Affiche Les héros de la galaxie
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Dans la Galaxie, la guerre fait rage depuis 150 ans entre deux puissances ; l'Empire Galactique et l'Alliance des Planètes Libres. Deux héros émergent de ce conflit, chacun d'entre eux cherchent à imposer la paix. Chacun pour des raisons différentes. Leur destin est lié et ils changeront l'histoire de l'humanité.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Les héros de la galaxie

S01E01 La nuit éternelle 01/12/1988 January 1, 796 S.C. / 487 I.C.: in the Astarte star system, a 20 000 spaceships Imperial fleet under Reinhard von Lohengramm's command is about to be cornered by three Alliance fleets of 13 000 spaceships each. Against the advice of his subordinates, Reinhard decides to strike first in order to defeat each fleet before they can join. The Allied commanders, trusting the overall odds of 2 to 1, don't anticipate this and rebuff Yang Wen-li's advice to quickly regroup their forces.
S01E02 La bataille d'Astarte 01/12/1988 After the destruction of the 4th and 6th fleets, Reinhard's fleet engages the 2nd Fleet. When its commander is wounded, Yang takes command and manages to escape utter destruction. In Phezzan, Adrian Rubinsky, administrator of the planet, and Nikola Boltik, his main adviser, make comments on the battle and note that it won't change the strategic situation.
S01E03 La naissance de la treizième flotte 01/12/1988 In Heinessen (capital planet of the Free Planets Alliance), a memorial for the soldiers who died at the battle of Astarte is held. The warmongering speech of Job Trüniht, the Secretary of Defence, is interrupted by Jessica Edwards, whose fiancé was killed in the battle: she asks him why the advocates of war always sacrifice the lives of others while hiding in safer places. While going home, she is attacked by members of the Patriotic Knights Corps (P.K.C.), a nationalistic organization secretly led by Trüniht. She is rescued by her friends Yang and Dusty Attenborough and barely escapes death. The next day, Yang is promoted to rear admiral in command of the newly formed 13th Fleet. His mission: to take the Iserlohn fortress, a powerful space station which has repelled every attack.
S01E04 Le crépuscule de l'Empire 01/12/1988 In Odin (capital planet of the Galactic Empire), Reinhard is promoted to imperial admiral after his victory at Astarte. With his friend Siegfried Kircheis, he pays a visit to his elder sister Annerose, the Emperor's favorite. In a flashback, Kircheis remember how he and Reinhard became friends, how Annerose was taken away from her home to be the Emperor's favorite and how they came to hate the high nobles and the Goldenbaum dynasty.
S01E05 La rébellion de Castrop 01/01/1989 A new admiralty is created for Reinhard. He chooses commoners and lesser nobles to command his fleets: August Samuel Wahlen, Cornelius Lutz, Karl Gustav Kempf, Fritz Josef Bittenfeld, Ernest Mecklinger, Wolfgang Mittermeyer and Oskar von Reuenthal. Meanwhile, Maximilian von Kastrop has rebelled against the Empire. He thinks he is safe because of the "Artemis Necklace", a system of powerfully armed satellites built with the help of Phezzan. Reinhard sends a fleet under Kircheis' command to put an end to the rebellion. He manages to destroy the necklace. Kastrop is killed by his retainers and is the only casualty of the operation.
S01E06 Les chevaliers de la rose 01/01/1989 Yang decides to take Iserlohn by a ruse. The Rosen Ritter (Knights of the rose), a ground combat unit made of Imperial exiles, will pose as an imperial crew and infiltrate the fortress. Yang's staff is introduced: Murai, Patrichev, Fischer (a master of fleet maneuvers) and Frederica Greenhill, daughter of admiral Dwight Greenhill. The Iserlohn fleet is lured away from the fortress by decoys. When a damaged imperial spaceship asks for help, the commander of Iserlohn, who doesn't know where his fleet is due to radar jamming, authorizes it to dock...
S01E07 L'invasion d'Iserlohn 01/01/1989 May, 14, 796 S.C. / 487 I.C.: a fake imperial spaceship docks into Iserlohn. Walter von Schenkopp, commander of the Rosen Ritter, pretends to have important information and takes control of the center of command. The Iserlohn fleet comes back, only to be destroyed by the fortress' main weapon, the "Thor's Hammer". The fall of Iserlohn dramatically changes the strategic balance: Yang hopes it will lead to a peace treaty. Back in Heinessen, he wants to resign, but is promoted to vice-admiral instead.
S01E08 De froids yeux artificiels amovibles 01/01/1989 Paul von Oberstein, chief of staff of the Iserlohn fleet, is in trouble. He saw through Yang's plan, but his commander didn't listen to him, and he fled before the destruction of the fleet. The three chiefs of the Imperial fleet resign, but want to make him responsible of the defeat. Oberstein meets Reinhard and explains how, like him, he hates the high nobles and the Goldenbaum dynasty, and offer his help. Reinhard agrees and obtains his pardon by advising the Emperor to refuse the chiefs' resignations.
S01E09 L'incident Klopstock 01/02/1989 Thirty years ago, marquis Klopstock was exiled form the imperial court. He asks prince Braunschweig, the Emperor's son-in-law, to ask forgiveness on his behalf. Braunschweig invites him to his daughter's birthday party. Klopstock's real goal is to bring a bomb in order to kill the Emperor, who will be there. At the party, Reinhard clashes with baron Flegel. The bomb is taken away by accident and makes little damage. Klopstock commits suicide and all the incident is kept secret.
S01E10 Le combat de Jessica 01/02/1989 Yang is sent to Thernussen (Heinessen's second largest city) with his ward, Julian Minci, to attend a ceremony at the Military Academy. He meets Jessica Edwards, who is campaigning for the Peace Party candidate in an upcoming election. We learn that Yang, while being loyal to democracy, has no love for the current politicians. The P.K.C. sets a bomb in the Peace Party's headquarters, killing the candidate, but their plan backfires when Jessica, who is the new Peace Party candidate, wins a landslide victory.
S01E11 La sortie d'une actrice 01/02/1989 Susanna von Benemünde, a former favorite of the Emperor, wants to get rid of Annerose and win back the Emperor's love. She teams up with Flegel, who hopes that a scandal involving Annerose will lead to Reinhard's downfall. Annerose is abducted: she is to be killed and found with a supposed lover from the lower class. She is rescued by Kircheis, Reuenthal, Mittermeyer and Oberstein. Benemünde is forced to commit suicide. Flegel has been smart enough to leave no proof of his involvement, but Oberstein and Reinhard suspect him anyway.
S01E12 L'invasion de l'Empire 01/02/1989 In the Free Planets Alliance, the capture of Iserlohn has intoxicated the public, the military and the politicians. It is possible to invade the Empire from Iserlohn, and many people think it's time to conclude the crusade against tyranny. In the High Council, Joan Lebello (Secretary of Treasure) and Hwan Lewi (Secretary of Human Resources) think it's better to sign a peace treaty because the economy in on the verge of collapsing, but the Chairman explains that they will lose the next election unless they achieve a substantial military victory, so the High Council decides to invade the Empire; only Trüniht sides with Lebello and Lewi. The invasion plan is drafted by commodore Andrew Fork, an ambitious man so sure of the righteousness of the war that he discards any objections, especially those made by Yang, as siding with the enemy. The Free Planet Alliance will send a force of 8 fleets, 30 million men and 200 000 spaceships under the command of admiral Lazar Lobos, with admiral Greenhill as second-in-command. Meanwhile, in Phezzan, Rubinsky warns the Imperial High Commissioner that the Free Planets Alliance is planning a full scale invasion of the Empire.
S01E13 Quand vient la triste pluie d'automne... 01/03/1989 August, 22, 796 S.C. /487 I.C.: the invasion of the Empire has begun. Reinhard implements a scorched earth strategy: all food is taken from the frontier zone, so the "Liberation force" of the Free Planets Alliance will be forced to feed the inhabitants. Reinhard plans to attack the invading fleets when their supply lines will be overstretched. Commodore Ulrich Kesler carries out the orders but, in the process, has to face someone from his past.
S01E14 Libération du territoire envahi 01/03/1989 The Free Planets Alliance fleet has conquered more than 200 star systems (50 million inhabitants) without fighting. In Iserlohn, vice-admiral Alex Cazellnu drafts a supply plan, but he is worried about such a heavy burden: for him, Reinhard clearly wants the Free Planets Alliance to exhaust its resources on behalf of the liberated planets. The supply fleet is destroyed by Kircheis because Fork didn't think such an attack was possible. Yang, fearing a scorched earth policy, convinces his fellow fleet commanders to ask for a withdrawal. Riots break out on many planets because of the food shortage and the looting of the soldiers. Fork experiences a case of hysterical blindness in the face of his plan's failure. In Phezzan, Rubinsky grants a new loan to the Free Planets Alliance to maintain the balance: he hopes to economically control both the Empire and the Alliance. October, 10, 796 S.C. / 487 I.C.: Reinhard orders to launch the counterattack.
S01E15 La bataille de la région stellaire d'Amritsar 01/03/1989 The Free Planets Alliance fleet are attacked: the 3rd, 7th and 12th fleets are destroyed and the 5th, 8th, 9th and 10th fleets are heavily damaged; only the 13th Fleet has managed to escape without taking too much damage. Admiral Lobos orders the fleets to regroup in the Amlitzer Starzone. Reinhard orders his admirals to regroup in the same area in order to destroy the remaining fleets. The Free Planets Alliance Fleet suffer further losses during the battle of Amlitzer Starzone (October, 15, 796 S.C. / 487 I.C.).
S01E16 La nouvelle vague 01/03/1989 End of the battle of Amlitzer: Yang's 13th Fleet keeps the Imperial Fleet at bay, allowing admiral Bucock to withdraw the remaining fleets. After that, Yang manages to escape destruction (once again). Meanwhile, the Emperor dies without appointing an heir. Reinhard teams up with premier Lichtenlade in order to crown Erwin Josef II, one of the late emperor's three grandchildren. Prince Braunschweig and marquis Littenheim, fathers of the two others, prepare to seek revenge. Back in the Free Planets Alliance, Trüniht is appointed temporary chairman of the High Council, Bucock commander-in-chief of the Fleet, and Yang commander of Iserlohn. he takes all his staff with him, plus Attenborough and a new officer, Julian Minci, and hopes to have Alex Cazellnu appointed as commissioner of the fortress. Meanwhile, in Phezzan, Rubinsky takes his orders from the Grand Bishop of the Earth Cult.
S01E17 Avant la tempête 01/04/1989 Julian Minci asks Frederica Greenhill how Yang became the "Hero of El Facil": 9 years ago. The Free Planets Alliance fleet, led by Arthur Lynch, fled the approaching Imperial Fleet, leaving 3 million people behind; Yang, one of the few officers left, organized the evacuation while the Alliance Fleet was defeated. Meanwhile, in the Empire, Reinhard thinks a civil war is about to break out; in order to avoid an intervention form the Alliance, he decides to infiltrate Lynch in the Alliance to stage a military coup. The move is hidden behind an exchange of 2 million prisoners of war. End of 796 S.C. / 487 I.C.
S01E18 Le pacte secret de Lippstat 01/04/1989 Prince Brauschweig and marquis Littenheim team up to overthrow the young Emperor and get rid of Reinhard. Count Franz von Mariendorf wants to join the conspiracy, but his daughter, Hildegard persuade him not to do so because a new order is rising under Reinhard. She goes to Reinhard and offer her family's allegiance. The high nobles create the Lippstadt League, led by Braunschweig and Littenheim; admiral von Merkatz agrees (although reluctantly) to command their military forces. April, 6, 797 S.C. / 488 I.C.: Reinhard strikes first and manages to arrest many conspirators, but Brauschweig and Littenheim flee and regroup most of their forces in the Geiesburg Fortress.
S01E19 L'appareillage de la flotte de Yang 01/04/1989 Andrew Fork is released from the Hospital. Fork attempts to assassinate HQ chief Kubersly. Reinhard decides to lead the main fleet against Geiesburg while Kircheis, helped by vice-admirals Lutz and Wahlen, will take control of the other areas. Meanwhile, in the Free Planets Alliance, a military uprising begins (April 3, 797 S.C. / 488 I.C.). In Heinessen, a military coup overthrows the High Council (April, 13): the National Salvation Military Council, led by admiral Greenhill, suspends the democratic institutions. Trüniht goes into hiding. Yang decide to fight for democracy : the 13th Fleets leaves Iserlohn (April, 20) while the 11th Fleet goes out to stop it.
S01E20 Effusion de sang dans l'espace 01/04/1989 The Lippstadt League plans to draw Reinhard to Geiesburg in order to defeat him in a decisive battle. As a part of this plan, admiral Staaden has to lead a fleet to Odin in order to cut Reinhard's fleet from its base. Mittermeyer is sent to intercept Staaden, whose fleet is crushed during the battle of Altener and withdraws to the Rentenberg fortress. Reinhard decides to take the fortress, but the boarding parties are repelled by the garrison, led by admiral Ovlesser. An assault led by Mittermeyer and Reuenthal succeeds, and Ovlesser is taken prisoner. Reinhard wants to execute him, but Oberstein advises to send him back to Geiesburg. Ovlesser is released, but is executed by Braunschweig who thinks he was freed because he turned against him. Fear of treason spreads among the Lippstadt League.
S01E21 La bataille de la région stellaire de Doria et puis... 01/05/1989 Schenkopp takes control of the rebel planets on behalf of the Yang fleet. The National Salvation Military Council sends commodore Bagdashu to Yang to pose as a traitor to the coup in order to kill him, but Schenkopp manages to take him away. Yang's 13th Fleet meets the 11th Fleet in the Doria star system; the 11th Fleet is destroyed because its commanders turn down Yang's proposal of surrender. After the battle, Bagdashu decides to join Yang because his victory is certain. Meanwhile, in Heinessen, a peaceful gathering against the coup is held in a stadium. When the army tries to scatter it, it turns into a riot, and thousands are killed, including Jessica Edwards.
S01E22 Courage et Loyauté 01/05/1989 Littenheim leaves Geiesburg with his fleet to recover the territories conquered by Kircheis. Because of its lack of discipline and overconfidence of its commanders, the Littenheim Fleet is defeated; while running away, Littenheim's spaceship opens fire on allies who are in the way. In the Garmisch fortress, Littenheim is killed by his men, enraged by such an attitude. Meanwhile, Reinhard's fleet arrives in the area of Geiesburg. The Lippstadt Fleet attacks him but is utterly beaten and barely avoids complete destruction thanks to admiral Merkatz.
