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Accusé à tort du meurtre de sa femme, le docteur Richard Kimble fuit la police et se lance à la recherche des véritables assassins...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Le Fugitif

S01E01 L'Obsession 17/09/1963 Accusé à tort du meurtre de sa femme, le docteur Richard Kimble est condamné à mort par la Cour Suprême des Etats-Unis. Lors de son transfert dans une autre prison en fourgon cellulaire, un accident se produit et Kimble en profite pour s'échapper, bien déterminé à retrouver le meurtrier d'Helen. Ce dernier est identifiable grâce à une prothèse qu'il porte en guise de bras droit.Mais Kimble est un homme traqué, recherché par toutes les polices, et spécialement par le lieutenant Philip Gerard, bien déterminé à le retrouver pour le livrer à la justice
S01E02 The Witch 24/09/1963 While working as a handyman in a backwater community in Missouri, Kimble has a few run-ins with a young girl named Jenny Ammory whom is a pathological liar whom speaks to a rag doll she calls 'Nyet' which she keeps at a nearby pond. Jenny uses Kimble as an excuse when she's late for school when she claims that a man attacked her. When Kimble shows up making a routine delivery of supplies to the school, Jenny idetifies him as the man whom attacked her. As Jenny's teacher, Emily Norton, speaks to Kimble about Jenny's compulsive lying, Jenny runs home and tells her mother she saw her teacher and the local handyman making out in the barn. Kimble gets roughed up by his co-workers while Emily gets fired and both are advised to leave town. Kimble goes to a school hearing on Emily and tries to clear her by catching Jenny in a lie. But his plan backfires when the skeptic townspeople belive Jenny and decide to form a lynching party to track Kimble down.
S01E03 The Other Side of the Mountain 01/10/1963 In West Virginia, Kimble arrives at a local coal mining town where he is roughed up by the redneck locals, and then chased by a sheriff's posse. Hiding in the mountains, Kimble meets Cassie, a young woman living in a remote cabin with her grandmother. Cassie tells Kimble she get him to safety because she knows the area, when she is really wanting to keep him around for her own selfish reasons. Meanwhile, Gerard flies to West Virginia after learning from the sheriff that Kimble has been spotted in the area and teams up with the posse to try to find Kimble.
S01E04 Never Wave Goodbye (1) 08/10/1963 Kimble, working as an apprentice sailmaker in Santa Barbara, California, falls in love with Karen, the daughter of his stern but compassionate boss Lars Christian. But earns scorn from Karen's jealous and overprotective brother Eric. When Lars suffers a heart attack his last wish on his deathbed is to implore Kimble to stay with Karen. Meanwhile, Gerard flies to nearby Los Angeles when he hears about the arrest of a one-armed man for armed robbery and lets the story hit the newspapers, hoping it will flush out Kimble.
S01E05 Never Wave Goodbye (2) 15/10/1963 After finding that the one-armed man is not the same man he saw fleeing his house the night of Helen's murder, Kimble flees from Los Angeles, bearly escaping Gerard's dragnet. Tired of running, Kimble hopes to lie low in Santa Barbara and finally confides with Karen his secret. But Gerard tracks Kimble to Santa Barbara from a single clue that Kimble leaves behind at the L.A. County Jail: a match with the word ""sails"" printed on it. When Kimble discovers that Gerard has arrived in town looking for him, with the assistance of Eric, Kimble and Karen flee by sailboat and hope to end the running by faking his and Karen's death in a sailboat accident during a storm at sea.
S01E06 Decision in the Ring 22/10/1963 Kimble finds work as a cut man for boxer Joe Smith. Joe confides in Kimble that he wanted to be a doctor, but he chose boxing because he felt that being a black man would be an obstacle in the world of medicine. When Kimble discovers that Joe is suffering from memory loss, both he and Joe's wife, Laura, fear that Joe might have brain damage from his boxing. Meanwhile, a police detective, named Henry Stone, goes undercover as a sports writer to investigate Joe's manager, Lou, for possible mob ties. But when a distgrutled boxing worker tips off Stone that someone might be wanting Joe to throw his next fight, the detective investigates Kimble.
S01E07 Smoke Screen 29/10/1963 A forest fire prevents access to a local hospital. Kimball, now a farm laborer, decides to risk blowing his cover when he elects to help deliver a woman's baby at the labor camp. When the news of Kimball's charitable act is reported to the press, Gerard gets wind of it and believes that Kimball is the unnamed doctor.
S01E08 See Hollywood and Die 05/11/1963 While working as a gas station attendant in New Mexico, Kimble is taken hostage, along with customer Joanne, by two holdup men, named Miles and Vinnie. Once on the road, Kimble pretends that he is a criminal and is heading towards Los Angels for a ""big job."" At the same time, he lets Joanne know that he's on her side, but she's suspicious to his true motives. Once arriving in L.A., Kimble decides to set up Miles and Vinnie to be arrested. But Miles, not trusting Kimble enough, wants him to kill Joanne to prove himself.
S01E09 Ticket to Alaska 12/11/1963 On a small freighter, Kimble is traveling to Alaska when an FBI agent, named Paul Vale, arrives and begins questioning him and all the passengers in a search for a Korean War criminal and traitor. Vale becomes most suspicious of Kimble, as well as passenger George Banning and his wife Adrienne whom are embezzlers fleeing the States. When Vale is found murdered the next day, Captain Carraway interogates all the suspects and when the captain discovers that Kimble's references are fake, Kimble becomes the chief suspect.
S01E10 Fatso 19/11/1963 After getting into a car accident in a rural Kentucky town, Kimble lands in jail by the redneck sheriff who hates outsiders. But Kimble manages to escape with his cellmate Davey ""Fatso"" Lambert. Hiding out at the Lambert ranch, Kimble sees that Davey's father and brother, Frank, treat the slow-witted Davey badly for blaming him for a barn fire years earlier. Kimble tries to prove Davey's innocence as Gerard flies out to Kentucky after learning of Kimble arrest and forms a posse to track him down.
S01E11 Nightmare at Northoak 26/11/1963 Kimball is injured while helping save some children from a fiery crash. While recuperating at a local home, he learns that his caretakers are the local sheriff and his wife. As if this weren't bad enough, a news article describing Kimball's heroic deeds goes nationwide. The all-seeing Lt. Gerard reads the article, and then goes to the small town to arrest Kimball.
S01E12 Glass Tightrope 03/12/1963 Working as a stock clerk in a department store, Kimble witnesses his boss, Martin Rowland, accidentally kill a business associate in the parking lot after hours. When Kimble learns that a local vagrant found near the crime scene is the prime suspect, Kimble anonymously phones Rowland to get him to confess to the murder. But Rowland and his wife, Ginny, thinking that the caller is blackmailing them, hires the store detective, Angstrom, to find the person ""blackmailing"" Rowland.
S01E13 Terror at High Point 17/12/1963 While working at a construction site in Utah, Kimble convinces his supervisor, Buck Harmon, to hire Jamie, a mentally retarded but physically strong young man to help out. Because Jamie is an easy target for the taunts of the other work crew members, Kimble becomes Jamie's protector. When Jamie is accused of sexually assaulting Buck's wife, he becomes frightened and runs away. The crew foreman, Dan Pike, convinces Buck to organize a posse to hunt down Jamie and kill him.
