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Laurel and Hardy were the popular American-based comedy team of thin, British-born Stan Laurel (1890-1965) and heavy, American-born Oliver Hardy (1892-1957). They became famous during the early half of the 20th century for their work in motion pictures, and also appeared on stage throughout America and Europe. The duo is considered one of the most iconic and finest double acts in motion picture history. The two comedians worked together briefly in 1917 on The Lucky Dog. After a period appearing separately in several short films for the Hal Roach studio during the 1920s, they began appearing in movie shorts together in 1926. Laurel and Hardy officially became a team the following year, and soon became Hal Roach's most famous and lucrative stars. Among their most popular and successful films were the features Sons of the Desert (1933), Way Out West (1937), and Block-Heads (1938)[1] and the shorts Big Business (1929), Liberty (1929), and their Academy Award-winning short, The Music Box (1932).[2] The pair left the Roach studio in 1940, then appeared in eight "B" comedies for 20th Century Fox and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer from 1941 to 1944. From 1945 to 1950 they did not appear on film and concentrated on their stage show. They made their last film, Atoll K, in France in 1950 and 1951 before retiring from the screen. In total they appeared together in 106 films. They starred in 40 short sound films, 32 short silent films, 23 full length feature films and in the remaining 11 films made a guest or cameo appearance.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Laurel & Hardy

S04E01 Leave 'Em Laughing 28/01/1928 Leaving the dentist's office, where Hardy's teeth have been extracted by mistake, the boys, still under the influence of laughing gas, meet up with a traffic cop (Kennedy) and cause a huge traffic jam.
S04E02 Flying Elephants 12/02/1928 In an ersatz Stone Age, the King orders all single males to marry or be banished -- or worse. A husky caveman known as the Mighty Giant (Oliver Hardy) and Twinkle Star (Stan Laurel), an effeminate warrior wannabe, compete for the hand of Blushing Rose (Viola Richard), daughter of Ye Aged Saxophonus (James Finlayson). The two Cro-magnon rivals match wits and strengths in a series of grueling cave-times contests.
S04E03 The Finishing Touch 25/02/1928 The boys are contracted to build a house in one day. Upon completion, a bird lands on the chimney and the house collapses, bit by bit. When the owner demands his money back, mayhem ensues.
S04E04 From Soup To Nuts 24/03/1928 When a rich couple plans a big dinner party as they enter high society they have the misfortune of hiring Laurel and Hardy as their waiters
S04E05 Double Whoopee 18/05/1929 Laurel and Hardy play the roles of a footman (Hardy) and doorman (Laurel) at an upper class hotel. Jean Harlow also makes a brief appearance in this film, as a blonde bombshell who gets partially stripped by Laurel & Hardy.
S04E06 Their Purple Moment 00/00/0000 Laurel and Hardy slip out of the house for some fun. When Stan tries to pay their tab he finds out that his wife has found and taken his stash of money. The boys need to find a way to pay up
S04E07 Should Married Men Go Home 00/00/0000 Laurel and Hardy find trouble on the golf course after getting kicked out of Oliver's house by Mrs Hardy
S04E09 Two Tars 00/00/0000 Laurel and Hardy are a couple of sailors on leave from their ship. They decide to rent a car and take their girlfriends on a drive. Things are fine until they run into a traffic jam and all heck breaks loose
S04E10 Habeas Corpus 00/00/0000
S04E11 Wild Poses 28/10/1933 At the beginning of the film, a salesman is seen soliciting Otto Phocus' services throughout a residential neighborhood. At one home, he tells a housewife that she has "two of the most photogenic children" he has ever seen. The camera cuts to reveal the woman's two children, portrayed in a brief cameo by Laurel and Hardy, dressed in baby clothes and using giant sets from their short Brats (1930). Laurel and Hardy briefly fight over a baby bottle, until Laurel eye-pokes Hardy and emerges victorious as the scene transitions to set the main plot in motion.
S05E01 Night Owls 04/01/1930 After getting lambasted by the Police Chief for the 42 unsolved robberies committed on his watch, Officer Kennedy bamboozles vagrants Stanley and Oliver into a plan to recover his reputation, in exchange for not jailing them for sleeping on park benches. Kennedy sets them to burgling the Police Chief's own house, planning to arrest them in front of his boss, and later "fixing it" for the boys.
S05E02 Blotto 08/02/1930 Stan fakes receiving a telegram so he can go to a club with Ollie and a bottle of his unsuspecting wife's liquor, but she overhears his plans.
S05E03 Brats 22/03/1930 Laurel and Hardy's bid for a quiet evening of checkers and pool is constantly interrupted by their squabbling brats little Ollie and little Stanley.