S01E23 La chute des Goldenbaum 01/05/1989 And uprising takes place in Westerland, one of Braunschweig's territories. He decides to kill all the inhabitants by a nuclear strike. Reinhard hears about the plan and wants to send a fleet to stop it, but Oberstein thinks it's better to let it happen, record it and use this monstruous act as a propaganda tool against the high nobles. Reinhard is against it, but Oberstein's plan succeeds because he lied about the time of the strike. The images are nevertheless broadcasted in all the Empire: Reinhard becomes the hero of the commoners and, even in Geiesburg, many think its time to get rid of the high nobles. The Lippstadt Fleet makes a last sortie, but is defeated; baron Flegel is killed by his men when he wants to make a suicide attack, and his crew flees to Phezzan. Merkatz, too proud to surrender, decides to kill himself, but Bernhard von Schneider advises him to take refuge in Iserlohn. Braunschweig is forced to commit suicide by Ansbach, his chief retained, who promises to avenge him. September 797 S.C. / 488 I.C.: fall of the Geiesburg fortress and end of the Lippstadt League.
S01E24 Qui profite de la victoire ? 01/05/1989 After Yang's victory, the National Salvation Military Council loses its supporters and only controls Heinessen, well protected by the Artemis Necklace. Yang decides to use propaganda and asks Bagdashu to publicly admit that the Empire is behind the coup. Bagdashu's speech is widely broadcasted in Heinessen. The leaders of the coup are astonished, but Lynch, who helped them, says that's the truth. Meanwhile, Yang manages to destroy the Artemis Necklace. Hopeless, the leaders of the National Salvation Military Council decide to surrender, but to destroy all evidence of the Empire's involvement. Admiral Greenill and Lynch are killed in the ensuing gunfight. Democracy is restored. Trüniht, hidden by members of the Earth Cult, comes back to power.
S01E25 La veille du destin 01/06/1989 Kircheis arrives at Geiesburg. He has an argument with Reinhard about the handling of the Westerland events. Reinhard assumes full responsibility for Oberstein's actions. A message is sent from Odin: Lichtenlade is plotting to get rid of Reinhard. Reinhard receives some rebel commanders. Adalbert von Fahrenheit joins Reinhard's team. Ansbach comes in with Braunschweig's coffin, but takes out a weapon and aims at Reinhard...
S01E26 Adieu, jours lointain 01/06/1989 Ansbach misses; Oberstein protects Reinhard with his body while Kircheis grabs the weapons, but is killed in the process. Reinhard is devastated by his friend's death and is unable to make any decisions for several days. His admirals go back to Odin, arrest Lichtenlade for the murder attempt on Reinhard. Reinhard finally recovers and speaks to Annerose, who decides to retire to a small cottage; Reinhard feels left alone. Meanwhile, in Phezzan, Rubinsky decides to change his strategy, since the balance of power cannot be maintained: Phezzan will support the Empire. He sends Boltik as Phezzan's ambassador to Odin and replaces him with Rupert Kesselring.
S02E01 Première bataille 01/06/1991 January 1, 798 S.C. / 489 I.C.: Reinhard von Lohengramm is now Premier and Commander-in-chief of the imperial military. He implements many reforms for the welfare of the people. Meanwhile, an training sortie, under Dusty Attenborough's command, turns out to be Julian Minci's first battle as a fighter pilot. The Attenborough Fleet is on the verge to be crushed, but Yang Wen-li, with the help of Admiral Merkatz, goes out of Iserlohn with the whole fleet and saves the day (January, 16).
S02E02 Portraits 01/06/1991 January, 798 S.C. / 489 I.C.: Admiral von Schaft, head of the Science and Technology Division, works out a plan to take Iserlohn back. The Geiesburg fortress is to become a mobile fortress by adding warp engines: its firepower is a match to Iserlohn's, so the Imperial fleet will be able to defeat the Iserlohn Fleet. The operation will be under Admiral Kempf's command, with Admiral Müller as second-in-command. In Phezzan, Rubinsky decides to support the plan and asks Kesselring to find a way to move Yang away from Iserlohn. Some of Mittermeyer and Reuenthal's background is revealed.
S02E03 Un fil très ténu 01/06/1991 In Phezzan, Rubinsky explains his plans to a bishop of the Earth Cult. He will use his contacts in the Free Planets Alliance, such as chairman Trüniht, to make the Alliance crumble from inside, paving the way for an Imperial victory. Then, Reinhard is to be murdered. Kesselring is sent to the Alliance's commissioner in Phezzan, saying the financial support can continue only if the Alliance is a stable democracy, hinting that Yang is willing to seize power. In Iserlohn, Alex Cazellnu is concerned about Yang's safety: for the time being, his skills are needed, but he fears that Trüniht wants to dispose of him in the end. In Heinessen, Trüniht, who dislikes Yang's popularity, asks the Secretary of Defence, Negreponte, to form an inquiry committee about Yang's action during the coup.
S02E04 Les choses perdues 01/06/1991 Yang is summoned to Heinessen, where the Secretary of Defence is holding an inquiry. This move shocks his staff because such a committee has no legal basis. In Phezzan, Kesselring enlists two former members of the Lippstadt League, Leopold Schumacher and Alfred von Landsberg to carry out a plan we know nothing about. March 13, 798 S.C. / 489 I.C.: the test of the warp drive of the Geiesburg fortress is a success. The fortress and its supporting fleet can now move to the Iserlohn Corridor and attack the Alliance's fortress.
S02E05 Commission d'enquête 01/07/1991 On his way to Heinessen, Yang thinks about the current situation. The Alliance's disrespect for human rights, democracy and freedom on the pretense of the war is leading the nation toward its destruction; moreover, the failed invasion of the Empire and the civil war have drastically weakened the Alliance's military. In Heinessen, Yang is separated from his companions, Louis Mashengo and Frederica Greenhill. While Yang's personality and actions are questionned by the committee, Greenhill and Mashengo try to reach him, but any contact is denied. They go to Admiral Bucock for help, but are attacked by the P.K.C. (which appears to be related to the Earth Cult) and rescued by Bucock's staff. April 10, 798 S.C. / 489 I.C.: the Geiesburg Fortress enters the Iserlohn Corridor.
S02E06 Guerre sans armes 01/07/1991 While the inquiry continues, Greenhill tries to find out where is Yang and discovers that the government controls the media and leaves little room for the opposition: the Free Planets Alliance is a democracy in name only. When the news of a new imperial attack reaches Heinessen, the inquiry is suspended and Yang sent back to Iserlohn. However, the journey will take at least four weeks: Yang's staff thinks about a strategy to hold on and not let the enemy know that Yang is not there.
S02E07 Forteresse contre Forteresse 01/07/1991 Geiesburg and Iserlohn fire at each other, causing little damage to the fortresses. After that, Schenkopp and the Rosen Ritter repel a boarding party. Kempf then decide to use the firepower of Geiesburg and the Müller Fleet to make a breach in Iserlohn's outer wall. The operation succeeds, but the Imperial forces can't get through because Admiral Merkatz launches the Iserlohn Fleet and drive off the Müller Fleet. Meanwhile, Yang is on his way back with some reinforcement. April, 15, 798 S.C. / 489 I.C.: in spite of the numerical advantage of the Imperial fleet, the situation is deadlocked. However, Müller learns from a dying prisoner of war that Yang is not in Iserlohn.
S02E08 Rapatriement 01/07/1991 Reinhard is displeased by Kempf's report and decides to dispatch Mittermeyer end Reuenthal Fleet; he thinks the best tacticts was to smash Geiesburg against Iserlohn and destroy both fortresses (Yang has the same idea). Imperial scout ships detect Yang's reinforcement fleet. Kempf plans to lure the Iserlohn Fleet out of the fortress by pretending to retreat, then strike and seal it in the fortress, which will allow him to attack the reinforcements. Julian Minci sees through his plan. Merkatz, leading the Iserlohn fleet, pretends to fall into the trap, thus the Imperial Fleet is attacked from behind when it engages Yang's fleet. Kempf finally decides to smash Geiesburg into Iserlohn, but the Alliance's fleet destroys the engines, and the damaged the fortress moves randomly, destroying many imperial ships, before blowing up. The Imperial Fleet falls back but, against Yang's order, some commanders decide to pursue the Imperial Fleet.
S02E09 Détermination et ambition 01/09/1991 The Mittermeyer and Reuenthal Fleets meet the retreating Imperial fleet and destroy the Alliance's pursuing ships before falling back when the Iserlohn Fleet shows up. In Odin, Müller is forgiven by Reinhard. Reinhard tells Hildegard von Mariendorf that power should not be inherited, but seized. In Phezzan, Kesselring explains to Rubinsky that the Free Planets Alliance is on the verge of bankruptcy; they decide to go on with their plan. It is revealed that Kesselring is Rubinsky's illegitimate son. Back in Iserlohn, Yang shares with Julian Minci his thoughts about military strength and how it is often used against the citizen it was supposed to protect.
S02E10 Tonnerre 01/09/1991 Admiral Kessler, chief of the Military Police, informs Reinhard that two former members of the Lippstadt League (Landsberg and Schumacher) have arrived in Odin, and may be involved in some plot. Reinhard asks Hildegard for her advice: shes thinks they are in fact sent by Phezzan and will try to abduct someone, probably the young Emperor. later, she pays a visit to Annerose von Grünewald (Reinhard's elder sister) and persuades her to let Reinhard increase the security measures. Reinhard summons Boltik, the Commissioner of Phezzan, tells him he knows everything about their plan, and asks what is Phezzan's interest: Boltik answers that Phezzan expects to control the space communications and trade in an unified Empire. Reinhard agrees to act according to Rubinsky's plan, only if Phezzan grants a free passage through the Phezzan Corridor to the Imperial Fleet.
S02E11 L'enlèvement de l'enfant empereur 01/09/1991 July 6-7, 798 S.C. / 489 I.C.: Landsberg and Schumacher kidnap the young Emperor under hidden underground tunnels within the palace grounds. Admiral Molt commits suicide over his failure to guard the grounds and product the Emperor. Hildegard sees through the kidnapping and confronts Reinhard over why he allowed the kidnapping to take place. Reinhard explains he cautiously joined with Phezzan as a method of justification for the Empire to invade the Alliance.
S02E12 Une flèche est décochée 01/09/1991 The young Emperor passes through Phezzan into Alliance territory. The Alliance government declares that they will shelter the refugees while the nobles announce a government in exile. Merkatz is appointed as secretary of defense without his own consent. August, 20, 798 S.C. / 489 I.C.: Reinhard declares the government in exile kidnapped the young Emperor in an underhanded act of cowardice. The public within the Empire mobilizes in support of Reinhard's declaration of total war.
S02E13 Un des voyages 01/10/1991 Julian is assigned to Phezzan by central command. Yang and his staff decide to assign Mashengo to be Julian's body guard. Yang shares with Julian his thoughts about the possibility of Phezzan allying with the Empire due to the power balance being shifted. Julian mentions the possibility of Phezzan allying with the Empire not because of realist means, but instead out of ideological or religious reasons. Julian agrees to be of use to Yang and go to Phezzan to spy on any developments. The Iserlohn staff say their goodbyes to Julian.
S02E14 Le voyage de Julian le voyage de l'Humanité 01/10/1991 As Julian travels to Heinessen to accept his commission in Phezzan; he thinks about how Yang's background in history. Julian reviews the history of humanity during this long trip. The history lesson starts with the birth of the Galactic Republic in 2801 and man's continued expansion into space. The lesson then touches on space piracy, the increase in military powers, and the eventual decadence which let to the rise of the Galactic Empire. The final parts of the lesson include the creation of the Alliance up to the first military conflict between the Alliance and Empire.
S02E15 Le crépuscule des Dieux Opération Ragnarök 01/10/1991 Admiral Bucock informs Julian that the alliance government is trying to divide Yang from his allies as a way of preventing any future powergrab by Yang. Reinhard discusses his plans on using the Phezzan corridor with his Admirals, calling the plan Operation Ragnarok. Over 1 million ships are planned to be in the fleet. Reinhart speaks with Oberstein and discuss the use and eventually the expendability of Boltik, current Commissioner of Phezzan. Oberstein creates a secret police with Lang as the leader. September 20, 798 S.C. / 489 I.C.: 8 month old Catherine succeeds the throne of the Empire as the new Empress.
S02E16 Invitation à un requiem 01/10/1991 Julian arrives on Phezzan. The next evening, he attends his welcome party. Julian spreads conjecture about a possible invasion of Phezzan from the Empire. Reinhart organizes his fleet for operation Ragnarok. Admiral Bucock tries to warn the Alliance National Defense Council about a possible Phezzan corridor attack, but is ignored. November, 20, 798 S.C. / 489 I.C.: Admiral Reuenthal leading an Imperial Fleet of 36,000 ships lays siege to Iserlohn. Carrying out the first part of Operation Ragnarok.
S02E17 Gjallarhorn retentit 01/12/1991 Reuenthal plans a war of attrition against Iserlohn. Reuenthal sees the Hyperion, Yang's flagship, emerge from port and decides to rush his fleet to destroy the Hyperion. However this is a feint and the Rosen Ritter led by Schenkopp latch on to Reuenthal's flagship and engage in combat. The battle is a draw and Schenkopp eventually withdraws. Reuenthal returns to his plan of attrition by rotating his attack forces in small groups. December 9, 798 S.C. / 489 I.C.: Part two of Operation Ragnarok launches from the Empire homeworld.
S02E18 L'occupation de Fezzan 01/12/1991 The Imperial fleet under Mittermeyer invades Phezzan after feigning to approach Iserlohn. Kesselring tries to kill Rubinsky, but Rubinsky had a trap laid out and kills Kesselring instead. Rubinsky goes into hiding. Julian and Mashengo destroy the computers in the Alliance High commissioner's office. Julian later finds a smuggler to take him, Mashengo, and the cowardly Alliance commissioner out of Phezzan space. Mittermeyer orders the execution of soldiers which raped and robbed civilians. The Empire secures Alliance space maps from the Phezzan Navigation Office.
