02E29 The Leash 25/03/1956 After a friend's mother is involved in a serious car accident, Jeff becomes over protective of Lassie.
S02E30 Sunday School 10/04/1956 Jeff, in charge of collecting money for Sunday School, loses the contributions and has no way of replacing them.
S02E31 The Deer Hunter 08/04/1956 Jeff discovers that a new classmate's father is jacklighting deer.
S02E32 Domino 15/04/1956 A disreputable horse dealer schemes to buy Jeff's colt cheaply by proving to Gramps that the horse is vicious.
S02E33 The Marauder 22/04/1956 One of Lassie's puppies, Comet, mistreated by its owner, has turned wild.
S02E34 The Calf 29/04/1956 Jeff and Porky enter the world of business when they take a 4-H calf home from the county's fair, intent on raising it to sell for the price of an outboard motor. In their care, the calf grows into a prize-winning heifer.
S02E35 The Crop Duster 06/05/1956 Gramps' blames Lassie's son Laddie's illness on the spray used by a local crop duster.
S02E36 War Dog 13/05/1956 Jeff persuades a neighbor to buy a rehabilitated war dog, only to have the dog exhibit aggressive behavior. Joe Brown: James Griffith.
S02E37 The Haircut 20/05/1956 Ellen battles with Jeff to go get a haircut--until the unexpected happens.
S02E38 Diane 27/05/1956 Jeff and Porky quarrel over a new girl in town, who is happily playing one boy off another!
S02E39 The Frog 03/06/1956 Jeff's jumping frog Henry turns out to be a "Henrietta," and the boys hope she lays her eggs before the big race.
S03E01 Bee Hive 09/09/1956
S03E02 Friendship 16/09/1956 Cranky old Daniel Mueller fences in a pasture that's a shortcut the kids use going and coming to school and the boys want revenge, but Lassie is privy to his gentle side. Then one night the collie discovers Mueller seriously ill.
S03E03 Quarantine 23/09/1956
S03E04 Bone 30/09/1956
S03E05 The Watch 07/10/1956
S03E06 Hoax 14/10/1956
S03E07 The Fish Story 21/10/1956 Jeff and Porky enter a fishing contest to win a new pole, but it's Lassie that catches the fish!
S03E08 Transfusion 28/10/1956
S03E09 Local Elections 04/11/1956
S03E10 Gossip 11/11/1956 Jeff misunderstands a man who gives him a ride--and the newcomer is branded as an ex-convict.
S03E11 Fish Conservation 18/11/1956
S03E12 Challenge 25/11/1956
S03E13 Tractor 02/11/1956
S03E14 Goats 09/12/1956 To earn money for a motor for his bike, Jeff agrees to take care of Jim Teal's goats while he's fencing in their new pasture. But the rambunctious animals run Jeff-- and Lassie, Porky, and the family--ragged
S03E15 A Place For Everything 16/12/1956
S03E16 Party Line 23/12/1956
S03E17 Superstition 30/12/1956 Porky is upset when a black cat crosses Lassie's path and then she walks under a ladder, but Jeff and Ellen tell him superstitions are silly--but Jeff may be converted when unfortunate things keep happening.
S03E18 Goodbye Forever 06/01/1957
S03E19 Lassie's Vanity 13/01/1957
S03E20 Champion 20/01/1957 Jeff persuades Gramps to enter a turkey shoot, even though Gramps doesn't think his eyesight is good enough.
S03E21 Vigil 27/01/1957 A little dog left in Jeff's care pines for his missing master
S03E22 Chimp 03/02/1957
S03E23 Lassie's Day 10/02/1957
S03E24 Rock 17/02/1957
S03E25 The Artist 24/02/1957
S03E26 Survival 03/03/1957
S03E27 Bird Watchers 10/03/1957
S03E28 The Dog House 17/03/1957
S03E29 The Search 24/03/1957
S03E30 Boy's Day 31/03/1957 Jeff and Porky are sheriffs on the town's annual boy's day, so Gramps cooks up a fake robbery to give them a little excitement.
S03E31 The Snob 07/04/1957 After visiting to Timothy Powell's summer home, Jeff is envious of the wonderful things he saw at the wealthy Powells and turns up his nose at the farm and Porky. So when the Powells go away for the weekend, Ellen has Timmy stay with the Millers.When Timothy falls seriously ill, however, it is Ellen's unwavering care that brings about his recovery, and Jeff realizes that money isn't everything and Jeff finds out the boy thinks he's the lucky one.
S03E32 Haunted House 14/04/1957
S03E33 The Nest 21/04/1957
S03E34 Father Ellen 28/04/1957
S03E35 Poverty 05/05/1957
S03E36 The Apple Tree 12/05/1957 .
S03E37 The Harvesters 19/05/1957
S03E38 Jeff's Moustach 26/05/1957
S04E01 The Runaway 08/09/1957 Lassie discovers a small, waiflike boy hiding in the barn, but the child won't talk. The Millers soon find out he's Timmy, an orphan living in Olive Branch with his elderly relatives, Uncle Jed and Aunt Abby Clausen. (Some type of accident killed Timmy's parents.)
S04E02 The Suit 15/09/1957 Timmy is so excited about his new suit that Ellen allows him to wear it until Jeff gets home, but when he tears it, afraid they will send him back to his aunt and uncle, Timmy lies and lays the blame on Lassie. To make him confess, Ellen makes him decide Lassie's punishment.
S04E03 Graduation 22/09/1957 Jeff is thrilled to accept a summer job at Doc Weaver's office, but when he neglects his duty for a few minutes, a potentially rabid dog is let loose
S04E04 The Burro 29/09/1957 When Timmy and Lassie find a sick burro, abandoned by neglectful but well-meaning owners, everyone thinks Timmy's exaggerating until Ellen finds the creature. Timmy's faith and the family's nursing save the burro, but then her owners come return.
S04E05 The Berry Pickers 06/10/1957 With Jeff at the dentist, Timmy and Gramps go out to pick huckleberries for pies for the church supper. Timmy thinks Gramps is ill when he naps after berrying, but it's Timmy who must be rescued after eating nightshade berries.
S04E06 The Raccoon 13/10/1957 Timmy and Jeff nurse an injured raccoon against protests from Gramps--and ""Sam"" repays them by wreaking havoc in kitchen, barn, and chicken coop. Released to the wild, he returns to begin stealing things from the house.
S04E07 The Ballerina 20/10/1957 Jeff tries every way he can to avoid meeting Debbie, the daughter of Ellen's visiting college roommate Lucy Hopkins--until he sees her dance and is smitten. But when Porky lampoons her dancing, Debbie tells both boys off.
S04E08 The Elephant 27/10/1957 Jeff and Timmy saw a huge elephant. Ellen & Gramps doesn't want it as an 2nd Pet for Lassie. They decided to keep it until the animal control person comes by and wanted to get rid of the elephant.
S04E09 The Spartan 03/11/1957
S04E10 Happy 10/11/1957
S04E11 The Wolf 17/11/1957
S04E12 The Tooth 24/11/1957
S04E13 Transition 01/12/1957
S04E14 Timmy's Family 08/12/1957 Timmy believes he and Lassie are unloved and unwanted by the Martins, and sends Lassie to the Millers in Capitol City. Ellen Miller, knowing that Timmy is mistaken, returns to the farm to reunite Timmy with his loving adoptive parents.
S04E15 The Bike 15/12/1957 Timmy borrows a bike to learn to ride, but when the bike is stolen, he must replace the stolen one with his new bicycle. The situation is resolved when Lassie plays detective to hunt down the bike thief.
S04E16 The Goose 22/12/1957
S04E17 The Baby-Sitter 29/12/1957
S04E18 The Crisis 05/01/1958 Paul, Timmy, and Lassie are stranded on a deserted road when Paul realizes Timmy is becoming seriously ill. Lassie must risk her life to bring help to the sick child.
S04E19 The Business 12/01/1958 When Timmy and Scott launch a bait-worm selling business, their only potential customer refuses to buy anything. He changes his mind, however, when Lassie saves him from drowning.
S04E20 The Ring 19/01/1958 Timmy believes one of Uncle Petrie's tall tales and is hurt to discover he has been lied to. A gift of a friendship ring, crafted by Uncle Petrie himself, mends their relationship.
S04E21 The Greyhound 26/01/1958
S04E22 Inoculation 02/02/1958
S04E23 The Pony 09/02/1958 Timmy comes running home with a story about a rabbit-sized pony--but no one believes him.
S04E24 Sinbad 16/02/1958 Timmy accidentally breaks Uncle Petrie's favorite guitar, so borrows a talking parrot in order to win a contest prize to replace it.
S04E25 The Square Dance 23/02/1958 Timmy refuses to attend the Grange Square Dance out of fear that he will have to dance with a girl. After Uncle Petrie reassures him this will not happen, he relents. To everyone's surprise, a fire disrupts the children's dance and Lassie must save the day.
S04E26 The Garden 03/03/1958 A drought is hitting the area pretty hard, and Timmy desperately attempts to keep his own small garden from perishing.
S04E27 Concussion 09/03/1958 When Timmy insists on going to a blasting site despite Lassie's protests, she is struck on the head by a dynamite-propelled rock and appears to not know who she is. Then she wanders away from the farm.
S04E28 The Hungry Deer 16/03/1958 Members of the community band together to hunt down deer driven to eat their crops, but Timmy and Scott fight to do something that doesn't involve killing them.
S04E29 The Hospital 23/03/1958 Timmy is stricken with severe stomach cramps and keeps calling out for Lassie.
S04E30 The Penguin 30/03/1958 A crate holding a penguin enroute to the Capitol City zoo falls off its truck, and Timmy and Scott adopt the creature
S04E31 The Bird House 06/04/1958 Timmy tends an injured sparrow.
S04E32 Seeing Eye Dog 13/04/1958 When Lassie finds an injured seeing-eye dog, the family searches in vain for the dog's owner. The situation appears hopeless until Lassie leads them to the dog's missing collar, and a telephone call to Capitol City Hospital reunites dog and owner.
S04E33 Junior Firemen 20/04/1958 Timmy becomes overzealous in his efforts to spot fire hazards to win a contest.
S04E34 The Blanket 27/04/1958 Ruth tries to replace Lassie's disreputable old blanket with a new one, but Lassie will have none of it.
S04E35 The Rabbits 04/05/1958 Timmy's new rabbits take precedence over Lassie.
S04E36 The Cub Scout 11/05/1958 Scott's city cousins make fun of Timmy and Scott's interest in the Cub Scouts
S04E37 The Crow 18/05/1958 Timmy's ""patient,"" an injured crow he names ""Peck,"" recovers to become a farm pest.
S04E38 The Mother 25/05/1958 On the sly, Lassie tends some orphaned puppies.