S01E14 The Girl from Little Egypt 24/12/1963 In San Francisco, Kimble is nearly run over by a car driven by Ruth Norton, a young flight attendent distraught over discovering that the man she has been dating for the past four months is married with two children. While recuperating in the hospital, a delirious Kimble flashes back to the months leading upto the night of Helen Kimble's murder and Kimble first seeing the one-armed man fleeing from his house. Followed by Kimble's trial, sentence, and escape from the train wreck. Ruth, who has been keeping a vigil at Kimble's bedside, hears him mutter Helen's name. Thinking that he's in some kind of trouble, Ruth takes Kimble (now going by the alias George Browning) to her apartment to recover. Kimble then gives Ruth advice on her relationship with her boyfriend, Paul, and to put her life problems in perspective.
S01E15 Home Is the Hunted 07/01/1964 Kimble returns to his home town in Illinois after learning that his father, John Kimble, has suffered a heart attack and has donated his medical library to the University of Wisconsin and in the process of selling the family house. While Kimble hides out at the home of his sister Donna and her sympathetic husband Leonard, Kimble blames himself for his father's condition, but is more troubled by his younger brother Ray, whom belives Kimble is guilty and thinks he's to blame for ruining his life since people see Ray as ""the brother of a killer."" Meanwhile, Gerard arrives in town to search for Kimble and focuses on Donna and Leonard whom try to shake off the relentless detective long enough for Kimble to get out of town before Gerard finds him.
S01E16 The Garden House 14/01/1964 Kimble is working as the caretaker at a spacious ranch in Connecticut which is owned by newspaper heiress Ann Guthrie who lives with her husband Harlan and her sister Ruth. Ann and Ruth's late father founded the Westborne Clarion, the newspaper that Harlan currently runs. Although Ann is the sole benefactor of her father's estate, she believes Ruth is entitled to part of the fortune. But Ann is unaware that the greedy Ruth is having an affair with Harlan and they plot to murder Ann and claim everything. When Kimble suspects Ruth and Harlan's plan and informs Ann, the skeptic heiress refuses to believe Kimble. Knowing that Kimble knows, the crafty couple plot to frame him for Ann's murder.
S01E17 Come Watch Me Die 21/01/1964 While working as a farm hand in a small Nebraska town, Kimble witnesses the arrest of a local man, named Bellows, whom is suspected of a double murder. Kimble finds himself 'deputized' by Deputy Bowers to help transport Bellows to the county jail, along with four witnesses whom saw Bellows fleeing from a farm house which was the scene of the crime. Although Bellows convinces Kimble that he (like Kimble with his wife's murder) is an innocent victim of circumstantial evidence. But the townsmen remain unswayed. That night when the men get drunk and decide to lynch Bellows, Kimble helps him escape. But Kimble is betrayed when Bellows, whom really did kill the farm couple, escapes and holds another farm couple hostage.
S01E18 Where the Action Is 28/01/1964 While working as a hotel lifeguard in Reno, Nevada, Kimble is caught in the middle of a feud between the hotel owner Dan Polichek, and his spoiled and rambunctious teenage daughter Christine. 'Chris' belives her father drove away her mother whom commited suicide years ago and she sets out to disgrace Mr. Polichek by provking bar fights, humiliating herself, and goes too far when she pretends to be engaging herself in an affair with the reluctant Kimble.
S01E19 Search in a Windy City 04/02/1964 Beliving that the one-armed man is in Chicago, Kimble contacts Mike Decker, a newspaper columnist who defended Kimble during his trial. Kimble and Decker organize a city-wide search for the one-armed man. But things get complicated with the arrival of Decker's alcholic wife, Paula, whom gets nervous of Kimble's presence and falls off the wagon. Meanwhile, Gerard learns about Decker's search for a one-armed man and decides to use the writer to set a trap for Kimble.
S01E20 Bloodline 11/02/1964 Kimble works as a kennel man for Max Bodin, a breeder of prize-winning Irish Setter show dogs, and whom is currently putting his kennel up for sale. Max's son, Johnny, and Johnny's wife Cora discover that one of the dogs has developed hip dysplasia which means all of the dogs in the bloodline will likely inherit the condition and be worthless as show dogs. But they keep the news from Max and plot to live off the sale. But when Kimble stumbles onto their plan, they have him investigated.
S01E21 Rat in a Corner 18/02/1964 Herbie Grant, a second rate hoodlum, is shot in the leg while trying to rob a liquor store that Kimble works at. Herbie later takes Kimble hostage where Herbie claims that although he tried to rob the store, he is innocent of two other liquor store robberies in the other towns. Kimble agrees to help clear Herbie in which the hood lets the fugitive go. Kimble is summoned to the local police station to give his statement on the robbery where he is recognized by Herbie's sister, Lorna, whom works at the local post office. She threatens to turn Kimble in unless he turns over her brother whom she belives to be guilty of those other robberies. But at a local motel where Herbie is staying at, he is recognized by a maid who calls the police and they arrest him. Thinking that Kimble doublecrossed him, Herbie reports Kimble to the police.
S01E22 Angels Travel on Lonely Roads (1) 25/02/1964 On the run from the Nevada State Police, Kimble hitches a ride with Sister Veronica, a nun traveling to Sacramento where she plans to renounce her vows. After fixing her car when it breaks down, Kimble agrees to travel with Veronica only to the nearest train station. But Veronica belives Kimble to be her savior and insists that he tag along with her all the way to Sacramento.
S01E23 Angels Travel on Lonely Roads (2) 03/03/1964 Kimble and Sister Veronica continue their journey to Sacramento, unaware that the Nevada State Police have put up a roadblock at the state line. While Kimble deals with a disgruntled ranch hand, named Chuck Mathers, whom suspects his true idenity, Sister Veronica accidently discovers Kimble's idenity through a TV news report. But she does not tell Kimble about her knowledge of who he really is.
S01E24 Flight from the Final Demon 10/03/1964 While working as a health club masseuse, Kimble is recognized by Sheriff Bray, a local lawman with policial aspirations. But Kimble manages to escape with the help of co-worker Steve Edson. After confiding with Steve his secret, Kimble learns that Steve is a fugitive of conscience: five months earlier, Steve was tried and acquitted for the murder of his girlfriend Linda's abusive brother, a murder that Steve actually committed and he apparently cannot live with the guilt over having gotten away with it. Kimble reluctantly lets Steve travel with him. But Steve begins leaving behind clues that soon puts Sheriff Bray back on their trail, including contacting Linda for help and letting her vengeful other brother, Joey, track them down.
S01E25 Taps for a Dead War 17/03/1964 While working as a roller rink supervisor, Kimble is recognized by the horribly scared Joe Hallop, a former Korean War veteran whom blames Kimble for his condition. Apparently back in the Korean War, Kimble was nearly killed in an enemy grenade explosion in which Joe shielded Kimble and got his face disfigured in the process. Knocked out, Kimble never knew who saved his life. Joe then plots to lure Kimble into a remote area and kill him by using one of his war mememtos: a live grenade.
S01E26 Somebody to Remember 24/03/1964 While working as a warehouse worker, Kimble is recognized by the Greek-born owner, Gus Priamos. Gus tells Kimble that he is dying from cancer and has only six months to live and hopes to aid the Fugitive with a scheme to make it look that Kimble has fled the country to Greece. But when Gus' jealous girlfriend Sophie learns Kimble's idenity through a magazine article, she contacts Gerard whom gets a heads-up on Kimble and Gus' plan.