S02E19 L'arrivée de la vague glaciale 01/12/1991 Reinhard celebrates the new year with his officers. The citizens on Heinessen panic and question the government's handling of the situation. Admiral Bucock is chosen to lead the defense of the Alliance. The Alliance situation is dire as the fleets are greatly weakened from past campaigns, the only intact fleet is the 1st fleet. The 14th and 15th fleet are then created from a hodgepodge of 20,000 ships from around the Alliance. The military leaders of the Alliance realize however, they do not have enough ships to block the exit of the Phezzan corridor. Yang is given free rein over any future actions for the 13th fleet. January 8, 799 S.C. / 490 I.C.: The first Imperial fleet, led by Mittermeyer passes through the Phezzan corridor into Alliance territory.
S02E20 L'Arche de l'amiral Yang 01/12/1991 On Iserlohn Yang decides to abandon the fortress. Yang realizes that the fortress no longer has strategic value as a choke point defense after the Imperial fleet has broken through Phezzan space. Furthermore, the Fortress would be able to hold out till the end of the war, but would probably be forced back into Empire territory in the event of a peace treaty. Yang's fleet prepares bombs and another surprise on Iserlohn and abandons the fortress of all staff and civilians. January 9, 799 S.C. / 490 Reuenthal has retaken Iserlohn fortess.
S02E21 La recherche d'un univers libre 01/01/1992 Julian and friends leave Phezzan on a cargo ship. Julian tricks the captain of an Imperial destroyer and captures the destroyer. Reinhard organizes and briefs his fleet on the invasion plan. The Imperial fleet has a 3 to 1 fleet number advantage over the hodgepodge fleet of the Alliance. The Imperial and Alliance fleets are days away from a battle in the uninhabited Rantemario star system.
S02E22 Le serpent à deux têtes La bataille décisive de Rantemario 01/01/1992 The Imperial fleet takes a snake formation as they approach the Rantemario system. Bucock fleet is forced to attack the center of the snake formation as their only plausible tactical response. The Alliance fleet is badly damaged as the much larger Imperial fleet closes in on all sides. Bocock tries to minimize losses to the Alliance fleet by using a space current to slow down the Empire's advance and disabling enemy engines with fighters. At the last moment Yang's fleet approaches from behind, stopping the total destruction of the Alliance fleet under Bucock. The Imperial fleet reorganizes their fleet and heads for next Alliance system. Julian's destroyer joins up with the Alliance fleet at Heinessen.
S02E23 Les ténèbres s'épaississent... 01/01/1992 Yang is promoted to Fleet Admiral as he lands on Heinessen. Yang clarifies his war plan to the government of the Alliance. The war plan is to attack the spread out Imperial fleet and lure out Reinhard. If Reinhard is killed, his admirals will lose their unifying force, potentially causing infighting. Julian and Yang go out to dinner and catch up on the events which have happened in the last few months. Merkatz leads the exile Imperial government fleet to join with Yang's. Reinhard has a flu and thinks of the past. The end of February, 799 S.C. / 490 I.C.: The unified Alliance fleet launches from Heinessen.
S02E24 Succession de bataille 01/01/1992 Yang attacks the supply lines of the Imperial fleet successfully. Next, Yang defeats a fleet near a black hole. Reinhard's anger at these losses are reaching boiling point. Mittermeyer and Reuenthal realize that they will have to launch a large offensive versus Yang if they hope to win before morale and food drops to dangerous levels. Yang defeats another fleet by filling supply pods with helium, then igniting the pods when the Imperial fleet nears them for pick up. Yang's guerrilla warfare tactics leave the Imperial fleet with uncertainty on where Yang will appear next. An attack on Heinessen is vetoed by both the Imperial Admirals and Reinhard. The only remaining option is a full fleet encounter by using Reinhard as bait.
S02E25 Combat mortel à Vermillion Partie I 01/02/1992 Yang announces R&R time before the final battle. Julian and Yang discuss the differing battle goals for both sides. The Alliance needs to kill Reinhard while the Empire needs to hold out long enough for reinforcements to trap the Alliance. Yang finally reciprocates Frederica's feelings and proposes marriage after the war is over. Frederica is thrilled at the idea. It is revealed that Yang felt a large amount of guilt at pursuing familial happiness with all the deaths he has caused. Both fleets engage each other cautiously; both sides suspect traps or tricks from the other.
S02E26 Combat mortel à Vermillion Partie II 01/02/1992 Yang organizes his fleet for a blitzkrieg directly at Reinhard's flagship, the Brunhilde. Reinhard divides his fleet into multiple layers of ships, providing an rotation for each broken layer. Ivan Konev is killed in battle when his strike craft is lured into cruiser fire. Yang realizes that it has become an issue of endurance if Reinhard's fleet is continuously reforming the front line. The Alliance fleet tricks Reinhard's front line into entering an asteroid field. Reinhard is divided from his main force as that group is surrounded by Yang's fleet. Müller's fleet is the first to return, rescuing the Brunhilde and acting as a shield.
S02E27 Changement soudain 01/02/1992 Yang's fleet nears firing range of the Brunhilde, but a message from Heinessen declares a ceasefire. During the battle of Vermillion, Hildegard had convinced Mittermeyer fleet to take Heinessen. Hildegard is wary of Reuenthal's ambitions, but has Mittermeyer convince Reuenthal to join the Heinessen attack. In Hildegard's judgement, the battle of Vermillion would have concluded in Reinhard's death before the other fleets could return in time. Trüniht plans to surrender, while the other members of the Alliance government would prefer to fight and die. During the meeting, armed Earth Cult members rescue Trüniht. The surrender of the Alliance has divided Yang's staff, some preferring to ignore orders and kill Reinhard while others grudgingly accept the ceasefire. It is decided that a portion of Yang's staff will escape with Admiral Merkatz to a life of piracy.
S02E28 Longue vie à l'Empereur ! Sieg Kaiser 01/02/1992 Yang boards the Brunhilde and meets with Reinhard. Yang declines an offer by Reinhard to the position of Imperial Fleet Admiral, instead preferring to retire to a quiet life. Reinhard and Yang discuss government and philosophy. The treaty of Barlat is announced, formally ending hostilities. The concessions within the treaty increase civil unrest, public anger turns from the Empire to former Chairman Trüniht. Admiral Lennenkanpt is appointed Imperial consul of Heinessen. Julian, Mashengo, and Boris Konev prepare to visit Earth. June 20, 799 S.C. / 490 I.C.: The regent of the young Empress signs a declaration abdicating the throne to Reinhard. Beginning of the New Empire; year 1 of the New Imperial Calendar (N.I.C.).
S03E01 Cérémonies puis nouveau levé de rideau... 01/07/1994 Emperor Reinhard celebrates with his staff and focuses on the organization of domestic positions and issues within the Empire. Meanwhile Frederica and Yang marry and enjoy their private time. The Imperial government keeps an eye on Yang's new life, but does not interfere. Julian and Mashengo arrive at Merkatz's secret base. The Merkatz fleet is only 60 ships, but they plan to procure more from raids and decommissioned Alliance ships. Julian meets Katerose von Kreutzer for the first time. Poplan joins Julian's group to Earth. Till the fleet is needed once again, Merkatz plans to maintain and safeguard it.
S03E02 Vers la Terre 01/07/1994 On the long trip to Earth, Julian and Poplan review the history of Earth. The lesson starts with the 13 Day War between Earth factions in 2039 AD. After the nuclear exchange, the unification of all governments on Earth occurs in 2129 AD. Following unification man expands into the stars. However, the lack autonomy to colonies, unequal economic polities, and tyranny from the Earth government culminate in multiple conflicts and human rights violations. The end of these chaotic conflicts eventually leads to the creation of the Galactic Republic in 2801 and Earth being forgotten.
S03E03 L'affaire von Kümmel 01/07/1994 Emperor Reinhard announces his new cabinet. Through a personal favor to Hildegard's father, the new secretary of state, Reinhard agrees to visit Künmel. During the lunch, it is revealed that Künmel and the Earth cult had placed explosives under the court. Trüniht leaks information to the chief of ministry police Kesler; an assassination attempt is planned on Reinhard. The Earth cultists around Odin are attacked in full force by the military police. Reinhard disables the trigger, via Künmel complacency. The Mariendorfs are put under house arrest. July 10, 799 S.C. / 1 N.I.C.: Julian crew arrives on Earth, that same day the Empire decides to suppress Earth by force.
S03E04 Les visiteurs 01/07/1994 Oberstein confronts Reinhard to choose a consort for bearing a heir. Reinhard releases Hildegard and her father from house arrest. Reuenthal reveals to Mittermeyer that his personal demons are effecting his lifestyle. At this time Reuenthal also gives up his ambition for power, realizing he can not exceed Reinhard. Müller launches his fleet from Odin towards Earth. Julian, Mashengo, and Poplan arrive on Earth and head to the Earth Cult holy temple.
S03E05 Le passé, le présent et le futur 01/08/1994 On Odin, Reinhard reviews the secret history of the past Emperors of the Empire. On Heinessen Yang is enjoying his private life. Lennenkanpt is uneasy with Yang's quiet life, being vigilant he increases surveillance. Fredrica decides to learn how to cook better for Yang, she consults Cazellnu's wife. During this period, both women realized they can trade information inside the food.
S03E06 L'arrestation du Magicien 01/08/1994 July 17, 799 S.C. / 1 N.I.C.: Alliance forces in accordance with the Treaty of Barlat start decommissioning and disassembling Alliance cruisers and carriers. The Merkatz freedom fighter fleet launches a sneak attack on the Imperial flagship, causing many planned decommissioned soldiers and ships to switch sides. Oberstein tricks Lennenkanpt into blaming Yang. Yang is arrested in his home by Alliance soldiers. All of Yang's subordinates notice increased surveillance as a sign of danger. If Yang is executed by the Empire, it would cause a popular uprising in the Alliance. The uprising would thus give the Empire a reason to subjugate the Alliance further. The Alliance government thus considers executing Yang before the Empire, to avoid interference or subjugation
S03E07 Une invitation à l'opéra 01/08/1994 Prime Minister Lebello visits Yang in prison. Yang realizes he will be used as a scapegoat by the Alliance to avoid Imperial intervention. Schenkopp and Attenborough reorganize Yang's subordinates. With the Rosen Ritter in full rebellion, the Alliance troops are no match for the difference in battle experience and morale. During the chaos, the Rosen Ritter kidnaps the Prime Minister. However, the Alliance military decides to sacrifice the PM and execute Yang early. Frederica and Schenkopp save Yang at the last moment, escaping with Yang's staff into the night.
S03E08 Cascade de sang 01/08/1994 July 22, 799 S.C. / 1 N.I.C.:The turmoil on Heinessen expands. Yang debates Lebello on the state of the nation. Lebello agrees to exchange his freedom for Lennenkanpt. The Rosen Ritter infiltrate the Imperial Consulate, kidnapping Lennenkanpt and causing massive casualties on the Imperial side. While in captivity Lennenkanpt hangs himself, too ashamed too live. Fredrica applies make up to Lennenkanpt's corpse, tricking the Imperials. Cazellnu resigns his post in the Alliance government and joins Yang's fleet with his family.
S03E09 Terre sainte 01/09/1994 The Wahlen Imperial fleet arrives near Earth orbit. An Earth Cultist within Wahlen's flagship attacks Wahlen with a poisoned blade. Wahlen's arm is amputated and he goes into a coma. Meanwhile, Julian and Poplan realize the food being served to cultists has minute amounts of Thyoxin, a mind control poison. Julian goes through withdrawal symptoms, and meets up with the others in the infirmary. Wahlen awakens from his coma and orders a ground assault and missile bombardments of the Terraism fortress. The Imperial forces and Julian's friends (Posing as Phezzan infiltrators.) work together against the Earth Cultists. Julian and the others escape with the Terraism data while the cultists detonate the Earth cult fortress.
S03E10 La fin des vacances 01/09/1994 Julian convinces Wahlan to escort him to Odin. The Imperial admirals discuss the issue of Lennenkanpt's capture and the unverified accusations against Yang. Oberstein argues that the subterfuge within Heinessen could be very advantageous to the Empire. The Admirals all reject Oberstein's conclusion and opportunism, preferring to investigate the plot for the truth. Yang's fleet heads towards Merkatz's base. During this trip, Yang considers the miscalculations leading up to his capture as well as the next steps needed. Reinhard formalizes his plan of moving the Imperial capital to Phezzan. August 13, 799 S.C. / 1 N.I.C.: Planet El Facil declares independence from the Empire and Alliance.
S03E11 Contre tous les étendards 01/09/1994 Rumors spread around the Alliance on the whereabouts of Yang and Lennenkanpt. El Facil, the only independent planet not under Imperial supervision, aggressively tries to recruit Yang. Yang decides to remain on the sidelines. The reasoning behind's Yang's caution is due to the Yang fleet not having enough military power to protect El Facil or any other systems. Yang decides his next action depends heavily on the Empire's next move. On Heinessen, Lebello considers the possibility of Yang allying with the Empire for revenge as well as asking Yang to return and lead the Alliance. Reinhard receives a report on the truth behind Yang's movements and Lennenkanpt's actions. Reinhard summons his three top Imperial Military commanders...
S03E12 Sous l'étendard du lion d'or 01/09/1994 Reinhard considers the possibility of Yang joining the Empire. Hildegard considers the different power groups at play. The current balance of power is divided between the Empire, the Alliance, Yang, El Facil, Phezzan merchants, Earth Cultists, and Goldenbaum loyalists. Yang is seen as a possible unifier of the Alliance, El Facil, and Phezzan merchants. Meanwhile Silverberche, the Imperial Secretary of Industry starts construction of the new Imperial capital in Phezzan. During a high level staff meeting, Reinhard decides that the Galactic unification of humanity is vital.
S03E13 Le crépuscule des Dieux Opération Ragnarök II 01/10/1994 Reinhard announces the situation to all citizens within the galaxy. Reinhard covers the failure of Lennenkanpt and the selling out of Yang and Lennenkanpt by the Alliance government. He further declares Treaty of Barlat's spirit has been desecrated with the only solution being force. Yang realizes that he has been cut off from allying himself with the Alliance government. Bucock returns from retirement. The next day, Reinhard announces the fleet organization for the second Ragnarok operation. Alliance diplomat Odets desperately heads into Imperial territory to ask for a ceasefire.
S03E14 El Facil 01/10/1994 On Odin, Julian and friends prepare to leave the planet. Alliance Chief of Staff Trung Yu Chan prepares to send Yang supplies, ships, and personnel. Around the Alliance, the military is sending Yang all of their extra personal, ships, and supplies. Yang consults with his staff, considering asking Phezzan merchants for war funding. Yang's fleet finally decides to go to El Facil. The government on El Facil plans to declare a new legitimate democratic government.
