Affiche Les Aventures de Buzz l'Éclair
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Meilleur agent de Star Command, Buzz l'Éclair doit avec son équipe affronter les ennemis du bien, dont l'infâme empereur Zurg.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Les Aventures de Buzz l'Éclair

S01E01 L'armada de Torque 02/10/2000 Zurg gives Torque the cloning device that mostly serves to define Torque's character. Team Lightyear has to deal with him. Episode pretty much just introduces us to Torque; pales in comparison to later episodes.
S01E02 Le baiser de Buzz 03/10/2000 Star Command is directly in the path of an asteroid field. Team Lightyear responds to the emergency and starts to destroy the asteroids, but they keep on coming. The source of the attack is an evil, female, Big-Headed alien known as Gravitina, the Mistress of Mass... and she has a big crush on Buzz.
S01E03 La guerre des robots 04/10/2000 A rash of stolen technology leads Team Lightyear to discover that the proto-version of XR, XL, has been fixed up by Zurg and sent out to soup himself up and wreak revenge upon Star Command. When Buzz attempts to lure XL into a trap by using XR as ""bait"" Commander Nebula ends up kidnapped, instead.
S01E04 Liés par le secret 05/10/2000 After an inspection of planet Rhizome's bio-defenses, Team Lightyear are all given energy plants by Professor Triffid. Booster instead picks up a red one instead of a white one (the white ones pretty much just sit there and produce electricity via photosynthesis, the red ones convert the extra energy into advanced growth), and the plant is slowly taking over the ship, and then Star Command itself. XR has begun to give unauthorized tours for Buzz Lightyear fans behind everyone's backs. At the same time as Booster & Mira attempting to quell the swarming plants, and XR trying to keep Buzz from finding out about the tours, Buzz is attempting to locate and identify a conspirator that is somewhere on Star Command.
S01E05 La visite de l'ambassadeur 06/10/2000 When the ambassador or Gargantua announces his intent to join the Galactic Alliance, a few extremists try to stop and assassinate him before doing so and Buzz and his team get charged with his protection. Worsening matters at hand is a new recruit who makes Booster insecure.
S01E06 Le maître de l'espace 08/10/2000 After Team Lightyear rescues a mysterious box from a cargo freighter that is under attack by Warp Darkmatter, they bring the box back to Star Command, unaware that they are actually falling right into Zurg's evil trap. The box contains a robotic energy vampire named NOS-4-A2, who was created by Zurg to destroy Star Command by using his ability to control any machine he bites, including XR.
S01E07 Le transdélocalisateur 09/10/2000 Zurg shows off his latest invention, capable of destroying planets at freewill, on Tradeworld. When the Galactic President refuses to negotiate with Zurg, he retaliates by destroying Tangea, Mira's home planet. However, Team Lightyear soon discovers that the deadly weapon isn't all what it seems to be.
S01E08 Karn, réserve naturelle 10/10/2000 While checking up on a wildlife researcher living on a Wildlife planet, 42 crashes. With the ship damaged, the team has to stay there until repairs are complete. While on the planet, Booster gets kidnapped by poachers.
S01E09 Les implants 11/10/2000 After a conflict with Warp Darkmatter, Buzz realizes that he has an implant in his neck that cannot be removed, due to the potential security risk he is suspended from duty. It is also determined that a similar implant is in Warp Darkmatter's neck and they try to figure out what to do with it.
S01E10 Ce n'est pas du jeu 12/10/2000 Buzz and XR respond to an emergency distress call that sends them to the planet Sentilla looking for a downed cargo ship full of V-Class Hyper Bombs. Little do they know that the call is just a ruse to lure them to the planet for the amusement of Rentwhistle Swack and his client Klerm.
S01E11 Le retour de XL 13/10/2000 XL kidnaps XR and steals a vital component of his. Feeling depressed and neglected, XR runs off to Tradeworld in an attempt to be properly fixed, but only runs into more trouble.
S01E12 Une étrange invasion 15/10/2000 While saving a tour shuttle from a star that's going nova, Team Lightyear crash lands in a desert on an unexplored alien planet named Roswell. Booster is separated from the others during the crash and crashes unnoticed and meets a little alien girl named Becky. The others however are seen by the military and taken to an army base and both Buzz and Mira are classified as invading aliens (since XR is a robot). Working together, the two of them along with Becky's father the sheriff must rescue the others and get Team Lightyear off the planet.
S01E13 Prison modèle 16/10/2000 Torque is taken to Penal Colony Seven by Booster and XR; he escapes from them and wrests control of the prison (with the aid of his many ""clones""). At the same time, the President of the Galactic Alliance is being given a tour of PC-7 and being shown its high-tech security system. The security system proves to have some ""bugs"" when it determines that all non-secure persons in PC-7 MUST be escaped prisoners, thus it attempts to capture and subdue not only Torque (and his ""clones""), but also the Galactic President, Booster, and XR. From orbit outside PC-7, Mira and Buzz attempt to help out, but the system interprets their actions as aid for the supposed ""prison break"" going on inside.
S01E14 Le lavage de cerveau 17/10/2000 Compu-klerm Co. brainwashes Buzz into thinking that he is an office clerk. Buzz's combat skills are downloaded into the Klerm Slambots, which Team Lightyear then have to fight to save Buzz.
