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Dans la lignée des Pierrafeu, la série met en scène une famille, en projetant la vie américaine actuelle (par rapport au moment de création) dans une période donnée : en l'occurrence le futur. George Jetson est un homme comblé. Il vit avec sa famille dans un grand et ultra moderne appartement avec vue sur le ciel et dispose d'un emploi tranquille sous la direction de M. Espaciton qui lui mène quand même la vie dure. Sa femme, Jane, et lui ont eu deux enfants très différents que sont Judy, l'adolescente fashion qui craque sur n'importe quel beau garçon, et Elroy, un petit garçon surdoué de six ans. Pour faire le ménage, ils peuvent compter sur la serviable Rosie le robot, et pour se distraire il y a toujours Astro, le chien quelque peu maladroit. Ils seront rejoints plus tard par Orbite, un petit extraterrestre blanc et violet, toujours joyeux et qui change de couleur selon son humeur. Chaque épisode nous raconte la vie peu banale et amusante des membres de cette famille très originale


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Les Jetson

S01E01 Rosey, la soubrette 23/09/1962 Jane wants a maid but George says they can't afford it. He invites Mr. Spacely over for dinner but what he doesn't know is that Jane has taken a free one day trial offer on a slightly used 'Rosey'. George is in a panic because he thinks that he can't possibly convince Mr. Spacely that he needs the raise if he sees Rosey. In a pinch, Rosey takes leftovers and whips up a delicious dinner and a Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Spacely fires Jetson and storms out the door. He calls a little later, munching the cake and says that anybody that can make such a delicious cake can't be all bad. In the meantime, Rosey has left, thinking that she caused the family trouble, but they find her at the bus stop and take her home for good ....
S01E02 Un rendez-vous avec Jetscreamer 30/09/1962 Pop star 'Jet Screamer' organizes a quiz, first prize: a date with the celebrity himself. George tries to make sure Judy won't win, but Judy is the lucky girl. Without her knowing it George acts as a chaperone.
S01E03 La voiture de l'espace 07/10/1962 George and Jane go shopping at Molecular Motors. The Supersonic Suburbanite turns out to be too much for them so the buy a car similar to their old model. They get mixed up with bad guy Knuckles Nuclear and his gun Moll.
S01E04 Astro 14/10/1962 Jane and the kids want a dog for personal protection, George doesn't believe in that but wants to keep everyone happy. To George the answer is an apartment approved electronic dog, one of those nuclear powered trouble free dogs: Electronimo! At the same moment the rest of the family found a biological dog. A contest should point out the superior dog. Astro proves to be the superior dog when he unwittingly tackles a burglar terrorizing the apartment building.
S01E05 Droit au but 21/10/1962 George Jetson and his boss Cosmo Spacely attend a robot football game. George fools his wife into thinking he's working late so that he won't be able to attend a PTA meeting.
S01E06 Georges Jetson est dans la lune 28/10/1962 The only way George can get a vacation out of Mr. Spacely is to accompany Space Cub Troop #54 on their camping trip on the moon. George proceeds to get lost, but is rescued by Mr. Spacely's son, Arthur.
S01E07 Le costume volant 04/11/1962 Spacely's competitor Cogswell invents a flying suit. Meanwhile, Elroy thinks he's invented a flying pill. When George picks up the wrong suit at the cleaners, he is convinced Elroy's pills actually work.
S01E08 Un amour de robot 11/11/1962 Judy and Rosey find boyfriends. The problem with love is that you're either up or down ... and the animated junk pile being Henry's assistant gets a little confused.
S01E09 Moteur! 18/11/1962 The future TV producers got bored with cowboy and doctor's programs, so the want Elroy as 'Space boy Zoom and his dog Astro'. Of course Spacely wants his son and dog on TV instead, badly ...
S01E10 Allo, Robo! Bobo 25/11/1962 Spacely buys a new robot 'Uniblab'. This means George actually has to work the full three hour work day. Or so it seems, until but George's janitor finds a solution.
S01E11 Un drôle de grand-père 02/12/1962 George's father visits. On his way he fixes a lady's vehicle, they exchange addresses. Because of some miscommunication the Jetson family think they got involved while in reality grandpa just baby-sits for someone else.
S01E12 Un secret qui a du chien 09/12/1962 Another tale of Big Business competition: At the Moonside Country Club, Spacely and Cogswell each vow to put the other out of business. Spacely thinks his ticket is Astro the flying dog. He ultimately discovers that Astro has only swallowed a flying toy.