S03E15 Le plan pour la reprise d'Iserlohn 01/10/1994 The Imperial forces head deeper into Alliance territory. Julian and friends arrive on El Facil. Julian passes off the Terraism data disk to Yang. Yang and stuff discuss the next step, namely the retaking of Iserlohn Fortress. The El Facil government is wary of Yang being outside of their field of control, thus they refuse to let Yang lead the next operation. Effectively Yang has become a bargaining ship for controlling the excesses of his subordinates. Yang speaks with Konev about the possibility of Phezzan's aid. December, 799 S.C. / 1 N.I.C.: The El Facil fleet, under Merkatz launches for Iserlohn. During the same time, the last of the Alliance fleet launches for their final sortie.
S03E16 Le retour à la maison des délinquants juvéniles 01/10/1994 All military campaigns for both the Alliance and Empire are put on hold to celebrate the new year. Admiral Lutz starts receiving multiple conflicting launch and Iserlohn defense orders. Reinhard is furious at Lutz's refusal to launch. Lutz finally launches with all his forces, hoping to sandwich the El Facil fleet between him and Thor's Hammer. The Rosen Ritter disable the Thor's Hammer with a previously encoded computer lock down code. The enemy infantry forces are superior in numbers, but not in skill or morale. The Rossen Ritter eventually enter a backup control room and fire the Hammer at Lutz's returning fleet. January 14th, 800 S.C. / 2 N.I.C.: Iserlohn is once again under Yang's control.
S03E17 La bataille du système Marr-Adetta Partie I 01/11/1994 The Imperial fleet decides to accept Bucock's challenge head on and sends most their ships to meet in the Mar-Adetta system. The Mar-Adetta has unstable solar activity, communication jamming and a corridor through an asteroid belt. The Bucock fleet hides in the large corridor. As the Imperial fleets charge in, they are greeted by unstable asteroids, artillery ship fire, and space mines. The Alliance fleet is astute and attacks from unexpected areas within and behind the belt. January 16th, 800 S.C. / 2 N.I.C.: The Imperial fleet is in the middle of an unexpectedly difficult battle.
S03E18 La bataille du système Marr-Adetta Partie II 01/11/1994 Bucock's fleet advances through the Müller fleet while being pursued and surrounded by many others. Bucock's Alliance fleet is unable to charge and kill Rienhard. Hilde advises Reinhard to offer surrender to Bucock. Instead of accepting defeat, the Alliance officers toast to friendship and democracy. Afterwards, the Imperial fleet decimates all remaining Alliance ships. The Imperial victory celebration is cut short when news of Lutz's defeat at Iserlohn is received. The situation has changed for the Imperials if the plan was coordinated. The Imperial fleet would have cut off supply lines if Phezzan fell as well. With that possibility, Reinhard could have underestimated the importance of Iserlohn. Countering the panic, Hilde points out Yang would not have sacrificed his allies for a stall. The Imperial forces thus resumes their course for Heinessen.
S03E19 L'édit Impérial du jardin des roses d'hiver 01/11/1994 The news of Fleet Admiral Bucock's death reaches Iserlohn. The Yang declares a mourning period for Bucock. Lebello is assassinated by his subordinates. The Alliance government surrenders unconditionally. On February 9th, Reinhard lands on Heinessen. The Imperial soldiers discover low level bureaucrats unwilling to surrender public documents, records, or property to the Empire. Reinhard commends on how the Alliance perished precisely because such remarkable government servants were kept below positions of governance. Reinhard disgusted over treachery, then declares death upon Lebello's killers. February 20th, 800 S.C. / 2 N.I.C.: The 273 history of the Free Planets Alliance ended.
S03E20 Un long chemin à parcourir 01/11/1994 Reinhard considers when and how to take El Facil and Iserlohn. Yang considers the position of his forces. Katerose von Kreutzer confronts her illegitimate father, General Schenkopp. The Iserlohn reviews the Terraism data disk, discovering troublesome information: Phezzan and the Earth Cult have been working together for over a century. Yang, Frederica, and Julian talk about the role of military within government as well as Reinhard's next step. In a secret location, Rubinsky discusses his influence and agents. Meanwhile, within Reinhard's office, a letter arrives which postpones the expedition to Iserlohn...
S03E21 Mouvement éclair 01/12/1994 Reuenthal is arrested by the Imperial police under suspicion of overthrowing Reinhard. It is revealed that Lang, the head of the secret police initialed the investigation. Reuenthal is accused of harboring a woman of the exiled Lichtenlade family. Oberstein is suspicious of Lang's intentions. It is revealed that the woman is pregnant with Reuenthal's child. Reuenthal is granted a hearing from Reinhard that very afternoon. Reinhard and Reuenthal reminisce on the past. The Imperial officers direct their hatred toward Oberstein.
S03E22 La veille du festival 01/12/1994 Wahlan, Mecklinger, and Kesler discuss the security and happenings of the old Imperial territories. A huge fire breaks out on Heinessen, causing massive property damage and casualties. Through Reuenthal's meticulously planned emergency countermeasures, the situation is handled efficiently. The Patriotic Knights Corps are made scapegoats for the fire. Reuenthal is relieved of his position as Chief of the High Command and made Governor General of all previous Alliance territories. Rubinsky plans to an assassination attempt at Princess Grünewald, Reinhard's sister. March 23rd, 800 S.C. / 2 N.I.C.: Admirals Bittenfeld and Fahrenheit lead their fleets to secure space around Iserlohn.
S03E23 Le vent souffle vers le Corridor 01/12/1994 Reinhard and his senior staff launch from Heinessen and head towards Iserlohn. On Phezzan, a terrorist bombing occurs during a celebration. Silverberche is killed while Oberstein and Lutz suffer minor injuries. The Imperial plan to attack Iserlohn is not postponed. On Heinessen, Andrew Fork is kidnapped by the Earth Cult. On the front lines, Fahrenheit and Bittenfeld kill time.
S03E24 Tempête printanière 01/12/1994 Bittenfeld sends Iserlohn a message, advising Yang to surrender. The government of El Facil retreats to Iserlohn. Julian and Katerose have an argument. Yang and Julian discuss their situation, talking till sunrise. The Earth Cult convinces Fork to try to assassinate Yang. Iserlohn responds to Bittenfeld, planning to provoke him to attack prematurely before the main Imperial fleets arrive.
S03E25 La bataille du Corridor Part I 01/01/1995 Bittenfeld is wary of the message and takes a cautious fleet formation. Yang takes advantage of the communications jamming between both sides of the corridor and tricks Mecklinger into withdrawing to the entrance of the Imperial side. The Bittenfeld fleet is lured into the corridor by Attenborough's fleet. Fahrenheit's fleet follows Bittenfeld, planning to overwhelm the Yang with numbers. Yang uses the superior numbers of the Imperials against them, forcing the Imperials to cluster together inside the tight corridor. High Admiral Fahrenheit is killed in battle preventing the complete destruction of the two Imperial fleets.
S03E26 La bataille du Corridor Part II 01/01/1995 Attenborough's fleet lines the entrance of the corridor with mines. He plans to snipe the Imperial fleet as they come through small holes within the minefield. The Imperial fleet creates 5 entry holes through the minefield to establish a bridgehead. Steinmetz is killed in battle. The Imperial fleet movements are sluggish within the corridor. Reuenthal orders the Imperial fleet to feign a retreat. The Yang fleet approaches the Reinhard's flagship but is unable to penetrate the battle line. Both sides withdraw.
S03E27 La bataille du Corridor Part III 01/01/1995 The Imperial fleets adopt a tactic of attrition via rotations. The Müller fleet, Mittermeyer's subordinates, Bittenfeld and many other Admirals rotate on the battle line. Yang's fleet, with less that 20,000 ships left fights on with no rotations in manpower. Bittenfeld's elite troops cause a fatal blow to Yang's fleet. Admiral Fischer, the one in charge of Yang's fleet maneuvers is killed in battle. Reinhard passes out from sickness. A ceasefire is announced. The Yang fleet passes out in Iserlohn.
S03E28 Le Magicien ne reviendra pas 01/01/1995 Reinhard confides in Hildegard that his memories of Kircheis motivated him towards ceasefire talks. Yang discusses the situation with his staff. The death of Fischer basically cut off the legs from Yang's fleet. Yang decides to accept the ceasefire talks. Yang leaves Iserlohn with minimal military personnel and the politicians from El Facil. Fork's ship finds Yang's ship en route to the Imperial fleet. Behind Fork two Imperial destroyers fire on Fork, killing him. Back on Iserlohn, the crew receives word of an assassination attempt by Fork. The Imperial ships requests a meeting with Yang. The crew behind the ships are in reality Earth Cultists in disguise. Patrichev and many others are killed defending Yang. Schenkopp with his Rosen Ritter arrive on Yang's ship. Yang is shot in the leg. June 1st, 800 S.C. / 2 N.I.C.: Yang Wen-li dies from blood loss at the age of 33.
S03E29 Après le festival 01/02/1995 Julian finds Yang's body. The Yang staff return to Iserlohn. The crew of Iserlohn enter mourning. Julian tells Frederica about Yang's death. It is decided by Yang's remaining staff that Frederica will assume the role of political leader. Julian is considered to be the next military leader. Julian accepts the role of military leadership after talking with Frederica. Unrest within Iserlohn grows and there is talk of desertion. Admiral Murai speaks with Julian and gives him his resignation. Murai intends to fulfill his last task for Yang by taking all dissidents from Iserlohn with him as a desertion leader. The remaining leaders of El Facil abandon the Yang fleet.
S03E30 Un retour triomphal décevant 01/02/1995 Reinhard is devastated at the death of Yang. Müller is sent as official Imperial envoy in condolences for Yang's death. Mittermeyer and Reuenthal discuss Yang's death and the new peace. Reinhard while sick, continues autocratic reforms. Reinhard is regretful of Silverberche's death. Hildegard, being in a military position is not able to cross over to domestic political advise. Reinhard realizes that outside of himself, Hildegard, and Silverberche, there is not anyone with skill in politics equal to his admirals in military affairs.
S03E31 Le décret de transfert de la capitale 01/02/1995 Lang finds the terrorists that bombed and killed Silverberche via a tip from Rubinsky. Rubinsky convinces Lang to kill Nikolas Boltik on suspicion of killing Silberberche. Many admirals within the Imperial Military are wary of Lang's influence. It is revealed that Rubinsky has Elfriede von Kohlrausch, the mother of Reuenthal's child. Reinhard officially orders all government servants and their families to move to Phezzan, the new Imperial capital. Trünicht accepts an outragous joke position from Reinhard in Heinessen. Oberstein considers purging members of the Reinhard staff.
S03E32 Le nouveau gouvernement d'août 01/02/1995 The last of the deserters leave Iserlohn. Reuenthal appoints many government officials as he settles as the new governor of the old alliance territories. Reuenthal plans to execute Trünicht for any suspicious actions. Phezzan merchants notice Earth cultists entering Trünicht's home. Julian ponders how Yang became the personification of the spirit of democracy. Julian also realizes that he must ironically acknowledge the effectiveness of terrorism in history to shape Yang's death into something practical. Katerose and Julian talk about Fredrica. On August 8th, Space Calendar 800, New Imperial Year 2, the Iserlohn republic is born. The population comparison is 40 billion in the Empire to 940,000 in Iserlohn.
S04E01 Prémonition d'une tempête 00/00/0000 As if to escape the feelings of his rival's death, Reinhard works industriously in administrative tasks. In the rain, Reinhard ponders the pact he made with Kircheis and Reuenthal during a storm. At that time, Reuenthal had asked Reinhard's help in freeing Mittermeyer from nobles using their influence to kill him. Mittermeyer had executed a noble born soldier for killing and looting. On Heinessen, Reuenthal does swift moves to clean out corrupt ex-alliance politicians and military industry owners. Reuenthal feels that cleaning out corruption helps justify his rule in Heinessen. Mittermeyer meets his wife Evangelin at the space port.
S04E02 Dans les confins 00/00/0000 Julian ponders his next step. Julian speaks with Katerose around the Iserlohn park. The fleet in Iserlohn work hard and keep training for any future military conflicts. Julian considers a plan of pushing the Empire towards constitutional government. Boris Konev arrives with supplies from Heinessen. He points out that Trünicht is conspiring with Terraists. Frederica remembers the history of her relationship with Yang and lets go of regrets.
S04E03 Les roses de la fin de l'été 00/00/0000 While commemorating a cemetery to the Imperial war fleet, an assassination attempt is made on Reinhard. It is revealed that the assassin's family was killed in the nuclear strike on Westerland during the Lippstadt conflict. Reinhard is shaken to the core by his own guilt and inaction during that time. Reinhard asks Hildegard to spend the night with him. The next morning Hildegard goes home to her estate flustered. Reinhard visits the Mariendorf estate, asking for Hilde's hand in marriage. Hildegard is unsure of his feelings towards her, thinking his actions may be due to Reinhard's own sense of obligation.
S04E04 Grondement 00/00/0000 A large memorial service by the former Alliance government turns into a bloody riot with around 5000 killed and the number of injured exceeding 50,000. Reuenthal looks for the instigators of the riot. A anonymous tip warns that Trüniht is responsible for the violence now spreading from the memorial service to all parts of Neue land territory. Reuenthal orders a blockade outside of Iserlohn. On Iserlohn, Julian and Katerose become closer. Meanwhile, Terraists plan to turn Reinhard into a tyrant by provoking Reuenthal to betray Reinhard. If Reinhard became a tyrant, it would increase public unrest and give Terraism as a religion a chance to gain mass appeal.
S04E05 Bourgeonnement 00/00/0000 Reinhard is bored of his administrative duties and branches out to the arts in his free time. Lang and Rubinsky meet and discuss plans to provoke Reuenthal's betrayal of Reinhard. On Phezzan, rumors about an assassination attempt by Reuenthal on Reinhard spread like wildfire. The rumors suggest that Reuenthal will invite Reinhard to Heinessen for an assassination attempt. Oberstein discovers Lang has been meeting with Rubinsky, but takes no actions. Reuenthal decides to test Reinhard's belief in the rumors, effectively inviting Reinhard as the rumors suggest. Reinhard accepts the invitation to Heinessen. Mittermeyer, Lutz, and many other admirals discuss the possible outcomes of the invitation and preemptively plan their positions.