S01E15 Le mariage de Mira 18/10/2000 Lord Angstrom gatecrashes Mira's anniversary party to inform that she is getting married tomorrow to Doppler. Team Lightyear is immediately suspicious about Angstrom's intentions of the ceremony, which turns out to be a divine plan to seize the throne of Tangea from Mira's father.
S01E16 Panique sur Bagnos 19/10/2000 The crystals for Crystallic Fusion Generators (the primary power source for almost all Galactic Alliance technology) are mined on the landless ocean planet Bathyos; an anti-air breather movement, hoping to cause an embargo that will force the Galactic Alliance to bow to the will of the Bathyosians, is lead by Gularis, a shark-esque big-wig native of Bathyos. The movement is taking terrorist actions, causing ""accidents"" to happen in the crystal mines, but Team Lightyear is called in as a safety measure, and they uncover Gularis' plans.
S01E17 Le chasseur de primes 20/10/2000 Brain Pod #13 defects from Zurg and the Evil Emperor either wants him back or destroyed. He calls on the Galaxy's most infamous man hunter Shiv Katall to get the job done. When word gets to Star Command that Katall has been called, Buzz goes after him and dismisses the rest of the team. Mira doesn't like this and decides to intervene in the mission and find Katall. When the team does locate Katall he isn't quite the villain they thought him to be.
S01E18 Des vacances forcées 22/10/2000 Buzz's co-workers believe that their leader is beginning to crack under the pressure of constantly being on guard against Zurg. They send him to a doctor who recommends vacation time. Buzz is sent to the relaxing planet Rizone for some R & R. However it seems Buzz was right as Zurg is preparing an attack on that exact planet.
S01E19 Zoo galactique 23/10/2000 Chlorms (Epoch, Era, & Eon) kidnap Galactic Alliance senators for zoo exhibits. Team Lightyear gets nabbed, but Buzz attempts to rescue them. They all end up shipped to product testing due to a lack of co-operation. They escape and return to Star Command
S01E20 Mauvaise graine 24/10/2000 Zurg mutates Jo-Ad vegetables w/ Transdibulator. Team Lightyear goes to Jo-Ad to investigate the problem. Booster's childhood pal, Buster, was lured into helping Zurg w/ the promise of glory and power (he had been jealous of Booster getting to join Star Command while he was stuck back home on the farm).
S01E21 Que la force soit avec toi ! 25/10/2000 Mira ghosts into a Crystallic Fusion Generator Core and becomes a glowing, supercharged, power-speed-junkie. Mira's father warns Mira about how her race can fall prey to such temptation, but Mira has to find out on her own. Eventually, after she attempts to battle Zurg on her own, she realizes that her need for ""re-charging"" is getting worse and worse and is beginning to take control of her life, but she manages to overcome her ""energy addiction"".
S01E22 XR a la grosse tête 26/10/2000 During an impending crisis, XR downloads all the files of Star Command into himself. Despite being ordered to delete these files due to the potential risk this carries, XR pretends to do so. However when he makes the mistake of contacting a celebrity whose phone number is in the files, unaware that she was dating Zurg at the time. Zurg, upon learning on what's happened, places a bounty on XR's head to retrieve the files for himself. Now Team Lightyear has to protect XR from the villains that have come to claim this bounty and keep the files safe.
S01E23 Le monstre de plasma 27/10/2000 While escorting a dignitary's daughter for Star Command training, the team encounters a plasma monster who, in fact, is Plasma Boy, the girl's boyfriend. Things turn serious after a smitten Booster starts a fight with him.
S01E24 Booga Booga 29/10/2000 Zurg's Brain Pods invent a new gas that has the ability to melt and morph anyone that comes into contact with it into a crawling blob. Buzz and Mira are the first to experience it's effects and it's not long before everyone in Star Command is infected. The only cure is a unique antidote that Zurg keeps hold of.
S01E25 La cuisine nature 30/10/2000 When demand becomes high, Cosmo orders a K-3000 Uni-appliance that multi-tasks all of the kitchen's jobs for his diner. However, when NOS-4-A2 bites it, the appliance seizes entire control of the diner. Team Lightyear, much to Buzz's chagrin, has to rely on Professor Triffid's unique vegenetic technologies to return the diner back to normal.
S01E26 La vengeance de NOS 4A2 31/10/2000 After investigating a rash of robo-homocides, Team Lightyear discover that NOS-4-A2's loose on TradeWorld with a self-appointed slayer on his floating tail: Savy SL2, a human orphan that was adopted by a robot couple. NOS-4-A2 had drained her adoptive parents, so she's decided to step in as a vigilante vampire-robot-slayer. With her assistance, they hunt down NOS-4-A2, fight his horde of enslaved robots, and defeat him, freeing those robots that were in the grip of his dark forces.
S01E27 La guerre des doubles 01/11/2000 Zurg stumbles upon an alternate dimension where Buzz is evil (...possibly more evil than Zurg, himself...) and has taken over the universe. Zurg has Buzz, the evil one, capture Buzz, the good one, and trap him in the other dimension while they capture Star Command. Buzz's teammates (the good Buzz's, that is) venture into Zurg's Dreadnaught, thinking Buzz has gone insane, but, alas, are captured. Meanwhile, Buzz (the good one) is chased around by the alternate Mira and Booster (the bad ones). He gets a reprieve from the alternate Nebula (who isn't all that bad), who knows that Evil Buzz is working with Zurg. They team up in order to stop the bad guys. Team Lightyear is rescued, Star Command is saved, the Dreadnaught blows up, Zurg and his minions escape, and Evil Buzz is left floating out in space, ready for his revenge in ""Sunquake""...
