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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Lee Martin's Midnight Hour

S05E01 Resurrection of the Damed 07/09/2012 13 years after a small-town serial killer is himself murdered, the daughter of one of his victims finds herself at odds with her family and classmates until she devises a plan to restore him to life for one final killing spree.
S05E02 Black Friday 05/10/2012 A light industrial firm is the setting for this blood-spattered tale as one of its employees is mutilated in an "accident" by one of the co-workers whom he was blackmailing—but which one? He returns later—power drill in hand—to exact revenge.
S05E03 Doomsday's Fury 02/11/2012 A lonely home near the US-Canada border is the setting for this merciless tale of a psychotic man who kills his wife for custody of their daughter. Failing in this, he returns on Halloween disguised as a clown with horrific results.
S05E04 Rest in Pieces 04/01/2013 Spring Break takes a ghastly turn for fraternity brothers who kill a girl they slept with when she threatens to blackmail them.
S05E05 I'll be Homicidal for Christmas 07/12/2012 13 years after killing his daughter on Christmas Eve, a man (Todd Moriarty) is paroled and tracks down his surviving son after learning the boy plans to write a tell-all book about his father's crime.
S05E06 You Take My Breath Away 01/02/2013 A psychotic woman methodically plans to kill the sons of her newly divorced boyfriend as he prepares to celebrate his new promotion.
S05E07 Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home 01/03/2013 When a woman discovers her husband is planning to leave her, she enlists the aid of her daughter to help her stage his "accidental" death. A grim haunting ensues culminated by his return in the body of his young son.
S05E08 Beauty is Only Skinned Alive 05/04/2013 In one of the series’ most brutal and unrelenting episodes, an embittered, hideously disfigured woman named Ursula entraps several women in a small town beauty salon where she robs and subjects them to various tortures.
S05E09 Don't Turn Out the Lights 03/05/2013 A series of grisly murders take place after a young woman brings her boyfriend’s family to her upscale villa for a weekend visit in this violent tale.
S05E10 The Crimson Urge 01/06/2013 Harrowing tale involving a family who finds themselves terrorized by a psychotic killer whose specialty is women with red hair.
S05E11 The Good Humour Man 05/07/2013 Children begin disappearing when a mute ice-cream man begins cruising their streets, only to be caged and tortured in the basement of a rural cottage.
S05E12 The Things We Did Last Summer 02/08/2013 A remote country club is the setting for this nasty tale, in which the summer employees are being inexplicably killed off by an unseen stalker.
S06E01 Say No More 06/09/2013 A teen-aged boy and his friends accidentally kill a mysterious girl on a lonely dirt road. But when one of them threatens to confess, he realizes he must kill again to preserve his secret.
S06E02 The Night Rena Came Back From The Dead 04/10/2013 Tragedy strikes when a group of small-town junior-high students gets together for a late-night Halloween party. Years later, the survivors begin to die in horrific ways in a series of crimes they don’t dare report to the police—with good reason.
S06E03 Last Night, Tonight and Tomorrow 01/11/2013 When a family reunites for Thanksgiving, they are joined by the long-lost son of a wealthy woman, whose mental health may or may not be behind a series of ghastly deaths.
S06E04 Black Fortune 06/12/2013 Revenge sex leads to murder when a young man returns from the hospital with a brain injury after being attacked by his girlfriend's former lover.
S06E05 The Last Confession 03/01/2014 A widower sends his foster sons to boarding school after his ex-hooker girlfriend is murdered. Years later he is presumed dead in a conflagration and his now grown sons return to the family homestead, setting in motion a new wave of homicide.
S06E06 Final Exam 07/02/2014 Death walks a college campus as the elite top-five members of its graduating class are stalked and killed by a dimly seen assailant, whose agenda includes a sole surviving witness. When an absence of corpus delecti stymies police action, one of the top-five launches an investigation of his own.
S06E07 Hard Time 07/03/2014 A young woman cries “rape” when discovered by her husband engaging in a menage a trois with two young men, leading to their prison sentences. After their parole, she begins receiving anonymous death threats, leading her best friend to suspect foul play when she “accidentally” dies from a drug overdose.
S06E08 Night Shaft 04/04/2014 An employee in a large warehouse witnesses an assault taking place somewhere within the facility via security camera monitor. He arrives too late to stop the attack but launches his own investigation into the mystery, leading to a new series of deaths.
S06E09 Vendetta By Numbers 02/05/2014 The girlfriends -- former, current and prospective — of college student Rick are being murdered by a serial killer who taunts the local police department with bizarre phone calls.
S06E10 Kill...And Kill Again 06/06/2014 When a young woman goes missing, a psychic who occasionally works with the police department is asked to help locate her. When her vision proves too revealing, she is herself murdered and soon a young reporter finds himself embroiled in a potentially lethal investigation.
S06E11 Three, Two, One 04/07/2014 Harrowing tale of a loan shark who is robbed of $150,000 by a prostitute, whom he later follows to a remote cottage where she is spending the weekend with friends.
S06E12 The Damned Die Naked 02/08/2014 A small town is the setting for this offbeat entry, in which a young man, victimized by a sadistic baby sitter as a child, is driven to commit a series of horrific murders as he slowly recalls the events of his past.
S07E01 Web of the Black Widow 05/09/2014 A man steals a truckload of narcotics and sells them to a local godfather, only to find his wife has been kidnapped and is being ransomed and tortured for the money he was paid.
S07E02 Death is a Silent Witness 03/10/2014 A woman becomes the target for death after it is discovered that she is the sole witness to a grisly murder.
S07E03 The Black Testament of Solange 01/11/2014 The daughter of a wealthy woman becomes target for an unknown killer who plans for her an "accidental" death.
S07E04 Sinistique 05/12/2014 Construction worker Darryl is assaulted in an alleged "accident" which leaves him with a permanent brain injury by colleague Billy after being caught peeping at Billy and his girlfriend en flagrante delictu. Although no one believes Darryl's story, his tormentors begin to die of cerebral hemorrhages similar to what he may soon experience himself, leading to an investigation stymied by Darryl's indisputable alibis.
S07E05 The One That Got Away 01/01/2015 A young woman becomes an exotic dancer in a small club when her auto engineer husband is laid off. Soon after, she is nearly strangled by a vice-obsessed serial killer. After surviving a second attack in her home, she is persuaded to leave town for a weekend camping with friends—which does not go as planned.
S07E06 The Turning of the Page 06/02/2015 While en route to a coveted job interview, a young man is accosted and trapped by a scheming colleague who plans to eliminate the competition for once and all.
S07E07 Embrace of the Black Scorpion 06/03/2015 When he discovers his wife is cheating on him, a successful businessman hires a professional assassin to kill her in an “accident.” While shadowing the woman before the scheduled hit, the hired killer becomes involved with her and soon the pair conceive a plan to kill someone else instead.
S07E08 The Skeleton Crew 03/04/2015 An indie film crew recreates the final days and brutal, unsolved murder of a young woman in the house where it actually happened—and where others may yet occur.

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