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A nationwide talent search accepting the best professional and non-professional stand-up comedians. Once the selection process is narrowed to 10, the show covers the contestants as they live together and compete for an exclusive contract with NBC, and to be called the Last Comic Standing. In Season 3 ("The Battle of the Best"), the object of the contest was the first season's 10 finalists versus second season's 10 finalists. No immunity challenges this time, or time spent showing the comics living together. It's pure stand-up.


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S01E01 West Coast Semi-Finals 10/06/2003 Comics on the West Coast compete in California to see who will move on to the Las Vegas competition. Ten finalists are chosen: Geoff Brown, Rob Cantrell, Tere Joyce, Ant, Ralphie May, Randi Kaplan, Lang Parker, Tess, Sean Kent, Dat Phan.
S01E02 East Coast Semi-Finals 10/06/2003 Comics on the East Coast perform at Caroline's Comedy Club, in New York. Celebrity talent scouts are stand up comedian Colin Quinn, Joy Behar from the View, and Caroline Rhea of the Caroline Rhea Show. The comics joke about such things as having a teenage daughter, shark shows, robbing local gas stations, french Canadians, illegal immigrants, etc. Finalists chosen to advance are Russ Meneve, Dave Mordal, Rich Vos, Cory Kahaney, Eddie Pepitone, John Preist, Jen Kirwin, Carmen Lynch, Craig Baldo, and Jessie Taylor. Some good ad-libs are made by John Preist, Rich Vos, and others. Caroline Rhea realizes that one comic pretty much stole her act, which is probably why she didn't make it to Vegas.
S01E03 Las Vegas Finals 17/06/2003 The twenty finalists chosen from the East Coast and West Coast competitions compete to become one of the ten chosen to move into the house in Hollywood Hills. The ten finalists chosen are Dat Phan, Dave Mordal, Cory Kahaney, Sean Kent, Geoff Brown, Tere Joyce, Rob Cantrell, Rich Vos, Tess, and Ralphie May.
S01E04 Move-in, Move-out 24/06/2003 Dat, Tess, Cory, Tere, Rob, Sean, Dave, Rich, Ralphie, and Geoff move into their Hollywood house. The tour of the house started with Jay showing them the fortune teller. A machine that delivers messages, advice, and clues during their stay. Rich Vos started an argument on whether or not he should be allowed to smoke in the house. The comics visit an Elementary school and gave the kid of their choice comedy lessons. Jay announces there will be weekly contests in the house, which will mean immunity from getting voted out of the house. This week's contest was to perform in Universal City on the street in order to get money from tourists. The winner (the person who returned with the most money) gets immunity and gets a segment on Extra. Each comedian had their own approach to win. Tess won with more than double the second place. The comics choose who they think they are funnier than; the person that gets the most votes challenges a comic in front of a live audience. Sean Kent gets voted off.
S01E05 Rats! (Literally and figuratively) 01/07/2003 Tess shoots her Extra segment. The comics find a rat in their house. Dave attempts to catch it. After many hours, Dave catches the rat and they set it free. The contest for this episode is to give tickets to people in an attempt to get the most people to come to the show. The person with the most people showing up gets immunity. Tess, again, wins immunity and a Beverly Hills shopping spree. Tere, crying, says Cory has upset her. Tere talks to Dat about her feelings toward Cory, but Tere ends up irritated at Dat. The day before the vote, the comics plot on who to vote out next. Tere is challenged by five people. She gets to choose one of the people that voted for her to go head-to-head against. Tere chooses to go up against Cory. Cory wins and Tere is voted off the show.
S01E06 You Can't Beat Dat 08/07/2003 The comics talk about Dat Phan and how they want to vote him off. Their mission is to create their own sitcom idea. Then, a focus group will decide which is funniest. The winner gets immunity and a walk-on role on Good Morning, Miami. The comics play hide and seek. The other comics pretend to hide, then they meet back in the livingroom and laugh about Dat. After 45 minutes, Dat finally gives up hiding, and finds all the other comics laughing. The focus group decides Dat is the winner, he gets immunity and the walk-on. The night before the show down, Cory is blamed for helping Dat with his sitcom idea (because Dat was marked). The comics celebrate Ralphie's birthday. His girlfriend shows up and some special chefs prepare sushi. Rob is challenged by the most comics, and chooses to go up against Ralphie. Ralphie wins, and Rob is off the show.