S01E28 Les clones 02/11/2000 After pilfering samples of Team Lightyear's DNA with mosquito-esque micro-hornets, Zurg clones Team Lightyear; in his rush, he removes them from the maturation tanks before they have a chance to grow up into adults ( an example of his hurried-ness, he initially planed to instill them with an ""Evil Level"" up in the thousands, but upon realizing that he himself has an ""Evil Level"" of a little over a dozen, he only gives them a level a little under his own...), so Team Lightyear has to deal with evil little kid versions of themselves named Zzub, Feara, and Blister (...after a lot of whining about not having a robot of their own, they get an evil version of XR called ""X-Treme""...). When the eventually realize that due to being clones, the Evil Li'l Team Lightyear has the same character flaws as themselves, Team Lightyear manages to use their ""flaws"" as advantages and win the fight. As a joke tag-line, Zurg attempts the cloning process again at the end of the episode, but this time l
S01E29 La fièvre des Fragumoles 03/11/2000 Team Lightyear receives a call from Jo-Ad while in the early phase of an investigative mission (involving a series of thefts); Booster's family is letting Booster know that the bunzel harvest (the primary crop on Jo-Ad, which resembles eggplant) is due. When Booster claims that his duty to the Space Rangers supersedes his farming history, his Grandfather reminds him of the legendary ""Bunzel Fever"", that strikes down any native of Jo-Ad that isn't involved in the bunzel harvest. Booster dismisses the legend and eschews the harvest. When it turns out that the legend isn't a myth, Booster goes through a ""pon-far""-type thing, that is marked by him ""hulking out"" into a large, bellicose form that is determined to harvest bunzels, or anything bunzel-esque (...and since this transformation is also marked by him having spells of mistaking anything roughly ovoid for a bunzel, this gets fairly hazardous for anyone who is rotund and/or in a space ranger suit, XR, and Team Lightyear's ship, #42.
S01E30 Régression 05/11/2000 Warp Darkmatter goes to the distant planet of Binipinardia to nab a naturally occurring de-evolving gas, guarded for eons by the local Binipinardians (...who happened to take a coffee-break at exactly the wrong time...). When Team Lightyear arrive on Binipinardia, they find the locals to be missing, and the only critters that seem to be around are some semi-sentient lemur-like things. XR is marketing his comic book, breakfast cereal, and adventure series at the time, so when the rest of Team Lightyear go off to look for the missing Binipinardians, he stays behind to look after the ship and to test out some product marketing research on the lemur-like things. Shortly after discovering that Warp Darkmatter has set up a pumping station, to ship the gas to Zurg, the rest of Team Lightyear gets hit by the de-evolving gas; Mira becomes ameboid, Buzz becomes neandertalic, and Booster becomes ankylosaurus-ish. When he finds out what has happened to his comrades (...and that the native Bin
S01E31 XR contre XL 06/11/2000 Answering a distress call, Team Lightyear discovers a ship under attack by Vulturans (a vaguely bird-like race, that XR recognizes as a race that tends to have a thing against robots). Team Lightyear fights them off...but in the battle, XR flies into a mad rage (gets a little ""blowie-uppy"") and ends up being seriously disassembled. When the LGMs fix him up, they discover signs of metal fatigue. Their report is sent to Commander Nebula, who accidentally spills coffee on the report, smudging the lettering and making it look like ""mental fatigue"". XR is sent off to the resort world of Mahamba 6 for a weekend pass, before having to take a psychiatric evaluation from Star Command's resident psychiatrist, Dr. Animus (...who resembles a native of Binpinardia...). While on Mahamba 6, XR is picked up by a taxi driver who turns out to be XL (...he sent XR a fake ""you have just won a free vacation!!""-flier to XR to lure him in...). XL kidnaps XR and steals his body. XL returns to Star Comm
S01E32 Le Yukari 07/11/2000 Crumford Lorak hides in Senator Banda's fishtank (ambassador from Bathyos) in order to gain and sell Galactic Alliance secrets to the Raenoks at the Luma 9 Station. Booster is talked into purchasing a Yukari-pod; Yukaris, it turns out, are small creatures which take on the form of their ""mother"" (whomever is around the egg in the latter stages of development), but are quite ravenous and reproduce at an astounding rate (...imagine a cross between ""Gremlins"" and tribbles...). Booster's ""fuzzy buddies"" (...the name that the salesman was marketing them under, since his ""demo model"" was one that had taken on a fairly cute form...) ravage 42 and eventually all of Luma 9 Station, when Team Lightyear arrives there in order to help serve as protection for the ambassadorial delegates that are meeting there. Booster's (and thus the Yukari's that were imprinted from him) love for chocolate saves the day, by helping to round up the Yukaris and by using them to then subdue the Raenoks (by dousin
S01E33 Zurg mène la danse 08/11/2000 Zurg's latest creation, Project X, a Lurker-like blanket thing that wraps over one and takes control of one, is sent to destroy Buzz Lightyear, etc... The shape stealer first takes over Buzz's next door neighbor, Mr. Hayman, and tries to kill Buzz with hedge clippers, then when Buzz has to fly off to TradeWorld to deal with Lardak Lurdak (a petty criminal), it takes over Ed the Courier and flies off to catch up with him. Once on TradeWorld, the shape stealer takes over a Vulturan, then some piggy-looking bystander, and then a bus driver, all of whom attempt to stab, shoot, or run over Buzz. When the bus crashes, the shape stealer is nowhere to be seen. When Team Lightyear return to Star Command, the shape stealer proves to've been just biding its time. It takes over a LGM (who tries to shoot Buzz), then Booster (who tries to beat up Buzz), and then it just takes over Buzz himself...but without showing any signs of having done so. When Nebula locks Buzz into Star Command's Combat
S01E34 Liberté pour 57 09/11/2000 When Brain Pod #57 defects to Star Command, Zurg hires Romac, a Tangean Grounder bounty hunter -- and Mira's ex-boyfriend -- to bring him in.
