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The longest running comedy series in the world started out, as many British comedy successes did, with a 1973 episode of the BBC series "Comedy Playhouse". The basis was simple but complex at the same time. It tells us the stories of three old men, who in all essence couldn't be more young at heart. The original trio consisted of Bill Owen, as Compo Simmonite, the scruffiest man in Yorkshire, with only two passions in life: his ferrets and Nora Batty (Kathy Staff). The second man of the group, Norman Clegg, played by Peter Sallis, was from the beginning shown as the most timid of the group, and also the one who gets carried away by the crazy ideas and schemes of his companions, which always seem to get him in trouble. Initially the third man of the group was Blamire, played by Michael Bates, but he was soon replaced by Foggy Dewhurst (Brian Wilde) who always seems to have a scheme or a story that somehow leads to his old days as a war hero... or so he says. In 1986 Bri


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S03E01 The Man from Oswestry 27/10/1976 Compo is bored. Since Cyril Blamire left for Oswestry, to live with a woman, things have been a bit too calm for him in town. but soon, Clegg brings the solution to all their boredom. a letter from Blamire asking them to welcome home an old fried of his, called Foggy Dewhurst, and help him cope with the sudden changes in his life, after he was more or less forced to retire. Compo and Clegg meet with the new ""third man"", the war hero Foggy Dewhurst, who because of his peculiar life, and his endless wartime stories soon makes his presence noted around town. his military posture, and his ""murderous"" impulses only get him in a fight with Big Malcolm, and his military precison doesn't seem to be a great help, when the trio tries to carry Foggy's heavy war time luggage up a hill.
S03E02 Mending Stuart's Leg 06/11/1976 Mr Wainright is back in town, and quickly throws the trio out of the library. The trio goes back to the Cafe, where Ivy is having the usual battle of witts with Sid. there they meet with Stuart, and old man who's having a strange click in his leg. Later the trio helps Sid to mend a whole in the roof of the Cafe, with the usual disastrous results. Meanwhile Wainright dates the new female librarian.
S03E03 The Great Boarding House Bathroom Caper 10/11/1976 The trio takes takes a little holiday in Scarborough, but what's the deal with Compo's cardboard box?
S03E04 Cheering Up Gordon 17/11/1976 When the trio notices Compo's nephew Gordon is depressed they come up with various ways of cheering him up.
S03E05 The Kink in Foggy's Niblick 24/11/1976 When Foggy discovers his old golf clubs in the attic of his home, he takes Compo, Clegg and Sid for a little practice of "the noble sport".
S03E06 Going To Gordon's Wedding 01/12/1976 It's Gordon's wedding day and, as always, problems are near. This time they appear with a face and a name: Big Malcolm. As always it's up to the trio to see that the wedding ends properly, but not without some incidents in between.
S03E07 Isometrics and After 08/12/1976 Foggy decides Compo and Clegg are not as fit as they should be. The path back to physical fitness is isometrics-or is it? maybe...not.
S09E01 Why Does Norman Clegg Buy Ladies' Elastic Stockings? 04/01/1986 Clegg has to deliver a note to Marina in the supermarket. Can Seymour invent something highly original to justify all the security?
S09E02 The Heavily Reinforced Bottom 11/01/1986 A rotting old boat is made to float...sometimes most unsuccessfully.
S09E03 Dried Dates and Codfanglers 18/01/1986 Why has Compo just thrown something of great sentimental into Seymour's pond?
S09E04 The Really Masculine Purse 25/01/1986 Compo willingly agrees to 'road-test' Seymour's new concept of a gentleman's purse - especially as there will be real money provided in it.
S09E05 Who's Feeling Ejected Then? 01/02/1986 Will Seymour's car safety device really make him rich and famous? His ""guinea pig"" may not agree
S09E06 The Ice-Cream Man Cometh 08/02/1986 Remember when you could buy ice cream from the man on the tricycle? This episode will refresh your memories for sure
S09E07 Set the People Free 15/02/1986 The trio devise a plan to ""spring"" Howard and Wally for a few hours of freedom.
S09E08 Go with the Flow 22/02/1986 It's rather difficult selling tickets for the church's Beatrix Potter evening-until someone comes up with an idea to set Compo scurrying.
S09E09 Jaws 01/03/1986 Seymour insists Edie must be upto date with his latest design in waste disposal.
S09E10 Edie and the Automobile 08/03/1986 Eddie learns to drive, so obvious disaster is expected
S09E11 Wind Power 15/03/1986 How can Seymour harness the power of the wind for the benefit of mankind? Once again, Compo is the ""test pilot""
S09E12 When You Take a Good Bite of Yorkshire, It Tastes Terrible 22/03/1986 old chum Bill Henry dies in America, which prompts Clegg to take Compo and Seymour on a sentimental journey.
S09E13 Merry Christmas, Father Christmas (1986 Christmas Special) 28/12/1986 Seymour plans to put some magic back into Christmas and Santa back where he belongs-on the rooftops not on a bicycle.
S09E14 Big Day at Dream Acres (1987 Christmas Special) 31/12/1987 it's the annual garden fete at Dream Acres, featuring Nora as VIP waitress and a tramp who has taken a special interest in one particular donkey."Movie length" 90 minute Christmas Special.
S12E01 Return of the Warrior 02/09/1990 Seymour leaves to look after a school. Will life be boring for Compo and Clegg? Not for long, as Foggy Dewhirst returns to the fold.
S12E02 Come In, Sunray Major 09/09/1990 Foggy has an idea to use portable radios to improve communications.
S12E03 The Charity Balls 16/09/1990 When Foggy hears about an athletic charity drive, he enters Compo and Clegg despite their wishes. An ""injured"" howard drops out of the race and stops to recover in this young lady's refreshment stand. How refreshed can one man get? This episode includes one of the funniest Eli gags ever, but you have to wait through the credits to catch it.
S12E04 Walking Stiff Can Make You Famous 23/09/1990 Foggy is upset because he's not famous for anything-so he invents the sport of bicycle polo.
S12E05 That's Not Captain Zero 30/09/1990 Our trio helps Captain Zero when his vehicle breaks down but don't reckon on him getting drunk.
S12E06 Das Welly Boot 07/10/1990 Ivy lets Foggy fix her toaster, and it goes to his flippin' head. Now he thinks he can restore the tatty sunken boat he's found at the bottom of the lake. He actually accomplishes even this, so Compo decides he must get Nora Batty into the boat alone with him. But surely Nora knows better-- she'll have to be tricked.
S12E07 The Empire That Foggy Nearly Built 14/10/1990 After a heated encounter with two motorists, Foggy decides there must be money to be made providing parking spaces.
S12E08 The Last Surviving Maurice Chevalier Impression 21/10/1990 To stop Nora taking him for granted, Compo becomes a TV star for the day doing his legendary impression.
S12E09 Roll On 28/10/1990 Having learned absolutely nothing from ""The Charity Balls"" just a few episodes back, Foggy tries to assert the boys' athletic prowess yet again, this time in a downhill barrel-rolling competition.
