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Six intrepid athletes, eight ancient sporting festivals, one victor; this is Last Man Standing. From an inter-village flag tournament in Senegal to the sacred Festival of Death in Brazil, Last Man Standing dares a unique group of western adventurers to rise to the challenge of some of the world’s most remote tribes. They will encounter the likes of wrestling, endurance running, archery and even bullock racing in the ultimate test of strength, skill, stamina and steel. However, not only their sporting prowess will be tested but their adaptability as they immerse themselves in the rites and the rituals that lie at the heart of each event. Stripped of all the trappings of western culture but the clothes on their back and having found their way to the remote locale our adventurers will be required to learn the ways of their hosts, living as they do. This includes hunting, dancing, black magic, indigenous drugs, piercing and even blood letting. We will follow them through every trial and tribulation as they train alongside past champions to ultimately compete against one another in each tribe’s ancient sporting event. Each experience is utterly transformational – for the mind, the body and the soul. Our courageous participants are Harvard skier Corey, gym-junkie Londoner Rajko, Floridian BMX-rider Jason, salsa-dancing, kick-boxing Brummie Mark, Oklahoman strongman Brad and Oxford theology graduate Richard. Over the course of eight weeks we will discover which of our adventurers have what it takes to be the last man standing.

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