S01E35 Planète hantée 10/11/2000 Crew on asteroid attempting to deflect comet. Ghost on asteroid seems to be interfering with mission, uttering ""Enola Eno-No!!"" (...with silent ""e""s...). Asteroid crew runs off with 42, leaving Team Lightyear to solve the problem. 50 years ago, Wild Bill Cooley had attempted same mission, but ended up frozen in comet's tail. He was trying to tell them that it was a two-man mission to shunt the comet, but it was coming out in reverse (...IE: ""No-one Alone!!""...). Buzz thaws out Cooley and the two of them shunt the comet.
S01E36 Invasion planète Rozwell 12/11/2000 Zurg tries to take over the planet Roswell, in order to set up a partner planet to Planet Z. Becky contacts Booster, and Team Lightyear shows up to defeat Zurg and save the day. The climactic battle between Zurg and Buzz takes place in the reactor chamber that is powering his self-constructing re-formation of Roswell; when they begin fencing with glowing reactor rods, and when Zurg attempts to throw Buzz off guard by claiming to be his father, the Star Wars references fly fast and furious. The self-constructing machine is thrown into reverse, Roswell is saved, and Zurg is defeated.
S01E37 Au coeur de l'orage 13/11/2000 Answering a distress call from a planetoid within ion storm, Buzz encounters Spyro Von Madman, and his daughter, Bonnie. Professor Spyro Von Madman, previously known as Spyro Lepton when he worked with Star Command, was a scientist who had come up with the notion of equipping Space Rangers with a semi-organic energy-absorbing crystalline form, thus resulting in what he called a ""cryborg"" (...very much like the concept behind Star Trek's Borg, but with a crystalline basis), eliminating the need for the Pulsar 400 Envirosuit & Battle Armor that is standard issue for the Space Rangers. Spurned by Star Command, Spyro had gone off into seclusion to further his research. When Spyro had worked for Star Command, he and his daughter were acquaintances with Buzz, and it would seem that Bonnie has been carrying a torch for Buzz all these years. She helps him to escape her father's Cold Slab of Revenge, and to bring her father in. While in jail, Spyro sees Bonnie & Buzz walking together, which dri
S01E38 Le loup-garou de l'espace 14/11/2000 After being bitten by NOS-4-A2 on the mysterious planet of Canis Lupus, Ranger Ty Parsec is transformed into a Wirewolf (...imagine a form of lycanthropy blended with either Star Trek's Borg techno-virus, or with Transformers' Key to Vector Sigma...) [this whole bit is shown in summary, as if it were reminding us of an earlier episode...except there IS no earlier episode about this as far as I can tell]. Even though the transformation only takes place when on or near Canis Lupus, Commander Nebula decides to boot Parsec from the Space Rangers for his own, and everyone else's, good. While this meeting is wrapping up, NOS-4-A2 and XL show up. They have a chunk of Canis Lupus, that causes Parsec to re-transform into a Wirewolf, and they kidnap the en-cursed Parsec. [...the ""Monster""-bit in the title refers to how Parsec is pretty much a robotic werewolf, XL is pretty much a robotic Frankenstein's monster, and NOS-4-A2 is a robotic vampire...] With Parsec, they oust Zurg from Planet Z
S01E39 Le loup solitaire 15/11/2000 At a trial, Team Lightyear seems unable to present the evidence to make charges stick. Buzz relates a story about him losing hope in the system 20 years ago. He had quit Star Command after one of his first missions (, if one graduates Star Command when one is a little under 20 years old, then that'd make Buzz a bit under 40 yrs old...) and his ""bike"" [very Lobo-esque looking] broke down on a distant arcadium gas-farming planet. He helped a widow, Zoey, and her son stand up against the local gas-baron, Vartkes. After the tale, he presents the disrupter rifle evidence to the judge and they win the case.
S01E40 La planète perdue 16/11/2000 Ship 42 scopes out area where ships have vanished. Upon scanning the planet, they detect large amounts of technology on the planet, but upon landing it seems quite barren. Flying manta-like shriekers attack Team Lightyear's technology, leaving them stranded and defenseless. Roaming the countryside, they encounter a man named Flint who runs a town of castaways from spaceship-wrecks. Upon investigation, Flint turns out to be a renegade work robot (gamma series construction robot), who built the robotic shriekers in order to strand organics on the planet, so that he could order THEM around as revenge for his time spent in forced labor ( a stock-boy...). Team Lightyear shut down the subterranean shrieker construction plant that Flint had built, and defeat Flint, freeing the hapless castaways.
