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Les Ewoks sont d'adorables créatures qui vivent sur la planète Endor. Ces petites boules de poil gentilles et amusantes vivent dans la forêt. Si leur apparence semble docile, il faut se méfier de ces petits êtres qui sont prêts à tout pour se défendre contre leurs ennemis les Duloks. Les Ewoks vivent au coeur des arbres et se servent de cette protection pour se défendre.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Les Ewoks

S01E01 Les Arbres qui pleuraient 07/09/1985 Morag captures Izrina, Queen of the Wisties and forces her to set fire to the forest. The young Ewoks extinguish the flames via glider.
S01E02 Le Village hanté 14/09/1985 Master Logray has developed invisibility soap to hide the Sunberry Trees from the destructive Mantigrue. The Ewoks manage to save the trees despite the Duloks' interference.
S01E03 La Colère des Flogs 21/09/1985 Morag prompts a family of Phlogs to rampage the Ewok village. Wicket and his friends rescue and return to the Phlogs their baby from the Duloks.
S01E04 Sauver Deej 28/09/1985 The Warrick brothers are tasked to find ingredients for Master Logray to brew a poison cure for Deej. A creature called Mring-Mring ensures their quest is a success.
S01E05 Les Jindas, gens du voyage 05/10/1985 Lacking appreciation for her flute playing, Latara joins the Travelling Jindas. Wicket and his friends rescue Latara from becoming lost and the Duloks.
S01E06 L’Arbre de lumière 12/10/1985 Wicket, Princess Kneesaa and Latara follow uninvited an Ewoks expedition on a quest to restore the tree of life, the Duloks intent on destroying the tree.
S01E07 Le Maléfice des Jindas 19/10/1985 Master Logray stops the curse that affects the Jindas after they rescue Wicket and his friends from the Skandits. This angers the Rock Wizard, but Princess Kneesaa has the stone tooth to cure the wizard's pain.
S01E08 Le Pays des Gupins 26/10/1985 After rescuing Mring-Mring's brother Oobel, Wicket and his friends journey with them to save the Gupins' homeland from the Grass Trekkers.
S01E09 La Pierre d'ombre et de lumière 02/11/1985 Morag captures Teebo and his friends as ransom for the Sunstar. Morag utilises the full power of the combined Sunstar-Shadowstone, but Master Logray destroys her for good.
S01E10 Le Chariot de Wicket 09/11/1985 Inspired by his ancestors Wicket rebuilds an old battle wagon. The Duloks steal it, but Wicket and Malani jump aboard and collapse the wagon.
S01E11 Les Trois Leçons 16/11/1985 Princess Kneesaa goes with Wicket to gather ingredients to shrink a Stranglethorn she accidentally overgrew. With the help of some Tromes, Wicket gets the required potion.
S01E12 La Moisson bleue 23/11/1985 In a plot to steal the Ewok's harvest, Umwak unwittingly causes a Phlog named Hoona to romance with Wicket. The Duloks take advantage of this, but Wicket turns Hoona against them.
S01E13 Asha, le fantôme rouge 30/11/1985 The Ewoks are relaxing in the quiet deep forest, when they suddenly hear the Duloks, which are chasing a mountain goat. They chase the goat quite a bit, but then a 'red ghost' appears, and scares them away. The Ewoks go to the goat, still tied up in ropes, and get her loose. But the 'red ghost' thinks that they are trying to hurt the goat. She gives out some battle cries, and the Ewoks flee. The Ewoks return to the village, and Wicket tells Kneesaa about the 'red ghost'. It was actually an Ewok with red fur. Kneesaa runs to her hut, crying, and tells Wicket what happened. Kneesaa (just a little baby) and her mother and her red-furred sister called Asha, were out walking through the forest. A monster attacks the family, and Kneesaa's mother died trying to fight off the monster, while Asha disappeared. That night, Kneesaa, Wicket, and Baga (Wicket's pet Bordok) go off to find Asha. They travel through snow, and find another Ewok, who wants to guide them back to the village. A group of
S02E01 La Cape de cristal 13/09/1986 An ambitious Wicket goes with his friends on a quest for the crystal cloak stolen by the Gracca. They end up destroying the crystal cloak instead.
S02E02 La Plante magique 13/09/1986 The leaf queen assigns Kneesa to care for a wish plant. Her friends abuse the plant with their wishes. Kneesa manages to restore the plant before the leaf queen's arrival.
S02E03 Les Créatures de la nuit 20/09/1986 Wicket and Teebo try to live by themselves in a house inhabited by Larry the Shriek, who convinces them they are better off back at home.
S02E04 La Princesse Latara 20/09/1986 The Gorph Queen Slugga kidnaps Latara masquerading as a princess for her son to marry. Wicket and his friends rescue Latara and trap the Gorphs.
S02E05 Le Raïque 27/09/1986 Wicket accidentally unleashes the Raich from its tree form prison. With help from the Two-headed Gonster, Wicket and his friends trap the Raich as it was before.
S02E06 Le Maître du totem 04/10/1986 Creatures in the guise of a totem led by the master rob the Ewok village. Wicket and his friends follow the master and destroy him along with his curse.
S02E07 Un cadeau pour Shodu 04/10/1986 Wicket and his friends venture into an ancient temple to get a jewel for Shodu's birthday. That jewels turns out to be an egg of the Scuver Dragon.
S02E08 La Nuit de l'étranger 11/10/1986 A phantom has the Duloks raid the Ewok village to steal the Sunstar. Wicket and his friends manage to prevent a phantom exodus from taking place.
S02E09 Lanadac 18/10/1986 Wicket is captured by the Mimphs after a failed hunt for a Hanadak, but then he has to rescue them from the rampaging Hanadak.