S04E39 The House Guest 01/06/1958 A visit from an old school friend,reminds Ruth of the finer things that are missing at the ranch. Her new outlook drives Paul and Timmy off on a hike, creating a dangerous situation when Ruth must be rescued from the gas housing.
S04E40 The Sermon 08/06/1958 Inspired by Uncle Petrie's tale of a boy who talks to the animals, Timmy sets out to befriend animals himself. But he helps some people along the way and it is their friendship and kindness that save Lassie from a precarious situation.
S05E01 The Storm 07/09/1958 Timmy and Boomer try to teach Boomer's new dog Mike, a distant little terrier, farm ways, but he seems unable to learn.
S05E02 Wishing 14/09/1958 Uncle Petrie allows Timmy to ride a pony at a pony-ride concession, and Timmy falls in love with the animal--so Lassie sneaks out in the night and brings ""Star"" home.
S05E03 The Teacher 21/09/1958 Timmy and his classmates adore their teacher Miss Hazlit, and when they find out she may have to leave because of budget constraints, they try to earn the money to keep her on. But the money is lost on their way to speak to the school board.
S05E04 The Owl 28/09/1958 Timmy and Boomer are so desperate to be useful that Ruth entrusts a fresh egg delivery to the boys, but they're sidetracked by an aggressive barn ow1 after they try to replace two broken eggs.
S05E05 The Crash 05/10/1958 Timmy and Boomer run to see a plane crash and don't know what to do when they find the injured pilot in the wreckage.
S05E06 The Rocking Chair 12/10/1958 Lassie falls in love with a rocking chair destined for donation to a benefit sale, and when it's sold, she determines to do something to get it back.
S05E07 Fish Out of Water 19/10/1958 Timmy brings home a rainbow trout with plans to keep it as a pet, but the idea engenders all sorts of obstacles.
S05E08 Trapped 26/10/1958 When Timmy and Boomer discover there will be girls at the Halloween party they are looking forward to, they go out hunting for foxfire to smear on their faces so girls won't kiss them and are trapped in an abandoned house.
S05E09 Our Gal 02/11/1958 Paul's expensive new sow ""Our Gal"" turns out to have an unfortunate predeliction zfor running away, even through reinforced fencing, and after she has a litter of piglets.
S05E10 Lassie's Decision 09/11/1958 Timmy's plan to help his new friend Henry, who is afraid of dogs, backfires when Henry mistakes Lassie's extra attention as love for him and believes she wants to stay with him.
S05E11 The Egret 16/11/1958 On a bird-watching expedition for school, Timmy sees a rare snowy egret, but no one will believe him. Finally a professor is dispatched to see if his report is true.
S05E12 The Archers 23/11/1958 After bow hunters shoot a bear cub, then leave it in the forest to die, the Martins try to save the animal.
S05E13 The Bundle from Britain 30/11/1958 Boomer is jealous when Timmy seems to prefer the company of his English visitor, Robin, and his little Cairn terrier Basil, so he and a classmate make fun of Robin's short pants and school tie
S05E14 The Black Woods 07/12/1958 Having seen sugar maples while taking Timmy on a nature hike, Uncle Petrie returns to the woods to investigate--and runs into two men holding bank president Robert Hanson hostage. Remembering that he taught Timmy smoke signals on their hike, he makes a desperate gamble while helping one of the criminals make a fire.
S05E15 The Raffle 14/12/1958 Tongues wag in the neighborhood after Lassie picks Ruth's ticket as a winner in a raffle for a piano--but the real loser is Timmy, who's forced to take lessons
S05E16 The Christmas Story 21/12/1958 Several days before Christmas, Lassie is struck by a truck while saving a three-year-old girl and so seriously injured she needs a special veterinarian to operate on her
S05E17 The Lady Bugs 28/12/1958 Timmy and Boomer want to be partners in a business, and, learning Paul is planning to spend $10 on ladybugs to help fight aphids in his apple orchard, are determined to find a cache of them Lassie discovered earlier. But the collie wants nothing to do with the itchy pests
S05E18 Junior GI's 04/01/1959 The Army is conducting war games near the farm, and excited Timmy, Boomer, and their friends plan their own maneuvers. But it's no game when scout Timmy and his ""war dog"" Lassie wander into a live mine field!
S05E19 The Big Cat 11/01/1959 Ruth, taking a woods shortcut on her way to a Grange supper and having to replace a flat tire, is caught in a trap set by a state hunter to catch a marauding cougar.
S05E20 The Tree 18/01/1959 For a club project, Timmy and Boomer adopt a tree that was supposedly planted by Johnny Appleseed, then discover it is sleighted to be cut down to make way for a highway, so Timmy writes a letter to the President of the United States.
S05E21 Timmy, the Oil Millionaire 25/01/1959 When Lassie keeps coming home with greasy muck on her legs, Timmy and Boomer investigate, and discover a pool of oil on their property. But Uncle Petrie's investigation of the pool proves to be his undoing.
S05E22 Beholden 01/02/1959 Asa Winkler, a conniving handyman, claims Lassie bit him and tore his pants to obtain odd jobs at the Martins--and arranges other ""accidents"" to stay on.
S05E23 Tartan Queen 08/02/1959 A breeder says Lassie may be descended from a famous show dog and urges Timmy not to let her run wild, so she must sit on the sidelines while Boomer's terrier Mike has all the fun.
S05E24 The Horse Show 15/02/1959 Timmy, disappointed that there are no contests in the county fair a small boy can participate in, enters his burro Lucky in a farm horse event.
S05E25 The Cat Who Came To Dinner 22/02/1959 The Martins adopt a cat they find half-drowned outside the house, but the conniving cat, dubbed ""Marmalade"" by Timmy because of his color, immediately starts getting Lassie into trouble.
S05E26 The Bonnet 01/03/1959 Knowing Ruth hasn't had a new hat in four years, Paul buys her a lovely spring hat he discovers she was longing for, but Timmy and Lassie inadvertently ruin it while playing.
S05E27 The Puppy Story 08/03/1959 Timmy and Boomer are heartbroken when they find out Lassie's puppies are to be sold, so Lassie hides them in an old pen in the woods. But the mischevious babies get free.
S05E28 The Young Flyers 15/03/1959 The entire family pitches in to help Timmy win in his Cub Scout troop's kite-flying contest, especially after the original kite is lost.
S05E29 The Watch Dog 22/03/1959 Lassie, staying at a neighbor's house while the family as at the county fair, is blamed for the damage done by Chipper, a chimpanzee being nursed by Mrs. Collins.
S05E30 The Puppet 29/03/1959 Lassie falls in love with Suzy, a canine hand puppet manipulated by a down-on-his-luck ventriloquist.
S05E31 Rock Hound 05/04/1959
S05E32 The Charm 12/04/1959
S05E33 Teamwork 19/04/1959
S05E34 Stablemates 26/04/1959
S05E35 The Camera 03/05/1959
S05E36 Peace Patrol 10/05/1959
S05E37 Swami 17/05/1959
S05E38 Campout 24/05/1959
S05E39 Lassie's Guest 31/05/1959
S06E01 The New Refrigerator 06/09/1959 Ruth loves her new refrigerator, but Lassie prefers meals from the old icebox instead--precipitating a battle of wills.
S06E02 Old Henry 13/09/1959 Timmy buys an old plowhorse for a dollar, but Paul says they cannot keep the animal since he can't do any work. In trying earn money to keep the horse, Timmy becomes trapped in a mine.
S06E03 The Contest 20/09/1959 Timmy enters a ""why I love my pet"" contest and entrusts Lassie to get the entry to the mailman on time, but she spends so much time aiding neighbors in trouble that the letter is not delivered.
S06E04 The Mascot 27/09/1959 Baseball great Roy Campanella comes to coach the Calverton Boys' League just as Timmy puts in a bid for Lassie to become the team's mascot. But when Timmy overhears two boys bargaining over who will pitch the first game and is threatened that Lassie will not get the mascot position if he tells, he's thrown in a quandary.
S06E05 The Sulky Race 04/10/1959 A down-on-his-luck horse racer who needs to win just one more race to start his own farm boards his two harness horses, Big Boy, his future stud horse, and Lazy Joe, Big Boy's stablemate, at the Martin farm. But at an early time-trial, Big Boy turns up lame.
S06E06 Growing Pains 11/10/1959 After Timmy gets a ""real shiner"" in a fight, Ruth can't understand the self-respect he's gained with his larger classmates and forbids him to play football with them.
S06E07 The Flying Machine 18/10/1959 As the smallest in the group, Timmy chosen to be test pilot for the gang's homemade glider. But the test flight will be held over a cliff.
S06E08 The UNICEF Story 24/10/1959 On a windy night, Lassie hears screaming coming from the woods, and upon investigating, finds a foreign girl named Anna wandering about lost. Befriending the girl, Lassie brings her home to the Martins. They discover she is a European girl that the Wilkins family has taken in temporarily. She is enrolled in the Calverton school and Timmy begins acclimating her to the area by taking her on a picnic. He notices she always eats as if she is starving; at first he does not notice that she is also hoarding food. Anna is continually coming in late, and then Miss Hazlit begins having complaints from Rudy that things are disappearing from the childrens' lunch boxes. When Rudy accuses Anna in front of the other kids, Timmy fights with him until Miss Hazlit breaks it up and makes Rudy apologize. Timmy comes home, however, and overhears Miss Hazlit telling Ruth that she also suspects that Anna is the thief. Timmy is disturbed, but agrees to let Miss Hazlit take care of the matter. In the meantime,
S06E09 Water Boy 01/11/1959 Paul needs a new well, and Cully Wilson swears he can find water with a divining rod rather than Paul hiring an expensive geologist.
S06E10 The Whopper 08/11/1959 Ruth is disturbed by the tall tales Timmy is telling to impress Willy Brewster--a problem compounded when he tells Willy and Flip that Mrs. Larson, a new neighbor living in a run-down house, is a witch.
S06E11 The Bounty Hunter 15/11/1959 Due to stock killings by a puma nicknamed ""Satan,"" the local farmers hire a bounty hunter, a curt, unlikable man whose tracking dog King and Lassie immediately strike sparks off one another.
S06E12 The Land Grabber 22/11/1959 After Paul refuses to consider selling his land to a real estate broker, someone ruins his tomato crop and sets fire to his hay.
S06E13 The Man from Mars 29/11/1959 When Timmy sees a meteorite come down, he's sure it was really a spaceship from another planet--and that a man from Mars is wandering around the farm. Funny thing is: food keeps disappearing from the Martin house!
S06E14 In Case of Emergency 06/12/1959 After a local farmer dies on the way to the Capitol City hospital, fifty miles away, the Martins spearhead a plan to start a community hospital, but a prominent farmer known as a skinflint refuses his approval.
S06E15 Star Reporter 20/12/1959 Timmy persuades editor Ira Caldwell to let him try and earn money by selling newspaper subscriptions to the Calverton Sentinel,and then accidently overhears a plan to rob the local dairy's co-op while at the Vance farm.