S01E41 La Revanche des Raenoks 17/11/2000 When Booster is kidnapped by the Raenoks, in order to conduct a prisoner trade for Varg (XR is sent to guard Varg, who quickly escapes and takes XR to Raenok), Buzz & Mira fly off to save him w/ a newly developed cloaking device that can render 42 and/or its crew invisible. While attempting to sneak into the Raenok prison, Mira and Buzz spot Booster's folks, who heard about their son's capture and decided to attempt to save him. This allows the invisible Mira & Buzz to get through the first line of defense, while the capture of the Munchauser's provides a distraction. When they're attempting to figure out how to get through the second line of defense, Becky and her father, the Sheriff from Roswell, arrive (having also heard the news of Booster's capture). The capture of the Roswelleans provides yet another distraction. Finally, the LGMs also decide to help, which almost allows for Mira & Buzz to free Booster (...and XR, and Booster's parents, and the Roswelleans...), but they end
S01E42 La vengeance de Mira 19/11/2000 While Team Lightyear is conducting mock-combat training with Team Rocket (...headed by Rocket Crocket...), Crocket goads Mira into getting herself tagged. King Nova presents Mira with an invention of his, the Starthought; a small spacecraft guided by one's thoughts. Mira has doubts about it until she realizes that it'd really bother Crocket to see her zipping around in such a spiffy ship. While testing the Starthought, Mira runs into some tourists, who are actually Warp Darkmatter, along with one of Zurg's Brain Pods & a Grub, on a reconnaissance mission to scope out any new Star Command developments. Zurg sets up a fake raid on a Gulgarian mining outpost, in order to lure Mira, and the Starthought, into his clutches. After successfully losing the Starthought to Zurg (...success for Zurg, dismal failure for Mira...), Mira goes to Cosmo's Diner to sulk, but Team Lightyear & King Nova show up and convince Mira to go out and re-nab the Starthought back from Zurg. They sneak into Zurg
S01E43 L'insecte millénaire 20/11/2000 Zurg nabs an exhibit of an extinct species of large, Alien (as per the movies)-esque insects, planning to resurrect the species in order to help him in (...what else...) take over the galaxy. Dr. Ozma Furbanna is roped into helping Zurg revive Alien-style bugs, by having her scientific morals preyed upon. Zurg sics the bugs on Capital Planet. Before things can get too out of hand, Team Lightyear discovers that the bugs can be stopped by belly-tickling ( over-rides their nervous system...), and with that they manage to save the day.
S01E44 Conspiration 21/11/2000 The Galactic Alliance President is about to sign a ""historic peace initiative"" in the Senate chamber, when Commander Nebula narrowly saves her from a sniper's blast. Thousands of witnesses see Buzz fleeing the scene. The next morning, Buzz gets his morning paper and is about to do the crossword, when a SWAT team breaks in. (Buzz is completely cool, even giving them tips on their technique. Then they grab him.) We learn that the Gargantian Militants have constructed new robot-vehicles similar to the Flash Fleming android they used in earlier episode Inside Job. Now, however, they have ones duplicating Buzz and others. First, the Gargantians pose as a doctor to give Buzz a negative psych evaluation. Then, they pose as the judge as Buzz's trial to insure he is convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Finally, they take a space aboard the prison transport as a convict and try to get Buzz. This last effort causes a crash and Buzz escapes. Commander Nebula promotes Mira to team leade
S01E45 À l'aise sur une micro-planète 23/11/2000 Ambassador Major (from Gargantia) attempts to open Pizza Planet franchise on Gargantia, but the Militants oppose it (as usual). Buzz and Booster have to reduce themselves to their size to help out, but the Militants get their hands on the size-changing device and make themselves ""regular"" size.