S01E13 Las Venus 16/12/1962 George and Jane visit Las Venus for gambling and entertainment. The trip is paid by Spacely because George has to try to sell some sprockets to a female client. Now George has to please his wife and the client.
S01E14 Le grand concours 23/12/1962 Elroy's wins a contest to meet his big hero 'Nimbus the Great' from the TV show. Unfortunately the player is very ill and cannot come. George stands up for Elroy and visits 'Nimbus' to prevent a disappointment for Elroy. The only solution is to have George wear a Nimbus suit and visit Elroy ...
S01E15 Test-pilote 30/12/1962 Spacely wants to test a new everything-proof jacket. By mistake George's doctor tells him he has only a couple of days left to live. Now who would be a better victim to test the jacket than George?
S01E16 Astro a la belle vie 06/01/1963 Astro turns out to be the long-lost dog of a millionaire. The Jetsons have to let Astro go. Now Astro has everything a dog can wish for, except the love of the Jetson family ...
S01E17 Haut comme trois pommes 13/01/1963 Compression technique explained The Jetson way. Without the decompression mechanism working George is reduced to a mere 6 inches. The only way to fix the decompression system is by replacing parts manufactured by the big competitor: Cogswell Cogs.
S01E18 Tout est permis 20/01/1963 Jane gets fed up with public transportation and decides to take driving lessons. After all, Elroy can get a learner's permit when he's 8 years old, so Jane should be able to get driving lessons, can't she? Her talents scare the teacher so much, he goes back hunting wild lions again. Accidentally Jane thinks she's got a new instructor while that persons turns out to be a crook on the run ...
S01E19 Sans réserve 27/01/1963 Private Jetson is drafted, as George is a family man he gets a full two minutes to report for duty. They're all given an aptitude test, and one not-so-bright recruit jams a square peg into a round hole, whereupon the automated grading program determines that his 'original thinking shows leadership potential' and makes him a general. Spacely turns out to be the commanding officer and the site is a full 10 minutes away.
S01E20 Le concours de beauté 03/02/1963 Jane decides to enter the Miss Solar System contest without George knowing. However, Spacely Sprockets is sponsoring the contest. George & Mr. Spacely are judges, but Mrs. Spacely removes her husband from the judges' stand & George is the ""Mystery Judge"".
S01E21 Propriété Privée 10/02/1963 A new building is built next to Spacely's company. The owner of the new plant turns out to be Cogswell and George finds out the new building is 6 inches over Spacely's property. Spacely makes Cogswell walk on his hands and knees, Jetson is promoted. That is until it turns out Spacely's existing building is actually 6' over Cogswell's ground ...
S01E22 Le ranch Beta Bar 17/02/1963 Jane badly needs some rest and goes to 'Dude Planet' with a friend. The rest of the family stays at home and tries to run the household.
S01E23 TV or Not TV 24/02/1963 George and Astro accidentally see and robbery. That is: they THINK they witness a robbery. It turns out they were in a movie-set. To prevent a law suit the producer does everything to buy them out, while George and Astro do everything possible to avoid being caught by the 'robbers'.
S01E24 La bande à Elroy 03/03/1963 A miserable student exchanges his report tape with Elroy's. Elroy gets home and his George and Jane play the tape: 'F, F, F, F'. Elroy cannot convince them there's a mix up. Therefore Elroy and Astro decide to run away ...
S02E01 L'esprit d'équipe 29/09/1984 The big city drives the Jetson family mad, and they decide to move to an empty moon. They live in a true paradise until some real estate brokers discover the paradise like moon and turn it into a crowded city. The Jetsons find themselves where they started from anyway.
S02E02 Les Jetson à Las Vénus 13/10/1984 George tries to break Elroy's fascination with spies by taking the whole family to an old west town. While there, Bad Bart Blaster challenges George to a showdown. Bad Bart's dog & Astro gang up on Bart and save the day!
S02E03 Un grand-père explosif 20/10/1984 The latest battle between Spacely and Cogswell is now on a spaceball field with George as a pitcher and robots as the players.
S02E04 Little Bundle of Trouble 03/11/1984 The Jetsons gets a baby on their doorstep, but this is no ordinary baby. He's really the pint-sized jewel thief Tiny Terror in diguise.
S02E05 Dance Time 10/11/1984 George tries to make a good impression on Judy's dance party with experimental dancing shoes.