S04E06 L'incident d'Urvashi 00/00/0000 Julian answers complaints on Iserlohn. Reinhard visits many locations on Uruvasi. That evening the guards around the guest house act erratically. Lutz, Müller, and Reinhard's personal guards escape via car with a battalion of soldiers in pursuit. In the woods, the Reinhard entourage is attacked by soldiers and snipers. Eventually they meet up with the flagship Brunhilde. High Admiral Lutz stays behind to hold off the soldiers and is killed. Konev brings news of Reinhard escaping Uruvasi with only a single ship. Merkatz advises Julian on Reuenthal possible plans.
S04E07 Pour la fierté 15/10/1996 Word of civil unrest and the assassination attempt reaches Reuenthal and he orders his subordinates to restore order and find Reinhard. Grillpalzer hides evidence of Terraists on Uruvasi. Reuenthal considers visiting Phezzan and asking for Reinhard's understanding, but he realizes he risks assassination himself from Lang. When news of Lutz's death reaches Reuenthal, Reuenthal realizes the circumstances have forced him to take on the role of traitor. Even if Reuenthal had not planned the attempt, he still failed to ensure Reinhard's safety. Reinhard decides to act with all his abilities against Reinhard. Reuenthal considers offering the remaining republicans in Iserlohn the old Alliance territory if they can blockade Imperial reinforcements from that corridor, thus preventing a two front battle for Reuenthal.
S04E08 La trahison est le privilège des héros 15/10/1996 Mittermeyer tries to convince Reinhard to exercise restraint. That same day, a letter from Reuenthal explains the danger of Lang, but ignores Reinhard. The letter's presumption of Reinhard being controlled by Lang and Oberstein infuriates Reinhard. Mittermeyer comes to the understanding that if he had refused the Emperor's order, Reinhard would have led the force. Thus, it would have increased unrest with all Reinhard's vassals. Mittermeyer considers killing Lang, but Kesler stops Mittermeyer. A report initiated by Lutz and investigated by Kesler implicates Lang of unjustly imprisoning and killing Nikolas Boltik. Hildegard realizes she is pregnant. On November 14th, Space Calendar 800, New Imperial Year 2, A space fleet of 42,770 ships commanded by Mittermeyer, Wahlen, and Bittenfeld launch toward Reunthal's territory.
S04E09 Les étoiles jumelles s'affrontent 01/11/1996 Admiral Grillpalzer convinces Admiral Knapfstein to join Reuenthal's side while betraying him later. Mittermeyer discusses battle plans with his subordinates. Wahlen tries to convince Reinhard to exercise restraint. Murai arrives at Iserlohn as Reuenthal's messenger of negotiations. Julian decides to refuse Reuenthal's offer. To accept it would be a short term gain with consequences later from the Empire. Reuenthal and Mittermeyer talk about resolving the situation, but are unable to persuade each other. Reuenthal had realized that Reinhard needed a strong opponent more than anything else. In Reuenthal's fleet, unrest is brewing. Reuenthal explains to his soldiers they are fighting against villainous vassals within the Empire. Moreover, Reuenthal had to secure a victory to raise morale.
S04E10 Celui qui vit par l'épée... 01/11/1996 Reuenthal plans to divide up his fleet into a formation which would surround incoming fleets. Mittermeyer arrives first, quickly attacking before Reuenthal tactical plans are set up. Mittermeyer uses quick fleet movement to prolong the battle and limit casualties. Over time, Bittenfeld and Wahlen's fleets arrive as well. Wahlen is nearly killed and loses his artificial arm. Bittenfeld's fleet formation is unstable due to it being 1/2 survivors from his fleet and the remainders Fahrenheit's fleet. Admiral Knapfstein is killed in battle. Eventually the battle becomes a war of attrition. As it is reported that Mecklinger is approaching the battlefield in the Rantemario system, Reuenthal orders a hasty retreat.
S04E11 Périra par l'épée 01/11/1996 Mittermeyer's fleet catches up with Reuenthal's fleet as they head to Heinessen. Grillpalzer betrays Reuenthal's fleet and fires on his former allies. Reuenthal's flagship is hit by long distance artillery. Reuenthal is impaled in in the chest by a piece of metal. Reuenthal continues to order tactics as he becomes pale. Grillpalzer surrenders to Wahlen's fleet. Mecklinger discovers Terraism evidence on Uruvasi hidden by Grillpalzer. Mecklinger orders Grillpalzer arrested. Reuenthal returns to Heinessen with only 10% of his fleet remaining.
S04E12 Le réquiem sans fin 01/11/1996 Reuenthal returns to his office and assigns all domestic political matters to Elsheimer. Trüniht is killed by Reuenthal after they both discuss their ambitions and Reinhard. Reuenthal is visited by Elfriede von Kohlrausch and her baby. Reuenthal requests that she give the his son to Mittermeyer. On November 14th, Space Calendar 800, New Imperial Year 2, Reuenthal dies at the age of 33. Mittermeyer arrives on Heinessen, but is too late to meet with his old friend. Admiral Bergengrün, who also served under Kircheis commits suicide, after hearing of Reuenthal's death. Bergengrün had lost both his commanders to underhanded political schemes. Lang confesses to all his actions and implicates Rubinsky. Rubinsky is nowhere to be found.
S04E13 La course vers le futur 01/12/1996 Mittermeyer and the other admirals return to Phezzan. All the admirals are debriefed by Reinhard. Mittermeyer meets with Hilde and discusses the adoption policy for Reuenthal's child. Mittermeyer adopts Reuenthal's child and servant and brings them home to meet his wife. Hilde reveals to Reinhard she is pregnant with his child, she accepts his marriage proposal. The Terraists feud leadership now that Reinhard has a successor. A deranged Landsberg leads Imperial police to the mummified corpse of Erwin Josef II. In Iserlohn, the staff celebrates the new year with a large party.
S04E14 Longue vie à l'Impératrice ! 01/12/1996 Kaiser Reinhard publicly announces his marriage to Hildegard von Mariendorf at the Imperial new years party. Hilda's father, Count Mariendorf resigns from his position recommending Mittermeyer as the new Chief Minister of Internal Affairs. Many of the ministers discuss joint rulership and succession rights for the upcoming Empress. Princess Grünewald visits Reinhard and Hilde on Phezzan. On January 29th, Reinhard and Hilda's are wed. Oberstein interrupts the wedding midway through to report riots on Heinessen.
S04E15 Invitation à la révolte 01/12/1996 In January of Space Calendar 801, New Imperial Calendar 3, the chronic shortage of basic consumer goods caused riots throughout Heinessen. The distribution system is attacked by terrorism, complicating the problem further. Wahlan suppresses the riots and hands out a portion of the military food supplies to cool the riots. The Imperial admirals consider a campaign against Iserlohn, but decide not to due to the Imperial Treasury running low from continuous military expeditions. On Iserlohn, Julian thinks if the riots around alliance territory would be a good time to re liberate old Alliance territories. Many republicans are distrustful of the Iserlohn government for letting Mecklinger through the corridor. Julian decides to go to battle, citing the opportune moment and the fact that Reinhard's personality would look down upon a risk adverse successor in Iserlohn.
S04E16 Le défi des armes 01/12/1996 Wahlan orders his fleet to investigate after learning of fleet movements inside the Iserlohn corridor. On the Imperial side of the corridor, Julian approaches Imperial admiral Wagenseil's fleet. Using strike craft and a slow withdrawal strategy, Julian infuriates Wagenseil. The Wagenseil fleet is lured into range of the Iserlohn Thor hammer cannon and loses a large portion its ships. Wahlan's fleet tries to attack Iserlohn from the back before the Thor hammer recharges. Merkatz ambushes Wahlan's fleet from a blind spot while Julean approaches from around the fortress, executing a pincer formation. The Thor hammer fires two more times, causing massive damage to the pincered Wahlan fleet. Reinhard prepares for a counterattack from Phezzan, but is bedridden with a high fever.
S04E17 Mosaïque cosmique 01/01/1997 Princess Grünewald visits Hilda and the sickly Reinhard. Although Reinhard's expedition was canceled, the problems of the insurgency and Iserlohn fleet remained. Oberstein is chosen to handle the new problems for the Empire. Oberstein takes Müller and Bittenfeld with him on the campaign. News of the Iserlohn victory bypasses Imperial news censors, causing many protests. Oberstein orders the arrest of all former public officials in the Alliance. Oberstein infuriates Müller, Bittenfeld, and Wahlen with his plan of using hostages to draw out the forces of Iserlohn. On Iserlohn, the Julian fleet wonders what to do if the Empire were to abandon Heinessen and use it as a lure.
S04E18 Vers la paix par l'effusion de sang 01/01/1997 Reinhard learns of the rift between Oberstein and his admirals. Word of the rift leaks to all the soldiers and civilians on Heinessen. Bittenfeld is put under house arrest by Oberstein for assaulting him. Street fights between Bittenfeld's forces and the military police under Oberstein erupt. Müller tries to convince Bittenfeld to apologize to Oberstein in hopes decreasing further violence between Imperial troops. The Iserlohn group gets the news of the trouble on Heinessen. They decide to divide up their leadership and accept negotiations on Heinessen for the release of the hostages.
S04E19 La planète de la confusion 01/01/1997 A riot breaks out at Rugpool prison, where the 5000 political prisoners were being held. The rioters are somehow well armed and the situation deteriorates. Bittenfeld's lancers fight with the military police. At the end of the night, over 4000 of the prisoners are dead or injured. Julian's envoy fleet heads back to Iserlohn on news of the riots and martial law on Heinessen. Rubinsky is captured by Obersteins agents. Reinhard releases all political prisoners and sends Müller to ask the Julian envoy to come once again to Heinessen.
S04E20 L'incendie de l'Osmanthe à feuille de Houx 01/01/1997 Terraists attack multiple critical infrastructure locations on Phezzan. Communications with High Admiral Kesler are not re established till later when Terraists storm Stehibalm Schloss, the provisional home for Hilde and Grünewald. Marika von Feuerbach, a servant to Hilde leads Kesler and his military police to Hilde and Grünewald before they are assassinated. Hilde is rushed to a hospital where she gives birth to the new prince of the Lohengramm dynasty. Kesler uses torture and truth serum on the Terraists, cleaning out all Terraist influence on Phezzan. Reinhard names his new son Alexander Siegfried von Lohengramm.
S04E21 L'écarlate route étoilée 01/02/1997 In late May of Space Calendar 801, New Imperial Calendar 3 a refugee ship chased by Imperial ships runs into the Julian fleet. The Julian fleet decides to engage the Imperial ships. Eventually both sides send reinforcements and the full number of ships for each fleet is present. The Imperial fleet includes 51,700 ships while the Julian fleet has 9,800 ships. Both fleets act cautiously rotate their front line forces. Reinhard collapses midway through the battle. A communications blackout results in frustration from the Imperial admirals. Poplan intercepts some communications betweet Mittermeyer's ship and Reinhard's flagship. The Julian fleet decides to board the Brunhilde with melee infantry.
S04E22 La belle Brünhilde assoiffée de sang 01/02/1997 The Rosenritter soldiers latch on to Flagship Brunhilde. The Imperial doctors reveal to the admirals that Reinhard has an unknown and incurable disease. General Schenkopp holds off the Royal guard with his soldiers. Reinhard prepares to meet with Julian, should Julian make it to his room. Bittenfeld frustrated with inactivity, rushes into the Merkatz fleet. Admiral Merkatz is killed in battle. Mashengo dies protecting Julian from gunfire. Schenkopp is fatally wounded in battle while Poplan fights off Reinhard's Imperial guard. Julian reaches Reinhard's room for negotiations. A truce is announced.
S04E23 L'étendard du lion d'or perd son éclat 01/02/1997 Julian, Poplan, and the remaining Rosen Ritter soldiers return to Iserlohn. The setting is mixed, a truce was given but the Julian fleet lost many important members. Julian and Kate decide to officially have a dating relationship. Both the Reinhard and Julian fleets arrive on Heinessen. Rubinsky kills himself in the hospital, setting off multiple bombs under Heinessenpolis tied to his brain waves. Reinhard and Julian discuss the next steps politically. It is agreed that Heinessen and its surrounding systems are to be given autonomy for the ownership of Iserlohn. They consider setting up a constitution for the Empire. Both Julian and Reinhard's staff prepare to leave to Phezzan.
S04E24 Rêve, le voir à la fin 01/02/1997 Schumacher is caught by the Imperial police. Schumacher confesses that he thinks the last of the Earth cultists have landed on Phezzan. Julian and Reinhard exchange stories and political points on their trip to Phezzan. Reinhard's sister and wife tend to him as he lays bedridden. Oberstein releases a rumor that the Kaiser is getting well to drive out the remaining Terraists. Julian and friends notice the Earth cultists at the hotel and kill the last of the Terraists. Oberstein used himself as bait and died in place of the Kaiser. Reinhard is surrounded by all his admirals, family, and ministers as he prepares to die. Reinhard wants to leave his son with a friend equal to Kircheis and chooses Mittermeyer's adopted son. The Julian fleet members go their separate ways. On July 26th of Space Calendar 801, New Imperial Calendar 3, Reinhard dies. At the Mittermeyer estate young Felix reaches for the stars, echoing Reinhard's ambition.
S00E01 Ma conquête est la Mer des Etoiles 06/02/1988 Imperial Admiral Reinhard von Musell is an ambitious, aspiring young admiral within the Galactic Empire, who has earned the animosity of his peers; they believe that he has reached his position only due to his sister’s influence with Kaiser Goldenbaum, earning him the nickname of "the Admiral under the skirt." Meanwhile, Alliance Commodore Yang Wenli, fresh from his heroic victory against overwhelming odds at El Facil, has just been given the unenviable assignment of military advisor to a self-assured superior officer. Both of these Galactic Heroes, on opposite sides of the conflict, face the same task of having to overcome their superiors’ suspicions and win the day at "the 4th Tiamat Battle" of a 150-year-long war.
S00E02 Ailes d'or 12/12/1992 Reinhard von Musel is the son of a poor aristocratic family. When moving into his new home, he makes an instant friendship with his neighbour, a boy named Siegfried Kircheis. Together under the watchful eye of his sister Annerose, they live a blessed time; but when his sister is taken away to be the consort of the Emperor, Reinhard is furious. He joins the military - and induces Kircheis to follow - so that he can right such wrongs. Becoming young commanders, they go to Iserlohn Fortress to defend it against the Free Planets Alliance. However, that is not the only threat Reinhard faces - the Marquise Benemude, the jealous ex-consort of the Emperor, is more than willing to threaten the brother of her rival...