S01E46 Tremblement de soleil 24/11/2000 Shiv Katall is stealing numerous high-tech devices; this seriously confuses Team Lightyear, since Buzz and Commander Nebula were the only ones to take on the guise of Shiv. Shiv turns out to be actually Buzz Lightyear; the EVIL Buzz Lightyear ( only makes sense that he would've come up with the whole Shiv idea in HIS universe as well...). When Buzz (...the evil one...) flies too close to Capital Planet's sun for 42's scanners to detect his location, Mira and Buzz (...the good one...) fly down in Star Skimmers to try to find him. They discover that Buzz (...the evil one...) is working with Gravitina, setting up another device that can boost her psycho-gravimetric powers to such a degree that she can cause ""sun-quakes"" that can launch solar plasma-balls towards Capital Planet, Star Command Headquarters, and just about any planet whose solar system is nearby (...Tangea is mentioned as a possible target...). The first volley of plasma-balls are prevented from wiping out Star Comma
S01E47 Premières missions 26/11/2000 Professor Reddschift, Mira, Booster, and XR are pinned down by Zurg's hornets, who are attempting to kidnap Prof. Reddschift. The Prof. is worried that Buzz won't be able to arrive in time to save him from capture. To try to buck up his spirits, Mira relates her first encounter with Buzz, back before she enlisted in Space Ranger Academy. King Nova had been nabbed by Zurg and his Hyper-Hornet in the midst of a conference attempting to convince Tangea to join the Galactic Alliance, but Mira & Buzz managed to defeat Zurg, save King Nova, and convince Tangea to join the Alliance (and Mira to join the Space Rangers). This proves to be less than impressive to Reddschift. Booster then relates HIS first run in with Buzz. Zurg had attempted to take over Jo-Ad with his Mega-Hornet, thus cutting off food supplies to most of the Galactic Alliance. But with Buzz's timely arrival, and with Booster's strength, they managed to stave off Zurg. Again, Reddschift isn't impressed. XR then tells H
S01E48 Attention au requin ! 27/11/2000 Team Lightyear routinely busts some arms smugglers, who are working for Keno Kentrix (a Bathyosian night-club/casino owner on Mahambas 6, who is arranging some arms deals for Zurg...and who sounds a whole lot like Frank Sinatra...). After their successful mission, they co-incidentally set out for Mahambas 6 for some vacation-time. Due to a ban on robots in the casino, XR disguises himself as Booster in order to gamble; gamble he does, and pretty much cleans out the house, much to Keno's ire. Keno puts a bounty of 10,000,000 Uni-Bucks on Booster's head, which prompts Keno's bodyguards, Warp Darkmatter, Lardak Lurdak, a handful of Gargantian Militants, two Tangean Grounders, and a few other bounty hunters to try to gun down Booster. XR re-disguises himself as Booster and turns himself in. When Booster arrives to save XR, Keno (and all of the assorted riff-raff) decides to just wipe out the both of them. Piqued by the sound of gun-fire, Buzz steps in (with a triple sun-burnt Mira) t
S01E49 Battons-nous pour la paix ! 29/11/2000 While Buzz is testing out the LGMs latest invention (...some sort of space-scooter...), the LGMs are struck by a need to ""heed the heed"". As if hypnotized, they all commandeer a ship and fly off. While Zurg is attempting to dispatch hornets to defeat Buzz and capture the space-scooter thing, the same thing happens to the Grubs. The Grubs and the LGMs arrive on a distant planet (...Buzz and Zurg catch up in a few minutes...), where a giant, intangible, glowing head named Guzelian the Alien (...a member of the Heed, an advanced race that has transcended physical form...) tells them that they must work to bring peace throughout the galaxy. The Grubs return to Planet Z, the LGMs return to Star Command, and both of them then proceed to dis-assemble any weapons or armaments that they have, in order to issue in this new age of peace. After a charming little ditty written and performed by Mr. Idle, entitled ""Let's Make Peace!"", Buzz grows wary of Guzelian's intentions. He tracks down the
S01E50 Battons-nous pour la paix ! 00/00/0000 While Buzz is testing out the LGMs latest invention (...some sort of space-scooter...), the LGMs are struck by a need to ""heed the heed"". As if hypnotized, they all commandeer a ship and fly off. While Zurg is attempting to dispatch hornets to defeat Buzz and capture the space-scooter thing, the same thing happens to the Grubs. The Grubs and the LGMs arrive on a distant planet (...Buzz and Zurg catch up in a few minutes...), where a giant, intangible, glowing head named Guzelian the Alien (...a member of the Heed, an advanced race that has transcended physical form...) tells them that they must work to bring peace throughout the galaxy. The Grubs return to Planet Z, the LGMs return to Star Command, and both of them then proceed to dis-assemble any weapons or armaments that they have, in order to issue in this new age of peace. After a charming little ditty written and performed by Mr. Idle, entitled ""Let's Make Peace!"", Buzz grows wary of Guzelian's intentions. He tracks down the
S02E01 Un saut dans le millénaire 00/00/0000 The episode opens with Zurg's dreadnought chasing Cruiser 42. Buzz takes the shuttle to lure Zurg into a black hole where he plans to attempt a ""slingshot manuever"" and avoid being pulled in with Zurg. However, he is unable to manage it and enters ""cryosleep"" to await his fate, presumably to be transported through time (and not torn to subatomic shreds). It remains unexplained why Buzz would want to send Zurg to a different time. He awakens later to find himself 1000 years in the future! He has been brought to a musuem erected in his honor. His historic action got rid of Zurg, after which ALL evil disappeared from the galaxy. Eventually, there was no need for Star Command, and it was disbanded. Since he has no job and the museum's facts are a bit off, he accepts a job as the museum's tour guide. He spends his time relating tales of adventure to the kids who visit the museum and correcting the animatronic Buzz installed there (e.g. it says ""To Infinity, and Even Further!""). The k