S01E07 Take Dat, Dave Mordal! 15/07/2003 Dat tapes his walk-on role on Good Morning, Miami. Dat says he is a sensitive guy that operates on positive thinking - he says this as Rich and Dave fight with him. Dat thinks of it as a good learning experience. Their mission for this episode is a scavenger hunt. They have a list of people, places, and things they need to have their picture taken with. The person with the most pictures wins immunity and a guest appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly. Cory wins the appearance and immunity. Dat apologizes to Cory for thinking she was out to get him -- Cory admits that the comics (herself included) have been against him. All the comics vote against Dat. Dat chooses to go up against Dave Mordal. Dat wins, and Dave is the fourth person eliminated from the show.
S01E08 Comic Reunion! 22/07/2003 Jay has a surprise for the comics: there will be one more elimination before the finals. This time, however, no one is exempt and the person who receives the most challenges does not get to pick their challenger. Geoff gets the most votes. His opponent will be chosen by special guests: Dave Mordal, Tere Joyce, Rob Cantrell, and Sean Kent. The former housemates choose (surprise) Dat. After two great sets, the winner is announced: Dat wins for the second time.
S01E09 Jokers Beat a Full House 29/07/2003 This episode was broadcast live from the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The five remaining comics (Ralphie, Dat, Tess, Rich, and Cory) perform their acts in the finals. Voting is done by phone or by internet (
S01E10 Finale (1) 05/08/2003 The two-hour finale aired Tuesday, August 5th with Dat Phan taking the stage as The Last Comic Standing!
S01E11 Finale (2) 05/08/2003 The two-hour finale aired Tuesday, August 5th with Dat Phan taking the stage as The Last Comic Standing!
S02E01 Eight-City Auditions 30/11/1999
S02E02 New York Semi-finals 09/06/2004 In the semi-finals the comedians perform on stage before an audience and even more judges. But, before the show-down, the comics had a party on the bus from the airport to the hotel. At the theater, they were divided into two groups of twenty. Ten from each group moved on.
S02E03 Las Vegas Finals (1) 15/06/2004 The twenty finalists go to Las Vegas and are surprised to find out that they have to room with one of the other contestants. The first group of ten perform. Five are chosen to move on and live in the house.
S02E04 Las Vegas Finals (2) 16/06/2004 The next ten perform. But first, Executive Producer Peter Engel breaks the news to Jim Norton that he would be eliminated from the competition because of his prior commitments. They then call the alternate choice, Jim Wiggins, and fly him to Las Vegas. The final five are named – but not without controversy. Brett Butler walks out, and Drew Carey is also upset – because they thought that those chosen are only as a result of the votes by the four judges. Peter Engel had to explain that there were also four other judges in executive positions.
S02E05 Into the House 22/06/2004 They find out that their house looks like a haunted castle. Then they're paired up with a roommate. Their first task: performing at a Laundromat, not knowing that a talent scout is among them. She chooses the best performer to perform at Aspen. John Heffron and Bonnie McFarlane go head to head. 94% of the audience vote for John.
S02E06 The Tour Bus 29/06/2004 A yoga instructor lead some group meditation. This week's challenge: The comics work as tour guides on a Hollywood tour bus. Two would compete, each taking a turn giving a tour as the bus drove through the city. Then the tourists on the bus would vote. The loser would be dismissed while the winner would stay to face the next comic, until only one was left standing. Ant wins and is Immune from elimination for this week. The comics voted. When the votes were tallied, it was a tie between Tammy and Todd (3 to 3). They would then face each other in the head-to-head. 55% of the audience voted for Tammy.
S02E07 Roast Challenge 06/07/2004 This week's challenge was to roast a housemate at a Friars Club, with celebrity guest judges Norm Crosby, Phylis Diller, and Rich Little. The comics all ended up roasting Jay London. The judges picked Alonzo as the funniest roaster, meaning he received a free one year membership to the club, and Jay won immunity. When the voting was finished, Gary had the most votes. He went up against Ant, and Gary won with 73% of the audience vote.
