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Get ready to root for the bad guys, here comes THE LEAGUE OF SUPER EVIL! Armed with a whole new approach to badness, these four Super Villains have set their sights on nothing less than total neighbourhood domination! L.O.S.E. is helmed by the diminutive GREAT VOLTAR, whose grandiose plans are generally miniscule and child-like—and give new meaning to the term lowered expectations! Then there’s gadgeteer DOKTOR FROGG, whose evil genius is diminished only by his incredibly bad luck. Bringing the muscle is former Siberian farm-boy REGINALD “RED” MENACE, an all-around gee whiz swell guy, who only unleashes his anvil-sized Fists of Judgement on those who really got it comin'. And we can’t forget the completely unpredictable DOOMAGEDDON, a pan-dimensional hell-hound who gives new meaning to the words "bad dog." Between battling obnoxious traffic cops, flogging watered-down lemonade, or scheming to be first in line for the new iDestruct, L.O.S.E. struggles ever-onward toward its


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S01E00 00/00/0000
S01E01 Lightning Liz 07/03/2009 LOSE's latest scheme is to have a lavish backyard BBQ party... and NOT invite any of the Neighbors!
S01E02 The Bank Job 07/03/2009 LOSE wants the free Atomic toaster you get when you open an account at The First National Bank of Villainy.
S01E03 Justice Gene 07/03/2009 LOSE must fight to keep the title of "most annoying neighbors on the block".
S01E04 Table for Four 07/03/2009 LOSE plots the "mission impossible" of getting their names in the guest book at the hottest Villain restaurant in town, Villaynes.
S01E05 Escape From Skullossus 14/03/2009 It's the hottest day of summer and LOSE's air conditioner has frizzled out.
S01E06 10 14/03/2009 LOSE is attempting to get another free pizza from "Pizza in 10 Minutes or Less You Get it for Free!" by making the delivery guy run their gauntlet once again.
S01E07 Slam Dunked 28/03/2009 After being denied entry to the neighborhood slam-dunk competition for being too short, Voltar returns in a giant Shurikin Robot intent on winning the competition.
S01E08 Evilest In Show 28/03/2009 Voltar enters Doomageddon in the neighborhood pet contest.
S01E09 L.O.S.E. vs Lair 11/04/2009 Frogg upgrades the Lair security system to protect Voltar's sweet new BMX bike.
S01E10 Swimming with Sharks 11/04/2009 LOSE gets a new pool, but when it's taken over by neighbor kids, Voltar schemes to steal a shark to scare them away.
S01E11 Rock-a-Bye Voltar 18/04/2009 LOSE gets a new pool, but when it's taken over by neighbor kids, Voltar schemes to steal a shark to scare them away.
S01E12 iDestruct 30/05/2009 LOSE camps out waiting in line for the new iDestruct.
S01E13 One Zillion 02/05/2009 To impress the neighbor kids, Voltar boasts they have "one zillion" TV channels.
S01E14 Bite At the Museum 02/05/2009 LOSE attempts to steal a dinosaur bone so they can clone a t-rex and take over the neighborhood.
S01E15 Full Throttle 09/05/2009 LOSE lose a drag race with Doom Driver.
S01E16 Happy Birthday Dear Doktor 09/05/2009 Frogg's birthday celebration turns into a disaster when Voltar and Red resurrect frogg's very first childhood experiment - chuckles the robotic birthday clown.
S01E17 Injustice Gene 16/05/2009 Now hoping to try his hand as a villain, Justice Gene comes to live with LOSE and makes their life miserable.
S01E18 Send in the Clones 16/05/2009 To get out of picking up after Doomageddon, LOSE creates clones of themselves to do the dirty work.
S01E19 Ice Creamed 21/03/2009 Voltar and Doom are tired of the ice cream man always being sold out of their favorite fugdey fudge bars.
S01E20 The Split 21/03/2009 Voltar quits the team and Frogg is now in charge.
S01E21 School Daze 23/05/2009 Taunted by a electronic trivia game, Voltar plans to get even with the kids that laughed at him.