S02E02 Le sommet secret 00/00/0000 When a summit conferance of the Galactic Alliance is set to meet at Lumini 9 Space Station, Zurg hears tell of it and decides to attack. After fending off Zurg's forces, Team Lightyear is lounging around Cosmo's. Ed the Courier shows up with notices that Mira, Booster, and XR are all up for ""Rookie of the Year"". Due to their competative nature in the matter, Buzz decides to cover the Lumini Summit himself, and sends the rest of Team Lightyear off to guard the LGMs, who are testing out an experimental Matter Transport Device. Zurg sends Warp Darkmatter to nab the device, which he does (...w/ a large claw, that impresses the LGMs...). Zurg begins to use the device to teleport his hornets directly into Lumini 9 Station. Team Lightyear (sans Buzz) end up being zapped to the station after sneaking into Zurg's Dreadnaught. The device had never been tested on living beings before, and the results are that Mira, Booster, and XR are now blended together into one 3-headed, 8-limbed being (
S02E03 La revanche des monstres 28/10/2000 Ranger Ty Parsec has been assigned patrol duty on Canis Lupus, guarding a special Galactic Alliance power station that converts radiation from the planet's strange green moon into usable energy. Ty laments the boring responsibility, unaware that NOS-4-A2 is lurking nearby and stalking his robot teamate. When the energy vampire strikes, Ty informs Star Command but insists no backup is required. It arrives anyway in the form of Team Lightyear, much to Ty's chagrin. Ty has been rescued no less that 50 times by Buzz and is sick of being put in that position. During their next patrol, Ty saves XR from NOS-4-A2, but requires Buzz to save him. The vampire is driven off but not before accidentally biting Ty through the flesh. This puts a werewolf-like curse on Ty who is changed into a robot-ravaging ""wirewolf"" when exposed to the strange moon of Canis Lupus. Team Lightyear and Ty himself are unaware of the periodic transformations. The wirewolf eludes a trap, shredding XR in the process
S02E04 Mission de sauvetage 00/00/0000 Star Command receives a distress call, and the instructions on how to build a device that will teleport one to where the call is coming from. Buzz is sent; he is met by the insectoid Professor Samsa who informs him that his race's queen is in trouble, and that his entire race is also threatened by some large, powerful race that is attempting to wipe them out. The rest of Team Lightyear is sent to help w/ insect extermination at Cosmo's Diner. It turns out that the insects that are plaguing Cosmo's are the race that contacted Buzz (the device not only teleported Buzz, but also shrunk him). The biggest threat (and the major reason that Buzz is unable to contact Team Lightyear right away) is a Remote Disposal Unit that Cosmo is using to clean up the ""bugs"".
S02E05 Zurg fait le ménage 00/00/0000 LGMs develop remote trash compactor; Zurg steals it, compacts 42, and then compresses Capital Planet's sun in order to form a black hole. Buzz puts on heat resistant power armor (that reduce down to oven mitts when not in use), flies into the event horizon of the black hole, and activates trash compactors in reverse, thus returning the black hole to it's star-state.
S02E06 L'ennemi sans visage 00/00/0000 Team Lightyear get separated and meet up with the last Beletor and the last Krnozian, who're warring over possession of their home planet. It turns out that they're actually of the same race, but small leech-like critters had attached themselves to the backs of their necks and caused them to act violent (violent thought is what the critter feeds off of). In attempting to return the critters to Star Command for further study, they escape, reproduce, and attach themselves to Team Lightyears' necks. Upon arrival, they spill loose and ravage Star Command. Cold air stuns the critters, so XR turns the air conditioning to freezing, thus solving the problem.
S02E07 Sacré vieux Buzz 00/00/0000 With a wrist-mounted time travel device, a 150 year old Buzz (which would make him from about 110 years in the future...see ""Lone Wolf""...) travels back to ""now"" to prevent Mira from being killed. Unfortunately, it happened so long ago that he can't quite recall just how, when or where Mira is going to die (...and, it would seem, time travel turns one's memory to ""Swiss Cheese""...Quantum Leap reference?).
S02E08 La planète Karn 00/00/0000 Mira is assigned to accompany the Galactic President and Smoltz (one of her advisors, and of the same race as the President) to a conference. Mid-trip, they're attacked by Zurg and forced to make a crash-landing on Karn. Forced to maintain radio silence, to prevent Zurg from tracking them, they attempt to prevent being eaten, mauled, and otherwise laid low by the various Karnian beasties. Not only is Zurg scouring the face of Karn looking for them, but so is the rest of Team Lightyear (aided by Dr. Furbanna). Eventually, it is disclosed that Smoltz is actually a turn-coat, working with Zurg to try to capture the President (he helped to choose Mira for the mission, thinking that she'd be the easiest to wrangle). With a bit of lucky assistance from a mother Narlzak and her young (...large tunneling Karnian beasts, resembling a cross between a mealworm and a Dune Sandworm...), manage to save Mira and the President from Zurg's plans.