S02E08 One for the Kids 13/07/2004 A dog becomes part of the household. A very surprising challenge – "their toughest challenge yet". After some speculation, a clown comes out followed by a bunch of excited kids. Each comic chooses a costume to wear and a name for their character. After performing, the kids place a sticker on the comic that they thought was funniest. The winner gets exemption and a 4-course meal at an expensive restaurant. In the voting for the head-to-head, Gary and Jay both get 2 votes. They pack their bags and get ready to compete.
S02E09 The Return of the Eliminated 20/07/2004 Jay Mohr arrives at the house to announce a surprise - those that were previously eliminated come back. Each eliminated comic would get a vote to help determine the head-to-head match up for the remaining six comics. For the final challenge, each comic would have to pitch a sitcom with himself or herself as the star. The videotaped pitches would be shown to a focus group, who would evaluate the show. The comic with the highest-rated pitch would win immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final five. Tammy wins. In the voting, John gets the most votes. He chooses Corey. Then in another twist, they vote for a three-way head-to-head. Alonzo is chosen.
S02E10 The Wild Card 27/07/2004 The five ousted comics get another shot. They all perform live for the chance to get back into the game. America votes.
S02E11 Wild Card Vote Results 29/07/2004 The eliminated comics perform again. The results are given, and the wild-card winner is revealed before a live television and theater audience.
S02E12 The Final Six 03/08/2004 The Final Six square off in another live performance.
S02E13 From 6 to 3 05/08/2004 After some stand-up routines, the results are revealed - and it's the end of the line for three of the Final Six.
S02E14 The Final Three 10/08/2004 Reviewing the past season, including never-before-seen clips. The final three battle it out in the ultimate showdown. Only one will be left standing.
S02E15 The Season Finale 12/08/2004 Before the results of America's voting are revealed, Dat Phan and Ralphie May, from season 2, perform. Then the 3 finalists perform one last time…
S04E01 Talent Scouts Look for Aspiring Comics 30/05/2006 Comics from across the nation compete in front of talent scouts to see who will move on to the semi-final round.
S04E02 Round One of the Semifinals 06/06/2006 Round one of the comic semi-finals begins, with special appearances by celebrity judges Kathy Griffin, Garry Marshall and Tim Meadows. Top comedians perform their funniest routines, with each hoping to secure a spot as a final contestant.
S04E03 Final Round of the Semifinals 13/06/2006 In the final round of the comic semi-finals, top comedians perform their funniest routines, but there is a surprise twist when the final contestants are ultimately revealed. Celebrity judges Kathy Griffin, Garry Marshall and Tim Meadows make special appearances.
S04E04 Fourth Episode of Season 4 20/06/2006 The twelve comedians assemble on the Queen Mary ocean liner in Long Beach, CA, which will serve as their home for the competition. After a heckling challenge, they face a double elimination.
S04E05 Fifth Episode of Season 4 27/06/2006 After one comic gets immunity for the best one-minute spot on Adam Carolla's radio show, the other comics vie to put up this week's competitors, from which two more are eliminated.
S04E06 Sixth Episode of Season 4 11/07/2006 This episode features a very special competition with all the comics roasting Gabriel. After someone breaks the rules, they are thrown off the show, before the head-to-head narrows down the remaining comics even more. Five comics remain to compete next week in the first round of the Last Comic Standing Finals, where America decides, who is the funniest?
S04E07 5 Comics Remain 18/07/2006 The five remaining comedians compete in the First Round of the Finals Competition with 5 minutes each for the right to stay in the competition. America will decide, who is the funniest, and one comic will be eliminated on next week's episode, where the four remaining will compete to win the title of "Last Comic Standing."
S04E08 The Final Four 25/07/2006 The episode starts out with the five remaining comics on stage to find out who received the least amount of votes from last week's America vote. The four remaining comedians then have five minutes each and America votes to decide who will remain in competition to be the "Last Comic Standing". Also appearing in this episode was former LCS contestant from Seasons 2-3: Gary Gulman.
S04E09 The Final Three 01/08/2006 The episode starts out with the four remaining comics on stage to find out who received the least amount of votes from last week's America vote. The three remaining comedians then have five minutes each and America votes to decide who will remain in competition to be the "Last Comic Standing".