S05E04 Rogue Song 10/05/1930 Russia, 1910. Yegor, a dashing (as well as singing) bandit leader meets Princess Vera at a mountain inn. They end up falling in love, but the relationship is shattered when Yegor kills Vera's brother, Prince Serge, for raping his sister, Nadja, and driving her to suicide. Yegor kidnaps Vera, forcing her to live a life of lowly servitude among the bandits. Vera manages to outwit Yegor, who's captured by soldiers and flogged. Vera begs Yegor's forgiveness. Although still in love with each other, they realize they cannot be together, at least for the time being.
S05E05 Below Zero 26/04/1930 In the dead of winter, street musicians Stanley and Oliver aren't getting much business in a run-down neighborhood, and then their instruments are smashed in a run-in with a formidable woman. Their luck seems to turn when they find a wallet full of money, but are about to lose it to a thief when a passing policeman chases the thug off. The boys treat the officer to a meal, but when Stanley pulls out the wallet to pay, the cop recognizes it as his own. Rather than running them in as pickpockets, he pays his own tab and leaves Stanley and Oliver at the mercy of the gruff headwaiter.
S05E06 Les bricoleurs 31/05/1930 Ollie can't find his hat, much to the amusement of his wife and maid. Then Ollie and Stan attempt to install a rooftop radio antenna.
S05E07 The Laurel & Hardy Murder Case 06/09/1930 It looks like the boys won't need to fish off the end of the pier to feed themselves any longer when Stanley's rich uncle Ebenezer Laurel dies, leaving a large estate. But when he and Oliver arrive for the reading of the will, they learn that Ebenezer was murdered, and that Stan, along with all the other relatives, is a prime suspect.
S05E08 Drôles de locataires 29/11/1930 Two homeless vagabonds hide out in a vacant mansion and pose as the residents when prospective lessees arrive and try to rent it.
S05E09 Liberty 26/01/1929 Laurel and Hardy play escaped convicts. As they are escaping they put on new clothes but put on each other's pants by mistake. They continue to try and switch pants in several funny locations
S05E10 Big Business 20/04/1929 Laurel and Hardy are Christmas tree salesman, who spend most of the time fighting with customers
S05E11 Unaccustomed as We Are 04/05/1929 Ollie asks his friend Stan over for dinner. Mrs Hardy is not happy about the invitation and leaves the boys to fend for themselves. Their problems get bigger when Ollie's pretty neighbour volunteers to help out.
S05E12 Berth Marks 01/06/1929 Stan and Ollie are musicians, travelling by train to their next gig in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, a very popular vaudeville performance location at the time. They spend most of the trip trying to change into pajamas and get comfortable in a cramped upper berth.
S06E01 Be Big! 07/02/1931 On their way to the train station with their wives for a vacation in Atlantic City, Stanley and Oliver get a phone call from a fellow lodge member who tells them a surprise stag party in their honor is being held that evening. Oliver feigns illness to get out of the trip, and the wives head off to the train station by themselves. Stanley's attempts to help Oliver get into his lodge uniform turn into a series of disasters.
S06E02 Chickens Come Home 21/02/1931 Ollie is living a perfect life: a lovely wife, a beautiful mansion complete with a butler, even his own manure dealership—with a mayoral nomination not far behind.
S06E03 Laughing Gravy 06/06/1931 On a snowy winter's night, Laurel and Hardy try to keep their pet dog 'Laughing Gravy' hidden from their landlord, mostly without success. The landlord eventually orders them to leave, but fate takes a hand.
S06E04 Our Wife 16/05/1931 Oliver is making plans to be married to his sweetheart Dulcy with Stan as his best man, but the plans are thwarted when Dulcy's father sees a picture of Ollie and forbids the marriage. The couple plan to elope, and steal away at night to a Justice of the Peace. After typical Laurel and Hardy blundering, they manage to sneak the girl away from her father's house.
S06E05 Men O'War 29/06/1929 Laurel and Hardy play sailors on shore leave. They have no money until Stanley wins the jackpot on a slot machine.
S06E06 Joyeux pique-nique 10/08/1929 Laurel and Hardy decide it's a nice day to take their families on a picnic. One mishap after another threatens to ruin their plans
S06E07 They Go Boom 21/09/1929 Stan and Ollie try to get some sleep even though Ollie has a bad cold which keeps them awake
S06E08 The Hoose-Gow 16/11/1929 Laurel and Hardy are mistakenly arrested at a police raid and sent to a work camp where mayhem ensues
S06E09 Angora Love 14/12/1929 Laurel and Hardy attempt to sneak their pet goat into their apartment and hide it from their landlord
S07E01 Helpmates 23/01/1932 Ollie's house is a mess after a wild party from the previous night. Ollie receives a telegram from his wife (who is on vacation in Chicago), which tells him that she is returning home in the afternoon.