S01E27 Never Stop Running 31/03/1964 While working as a migrant worker in New Mexico, Kimble becomes an unwilling party to the kidnapping of a young boy whom is the son of his landowner boss. The boy, Jimmie, has been abducted by Ralph Simmons, a disgruntled former football player, along with his wife Helen and his cousin Dave. When Kimble discovers that Jimmie is a hemophiliac and that Ralph has bruised him during the abduction, Kimble must find a way to get the boy away from the kidnappers and to a hospital, or Jimmie will soon die from internal bleeding.
S01E28 The Homecoming 07/04/1964 While working as a research technician for the wealthy Allan Pruitt, Kimble gets involved in the business of Allan's teenage daughter, Janice, who returns home after spending a year in a mental hospital recovering from a nervous breakdown after witnessing a young boy under her care get killed by two vicious stray dogs. But Allan's new wife, Dorina, does not take a liking to Janice and plots to drive her insane by hiring a neighbor to make his pet dogs bark in the nearby woods and convince Janice that the dogs are alive (they were captured and put to sleep by the local dog catcher.) But when Kimble claims that he has heard the dogs barking, Dorina asks the local sheriff to investigate Kimble to find any dirt on him.
S01E29 Storm Center 14/04/1964 While working as a dock worker in Florida, Kimble is recognized by Marcie King, a young woman whom five years earlier asked Kimble to perform an abortion for her (illegal at the time; pre-Roe Vs. Wade). Kimble refused due to his religious beliefs, and Marcie went to another second-rate doctor to have it done. But after the operation, because of complications, Marcie can no longer have children and she incredibly blames Kimble for it. When a hurricane hits the area, Marcie and her boyfriend Harry, an embezzler on the run from the law, approach Kimble and threaten to turn him in unless he drives them to safety from the hurricane and the police looking for them.
S01E30 The End Game 21/04/1964 A discarded photograph, with Kimble in the background, leads Gerard to Chicago where he assembles a team of detectives where they trap Kimble within an eight-block radius of the city. With Kimble wondering from place to place, and being recognized by whomever he comes into contact with, he flees from both policemen and local citizens, finding refuge in a small house which is the home of two middle-aged men, named Jake Devlin and Sam Reed, whom have long argued over his innocence.
S02E01 Man in a Chariot 15/09/1964 Kimble happens to watch a TV debate in which a once-renowned attorney, named G. Stanley Lazer, claims that he could reverse Kimble's criminal conviction if the case went back to trial. Lazer once a respected lawyer, had his license revoked after getting into a car accident years before while driving drunk in which his wife was killed. Lazer now spends his days teaching law at a small college in Harrisburg. Kimble travels to Pennsylvania and meets with Lazer and his assistant, Nancy Gilman, to enlist their help. To prove his theory, Lazer decides to conduct a mock trial with his students playing the prosecutor, defense lawyer, and jury in front of a live TV audience. But while the mock trial continues, Kimble becomes aware that Lazer is really putting himself on trial for his past misdeeds.
S02E02 World's End 22/09/1964 Kimble answers a classified ad from a certain Ellie Burnett, the daughter of his former defense attorney. They arrange to meet in Kansas City to discuss the information she received about a one-armed man from a private detective hired by her father. But Gerard sees the ad and knows who wrote it because he and Ellie's father were close friends and that Ellie may be in love with Kimble. While Gerard has Ellie investigated, she and Kimble find out that the one-armed man was killed in a fire only a week before. Kimble is devastated, but vows to confirm it. A little later, Ellie's private detective informs her that the one-armed man whom died in a fire was actually in prison at the time of Helen Kimble's murder. But Ellie withholds this news from Kimble and convinces him that they should leave the country, realizing that this may be her only chance at a life with him.
S02E03 Man on a String 29/09/1964 While walking on the road late at night, Kimble comes to the aid of Lucey Russell after her car has broken down. As a gratitude, she provides him her place to stay for the night. But the next morning, the police find the dead body of Lars Adams, a married man whom Lucey has been having an affair with only a few feet where her car broke down. As a result, Lucey is arrested for Lars' murder. Lars' wife, Amy, realizes that her husband was killed accidentally, but after learning of his philandering with Lucey, Amy decides that Lucey should take the rap. Kimble realizes that he can prove Lucey's innocence, but testifying for her could jeopardize his own freedom.
S02E04 When the Bough Breaks 06/10/1964 While hoping freight trains, Kimble meets a young woman named Carol Hollister with her baby whom she is traveling to meet her husband. But Kimble doesn't know that Carol is a mentally disturbed young woman whose newborn baby died a year earlier and she has abducted another baby. Soon, Carol becomes so far gone that she mistakes Kimble as her late husband. Kimble must find a way to get the baby away from Carol and return it to it's rightfull parents while avoiding the police looking for her.
S02E05 Nemesis 13/10/1964 Kimble escapes from his workplace at a hatchery just as Gerard and the local sheriff come to arrest him. As Kimble drives off in the sheriff's car, he discovers that Gerard's son is hiding in the backseat.
S02E06 Tiger Left, Tiger Right 20/10/1964 While working as a gardener on the estate of a wealthy couple, Mike and Laura Pryor, Kimble is mistakenly abducted by Harold and Irene Cheyney. Harold is a Korean war veteran and former factory worker whom lost the use of his legs after a truck owned by the Pryor's company hit him. After writing several letters to Mike Pryor asking about work and disability compensation, none of the letters were answered, so Harold decides to kidnap Mike for a $100,000 ransom. But since Harold and Irene have never met or seen Mike Pryor they happedned to abduct Kimble instead after seeing Mike's son, Glenn, give more affection to Kimble than his distant father.
S02E07 Tug of War 27/10/1964 Kimble is working on a farm when he is captured by a sheriff and his deputy. The two men start fighting about how and when to turn Kimble over to the authorities-and one of them will go to any lengths to make sure he gets the credit for the capture.
S02E08 Dark Corner 10/11/1964 Kimble finds refuge from the police in a rural farm house, where he meets Mattie Braydon, a sculptress who suffers from hysterical blindness whom lives with her older sister and their uncle. Mattie protects Kimble and while hiring him as a farmhand, she also begins using him as a model for her clay sculptures see keeps in the barn. But Kimble soon finds out that the sweet and innocent Mattie is in fact a possessive and manipulative sociopath who wants Kimble for herself and will do anything, including committing murder, to ensure her dark secrets of her past never get revealed.
S02E09 Escape Into Black 17/11/1964 On the verge of closing in on the shadowy one-armed man, Kimble is renderd amnesiac after a freak gas explosion at a roadside diner. While the Fugitive fights to regain his memory, a struggle ensues at the local hospital between Margaret Ruskin, a sympathic social worker whom regonizes Kimble and belives him to be innocent, while a local physician, named Dr. Towne, belives Kimble to be guilty. Meanwhile, the one-armed man slips away, but not before he makes an anonymous phone call to the police and Gerard about Kimble's whereabouts.
S02E10 The Cage 24/11/1964 While working as a handyman in the predominantly Hispanic fishing village of Puerto Viejo, Kimble becomes aware that the area is beset with a plague epidemic and he's forced to call the state health inspector to have the entire area quarantined. But he soon finds himself trapped when the local doctor suspects his true identity and the irate villagers set out to find him.
S02E11 Cry Uncle 01/12/1964 After finding refuge in an orphanage, Kimble becomes entwined in the plight of a troubled teenage boy who passes him off as his uncle.