S06E16 Alias Jack and Joe 27/12/1959 During a game, the boys begin fighting and Flip is knocked out by a rock thrown by Rudy, who makes Timmy and Sam believe Flip is dead and it's their fault, so the two boys and Lassie run away to avoid disgracing their families.
S06E17 Judas Goat 03/01/1960 Phil Houston's stockyards suddenly gets a new source of lambs for market thanks to his assistant Joe Morton and Lassie seems to be reacting to strange noises not coming from the new silent dog whistle Timmy recently purchased.
S06E18 The Space Traveler 10/01/1960 When Timmy and Don accidentally release the guinea pig from an experimental rocket, they replace it with Timmy's guinea pig Alexander the Great. But authorities suspect the guinea pig on the rocket was exposed to deadly radiation.
S06E19 The Maverick 17/01/1960 large mongrel dog who's been a nuisance on neighbors' farms is trapped in a gorge, and although most of the farmers want the stray dead, the Calverton dog pound representative wants to save him.
S06E20 The Grasshopper and the Ant 24/01/1960 Timmy, studying grasshoppers for a school project, becomes so worried about a possible plague when he sees a big nest of the insects that he speaks up at the Grange meeting and tries to buy insecticide with his own money. It's only then that even Paul takes him seriously--and is glad he did.
S06E21 Homing Pigeon 31/01/1960 After he trades some old sports equipment for a homing pigeon, Timmy's next task is to train her. But only Lassie--and a male pigeon attracted to the new homer--knows ""Bright Eyes"" is endangered by a hawk on her first long-distance flight.
S06E22 The Explorers 07/02/1960 When Paul tends a neighbor's herd, he discovers they have hoof-and-mouth disease--and now Princess, the new purebred cow he invested $1000 in, and the Martin's old cow Bessie are threatened with slaughter.
S06E23 The Epidemic 14/02/1960 When Paul tends a neighbor's herd, he discovers they have hoof-and-mouth disease--and now Princess, the new purebred cow he invested $1000 in, and the Martin's old cow Bessie are threatened with slaughter.
S06E24 Fur-Coated Killer 21/02/1960 A neighbor may lose his new means of moneymaking when minks from his mink farm are blamed for slaughtering chickens. But the killer turns out to be something more dangerous: a wolverine.
S06E25 Judgment Seat 28/02/1960 The father of a new girl Timmy befriends owns the land Paul is renting for his alfalfa crop--and plans to flood the field before Paul can harvest it.
S06E26 The Elephant 06/03/1960 After Timmy and other schoolchildren saved up enough money to purchase an baby elephant for the Capitol City Zoo, the city authorities find there is no place to house it, so, newly named ""Peanuts"" by Timmy, it ends up boarding at the Martin farm.
S06E27 Clementine 13/03/1960 Timmy saves the life of a rooster that Paul only suspects was involved in cockfighting, but a neighbor's hired hand recognizes ""Clementine"" as a champion fighter named Dynamite who was left for dead.
S06E28 The Puppy Sitter 20/03/1960 Lassie, who turns out not to be expecting puppies, refuses to have anything to do with Henry Enders' setter puppies that Timmy is taking care of.
S06E29 The Champ 27/03/1960 Everyone makes fun of Timmy's runt piglet, Champ.
S06E30 The Phone Hog 03/04/1960 Paul is trapped in his truck by a downed power line during an electrical storm, but Timmy can't call for help because a garrilous woman is constantly on the telephone.
S06E31 The Chase 10/04/1960 After watching two callous city hunters and their rented dog ruin a neighbor's fence, Timmy and Cully Wilson lead the men on a chase through the forest using a young raccoon's scent as bait. It's a grand practical joke--until one of the unexperienced men accidentally shoots the other.
S06E32 The Killer 17/04/1960 Sam Burke buys a savage German Shepherd named Bismarck after a bobcat depredates his flock of sheep and attacks the Martin stock as well, leaving a lamb orphaned--but Lassie knows that something else was responsible for the killings.
S06E33 The Moved Monument 24/04/1960 Paul, Henry Enders, and some other farmers may lose some valuable farmland--and Paul an expensive fence--due to a road building project. Henry Enders tells the Martins he understands some of the original survey markers were once moved, so the two men try to find any that were not replaced.
S06E34 The Alligator 01/05/1960 Flip will get Timmy's turtle Myrtle if Lassie behaves like the greedy dog in Aesop's Fables, and indeed she does drop her bone--because she saw the escaped alligator that's taken up residence in the lake.
S06E35 The Wrong Gift 08/05/1960 When Willy's expensive Mother's Day gift and Timmy's more frugal choice are mixed up, Timmy can't bear to tell his mother after seeing her pleased reaction--so he takes steps to earn the additional money Willy's gift cost.
S06E36 The Fog 15/05/1960 The Martins' weekend camping trip turns dangerous when a treacherous fog envelops their camping area--and Timmy, stuck in a sinkhole in the swamp while searching for Lassie, is threatened by a maurauding wolf.
S06E37 The Hermit 22/05/1960 Timmy befriends the hermit who recently moved into the area, a man a visiting construction worker and his son scorn.
S07E01 Blacktail 11/09/1960 Jerry, the lame boy who adopted Lassie's son Blacktail, and his dog visit the farm, when the Martins find out Jerry can walk without his brace, but is afraid to try.
S07E02 The Wallaby 18/09/1960 Something's raided the family strawberry patch, but the large mysterious tracks puzzle everyone until Timmy catches a glimpse of the animal, describing it as a ""giant rabbit."" In reality it's a wallaby named Pancho--who poses a danger to Lassie!
S07E03 Cully's New Pet 25/09/1960 Cully tells Timmy no animal is all bad, so Timmy befriends a skunk, but no one, not even Lassie, will come near his new friend.
S07E04 The Rescue 02/10/1960 Timmy is trapped on a ledge while chasing a strayed ewe that has just given birth and Ruth desperately tries to get the attention of a nearby helicopter pilot reseeding the hills.
S07E05 Feathered Menace 09/10/1960 Ruth agrees to babysit Betty Wilder's infant twins, but the young mother arrives early and reluctantly leaves Timmy and Lassie to care for the babies until Ruth returns from an errand. Timmy thinks it will be a cinch--until a marauding hawk chases a frightened pigeon into the bedroom where the babies are sleeping.
S07E06 The Gentle Tiger 16/10/1960 Timmy learns a lesson in obedience when he takes a job as water boy at a traveling carnival. He disregards an order, inadvertently allowing a tiger to escape from its cage.
S07E07 The Renegade 23/10/1960 Timmy finds out that Bob Alder's dog Butch is going blind from cataracts and that Bob's father wants to have him put to sleep, so Ruth hires Bob to help with gathering corn to help pay for Butch's surgery. But Butch wanders away from the field where they are working.
S07E08 The Blind Dog 30/10/1960 A blind dog is trapped in a skip-loader and in danger of being buried alive. Lassie risks her life to save the handicapped pup and Timmy helps the dog's owner find work to pay for a sight-restoring operation for his pet.
S07E09 The Swallows of Los Pinos 06/11/1960 Timmy and Ruth try to prove that a little chapel should not be sleighted for demolition because a flock of swallows return there every year on the same day, but they may not arrive after a hawk attacks the scout swallow.
S07E10 Sea Serpent 13/11/1960 Mistaking a fin print on the beach left by a diver for the tracks of a sea monster, Timmy and Culley Wilson let their imaginations get the better of them. They launch an attack on the would-be sea creature endangering the life of the diver.
S07E11 Visiting Colt 20/11/1960 Timmy cares for a young colt during a neighbor's vacation, and doesn't realize until Lassie has twice saved the horse's life that he has neglected his oldest and best friend.
S07E12 Little Cabbage 27/11/1960 Movie star Mimi Marlowe has car trouble near the Martin farm and is forced to leave her baby, a pet poodle, in Timmy and Lassie's care. Excitement ensues, as Lassie must save the poodle, which in turn rescues Timmy from a precarious situation.
S07E13 The Big Race 04/12/1960 Timmy is punished for neglecting his farm chores when he joins Willie Brewster to build a vehicle for a go-cart race.
S07E14 Bows and Arrows 18/12/1960 Timmy and Bob build their own bows and arrows to go ""hunting"" like the two bow hunters they met, but when Bob uses one of the hunter's arrows, he hits an unexpected target.
S07E15 The Christmas Story 25/12/1960 The Martin's new neighbors turn out to be living in an abandoned shack with little food. Efforts to help are rebuffed by the father, but when the sheriff becomes involved, Timmy and Lassie find the father a job and the family enjoys a happy Christmas.
S07E16 The White-Faced Bull 01/01/1961 A neighbor's prize bull strays onto the Martin farm and tries to attack Timmy. When the bull is later poisoned, the neighbor accuses Paul of the deed. Detectives Timmy and Lassie launch an investigation to find the real culprit.
S07E17 Apron Strings 08/01/1961 When Timmy and Lassie bring home a litter of starving orphaned puppies, rescued from a maurading bobcat, the family tries to save them although one has already died of starvation. Inadvertantly, the pups teach Timmy, who's been relying on Paul to help him with arithmetic homework, about self-sufficiency.
S07E18 The Wild Horse 15/01/1961 Timmy observes what he believes is a wild horse which becomes a menace to the local farms but persuades Paul to convince the local farmers to spare the life of the horse which is later learned to be an escaped thoroughbred.
S07E19 The Mad Dog 22/01/1961 While Paul is away, Ruth and Timmy care for a stray dog that Timmy names Duke. But after being involved in a fight, Duke suddenly shows all the signs of rabies.
S07E20 The Trip 29/01/1961 When the Martins travel by train to Chicago for an agricultural exhibition, as well as to visit Ruth's mother and family, Lassie is taken along, but her crate falls off the baggage car enroute and Tom and Jess, two friendly truckers, try to help her get back where she belongs.
S07E21 Shadrack 05/02/1961 Cully plays host to his old regiment's Army mule, but he and Timmy must save the animal from being destroyed when it suddenly goes mad and begins rampaging all over the countryside.
S07E22 The Patriot 12/02/1961 After finding out the local Army base needs dogs to guard their missiles, Timmy adopts Homer, a German Shepherd from the dog pound to give to the Army, but the dog has become so cowed from abuse that the family wonders if he can ever be trained.
S07E23 The Eagle 19/02/1961 Timmy and Lassie watch in horror as a man raids a golden eagle's nest and destroys her only egg, so Timmy gives the bereaved bird a goose egg to raise.
S07E24 Cracker Jack 26/02/1961 Enroute to the city to relocate after a drought, a backwoods family stops at the Martins after Timmy plays a trick on them. But when their son Billy Joe finds out his parents plan to give away his beloved dog Mitchell, he swears Timmy to secrecy after returning to the Martins', then he and the dog head for the woods--where deer season has just begun.