S07E02 Chickens Come Home 11/02/1931 An old flame threatens to blackmail Ollie and ruin his race for mayor
S07E03 The Music Box 16/04/1932 In a music store, Mrs. Theodore von Schwartzenhoffen orders a player piano as a surprise birthday gift for her husband, Professor Theodore von Schwartzenhoffen. She tells the manager her address — 1127 Walnut Avenue — and he hires the Laurel and Hardy Transfer Company to deliver the piano in their freight wagon.
S07E04 The Chimp 21/05/1932 The comedy duo are working at a circus. They first appear in a pantomime horse and then as assistants to Destructo, a strongman. The circus goes bankrupt after the Big Top is destroyed when Laurel and Hardy cause Destructo's cannonball-catching act to go wrong.
S07E05 County Hospital 25/06/1932 Ollie is in the hospital with a broken leg. Stan pays him a visit, bearing a thoughtful gift of hard-boiled eggs and nuts. Stan causes so much trouble that an angry Dr. Gilbert orders both patient and guest out of the hospital at once. Before leaving,
S07E06 Toute la vérité 19/09/1931 After Stan and Ollie save a girl from suicide, she follows them home, where they try to hide her from their wives
S07E07 One Good Turn 31/10/1931 Stan & Ollie befriend an old widow, who they believe is being evicted when they hear her rehearsing for a play. Worse still, Ollie believes that Stan stole her mortgage money
S07E08 Beau Hunks 12/12/1931 After Ollie is dumped by his girlfriend, he and Stan enlist in the Foreign Legion, and end up trying to guard an isolated fort from Arab soldiers
S07E09 On the Loose 26/12/1931
S07E11 Pardon Us 15/08/1931 It is prohibition, and beer barons Laurel and Hardy are sent to prison for concocting their own home brew. They are put in a cell with "Tiger" Long, the roughest, toughest and meanest of all inmates. Stan has a loose tooth that causes him to emit a razzberry at the end of every sentence; the inmate interprets this as a coolly defiant attitude and is impressed — nobody else ever stood up to him like that. He and Stan and Ollie become fast friends. Laurel & Hardy are also assigned to attend prison school with James Finlayson being the teacher. The vaudeville routine that follows ends with a spitball meant for somebody else hitting the teacher in the face and the boys wind up in solitary. There is a sustained scene of the bleak cells with the unseen boys conversing through the walls. The prison authorities decide to send Laurel to the prison dentist to have the offending tooth pulled, but the dentist is incompetent and the procedure goes awry. After a prison break, the boys escape to a cotton plantation, where they hide out undetected, in blackface. The boys sing "Lazy Moon". When they attempt to repair the warden's car, they are discovered and are sent back to prison. Tricked by a prison guard into calling off a hunger strike by being promised a thanksgiving-style feast, they go to the mess hall, only to be served the usual drab fare. Laurel causes a disturbance by protesting the absence of the feast, but is threatened by the guards. Soon after, as guns are being passed around under the tables, Laurel sets off his gun and causes an uproar. They inadvertently break up the prison riot and the grateful warden issues them a pardon.Laurel inadvertently "razzes" the warden and their exit from the prison has to be a very fast one.
S10E01 Oliver The 8th 13/01/1934 Laurel and Hardy play owners of a barber shop that compete for the hand of a rich widow who has place a personal ad for a new husband. What they don't know is that she was once jilted by a man named Oliver and now kills every Oliver that crosses her path
S10E02 Going Bye-Bye 00/00/0000 Laurel and Hardy testify against gangster Butch Long and send him to prison for life. He soon escapes and comes looking for them
S10E03 Les joyeux compères 00/00/0000 Because of an illness Oliver gets advised to spend some time in the mountains. Once there, Stan and Ollie drink water from a well, unknowing that a gang previously poured moonshine into it
S10E04 Le bateau hanté 08/12/1934 The captain of a supposedly haunted ship gets Laurel and Hardy to help him snatch a new crew
S10E05 Les deux électriciens 05/01/1935 Laurel and Hardy establish an electrical goods store next door to Charlie Hall's grocery store. Hall, still sulking and suspicious from their previous encounter with the liquor-spiked well-water in Them Thar Hills, mistakenly thinks that Hardy is making advances towards his wife (Mae Busch), and destroys a few items in Stan and Ollie's shop.
S10E06 Les rois de la gaffe 09/02/1935 Christmas card salesman Stan and Ollie are persuaded to help a woman (Mae Busch) spice up her loveless marriage by making her husband jealous. The spouse involved, a temperamental artist played by (Charles Middleton), is however made rather too jealous for comfort, and puts Ollie in peril when he challenges him to a duel to the death at midnight and pledges to track him "to the end of the world" if he does not show up.
