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1948. Former front spy, Lieutenant Yuri Kozyrev, who were captured in the last days of the war and get some time out of the camp is fully justified and rehabilitation. He goes to his mother working town near Moscow, but the return does not bring him great joy. Yuri learns that his father has been missing on the front, his mother died, and my girlfriend Larissa married to another man ... at the factory where he worked as an engineer before the war, with its political status, even if it is completely rehabilitated, they will not take back. No choice - Yuri arranged watchman. And once in a warehouse, which Kozyrev guards, thugs kidnapped. Yuri becomes the prime suspect. It begins the hunt. He is hiding from the police and decides to first find and neutralize the organizer of this robbery. As a reward for the apprehension of the offender himself Beria administered Kozyrev appoint to the position of detective in the Criminal Investigation Department of the local police station ...

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