S01E22 Bad-O-Meter 23/05/2009 To teach red to be more evil, Frogg puts a "bad-o-meter" on his head.
S01E23 Suzie Scouts 30/05/2009 Absent-minded Voltar unknowingly refuses to buy cookies from the sweet little Suzie Scout that comes to the door.
S01E24 At the Movies 30/05/2009 On a rare day off from Evil, Lose go to the movies. Voltar however proves that even on their day off, no one is as Evil as they are!
S01E25 Not Accordion to Plan 06/06/2009 Red Menace discovers he's an accordion savant.
S01E26 The Henchbot Elites 06/06/2009 Tired of their hencbots always breaking down, LOSE trade them in for fancy new Henchbot Elites.
S01E27 Mr. and Mrs. Bandango 05/09/2009 Voltar's plan to fool the town with fake footage of Frogg dressed as a Bandango is foiled when Frogg is kidnapped by an actual Bandango.
S01E28 Driver's Evil Ed 05/09/2009 A minor traffic infraction results in the V-Mobile getting impounded.
S01E29 The Night Before Chaos-Mas 18/12/2009 LOSE run afoul of Kinder Kreep, an evil holiday elf when they attempt to impersonate the imp.
S01E30 Counting on Victory 18/12/2009 Voltar is determined to win a "mystery prize" at the Mall-o-Mart by guessing the correct number of gumballs in a giant gumball dispenser.
S01E31 Fortune's Fools 12/09/2009 No matter how many orders of Chinese food LOSE has delivered to the lair, Voltar gets the same lame fortune every time - "banana."
S01E32 World Wreckers 12/09/2009 Voltar is determined to get himself listed in the "Genius Book of World Wreckers" a villainous record book.
S01E33 Loose Tooth 03/10/2009 Doomageddon has a bad tooth. The Vet won't go near him, so it's up to LOSE to play dentist.
S01E34 Underwhere? 03/10/2009 Voltar's lucky underwear has gone missing.
S01E35 L.O.S.E. Junior 10/10/2009 Red is secretly mentoring a "Cool Buddy" in an after-school program. When Voltar finds out, he decides to take the little guy under L.O.S.E.'s wing and teach him the ways of evil. The team gets more than it bargained for when the strange, mute boy turns out to be more evil than any of them.
S01E36 The League of Super Hockey 10/10/2009 To get control of the street outside the lair, L.O.S.E. challenges the neighbors' kids to a street hockey game. After a crushing defeat, Voltar decides to go double or nothing, but this time bringing in some ringers - every villain in town.
S01E37 Evil Never Sleeps 24/10/2009 This year, L.O.S.E. will actually stay up to watch the all-night monster movie marathon on TV, thanks to an anti-sleep ray developed by Frogg. It works marvels, and Voltar decides to use it every night - just think of how much evil they can do! Meanwhile, Red is haunted by one of the movies he saw where an entire city is put to sleep, especially when that exact thing happens in Metrotown, thanks to an escaped villain who chats her victims to sleep.
S01E38 Glory Hog 24/10/2009 What LOSE needs is a rival. It ends up with more than it bargains for when super super hero Captain Glory decides that the annoying antics of L.O.S.E. must be stopped. This makes Captain Glory's usual rival, Skullossus, jealous. So jealous, in fact, that he sends the Earth hurtling towards the sun to get attention.
S01E39 Past Due 17/10/2009 After a lab accident, Voltar and Red mistakenly believe that Frogg has been done in for good. After he emerges from his blast shelter, Frogg is assumed to be a ghost. Frogg takes advantage of the situation by "haunting" the team, but is soon pressed into service for a job that only a ghost can do.
S01E40 Degrees of Evil 17/10/2009 The team get mail-order diplomas and fancy themselves experts in all manner of arcane and unusual fields. This new-found knowledge comes back to haunt them when a giant mutant guinea pig escapes from a lab. According to their diplomas, LOSE are the only experts in town who can stop it.