S12E10 A Landlady for Smiler 04/11/1990 Compo is more than a little concerned when Smiler moves in as Nora Batty's lodger
S12E11 Barry's Christmas (1990 Christmas Special) 27/12/1990 Is Barry taking the spirit of Christmas too far when he's found ""sleeping it off"" in the pub wearing a Santa suit?
S14E01 By the Magnificent Thighs of Ernie Burniston 25/10/1992 Is Ernie Burniston's fitness all a bluff? To prove it, Foggy uses Compo as his ""guinea pig.""
S14E02 Errol Flynn Used to Have a Pair Like That 01/11/1992 After overhearing a conversation between Nora and a neighbour, Compo discovers that Nora has a weakness for men in riding gear.
S14E03 The Phantom of the Graveyard 08/11/1992 Compo, Clegg and Foggy prepare to pay their respects to an old teacher, but why is Howard so keen to go?
S14E04 The Self-Propelled Salad Strainer 15/11/1992 Wesley's weird new invention might score Compo some presentation points when he gives Nora some flowers.
S14E05 Ordeal by Trousers 22/11/1992 Are Foggy's war stories true? Compo and Clegg decide to submit him to an old school ritual to discover the truth.
S14E06 Happy Birthday, Howard 29/11/1992 Clegg is the unwilling guardian of a giant stuffed panda bear, Marina's birthday present to Howard that must be delivered without Pearl catching on.
S14E07 Who's Got Rhythm? 06/12/1992 Compo is broke again so to earn some easy money, he visits AuntieWainwright and becomes a one-man band.
S14E08 Camera Shy 13/12/1992 When Foggy buys a video camera from Auntie Wainwright, it seemsno-one is safe from his prying eye-especially Howard and Marina.
S14E09 Wheelies 20/12/1992 When Auntie Wainwright forces a gigantic tractor wheel on the trio, Foggy decides to make the best of it by crafting a vehicle out of it.
S14E10 Stop That Castle 26/12/1992 Foggy is left in charge of arranging the local gala. All goeswell until he accidentally punctures the bouncy castle!
S15E01 How to Clear Your Pipes 24/10/1993 Now Foggy's on about Compo and Clegg being out of shape again, and he ends up putting them through an exhaustive training course that leaves them trapped inside sewer pipes. Howard's latest subterfuge has him publicizing the bicycle race he and Marina are ""participating"" in, but he does it a little too well this time.
S15E02 Where There's Smoke, There's Barbecue 31/10/1993 The trio gets a gas grill from Auntie Wainwright, but its alarming potency brings an explosive touch to their barbecue. Howard is busy making improvements on his love-nest. Will it enflame Marina's passions, or just enflame Marina? And how did Howard end up with a wooden leg?
S15E03 The Black Widow 07/11/1993 Too much home brew at a funeral tea leaves Compo and Foggy havingto rescue Clegg from the arms of an amorous widow.
S15E04 Have You Got a Light Mate? 14/11/1993 Smiler is selling security lights. Howard is determined to buy Marina a china shepherdess-if he can persuade Clegg to visit Auntie Wainwright's.
S15E05 Stop That Bath 21/11/1993 The trio finds they are involved in yet another of Howard's schemes to get a present to Marina-this time a cast iron bath!
S15E06 Springing Smiler 28/11/1993 Smiler is sick of living in misery with Nora Batty and will hand over 50 quid to anyone who will help him move out and live in misery someplace else. Foggy has a plan to get Smiler thrown out, but will Compo murder Smiler before they can put it into action?
S15E07 Concerto for Solo Bicycle 05/12/1993 Foggy comes up with the crazy idea of bicycle safety underwearafter he collides with Compo riding his old bike.
S15E08 There Are Gypsies at the Bottom of Our Garden 12/12/1993 Dewhirst's Nature Tours"" are launched by Foggy after he believes he's discovered the nesting place of a giant woodpecker.
S15E09 Aladdin Gets on Your Wick 19/12/1993 After seeing a man on a sailboard, Foggy has the idea of inventing a three-man version.
S15E10 Welcome to Earth 27/12/1993 Compo, Clegg and Foggy encounter a stranger from the Heckmondwike Extraterrestrial Club who foresees aliens landing in Yorkshire.
S15E11 The Man Who Nearly Knew Pavarotti 01/01/1995 When the trio meets entertainer Billy Ingleton, Foggy finds himself becoming a concert promoter.
S16E01 The Glory Hole 08/01/1995 Foggy grows dafter and is lately only interested in standing in a pit at a construction site because it reminds him of a foxhole in the war. Compo and Clegg get roped into his plans to recreate a battle scene. Are they headed for triumph, or is Triumph headed for them?
S16E02 Adopted by a Stray 15/01/1995 In the pub, the trio run across a scruffy old man looking for the wilderness. Foggy tries to avoid him, certain he's looking for a handout, but a curious Compo and Clegg learn it's just the opposite...he wants to abandon all his worldly possessions! They quickly take him up on the offer, not realizing that among those possessions is the man's wife. Their horror mounts as she follows them wordlessly around town.
S16E03 The Defeat of the Stoneworm 22/01/1995 Howard, proving that idiots aren't necessarily bereft of imagination in extreme circumstances, invents a local pest called a ""stoneworm"" in one of his lamest efforts yet to fool Pearl. But wonders will never cease- soon people all around town are wondering if their homes are infested.
S16E04 Once in a Moonlit Junkyard 29/01/1995 Compo briefly casts Nora aside for a biker. But is he ready to cast aside his ragged trousers for a pair of leather chaps? Meanwhile, Clegg thinks he might just have escaped the clutches of Auntie Wainwright...but she turns up in the most unexpected places.
S16E05 The Space Ace 05/02/1995 Well, the trio was about due for a run-in with another village idiot. The latest one tumbles down hills in a trashbin. He wants to become an astronaut- the trio just gets him drunk instead.
S16E06 The Most Powerful Eyeballs in West Yorkshire 12/02/1995 After seeing Howard fail in his attempts at hypnotism, Foggy becomes convinced he's a master at the art. but his attempts to practice on strangers backfire totally.
S16E07 The Dewhursts of Ogleby Hall 19/02/1995 Foggy's become interested in his lineage and is positive he's related to the Dewhirsts living on a big estate nearby. Compo spots Nora eyeing some hats in a shop window and concludes that a hat is his ticket to winning Nora's heart. Foggy offers to help buy one if Compo assists him in his scheme to make a good impression on the Dewhirsts of Ogleby Hall. Also in this plot-heavy episode, Marina is looking for love with a taller man, but a note declaring her intentions gets misrouted.
S16E08 The Sweet Smell of Excess 26/02/1995 Compo's inexpert attempt at constructing a homemade trampoline sets off a series of unfortunate mishaps.