S04E10 Season Finale (1) 08/08/2006 The Season Finale starts out with the three remaining comics on stage to find out who received the least amount of votes from last week's America vote. The final two comedians then perform to see who will be the named the "Last Comic Standing."
S04E11 Season Finale (2) 09/08/2006 In Part II of the Season Finale, the winner of the title of the "Last Comic Standing" is announced.
S05E01 Auditions 1 - New York City, Montreal, San Antonio 13/06/2007 In the fifth-season opener of "LCS," a global quest to find the funniest comic begins with star searches in New York City, Montreal, and San Antonio. Bill Bellamy takes over as the new host. Alonzo Bodden, Ant and Kathleen Madigan serve as talent scouts.
S05E02 Auditions 2 - New York City, Montreal, San Antonio 13/06/2007 In the fifth-season opener of "LCS," a global quest to find the funniest comic begins with star searches in New York City, Montreal, and San Antonio. Bill Bellamy takes over as the new host. Alonzo Bodden, Ant and Kathleen Madigan serve as talent scouts.
S05E03 Auditions 3 - Los Angeles, Australia 20/06/2007 A quest to discover comedic talent features a star search in Los Angeles and Australia.
S05E04 Auditions 4 - London, Minneapolis 27/06/2007 The global star search for comedic talent continues in London and Minneapolis.
S05E05 Auditions 5 - Tempe 11/07/2007 The talent scouts wrap up the international search in Tempe, Arizona. Five more contestants are chosen to move on to the semi-finals.
S05E06 Semi-Finals Part 1 18/07/2007 First Part of the Semi-Finals of Last Comic Standing
S05E07 Semi-Finals Part 2 25/07/2007 In this episode we will see the next group of semi-finalist battle to go into the next round.
S05E08 The Final 10 01/08/2007 The ten finalists are taken to Los Angeles, where they undergo their first challenge. The winner of the challenge receives immunity, and automatically goes on to the next round. Then, all the comics go into a voting booth and vote on who they think they can beat. The comic with the most votes picks two other comics, and three face off in a head to head challenge. The winner goes on, the other two go home.
S05E09 The Final 8 08/08/2007 The final 8 compete to remain in the competition in order to become the Last Comic Standing
S05E10 The Final 7 15/08/2007 The comedians compete in a speed-laugh competition to gain immunity followed by the closest head-to-head competition to date. Two comedians go home and the final 5 move on to next week
S05E11 The Final 5 22/08/2007 The final five contestants each get four minutes to show their stuff in front of a live audience and viewers from all over the world. The viewers vote online and by phone to choose the top four contestants to move on. Next episode, one contestant will be eliminated.
S05E12 The Final Four 29/08/2007 One contestant is voted off, and the other four perform again, competing for the world's votes.
S05E13 The Final Three 05/09/2007 One more contestant is voted off, and the final three compete again for the world's votes.
S05E14 The Final 2 12/09/2007 The final two comedians compete for the title of Last Comic Standing.
S05E15 The Finale 19/09/2007 Who will be named the Last Comic Standing for Season 5? Season Finale complete with special guest stars: Dane Cook, Frank Caliendo, Alonzo Bodden, Ant, Doug Benson, Carrot Top, Todd Glass, and more!
S06E01 Auditions 1 22/05/2008 Talent scouts begin their search for the Last Comic Standing. The search begins in New York City with talent scouts Richard Belzer and Steve Schirripa. The search then moves on to Tempe with talent scouts Fred Willard and Kathy Najimy.
S06E02 Auditions 2 29/05/2008 Last Comic Standing arrives in Los Angeles. Talent scouts Angela Kinsey and Oscar Nuñez from NBC's hit comedy The Office are the judges the comics need to impress. One of the first comedians, Ron G., opens with jokes about his dream-snatcher girlfriend and gets a pass to the evening showcase. The usual crazy comics are ever present. One guy doesn't even want to be a comic! Then there's the scary "mistress of death." Both are obvious no-nos. Amber Tozer manages to get through with jokes about her dysfunctional family. Adam Richmond, a naughty Jew who loves Jesus, makes the first cut as well.