S00E03 L'ouverture d'une nouvelle guerre 18/12/1993 Having recently acquired the title of Count, Reinhard von Lohengramm is considered increasingly dangerous by the highest officials of the Galactic Empire. However, they cannot move directly against a man so favoured of the Emperor, and he has proven his capacity in warfare. Thus, they intend to send him into a battle that they will ensure he cannot win. In the Free Planets Alliance, Yang Wen-li's friend Jean Robert Lappe intends to propose marriage to their mutual acquaintance, Jessica Edwards. Yang has only just returned home, but his respite will be all too brief: the Alliance soon hears of the intended Imperial invasion, and Yang once more finds himself in a fleet headed for combat. The battle of Astate is about to commence...
S00E04 La vallée au blanc d'argent (Part 1) 27/02/1998 In July 791 UC, Reinhard von Müsel and Siegfried Kircheis, upon graduation from a military preparatory school, is posted to the planet Kapche-Lanka as their first assignment. Unbeknownst to them, Sussanna von Beenemünde, who harbours jealousy and hatred towards Reinhard's sister Annerose von Grünewald, is secretly plotting to kill him by bribing Reinhard's new superior, the base commandant of an Imperial base in Kapche-Lanka, to do so.
S00E05 La vallée au blanc d'argent (Part 2) 27/02/1998 As a plot to kill both of them, Reinhard von Müsel and Siegfried Kircheis are dispatched by their superior to reconnoitre deep into the planet Kapche-Lanka for Free Planets Alliance activity all by themselves. Before their departure, Reinhard and Kircheis' tank is tampered with to ensure that they will not have enough fuel to make it back to base. It is nightfall before both of them realise that act and they are forced to halt and figure a way to get back to base alive. By chance, they encounter an Alliance tank advance unit and decides to ambush it for securing fuel.
S00E06 La vallée au blanc d'argent (Part 3) 27/02/1998 Reinhard von Müsel and Siegfried Kircheis successfully ambush a Free Planets Alliance tank advance unit and secure not only fuel, but also information about an upcoming Alliance surprise attack on their base. Suspecting that their base commandant Captain Herder was responsible for their predicament, they decide to wait for any of his accomplices to appear. Eventually, Lieutenant Hugenberch finds them and after he shows hostile intent, Reinhard kills him. They then return to their base and finds the surprise attack already started. Kircheis manages to disable the attacking Alliance tanks by transmitting to them a code he wrote based on stolen data from the tanks he and Reinhard previously ambushed, enabling the Imperial forces at their base to successfully counter-attack and end the Alliance surprise attack.
S00E07 La vallée au blanc d'argent (Part 4) 27/02/1998 Reinhard von Müsel, feigning ignorance of Captain Herder's plot to kill him, tries to convince him to attack the Free Planets Alliance base on Kapche-Lanka. Herder accepts Reinhard's suggestion, thinking it as another opportunity to kill him. As the attack plan proceeds, Herder orders Reinhard and Siegfried Kircheis on a separate assignment to isolate them. He then attempts to ambush Reinhard, but is foiled when Kircheis brings the base second in command, Commander Martel, to witness Herder's act. With his crime exposed and fearing the punishment for high treason, Herder commits suicide by leaping off a valley. Although Reinhard and Kircheis are unable to expose Sussanna von Beenemünde as the mastermind for plotting their demise, they are promoted for their contributions in the successful attack on the Alliance base and are soon transferred out of Kapche-Lanka.
S00E08 Rêve matinal, chant nocturne (Part 1) 27/02/1998 In April 793 UC, Reinhard von Müsel and Siegfried Kircheis, while waiting for their next assignment, visits their alma mater in Odin. They are warmly welcomed by the students there, who respect them greatly. After observing the school for a day, Reinhard and Kircheis finally receive their new assignments in the Imperial Military Police. The next day, while browsing through the archives in the Military Police headquarters, Reinhard discovers a case handled by Ulrich Kesler during his tenure as a military police and is impressed by his unorthodox method of protecting ordinary civilians from the oppression of the Military Police. However, when he finds out that Kesler's efforts were ultimately futile, he breaks out into a rant about the degenerate state of the Galactic Empire that is only cut short by new orders from the Chief of Military Police. He and Kircheis are ordered to return to their alma mater to investigate the apparent murder of Karl von Reifeisen, a student who died the night before.
S00E09 Rêve matinal, chant nocturne (Part 2) 27/02/1998 Reinhard von Müsel and Siegfried Kircheis take up lodgings in the dormitory of their alma mater for the duration of their investigation of the death of Karl von Reifeisen. During their first night, Reinhard dreams about past events of his life. The next day, Reinhard and Kircheis begin their investigation, first by examining the murder scene and then looking up on the school records of the deceased before ending with an interview with Moritz von Haase, a student sent by the school principal to assist their investigation, about the conduct and personality of the deceased for possible clues that caused his demise. Overall however, their entire day of investigation ended with no headway towards solving the case.
S00E10 Rêve matinal, chant nocturne (Part 3) 27/02/1998 Reinhard von Müsel and Siegfried Kircheis attend Karl von Reifeisen's funeral. Reinhard notes that Moritz von Haase's eulogy for Reifeisen is formal, but lacking in emotion. After offering condolences to Reifeisen's family, Reinhard confides with Kircheis on his views about the Imperial populace that has been repressed for over four centuries. At night, Reinhard receives news that his father Sebastian von Müsel has passed away. The next day, he attends the funeral of his father with Kircheis and meets up with his sister Annerose von Grünewald briefly. Upon their return to their alma mater, they are informed that another murder has occurred in the school; the victim being one of the top students of the school. After viewing the murder scene, Kircheis begins to suspect that Haase is colour-blind and that he might have committed the murders to conceal evidence of his defect.
S00E11 Rêve matinal, chant nocturne (Part 4) 27/02/1998 Reinhard von Müsel and Siegfried Kircheis revisit the location of Karl von Reifeisen's death to look for new clues. A falling bag of flour which almost crushed Reinhard gives him a brainwave and he quickly asks Kircheis to confirm something for him. Soon after that, he and Kircheis report their findings thus far to Geahard von Steger, the principal of their alma mater, and insinuate to him that the murderer is Moritz von Haase and even summoned the latter to prove his colour-blindness. However, this is just a ruse to make Steger reveal that he is the actual perpetrator. Reinhard then proceeds to reconstruct the chain of events in their presence and states that while Reifeisen's death was purely an accident, Steger, in an attempt to absolve his responsibility of negligence and to improve the position of his grandson, who is currently ranked third in his cohort, cleared the evidence of the accident to make Reifeisen's death to appear as a murder. He then murdered the second-ranking Johann Gottholp von Bertz in a way that would implicate the first-ranking Haase, whose condition he was aware of. This way, Reifeisen's death would be attributed to Haase as well. With the truth revealed, Steger makes a brief protest before being led away together with Haase by waiting military policemen and the case closes.
S00E12 Disgrâce (Part 1) 27/02/1998 In November 795 UC, Siegfried Kircheis arrives in the artificial resort satellite Kreuznach III for a vacation, as instructed by Reinhard von Müsel, who had to remain in the Imperial capital Odin to prepare for his receiving of the countship of Lohengramm. While he is checking in at a hotel, he saves an old man from a knife-wielding drug addict. The old man turns out to be Michael von Keyserling, a disgraced former Vice Admiral who was demoted and discharged from the military after his disastrous defeat in the Battle of Arlesheim on 792 UC. Kircheis then proceeds to the local police station, where he meets Superintendent Hoffmann, who implores him to assist the local police in a major thyoxin trafficking case which he believes is related to the seemingly random assault on Keyserling. Kircheis, having nothing constructive to do in Krueznach III, reluctantly agrees.
S00E13 Disgrâce (Part 2) 27/02/1998 After his meeting with Superintendent Hoffmann, Siegfried Kircheis returns to the hotel he is staying in, only to find an invitation by Michael von Keyserling to a dinner in a restaurant as a gesture of thanks for saving his life. Kircheis decides to take up the invitation. During the dinner, he learns a little about Keyserling's past and that Keyserling is planning to meet up with his old friends, whom he says will not arrive till the next day. After the dinner, Kircheis meets up with Hoffmann again, who reveals to him that Keyserling's would-be assailant used to be a subordinate of his when he was in active service. While it is highly probable that Keyserling himself would not remember a low-ranking subordinate, their links with each other are too good to be a coincidence. Following that, Kircheis returns to the hotel and retires for the day. During the same night, he is almost suffocated to death by someone who placed huge quantities of dry ice in the air-conditioning system of his room. Hoffmann, who arrives almost as quickly as Kircheis awakes, begins to suspect Keyserling for the act. Kircheis however is not really convinced. He then learns from Hoffmann that Keyserling's old friends have already arrived in Kreuznach III. However, when he meets Keyserling during breakfast in the next morning, he neither seems aware of Kircheis' near-death experience nor the fact that his old friends have already arrived.
S00E14 Disgrâce (Part 3) 27/02/1998 Siegfried Kircheis is introduced by Michael von Keyserling to his old friend Christopher von Basel, a retired Vice Admiral. Kircheis notes that Basel continues to claim that he and his wife have only just arrived instead of the day before as revealed by Superintendent Hoffmann. Later the day while alone in a café, Kircheis finds a suspicious-looking man and begins to tail him. The man turns out to be a bait to trap Kircheis inside a flying ball court, where he faces five knife-wielding assailants. Kircheis holds off long enough before Hoffmann leads the local police to intervene. One of the assailants tries to escape and takes a civilian hostage, but is stopped by Kircheis. Hoffmann then reveals to Kircheis that Keyserling's would-be assailant used to be in a supply unit in the Keyserling Fleet and that unit was headed by the then Rear Admiral Basel. He then speculates that Basel might have planned the attack on his old friend due to a dispute over the thyoxin trafficking operation. Kircheis, wishing to learn about Keyserling's side of the story, requests Hoffmann to give him some time to investigate privately. Kircheis then confronts Keyserling, who admits of covering Basel's involvement in thyoxin trafficking for the sake of Basel's wife, Johanna von Basel, who he loved greatly.
S00E15 Disgrâce (Part 4) 27/02/1998 Despite admitting to Siegfried Kircheis his awareness of Christopher von Basel's role as the leader of a thyoxin trafficking organisation, Michael von Keyserling refuses to testify against him. Kircheis then visits Johanna von Basel, who reveals that she was already aware of her husband's wrongdoings and was in fact the mysterious informant who tipped the police of Kreuznach III about the imminent arrival of the leader of the thyoxin trafficking organisation. However, she does not plan to testify against him either and was actually hoping her husband to apologise to Keyserling for all his wrongdoings, which backfired when the former tried to silence the latter instead in the previous day. Feeling desperate at the lack of progress, Superintendent Hoffmann asks Kircheis to confront Christopher von Basel directly. Kircheis does so and succeeds in tricking Basel into admitting his guilt. However, before the police could arrest him, he calls his wife to burn away potentially incriminating documents who, out of her love for him, complies. While Kircheis hesitates to incapacitate her, Keyserling suddenly appears and shoots his once-beloved, ending the struggle. The next day, with the case concluded, Kircheis meets up with Reinhard von Müsel in the spaceport of Krueznach III and continues their short vacation.
S00E16 La bataille de Van Fleet 27/02/1998 On 21 March 794 UC, Imperial forces under the overall command of Gregor von Mückenberger invade the Van-Fleet Starzone and engage with Alliance forces commanded by Lasalle Lobos. The battle progresses in an inconclusive fashion, frustrating Reinhard von Müsel, who had recently been promoted as Commodore and had received command of a squadron under the Grimmelshausen Fleet, greatly as he laments the incompetence of both forces and his own relative powerlessness.
S00E17 Les 3 rouges 27/02/1998 The Battle of Van-Fleet Starzone continues with both sides locked in a stalemate. Gregor von Mückenberger, viewing the Grimmelshausen Fleet as a liability, has ordered it to reorganise itself at the second satellite of the fourth planet orbiting Van-Fleet, otherwise known as Van-Fleet 4-2, on 29 March 794 UC so as to keep it away from the front lines. Unbeknownst to Mückenberger however, the Alliance forces had built a rear support base on the same satellite before the battle commenced precisely because it is isolated from the front lines. When Reinhard von Müsel expresses his concerns over the possibility of an Alliance base on the satellite and proposes a reconnaissance mission to be conducted, Commodore Hermann von Luneberg, an expert in ground combat warfare, interjects, wanting to lead the mission himself. Meanwhile, the Alliance base commander dispatches the Rosen Ritter on a reconnaissance mission as well to determine the exact location of the Grimmelshausen Fleet.
S00E18 Those Who Defect 27/02/1998 Walter von Schönkopf, worried that his superior Otto Frank von Wahnschaffe, the regimental commander of the Rosen Ritter who is leading the Alliance reconnaissance mission, might have encountered Imperial forces, sets off with his trusted subordinates to find him. Along the way, they discover that Hermann von Luneberg, who is revealed to be the former regimental commander of the Rosen Ritter, is commanding Imperial troops on Van-Fleet 4-2. Although they manage to rendezvous with Wahnschaffe, they are soon ambushed by Luneberg's troops and are only able to retreat after suffering considerable losses, including the life of Wahnschaffe. After returning to base, Schönkopf requests command authority from the base commander so that he can organise the defence against the expected Imperial full-scale assault on the base. He also recommends the commander to call for reinforcements from the Alliance fleets in Van-Fleet Starzone, which is then picked up by the 5th Fleet. Its commander, Alexandre Bewcock, decides to provide full assistance.
S00E19 Blood Red Dye 27/02/1998 Hermann von Luneberg and Reinhard von Müsel prepare for the ground assault on the Free Planets Alliance rear support base at Van-Fleet 4-2. Reinhard, who is assigned as sub-commander for this operation, is frustrated at being under the command of Luneberg despite both of them having the same rank. He is further infuriated when he receives an offer from Luneberg to work under him in the future. Meanwhile, Walter von Schönkopf, now the interim regimental commander of the Rosen Ritter, is facing numerous disadvantages in the organisation of the Alliance defence against the incoming Imperial assault, including inferior weaponry, inadequate supplies, a substantial numerical disadvantage and a lack of coordination between the Rosen Ritter and other Alliance ground-based troops. His plan is therefore to hold the line long enough for fleet reinforcements to arrive. On 6 April 794 UC, both sides finally clash with each other.