S17E01 Leaving Home Forever or Till Teatime 03/09/1995 This time's for real! Howard's had enough of Pearl and decides to leave home forever. It's up to the trio to get the couple back together, when it's visible that Howard misses Pearl more than he thought he would
S17E02 Bicycle Bonanza 10/09/1995 Foggy thinks the trio should be more in contact with the wilderness, so he thinks of the ideal plan, counting with Auntie Wainright's bycicle bonanza, a map, and a basket of sandwiches
S17E03 The Glamour of the Uniform 17/09/1995 Marina leaves Howard for good this time. he suspects that she has been seeing another man, and asks for the help of the trio to get her back. Foggy feels that what Howard needs is a bit of ""the glamour of the uniform"". Auntie Wainright's new established costume department might be just the perfect place to find it
S17E04 The First Human Being to Ride a Hill 24/09/1995 when Pearl starts getting suspicious of Howard's affair once again, she locks his bycicle. It's now up to the trio to come up with a secret bycicle for Howard, which turns out to be a little more secret than they'd have thought
S17E05 Captain Clutterbuck's Treasure 01/10/1995 When word comes around that there's a treasure buried in town, it's up to the trio to go and find it. to do so they need the help of the one man that has the *only* map, Leftenant Comander Willaghby (Royal Navy, retired). it's up to Foggy to pay the 30 pounds the map's worth. the problem is... how many maps were sold in the first place? Foggy vows not to be near one cash dispenser again...
S17E06 Desperate for a Duffield 08/10/1995 When Compo reaches a crucial point in his ""relationship"" with Nora Batty, and realises he's not going anywhere with her, he decides to go looking for his old ""girlfriends"" from his school days, with whom he expects to get a more ""personal"" relationship. it turns out he wasn't really ready for some of the surprises he encounters after all these years... people DO change sometimes
S17E07 The Suit That Turned Left 15/10/1995 the trio comes across a very weird scientist and his anusual new invention. Meanwhile Wesley's new suit causes some trouble during the ladies outing.
S17E08 Beware of the Elbow 22/10/1995 the trio encounters a man, and his inflatable doll, which creates some natural curiosity among the three elders
S17E09 The Thing in Wesley's Shed 29/10/1995 when wesley starts acting very weird about some new invention he has in his shed, the trio tries to find out what kind of invention is he working on.
S17E10 Brushes at Dawn 05/11/1995 when a local man ""takes advantage"" of Nora Batty, Compo defies him to a duel. will he win? he sure gets a kiss from Nora in the end.
S17E11 A Leg Up for Christmas (1995 Christmas Special) 25/12/1995 While trying to get himself fit for Christmas, Howard ends uo with a broken leg.
S17E12 Extra! Extra! (1996 Christmas Special) 29/12/1996 All types of strange creatures seem to be parading themselves through town. The reason? A new film's being made. All the locals get involved on the production of the film. Pearl puts a secret electric device on Howard's bycicle, so she can track him down, when he escapes her.
S18E01 The Love-Mobile 20/04/1997 The trio comes across a mobile ""lonely hearts agency. this time it seem it's the owners of the agency who need a bit of marital advice. Smiler tries to get rid of a tandem Auntie Wainright sold him. he ends up being the perfect client for the lonely hearts agency
S18E02 A Clean Sweep 27/04/1997 An unlucky chimney sweep is in town and Foggy finds him a good old fashioned chimney to sweep.
S18E03 The Mysterious C. W. Northrop 04/05/1997 Ivy's getting some love letters from a mysterious man that calls himself C. W Northrop. the trio wants to know who this person really is, and end up having a little surprise
S18E04 A Double for Howard 11/05/1997 When Pearl's ""security"" at home becomes too much for Howard to handle and Pearl starts suspecting his furtive encounters with Marina, the trio tries to find a double for Howard, so Pearl can see them together, and think she was mistaken all these years, regarding Howard's secret love
S18E05 How to Create a Monster 18/05/1997 The trio tries to make Smiler become more agressive, so he can stand up to Auntie Wainright, but they end up getting a little more than they asked for
S18E06 Deviations with Davenport 25/05/1997 the trio gets lost in the woods with Mr Davenport, a man in serarch of wisdom
S18E07 According to the Prophet Bickerdyke 01/06/1997 Glenda forces Barry to ask Wesley to "listen" to the car engine. Foggy, Norman and Compo meet a man who is obsessed with an end of the world prophecy. Auntie Wainwright send Smiler out to stalk a customer that escaped her shop without purchasing anything.
S18E08 Next Kiss Please 08/06/1997 Compo bets Foggy he can get Nora batty to kiss him before sun set. will he manage to win the bet?
S18E09 Destiny and Six Bananas 15/06/1997 When a primate is said to be loose in the local woods Foggy organises a search party, accompained of course with the right uniform and military discipline
S18E10 A Sidecar Named Desire 22/06/1997 Remembering Nora used to enjoy a ride on a motorbike and sidecar when her husband was alive, Compo hires a motorbike from Auntie Wainright, and envites Nora for a ride. Wesley tries to fix Barry's car (again), with disastrous results
S18E11 There Goes the Groom 29/12/1997 Compo and Clegg are getting ready to attend the stag night of Edie Pegden's Niece's husband to be, but when Compo's ferret, Stella, gets lose, they need to turn their attentions to making sure Compo's front door is on securely! Arriving late, Compo and Clegg find that the majority of the crowd have already had quite a lot to drink and one of the few still standing is Herbert Truelove, former policeman recently returned from his time in London back to his roots in Yorkshire. Clegg receives a phone call from Foggy who has been taken away to Blackpool by the post lady and is now, engaged quite by accident, to be married.
S19E01 Beware the Oglethorpe 04/01/1998 Clegg, Compo and Truly bump into an old school mate, who now has a miserable and peacful life. Compo's affraid to become like him, so he tries to think of ways to improve the trio's daily routine. the trio ends up rolling down a hill, as they did when they were children, but their age proves to speak louder than their will for adventure
S19E02 Tarzan of the Towpath 11/01/1998 the trio ends up rolling down a hill, instead of walking down it, as they did when they were children, but their age proves to speak louder than their will for adventure. Barry's is asked by Howard to deliver a message to Marina. Not wanting to take this responsibility Barry asks Eli to deliver it. he gets the women mixed up, and Howard ends up meeting a ""big"" woman. Nora Batty's asked to walk on Compo's spine, as a way to mend his ailing back
S19E03 Truly and The Hole Truth 18/01/1998 Compo wants to buy a present for Nora but has no money. Auntie Wainright search Compo's house for something of value to swap for the gift. Truly misses his life as a police officer, and regrets not being recognized for something heroic during his police force service. He and Clegg wonder through town in search of ""an accident waiting to happen"", so he can prevent it, and be regarded a loval hero he even calls the local paper. However it's not HIS face who ends up on the front page.