S07E25 Cully's Hound Dog 05/03/1961 When Paul offers to farm the land Cully has allowed to lie fallow, the old man thinks Paul means he should retire. But after Timmy gives him a pep talk, Cully decides to fight back by hitching horse to plow and farming his land again.
S07E26 The Fire Watchers 12/03/1961 Ruth is on volunteer tower duty during a dry spell and must take action when a forest fire starts due to a careless smoker. Meanwhile Lassie helps Ranger Wade start a backfire after he's injured in the path of the fire in a fall from his horse.
S07E27 Senor Coyote 19/03/1961 Timmy befriends José, a new Spanish boy in school (the other boys keep calling him "Josie"), but doesn't know what to do when José's pet coyote Taquita is accused of killing Mr. Ransom's chickens.
S07E28 Bessie 26/03/1961 When Ruth thinks their cow is going dry, she makes the difficult decision to sell Bessie to the slaughterhousea and purchase a new cow. What they don't realize is that a neighbor's boy has been stealing some of her milk.
S07E29 The Pigeon 02/04/1961 Lassie and Caesar, an Army homing pigeon that Timmy nurses back to health, get so attached to each other that when he is returned to the Army, she refuses to eat, and Caesar frees himself to return to his collie friend. So Timmy decides to see if the Army will let him buy the bird.
S07E30 Long Chase 09/04/1961 When carnival performer Mr. Conte's trained dog Terry is injured, Lassie substitutes for her--so well that he wants to buy her. When Timmy won't sell, the man steals her.
S07E31 The Ostrich 16/04/1961 Timmy and Lassie make the acquaintance of Captain Gene Holter, a man who makes his living racing his two ostriches Romeo and Juliet against horses at county fairs. But when Ruth finds out Juliet, defending a egg she just laid, chased Timmy, she forbids the boy to return to the fairgrounds.
S07E32 Fools Gold 23/04/1961 Lassie brings home a gold miner's pack burro, and Timmy and Culley get gold fever. The burro leads them to a mine, but their digging causes the roof to collapse, trapping them. Lassie and the fireman must rescue them before the mine fills with gas.
S07E33 The Greyhound 30/04/1961 Timmy bets Lassie's new jeweled collar that she can beat a friend's new greyhound, Pat, in a race, and is chagrined when the collie loses.
S07E34 Rodeo 14/05/1961 Timmy bets Lassie's new jeweled collar that she can beat a friend's new greyhound, Pat, in a race, and is chagrined when the collie loses.
S07E35 The Search 21/05/1961 While playing on her own, Lassie brings home the talking doll belonging to a lost city child, who is trapped in a concrete irrigation ditch that's slowly filling with water.
S08E01 Lassie at the Grand Canyon 10/09/1961 Ruth and Timmy, visiting the Grand Canyon, befriend a blind pianist with a unique outlook on life who helps Timmy after he is angered by Lassie's behavior when she follows him on a mule ride and he's forced to turn back.
S08E02 The Bloodhound 17/09/1961 Timmy and Lassie discover the sad truth about Relentless, Cully's new--and much bragged about--dog: he's lost his sense of smell. The truth might have remained secret had not the money earned in a church fundraising drive gone missing.
S08E03 The Mysterious Intruder 24/09/1961 The Gardners, the Martins' new neighbors, accuse Lassie of killing their cat and attacking their sheep, but Lassie knows there's a strange collie in the area.
S08E04 The Badger Game 01/10/1961
S08E05 The Outlaw 08/10/1961
S08E06 The Winner 15/10/1961
S08E07 Heat Wave 22/10/1961
S08E08 The Deer 29/10/1961
S08E09 Lassie Adopts the Fire Chief 05/11/1961
S08E10 The Pied Piper 12/11/1961
S08E11 Joey 19/11/1961
S08E12 Lassie's Wild Baby 26/11/1961
S08E13 The Dognappers 03/12/1961
S08E14 The Dove 17/12/1961
S08E15 Yochim's Christmas 24/12/1961
S08E16 The Parrot 31/12/1961
S08E17 Lassie's Protege 07/01/1962 Lassie, lonely when Timmy returns to school after a vacation, befriends a raccoon. She is devistated when the raccoon, whom Timmy named Melonhead, is run over by young drag racer Johnny Sexton.
S08E18 The Black Sheep 14/01/1962
S08E19 The Partnership 21/01/1962
S08E20 The Hike 28/01/1962
S08E21 Bird of Prey 04/02/1962
S08E22 Casey 11/02/1962
S08E23 The Odyssey I 18/02/1962
S08E24 The Odyssey II 25/02/1962
S08E25 The Odyssey III 04/03/1962
S08E26 Double Trouble 11/03/1962
S08E27 Eager Beaver 18/03/1962
S08E28 Lassie and the Eagle 25/03/1962
S08E29 The Vindication of Relentless 01/04/1962
S08E30 The Unwanted 08/04/1962
S08E31 The Musher 15/04/1962
S08E32 Lassie's Good Deed 29/04/1962
S08E33 Sanctuary 06/05/1962
S08E34 Lassie and the Calf 13/05/1962
S08E35 Elephant Sitters 20/05/1962
S08E36 Lassie and the Tiger 27/05/1962
S09E01 Fine Feathered Friend 30/09/1962 Lassie is concerned over the fate of a magician's disappearing pigeon.
S09E02 Quick Brown Fox 07/10/1962 Timmy and Lassie care for a pair of orphaned fox cubs.
S09E03 Desperate Search 14/10/1962 Timmy promises his friend Andy that he'll care for his pregnant dog, but while taking her home, she is struck by a car and runs away.
S09E04 Home Within a Home 21/10/1962 Cully's old barn is condemned for passage of a new gas line, but the old man can't get his animals to leave.
S09E05 Deadly Goats 28/10/1962 Paul orders Timmy to keep an eye on the goats he has pastured in a canyon when one of them dies from anthrax, but he's careless and lets them escape.
S09E06 Fawn Patrol 04/11/1962 Timmy and Lassie help ranger Mark Adams tag fawns for a conservation project.
S09E07 Gentle Savage 11/11/1962 Timmy and Lassie care for a wild stallion suddenly tame after a fall down a cliff.
S09E08 The Nest 18/11/1962 Timmy and Lassie aid a mallard duck who laid her eggs on the track of a soon-to-be-opened spur line.
S09E09 Lassie's Ordeal 25/11/1962 Lassie is trapped on a rocky ledge at a construction site while trying to help a trapped fawn.
S09E10 Howling Hero 02/12/1962 Smokey, the new fire dog, is afraid of fires.
S09E11 A Career for Lassie 16/12/1962 Timmy and his new friend Danny, the son of a retired circus performer, decide to run away to join the carnival.
S09E12 Show Dog 30/12/1962 Timmy and Lassie befriend a overworked Irish Setter doing promotions for a dog food company.
S09E13 Decision 06/01/1963 Timmy gives a little lost terrier to his homesick friend Ricky, who has just moved in with relatives after his father died.
S09E14 A Specialist for Lassie 13/01/1963 A hunter's bullet lodges near a nerve center in Lassie's neck.
S09E15 Lassie's Lonely Burden 20/01/1963 Goldwing the pigeon loses a flight feather on his final test run before a 100-mile race.
S09E16 Swimmers 27/01/1963 Timmy and Lassie try to convince Mr. Anderson not to have Kevin's dog Jet destroyed after a leap injures his spine.
S09E17 Lassie's Fish Story 03/02/1963 Lassie's fish-finding abilities become a hot human-interest story.
S09E18 Cully's Revenge 10/02/1963 Cully's hound Sam is gored by a maverick steer and lies seriously injured.
S09E19 The Journey I 17/02/1963 Timmy and Lassie make the acquaintance of Jake Hodges, who, with the balloon the colorful flyer has nicknamed "Annabelle," has been announcing the upcoming county fair.
S09E20 The Journey II 24/02/1963 The balloon carrying Timmy and Lassie is caught in the tall branches of fir trees in the Canadian wilderness.
S09E21 The Journey III 03/03/1963 Timmy uses Scout survival skills to find them a drink, make a fire, and construct a bow.
S09E22 The Journey IV 10/03/1963 Timmy believes a river will lead downstream to people and builds a raft.
S09E23 The Journey V 17/03/1963 Separated from Timmy when their raft is lost in the rapids, Lassie works her way back to her boy, who is being cared for by a deaf-mute Indian who lost his family in an epidemic.
S09E24 Project Bluebirds 24/03/1963 Timmy discovers that the bluebird population is declining due to lack of nesting places.
S09E25 The Twister 31/03/1963 Cully predicts a killer frost that doesn't come but something more deadly does.
S09E26 Lassie and the Rustler 07/04/1963 Lassie leads Timmy to a nest of owls stealing turkeys.
S09E27 Lady from Nevada 14/04/1963 Cully begs Paul to lend him $25 to enter a wild burro race.
S09E28 Operation Woodland 21/04/1963 Timmy "trades" with a squirrel for his cache of pine cones.
S09E29 Weasel Warfare 28/04/1963 Cully, passed out on a tractor after suffering a heart attack is found by Lassie and Timmy.
S09E30 Silver Soldier 05/05/1963 Lassie, brings an Army war dog retraining as a sentry, home after one of his handlers is hurt.
S09E31 Eagle's Lair 19/05/1963 Lassie and Timmy rescue a wounded bald eagle.