S02E12 Detour on a Road Going Nowhere 08/12/1964 While working as a hotel steward in Wyoming, Kimble is forced to run after learning that another hotel employee has stolen hotel funds, and Kimble becomes the suspect. Kimble escapes on a tour bus containing a bickering couple called the Langners, a visiting spinster named Louanne, a local guy named Sandy Baird, and the bus driver. But Kimble becomes trapped when the bus breaks down on a back road, and all the passengers discover his secret when his identity is revealed over the radio. Held at gunpoint, Kimble must find a way to escape by emotionally getting between his various captors before the bus driver returns with the police.
S02E13 The Iron Maiden 15/12/1964 An industrial accident traps Kimball and some government workers underground. A member of the trapped group wants to turn Kimball in as soon as they are rescued. To add to Richard's problems, Lt. Gerard is waiting above at the only exit.
S02E14 Devil's Carnival 22/12/1964 Kimble unwittingly hitches a ride with Hanes McClure,a wanted criminal out to settle a score in his Georgia home town. When Hanes attempts to crash a barricade, and Kimble grabs the wheel to save an innocent life, but it gets both of them arrested. Both Kimble and Hanes then endure the spectacle the small town makes of the double arrest.
S02E15 Ballad for a Ghost 29/12/1964 Kimble finds himself working with Hallie, a woman who bears a strong resemblance to his late wife. Hallie knows of the resemblance, and Kimble's danger is increased when Hallie's husband becomes jealous.
S02E16 Brass Ring 05/01/1965 In Santa Monica, California, Kimble is hired by Norma Sessions to help care for her invalid brother Leslie, who was crippled in a car accident. Kimble doesn't realize that Norma, with her boyfriend Lars, are ploting to murder Leslie to collect his insurance money. When Norma suspects Kimble is hiding from the police, she plots to frame him for Leslie's murder.
S02E17 The End Is But the Beginning 12/01/1965 Kimble takes advantage of a deadly car accident as a way to try and convince Gerard that he is now dead.
S02E18 Nicest Fella You'd Ever Want to Meet 19/01/1965 While traveling though a small town in Arizona, Kimble is arrested by the brutal and sadistic Sheriff Jo Bob Sims whom has political ambitions. Sheriff Sims (unaware of Kimble's true identity) subjects him to slave labor with a group of other vagrants he arrests on a daily basis for no reason other than to torture or humiliate them. When Kimble witnesses Sims murder another prisoner and has the equally corrupt mayor and town council cover it up to look like an accident, Kimble becomes aware that his own life is in danger.
S02E19 Fun and Games and Party Favors 26/01/1965 While working as a chauffeur for a wealthy family, Kimble learns that the teenage daughter of the family is dating the pool cleaner. While chaperoning a party for the daughter's friends, Kimble throws out a unruly young man who crashes the party. But Kimble is soon faced with a little blackmail when the man turns out to be a crime buff and recongizes Kimble from a police magazine.
S02E20 Scapegoat 02/02/1965 A man who knew Kimble during one of his disguises, meets him again. He tells him that on one of his hurried, silent departures from a town, he left behind evidence which indicated he was dead and an innocent man is being held for his murder.
S02E21 Corner of Hell 09/02/1965 On the run from Gerard, Kimble stumbles onto private property belonging to a family of moonshiners. When Gerard gives chase on foot, he too is caught by the backwoods family, and is accused of attacking one of the girls in the family. Kimble has to decide whether or not to keep the family from killing Gerard.
S02E22 Moon Child 16/02/1965 Kimble arrives in a small town where women are being murdered by an unknown serial killer and a vigilante mob mistakes Kimble (a stranger in town) of being the killer. Kimble hides out with a mentally retarded young woman named Joanne Mercer, a 'moon child' befriends Kimble and hides him in the basement of her house which is connected by a underground tunnel to a closed-down textile factory where the real killer is hiding out.
S02E23 The Survivors 02/03/1965 Richard Kimble returns home when he learns his wife's family is in financial trouble. The complications are that his mother-in-law hates him, his sister-in-law loves him, and his father-in-law is being questioned by the police.
S02E24 Everybody Gets Hit in the Mouth Sometime 09/03/1965 While working as a truck driver for a small freight company, Kimble discovers that his angry and bitter boss, Gus Hendrick, is being blackmailed by Lucia Mayfield, the wife of his late business partner, into paying her bills and for child support since Mr. Mayfield was killed a year earlier in a driving accident. But Kimble later learns that with Hendrick strapped for money, and Lucia merely squandering the blackmail money for her own selfish purposes, Hendrick plans to hijack one of his own trucks to collect an insurance settlement.
S02E25 May God Have Mercy 16/03/1965 While working as a hospital orderly, Kimble is recognized by Victor Leonetti and his wife Anne whom hold Kimble responsible for the death of their daughter. Kimble tries to flee, but gets shot and is forced to undergo surgery for the gunshot wounds. But when Victor learns that Kimble was trying to contact a specialist at the time of the girl's death, he tries to make amends by confessing to Gerard, whom arrives at the hospital, that he was the one who murdered Helen Kimble.
S02E26 Masquerade 23/03/1965 While traveling through an small Oklahoma town, Kimble is arrested, not because the police recognize him, but because they've mistaken him for Leonard Hull, a former numbers runner about to testify against a big-time racketeer, whom has run away from a witness relocation program in that very town. Kimble is taken to a motel where Leonard's wife, Mavis, knows he's not Leonard in which Kimble asks for her help to get away from the police, and a local hit man pursuing them.
S02E27 Runner in the Dark 30/03/1965 A woman calls the police after she recognizes Kimble's picture on a TV quiz show and in the ensuing manhunt, Kimble hides out in a home for the blind. Kimble becomes acquainted with some of the residents, including the attractive Claire Whittaker whom he assists, as well as Pete Haskell whom Kimble discovers is not really blind and was actually temporarily blinding in a school bus accident months earlier which Pete blames himself since he was driving drunk at the time. But one of the residents is a certain Dan Brady, a veteran lawman whom was blinded in the line of duty and has now been put out to pasture. Brady remains bitter for having lost his position as the town's sheriff to the younger, more educated, but less experienced, Barney Vilattic. When Brady suspects Kimble's true identity, he sees an opportunity to capture the fugitive to reclaim his former job.
S02E28 A.P.B. 06/04/1965 Kimble hops onto a freight train and finds himself in the company of three escaped convicts (two of which are wounded during their escape). One of the convicts dies from his wounds while the second one, a brutal murderer named Neil Pinkerton, forces Kimble to treat his leg wound. Pinkerton decides to keep Kimble as a hostage as a safeguard against the police. Pinkerton, Kimble, and the other prisoner, named Matt Mooney, seek refuge in a farm house owned by widow Mona Ross and her mother whom recognize all of them and treat Kimble, Mooney and Pinkerton as their celebrity guests.
S02E29 The Old Man Picked a Lemon 13/04/1965 While working as a ranch hand on a California citrus farm, the owner, Leland Hagerman, suddenly dies in an accident and the man's racist and sadistic son, Blaine, arrives to stake his claim to the place and sees everyone as expendable, including Kimble whom must find a way to quietly slip away with the help of the Hispanic workers before Blaine stumbles upon his true identity.
S02E30 Last Second of a Big Dream 20/04/1965 Barry Craft figures he'll get some publicity by arranging to have Kimble captured at his wild-animal show.