S19E04 Oh Howard, We Should Get One of Those 25/01/1998 Wesley's new creation, a bed on wheels, causes great success. particularly with Compo, who wants to be the first one to try it, providing he can find the right partner. this time he DOES end up in bed with Nora... for a while anyway
S19E05 The Suit That Attracts Blondes 01/02/1998 Glenda gives one of Barry's old suits to the jumble sale, because she thinks it attracts blondes. Compo ends up buying the suit, with money from Truly and Clegg, and he DOES end up being chased by a blonde. Compo gives Nora Batty her last chance. when she turns him down, he starts searching for other women he dated when he was young, hoping to find the right one to marry him
S19E06 The Only Diesel Saxophone in Captivity 08/02/1998 Barry buys a new saxophone from auntie Wainright. Glenda doesn't let him play indoors, so he has to find a spot outside to practice. the problem starts when Barry discovers in what type of case the saxophone comes in. Compo and an old local man start a competition to see which one of them is in better shape. the challenges include, finding out who can climb a tree faster (problem is climbing down again), and who can go downhill faster, using Wesley's new invention. of course the winner is never found for various disastrous reasons
S19E07 Perfection - Thy Name Is Ridley 15/02/1998 When the local ladies start to gain some interest for a man named Walter Ridley, it's up for the trio to try and find out why he's so highly regarded by all the local women
S19E08 Nowhere Particular 22/02/1998 Howard buys a new van, as part of his new scheme to be left in peace with Marina. he even buys some furniture to put on the back of the van, to make it ""a little more comfortable"". unfortunately the engine is not up to the test of those hills, and they end up coming down faster than they went up. Truly and Clegg spend the day dealing with a problem regarding Clegg's taxes
S19E09 From Audrey Nash to the Widow Dilhooley 01/03/1998 An old sweetheart of Truly is back in town, after many years living abroad. he spends the day preparing for their reunion, but he certainly takes more than he expected when he sees former Audrey Nash, now known as ""the Widow Dilhooley""
S19E10 Support Your Local Skydiver 08/03/1998 Nora Batty gets a postcard from a Gladwin in Cannary Islands. Compo's jealous, and tries to find something to win her heart back. first he tries to sing, but recieves a ""wet response"". than he finds an airman uniform on Auntie Wainright's shop, and tries his luck at skydiving, with disastrous results Howard enlists Truly's help in yet another scheme to fool Pearl about his outdor activities. he asks him to tell Pearl he's his security advisor. Wesley has a new invention, and he asks Barry to be the one to test it.
S20E01 The Pony Set 18/04/1999 When Compo decides to take up horseriding lessons to impress Nora Batty, It's up to Clegg and Truly to help him. for that they buy Auntie Wainright's wooden horse. the problems start when it's wheels prove to be too much of a ride
S20E02 How Errol Flynn Discovered the Secret Scar of Nora Batty 25/04/1999 The trio comes across a man dressed as Robin Hood Compo knows that Nora has a birth mark on one of her knees, but can't remember on which one, so he thinks of a way discover it
S20E03 Who's Thrown Her Tom Cruise Photos Away? 02/05/1999 Howard's having some trouble regarding his love life with MArina. And this time is serious, she's thrown away her Tom Cruise photos. it's up to the trio to find a way to get the pair back together. they come up with a plan envolving a very ugly blonde woman...
S20E04 What's Happened to Barry's Nose? 16/05/1999 Truly tries to help Barry become more confident, but things turn nasty leading to some damage to Barry's nose.
S20E05 Optimism in the Housing Market 23/05/1999 Smiler injures his foot while selling door to door for Auntie Wainwright. The trio tries to assist him in recovering from his injury, with disastrous results.
S20E06 Will Barry Go Septic Despite Listening to Classical Music? 30/05/1999 Compo, Clegg, Truly and Wesley meet a man with an earthquake detector and Barry spends the episode with his arm in a sling.
S20E07 Beware the Vanilla Slice 06/06/1999 Compo tries to resurrect the ancient art of Thumpy Dub.Auntie Wainwright sells Truly a broken lawn mower.Marina buys two vanilla slices from Ivy in the cafe, who is the other one for?..Glenda is relieved when Barry prefers an éclair, but Pearl isn't so happy when Howard has vanilla slice crumbs around his mouth.
S20E08 Howard Throws a Wobbler 13/06/1999 Howard is suspicious when Pearl suddenly starts looking glamorous and very happy, he is so concerned he sends Compo to meet Marina to tell her he can't make it for their rendezvous and then recruits Clegg, Truly and Wesley to follow Pearl with him to see what she is up to.Meanwhile Barry goes missing after leaving for a jog, Glenda recruits Edie, Ivy, and Nora to help look for him unaware that Auntie Wainwright has recruited him to help her and Smiler collect some furniture.
S20E09 The Phantom Number 14 Bus 20/06/1999 Compo, Clegg and Truly meet a man who wants to solve the mystery of the phantom number 14 bus, meanwhile Smiler has to deliver some furniture to the notorious Cooper Street. Pearl makes Howard sell off his collection of glue and Compo also ponders that great question... Has Nora Batty got a tattoo?
S20E10 Ironing Day 27/06/1999 Clegg tackles his ironing and ends up ironing for Howard too after he falls into a river. Smiler gets tiddly on two very small glasses of Auntie Wainwrights home made wine and Barry takes up dog walking and ends up with a kiss from Marina and a telling off from Glenda.
S20E11 Last Post and Pigeon 02/01/2000 Compo is selected to travel to France with a group of local WWII veterans, only to have the offer withdrawn when the organisers realize how scruffy he looks. The local ladies take pity on him and collect enough money for him to go, and Truly and Clegg join him for the trip. Meanwhile, Edie's long-estranged sister Ros shows up in town, ready to make amends with Edie and possibly settle down again. Edie, angry at her for leaving her husband and devastating their mother, isn't interested in reconnecting. In France, the trio has two goals: to release Billy Hardcastle's homing pigeon and to revisit a spot Compo and some of his fellow soldiers camped overnight after a grueling escape from the Germans. There's just one snag: Compo doesn't remember where it is.
S21E01 Lipstick and Other Problems 02/04/2000 Truly tries to fix Clegg's Vacum Cleaner. Compo and Howard get into a fight with a big man. Barry gets in trouble, because he's ""caught"" by Marina, as she kisses him, and leaves traces of her lipstick on his mouth. in order to explain this to Glenda he enlists the help of the trio, and they start spreding the rumor that the kisses are for ""charity purposes"" Auntie Wainright sells a motorbike to two policeman
S21E02 Under the Rug 09/04/2000 Howard has a wig delivered to Clegg's, but when Pearl is suspicious Clegg has to not only pretend ownership of it, but be seen wearing it, much to Truly's amusement. Howard is only persuaded to reclaim the wig after the trio arrange for Smiler to wear it and Marina to kiss him. Meanwhile Barry tries and fails to be master of his own home, and Compo offers himself to Nora Batty as a "limited sale".
S21E03 Magic and the Morris Minor 16/04/2000 Our trio helps a middle-aged couple get their old car out of a field, but the wife insists she's recieving ancient telepathic messages through its hubcap. Or is she making it up as an excuse to chase after a certain younger gentleman? Meanwhile, Auntie Wainwright is trying to vanquish her demons by splurging on Ivy's most expensive cream cake.
S21E04 Elegy for Fallen Wellies 23/04/2000 After seeing Nora Batty dressed in a ""sexy"" outfit, Compo's heart doesn't live up to the excitement. He dies a happy man! His friends show him their respects, and 200 pairs of white overalls provide an ideal goodbye to Compo...