S01E41 20,000 Crunchies Under the Sea 28/11/2009 In an effort to foil Admiral Crunchwell's guarantee that Crispy Cracks are always crunchy, L.O.S.E. accidentally floods the entire city. It succeeds in soggy-ing the chip, but cashing in on the guarantee becomes a serious challenge as Dipper the Army Commando Dolphin is now patrolling the streets.
S01E42 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow 28/11/2009 Red has been collecting hair for years, hoping to amass the closetful necessary to summon the Hair Fairy, who will exchange it for treasure. Frogg is not a believer, and, in discovering the hair, decides to destroy it right before the tell-tale signs of the Hair Fairy's imminent arrival appear, starting a race against the clock to gather enough hair to cash in.
S01E43 Vollosus 07/11/2009 After a dry-cleaning mix-up, L.O.S.E. ends up with the robotic battle body of Skullossus, a brain in a jar. Voltar decides to try it on for size and ends up rampaging out of control. The angry head of Skullossus drafts the remainder of LOSE into stopping Voltar and getting his body back.
S01E44 No Good Deed... 07/11/2009 L.O.S.E. is accused of the unthinkable - being good Samaritans! Now to retarnish their cleaned-up reputation, they embark on a campaign of dastardly deeds. But each plan backfires, making them even greater heroes in the eyes of the city.
S01E45 Franken-Blecch 19/11/2009 Voltar is convinced that there is buried treasure under the lair, and that Doomageddon is the only one who can dig it up. Doomie, however, is feeling blue, and he's in no mood to help. Enter Dr. Frogg, who cooks up a Franken-playmate in hopes of cheering him up.
S01E46 Room for Four 19/11/2009 A bath bubble mishap has L.O.S.E. in need of a new place to stay, so they check themselves in to the Metrotown Hotel. Voltar sees this as a perfect opportunity for evil. His plan? Capture every miniature bottle of shampoo in the hotel!
S01E47 Red Menacing 14/11/2009 It is Henchman Appreciation Day, and that means Red Menace is in charge. And when a super-secret military weapon falls into the hands of L.O.S.E., Red feels duty-bound to make sure that it gets back to the proper owner.
S01E48 Dr. Strong Frogg 14/11/2009 Frogg has finally had enough of being the weak link on the team, so he creates a machine that turns his extra brains into brawn. Frogg likes being the strong guy so much that he maxes out on the muscle. This also means that his IQ takes a nosedive just when the team needs a scientific genius to get them out of a bind.
S01E49 Party Pooper 21/11/2009 Voltar is the only one on the team not invited to a neighborhood birthday party. When his repeated attempts to crash the party are thwarted, he decides to ruin it for everyone. Much to Voltar's frustration, his efforts only make the party better!
S01E50 A Lose/Lose Situation 21/11/2009 The eerily similar Legion of Supreme Evil moves in across the street, pitting Voltar and rival leader Bolkar against each other in a battle for neighborhood supremacy.
S01E51 Dial 'E' for Evil 21/11/2009 Voltar accidentally crank calls an Ginorman emperor named Humungo, who then demands an apology from Voltar for annoying him. As a pay of tribute, Voltar however gives them black licorice, which is however a very powerful form of dark matter.
S01E52 Voltar Squared 21/11/2009 After capturing Voltar, Humungo poses as him and steals all the black licorice in the city to build a giant space cannon powered by the product. Meanwhile in the midst of the battle, Voltar, wearing a paper bag over his head, desperately tries to get his helmet back.
S02E01 Hard Boiled (1) / Etched in Stone (2) 21/10/2010 (1) The Great Voltar sets his sights on destroying the beloved early morning meal of breakfast. Voltar's plan to use an Invinci ray to make eggs uncrackable backfires however, making Voltar completely impervious to damage. Can Glory Guy defeat invincible Voltar and save the day? Or will Metrotownians everywhere be forced to say goodnight to breakfast? (2) When the Great Voltar doodles his name in wet cement, the leader of the League of Super Evil figures he's left his permanent evil mark on history. It's up to Justice Gene, now a probationary member of the Legion of Glory, to track down the mysterious wet cement defacing bandit and bring him to justice.