S10E01 Lassie and the Birdwatch 29/09/1963
S10E02 The Agreement 06/10/1963
S10E03 Lassie to the Rescue 13/10/1963
S10E04 Jeeper 20/10/1963
S10E05 A Time for Giving 27/10/1963
S10E06 Three Alarm 03/11/1963
S10E07 The Treasure (1) 10/11/1963
S10E08 The Treasure (2) 17/11/1963
S10E09 Lassie and the Winged Enemy 01/12/1963
S10E10 High Tension 08/12/1963
S10E11 Lassie's Gift of Love (1) 15/12/1963
S10E12 Lassie's Gift of Love (2) 22/12/1963
S10E13 Day of Darkness 29/12/1963
S10E14 Horse Thief 05/01/1964
S10E15 Her Master's Voice 12/01/1964
S10E16 A Challenge for Lassie 19/01/1964
S10E17 The Disappearance (1) 02/02/1964
S10E18 The Disappearance (2) 09/02/1964
S10E19 The Disappearance (3) 16/02/1964
S10E20 The Disappearance (4) 23/02/1964
S10E21 The Disappearance (5) 01/03/1964
S10E22 Lassie Counts Sheep 08/03/1964
S10E23 Lassie and the Moving Mountain 15/03/1964
S10E24 Lassie and the Piglets 22/03/1964
S10E25 Guide Dog 05/04/1964
S10E26 Bee Line 12/04/1964
S10E27 Hit'n'Run 19/04/1964
S10E28 Lassie and the Savage 26/04/1964
S10E29 The Samaritans 03/05/1964
S11E01 The Wayfarers (1) 06/09/1964
S11E02 The Wayfarers (2) 13/09/1964
S11E03 The Wayfarers (3) 20/09/1964
S11E04 Incident of the Eagle 27/09/1964
S11E05 Climb the Mountain Slowly 04/10/1964
S11E06 Lassie and the Beavers 11/10/1964
S11E07 Lassie and the Shifting Sands 18/10/1964
S11E08 Lassie and the Loner 25/10/1964
S11E09 Lassie and the Fugitive (1) 08/11/1964
S11E10 Lassie and the Fugitive (2) 15/11/1964
S11E11 Nature's Way 22/11/1964
S11E12 Crossroad 29/11/1964
S11E13 Mountain Mystery 06/12/1964
S11E14 Realm of the Wild 13/12/1964
S11E15 The Little Christmas Tree 20/12/1964
S11E16 Lassie Works a Miracle 27/12/1964
S11E17 It's an Ill Wind 03/01/1964
S11E18 Lassie and the Girl in the Canyon 10/01/1964
S11E19 Stranger in the Woods 24/01/1965
S11E20 High Water 31/01/1965
S11E21 The Loser 07/02/1964
S11E22 The Old Man in the Forest 14/02/1965
S11E23 Look Homeward, Lassie (1) 21/02/1965
S11E24 Look Homeward, Lassie (2) 28/02/1965
S11E25 Look Homeward, Lassie (3) 07/03/1965
S11E26 Day of Devotion 07/03/1965
S11E27 Tinderbox 21/03/1965
S11E28 Lassie and the Swamp Girl 28/03/1965
S11E29 Trouble Below Zero 04/04/1965
S11E30 Runaround 11/04/1965
S11E31 Long Ears 28/04/1965
S11E32 Lassie's Teamwork 09/05/1965
S11E33 Honor Bright 16/05/1965
S12E01 Lassie Meets a Challenge 12/09/1965
S12E02 Sudden Fury 19/09/1965
S12E03 Lassie and the Dynamite 26/09/1965
S12E04 Lassie and the Seagull 03/10/1965
S12E05 Charlie Banana 10/10/1965
S12E06 In the Eyes of Lassie 17/10/1965
S12E07 Trouble at Paradise Lake 24/10/1965
S12E08 Le petit chien perdu 31/10/1965 En Floride, Lassie aide une petite fille à choisir un jeune chiot chez le marchand. Mais celui-ci, curieux de tout, s’échappe dans les marécages où rôdent les alligators...
S12E09 Lassie's Time of Peril 07/11/1965 A flooded river threatens to sweep away a bridge construction project. Ranger Corey Stuart and Lassie brave the raging waters in a small boat to construct a log chain barrier and control the flow of water and logs.
S12E10 In the Midst of Splendor 14/11/1965
S12E11 Lassie Saves a Life 21/11/1965
S12E12 The Waif 28/11/1965
S12E13 Crisis 05/12/1965
S12E14 Pitfall 12/12/1965
S12E15 Temper the Wind 19/12/1965
S12E16 The Gift of Life 26/12/1965
S12E17 Lassie Catches the Poachers 02/01/1966
S12E18 The Town That Wouldn't Die 16/01/1966
S12E19 Just One Old Cow 23/01/1966
S12E20 The Outcast 30/01/1966
S12E21 Cradle of the Deep 06/02/1966
S12E22 The Homesick Hound 13/02/1966 A bloodhound needs to be relocated, but he dislikes all his new abodes.
S12E23 The Silent Threat 20/02/1966
S12E24 The Friendless 27/02/1966
S12E25 Avelanche 06/03/1966
S12E26 Babes in the Woods 13/03/1966
S12E27 Lassie's Rescue Mission 20/03/1966
S12E28 The Doll 27/03/1966
S12E29 The Untamed Land 03/04/1966
S12E30 The Day the Mountain Shook 17/04/1966
S12E31 The Vigil 24/04/1966
S12E32 The Strongest Instinct 01/05/1966
S13E01 Lassie and the Buffalo 11/09/1966 Corey shows an old friend why a buffalo hunt will improve the quality of life in a herd while Lassie helps a perpetually straying calf get back to its mother, who is sleighted to be killed.
S13E02 Danger Mountain 18/09/1966 While inspecting a ski area with the careless proprietor, Corey and Lassie find major infractions, but trouble is only starting when they are trapped at the top of a stalled ski lift with the now injured man.
S13E03 Fly Away Home 25/09/1966 In the Franklin National Forest, a wetlands sanctuary, Lassie saves a Canada goose who was trapped in a fishing line and then attacked by bobcat, injuring her wing.
S13E04 A Time for Courage 02/10/1966 Corey leaves Lassie with Ed, a novice smoke jumper injured in a fire, when he participates in a smoke jump. When Corey and his friend Lane, a veteran fire fighter, are trapped and Ed has the idea to send Lassie, with a transmitter, in to find them.
S13E05 Lassie Baits a Bear 09/10/1966 When Corey devises a way to free a female bear from the pit trap she has been caught in, the animal "repays" him by attacking him and knocking him into the same pit.
S13E06 Lassie the Voyager (1) 16/10/1966 While trying to find Corey, on duty in the thick of a hurricane, Lassie is trapped on a freighter which sails with her aboard.
S13E07 Lassie the Voyager (2) 23/10/1966 Lassie, finally escaped from the freighter, swims ashore and assists an injured lighthouse keeper.
S13E08 Lassie the Voyager (3) 30/10/1966 Lassie is put on trial for being a stray in Williamsburg, Virginia, and is defended by an elderly lawyer.
S13E09 Lassie the Voyager (4) 06/11/1966 Lassie helps a lonely teenage mountain girl who attempts to protect her pet fox Riddle from a neighbor's boy and his hounds.
S13E10 Lassie the Voyager (5) 13/11/1966 Lassie,continuing on his voyage, comes up on and helps an abandoned kitten.
S13E11 Lassie the Voyager (6) 20/11/1966 Lassie joins two runaway boys who are rafting down the river to New Orleans; when their raft is lost, they decide to spend the night in a cave.
S13E12 Lassie the Voyager (7) 27/11/1966 Unbeknownst to Corey, who is assigned a project in New Orleans, Lassie has also reached the cresent city.They end up just missing each other several times before finally meeting up again.
S13E13 Little Jim 04/12/1966 Dan Casey's hope of winning the trotting races at the Franklin County Fair with his pony Little Jim is dashed when he is hurt in a fall from the sulky--until his granddaughter Maureen resolves to drive in his place.
S13E14 The Greatest Gift 25/12/1966 Corey and Lassie stop to help young Johnny Conrad on their way to supervise the cutting of the national Christmas tree--but Johnny is heartbroken when he discovers the chosen spruce is "the meeting tree" his father, who is missing in action in Vietnam, and he used while on fishing and hunting trips.
S13E15 Once Upon a Horse 01/01/1967 Corey and Lassie tame a wild stallion that was injured in a fall down a ridge and who will always be a little lame.
S13E16 Interlude of Mercy 08/01/1967 Lassie is trying to defend a cougar cub from a vicious attack from a wolf.When she accidently slips and falls down the cliff and is hurt.But Lassie's good deed is repayed when the cougar cub's mother,cares for Lassie and nurses her back to health.
S13E17 Crisis at Devil's Gorge 15/01/1967 While surveying the badlands of North Dakota,for use as a wilderness area, Corey is bitten by a rattlesnake; when his horse returns riderless to the corral, a fellow ranger and a pilot set up a desperate search for him.
S13E18 Lassie's Litter Bit 22/01/1967 After Corey and a fellow ranger put up a trash display to remind tourists to clean up their litter, Lassie finds a well-meaning man tossing trash into a ravine--and after he leaves, a raccoon gets his head caught in a can the man left.
S13E19 Day of the Bighorn 29/01/1967 Lassie helps an aging bighorn sheep who has been trapped and is helpless before a pack of wild dogs.
S13E20 The Protectors 05/02/1967 In this,another of the classic Lassie all-animal episodes, Lassie and an eagle protect a helpless mother owl who was injured by a possum trying to steal her eggs. The eagle hatches the eggs and then feeds the chicks as the owl recovers and Lassie protects the nest.
S13E21 A Matter of Seconds 19/02/1967 When the rangers have an area cleared for a vista stop, several wrecked cars must be towed away from the site. But a squirrel is trapped in the trunk of one of the vehicles and only Lassie knows it.
S13E22 Never Look Back 26/02/1967 Luther Jennings, the elderly ranger manning the survey tower at Strawberry Peak, takes it hard when he finds he'll lose his job when the tower is slated for destruction. Then he's attacked by a jaguar while out on a walk.
S13E23 The Eighth Life of Henry IV 05/03/1967 While Corey helps the town of Whitehorse Falls with modern forestry methods, Lassie has her hands--uh, paws--full with a mischievous kitten who can't seem to help endangering himself.
S13E24 Lure of the Wild 12/03/1967 A coyote rescued and tamed by a fellow forest ranger and now returning to the wild again is stalked by a hunter, but Lassie and "Monday's" mate try to outwit the man.
S13E25 Most Dangerous Game 19/03/1967 It's fire season in the Franklin National Forest and when a reporter interviews Corey about fire safety, he finds out most fires are caused by children playing with matches. Sure enough, Lassie soon finds a boy playing with matches who finally ends up setting a fire which she strives to put out.
S13E26 Barney 02/04/1967 Ranger Corey Stuart and Lassie visit a turkey ranch where watchdog Barney has been injured in a fight with a lynx. The lynx successfully terrorizes the ranch as Barney shies away in fear, but when the lynx attacks Lassie, Barney must confront his fears.
S13E27 Return of the Charm 09/04/1967 When Jeremy Boggs loses a good luck charm he acquired during World War II, Lassie returns to the place he lost it to track it down. A squirrel has stored it in a winter cache and Lassie must make a trade to regain the special stone.
S13E28 Winged Attack 16/04/1967 Eddie, a racing pigeon enthusiast, takes his pigeon to an abandoned mine for a test flight. He falls through a mineshaft and sends his pigeon to bring help. Lassie and Ranger Corey Stuart must rescue the boy before heavy beams collapse in the mineshaft.
S13E29 Goliath 23/04/1967 While in the Red River National Forest, Lassie tries to help a huge steer used as a roadside attraction at a tourist cafe, the mistreated animal having escaped after attacking the owner who has been abusing him.
S13E30 Trapped 30/04/1967 While staying with elderly Ben Adams, Lassie befriends an otter couple--one of whom is later caught in a trap set by a neighbor.