S21E05 Surprise at Throstlenest 30/04/2000 Clegg, Truly and Barry spend the day trying to find someone to take care of Compo's ferrets. they end up finding the ideal person for the task, encovering also a secret that Compo kept for quite some time
S21E06 Just a Small Funeral 07/05/2000 It's Compo's funeral day, and all his friends come to pay their last respects to the ""little scuffy one"". even Auntie Wainright closes the shop to attend his funeral... one of the best send off episodes to a lovely character and actor. RIP Compo.
S21E07 From Here to Paternity 14/05/2000 Compo recieves a personal letter after all these years. when Clegg and Truly open it they discover Compo's biggest secret: he has a son. the son, Tom, wrote to Compo, because after all the years of separation he hoped he and his father could get together. When Tom arrives in town it's up for the pair of them to give him the shocking news.
S21E08 Some Vans Can Make You Deaf 21/05/2000 Clegg, Truly and Wesley help Tom find a new exaust for his van. Howard discovers the simple pleasures, by having breakfast on the terrace. The ladies meet an adition to their tea party.
S21E09 Waggoner's Roll 28/05/2000 Tom and Barry attempt to turn a reluctant Babs into a showbiz star.
S21E10 I Didn't Know Barry Could Play 04/06/2000 Glenda buys Barry a white suit to go on a picnic but he ends up with Clegg, Truly and Wesley at the station collecting an organ for Tom. Howard buys some platform shoes from Auntie Wainwright to make him taller.
S22E01 Getting Barry's Goat 01/04/2001 In this episode, Tom carries a fake dog around and attempts to be like his father, Compo and climb a tree as persuaded by Clegg and Truly. Also, Tom is keeping some of his personal property at Barry's house, including a Goat that Glenda does not approve of when she sees it in the garage. A Repoman, who is trying to find Tom, cannot find him until the end when Clegg, Billy, and Truly take Tom's dog and place it under the tire of the Repoman's car. Very funny ending!
S22E02 The Art of the Shorts Story 08/04/2001 Howard has lost his boxer shorts and Pearl is upset at him. But it turns out she hid them from him just to keep him on his toes. Barry wants to become thin and Tom and Mrs. Avery help him out by being his personal fitness trainers. The Trio help Howard figure out a way to prove to Pearl that he's found his shorts so the trio helps him out. Howard borrows some boxer shorts from Billy and then he shows them to Pearl. She tells him to put them on and when he does (Note that Billy's legs are very long) the boxer shorts go from his waist down to his ankles almost! Howard is very embarrased!
S22E03 The Missing Bus of Mrs. Avery 15/04/2001 Howard is filled with cheer because Pearl, Ivy, Roz, Glenda, Nora and the girls are going on a nice outdoor picnic. He has his chance with Marina alone - finally! But his plan backfires because he pushes Marina off the wall they were eating on when he sees the bus Pearl is riding on. Meanwhile, Petal drives the bus and can't get her left and right worked out correctly. Later on she misses a turn and gets out all flustered and when she looks back the bus is gone. Meanwhile the Clegg, Truly, Billy, Tom and Smiler test out an off-road bike and Barry goes out golfing and is sick of Glenda ringing him on his cellphone, which bothers the captain of the golf course.
S22E04 Hey! Big Vendor 22/04/2001 Wesley has a ""Go anywhere"" coffee vending machine, which is successful at first, but after trying it at the ladies' Jumbo Sale and the Golf Course it finally blows up, which is a huge embarrassment for Barry, who is trying to be on the captain's good side, like Petal said after she gave him a palm reading. Before, Glenda rang Barry right when the golf captain was about to make a shot, which made him angry.
S22E05 Enter the Hawk 29/04/2001 Multiple things are going on in this episode, which make this episode so great! First, Auntie Wainwright takes a half hour break from the shop, leaving Smiler in charge, and is impatient for the half hour to be over so she can go back to work. Smiler gets very upset of her calling him every five minutes! Pearl thinks Howard is a bit overactive and cheerful so she fixes him a big supper to slow him down, but that doesn't stop him from seeing Marina! Barry wants a new suit to look more of an ""executive type person"" but Glenda refuses him to buy it. He buys it anyways and goes along with the Trio and Tom around town, testing the suit out, and everyone thinks Barry has gone to a funeral! After yelling at him, Glenda thinks that she was too harsh on him and sets out with Wesley and Edie looking for him. Petal and Tom start Ace Carpeting, which the van is in very poorly shape, so they get Wesley to fix it. In the end, Howard and Marina are together and Pearl spots them, so they bike for i
S22E06 Gnome and Away 06/05/2001 Howard buys a Gnome for Marina and tries to keep it from Pearl. The trio helps him take it away. Smiler ends up taking it and Marina gets attracted to him, and then to other people who own the exact same Gnome!
S22E07 A Hair of the Blonde That Bit You 13/05/2001 Pearl finds a blonde hair and assumes it's Howard seeing another woman. Pearl wants to go to the coast to be loved but Howard and Marina work it out.
S22E08 A White Sweater and a Solicitor's Letter 20/05/2001 Tom recieves a Solicitor's letter, which says he has recieves a big screen television set, which he ends up giving to Eli, and Barry takes up flying, which is just a model airplane. Also, Howard wants Norman to play Tennis so he can play Tennis with Marina, who gets sick of it and then ends up flying with Barry.
S22E09 Why Is Barry at an Angle? 27/05/2001 Barry needs to collect overdue insurance from someone he has never met, so Clegg, Truly, and Billy help him stand up (at an angle) and be brave and make a call to his house with confidence. He's at an angle because the Trio got Barry drunk.
S22E10 The Coming of the Beast 03/06/2001 To excite more in the village Truly stops a common citizen, which happens to be Billy Ingleton, the man who almost knew Pavaroti, in a car and warns him about ""The Tiger"". Billy gets worried and gets pulled over again. The Rumor spreads across town and Howard buys things from Auntie Wainright to protect him and MARINA against the tiger! In the end everyone fears ""The tiger""
S22E11 Potts in Pole Position 30/12/2001 A woman dispatches the gang to find her husband who is in training for an Antarctic expedition.
S23E01 A Brief Excursion in the Fast Lane 06/01/2002 When Barry has a mid-life crisis and becomes interested in fast cars, Glenda worries that she will not be exciting enough for him.
S23E02 The Mystical Squeak of Howard's Bicycle 13/01/2002 When Howard's bicycle starts squeaking around Pearl, he worries that it is some kind of curse. He decides to get the bicycle exorcised by a local expert - Norman Clegg...
S23E03 Mervyn Would Be Proud 20/01/2002 Billy is being followed by a fan as a result of - after having one too many in the pub - bragging that himself, Clegg and Truly are the three surviving descendants of Robin Hood's men. Howard, meanwhile, is concerned that Pearl doesn't love him any more - she only gave him one fried tomato for breakfast!
S23E04 The Incredible Ordeal of Norman Clegg 27/01/2002 Clegg is dismayed when Howard leaves with him a ""picnic accessory"" which he plans to collect later - Marina! He will only collect her when Pearl is safely away, but that could be some time, as the ladies are coming to tea next door. Auntie Wainwright's advertising dummy becomes key in the plan as Truly and Billy help Clegg get free of the imposed house guest.
