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Famous entertainers attempt to teach the art of comedy to young children.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Laugh Lessons With Kevin Nealon

S01E01 Adam Sandler: Million Dollar Noises 06/10/2014 Actor/comedian Adam Sandler has a knack for creating characters with a dose of Peter Pan syndrome. He shows kids the key to humor that never grows old- aka, lots of funny noises & fart jokes.
S01E02 George Lopez: Cultural Humor 13/10/2014 From standup to late night to sitcom audiences, funny man George Lopez has performed for just about every type of crowd. But grade schoolers may be his toughest critics yet.
S01E03 Chelsea Handler: Sarcasm & The Slow Burn 20/10/2014 No one would describe late night queen Chelsea Handler's brand of comedy as kid-friendly. But with a few strategic eye rolls, she bestows the secrets of mocking wordplay to her classroom.
S01E04 Dana Carvey: Voices & Music 27/10/2014 The Church Lady, Hans & Franz, and Wayne's World are just a few skits that made Dana Carvey one of SNL's most iconic cast members. But can he pump up a classroom full of kids?
S01E05 Ellen DeGeneres: Timing, Props, & Technology 03/11/2014 Ellen DeGeneres has made people laugh as a talk show host, comedian, sitcom star, and award show host. Now she shows kids that while technology may age, humor doesn't.
S01E06 David Spade: Fame, Highballing, & Crickets 10/11/2014 David Spade knows how to deal with a joke that bombs -- even when the audience hasn't reached middle school. His classroom learns how to handle the crickets.
S01E07 Sarah Silverman: Truth, Pain and Courtesy Laughs 17/11/2014 Sarah Silverman has never been afraid of being a little dirty as a comedian, and she isn't about to change around school kids.
S01E08 Tom Papa: Relationships & Boys vs. Girls 24/11/2014 Comedian Tom Papa knows how to get a laugh in any situation. But when his audience is kids, he has to rely on some of the most basic comedic routines available: mocking the people in his life.
S01E09 Wanda Sykes: The Confident Comedian 01/12/2014 The audience can smell fear. If Wanda can't help the kids' sense of smell, she can help their sense of humor, by teaching them that attitude and confidence can take you a long, long way.
S01E10 Drew Carey: How to Deal With Hecklers 08/12/2014 Drew Carey has learned how to handle an unruly crowd. But can he handle unruly kids as well?
S01E11 Loni Love: Get Loud, Get Heard 15/12/2014 Comedian Loni Love isn't afraid to speak her mind. Now she's helping kids find their comedic voices- if they can get a word in edgewise.
S01E12 Wendy Liebman: The Art of Timing 22/12/2014 Wendy Liebman can make anyone laugh when they least expect it, but is that the kind of skill that can be taught to kids?

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