S14E01 Perils of the Prairie 10/09/1967 After a recent earthquake, Ranger Corey Stuart and Lassie survey the prairie for damage. Lassie comes to the rescue of a colony of frightened prairie dogs threatened by a tarantula and badger and caught in a flood caused by the quake.
S14E02 Inferno 17/09/1967 When an oil well explodes in flames, a pet terrier is injured in the blast. Lassie rescues the dog and follows her to the hospital to donate the blood needed to save her life.
S14E03 Cry of the Wild 24/09/1967 Corey and his partner Bert enlist a widowed sailplane pilot in a Forest Service project to learn about wind-shears; meanwhile, Lassie helps hunt a marauder that savaged a ranch's chickens.
S14E04 The Guardian 01/10/1967 Lassie becomes the protector for a cougar, mistakenly shot as the ranch's maurauder, and her newborn cubs, while Corey accompanies Carol on her surveys.
S14E05 Starfire 08/10/1967 Carol's unbroken mare escapes her corral and heads for the wilderness, oblivious to the danger from a maurading dog, while Carol must crash-land her glider.
S14E06 Brink of Oblivion 15/10/1967 Ranger Corey Stuart and Lassie travel to northern California to alert the community to the dangers of littering. The message hits home when a small fire is fueled by trash and oil-soaked rags, trapping a small dog in a dockside office.
S14E07 The Homeless 22/10/1967 Construction of a motel on Fawn Lake destroys the home of two ring-tailed cats. The homeless animals are separated and threatened by a stalking bobcat and Lassie must reunite them in a new home, far from encroaching civilization.
S14E08 A Time for Decision 29/10/1967 Beauty takes a back seat to progress as urban growth threatens the lakeside community of Fawn Lake. Ranger Stuart recommends an anti-pollution campaign, but warnings go unheeded until a photo of Lassie at the pristine resort serves as a wake-up call.
S14E09 Rim of Disaster (1) 05/11/1967 Ranger Corey Stuart and Lassie are stranded on a Glacier Peak when mechanical problems force their plane to land. In order to take off again, Lassie must be left on the ground, leaving her prey to a marauding bear.
S14E10 Rim of Disaster (2) 12/11/1967 Ranger Corey Stuart must use his plane to save Lassie from the attack of a marauding bear.
S14E11 Ride the Mountain 19/11/1967 Lassie is paralyzed by a falling log and, rather than travel several hours by road to a vet, she and Ranger Corey Stuart brave a death-defying ride on a nine-mile wooden log flume to reach the vet in time.
S14E12 Dangerous Journey 26/11/1967 A tugboat owner is temporarily blinded while in the Columbia River basin. Following the path of a log flume, Lassie leads the helpless man through dangerous territory and into the hands of friends.
S14E13 Fury at Wind River 03/12/1967 Hunters are pursuing a family of deer when Lassie intervenes to help them cross a raging river. All the deer cross safely except a playful fawn, which is swept downstream. Lassie plunges in the torrent to save the young deer.
S14E14 Showdown 17/12/1967 A man who professes to be protecting the forest tries to sabotage the Forest Service's new balloon logging program. After shooting at Corey's truck, cutting a telephone line, and sabotaging a bulldozer, he's ready to do even more damage.
S14E15 Miracle of the Dove 24/12/1967 A small girl's beloved dog is lost right before Christmas.
S14E16 Have You Any Wool? 31/12/1967 Lassie is out feeding her forest friends,when she comes upon a black lamb. The little creature was caught in a snare and being stalked by a coyote. Lassie chases away the coyote and chews the snare rope free. She is about to leave when the pathetically bleating lamb makes her realize it has no home. First she finds a flock of white sheep and the lamb runs up and eagerly nurses on a ewe. But the ewe doesn't recognize the black lamb as hers and savagely drives it away. Next they find a cow, and the lamb tries to nurse on her. But she kicks it away. By now the little fellow is so weak from hunger that Lassie wants to leave it while she reconnoiters, but a hawk appears, so first she must hide the lamb in some brush. To her relief, ahead she finds a flock of black sheep, but returns to find the hawk attacking the lamb, who has broken cover, and must fight the bird off. To Lassie's relief, the black sheep accept the black lamb. But a white lamb is loose in the flock of black ones, being reje
S14E17 The Bracelet 07/01/1968 Corey escorts Miss Ridgeway, a nature painter of renown, to a secluded area where she can work, leaving Lassie with her for company. When her insulin supply is destroyed after a lightning strike sets her cabin afire while she is away painting, Lassie must help get her back to the ranger station over a treacherous bridge before she goes into a diabetic coma.
S14E18 The Foundling 14/01/1968 Corey, investigating a potential campsite at Emerald Forest, and Bill the resident ranger, are chagrined when well-meaning tourists rescue an "abandoned" fawn from the forest; believing the fawn's mother will not take it back, they plan to send it to a game ranch. But Lassie has other ideas.
S14E19 Rescue Ridge 21/01/1968 Lassie rescues a coati-mundi's wayward kit--and a lost lamb as well--while Corey and his compatriots battles the forest fire threatening its home.
S14E20 White Wilderness 28/01/1968 Lassie accompanies Ranger Corey Stuart on an avalanche control expedition. When the snow from a man-made avalanche buries a fox, Lassie must find the fox and dig her to the surface.
S14E21 The Lonely One 04/02/1968 While Corey is at Cape Kennedy participating in a paracute-testing project, Lassie encounters Atlas, a guard dog gone wild after the death of his master.
S14E22 The Searchers 11/02/1968 Still in Florida, Corey and Lassie befriend Donnie Baker, whose puppy was run over while chasing a rabbit, and must rescue Atlas, trapped in the swamp.
S14E23 Countdown 18/02/1968 Lassie has her hands full: she's reacclimating Atlas to society while keeping watch over a bald eagle injured during one of the parachute tests.
S14E24 Escape to Danger 25/02/1968 An animal trainer's truck crashes in the woods, freeing his animals in the wilderness. Ranger Corey Stuart tends to the trainer's injuries as Lassie retrieves the escaped animals, just as a vicious lynx is threatening to make a meal of Zelda, the pet raccoon.
S14E25 The Ledge 03/03/1968 A shutterbug Boy Scout is so intent on following an eagle to take a photo that he disregards where he is going and is trapped on a ledge.
S14E26 Hanford's Point (1) 10/03/1968 Making a lake into a tourist attraction that will help a town depends on buying land from two independent boys the townspeople view as ""hippies.""
S14E27 Hanford's Point (2) 17/03/1968 The Hanford boys refuse Corey's offer, to the outrage of speculator Wade, whose also worried because his teenager daughter Luci is attracted to ""the hippies.""
S14E28 Hanford's Point (3) 24/03/1968 Wade faces off against the boys and is enraged when he finds out Luci has been helping them in their cause to keep their land from her father.
S15E01 Lassie's Race for Life 29/09/1968 As Corey, Lassie, and a young woman consulting with the Forest Service on landslide prevention aid a poisoned goose, its mate waits faithfully by.
S15E02 Burst of Freedom 06/10/1968 Lassie races for help after an earthquake traps Corey under a tree in the path of an incipient rockslide, but the motorist who picks her up nets and drugs her, selling her to a vet conducting animal experiments.
S15E03 The Holocaust (1) 13/10/1968 A fire rages on a Western mountain range and, despite the efforts of helicopter crews, firefighters, and Lassie, Ranger Corey Stuart is trapped in the inferno. When a rescue team finally reaches Corey, he is seriously injured.
S15E04 The Holocaust (2) 20/10/1968 Severely injured from a raging fire, Ranger Corey Stuart lies in a hospital with Lassie keeping vigil by his side in this conclusion to a two-part series. When Lassie is given to a new Ranger during Corey's recovery, she journeys miles to return to his side.
S15E05 Last Frontier 27/10/1968 Lassie, Scott, and their pilot Johnny assist an injured hunter trapped near a glacier.
S15E06 Eagle's Dynasty 03/11/1968 While Neeka's father and Scott nurse an eagle that has become sodden from a fall in the lake, Lassie protects the bird's baby from a lynx.
S15E07 Day of the Wolf 10/11/1968 Neeka must take charge when Lassie breaks a leg in a trap on a hike--and a wolf is stalking them.
S15E08 Glacier Canyon 17/11/1968 After surviving a boat explosion that traps Neeka's father, Lassie braves icy waters to find Neeka and Scott.
S15E09 Track of the Jaguar (1) 24/11/1968 A jaguar has been attacking cattle and the watchdog on a Western ranch, and Lassie arrives to help. She gets some unexpected assistance when a cougar, foraging nearby, hears the battle and attacks the jaguar.
S15E10 Track of the Jaguar (2) 01/12/1968 Lassie stands guard over the injured watchdog as the jaguar and cougar battle. The jaguar retreats in defeat and Lassie recognizes the cougar as a friend from days past. Lassie summons the rangers to eliminate the hostile jaguar for good.
S15E11 New Horizon 08/12/1968 Ranger Scott Turner and a Scripps Oceanographic scientist, Diane Stafford, become trapped in a kelp bed during a deep-sea scuba dive. Lassie discovers their predicament and alerts Ranger Bob Erickson for the rescue.
S15E12 Out of the Frying Pan 15/12/1968 Lassie twice comes to the rescue of a stray kitten that is first attacked by an angry hawk, then trapped in a cave by rising tides. The collie also finds time to retrieve a forest ranger's horse that has broken loose from his tether.
S15E13 Lassie and the 4-H Boys 29/12/1968 Two brothers are quarreling over ownership of a prize bull that they are entering in the 4-H show. They must resolve their feud, however, when the bull strays and is lost in the mountains, with a marauding mountain lion close by.
S15E14 Deadly Game 05/01/1969 Lassie's day with Jingo on his master's construction site turns too busy: first she pulls the beagle away from a blasting site, then, in trying to get him out of a house about to be demolished, Lassie is herself trapped.
S15E15 What Price Valor? (1) 12/01/1969 Bruno, a war dog under rehabilitation, suffers from flashbacks after being exposed to blasting and escapes from his run. Warning the construction crew and local ranchers that Bruno is dangerous, Lassie, Bob, and his trainer Mike then try to find him before the others do.
S15E16 What Price Valor? (2) 19/01/1969 In the second of a two-part series, Lassie finds Bruno, a retired war dog that has been spooked by dynamite explosions. Lassie tries to calm the frightened and confused canine, and must intervene to prevent ranchers from shooting the dog before his master arrives.
S15E17 A Chance to Live 26/01/1969 On a trek through the Oregon rainforest, Lassie and her master discover a careless camper who has leaked oil into a stream, endangering hundreds of ducks on their seasonal flight. The Ranger and Lassie teach the camper a conservation lesson he won't soon forget.
S15E18 The Return Home 02/02/1969 On a trek through the Oregon rainforest, Lassie and her master discover a careless camper who has leaked oil into a stream, endangering hundreds of ducks on their seasonal flight. The Ranger and Lassie teach the camper a conservation lesson he won't soon forget.