S23E05 Beware of the Hot Dog 03/02/2002 Wesley and Barry come up with a winning idea to sell hot dogs to tourists from Wesley's new wheelbarrow. Meanwhile, Clegg, Truly and Tom turn their thoughts to Nora Batty's life in Australia and remember Compo.
S23E06 In Search of Childlike Joy and the Farthest Reaches of the Lotus Position 10/02/2002 An unhappy Smiler is cheered by one of Wesley's inventions, a trolley. All that is needed is a hill and some driving skills...
S23E07 A Chaise Longue Too Far 17/02/2002 One of Glenda's unwanted anniversary presents proves to be useful in strange ways, especially as Howard becomes trapped in his own bathroom...
S23E08 Exercising Father's Bicycle 24/02/2002 Tom fancies emulating the achievements of his father, and asks Clegg and Truly for stories of what Compo could do on his bicycle...
S23E09 Sadly, Madly, Bradley 03/03/2002 When Billy's brother Bradley arrives on the scene, not even Clegg and Truly can bring a smile to his dour face. Meanwhile, an inflatable feeding trough poses logistical nightmares for Wesley and Auntie Wainwright...
S23E10 It All Began with an Old Volvo Headlamp 10/03/2002 When a man needs to be alone with his thoughts, help is on hand to provide the right atmosphere - but noone counts on him becoming the 'Wise Man Of The Woods'...
S24E01 A Musical Passing for a Miserable Muscroft 29/12/2002 When Nora Batty books Billy Ingleton's organ for a charity fair, she badly underestimates how much of an attraction it will be... Marina declines to go out with Howard because she's caught the showbiz bug, and is rehearsing a play at the local church. Howard asks the trio to help him think of something "showbizzy" they can do together.
S24E02 The Lair of the Cat Creature 05/01/2003 Alvin the Birdman crashes from the skies into the lives of Truly, Clegg and Billy. He thinks he has landed in France, and has thus broken the long-distance hang-gliding record. After breaking the news about the failure of his flight, the wily trio desperately try to find something that he can be first at. Rumours of a mystery cat creature lurking in the nearby woods gives them the perfect opportunity. Can Alvin turn stalker to identify the beast?
S24E03 Ancient Eastern Wisdom: An Introduction 12/01/2003 Whilst out walking, Clegg and Truly meet a Chinese handyman full of wisdom for a price - Entwistle from Hull. Also, Tom gets visited by the repo-man.
S24E04 A Pick-Up of the Later Ming Dynasty 19/01/2003 After helping Entwistle to repair his broken-down truck, Truly, Clegg and Billy find their skills are in demand again - to help Tom and Smiler find the source of a squeak on their handcart.
S24E05 The Secret Birthday of Norman Clegg 26/01/2003 In order to avoid any fuss, Clegg spends his birthday having a quiet meal in a nice small hotel - but as usual things don't work out as he might want them to...
S24E06 In Which Gavin Hinchcliffe Loses the Gulf Stream 02/02/2003 When the gang witness a old friend skiing on the roof of a van, they become attached to the idea...
S24E07 The Miraculous Curing of Old Goff Helliwell 09/02/2003 Old Goff Helliwell is due to die soon, so Clegg, Truly and the others look for something that will give him a reason to carry on...
S24E08 The Frenchies Are Coming 23/02/2003 Barry is looking for another hobby besides golf, and Billy decides to interest him in archery...
S24E09 The Man Who Invented Yorkshire Funny Stuff 02/03/2003 Howard gets a present from Marina - a lifesize fake gorilla. The question is how to get it home?
S24E10 The Second Husband and the Showgirls 09/03/2003 Tom and Smiler arrange an interesting blind date and Truly discovers his ex-wife's new husband is coming to town.
S24E11 All of a Florrie 16/03/2003 Cupid's arrow targets Truly when a blast from his past returns with amorous intentions.
S24E12 A Short Blast of Fred Astaire (2003 Christmas Special) 21/12/2003 Norman has been roped into performing a humorous monologue for the Christmas Concert. Pearl plans to force Howard to mime a recording of Nelson Eddy. Glenda plans to force Barry to perform as a magician. Billy wants to give an archery demonstration. Alvin is practicing as a one-man-band. Entwistle hypnotizes Smiler into knowing how to dance.
S24E13 A Short Burst Of Fred Astaire 00/00/0000
S25E01 Jurassic No Parking 08/02/2004 Barry must dispose of a prize he's won; Truly plots to fob it off on Howard, who has forgotten an important birthday and needs a present quickly. Glenda doubts Miss Davenport's claims of seeing a large dinosaur in their neighborhood. Alvin takes up propecting for gold in the river.
S25E02 The General's Greatest Battle 15/02/2004 Nora is to appear in a parade as the wife of a local hero. The hero himself is to be portrayed by a life-sized dummy, which has been at Auntie Wainwright's for cleaning. Can The General get back in one piece?
S25E03 Spores 29/02/2004 A distressed woman sends Truly and Billy in search of a Lionel. Barry and Glenda meet a worried man on a sightseeing trip. Could he benefit from a visit to the Seer of Hull? And why exactly does Alvin want a photograph of Nora?
S25E04 Happy Birthday Robin Hood 07/03/2004 Billy's new green suit has nothing to do with Ireland. Entwistle takes meter reading to a new level. The sight of Marina in a wedding dress shocks Howard into buying Auntie Wainwright's "Adventure Pack".
S25E05 Who's That with Barry and Glenda? It's Not Barry and Glenda 14/03/2004 Clegg, Truly, and Billy discover Barry in the woods. He's obviously guilty of something - but what? A strange man is seen near Barry and Glenda's house while Barry is away. Alvin tries welding as a way of sprucing up the yard. Miss Davenport has a less-than-romantic entanglement.
S25E06 An Apple a Day 21/03/2004 Nora Batty is recruiting for charity, which in this case is giving a day out to an older rural family. But who exactly is "the Lad" and why is carrying an apple? Barry considers making a charity appearance in Western gear.
S25E07 Barry Becomes a Psychopathic Killer But Only Part Time 28/03/2004 Alvin buys equipment to listen for sounds from space, but Howard's the one hearing disembodied voices. Barry struggles with his role in a dramatic group. At last, there's a woman who's attracted to Smiler--unfortunately for him.
S25E08 Things to Do When Your Wife Runs off with a Turkish Waiter 04/04/2004 Barry is chagrined that a lonely stranger he met on holiday has taken up his offer of hospitality. It doesn't help that the stranger's hobby is trying to attract birds with a pennywhistle. Auntie Wainwright offers a special on periscopes. Alvin bites off more lino than he can chew.
S25E09 Beware of Laughing at Nora's Hats 11/04/2004 Truly, Alvin, and Billy try to mend some fences between Nora and her one-time friend, Audrey Craig. Glenda gives Barry a gift to restore his confidence: a golf caddy. Is there really a dragon inhabiting the hills?
S25E10 Yours Truly - If You're Not Careful 18/04/2004 Someone keeps calling Truly's new cell phone; Truly worries it might be The Former Mrs. Truelove calling to announce a visit. But she wouldn't do that...would she?