S03E01 Wings of an Angel 14/09/1965 Kimble is riding on a bus when the police stop it, not to arrest Kimble, but to capture an escaped convict who takes a woman hostage. Kimble disarmes the man, but gets stabbed during the struggle while the convict is shot dead. Not knowing his true identity, the police treat Kimble as a hero and transport him to a hospital for treatment, the prison hospital. When two inmates recognize Kimble in the prison infirmary, they threaten to reveal his identity unless he assists them in their drug smuggling scheme by stealing morphine from the medicine cabinet. Kimble goes along with it, but the drugs get discovered by a guard. One of the prisoners, a innocent orderly named Mickey Deming, gets accused being involved with the smuggling. Kimble recovers and is released. But he risks his freedom when he returns to try to clear Mickey of the charges.
S03E02 Middle of a Heat Wave 21/09/1965 While dating a local woman named Laurel Harper, Kimble breaks off their romantic affair and she angrily storms out of the bar they are in and into the night. The next morning, Laurel is found on an abandoned road unconscious and badly beaten. While she is taken to a hospital for treatment, Laurel's paranoid and suspicious sister, Sheila, convinces the police to hold Kimble for questioning.
S03E03 Crack in a Crystal Ball 28/09/1965 A scam artist posing as a psychic goes on TV to prove that he knows where Kimble will appear next-with a little help from an accomplice who is traveling with Kimble.
S03E04 Trial by Fire 05/10/1965 Kimble's sister Donna summons him home with a possible break in the case: a letter from James Eckhardt, a former U.S. Army captain whom also saw the one-armed man fleeing from the Kimble's house on the night of Helen's murder. Kimble meets with Eckhardt who agrees to help the fugitive out. Eckhardt's story seems strong enough to clear Kimble. But unknown to either men, another witness comes forward: a convict in prison for drug dealing, who reveals that he used to sell heroin to Eckhart for a Korean War battle wound and that Eckhardt was on his way to see him that night to buy some drugs, which is more than enough for Gerard to discredit Eckhardt's testimony.
S03E05 Conspiracy of Silence 12/10/1965 While working as a steward at a remote desert resort, Kimble is unaware that the area is a top-secret government test site for chemical weapons. Kimble tries to leave, but gets mistaken for a spy by Major Beck, the head of the project. When several staff members, including the staff physician, suffer from a resulting chemical explosion, Kimble is pressed into service to care for the wounded, unaware that Beck still plans to turn him into the army general leading the project.
S03E06 Three Cheers for Little Boy Blue 19/10/1965 Kimble is working as a chauffeur for George Forster, a successful contractor who returns to his small Midwestern home town with big plans for the community. While Forster's homecoming is greeted by overall apathy and resentment, Kimble discovers that one of the townspeople is planning to kill Forster. Kimble must find out who it is before his secret is discovered
S03E07 All the Scared Rabbits 26/10/1965 Kimble responds to a newspaper ad for a driver and is hired to drive a certain Peggy Franklin and her 10-year-old daughter, Nancy, to California. But Kimble doesn't realize that Peggy has abducted Nancy from her ex-husband, a pathologist named Dean Franklin. Nancy innocently removes a rabbit from Dean's research lab, unaware that the rabbit has meningitis. When Nancy contracts the sickness, Kimble risks keeping his secret safe to save Nancy before she dies.
S03E08 An Apple a Day 02/11/1965 Running from the police, Kimble hides out at a farm owned by a local country doctor, named Josephus Adams, whom treats his patients with little more than a dose of honey and a reassuring word. After one elderly woman under Adams care dies from a protracted bronchial infection, an angry Kimble intervenes and tries to help the patients. But in the meantime, Adams' wife, Marianne, stumbles upon Kimble's identity and tries to use that to her own advantage. When Dr. Adams teenage niece, Sharon, falls into a coma after having an alergic reaction to bee stings, Kimble risks his freedom to take her away from Adams to a hospital for treatment.
S03E09 Landscape with Running Figures (1) 16/11/1965 In Part 1 of a 2-part story, Lt. Gerard and his wife are on a much-needed vacation. When Gerard rushes off to answer the call to duty, an angry Mrs. Gerard decides that enough is enough, and leaves town on the bus. Unbeknownst to her, Kimble is on the same bus. When the bus crashes, Kimble helps her get away from the wreck. Due to a head injury, she is suffering from temporary blindness and doesn't recognize Kimble. Kimble, unaware of who SHE really is, decides to accompany her to a phone where she can contact her husband. Along the way Mrs. Gerard starts asking questions, and is starting to form an image of Kimble, and is intrigued with what she learns. Will she discover his true identity before they reach their destination?
S03E10 Landscape with Running Figures (2) 23/11/1965 In the conclusion to Part 1 (from last week), Kimble accompanies a temporarily-blinded Mrs. Gerard to a place where she can phone her husband for help. Mrs. Gerard, who is as inquisitive as her husband, continues to pepper Kimble with questions about himself and his life. As she starts to put the pieces together, she realizes that this man may be Richard Kimble. She begins to form a plan to trap him.
S03E11 Set Fire to a Straw Man 30/11/1965 Kimble reluctantly becomes involved with Stella Savano, the sister of George Savano, a mobster who runs the trucking company where Kimble works. Stella is an emotionally disturbed women with a dangerous attraction to Johnny, the adopted eight-year-old son of Jesse Stangel, Kimble's co-worker. Kimble learns that Stella is actually Johnny's mother. But Stella becomes so delusional that she thinks that Kimble is Johnny's father.
S03E12 Stranger in the Mirror 07/12/1965 Kimble is working as a custodian for the Saturday Morning Camp, a weekend camp run by Tony and Carole Burnell. Things become complicated when two police officers are found beaten to death. The police recruit Tony, a former policeman, to interrogate a local juvenile delinquent whom is the main suspect in the killings. But unknown to everyone, the real killer is the schizoid Tony whom blames the police for his death of his father whom was a policeman and was sent to prison on a trumped-up murder charge and then killed by the dirty cops during a prison riot.
S03E13 The Good Guys and the Bad Guys 14/12/1965 In the small town of Drover City, Montana, Kimble stumbles onto the annual ""vigilante roundup,"" a carnival of sorts where locals ""hunt"" down anybody not wearing Western cowboy clothing. After being ""lassoed"" literally, Kimble is held ""prisoner"" in the local school cafeteria where the dance hall is. Meanwhile, Gerard arrives in the area after hearing reports of Kimble's spotting, has the state police set up roadblocks outside the town, and then enters looking for the fugitive. Gerard shows Kimble's mug shot to Charley Judd, the town marshal whom recognizes Kimble. But Charley mistakenly thinks there's a reward on Kimble (and Charley wants to keep all the money for himself). So, he sends Gerard away on a false lead and has his girlfriend, Laura, transport Kimble to the real jail at the police station. There, Kimble must persuade Laura to let him go by telling her that Charley is in it for his own selfish reasons, just as Gerard figures out that Charley has sent him on a wild-goose chase
S03E14 End of the Line 21/12/1965 After losing his wallet, Kimble steals another wallet to pay for his train fare. The wallet belongs to R.T. Unger, who owns a local dairy. Kimble finds work as dishwasher at a local diner in order to repay the debit. But when Unger finds his wallet missing, he calls the police. Kimble goes to Unger's house and gives back the wallet and money to Unger's daughter, Betty Jo, whom is pregnant by Neil, a disreputable youth whom works at Unger's dairy. Unger offers Neil $1,000 to leave town. But when Neil refuses, their argument turns into a fistfight where Kimble walks in and sees Neil kill Unger. Kimble flees and tries to find a way to get out of town before Neil decides to pass the blame for the killing on the fugitive.