S15E19 Tempest (1) 09/02/1969 Bob and Lassie visit the wild, surf-tossed Oregon coast where logs washed downriver into the bay are creating a problem, where they meet Jake Peterson, an old acquaintance of Lassie, a former forest ranger who now is a crab fisherman. The logs prove even more dangerous next day, when Jake takes Lassie out fishing with him.
S15E20 Tempest (2) 16/02/1969 Huddled together in his disabled boat, Lassie and injured Jake Peterson ride out the tumultuous surf. But as the boat heads for the Cliffs, Bob and the Coast Guard begin a highly dangerous rescue.
S15E21 To Catch a Crow 23/02/1969 A boy's camp is in danger of being disbanded when a wristwatch is stolen from a camper at the swimming hole. Lassie unravels the mystery, however, when she discovers the thief not another camper, but a pilfering crow.
S15E22 Walden 02/03/1969 Lassie befriend Patricia Prescott, who refers to herself as "Walden," a free-spirited teenage girl, who has left home to live in the wilderness like her idol, Henry David Thoreau, after the young woman cleans up a picnic area. But both of them are endangered by aftershocks from an offshore earthquake.
S15E23 The Stalker 09/03/1969 Lassie leads the search for a tiger that escaped while en route to the zoo. The frightened animal is on a rampage.
S15E24 Price of Wisdom 16/03/1969 Scott and Lassie stay with Neeka and his dad Dean Chalmers for a couple of days, and Neeka has the weekend to finish a biology report. While collecting leaves, he and Lassie meet Mr. Bowers, a lonely man who limps due to an injury and has turned his back on society. After Lassie and Neeka uncover Mr. Bowers' scientific knowledge and help him when he is hurt, Mr. Bowers realises he wants human company after all.
S15E25 Night of the Ghost 23/03/1969 Scott, Lassie and Neeka camp overnight in an old mining town that is haunted, according to legend, by a wolf and a man. Despite Scott's assurances there are no ghosts haunting the town, Neeka and Lassie hear strange sounds and see things that have even Lassie spooked.
S15E26 Time of Crisis 30/03/1969 Neeka tries to drive his father's truck, which subsequently catches fire after bumping over a rock, and explodes in a ball of flame. Three terrified horses nearby break out of their corral and run off. After Neeka, Lassie and Dean put out the fire, they find the horses, including Neeka's horse Cloudy, who has been hurt in the escape.
S15E27 Lassie and the Flying Squirrels 06/04/1969 Lassie helps two flying squirrels find a new home.
S15E28 Moonshiners 13/04/1969 Moonshiners set up operations on national forest land. In an attempt to outwit forest rangers, the moonshiners set a fire. Tragedy results as the fire spreads and Lassie must come to the rescue of the moonshiners who become trapped by flames.
S16E01 Last Chance 28/09/1969 On a surveying mission of the forest, Scott and Bob are delighted to find wolves restablishing themselves in the area. Then the male is shot while hunting for his pregnant mate and the rangers must save him--and change the hunter's mind about wolves.
S16E02 Success Story 05/10/1969 Scott and Lassie help a Job Corps volunteer who just isn't making the grade.
S16E03 Patsy 12/10/1969 During a surveying trip at a former bombsite sleighted to become a national grassland, Scott carefully disarms the unexploded bomb next to a trapped man while Lassie shuttles supplies to him.
S16E04 No Margin for Error 19/10/1969 During a surveying trip at a former bombsite sleighted to become a national grassland, Scott carefully disarms the unexploded bomb next to a trapped man while Lassie shuttles supplies to him.
S16E05 Lassie and the Water Bottles 26/10/1969 Widowed Sarah Caldwell will have to give up the family ranch if she can't keep water on the property, so Scott helps her install "water bottles," large vinyl storage "tanks." But a thirsty fawn gets himself trapped inside the slippery containers.
S16E06 Survival 02/11/1969 As they take an elk survey, Scott and Lassie's helicopter ride turns deadly when the vehicle has has mechnical problems and crashes in the snowy wilderness. Bert tries to at least fix the communications system, but that too is beyond hope; they must rely on their survival gear and wait for rescue.
S16E07 Father and Son 09/11/1969 While surveying Government rangeland, Scott is hurt by a careless rifle shot fired by young Tom Bradley, a boy who has taken to playing hookey and staying in the woods after his mother's death; later, another shot of Tom's gone wrong injures his father.
S16E08 The Sky is Falling 16/11/1969 Neeka, spending his vacation with Scott and Bob, is delighted to help the rangers out at the Roaring Camp spur line, a railroad that will run directly through the majestic redwood forest. There they befriend a persistent little bantam chick (Neeka names him Fairbanks) who is constantly wandering into trouble.
S16E09 No Greater Love 23/11/1969 Bob has the weekend off, so he takes Neeka fishing on the Columbia River, but on a hike, Lassie and Neeka discover a crow building her nest in a dangerous place. When Lassie attempts to save the bird, she is swept down the icy cold river.
S16E10 More Than Meets the Eye 30/11/1969 On a nature hike, Scott and Lassie help Kathy, a withdrawn and fearful girl who is attending school with other blind children for the first time.
S16E11 The Chase 14/12/1969 Scott and Lassie help a doe who has been chased to exhaustion by snowmobilers.
S16E12 The Blessing 21/12/1969 Manuel Sandoval sneaks over the border with his deaf dog Poco, hoping that the Blessing of the Animals as Mission San Luis Rey will restore the little terrier's hearing in time for Christmas.
S16E13 Superstition Canyon 28/12/1969 Lassie babysits a prospector's burro.
S16E14 The Road Back (1) 04/01/1970 Scott and Lassie, in San Francisco's Chinatown for a mini-forest project, befriend the children in a Chinese school. Lassie is struck by a car while saving one of the children and appears to have amnesia. So when a fire strikes the vet's office she's staying at, she escapes to the streets with no idea where she belongs.
S16E15 The Road Back (2) 11/01/1970 Lassie's search for her identity takes her to a wax museum and finally down to the waterfront, where she is befriended by a down-on-his-luck young fisherman with a family and a boat loan he can't pay off.
S16E16 The Road Back (3) 18/01/1970 Heading back to San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge, Lassie befriends a lonely runaway teenager and a lonely soldier, then is mistaken for a possibly rabid collie named Tawny.
S16E17 The Road Back (4) 25/01/1970 Her memory recovering at last, but still hunted by health officials as a rabid dog, Lassie is chased through the streets of San Francisco.
S16E18 Winged Rescue 01/02/1970 Lassie and Neeka are lost in the desert.
S16E19 The Cliff 08/02/1970 Neeka and Lassie take a wrong turn on the self-guided trail at the Mesa Verde National Forest, and, while trying to find their way back, slip off a cliff where Neeka breaks his leg. As darkness falls, Bob and ranger Gene McClintock desperately search for the pair.
S16E20 Warm Heart--Cold Nose 15/02/1970 With Bob at a meeting, Lassie visits overnight with the Frasers, a blind man and his wife who live in the woods without any way of communicating with the outside world. When Edie Fraser is hurt during a walk, Clint and his guide dog Ginger start for help, but Lassie must save them from a cougar's attack and go herself.
S16E21 Whitewater Fury 01/03/1970 While Bob and Dan are scouting out the rapids for a "whitewater trail" for tourists, Lassie finds a baby raccoon that has been poisoned by "pink snow"--the same material she has already eaten. The only way to get her help--a trip down the worst of the rapids.
S16E22 Chucka 08/03/1970 Bob and his Navajo guide Sam find a dog swimming across Lake Powell on their way to survey tribal lands and rescue him; he is Chucka, an indolent dog who'd rather rest or play than tend sheep. But Chucka must "grow up" quickly after his shepherd owner, Charlie Ngani, is injured and Lassie must go for help.
S17E01 The Wild Horse 16/01/1955 Jeff saw a Wild Horse that wanted but his mother don't want it as he's becoming a 2nd pet to Lassie. Clay and Matt takes the horse out of the farm and sell it away.
S17E02 Lassie's Interlude 20/09/1970 Lassie, on her own now (no explanation is given), meets a young man traveling the countryside and his male collie, Duke. They later find haven, and the young man a job, at a ranch where the owner's young son has not spoken for years.
S17E03 The Birth 27/09/1970 While Duke and his master move on, Lassie remains at the ranch, but her new puppies are endangered by the owner, who thinks the pups were sired by a killer dog.
S17E04 The Survival 04/10/1970 Lassie and her three puppies escape from the ranch and head for the desert, where Kerry discovers them and helps them survive.
S17E05 The Miracle 11/10/1970 Mute Kerry continues to help Lassie and her puppies elude his father and the sheriff, who's determined to kill the pups, and by the time the rancher learns Duke was the father of the puppies, it's almost too late.After everything is revealed, Kerry's father let's him adopt one of Lassie's puppies.
S17E06 The Innocents 11/10/1970 In this all-animal episode, Lassie teaches her two remaining puppies to survive in the wild, not an easy task in an area full of snakes and predators.
S17E07 The Offering 25/10/1970 Lassie and her puppies meet a boy who is grief-stricken by the recent death of his dog.So Lassie leaves one of her two remaining puppies with the little boy.
S17E08 Nature's Child 01/11/1970 While wandering the forest, Lassie and her remaining puppy meet a little girl who can ""talk to animals.""
S17E09 Flock of Love 08/11/1970 Lassie befriends an elderly man whose claim that the flock of birds he feeds love him is scoffed by his cynical checkers opponent. But the faithful birds will surprise them.
S17E10 Aftermath 15/11/1970 After a forest fire, Lassie helps the wild animals displaced by the flames find new homes.
S17E11 Here Comes Glory! (1) 22/11/1970 Lassie, poisoned by pesticides, is found by an up-and-coming race horse, Glory, and her young owner. Once well again, she befriends a newborn colt on their California thoroughbred farm--then Glory is threatened by a marauding cougar.
S17E12 Here Comes Glory! (2) 29/11/1970 Even Hank can't believe all his surgical skills can heal Glory's injured leg, but Monty takes a chance and has her operated on nevertheless after a pep talk from partner Bert. Then it is up to Gary and Lassie to make her well, with exercise and swim therapy.
S17E13 A Year of Sundays 06/12/1970 Lassie and a workaholic trucker rescue a young man traveling across America trying to live ""a year of Sundays"" after getting out of the Army. The trucker scoffs at Mark's idea--until the brakes fail on a steep downhill run.
S17E14 Any Heart in a Storm 13/12/1970 Lassie takes refuge during a rainstorm in the garage of a good-hearted, lonely widow whose children have gone to college, but the woman is reluctant to let the muddy collie into her tidy house. Then the loose earth behind her house, weakened by water, begins to slide.