S02E09 Soleil en danger 09/12/2000 Due to a ""diplomatic faux pas"" with the Porcelon Ambassadorial Delegates (...the Porcelons look like large-ish toilets...we shan't go into any more detail about the faux pas...), Team Lightyear is delegated to traffic duty. They spot a large freighter going almost the speed of light (...the local speed limit is about .45 light speed...), that isn't responsive to hails. The freighter slams into, and destroys, the resort moon Sand De Soleil, and continues on towards the sun of Capital Planet (...the resulting impact could, potentially, cause the sun to go supernova...). Team Lightyear board the freighter to find it abandoned, except for a maniacally tidy robo-cleaner called ""Care-Bot"". They attempt to plant charges to blow up the ship, but Care-Bot considers them clutter and disassembles the bombs. Meanwhile the bots have set Cruiser 42 adrift, so the team is trapped. Booster is sent down to the engine room to attempt to power down the engines while Buzz, Mira, and XR are attempting to
S02E10 Le Père-Noel contre-attaque 16/12/2000 ""Holiday Time"" is derived from ""The Grinch who Stole Christmas"" with elements from ""The Matrix"" (including slow-motion projectile dodging.) A fun episode with some of the best animation in the series. Evil Emperor Zurg steals the ""Chrono-Disruptor"" from Santa (yes, the REAL Santa). This is a device that allows the Jolly Old Elf to stop time and deliver all those gifts in one night. Zurg then goes on a terror spree. He essentially steals Christmas right out from under the Space Ranger's noses, who are helpless to mount a defense. Meanwhile Santa tries to convince Team Lightyear that he is the genuine article in order to get their help. He finally gets Buzz to believe by relating a tale from Buzz's childhood, something no one should know. We get to see Buzz as a kid in a flashback to when he singed his cat Fluffy's tail with a laser. (yes, he's wearing the hood). This is also the second episode we hear about that rocket toy he wanted but never got as a kid. Santa takes Buzz to his homewo
S02E11 Une forte tête 00/00/0000 Comm. Nebula sends Team Lightyear to Mahambas 6 to investigate a gravity problem. It turns out to be Gravitina, making a distraction so she can see Buzz and ask him out. He, of course, refuses, and she's then convinced it's because of her head. To get even she zaps Buzz with a gun that makes HIS head huge, and since it's causing a problem at Star Command (he has a bit of a ""head problem"", if I may joke outrageously) he has to leave. Well, Buzz decided he didn't like these arrangements, so he went to confront Gravitina. Anyway, team Lightyear was there, they had tried the same thing before, it didn't work very well. Buzz Lightyear defeats Gravitina, his heads back to normal, everyone (except, possibly, Gravitina) lives happily ever after.
S02E12 La momie de l'espace 00/00/0000 While on an archeological expedition, studying ""Planet X"", the LGMs stumble upon the quasi-Egyptian resting place of an ancient powerful being called ""Natron the 1st"" (...who is also known as ""Natron the Destroyer"" and lots of other ""Natron the [REALLY NASTY THING]"" names...). Zurg has sent Warp Darkmatter to scope out the LGM's findings, meanwhile. When Natron awakens, he freezes the LGMs in some sort of stasis field, and drains Warp's life-force in order to soup himself up to a state closer to his former glory. This results in Warp aging into a wizened old man. Natron rants on a bit about how he had been laid low thousands of years ago by someone known as ""The Protector"" (...of whom we find out absolutely nothing...), and sets off to take over Capital Planet. Warp and Team Lightyear set out to stop Natron; Warp is helping Team Lightyear since the only way that he can regain his proper age is if Natron is defeated. They manage to reverse the process that Natron used to drain the
S02E13 L'attaque des Walkyries 00/00/0000 As an auto-piloted freighter is attempting to make a routine transport run, it is attacked by Valkyran raiders (…the primary ones are named Brun, Sig, and Hilda…). The Valkyrans are an Amazonian race that has been around far longer than the Galactic Alliance. In attempting to battle the Valkyrans, Team Lightyear is stymied by the Valkyran ships' ability to phase out in a dimensional warp, thus rendering the ship unreachable. Planning for more raids by the Valkyrans, the LGMs whip up a system that can detect ships that are phased out via some sort of artificial intelligence kind've thing (Commander Nebula tries to explain it, and the LGMs offer little help in clearing things up; since Nebula obviously doesn't understand it himself…). When using the phase detector thingie, Star Cruiser 42 is struck by a fairly massive energy jolt. This causes the experimental detector to unexpectedly grant the operating systems of 42 to become sentient (…and female, to XR's delight…). XR is the on
S00E01 Pilot - The Adventure Begins, Part 1 08/08/2000 Based on the direct-to-video pilot film. When Buzz Lightyear loses his partner Warp Darkmatter in a confrontation with the Evil Emperor Zurg, he vows to never have another partner again. Unfortunately, when Zurg invades the Planet of the Little Green Men and takes control of their Uni-Mind (a mystical orb that enables Star Command’s worker LGMs, whose individual minds are useless, to form a combined intellect that keeps the base running), Buzz is forced to act. Aided by the unlikely combined efforts of the rookie Mira Nova, the janitor Booster, and the robot XR, the four attempt to thwart Zurg’s plan to enslave every free mind in the galaxy.
S00E02 Pilot - The Adventure Begins, Part 2 08/08/2000 Based on the direct-to-video pilot film. When Buzz Lightyear loses his partner Warp Darkmatter in a confrontation with the Evil Emperor Zurg, he vows to never have another partner again. Unfortunately, when Zurg invades the Planet of the Little Green Men and takes control of their Uni-Mind (a mystical orb that enables Star Command’s worker LGMs, whose individual minds are useless, to form a combined intellect that keeps the base running), Buzz is forced to act. Aided by the unlikely combined efforts of the rookie Mira Nova, the janitor Booster, and the robot XR, the four attempt to thwart Zurg’s plan to enslave every free mind in the galaxy.
S00E03 Pilot - The Adventure Begins, Part 3 08/08/2000 Zurg uses the Uni-Mind to control every planet in the Galactic Alliance, including Star Command. It's down to Buzz, Mira, XR and Booster to save the day before it's too late.