S03E15 When the Wind Blows 28/12/1965 In rural Wyoming, Kimble seeks refuge from the local constable at a small hotel run by Lois Carter, a young widow whom hires him as a handyman. Kimble soon befriends Lois' son Kenny, a particularly sensitive young boy whom protects Kimble from the police when they arrive looking for him.
S03E16 Not With a Whimper 04/01/1966 Kimble arrives in the factory town of Hempstead Mills, West Virginia to assist Andrew McCallister, his longtime mentor whom is dying from lung cancer which he is confined to a wheelchair. McCallister's vigorous anti-smog campaign has earned him a reputation as a local crackpot. But the old man plans to go out with a bang; by having a bomb hidden in a package where he has Kimble deliver to the local factory. But when McCallister discovers that a group of school children will be inside the factory during a school tour at the time of the explosion, he dispatches Kimble to evacuate the building and deactivate the bomb before time runs out.
S03E17 Wife Killer 11/01/1966 Reporter Barbara Webb spots Fred Johnson, the one-armed man, in a police roundup of suspicious character during a murder investigation. Calling to mind the Kimble case with her publisher boss Herb Malone, Barbara takes a photo of Johnson and publishes it in the local newspaper. The image of the one-armed man draws both Kimble and Gerard to the town. While Gerard waits for Kimble to show up at the police station, the fugitive is outside and sees Johnson in the jail courtyard. But the one-armed man spots Kimble and escapes from the jail and steals a getaway car. Barbara spots Kimble and tells him to get in her car as they chase after the one-armed man. During the chase down a winding mountain road, the one-armed man's car crashes, and Kimble has to tend to Johnson's injuries knowing that he's the only one to clear Kimble of his wife's murder. Unable to speak because of a head injury, Johnson nodds when Kimble asks if he murdered Helen. While Kimble rests, Barbara types a confession paper
S03E18 This'll Kill You 18/01/1966 Kimble finds work at a Laundromat owned by Charlie Paris, a former stand-up comic and mob bookie who hopes to go straight. But Kimble doesn't know that that the underworld has put a hit contract on Charlie for testifying against some of their business ""associates."" Charlie hopes to make amends meet to his longtime girlfriend Paula, but she's more interested in Kimble. When a mob flunky offers Paula $8,000 for turning Charlie over to them, she does not pass up the chance and takes the money, while Charlie refuses to believe Kimble's suspicions that Paula plans to betray him.
S03E19 Echo of a Nightmare 25/01/1966 Jane Washburn, an undercover policewoman, witnesses three youths beat up and rob Kimble. She attends to him, but becomes suspicious after he declines to report his mugging to the police. So, she handcuffs herself to Kimble to arrest him, but he manages to flee the area with her. After Jane sprains her ankle after hopping off a freight train, they break into an abandoned farm house so Kimble can attend to her, as well as saw off the handcuffs. But the family who lives there soon returns and Kimble is held at gunpoint by the domineering and rabid patriarch of the family.
S03E20 Stroke of Genius 01/02/1966 Gary Keller, a promising art student, tests his new rifle by firing a random shot which instantly kills his mentor, the town minister, who happens to be driving on a road right in the line of fire. Kimble happens to be in the car after the minister gives a ride to the hitchhiking fugitive. The car crashes and Kimble hobbles away to attend to his injuries. A guilt ridden Gary wants to confess, but his father, Steve, refuses to let him do so and destroy his promising career. The police arrive on the scene and after spotting Kimble, they think he is the killer and notify Geard whom arrives in town to track him down. Meanwhile, Steve decides to take matters into his own hands by finding Kimble and hiding him so he does not implicate his son.
S03E21 Shadow of the Swan 08/02/1966 At a carnival, Kimble meets Tina Anderson, an attractive young woman whom helps him get a job and introduces him to her uncle Harry, whom is a retired police detective. But Harry soon recognizes Kimble and tries to arrest him. Tina helps Kimble get away and wants to run off with him, but he refues. Tina, whom is revealed to be an obsessed sociopath, plots to betray Kimble for him refusing her advances.
S03E22 Running Scared 22/02/1966 After learning of the death of his father, Kimble contacts Donna and her husband Len Taft and wants to meet with them. Donna and Len drive to Fort Wayne, Indiana and check into a hotel under assumed names. But their rendezvous is threatned by Mike Ballinger, the former prosecuting attorney at Kimble's trial, who recognizes them and calls on Gerard to set up a trap.
S03E23 The Chinese Sunset 01/03/1966 Kimble is working as the ""general factotum"" in a swank Beverly Hills hotel on Sunset Blvd. An undercover policeman, named Fred Bragin, checks into the hotel to survey Eddie Slade, a notorious mob bookie. When Slade leaves town for a few days to sort out some business of his, his girlfriend, Penelope, stays behind while Bragin focuses his surveillance on her. Penelope meets and turns to Kimble for help in mingling with the wealthy in-crowd of the hotel residents in which Kimble agrees to tutor her on the find art of socializing, manners, and better increasing her vocabulary.
S03E24 Ill Wind 08/03/1966 Gerard tracks Kimble to a migrant community in South Texas where he finally captures the fugitive who attempts to flee by train. But a violent hurricane strikes the area and forces them to seek shelter in a fragile barn where most of the farm workers are gathered. But when Gerard is badly injured when the roof collapses on him, Kimble, to the astonishment of the workers, actually helps try to save the lieutenant by helping transport him to another building where the fugitive pleads for a blood doner to save Gerard's life whom has weakened by the loss of blood.
S03E25 With Strings Attached 15/03/1966 Kimble is hired as a chauffeur by Geoffrey Martin, a 17-year-old violinist whom has grown weary of his career and would like to stop playing professionally for a few years when he decides to go away to college. But Geoffrey's demanding guardian/instructor, Max Pfeiffer, refuses to let Geoffrey go because under a contract, Geoffrey is obligated to continue performing until he is 21. In order to ""free"" himself from Mr. Pfieffer, Geoffrey manipulates his assistant, Ellen, and Kimble into believing that Mr. Pifieffer is emotionally destroying him.
S03E26 The White Knight 22/03/1966 After witnessing a small plane crash, Kimble rescues the pilot and two passengers, senatorial candidate Glenn Madison, and his assistant/secret lover, Pat Haynes. Glenn's PR man, Russ Haynes (Pat's husband) arranges for a sketch artist to draw a portrait of Glenn's rescuer whom had left the scene. Russ locates the fugitive and brings him to the Madison estate for Glenn to congratulate him for saving his life. But the sketch artist recognizes Kimble and calls the police whom arrives at the mansion. But Russ and Glenn hold them off. Meanwhile, Glenn's wife, Claire, recognizes Kimble, and threatens to turn him in unless he tells her of the person that Glenn has seeing, aware of her husband's long history of infidelity. But Kimble claims not to know anything. When Kimble confronts Pat, she admits to her affair with Glenn. Claire overhears the conversation and decides to destroy her husband's image. But Glenn murders her and then calls the police again to put the blame of the fugitive.