S00E20 A Dangerous Man 27/02/1998 The Imperial attack on the Alliance rear support base continues. Despite inflicting heavy losses on the Alliance forces, the Imperial forces are unable to break through the Alliance defensive line easily due to unfavourable geography. Meanwhile, the 5th Fleet finally arrives in the vicinity of Van-Fleet 4-2, only to find itself engaging with the main Imperial fleet in Van-Fleet Starzone. Soon, the remaining Alliance fleets also converge outside Van-Fleet 4-2, and the battle turns into a chaotic mêlée as both Alliance and Imperial warships try to engage each other in the limited space around Van-Fleet 4-2.
S00E21 Confused Denouement 27/02/1998 The Imperial forces attacking the Alliance rear support base succeeds in breaking into the base headquarters, inflicting heavy damage to it. Reinhard von Müsel manages to capture the Alliance base commander, Sinclair Cerebrese, alive with some help from Siegfried Kircheis. They then return to where their fleet is stationed upon receiving retreat orders. Outside Van-Fleet 4-2, the battle between the Alliance and Imperial fleets rages on inconclusively and only ends near the end of April 794 UC when both sides decide to withdraw from the Van-Fleet Starzone entirely. For his efforts, Reinhard is promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral. His superior Vice Admiral Grimmelshausen and Hermann von Luneberg are also promoted by one rank. However, Kircheis is not promoted, which infuriates Reinhard.
S00E22 Strong Winds of Summer 27/02/1998 Hermann von Luneberg pays a visit with his wife Elizabeth to High Admiral Ovlesser, the commander of the Imperial Panzergrenadiers, ostensibly as a formality marking his promotion to Rear Admiral but is in fact trying to lobby for support against Reinhard von Müsel from the high nobles through Ovlesser. Ovlesser, who dislikes Luneberg as much as Reinhard, rebuffs his overtures. Meanwhile, Siegfried Kircheis tells Reinhard about the results of his investigation of Luneberg's background. A few days later, they manage to meet up with Annerose von Grünewald and Reinhard reveals to Annerose about how Kircheis was not promoted. Before Annerose could do anything about that issue however, Admiral Grimmelshausen has already recommended Kircheis to be promoted. When Kircheis visits Grimmelshausen to thank him for his recommendation, he demonstrates a level of insight which runs contrary to his usual appearance as a senile old man.
S00E23 The New Earl 27/02/1998 Siegfried Kircheis returns to his hometown for a short trip to visit his parents, whom he has not met for eight years since joining the military. During his short trip, he reminisces about his childhood and unexpectedly meets up with an old acquaintance. A few days later, Kaiser Friedrich IV reveals that he is planning to award Reinhard von Müsel with a countship upon his twentieth birthday to Admiral Grimmelshausen, who concurs with the plan wholeheartedly. Within a day, news of the plan spread like wildfire throughout the Imperial Court and eventually reaches Reinhard's ears, who, in an uncharacteristic manner, looks forward to it enthusiastically. The reaction of the high nobles towards the Kaiser's plan is however one of outrage and hostility. Meanwhile, another rumour emerges in the Imperial Court, this time revolving around the background of Hermann von Luneberg.
S00E24 Party Night 27/02/1998 Reinhard von Müsel attends a party celebrating Admiral Grimmelshausen's recent promotion. In the party, he clashes with Hermann von Luneberg and almost gets into a fistfight with him, if not for the timely intervention from Ulrich Kesler, who is appointed by Grimmelshausen to maintain the security of his residence for the party. After both Luneberg and Reinhard depart, Grimmelshausen calls for Kesler and entrusts him with a task. Siegfried Kircheis reveals to Reinhard what he found out about Elizabeth von Luneberg's former fiancé. Kaiser Friedrich IV settles on the Lohengramm countship as the one he plans to award Reinhard with. A military campaign outside the Iserlohn Corridor is announced.
S00E25 Truth`s Daughter 27/02/1998 On 26 September 794 UC, Reinhard von Müsel and Siegfried Kircheis arrive at Iserlohn Fortress. Reinhard's squadron of over 1000 ships will be part of the forces facing the expected large-scale assault by the Free Planets Alliance on Iserlohn Fortress. In Iserlohn Fortress, Reinhard and Kircheis meet Ulrich Kesler, who is present in the fortress as an agent for Admiral Grimmelshausen. Meanwhile, preparations are also underway in the Alliance expeditionary fleet. In particular, the members of the Rosen Ritter are determined to ferret out and defeat their former regimental commander, Hermann von Luneberg. Between October and November 794 UC, the Alliance and Imperial forces engage each other in skirmishes to contest for space around the Iserlohn Corridor. Reinhard takes this opportunity to earn battlefield accolades and to perfect his fleet command skills. The considerable losses he inflicts on the Alliance forces catches their attention, who then tries to entrap and defeat his squadron based on a plan proposed by Yang Wen-li. However, the Alliance forces do not follow Yang's plan rigorously, which allows Reinhard to escape successfully, albeit after suffering from significant losses. On 1 December 794 UC, the Alliance forces finally complete their deployment outside Iserlohn Fortress, starting the Sixth Battle of Iserlohn.
S00E26 The Sixth Iserlohn Offensive 27/02/1998 The Sixth Battle of Iserlohn begins. The Alliance forces proceeds with Willem Holland's plan of using the main fleet as a diversion to keep the attention of the Imperial forces and allow Holland's squadron to close in to Iserlohn Fortress and breach its walls with a missile bombardment. Holland's plan works initially; however, he is intercepted by Reinhard von Müsel, who has anticipated this move. Reinhard then continues to make full use of the narrow geography of the Iserlohn Corridor and wreak havoc on the Alliance main fleet with his squadron. Gregor von Mückenberger orders the remaining Imperial fleets to engage with the Alliance main fleet as well, which turns the battle into an outright mêlée as the Alliance commander Lasalle Lobos, taking the advice of Yang Wen-li, commits his reserves into the battlefield as well. Within this chaos, the Rosen Ritter succeeds in luring out Hermann von Luneberg, who makes a forced boarding attempt on the Rosen Ritter's strike ship Cheiron 3. Walter von Schönkopf engages with Luneberg on a one-on-one combat and manages to kill him. Meanwhile, while his squadron is being resupplied in Iserlohn Fortress, Reinhard, along with Siegfried Kircheis, is approached by Ulrich Kesler, who reveals to them the truth of the circumstances behind the death of Elizabeth von Luneberg's former fiancé as well as the aftermath of her realising the truth. He then offers Reinhard a book compiled by Admiral Grimmelshausen which records all of the unsavoury deeds of contemporary high nobles, and conveys to Reinhard Grimmelshausen's message that he hopes the book would be of use to him in his ascendancy. However, Reinhard, while grateful to Grimmelshausen, decides to decline his offer as he plans to bring down the high nobles fair and square without resorting to blackmail.
S00E27 100 milliards d'étoiles, 100 milliards de lueur 27/02/1998 The Sixth Battle of Iserlohn turns into a battle of attrition. Yang Wen-li feels that the Alliance forces should have retreated by this point. His concerns however are not shared by the Alliance commanders, who still adopt a wait-and-see attitude. Meanwhile, Reinhard von Müsel, frustrated at the deadlocked front lines, submits a plan about dealing a fatal blow to the Alliance forces to Gregor von Mückenberger. Mückenberger, while annoyed at Reinhard for jumping the chain of command, has to admit that the plan is good and orders Reinhard to carry out his own plan. By 10 December 794 UC, under Dwight Greenhill's meticulous organisation, the Alliance forces are in a position to withdraw with their main fleet largely intact. At this moment however, Reinhard's squadron suddenly appears in the front lines and begins harassing the Alliance forces. Infuriated at this sudden attack, the Alliance front line commanders begin leading their ships to chase Reinhard, and end up exposing their ships to the Thor Hammer. The Alliance forces thus suffer a major debacle and the Sixth Battle of Iserlohn ends with a decisive Imperial victory.
S00E28 Hero of El Facile 24/12/1999 The first half of the episode covers Yang Wen-li's childhood, and eventual admission to the Free Planets Alliance Officer Academy on Heinessen following the death of his father. The rest of the episode covers the events of the Imperial attack on El Facil, and Yang's leadership of the civilian evacuation that earned him the title, "Hero of El Facil."
S00E29 A New Hero 24/12/1999 On 19 September 788 UC, Yang Wen-li is promoted to Lieutenant for his efforts in evacuating the civilians of El Facil. Six hours after his promotion, he is promoted again to Lt Commander, making it effectively a double promotion. For the next few weeks, he is thrown into a flurry of events as many people from various sectors of society ranging from the media to his estranged maternal family try to capitalise on his new fame, which he comes to detest. Eventually in October while waiting for his new assignment and avoiding the limelight, Yang is assigned by Alex Cazerne to investigate the Tuesday Correspondence and ascertain the truth behind their allegation that the Free Planets Alliance war hero Bruce Ashbey was murdered.
S00E30 Profile of a Hero 24/12/1999 Yang Wen-li reviews the history of the Year 730 Mafia.
S00E31 Journeys Past 24/12/1999 Yang Wen-li reminisces about his days in the Free Planets Alliance Officer Academy spent with Jean Robert Lapp and Jessica Edwards. He later meets with Alfred Rosas to discuss about the latter's past with the Year 730 Mafia and specifically the circumstances surrounding Bruce Ashbey's death.
S00E32 A Goddess` Favorite (2nd Tiamat Battle) 24/12/1999 The history of the Second Battle of Tiamat is chronicled. In December 745 UC, the Free Planets Alliance and the Galactic Empire clashed in the Tiamat Starzone. The Alliance Fleet under the overall command of Admiral Bruce Ashbey is composed of fleets led by members of the famed Year 730 Mafia. There are however signs of internal dissension right before the battle, threatening the morale of the fleet. In contrast, the Imperial Fleet, under the overall command of Fleet Admiral Zieten, is in high spirits, albeit being rather single-minded in hunting down Ashbey. Nevertheless, the battle starts with the Alliance fleet quickly gaining an advantage by succeeding in destroying Vice Admiral Wilhelm von Mückenberger's fleet.
S00E33 A Hero`s Death (2nd Tiamat Battle) 24/12/1999 The history of the Second Battle of Tiamat continues to be chronicled. On 7 December 745 UC, having temporarily retreated and regrouped, the Alliance Fleet and the Imperial Fleet engages each other again. Worsening internal conflict amongst the Alliance fleet commanders does not appear to impair their command decisions in the front lines. However, as the battle progresses into a stalemate, the Alliance Fleet is in danger of being completely surrounded by the larger Imperial Fleet. Nevertheless, the Imperial plan fails when Bruce Ashbey, having foreseen this situation, reinforces the besieged Alliance Fleet at an opportune moment, throwing the Imperial encirclement into complete disarray. He is however too late to save Vittorio di Bertini, a member of the Year 730 Mafia. As the Second Battle of Tiamat ends with a major Alliance victory, Ashbey's flagship Hard Luck is struck by stray Imperial gunfire, killing Ashbey in the process. With the end of the chronicling of the Second Battle of Tiamat, Yang Wen-li bid his farewell to Alfred Rosas and returns to his research. However, barely a day has passed when news of Rosas' sudden death is announced.
S00E34 Between the Mourning Dress and the Service Uniform 24/12/1999 Yang Wen-li attends the funeral of Alfred Rosas, and discusses the Year 730 Mafia with Alex Cazerne and Dusty Attemborough. Later, he reviews the fate of the Year 730 Mafia after the Second Battle of Tiamat. Before he can come up with any concrete conclusions however, he is notified of his new appointment in the planet Econia, which hosts a prisoner-of-war camp.
S00E35 Pleasure Planet 24/12/1999 Yang Wen-li travels to his new post on the planet Econia in the Thanatos Starzone. There, he makes acquaintance with Fyodor Patrichev as well as a number of veterans from the Second Battle of Tiamat, including the oldest prisoner-of-war in the Econia Internment Camp, Christopf von Köfenhiller.
S00E36 Prisoner and Hostage 24/12/1999 A prisoner named Presberg takes several Free Planets Alliance officers hostage: Yang Wen-li is ordered to substitute himself, along with Fyodor Patrichev, for the safe return of the hostages. Another prisoner, Christopf von Köfenhiller, also volunteers to be a hostage.
S00E37 Revolt the Size of a Microscope 24/12/1999 Captain Barnaby Costea orders the troops under his command to attack the rebelling prisoners, intending to kill both Yang Wen-li and Fyodor Patrichev in the crossfire as he fears they will expose his embezzlement of camp funds. With the help of Christopf von Köfenhiller, Yang, Patrichev and the rebelling prisoners are able to escape the compound. Presberg informs Yang that his rebellion had been staged and that Costea had promised him an early release back to the Galactic Empire if he played along. Yang and Patrichev break into the Econia Internment Camp's command centre and capture Costea. They then report the events that have transpired to the Thanatos Starzone military police.
S00E38 Hero of Iconia 24/12/1999 Murai, an agent of the Free Planets Alliance military police in Thanatos Starzone, is dispatched to Econia to ascertain the situation. He holds interviews with everyone involved, even peripherally, in the incident. In the end, Barnaby Costea is placed under arrest to be court-martialed for embezzlement and for causing the deaths of those who died in the staged prisoner rebellion, whereas Fyodor Patrichev is given an unofficial reprimand. Alex Cazerne arranges for Yang to be transferred back to Heinessen, and Christopf von Köfenhiller is released from the Econia Internment Camp and granted Alliance citizenship, as well as a military pension befitting his former rank of Captain in the Imperial Fleet.
S00E39 Thread from Bygone Days 24/12/1999 Yang Wen-li and Fyodor Patrichev, having received transfer orders out of Econia, accompany Christopf von Köfenhiller to Heinessen. During a layover on the planet Masszitt, Köfenhiller recounts his participation of the Second Battle of Tiamat and the circumstances that triggered his interest in investigating the connection between Martin Otto von Siegmeister, Christoph von Michaelsen and Bruce Ashbey. Soon after he finishes his tale, he dies in the spaceport terminal.