S06E03 Auditions 3 05/06/2008 The hunt for the Last Comic Standing continues with auditions. French Stewart and Josh Gomez scout for talent in San Francisco, while Dave Foley and Richard Kind scout for talent just north of the border in Toronto.
S06E04 Auditions 4 12/06/2008 The hunt for the Last Comic Standing continues with auditions. Two former Cheers stars, George Wendt and John Ratzenberger, scout for talent in Nashville, while Kate Flannery and Brian Baumgartner scout for talent in Minneapolis.
S06E05 Auditions 5 19/06/2008 The Last Comic Standing continues their audtions with a special audtion session in Miami for international comics. Lonny Ross and Keith Powell will be the talent scouts who will decide which international comic will move onto the next round.
S06E06 Semifinals 26/06/2008 The comics have been chosen from the auditions, and the semifinals have now begun. The talent scouts appearing are Richard Belzer and Steve Schirripa as the comics now compete in Las Vegas to become the Last Comic Standing.
S06E07 Semifinals 2 03/07/2008 This is the second half of the semifinals round to determine the Last Comic Standing. Richard Belzer and Steve Schirripa return again for this second half of the semifinal round to help determine who moves on to the next round, and those who do not. At the end, only 12 comedy acts will move on to the next round and continue to compete to be the Last Comic Standing.
S06E08 Episode 8 10/07/2008 Contestants go head-to-head in three speed rounds, with the winner getting immunity from elimination.
S06E09 Episode 9 17/07/2008 The remaining comics must fill their shopping carts with props for a show they must perform for shoppers in a household goods store; comic Carrot Top judges the contestants on their success with the props; two comics are eliminated.
S06E10 Episode 10 24/07/2008 The eight remaining comics are surprised with a trip to the Playboy Mansion; the comics are asked to tell Hugh Hefner's girlfriends, Holly, Bridget and Kendra, a humorous bedtime story.
S06E11 Episode 11 31/07/2008 The five finalists are revealed.
S06E12 Season Finale 07/08/2008 Jon Lovitz and last season's winner, Jon Reep, perform; Gilbert Gottfried, Penn and Teller, Joel McHale and this season's top-12 finalists make special appearances; the winner is revealed.
S08E01 Premiere (Invitationals 1 & 2) 22/05/2014 Comics perform their funniest sets for the judges.
S08E02 Invitational 3 29/05/2014 Comics hope to advance to the semi-final round.
S08E03 Invitational 4 05/06/2014 The comics deliver their sets during the final round of invitationals.
S08E04 Semifinal Night 1 12/06/2014 Wanda Sykes and Amy Schumer mentor the comics before they perform in front of their largest audience yet.
S08E05 Semifinal Night 2 19/06/2014 Wanda Sykes and Amy Schumer mentor the comics before they perform in front of their largest audience yet.
S08E06 Challenge 1 - Sketch 26/06/2014 The contestants participate in a sketch comedy challenge; guest mentor Cheryl Hines.
S08E07 Challenge 2 - Talk Show 10/07/2014 Talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres puts the comics to the test; comic Wanda Sykes teaches the comics how to shine during interviews.
S08E08 Challenge 3 - Universal Tram Experience 17/07/2014 The seven remaining comics serve as tour guides on the Universal Studios tram tour; guest mentor Howie Mandel.
S08E09 Challenge 4 - Roast 24/07/2014 The comics, mentored by comic Jeff Ross, take part in a roast of Gilbert Gottfried; two comics compete in a showdown where one will be eliminated.
S08E10 Finals - Top 5 to 4 31/07/2014 Special guest Jay Leno holds a comic roundtable, kicking off the first finals round as the 5 remaining contestants return to the stage.
S08E11 Finals - Top 4 to 3 07/08/2014 It's down to the wire as Joe, Lachlan, Nikki, and Rod Man fight for their lives — and the final three spots.
S08E12 2 Hour Finale - Top 3 to 1 14/08/2014 The final three comics compete one last time; Roseanne Barr, Russell Peters, and the winner of the “Comic Comeback” online competition perform; the judges declare which comic will win the cash prize, talent deal, and television development deal.