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C'est l'histoire du petit castor le plus petit, mais le plus fort. Dans la forêt au milieu de tous ses amis, il est heureux, il s'amuse, il joue et il rit et une fois qu'il est lancé, rien ne peut l'arrêter. L'aventure l'attend au bout du chemin, mais l'aventure ça fait parti des plaisirs quotidiens. C'est l'histoire du petit castor, le plus petit, mais le plus fort et une fois qu'il est lancé, rien ne peut l'arreter. Il est rusé, audacieux il n'a pas peur, et quoi qu'il arrive, il sait bien montrer qu'il a du coeur. C'est l'histoire du petit castor, le plus petit, mais le plus fort et une fois qu'il est lancé, rien de peut l'arrêter.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Le Petit castor

S01E01 La scène de ménage 05/04/1975 Castor's rabbit friend Mimi decides to run away from home because her parents won't stop arguing.
S01E02 Le grand frère 12/04/1975 Castor and his friends help reunite Minouchette -- a kitten -- with her older brother.
S01E03 La rébellion 19/04/1975 Feeling unfairly treated by their parents, Castor and his friends decide to build their own clubhouse.
S01E04 Un etrange voyageur/The Magic Artist 26/04/1975 Drawings by a talented travelling artist materialize into the real thing for Castor, Lily and Daigo.
S01E05 Tante Renardine/Aunt Renardine 03/05/1975 Finaud's Aunt Renardine traps Castor in an attempt to make Finaud 'king' of Clairefontaine.
S01E06 La Piscine 10/05/1975 Garou attempts to take advantage of Castor's acts of heroism by asking him to construct a swimming pool -- by himself.
S01E07 Parfum de Miel 17/05/1975 Castor and Daigo travel to the Dark Valley for honey needed to help Nounours' ailing mother.
S01E08 L'Éclipse Solaire 24/05/1975 Garou convinces the animals of Clairefontaine that Castor's father practises black magic prior to a solar eclipse.
S01E09 Le Livre de Contes 31/05/1975 Castor is the hero in this version of the fairy tale, 'Jack And The Beanstalk'.
S01E10 Un Cadeau d'Anniversaire 07/06/1975 Castor builds a wooden chariot to give Lily her birthday present -- a tour of Clairefontaine -- after she's injured by one of Finaud's traps.
S01E11 Un Vilain Garnement 14/06/1975 A young squirrel acts like a brat towards everyone he meets and no one knows why.
S01E12 La Mine d'Or 21/06/1975 Everyone is curious to know what Castor's father is doing in the forest in the middle of the night.
S01E13 Un Malade Récalcitrant 28/06/1975 Garou's grandfather chooses to depend on repeating a magic phrase to cure his injured leg, rather than have Dr. Bouc perform surgery on it.
S01E14 La Marjolainette 05/07/1975 Castor races to save Finaud after he eats a poisoned mushroom and Lily and Daigo from a trio of leopard bandits -- all before sundown.
S01E15 Une Histoire de Bandits 12/07/1975 Castor's new friend Tirelaine -- the former leopard bandit -- is being framed for robberies he hasn't committed.
S01E16 La Mâchoire du Monstre 19/07/1975 During a cleanup of the forest, Castor discovers a jaw with sharp teeth -- and a trap is set to determine who it belongs to.
S01E17 Le flute en bambou/The Bamboo Flute 26/07/1975 Nothing seems to work in reuniting a cat named Rosette with her grandfather, until she plays a flute he made for her.
S01E18 La Joconde 02/08/1975 Castor runs away after he's punished for accidentally ruining a painting his father was working on.
S01E19 L'Aiglon 09/08/1975 Castor attempts to care for an eaglet after he and Lily find an abandoned egg -- unaware that the mother is looking for it.
S01E20 Le Déluge 16/08/1975 The animals of Clairefontaine prepare for the worst when Castor's father warns of a rainstorm and subsequent flood that are about to hit -- except Garou and his friends.
S01E21 L'Honneur de Garou 00/00/0000 Garou is frustrated when he can't seem to defeat Castor in any physical competition -- and that he'll embarass the Garou family name.
S01E22 La Petite Syrène 00/00/0000 Daigo discovers what looks like a mermaid in the forest pond -- who's captured by Garou for use as a sideshow attraction.
S01E23 La Dynastie des Rotonovitch 00/00/0000 A situation involving a raccoon with a fraudulent claim to ruling Clairefontaine results in an unlikely hero in Lourdaud, not long after he's excommunicated by Garou.
S01E24 Le fidele serviteur/The Faithful Servant 00/00/0000 Lourdaud runs away after he feels Garou has taken him for granted.
S01E25 Monsieur Tonnerre 00/00/0000 Finaud attempts to exploit everyone's belief in a 'lightning spirit' after a thunderstorm hits Clairefontaine.
S01E26 Le Château de Sucre 00/00/0000 Finaud's rafting trip to what he believes is a castle made of candy results in Castor and LIly taking care of him when he falls ill with a fever.
S01E27 L'Empereur Dracula 00/00/0000 Castor, Lily and Daigo hatch a plan to rid Clairefontaine of a greedy wolf named Dracula who claims himself to be 'emperor' -- after the wolf soundly prevents Castor from rescuing Mimi.