S02E06 Hi-Tech Wreck 24/11/1984 George and family are sent to outer Moongolia after he fails to help a malfunctioning RUDI when Mr. Spacely tries to demonstrate a pleasure program to the executive board members. The situation will lead to further disaster as RUDI threatens to destroy the Earth unless George is able to restore his programming.
S02E07 Chers cousins 05/12/1984 When Rosie accidentally eats a faulty lug-nut (thinking it's a piece of a chocolate lug-nut) her programming goes haywire and she starts to steal things not only from her own family, but from shop's too! Rosie is programmed to think that there is "A place for everything, and everything in its place." Can George Jetson manage to save Rosie from herself? Probably.
S02E08 Georges mène la danse 29/12/1984 Elroy is worried about his homework assignment in which he has to show a video of his father at work. He fears George won't be impressive to his classmates as the other fathers. Meanwhile, Astro is lovesick for the new neighbor's poodle.
S02E09 L'as de l'espace 05/01/1985 Mr. Spacely assigns George to be the judge for the annual dog show. But this leads to a very stressful situation for him as his family wants him to make Astro the winner, as well as the boss wanting him to insure his wife's poodle comes out on top, and even a mobster gets into the act by making George choose his mutt as the top dog. What choice will George make?
S02E10 Georges n'a pas la forme 19/01/1985 It's George and Jane's wedding anniversary. Yet George forgets and Jane throws a fit. Afterward, they recap to the kids how they got together. Later, when watching a news report, they found out that the man that married them was a fraud. So they decide to go to Las Venus to renew their vows (Legally, this time).
S02E11 Copie conforme 26/01/1985 With all the problems the Jetson family have, they decide to take a trip to Fantasy Planet. The host has each family member in capsules to live out their fantasies. GEORGE: Boss of Jetson Sprockets! JANE: Queen of an asteroid where she does absolutely nothing. JUDY: Pop-star (naturally) ELROY & ASTRO: Super hero team. They realise their fantasies aren't that glamourous, they use a device to end their fantasies.
S02E12 Lune de miel sur Vénus 02/02/1985 Two scientists remove a block of ice holding an alien creature from a frozen planet. Upon returning to Earth, it slips from their grasp and thaws out on the Jetsons' barbecue. They believe him to be their alien cousin who's arriving for a visit. The scientists then realize they have to return the alien to his homeworld before his people realize he's missing and a resulting war will break out.
S02E13 A la conquête de l'ouest 09/03/1985 George meets a scientist who has invented Replayola, a device that enables a person to change bad moments of life to good ones. George buys it from him and immediately uses it to be a good public speaker, make the family rich, and even make a run for President. But when an old boyfriend of Jane's gets into the picture, jealous George decides to erase the moment they kissed. But this turned out to be on his wedding day and as a result, he has no family. Will George be willing to give up his riches and power to get them back?
S02E14 Haunted Halloween 16/03/1985 The curator of a museum takes a special interest in Orbitty, wanting to make him his special project in time for Halloween. Will the Jetsons lose their pet alien to the curator's scheme?
S02E15 Future Tense 23/03/1985 In an alien shopping gallery, Jane Jetson unwittingly buys sunglasses that allow whoever's wearing them to see into the near future. When George Jetson finds this out, he decides to take his wife to the space-horse races, to make a little extra money off of Jane's ability to see which space-horse will come in first. Will George's idea succeed, or is he playing with fire?
S02E16 The Wrong Stuff 30/03/1985 After winning a school science contest, Elroy is invited with the family to view a space shuttle launch. But he gets more than he bargains for when he and Astro get aboard the shuttle and get launched into deep space. They're able to return to Earth, but are significantly changed in an unexpected way.
S02E17 Retour à la nature 06/04/1985 When Mr Spacely discovers that the only rival to his wife for 'Woman of the Year' is Jane - so he tries to discredit her by secretly filming the antics of Judy.
S02E18 Rosie fait des folies 13/04/1985 In a take-off of Charles Dickens "The Christmas Carol," Mr. Spacely is being so greedy and selfish that he would even make Ebenezer Scrooge blush. On Christmas Eve, he's first haunted by his former (ghostly partner) Jacob Marsley (a blue humanoid alien who's now wrapped up in mummy bandages.) Jacob Marsley warns Mr. Spacely about the consequences of being greedy. Mr. Spacely is too full of himself to take Marsley seriously, so now he's going to be visited by (what a surprise, not!) three more spirits. First up is the Ghost of Christmas Past (A giant floating robotic head.) Second is the Ghost of Christmas Present, who literally looks like a Christmas present! Finally, the Ghost of Christmas Future (a tall, speechless mega-computer) appears and finally knocks some sense into Spacely. Spacely takes the true meaning of Christmas spirit to heart by showering gifts and presents on the Jetson's family, and everybody (predictably) lives happily ever after.