S02E02 Voltina (1) / And the Loser is… (2) 18/09/2010 (1) A horrifying laundry incident has left the leader of the League of Super Evil with a rather lovely pinkish complexion. To make matters worse, Humongo the Gynorman mistakes pink Voltar for his runaway bride-to-be, Voltina. Will Humongo see through Voltar's disguise or will the leader of the League of Super Evil be forced to attend the universe's weirdest wedding? (2) It's the city's annual supervillain award show and, once again, the Great Voltar hasn't been nominated. But rather than deal with a three month long Voltar temper tantrum, Frogg, Doomageddon and Red Menace decide to secretly rig the award show, giving Voltar his first Eviley ever.
S02E03 All You Can Eat (1) / Golden Claw (2) 07/11/2011 (1) LOSE is determined to exploit the Force Fighter V's new 'all you can eat' sushi policy by truly having all they can eat. But Voltar's plan to do it has unforeseen consequences - like turning him into a giant acid wasabi spewing sushizilla. (2) Dr Frogg discovers a secret talent: he's incredibly good at getting toys out of novelty plush toy fetching crane games for Voltar. But Frogg's crane game wizardry also catches the eye of Metrotown super thief the Cougar who just happens to have a more important need for Frogg's 'golden claws'.
S02E04 The Cookoff (1) / My BFF Destructor (2) 08/11/2011 (1) The Great Voltar sets his evil sights on the Burning Bum: the hilarious bum shaped trophy awarded to the spiciest chilli of the Metrotown Cookfair. But Dr Frogg's earth melting 98 alarm chilli catches the eye of the mighty Skullossus. A knock out drag down battle over the chilli ensues, pitting Voltar against Skullossus with the earth (and the Burning Bum) hanging in the balance. (2) When Voltar's evil idol Destruktor the Destroyer moves in next door, the League of Super Evil is thrilled. But to Frogg and Voltar's horror, Destruktor's given up on the "villain" thing and decided to dedicate his life to crafts and volunteering. Fearing that they might be next to succumb to good's gooey goodness, LOSE embark on a quest to remind Destruktor why bad is good.
S02E05 Journey to the Center of Evil (1) / Canned (2) 09/11/2011 (1) LOSE decide to beat the winter cold and go on vacation to the hottest place in the world: the centre of the Earth. But to their surprise, the centre of the Earth is a vacation hotspot: the Shangri lava Hotel and Resort. The only way they can stay? Become staff members and cater to the resort's demanding super villain guests. (2) Voltar's evil plan to steal every single roll of toilet paper in the city backfires when Dr Bodlington Von Pantaloon III, his rival from super villain Kiddie College, steals Voltar's stolen stash. Stuck on the toilet, Voltar must remotely lead LOSE on a daring mission to steal back the paper from Von Pantaloon's evil lair.
S02E06 Last Villian Standing (1) / Ant-Archy! (2) 10/11/2011 (1) When the city's entire super villain population winds up behind bars it's up to the last villain standing, the Great Voltar, to set them free. (2) Voltar's latest scheme, selling shamgoo, a sticky shampoo made from syrup and molasses, hits a snag when an army of hungry ants set their antennae on the sweet stuff. Voltar declares open war on the tiny invaders in a super evil battle for shampoo supremacy.
S02E07 Vote Voltar (1) / L.O.S.E. The Movie (2) 11/11/2011 (1) Voltar is fed up with the rules and regulations the so-called mayor of Metrotown insists his citizens follow, so he 'borrows' the mayor's all-powerful golden sash to abolish the rules. However he quickly discovers that rules are good - as long as he's the only one who doesn't have to obey them. (2) Voltar is tired of only seeing movies with only superheroes so he makes a supervillan movie about him. The villains want to join him because it will be the first movie about supervillains. However the heroes don't want that to happen to they try to stop them, resulting in a battle that interferes with Voltar's movie but they finish it. When the citizens see it they laugh at how bad the movie is, but Voltar is still convinced they've won.