S25E11 Variations on a Theme of the Widow Winstanley (2004 Christmas Special) 19/12/2004 Feeling too old for a bicycle, Howard purchases a "secret" car. Barry is having a spiritual crisis.
S26E01 The Swan Man of Ilkley 13/03/2005 Lennie from the pickle factory, who has visions of sailing the canals in a swan boat, unwisely allows Clegg, Truly, Alvin and Billy to help him on his way. But a passing narrow boat puts paid to his dream
S26E02 Watching the Clock 20/03/2005 Clegg climbs a tree so he can see the church clock, unfortunately he gets stuck and Truly, Alvin, Entwistle, Howard and Marina come to his rescue. Auntie Wainwright sells her cooker to Nora, Ivy, Pearl and Glenda for the church hall. The two policemen give Smiler a speeding ticket..and he only has a handcart.
S26E03 Has Anyone Seen a Peruvian Wart? 27/03/2005 Truly, Billy and Alvin meet Mr. Crowcroft, a womanising flower arranger who is looking for love, as a warm up for him meeting Billy's sister-in-law they introduce him to Nora Batty..shortly after he leaves for a monastery in Peru.
S26E04 Hermione (The Short Course) 10/04/2005 Tom and Entwistle try to cheer Smiler up after he has been dumped by Hermione. Truly, Billy and Alvin make Howard think he is being followed by a private detective. Barry helps Mr. Teesdale re-possess a car. Clegg is re-writing his old diaries. Nora, Ivy, Pearl and Roz share some wartime memories with Glenda.
S26E05 Who's That Mouse in the Poetry Group? 17/04/2005 Smiler pretends to be an intellectual in an attempt to enchant Marina. Howard, a simple thinker, wants to keep an eye on them at the poetry group without being seen so, foolishly, he goes along with Truly's idea.
S26E06 Available for Weddings 24/04/2005 After deciding to cycle down a hillside for a short-cut, Clegg ends up with a fractured foot. Smiler decides to hire out his car for weddings and Barry and Glenda go camping.
S26E07 The McDonaghs of Jamieson Street 01/05/2005 Smiler regrets never having taken up the offer from Mavis McDonagh to look her up sometime. Truly, Alvin and Billy go on the trail to track her down. With the help Nora and Ivy, they find out that the woman had lived inJamieson Street, now renamed Pepworth Street. So they go knocking on doors.
S26E08 The Afterthoughts of a Co-op Manager 08/05/2005 Clegg tries to remember the name of his area manager from the Co-op in 1937. Nora and Ivy visit Auntie Wainwright. Herman Teasdale tries to get Barry to pretend to be a burglar. Marina tells Howard she can't be seen with him any more as she wants to remain true to the memory of her first love. Miss Davenport helps Entwistle fix his truck.
S26E09 Lot Number 8 15/05/2005 Overcome by the smell of a real bargain, Auntie Wainwright has made a successful bid at the auction rooms.
S26E10 Little Orphan Howard 29/05/2005 Truly leads the enquiries into the whereabouts of a Co-op Manager who was a tyrant when Clegg worked there.
S26E11 Merry Entwistle and Jackson Day 18/12/2005 Truly and Norman are drawn into Howard's latest escape plan. Auntie Wainwright dresses Smiler as Father Christmas and Tom as an elf. Glenda tries to help Barry get over a negative reflective mood. The local police think that the men are gang trying to dispose of a body,
S27E01 Follow That Bottle 05/03/2006 Glenda decides that Barry would suit a hat, Smiler finds a suit of armour in the shop storeroom, Cleggs cousin turns up and Clegg, Truly, Billy, Alvin and Entwistle follow a bottle with a message in it. Marina and Miss Davenport compare notes on their love lives. Nelly joins the ladies for coffee at the cafe.
S27E02 How to Remove a Cousin 12/03/2006 Cleggs overbearing cousin Aubrey comes to stay, he challenges Alvin and Billy to a bike riding competition. Auntie Wainwright employs Smiler and Tom as shop dummies. Nora Batty goes blonde.
S27E03 Has Anyone Seen Barry's Midlife Crisis? 19/03/2006 Barry is concerned that he isn't having a mid life crisis, he goes to see the Vicar about it. The wheel comes off Auntie Wainwright's cart and Clegg, Truly, Billy, Alvin and Entwistle and his invisible dog try to help Howard escape from home.
S27E04 The Genuine Outdoors Robin Hood Barbi 26/03/2006 Billy takes Clegg, Truly, Alvin and Entwistle into the green wood for a barby. Pearl chains Howard to the house and Miss Davenport tries to get the ladies to discuss romantic novels.
S27E05 Barry in Danger from Reading and Aunt Jessie 02/04/2006 Miss Davenport teases Barry making him think she has the hots for him. Alvin is seen by Nora with a tall, mysterious blonde
S27E06 Who's That Merry Man with Billy, Then? 09/04/2006 Billy gets a new merry man to join his band..unfortunately it's a merry woman!..Howard wants people to think he is having flying lessons, so Auntie Wainwright kits him out in the right gear..circa 1925!
S27E07 Who's That Talking to Lenny? 16/04/2006 Clegg, Truly and Billy meet up again with Lenny, the former Swan Man of Ilkley, he has heard voices from above so the lads help him in his quest to be a prophet. The two policemen see a mysterious leg, they follow it and it belongs to Howard. Miss Davenport continues her teasing of Barry.
S27E08 Oh Look! Mitzi's Found Her Mummy 23/04/2006 Howard gets to look after a friend's dog for the day. Glenda and Barry get dressed up as Cleopatra and an Egyptian Mummy to go to a fancy dress party. Auntie Wainwright upgrades Tom and Smilers a tandem!
S27E09 Plenty of Room in the Back 30/04/2006 Auntie Wainwright supplies Tom and Smiler with new transport.....but is it suitable?
S27E10 A Tale of Two Sweaters (2006 Christmas Special) 28/12/2006 Alvin has for Truly and Norman over for a Holiday dinner. Glenda invited a man to dinner that Barry does not like. Pearl and Marina each give Howard a sweater vest, so he wears them both... at the same time. Auntie Wainwright gives Tom and Smiler a dinner that is actually nice, and then empties their pockets in a card game.
S28E01 The Second Stag Night of Doggy Wilkinson 15/07/2007
S28E02 What Happened to the Horse? 29/07/2007
S28E03 Variations on a Theme of Road Rage 05/08/2007
S28E04 In Which Howard Gets Double Booked 12/08/2007
S28E05 Will the Nearest Alien Please Come In 19/08/2007
S28E06 Elegy for Small Creature and Clandestine Trackbike 26/08/2007
S28E07 The Crowcroft Challenge 02/09/2007
S28E08 Must Be Good Dancer 09/09/2007
S28E09 In Which Howard Remembers Where He Left His Bicycle Pump 16/09/2007
S28E10 Sinclair and the Wormley Witches 23/09/2007
S29E01 Enter the Finger 22/06/2008 Barry is tired of being outperformed in fitness by his physically fit neighbour, so his friends decide to help him out.
