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The robbers escape from their cells and are up to no good – their adventures are funny and entertaining. The city police are put to the test. Will our heroes catch the robber? See the Lego City characters and the trusted city police dog come together to help put them back behind bars.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Lego City

S01E01 La poursuite infernale 01/03/2011
S01E02 Cash express 01/06/2013 Lego City police are hot on the heels of the crooks until they find an unconventional means of transport.
S01E03 La pêche aux lingots 01/06/2013 Even water is no obstacle for the Lego City police in their attempts to capture crooks!
S01E04 Des voyous partout 01/11/2014 Crooks and bad guys have taken over LEGO® City, leaving local Police defenseless. The Police may need a little help to bring back order and catch the crooks. Maybe they could build a clever trap with bait the crooks can not resist. Now, what do crooks love more than anything?
S01E05 L'arbre à monnaie 01/06/2014 The Police may have caught the crooks. But the stolen goods were never found. Only the crooks know where it is hidden. Maybe if the crooks escaped they could lead the Police to it?
S01E06 La ruée vers l'or 01/06/2013 Local crooks plan to rob the nearby goldmine. To catch the crooks, Police must race through the mines and get help from the local park rangers. They know the area better than anyone - also how to avoid harming the wildlife.
S01E07 Intervention d'urgence 18/10/2014 Journée chargée pour les pompiers de City. Rejoins-les et fonce dans les rues de la ville pour éteindre l'incendie. Pense à secourir à temps chaque personne piégée dans l'immeuble et à t'arrêter dès que le réalisateur crie « Coupez ! ».
S01E08 The Big Chase 08/01/2014 Crooks have stolen a big truck from the gold mines. With the truck bed full of gold, the crooks are chased along the steep mountain roads. Only with help from the LEGO® City Park Rangers can the Police stop the crooks before they get away.
S01E09 Cambriolage au musée 01/10/2014 Les bandits pénètrent par effraction dans le musée. Que va faire la police ? Commencer par une course-poursuite à travers la ville, construire une rampe pour attraper les bandits et les remettre en prison.
S01E10 La pêche aux ennuis 22/10/2013 Two tourists go a little overboard on their speed boat adventure in the LEGO® City bay. Once again, the creative Coast Guard must think fast and rescue the stranded troublemakers from becoming shark bait.
S01E11 Des aventures aériennes 01/10/2014 LEGO® City has the best courier service in the world. As a pilot you can not only fly an airplane through a thunder storm. You can also construct any means of transportation you need to deliver packages on time.
S01E12 City Life 01/07/2013 LEGO® City never sleeps. Planes constantly arrive in the local Airport and downtown workers are hard at work constructing. But what is that? A building has caught fire and crooks are stealing diamonds from the City Museum. Luckily the Police and the firemen are always alert.
S01E13 La chasse aux voyous 01/06/2014 To catch crooks in LEGO® City is one thing. Keeping them behind bars is something else. But the local Police is as creative as the crooks – even if it requires contructing something that has never been built before.
S01E14 Secrets of the Ice 01/10/2014 For members of the Arctic explorer team it takes no small amount of courage to overcome all sorts of obstacles in the world of ice. Knowing about wildlife and how the tricky ice behaves is always important. Good thing there is always a rescue team to call when you need it.
S01E15 En route pour l'aventure 29/10/2014 When you drive the LEGO® City freight train to the Arctic expedition, a lot of exciting things can happen. From a police chas1e to speeding down the local racing circuit. But no matter what, delivery on time is always a guarantee.
S01E16 Running on Empty 01/06/2013 Crooks have stolen a Cargo Airplane at the LEGO® City Cargo Airport. But Crooks are dreadful pilots and airplanes need fuel. They crash... in shark infested waters. The Coast Guard must get there in time before the crooks and the wrecked plane sink to the bottom of the ocean.
S01E17 The Wild Chase 17/12/2014 Two crooks are fleeing from a bank robbery. When they see an abandoned demolition site, they think they're safe. Little do they know it's all about to go down the toilet from there. They end up in the swamps, with alligators and the Swamp Police hot on their heels.
S01E18 Night Shift 01/01/2015 The wait is over! The all-new LEGO® City “Night Shift” Mini-Movie is finally here. It’s packed with good guys, bad guys, high-speed chases and… a portable toilet?
S01E19 Explore the Secrets of the Ocean 31/05/2015 At the bottom of the ocean, the Deep Sea explorers discover a hidden cave… What will they find in the darkness? Mysterious creatures or precious treasures?
S01E20 In Space No One Can Hear You Snore 31/08/2015 When the LEGO City TV satellite breaks down just as you're watching the game of the year, it's nice to have top motivated astronaut friends who fly into space and fix it for you!
S01E21 The Sky Heist 00/00/0000
S01E22 Cargo 00/00/0000
S01E23 Photo Fishing 13/09/2015 The LEGO City Deep Sea explorers are off on their underwater photo safari. When one diver faces his greatest fear, the submariner must come to his rescue!

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