S01E28 Le Magicien Nastrodumas 00/00/0000 Lourdaud becomes the strongest in Clairefontaine to everyone's amazement, unaware that it's really his lookalike uncle Nostradamus, who only wants his nephew to be more sly and courageous.
S01E29 Le Maître et Seigneur de la Forêt 00/00/0000 The animals of Clairefontaine fight off an invasion led by Balthazar the lion.
S01E30 Un Nouvel Ami 00/00/0000 A search for a ghost in the forest results in Castor, Lily and Daigo befriending a hermit warthog.
S01E31 La motangne du diable 00/00/0000 Castor and Daigo rush to get a special flower from the barren Devil's Mountain -- it's the only thing that will save Lily's bedridden mother from a fatal illness.
S01E32 Les abandonnes de la foret/Left Alone In Clairefontaine 00/00/0000 Castor and Lily come to the rescue of sibling squirrels abandoned by their parents and work to reunite the family.
S01E33 Les pepites d'or/All That Glitters 00/00/0000 A family of white bears learns there are things more valuable than gold after a flood destroys their home and newfound riches.
S01E34 La mystere de la riviere/Something In The Air 00/00/0000 Castor and his father, along with Daigo and Dr. Bouc, aim to chop down a large flower with poisonous pollen, but Garou has plans of his own for the plant.
S01E35 Le premiere amour de Garou/Garou Has A Crush 00/00/0000 Garou experiences unrequited love when he attempts to express his feelings for a lamb nicknamed 'Little Red Riding Hood', but others -- including Castor -- think he's up to no good.
S01E36 Le petit kangourou fute/The Smart Little Kangaroo 00/00/0000 Castor, Lily and Daigo welcome a kangaroo named Fifi to Clairefontaine, and she quickly becomes a thorn in the side of Garou and his sidekicks.
S01E37 Le professeur Dada/The Ivory Hunter 00/00/0000 A seal passing himself off as an archeologist tricks Castor and Daigo into helping him find the frozen remains of mammoths for research, but he only wants the ivory for financial gain.
S01E38 Raton la frise, un sherif etonnant/Rhinoceros On The Run 00/00/0000 Castor and friends protect a rhinoceros whose monstrous appetite has a sheriff chasing after him.
S01E39 Une bouteille dans la riviere/Message In A Bottle 00/00/0000 Castor's father and Dr. Bouc join Castor, Lily and Daigo on a trip to answer an SOS from a filly and her grandfather.
S01E40 Le lettre de menace/A Threatening Letter 00/00/0000 A panther named Leo wants revenge on Dr. Bouc, blaming him for an operation that killed his son, only to discover he's alive and well.
S01E41 Lili est disparu/A Broken Home 00/00/0000 Lily is taken away by an angry bear who wants her to be a playmate for his daughter.
S01E42 Maman est revenue/Natasha 00/00/0000 Castor is over the moon that there is a maternal figure in his life again when a beaver the spitting image of his mother -- including a similar first name -- is taken in by the Castors and nursed back to health.
S01E43 Un etrange visiteur/Lily Is Kidnapped! 00/00/0000 Castor suspects something is wrong when a stranger named Narcisse takes a particular interest in Lily.
S01E44 Le grand devin Goupil/Goupil The Great 00/00/0000 A fox named Goupil claims he is Finaud's dead father and that he can predict terrible events in Clairefontaine, which can only be prevented if everyone does what he says.
S01E45 Grand danger dans le vallee des loups/Danger In The Valley Of The Wolves 00/00/0000 Castor and Lily visit the 'forbidden' Valley Of The Wolves -- where an act of courage lands Castor in hot water.
S01E46 L'arrivee du Monsieur Elegant/A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing 00/00/0000 A wolf named Elegant is accepted as the Clairefontaine police officer after he saves Lily and Mimi -- until Castor's father discovers Elegant's true intentions.
S01E47 Un combat dans le foret/Fight In The Forest 00/00/0000 Daigo's uncle Balourd returns to Clairefontaine as an old enemy seeks revenge on him over a confrontation years earlier.
S01E48 Le vol du condor/The Condor's Prey 00/00/0000 Castor and Daigo work to rescue Fifi when she's snatched by a condor.
S01E49 Le grand loup/Garou Grows Up 00/00/0000 Garou attempts to turn over a new leaf to prove he's 'better' than Castor.
S01E50 Le combat de la foret/Home Invasion 00/00/0000 Tirelaine returns to rescue Castor and his father after the pair are kicked out of their own home by a trio of bandits.
S01E51 La fete des noisettes/The Hazelnut Festival 00/00/0000 Hazelnuts and other food collected for an annual spring festival go missing.
S01E52 La tresor/Race To Treasure 00/00/0000 Castor and Daigo -- with Garou and his sidekicks following them -- search for a treasure in the mountains in Clairefontaine intended to help a chimpanzee professor and the inhabitants of his village.
S01E53 La fille du peintre/The Painter's Daughter 00/00/0000 Castor and his father help Amandine -- a monkey -- find her mother, who Amandine has been told died years ago.

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