S00E40 The End of the Road 24/12/1999 Yang Wen-li and Fyodor Patrichev arranges the funeral of Christopf von Köfenhiller on Masszitt and returns to Heinessen, where they bid their respective farewells. Together with Dusty Attemborough, Yang has dinner with Alex Cazerne and meets Cazerne's fiancée, Hortense Milbelle, for the first time. After eating, he begins to report the findings of his investigation into the possible murder of Free Planets Alliance hero Bruce Ashbey.
S00E41 Looking for a Way Out 24/12/1999 Yang Wen-li narrates the findings of his investigation regarding the alleged murder of Free Planets Alliance hero Bruce Ashbey, summarised from Christopf von Köfenhiller's own research, to Alex Cazerne and Dusty Attemborough. Yang surmises that Martin Otto von Siegmeister, having republican tendencies, founded a massive espionage network in the Galactic Empire with the help of Christopf von Michaelsen in an attempt to subvert Imperial rule by leaking confidential military information to the Alliance. Siegmeister, who had defected to the Alliance, found an ally in Bruce Ashbey who proceeded to make full use of Siegmeister's network and heaped victories upon victories in the battlefield. After Ashbey's untimely death during the Second Battle of Tiamat, the network slowly unravelled and ended with the mysterious death of Michaelsen. Upon finishing his narration, Yang adds that the actual truth may not be known until both the Alliance and the Empire cease to exist. A few days later, Yang receives his new appointment as an Operations Staff Officer under the 8th Fleet. Before his departure to the front lines, he attends the wedding of Alex Cazerne and Hortense Milbelle.
S00E42 Those Who Revolt (Part 1) 24/12/1999 In August 791 UC, following their transfer out of Kapche-Lanka, Reinhard von Müsel and Siegfried Kircheis are posted to the destroyer Hameln II, currently docked in Iserlohn Fortress, as its chief navigator and security officer respectively. While the captain of Hameln II is impressed of their achievements and welcomed them on board, the rest of the crew are less than enthusiastic, especially the enlisted ranks who view Reinhard's position as a blatant example of favouritism. They then decide to test Reinhard by pitting him with another young enlistee, Rolf Zaidel, on a spacewalk challenge. However, when Rolf lands himself into trouble during the spacewalk, Reinhard risks his life to save him, thus earning him the respect of the enlisted ranks.
S00E43 Those Who Revolt (Part 2) 24/12/1999 During a patrol in the Free Planets Alliance side of the Iserlohn Corridor, the destroyer Hameln II and the unit it is part of is ambushed by an Alliance squadron. Hameln II is struck first, and the resulting damage severely injured the captain, Lieutenant Commander Adenauer, who then passes command authority to Reinhard von Müsel, the highest ranking officer present on the bridge before losing consciousness. Reinhard immediately orders the ship to break course away from the rest of the ambushed patrol unit. When the first officer Lieutenant Beltram arrives on the bridge, he demands Reinhard to pass command authority to him and return the ship to its normal course, but is refused by Reinhard, who claims that it is too dangerous. Reinhard's fears are confirmed when the patrol unit become surrounded and is completely destroyed. After leading the ship to relative safety in a nearby asteroid field, Reinhard finally passes command authority to Beltram, who then promptly orders Siegfried Kircheis to detain Reinhard under the grounds of mutiny.
S00E44 Those Who Revolt (Part 3) 24/12/1999 Lieutenant Beltram decides that there is no way to escape from the Free Planets Alliance ambush and plans to self-destruct the destroyer Hameln II and die an honourable death as an Imperial military officer, completely ignoring a plan proposed by Schmidt, an enlisted soldier who studied astrophysics before being drafted into the military. Siegfried Kircheis, after learning about Beltram's plan and his rebuffing of Schmidt, decides to release Reinhard von Müsel from detention, even if that means starting a mutiny. With the help of some enlisted crew members, Kircheis manages to release Reinhard and forcibly take over the bridge of Hameln II. Reinhard decides to implement Schmidt's plan which involves exposing the ship to a predicted solar eruption from a nearby star and make use of the momentum generated to escape the Alliance ambush in high speed. As the crew attempts to repair the damaged ship engines on time for the solar eruption, Beltram succeeds in breaking out of captivity and storms the bridge. A brief confrontation ensues, resulting in the death of Rolf Zaidel and would have escalated if not for the timely intervention of Lieutenant Commander Adenauer, who repeats his order of passing command authority to Reinhard.
S00E45 Those Who Revolt (Part 4) 24/12/1999 Reinhard von Müsel proceeds with the plan of using a predicted solar eruption to provide the destroyer Hameln II the necessary speed boost to escape from the rapidly closing in Alliance ambush squadron. One bridge crew member, fearing that the ship will be drawn by the gravity of the star into oblivion if the predicted eruption does not occur, tries to escape in an escape pod but is prevented with the combined effort of Reinhard and Siegfried Kircheis. Meanwhile, repairs on the ship's engines are unable to be completed due to a malfunctioning thruster that has to be repaired from the exterior of the ship. Lieutenant Beltram volunteers to take on this extremely dangerous outboard mission, hoping to atone somewhat for his killing of Rolf Zaidel. He is then paired with Rolf's brother. While the repairs are finished on the nick of time, Beltram and Zaidel are jolted into space as the ship turns to position itself for the eruption. Beltram sacrifices himself to push Zaidel back into the ship, and Hameln II succeeds in escaping from the Alliance ambush. Soon after Hameln II returns to Iserlohn Fortress, Reinhard is promoted for his efforts in saving Hameln II and its crew from possible destruction and he and Kircheis are then transferred to a new posting.
S00E46 Those Who Duel (Part 1) 24/12/1999 In January 792 UC, after their brief stint aboard the destroyer Hameln II, Reinhard von Müsel and Siegfried Kircheis are transferred to the Investigation Department of the Imperial Ministry of Military Affairs in Odin. Although bored of the clerical work assigned to both of them and frustrated over the atmosphere of corruption and decadence in Odin, Reinhard remains diligent in his duties and is consoled by the fact that he can at least get to visit his sister Annerose von Grünewald. During one such meeting, he learns that one of his sister's friends in the Imperial Court, Viscountess Dorothea von Schafhausen, is currently embroiled in a mining rights dispute with Count Herxheimer, a relative of Marquis Wilhelm von Littenheim. Herxheimer, knowing that he stood no chance of winning through a civil lawsuit, has challenged the Schafhausen family to a duel instead and used his connections to ensure that no professional duellist will duel for the Schafhausen family. Feeling indignant over her predicament, Reinhard volunteers to duel on her behalf.
S00E47 Those Who Duel (Part 2) 24/12/1999 As news of Reinhard von Müsel's participation in the upcoming duel spread like wildfire within Imperial high society, both Count Herxheimer's agent and Reinhard train hard for the duel. Reinhard, not used to the archaic flintlock pistols that are going to be used in the duel, struggles to shoot properly with them, until an unexpected encounter with Cornelius Lutz who provides him with helpful instructions on shooting with flintlock pistols. Meanwhile, Sussanna von Beenemünde plots to kill Reinhard again by hiring an assassin to do so during the duel. The assassin then kills Herxheimer's agent in a duel challenge to install himself as the duellist representing Herxheimer.
S00E48 Those Who Duel (Part 3) 24/12/1999 The duel between the respective agents of the Schafhausen and Herxheimer families begins. Reinhard von Müsel, sensing a malicious intent from Herxheimer's agent, decides to heed Siegfried Kircheis's advice of leaping sideways the moment the first shot is fired; a technically legal, but frowned upon, move. Both sides thus miss their first shots. In their second shot, Reinhard manages to hit Herxheimer's agent on his right shoulder, while the latter hit Reinhard's left arm. Reinhard realises that had he not used his left arm as a stabiliser to his right hand, the bullet would have hit his chest and killed him. Just as the referee is about to declare Reinhard as the winner based on the results of their second shots, Herxheimer's agent insists on continuing the duel with swords. Despite his injury, he proves to be much more adept with a sword than Reinhard and is about to defeat Reinhard when Imperial Guards under the direct order of Kaiser Friedrich IV suddenly arrive and order the duel to be suspended and the mining rights dispute be resolved by splitting the proceeds equally between the two family. The Schafhausen family is pleased with this outcome while Count Herxheimer accepts it reluctantly.
S00E49 Those Who Duel (Part 4) 24/12/1999 Being pressured by Sussanna von Beenemünde and wanting to uphold his pride, the assassin who previously duelled with Reinhard von Müsel challenges him again to another duel. Reinhard, feeling equally dissatisfied with the outcome of the previous duel, accepts the challenge. Through his accurate reading of the assassin's situation and with some help provided by Siegfried Kircheis beforehand, Reinhard is able to defeat his much more skilled opponent. The assassin, unable to get over his defeat, commits suicide. Once again, Beenemünde's plot to kill Reinhard fails.
S00E50 Those Who Recapture (Part 1) 24/12/1999 In December 792 UC, after receiving the appointment of captain of the cruiser Hässliche Entlein for six months following his accolades from the Fifth Battle of Iserlohn, Reinhard von Müsel is tasked by Imperial Military Intelligence to track down and apprehend Count Herxheimer, who has fallen out of favour and is trying to defect to the Free Planets Alliance via Fezzan. Herxheimer, prior to his defection, had stolen a directional Seffle particle generator prototype. Reinhard is also ordered to retrieve that prototype, lest it falls to Alliance hands. However, since the details of Herxheimer's defection are confidential, Reinhard has to execute the mission with only the Hässliche Entlein inside largely unknown Alliance space and has to expect no overt support from the front lines.
S00E51 Those Who Recapture (Part 2) 24/12/1999 The cruiser Hässliche Entlein successfully infiltrates Free Planets Alliance space from the Iserlohn Corridor undetected. After an uneventful journey to the exit of the Fezzan Corridor, the Hässliche Entlein finally catches up with Count Herxheimer's ship. Reinhard von Müsel orders a swift attack to disable Herxheimer's ship and destroy its escort while Siegfried Kircheis leads a boarding party into Herxheimer's ship. The directional Seffle particle generator prototype is located and secured; however, the entire Herxheimer family has died, except for the Count's daughter, due to a decompression accident while trying to escape. Reinhard then orders the Hässliche Entlein and Herxheimer's ship to retreat and evade an incoming Alliance patrol squadron that is alerted by the destruction of Herxheimer's escort ship.
S00E52 Those Who Recapture (Part 3) 24/12/1999 The Hässliche Entlein manages to evade and destroy the pursuing Alliance patrol squadron through a timely usage of the captured directional Seffle particle generator prototype. However, with the prototype locked digitally within Count Herxheimer's ship, the crew of the Hässliche Entlein are neither able to access the program that grants the Seffle particles directionality, nor are they able to physically move the prototype to the Hässliche Entlein. As the Hässliche Entlein makes its way back to the Iserlohn Corridor via a different navigation route to avoid possible Alliance detection, Siegfried Kircheis proposes to Reinhard von Müsel to strike a deal with the Count's ten year old daughter Margareta von Herxheimer, who is the only survivor of her family and the only person left who knows the access code to unlock the prototype.
S00E53 Those Who Recapture (Part 4) 24/12/1999 Margareta von Herxheimer accepts the deal proposed by Siegfried Kircheis, in which she will reveal the access code for the directional Seffle particle generator prototype in exchange for her freedom to defect to the Free Planets Alliance along with all the assets of her family. Lieutenant Commander Bendling, an officer dispatched by Imperial Military Intelligence to oversee the entire secret mission, unlocks the prototype in the presence of Reinhard von Müsel and Kircheis. The prototype not only contains the program that enables directional Seffle particles, but also disturbing information about the circumstances that caused the defection of Count Herxheimer. Shaken by those contents, Bendling decides to volunteer as the guardian for Margareta and to accompany her defection, essentially deserting his post. Approved by Reinhard and accepted by Margareta, he then accompany Margareta and leaves for the Alliance in Herxheimer's ship after the prototype is successfully transferred to the Hässliche Entlein. A few days later, the Hässliche Entlein reaches the vicinity of Iserlohn Corridor and is met by a waiting Alliance blockade. Low on fuel and supplies after their long voyage, Reinhard decides to take an immense risk by using the prototype, whose directionality program is not perfected yet, to saturate the blockade with Seffle particles and ignite them. It succeeds and Reinhard is able to lead the Hässliche Entlein unscathed into the Iserlohn Corridor, where it receives a resupply organised by Ernst von Eisenach before returning to Iserlohn Fortress safely and completes its mission.
S00E54 The Third Tiamat Battle (Part 1 of 2) 24/12/1999 In December 794 UC, to commemorate the thirtieth year of the reign of Kaiser Friedrich IV, the Galactic Empire announces a large scale military campaign against the Free Planets Alliance comprising of 35,400 ships. While news of the impending invasion quickly reaches the Alliance via Fezzan, the Alliance response almost causes a scandal when a merchant convoy bringing vital supplies to the front lines is almost destroyed by Imperial cruisers due to the majority of the Alliance escorting warships shirking their responsibilities and abandoning the merchant ships before they reach their destination. By February 795 UC, the Alliance decides to intercept the Imperial expeditionary force in Tiamat Starzone with the 5th Fleet, 10th Fleet and 11th Fleet, with the possibility of the 4th Fleet and 6th Fleet being added as reserves. When both sides finally clash with each other later in the month, the 11th Fleet under Willem Holland leads the opening phase by ignoring standard tactics and charging into the Imperial line in a haphazard fashion, which manages to confuse the Imperial forces.
S00E55 The Third Tiamat Battle (Part 2 of 2) 24/12/1999 The Third Battle of Tiamat continues. The 11th Fleet under Willem Holland dominates the battlefield for a few hours with its wild "pioneer-like" tactics. However, just as it reaches its limit of expansion, Reinhard von Müsel orders his fleet to conduct a long range pinpoint attack against the heart of the 11th Fleet and succeeds in destroying a significant number of ships, including Holland's flagship Epimetheus. With the loss of its commander, the 11th Fleet is quickly routed by the other Imperial fleets. Further damage is minimised though with the timely intervention of the 5th Fleet and 10th Fleet, who cover the retreat of the surviving ships from the 11th Fleet before withdrawing completely from Tiamat Starzone. For his efforts in the Third Battle of Tiamat, Reinhard is promoted to the rank of Admiral and is granted a couple of honorary positions. However, none of these positions delights Reinhard more than the bestowal of a personal flagship, the experimental battleship Brünhild, to him.

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