S03E27 The 2130 29/03/1966 While working as a chauffeur in Denver, Colorado, Kimble reluntantly covers for teenager Lauire Ryder after she dents her father's car. But Kimble flees after discovering that Laurie was involved in a hit-and-run. After learning Kimble's idenity, Laurie's father, Dr. Mark Ryder, summons Gerard (along with the entire Kimble file) to Denver where he introduces Gerard to the 2130, a computer that can help capture the fugitive by determining a pattern to his travels. As the 2130 makes progress, Kimble's new travels all over the country end with one close escape after another with the police.
S03E28 A Taste of Tomorrow 12/04/1966 Kimble meets Joe Tucker, another fugitive whom claims that he was wrongly convicted for embezzlement four years earlier and wants to return to his hometown to kill the bank officer he claims framed him. When Kimble is arrested for driving Joe's truck which was stolen, Joe's teenage daughter, Sarah, tries to get Kimble to reveal the location of her father claiming that the real culprit, whom died recently, had confessed to the crime before he died. Kimble manages to escape from the jail and tries to find Joe before he kills an innocent man. But the police uncover Kimble's true identity and set out to capture both him and Joe.
S03E29 In a Plain Paper Wrapper 19/04/1966 Kimble, working as a bartender in a local diner, becomes involved with waitress Susan Cartwright. But their growing romance is complicated by the arrival of Susan's orphaned nephew Gary, who is trying to break into a small group of local boys. When Gary recognizes Kimble from growing up in Stafford, Gary tells them of his find and they decide to capture the fugitive with a rifle they purchase from a magazine ad. Meanwhile, Susan's social worker, Mr. Shaw, investigates Susan and her ability to raise Gary, but then focuses on Kimble.
S03E30 Coralee 26/04/1966 After a diver dies in an underwater mishap, Kimble comes to the defense of the diver's girlfriend-whom the locals believe is a jinx. Kimble knows that the death may have been due to negligence- knowledge that puts him in jeopardy.
S04E01 La dernière oasis 13/09/1966 Le procès de Richard Kimble se poursuit. Le médecin fugitif voit approcher la fin de son calvaire car le mystère de la mort de sa femme est sur le point d'être enfin dévoilé. C'est l'occasion pour tous les acteurs du drame de se retrouver lors d'une ultime et fort constructive confrontation...
S04E02 Death Is the Door Prize 20/09/1966 Kimble visits an enclosed plaza in the heart of the city. Due to a misunderstanding, on-site security mistakes him for someone else and gives chase. Thinking they are on to him, Richard tries to jump a fence but is caught by a guard, and has to punch him out to get away. A lady working at a camera store lets him stay at her place (in the plaza), while he rests and heals. To complicate things more, Kimble's earlier visit to the video store was caught on video tape, and someone who sees the tape recognizes him. Kimble's visit also coincides with an accidental shooting inside of a storage room, so the police are at the plaza, investigating.
S04E03 Une ville tranquille 27/09/1966 Richard Kimble est passé à tabac par deux policiers à la solde du fameux manchot qui, plus que jamais, cherche à mettre la main sur le fugitif. Une jeune femme, Cora Reed, a assisté à l'agression et prodigue à Kimble les premiers soins. Elle le présente ensuite à Ollie Enright, l'homme qui contrôle le vice et le jeu dans la ville...
S04E04 Cas de conscience 04/10/1966 Richard Kimble est victime d'une méprise : alors qu'il poursuivait un homme armé, il est confondu avec le voleur et pourchassé à son tour. En s'enfuyant, il heurte une femme et accroche son sac au passage. Alors qu'il rapporte l'objet à sa propriétaire, le fugitif se trouve aux prises avec un policier...
S04E05 Ten Thousand Pieces of Silver 11/10/1966 Kimble finds work on Jake Lawrence's farm, where he develops a special friendship with Jake's autistic daughter, Cathy. But Kimble soon becomes nervous when the local sheriff, Mel Bailey, begins searching for Joe Burmas, a convicted murder having escaped from prison a few weeks before. Burmas attacks and nearly kills Kimble after trapping him inside a truck that crashes into a creek. Meanwhile, back in Stafford, Gerard has the local newspaper establish a $10,000 reward for Kimble's capture hoping someone will respond. A local storekeeper recognizes Kimble's face in the newspaper but decides to collect the money for himself. Kimble then tries to evade capture from a local posse, but he again runs into the murderous Burmas whom also takes Cathy hostage as well.
S04E06 Le royaume de Joshua 18/10/1966 Richard Kimble travaille en tant qu'assistant vétérinaire. Un jour, une jeune femme lui demande son aide pour soigner son enfant gravement malade. Seulement, le grand-père de l'enfant, en raison de ses convictions religieuses, refuse de laisser Kimble intervenir. Il finit par mettre en danger à la fois la vie du petit et celle du fugitif...
S04E07 La seconde vue 25/10/1966 Richard Kimble affronte «Le Manchot» dans un entrepôt de produits chimiques. Alors qu'ils se battent, une explosion se produit et les deux hommes sont blessés. Dans le cas du «Manchot» cela paraît grave et en ce qui concerne Kimble, il semble avoir perdu la vue. Il est possible qu'il reste aveugle définitivement...
S04E08 Wine Is a Traitor 01/11/1966 Carl Crandall is the wealthy and spoiled son of winery owner Pete Crandall. Carl stops a labor strike at the winery by killing the union leader and framing Morales, another worker, for it. Kimble happens by and witness Carl run from the scene of the crime, but he is unable to tell anyone because of his secret. Kimble tries to write an annoymous letter to the California District Attorney, but Carl's goons confiscate the letter. While Kimble tries to persuade Morales's wife, Elena, to help him report Carl to clear her husband, Pete suspects Carl of the murder and sends his two right hand men to keep an eye on Carl. But the two men are in league with Carl who orders them to murder Kimble.
S04E09 Un être inoffensif 15/11/1966 Richard Kimble tente de venir en aide à Willie Turner avec qui il s'est lié d'amitié. Idéalement, il voudrait parvenir à emmener le jeune homme jusqu'à sa soeur. Seulement, c'est sans compter sans le toujours très inopportun lieutenant Gerard, qui a la ferme intention de contrarier les plans du fugitif...
S04E10 On ne peut pas perdre toujours 22/11/1966 Maggie Tippet, la petite amie de Fred Johnson, «Le Manchot», est renversée par une voiture. Comme elle est, pour Kimble, le seul lien qui le relie au «Manchot», il l'accompagne à l'hôpital où il trouve un emploi. Mais «Le Manchot» oblige la jeune fille à trahir Kimble. Gerard choisit ce moment pour intervenir...
S04E11 Au grand large 29/11/1966 Revenant d'une partie de pêche au gros avec le propriétaire du bateau, Tony, Richard Kimble se retrouve en pleine grève de la conserverie. Tony se montre très déterminé à forcer le blocus bien que son propre fils, Joe, soit à la tête des piliers de grève. D'ailleurs, Tony force le fugitif à l'accompagner mais il s'ensuit une bagarre et la police arrête tout le monde...
S04E12 Les anges sataniques 06/12/1966 Richard Kimble est sauvé d'extrême justesse des griffes de la justice par le providentiel Hutch et son gang de motocyclistes, «Les anges Sataniques». Seulement, lorsqu'il apprend la réelle identité de Kimble, Hutch commence à entrevoir une occasion parfaite pour régler un différend avec un vieil ami...