S17E15 Gentle Dawn 10/01/1971 Lassie and an injured mother linnet, who was stunned by a car while foraging for food on a road, bring together a lonely man and woman; in caring for the injured creature, they also learn to open themselves to each other.
S17E16 Lassie's Busy Day 17/01/1971 The ring-tailed cat Lassie saves from a bobcat becomes the hunter after he goes after a grouse's nest along with a grey fox; next, a horned owl's nest is threatened by an opossum. After Lassie deals with the possum, she enlists the grey fox's help to rescue a burrowing owl from a ferret. Then the bobcat returns to stalk the horned owl's nest
S17E17 The River 24/01/1971 Lassie makes her way upstream after helping rescue two campers who left their father to try out a new raft and were swept downstream on the rapids. Once she finds help, however, she must find the boys, who are also heading upstream.
S17E18 Other Pastures, Other Fences 31/01/1971 A boy restless with his rural life and chafing under the ""no trespassing"" signs of their territorial neighbor wishes to strike out to ""follow his star""--stealing the neighbor's mare to do so.
S17E19 The Awakening 07/02/1971 Teenage Patty, reluctantly having left the city for a summer in the country with her aunt, has an inauspicious beginning: she's poisoned by arsenic in the well. Her aunt finds the source of the problem in an old mine, but is then trapped when the floor collapses, so Lassie must find Patty, who's just about to leave.
S17E20 Troubled Waters 21/02/1971 Lassie and her new pal, a mutt named Skipper, are getting along just fine with Reed and Johnny, a couple of guys they befriended on the beach, until John discovers Reed is "the law," a harbormaster, and walks out. But he finds he needs "the law" later on when he "borrows" a for-sale cabin cruiser and takes Lassie and Skipper along for the ride.
S17E21 For the Love of Lassie (1) 28/02/1971 Lassie returns to visit the farm where she left one of her puppies--and once upon her way again, falls down a hidden well.
S17E22 For the Love of Lassie (2) 07/03/1971 People who have been helped by Lassie (including the couple from ""Gentle Dawn,"" who are now married) help rescue her from the well.
S17E23 Sneakers 21/03/1971 Lassie acquires a companion, a small grey kitten with a talent for trouble: he falls in a lake, catches the attention of an owl, gets his head caught in picnicker trash, and finally is charged by a pig. Finally they are trapped between an angry bear and a hungry bobcat, with their only way out a rickety bridge.
S18E01 Fury Falls 07/10/1971 A hawk Lassie rescues from entanglement in kite string returns the favor when the coyote pup Lassie has befriended is threatened by a snake. But it's Lassie herself who then must be rescued by Ron Holden and Dale Mitchell, two young men on a hiking trip, after she must save the hapless pup from nearby rapids.
S18E02 Search for Yesterday 14/10/1971 Now accompanied by Lassie, Ron and Dale have the gold they have been placer mining assayed--and just for the heck of it, buy an old treasure map and go in search of a gold mine. Once they find the place, however, their search is endangered by fire heading for some old dynamite left in a shed.
S18E03 Trouble Tracks 21/10/1971 Lassie befriends a trouble-prone mutt who is mascot of an old railroad spur line.
S18E04 Wings of the Ghost 21/10/1971 The boys and Lassie sleep in an old barn that appears to be haunted.
S18E05 Homecoming 04/11/1971 Ron and Dale return to the Holden Ranch, where Lassie is welcomed by Garth Holden and his foster sons, boys who have been orphaned or abandoned by their families.
S18E06 Orphan of the Wild 11/11/1971 Mike, the new boy, begins works at the local animal clinic and developes a crush on the veterinarian,he's also feeling shy until he helps nurse an injured owl back to health.
S18E07 Day of Disaster 18/11/1971 While in town picking up a gift for Garth, Ron is knocked unconscious when an earthquake strikes, and when he comes to, Lassie has escaped from the truck. As he and the dog search for each other, Lassie helps fellow animals dislocated by the quake, and Ron enlists his father in the search.
S18E08 The Schemer 25/11/1971 Ron and Lassie return home from a trip to find Mike has adopted a raccoon from the wild animal park--and ""Rags"" is immediately jealous of Lassie. Soon dog and raccoon are embroiled in a feud, endangering both of them on a house construction site.
S18E09 The Flying Grandpa 02/12/1971 Mike befriends Henry Newton, who flies a Curtis Pusher at airshows under the name "The Flying Grandpa," when his aircraft breaks down in the Holden pasture. His long involved tall tales of bravery during air feats impress the boy, but bother Garth, who thinks Newton's lies might backfire. And when a bear charges Newton and Mike, the elderly man finds out they do.
S18E10 Mustang (1) 09/12/1971 Garth and Dale survey rangeland for the Forest Service and see a young white stallion challenging the older black leader of a horse herd; Garth predicts the white horse will soon succeed. When he does, driving the injured black stallion away from water, Lassie tries to lead him to safety before he collapses.
S18E11 Mustang (2) 16/12/1971 As Lassie gently leads the stallion back to the Holden Ranch, Garth and Dale leave food and drink for the animal, hoping he will choose himself to live at the ranch.
S18E12 Roundup 13/01/1972 Ron and Dale, home from college, go out on the annual stray roundup and make a bet on which of them will find the most cattle. But it's Lassie who gets the jump on them, helps a calf stuck in quicksand, and then must help Ron when he's thrown from his horse.
S18E13 Dream Seeker 20/01/1972 Ron and Dale, spending two days camping at Pine Lake before returning to college, pick up a boy that Dale can tell is "on the run." Sure enough, once he leaves them he builds a campsite in the woods. When the boys find his camp in the woods, he steals one of the motorcycles they've rented.
S18E14 Peace is Our Profession (1) 28/01/1972 Garth takes Lassie with him on his visit to Vandenberg Air Force Base, where they meet Jimmy Fredericks, a boy with a weakened leg who has given up believing he will ever walk normally.
S18E15 Peace is Our Profession (2) 04/02/1972 Lassie protects a snow goose who has chosen to lay her eggs on the flightline.
S18E16 Peace is Our Profession (3) 11/02/1972 Lassie befriends a diabetic poodle named Sparky who stows away on the Looking Glass, where there's no insulin, to be with his owner.
S18E17 Peace is Our Profession (4) 18/02/1972 Jimmy finds out that his father's flight may crash and must re-examine his faith.
S18E18 Paths of Courage (1) 25/02/1972 Hoping to help his self-esteem, Garth takes Jimmy back to the ranch with him. There the uncertain boy meets Lucy Baker, a girl who's been deaf most of her life, and her pet wolf Mountie. But while Jimmy and Lucy get to know each other, Mountie, playing with Lassie, is shot by a shepherd who doesn't know he's a pet.
S18E19 Paths of Courage (2) 03/03/1972 After Lucy and Jimmy find Mountie in the cave where Lassie has hidden him, Lucy sends Jimmy for help on her horse. He is frightened to do so, but does so for her sake, and despite being thrown, finds Domenic, the shepherd who shot Mounty. Meanwhile, Lassie returns to the ranch.
S18E20 Circle of Life 10/03/1972 When Mountie weakens and then dies, even normally optimistic Lucy cannot understand and sinks into depression, so Sue asks her to help out at the wild animal park to take her mind off her loss. Eventually Lucy begins taking an interest in the animals, including a llama about to give birth.
S19E01 Lightning 16/09/1972 Garth's brother Keith is met with resentment when he takes over running the ranch, but he proves his mettle when a storm strikes the ranch and starts a fire that traps Lassie in the woods.
S19E02 The Doves of Santa Inez 23/09/1972 Karl Burkholz and the "scout" for a migrating flock of doves become friends when Karl nurses the injured bird.
S19E03 For Those Who Follow 30/09/1972 Lassie pursues a colt that escapes from the Baker ranch. (Elaine Baker seems to have problems keeping her livestock in check! Later in the season she loses a calf.
S19E04 Scarecrow 14/10/1972 A crow that snatches Mike's wallet leaves the boy angry and determined to find the animal.
S19E05 A Girl and a Boy (1) 21/10/1972 A small deaf boy is found wandering the grounds of the ranch and Lucy, communicating with him in sign language, discovers he feels no one wants him.
S19E06 A Girl and a Boy (2) 28/10/1972 Deprived of the dog the Holdens have given him, the boy flees.
S19E07 Deadly Surf 04/11/1972 Deprived of the dog the Holdens have given him, the boy flees.
S19E08 Golden Eagle 11/11/1972 Lassie must rescue three kittens from the incoming tide.
S19E09 A Taste of Freedom 18/11/1972 Lassie befriends a racehorse so nervous that he can't complete a race.
S19E10 Run to Nowhere (1) 25/11/1972 A runaway inner-city orphan is taken in at the ranch, but is distrustful of everyone.
S19E11 Run to Nowhere (2) 02/12/1972 Joey runs away when he finds out he has to leave the ranch.
S19E12 Vigil of the Stork 09/12/1972 The Holdens are afraid Karl will not survive after a heart attack robs his will to live.
S19E13 Dream Builder 16/12/1972 A Chicano man searches for a piece of land that will be his own.
S19E14 Tell It to the Birds 06/01/1973
S19E15 The Visitor 13/01/1973 Benji guest-stars as a city mutt who must learn country ways from Lassie.
S19E16 Challenge of the Mountain (1) 24/01/1973 Dale, riding Midnight and accompanied by Lassie, is injured when he falls from the horse.
S19E17 Challenge of the Mountain (2) 03/02/1973 Midnight and Lassie must go for help when Dale cannot move.
S19E18 Legend of the Coyote 10/02/1973 Lassie's determined to retrieve the puppy stolen from the Holden barn by a coyote.
S19E19 Horsenappers 17/02/1973 Two bumbling horse thieves steal Midnight, but run afoul of Lassie.
S19E20 A Joyous Sound (1) 24/02/1973 A surgeon gives Lucy and her mother hope that she may hear again after surgery, so Keith and Lassie accompany Elaine and her daughter to Los Angeles for the operation.
S19E21 A Joyous Sound (2) 03/03/1973 Lassie's assistance to a toddler is misinterpreted as an attack, and she is chased away from the hospital to become lost in the tangle of city streets; in the meantime Keith searches for her and Elaine wonders what to tell Lucy.
S19E22 A Joyous Sound (3) 10/03/1973 Lassie, after a narrow escape on a firing range, befriends two young men who have been camping at the beach in their van. While they tend the injured collie, Lucy, now returned home, prays for two miracles: that her hearing -- and Lassie -- will return.
S19E23 Johnny Piper 17/03/1973 Lucy trades lessons in "home" to an attractive young drifter who gives her guitar lessons in return.
S19E24 The Dawning 24/03/1973 Lassie tracks down the Baker calf, on the loose and endangered by predators.
S19E25 The Dawning 24/03/1973 Lassie tracks down the Baker calf, on the loose and endangered by predators.
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