S02E08 Doomababy (1) / Back to the Coupons (2) 12/11/2011 (1) Doomababy: Voltar notices Doomageddon is missing, Voltar looks for him, but it turns out he is being used as a toy for Glory Guy's baby. After numerous attempts to distract or bribe the baby, Doktor Frogg is tied to a ceiling fan and the baby decides to play with him instead of Doomageddon. (2) Back to the Coupons: Red Menace finds a coupon giving them a free wig, but Voltar finds that it's expired. He then has Dr. Frogg make him a time machine to go back to the day before and along the way he picks up past versions of himself who also have coupons, giving him an infinite amount of coupons. After the present time Voltar starts an argument which then turns into a fight with the other Voltars, the universe soon starts to collapse as Dr. Frogg warned him. Soon they manage to throw all the past Voltars back into the time portal. Also accidentally throw the present Voltar in the portal.
S02E09 Changemorpher (1) / Force Fighters VI (2) 13/11/2011 (1) Changemorphers: Voltar attempts to make a little toy robot. (2) Force Fighters: Red Menace gets a part-time job with the Force Fighters in order to obtain a formula.
S02E10 U.O. Me (1) / Mr Wubby (2) 14/11/2011 (1) U.O. Me: Voltar sneaks out in the middle of the night to see a pop star. However Justice Gene caught a video of him and threatens to show the embarrassing video to the world. (2) Mr Wubby: Red Menace is holding a garage sale and accidentally sells Voltar's blanket, Wubby. A hero named Nightshade has it and Voltar wakes up everyone at night to attract him and with everyone up Nightshade has nothing to defend since he used to defend the night and according to one of the citizens, "night is the new day". He then is forced to give Voltar his blanket.
S02E11 Friendship Day (1) / Snugglebum (2) 15/11/2011 (1) Friendship Day: Its Friendship Day and Voltar hates it. (2) Snugglebum: Voltar pretends he is Snugglebum, who is everybody's favorite character from a TV show, in order for him to get all the fame and fortune.
S02E12 Doomhound in Love (1) / Hot Can-tato! (2) 16/11/2011 (1) Doomhound in Love: Doomageddon falls in love with Lightning Liz's poodle, so they run away together. (2) Hot Can-tato: The League of Super Evil compete against together.
S02E13 Steeeeve!!! (1) / L.O.S.E Newz (2) 11/12/2010 (1) Steeves: An alien blob takes over control of Voltar's worst enemy. (2) L.O.S.E. Newz: L.O.S.E. manages to sweep the news waves with a fake news broadcast.
S02E14 00/00/0000
S03E01 Voltopia 05/03/2012
S03E02 Kickin' Boot 06/03/2012
S03E03 Voltar's Parade 07/03/2012
S03E04 Just Us Genes 08/03/2012
S03E05 Spaaaace Bugs 09/03/2012
S03E06 Buy 2 Get None Free 12/03/2012
S03E07 Mama Menace 13/03/2012
S03E08 Change for the Worse 14/03/2012
S03E09 In Your Dreams 15/03/2012
S03E10 Trashpocalypse Now 16/03/2012
S03E11 00-Geddon 19/03/2012
S03E12 Hurty Dancing 20/03/2012
S03E13 Kinderprison 21/03/2012
S03E14 Each Sold Evilly 23/04/2012
S03E15 Gameageddon 24/04/2012
S03E16 Chez Voltar 25/04/2012
S03E17 Brain Freeze 26/04/2012
S03E18 Henchstrike 27/04/2012
S03E19 Muhaha 30/04/2012
S03E20 The Art of Eviiil 01/05/2012
S03E21 The Skulloshow 02/05/2012
S03E22 The Cute of all Evil 03/05/2012
S03E23 V-TV 04/05/2012
S03E24 Cloudy with a Chance of Stupid 07/05/2012
S03E25 LOSE Weight 08/05/2012
S03E26 Once Upon a LOSE 09/05/2012

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