S10E07 Qui dit mieux 16/03/1935 Stan and Ollie are ordered to wash the dishes by Ollie's wife but Stan dries them and puts them back in the bowl. Ollie then tells him to put them somewhere dry and he places them on a gas ring where they heat up, so that when Ollie picks them up he drops them and they all smash.
S19E01 The Big Noise 01/10/1944
S19E02 00/00/0000
S00E01 Laurel & Hardy Home Movie 01/01/1956 Sadly, this was the last footage from Laurel & Hardy ever! This is a private Home Movie of Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy taken in 1956 at the home of Stan Laurel's daughter Lois in California. It was taken after Stan had suffered a stroke, & Ollie had lost a lot of weight. Taken at a family reunion, If your a collecter you will want this rare original clip in colour.
S00E02 Four Wheeled Terror 27/11/1924 Oliver Hardy is Dangerous Dan McGraw who, with his henchmen, is out to stop The Speed King from winning a cross country race and the hand of a beautiful girl.
S00E03 The Home Wrecker 04/08/1923 Early Stan Laurel short sees him working on a building site trying to construct a house. Trying - but not succeeding! Very similar to a later Laurel & Hardy short feature from 1928 called The Finishing Touch.
S00E04 Great Guns 10/10/1941 Laurel and Hardy join the army. They are hardly soldiers, but they believe their employer will need them now he's drafted.
S00E05 The Bullfighters 01/05/1945 Bumbling detective Stan Laurel disguises himself as a famous matador in order to hide from the vengeful Richard K. Muldoon, who spent time in prison on Stan's bogus testimony.
S00E06 A-Haunting We Will Go 07/08/1942 Stan and Ollie get involved with con men, crooks, a genial magician, and two interchangeable coffins with disastrous but funny results.
S00E07 A Tribute to the Boys 15/04/1992
S00E08 Ladrones 04/01/1930 Bilingual and extended version of the film "Night Owls" (1930), filmed simultaneously with its predecessor for the Spanish market. Running time almost twice as long, this adaptation offers plenty of new gags and a different ending. Laurel & Hardy were coached by Spanish tutors and read some of their dialogue as written phonetically on blackboards off scene.
S00E09 La Vida Nocturna 19/04/1930 In this Spanish-language version of "Blotto" bachelor Oliver wants henpecked Stan to go out with him to a Prohibition-era nightclub, so they plan a ruse to get him out of the house. The fiery Mrs. Laurel overhears their plans and replaces the contents of Stan's hidden bottle of liquor with tea and spices. While the boys are at the club enjoying the dancers and the speakeasy-type atmosphere, they imbibe the concoction with seltzer water. The power of suggestion causes them to act like sloppy drunks, but the sight of a hot-tempered Mrs. Laurel with a shotgun quickly sobers them up.
S00E10 Tiembla y Titubea 26/04/1930 This film was simultaneously produced in English and Spanish language versions. The English language version was Below Zero (1930). To film this Spanish language version, Laurel and Hardy read their lines from cue cards on which Spanish was printed phonetically. At the time of early talkies, dubbing was not yet perfected.
S00E11 Noche De Duendes 06/09/1930 This is the Spanish rendition of The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case expanded to 49 minutes! The extra footage at the outset is comprised of overnight train travel to the eerie estate, as incorporated from Berth Marks. Even to audiences not fluent in Spanish, these fresh export versions are both a delight and a revelation. Incidentally, the interior of the old dark house set was never struck at the studio, and remained in use for TV production through the 1950s.
S00E12 Politiquerias 21/02/1931 A remake in Spanish of the Laurel and Hardy short Chickens Come Home (1931) , expanded into a feature by adding scenes of a magician and a regurgitator performing.
S00E13 Les Carottiers 07/02/1931 Stan & Ollie (speaking phonetic French!), having been kicked out by their wives on a wintry night, attempt to smuggle their little dog into an apartment house where dogs are not allowed.
S00E14 Los Calaveras 19/04/1931 This Spanish language film was produced simultaneously with the filming of the two English language Laurel and Hardy shorts Be Big! (1931) and Laughing Gravy (1931). The two shorts were edited together into one continuous film. Laurel and Hardy read their lines from cue cards on which Spanish was written phonetically. At the time of early talkies, dubbing was not yet perfected. The same was done for a French language version, Les carottiers (1931).
S00E15 Tiembla y Titubea 12/11/2015 Spanish version of Below Zero has the same storyline of the American version but this one here features a few additional scenes as well as an extended ending, which was cut from the American version. Like other Spanish L&H films, this here doesn't quite work because you can tell the two aren't really comfortable speaking Spanish. The added joke at the end however is the best gag and it's a shame it was cut from the American version.

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