S29E02 Will the Genuine Racer Please Stand Up? 29/06/2008 Howard disguises himself like a racer to escape Pearl's watchful eye but discovers disguises have effects he didn't bargain for when Aunty Wainwright mistakes him for Tom.
S29E03 A Short Introduction to Cooper's Rules 06/07/2008 Policemen Cooper and Walsh are looking to have a quiet day out, but while trying to avoid everyones problems they end up kidnapping a vicar, believing its the best think for him.
S29E04 Is Jeremy Quite Safe? 13/07/2008 Howard becomes jealous when Marina and Miss Davenport become enamored with Jeremy, a man who claims to be an international jewel thief. When Tom discovers a safe in Aunty Wainwright's store which she can't remember the combination to, Howard puts Jeremy to the test by enlisting him to crack the safe.
S29E05 All That Glitters is Not Elvis 20/07/2008 After witnessing Lance trying to convince his wife that Elvis does truly indeed still live, Alvin and Entwistle conceive a plan to make The King appear.
S29E06 Eva's Back in Town 27/07/2008 Eva, who happens to be a woman from Alvin's past, finds a way to make Howard's life even more complicated.
S29E07 In Which Romance Isn't Dead - Just Incompetent 03/08/2008 Barry decides to help his lonely neighbour find a girlfriend.
S29E08 The Mischievous Tinkle in Howard's Eyes 10/08/2008 Howard attempts to contact other nature lovers but finds out there are better ways than the mobile phone to do so.
S29E09 Of Passion and Pizza 17/08/2008 Mervyn is deeply in love with 'Her' at the pizza take-away, but lacking the courage to tell her himself, he unfortunately makes the terrible mistake of letting Entwistle and Alvin try to bring them together.
S29E10 It's Never Ten Years 24/08/2008 Clegg and Truly reminisce fondly about their old friend Compo, who suffered at the hands of Nora Batty - and them.
S29E11 Get Out of That Then 31/08/2008 Lenny, heavily-chained, is determined that he has a showbusiness future as an escapologist. Sidekick Cliff is not as enthusiastic.
S29E12 I Was a Hitman for Primrose Dairies 31/12/2008 Luther 'Hobbo' Hobdyke, a retired milkman with strong links to MI5, arrives in the village. Very soon, calling upon his experiences on numerous dangerous missions overseas as a master spy, he forms a small team of reluctant volunteers, consisting of Alvin and Entwistle, ready to react to any emergency in the village. Finding that Hobbo has moved in next door, Clegg and Truly recall that he was never much of a milkman, but have to admit that his needlework is always exemplary.
S30E00 00/00/0000
S30E01 Some Adventures of the Inventor of the Mother Stitch 19/04/2009 Hobbo tries to find a friend for Morton and Barry is depressed when Toby moves next door.
S30E02 The Mother of All Mistakes - Or Is It? 26/04/2009 Adopted as a baby, former milkman and undercover secret agent Hobbo is determined to trace his natural mother.
S30E03 Will Howard Cross the Atlantic Single-Handed? 03/05/2009 Hobbo is still having trouble getting Nelly to admit that she is his natural birth mother. To get the proof he needs, he fits Howard up with an eavesdropping wire to pick up Nelly talking to Pearl.
S30E04 Who's That Looking Sideways at Nelly? 10/05/2009 Hobbo is ready for any dangerous situation - and going round telling everyone that Nelly is his mother is one. Another danger arises when he demonstrates his gift of diguise, and finds himself the new recipient of Marina's affections.
S30E05 Nobody Messes with Tony the Throat 17/05/2009 Howard is deeply concerned when Pearl starts going out every day with Nelly, and she will not say where. Hobbo comes to his aid, and heads a surveillance party to follow Pearl and Nelly. When the women go into a Hell's Angels club, they decide not to be hasty, and confront them later
S30E06 Will Stella Find True Love with Norris Fairburn? 24/05/2009 When Clegg and Truly tell Hobbo that local serial groom Norris Fairburn is free again, he decides that Norris would be an ideal husband for Stella.
S30E07 Will Randolph Make a Good Impression? 31/05/2009 Hobbo turns up at the river wall with Randolph, who he hopes will bring romance into Stella's life. Randolph seems to lack any of the requirements of a potential suitor, and is limp and unattractive, especially after Hobbo drops him in the river.
S30E08 In Which Romance Springs a Leak 07/06/2009 Toby is beginning to realise that the benefits of going back to his ex-wife far outweigh the advantages of living alone in a sparsely furnished house with no-one to cook or clean for him.
S30E09 Variations on a Theme of Father's Day 14/06/2009 In order that Hobbo can find out more about Nelly, his supposed mother, he has Howard eavesdrop on her when she is visiting Pearl.
S30E10 Goodnight Sweet Ferret 21/06/2009 When word goes around town that Old Heptonstall is looking for volunteers, Hobbo and his army of volunteers, namely Alvin and Entwistle, go and visit him without a second thought.
S31E01 Behind Every Bush There Is Not Necessarily a Howard 25/07/2010 Hobbo and his friends attempt to help Toby win back the affections of his ex-wife. Glenda decides to try and help Morton find a woman. Howard goes into the library to let Marina know that there is a problem with their bike ride that afternoon.
S31E02 Happy Camping 01/08/2010 Pearl throws Howard out of the house, but when he goes to Clegg's for sympathy it falls on deaf ears, while Pearl tells Nelly she's going to have to sort out Howard once and for all. Meanwhile, Glenda decides that Barry and herself are fat and that something must be done before Gloria's wedding, and forces Barry to embark on a new fitness regime. And PC Walsh informs PC Cooper that the sergeant is on their back - he's complaining about the amount of crumbs they're leaving in the car.
S31E03 The Rights of Man (Except for Howard) 08/08/2010 Howard is missing home, and Hobbo concocts various schemes to have Pearl take Howard back. Meanwhile, Barry is missing his hearty meals and Toby and Morton lament being divorced.
S31E04 Howard and the Great Outdoors 15/08/2010 Hobbo and his 'team' turn Howard into a tramp to show Pearl how rough he's been living and convince her to take him back. The men pitch him a tent but Howard's isn't keen and goes for a meal with Glenda and Barry. The men return to the camp with Howard to show Pearl how much he's roughing it, but Marina arrives at the same time and Hobbo and Howard bundle her into the tent. Howard lies on an ants nest and suddenly jumps to life, along with Marina and Hobbo. Pearl sees all and is not impressed.
S31E05 Look Whose Wheel's Come Off 22/08/2010 Wondering if Pearl still loves him, Howard asks Hobbo to give her a peck on the cheek from him - only to become even more despondent when he sees his wife deliver a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, Glenda sends Barry off to paint a landscape, hoping the activity will take his mind off his hunger - but fish and chips is the only thing on his mind.
S31E06 How Not to Cry at Weddings 29/08/2010 In this final episode of the long-running comedy, everyone is getting ready for a wedding - prompting Howard and Pearl to look back at their relationship. Meanwhile, Alvin flirts with Stella, Toby tries to smarten himself up in a bid to win back Monica, and Clegg worries that he's forgotten something important.

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