S04E13 The Blessings of Liberty 20/12/1966 Kimble finds work at an upholstery store where the police are staking out the place in their search for an escaped killer, named Bowen. Kimble becomes aquainted with one worker, a Hungarian immigrant named Josef Karac, whom Kimble discovers that Josef is a doctor wanted by the police for an abortion that he performed years earlier. Meanwhile, the police stake out Dr. Karac's apartment where his wife, daughter and nephew live, while undercover cop, Jim Macklin, goes undercover as a worker at the shop where Bowen was last seen to investigate his girlfrend whom is Dr. Karac's daughter. But Macklin soon recongizes Kimble and begins a second investigation to try to capture him. In the meantime, Bowen returns and takes the Karac family hostage to force them to hide him from the police just next door.
S04E14 Et nos oeuvres nous suivent 27/12/1966 Richard Kimble travaille dans l'écurie d'un redoutable chef de bande repenti, Arthur Brame, dont il a sauvé la vie. Mais quand celui-ci apprend que son employé est recherché par la police, il décide de lui tendre un piège et l'attire dans un entrepôt abandonné. Kimble va devoir se sortir de ce traquenard...
S04E15 Capturez cet homme ! 03/01/1967 Le shérif et son amie Laura Craig se querellent. Laura rejoint Richard Kimble dans une cabane où il soigne Kenny, un criminel blessé dont il attend de l'aide en échange de ses soins...
S04E16 Le revers de la médaille 10/01/1967 Richard Kimble travaille le soir, au marché d'une petite ville, jusqu'à ce qu'un individu masqué tente de dérober la caisse. Le directeur blesse le cambrioleur d'un coup de fusil mais ce dernier réussit à prendre la fuite. Le shérif Ben Corby le pourchasse mais il découvre que le voleur n'est autre que son propre fils, Larry. Il décide de le protéger tandis que dans la ville, les soupçons se portent sur Kimble...
S04E17 Une croisière mouvementée 17/01/1967 Richard Kimble, toujours en fuite, effectue une croisière sur un yacht, en compagnie d'une jolie femme, Felice Greer. Celle-ci est suspectée d'avoir organisé un rendez-vous amoureux secret avec son époux, Oliver. Il se cacherait au Mexique après avoir détourné d'importants fonds...
S04E18 Scandale immobilier 24/01/1967 Pat, un entrepreneur, embauche Kimble malgré les objections de Pearl, son associée. Il espère ainsi réduire l'influence de Pearl qui attend, depuis de longues années, de pouvoir établir la preuve de la responsabilité de Pat dans une affaire de construction défectueuse qui a coûté la vie à de nombreux enfants...
S04E19 Mère Véronique 31/01/1967 Richard Kimble est blessé par des policiers, alors qu'il était sur les traces du Manchot, le véritable assassin de sa femme. Il se réfugie à l'Institut Sainte-Marie-Madeleine, une école pour jeunes filles délinquantes dirigée par la mère Véronique. Kimble se place sous sa protection et lui demande son aide...
S04E20 L'enlèvement 07/02/1967 Richard Kimble regarde un match de base-ball. Nadine, la fille du célèbre journaliste Andrew Newmark, assiste également à ce match et elle se fait enlever. Kimble est le seul témoin. Complètement désespéré, le père de la jeune fille décide d'utiliser les services du fugitif pour retrouver son enfant...
S04E21 La vie n'est pas un rêve 21/02/1967 Un chercheur fait des expériences sur un patient qui, dans un rêve, parle d'une femme qu'il aurait assassiné. Cet homme pourrait être Fred Johnson, alias le Manchot, et le savant alerte aussitôt Kimble. Lorsque celui-ci arrive, il confirme qu'il s'agit effectivement de son ennemi. De plus l'enregistrement du rêve pourrait prouver que le fugitif est innocent du meurtre de sa femme. Mais Gerard est mis au courant de ces derniers développements et il arrive sur ces entrefaits...
S04E22 Au revoir mon amour 28/02/1967 Richard Kimble travaille dans un country club et tombe amoureux d'une ravissante chanteuse, Gayle Martin. Celle-ci vient récemment de mettre fin à sa relation avec le très riche Alan Bartlett, qui refuse de divorcer pour des raisons assez sordides. Aussi Gayle décide-t-elle de le tuer en utilisant à son insu Richard Kimble...
S04E23 L'évasion 07/03/1967 Dans une petite ville, Richard Kimble est questionné au sujet d'une affaire de vol de voiture. Mais il refuse de se prêter à cet interrogatoire qui prend une drôle de tournure et s'enfuit. Il est alors rattrapé et soulève la suspicion du shérif Dalton qui décide de «jouer» subtilement avec le fugitif...
S04E24 Rue barrée 14/03/1967 José Anza fabrique des cigares et essaie d'inculquer à son fils Jimmy les traditions du métier. Jimmy, un bon garçon qui, par ailleurs prend des leçons de violon, est attaqué à la sortie de son cours. Richard Kimble vient au secours du jeune homme. Mais la police locale identifie le fugitif...
S04E25 Mort d'un petit tueur 21/03/1967 Poursuivi par la police, Richard Kimble fuit au Mexique. Il arrive dans un petit port où il contracte une méningite. Une jeune femme, le docteur Reina Morales, le fait admettre dans la clinique du docteur Howell, un ancien collègue du docteur Kimble. Howell ne tarde pas à faire chanter Kimble afin qu'il accepte de lui servir de cobaye dans la poursuite de ses recherches...
S04E26 Dossier d'un diplomate 28/03/1967 Richard Kimble trouve refuge dans une ambassade étrangère de Washington. Grâce à un avocat, il rencontre monsieur Unawa, ambassadeur d'une petite nation. Unawa invite Kimble à rester au sein de l'ambassade, mais l'épouse du diplomate, qui voudrait en savoir un peu plus sur son hôte, contacte le lieutenant Gerard...
S04E27 Les murs de la nuit 04/04/1967 Pour pouvoir gagner sa vie, Richard Kimble est devenu camionneur. Au bout d'un certain temps, il s'éprend d'une jeune fille qui travaille dans la même entreprise que lui. Seulement, le fugitif ignore qu'il s'agit d'une prisonnière libérée sur parole. Ce fait pourrait se révéler de quelque importance...
S04E28 Un curieux bonhomme 11/04/1967 Richard Kimble devient l'ami d'Andrea Cross, une ravissante jeune artiste. Mais cette idylle est interrompue par un policier jaloux qui veut appréhender Kimble. Celui-ci parvient à s'échapper de justesse et se réfugie alors chez un étrange vieil homme, qui vit seul depuis plus de quatorze ans...
S04E29 Le jugement (1) 22/08/1967 Le voile pourrait enfin se lever sur le meurtre de la femme de Richard Kimble, Helen. En effet, Fred Johnson, l'homme manchot, a été arrêté pour un délit mineur et c'est l'occasion idéale pour pouvoir enfin l'interroger et éventuellement lui faire avouer qu'il est l'assassin. Mais Gerard pense toujours à piéger le fugitif...
S04E30 Le jugement (2) 29/08/1967 Le procès de Richard Kimble se poursuit. Le médecin fugitif voit approcher la fin de son calvaire car le mystère de la mort de sa femme est sur le point d'être enfin dévoilé. C'est l'occasion pour tous les acteurs du drame de se retrouver lors d'une ultime et fort constructive confrontation...
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