S02E10 Le Premier Apprenti 18/10/1986 Ex-Apprentice Zarrak tries to teach Teebo his secrets but tires of his failures. Wicket, his friends rescue Teebo and Teebo masters enough magic to defeat Zarrak.
S02E11 Marchand en herbe 25/10/1986 Wicket and his friends compete selling Mooth's goods for some valuable horns, but they end up empty-handed.
S02E12 Le Guerrier et le magicien 25/10/1986 Teebo flunks at Wicket's warrior training, but is asked by the Tumbles to chase away a creature named Blog. Teebo sticks with magic to destroy the Blog's dam.
S02E13 Le Sceptre des saisons 01/11/1986 Pressured by Odra, the Snow King freezes the lands of Endor. Wicket and his friends restore the balance of Endor's seasons after liberating the season scepter.
S02E14 La Proue porte-bonheur 08/11/1986 Wicket and his friends accidentally lose Chirpa's canoe prow carving to the Duloks. While tryint to get it back, they destroy Urga's battleship.
S02E15 Le Rival de Baga 08/11/1986 Kneesa takes in a Quarf (actually a monster) called Silky sent by Jadru to hold her ransom for the Sunstar. Wicket and Baga come to the rescue and turn the tides on Jadru.
S02E16 La Hutte des horreurs 15/11/1986 A visit to Horville's Hut of Horrors puts the woklings into a crying fit. An attempt to hide the truth only makes Wicket regret it.
S02E17 La Flûte tragique 15/11/1986 Latara gets captured by a creature who takes greedy people to be his slaves so Wicket, Kneesaa and Teebo have to rescue her but to get out Latara must pass a test.
S02E18 Oh, c’est bien ma chance 22/11/1986 Malani is busy attempting to paint a portrait of Baga but things don't exactly go well for the little wokling and she's ready to give up. Wicket reassures her not to give up on her dreams and relates the story about how he almost gave up on wanting to become a warrior.... Teebo has just past his test to become a Wizard's apprentice, Kneesaa passes her test to rule the village one day, and Latara has shown her ability in making ""designer"" hoods. Now the weight rests on Wicket successfully passing his warrior test but he is so nervous that his friends assist with Teebo asking the help of a lucksprite. Problem is, this creature is a bad-lucksprite and with his help, Wicket fails the test miserably. Given a new career choice of being a Bordock stable sweeper, Wicket gives up on becoming a warrior but his friends are determined to make things right.
S02E19 Norky la petite peste 22/11/1986 Wicket is annoyed that his mother has agreed to look after a marsupial-type creature named Norky for the day. Wicket expresses to Teebo that everyone he stays over he gets Wicket into trouble and sure enough, Teebo is quick to find out - as is Kneesaa and Latara - exactly what the Ewok warrior means. Of course, to the elder Ewoks, Norky appears to be a well-behaved, polite little creature but the Woklings know better. Planning a trick, they send Norky off to the 'Vacant Valley' having him believe there is treasure but the Woklings soon learn that the place they sent him is in a state of dangerous adjustment......
S02E20 Quelle soirée 06/12/1986 Doctor Raygar, a mad scientist from the Galactic Empire appears to steal the Sunstar for himself and it's up to Wicket and his friends to stop him.
S02E21 Malani la guerrière 13/12/1986 Kneesaa isn't exactly the best host for a party. Basically she'll do something like show her acorn collection and her guests would fall asleep. So when Chief Chirpa informs his daughter that she is to hold a party for the arrival of Prince Delvy not even Kneesaa believes she'll be able to entertain but Latara has different ideas. Their party doesn't go exactly to plan however when a group of bandits - known as the Pugs - rudely interupt and worse yet, the Ewoks mistake the Pug leader as Prince Delvy.
S02E22 Les Ewoks contre-attaquent 13/12/1986 The classic tale of you loving someone but them loving someone else is brought up in this episode as the Ewok Games begin and Wicket falls for the female warrior, Chirita. Meanwhile, Teebo's younger sister, Malani, has grown quite fond of Wicket and attempts to win his heart by proving she's a warrior. But when she is convined to steal the Sunstar under the advise of two slug-type creatures, she fails to see that the two are not assisting her in getting Wicket's affections but rather using the Sunstar to turn the forest moon of Endor into their own paradise - full of mud!
S00E01 Le village hanté 11/02/1997 Morag the Tulga Witch seeks revenge on her old enemy Logray, shaman of the Ewoks, who holds the magic Sunstar while she possesses it's darker half, the Shadowstone. The Witch unleashes her flying Mantigrue to destroy the Ewok's sun berry trees, turns the fire folk into forest fire spreading pyromaniacs, frames the Ewoks for the kidnapping of a baby Phlog, and kidnaps Logray's young apprentice Teebo and his friends. All this to lure her sworn enemy back to Mount Thunderstone to decide who will posses the two halves of the Sunstarshadowstone.
S00E02 Contes de la forêt d'Endor 11/02/1997 'Adult Wicket' remembers four memorable adventures from his youth: how he fixed up his great grandfather's battle wagon, the occasion when Latara ran away from the Ewok village to join the traveling Jindas, the time his father Deej fell terrible ill and the story of Kneesa's long lost sister, Asha.
S00E03 Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure 25/11/1984 Focuses on the struggles of a brother and sister, stranded on the forest moon of Endor, in locating their parents, who have been kidnapped by a monster known as the Gorax.
S00E04 Ewoks: The Battle for Endor 24/11/1985 A sequel to Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure, it focuses on Cindel Towani, the little girl from the first film, who, after being orphaned, joins the Ewoks in protecting their village and defeating the evil marauders who have taken control of the Endor moon.
S00E05 Season 1 Intro 07/09/1985
S00E06 Season 2 Intro 13/09/1986