S02E19 La planète fantastique 20/04/1985 George and Jane accompany Mr. Spacely to a business convention where they hope to show off the company's lastest invention, the E.X.I.T. (EXecutive Instant Teleporter). Meanwhile, Judy is in charge of the household as Elroy tests his own invention, a dog trainer, in hopes of earning money helping the neighborhood dogs to better behave themselves. But a mixup of program discs causes near disasterous results on both sides that could lead to George's firing and Elroy having to look for all the missing dogs.
S02E20 Robot's Revenge 27/04/1985 A disgruntled robot gets fired from yet another job--this time at a gym where George is a member as a result of his usual incompetence. As payback, the robot issues a code red in which all machines turn against George. And the timing couldn't be worse as Jane's great aunt visits when the family believes she'll be leaving an inheritance.
S02E21 To Tell the Truth 11/05/1985 After having Elroy confess to breaking Jane's favorite vase, George winds up in a situation where he escorts a beautiful actress hired to sponsor Spacely Sprockets onboard a space flight, which takes off with him still onboard the ship, and having to get home late via a travelling space circus. Will Jane buy George's wild story?
S02E22 Judy's Elopement 18/05/1985 In a bit of confusion, George believes Judy is going to elope with Mr. Spacely's nephew.
S02E23 Un million d'ennuis 25/05/1985 A pair of con artists mistakenly believe Grandpa Jetson is rich when they see him using Mr. Spacely's credit card to buy gifts for his wife and mother-in-law Mrs. Meltdown, the latter having moved in with them to his dismay. The boss hopes Grandpa can romance Mrs. Meltdown so she can move out, but the old man falls for the young female con, which could lead to jeopardy if they aren't careful.
S02E24 Voyage surprise 01/06/1985 A worn out George starts to feel old and decides to go on a diet and exercise program. When visiting a nutrition store, the owner successfully tests a youth tonic on one of his lab animals. George manages to make off with some of it. But when he tries it out, it works too well as he's as young as his son, and actually attending school with him!
S02E25 The Century's Best 08/06/1985 As the first mail he receives, Orbitty gets an application in which he can enter any one of the family for Person of the Year. This leads to a dispute between the Jetsons as each tries to convince him he or she would be the best choice for the entry. Who will Orbitty pick as his entry?
S02E26 La vengeance du robot 08/09/1985 Nearby Earth is the headquarters of 'SNEEK', and Skata-Hara, the female leader of this evil organization. 'SNEEK' mistakes George for Secret Agent Space Bong, and kidnaps him in hopes of getting the Secret Formula.
S02E27 Elroy rencontre Orbitty 09/09/1985 On a field trip to mars Elroy picks up a remarkable looking stone and takes it home. It turns out to be the egg of a rare pet. The Jetsons decide to keep the pet and call it Orbitty. Orbitty turns all kinds of colors to show his emotions. He can fix machines unlike a gremlin who usually sabotages them. He also has spring-like legs, enabling him to bounce, and has plunger-like legs that makes him stick to many surfaces. He often uses them to hang from the ceiling.
S02E28 Rosie a des soucis 10/09/1985 Rosie thinks the family doesn't want her anymore after doing everything wrong. The problem is, she needs a new program according to Henry Orbit. When Rosie spies that George & Jane looking @ new robot maids, she thought she was obsolete (when they were really looking for the part). She runs away looking for jobs & a room to stay. Their new robot maid is a real dictator that drives them crazy. While Judy's taking her driving test, she spots Rosie! She takes her back home & finds the new maid! So she heads to the scrap pile about to kill herself until they rescued her. Jane explained everything, Henry fixes up Rosie with a new program & Rosie throws the new robot maid out of the Jetson home!
S02E29 Quelle vie de chien 11/09/1985 An unknown package delivered to Spacely Sprockets contains a robot sentry dog named "Sentro", and Spacely decides to use it to guard his "Chocolate Microchip Cookie". However, the "Galactic Sneak"—a spy for Cogswell Cogs—has pulled a Trojan-Horse–type move by hiding inside Sentro's body to infiltrate Spacely's plant. When he and Sentro steal the prototype Microchip Cookie, it's up to George Jetson—who discovers a want-ad in the news for an executive secretary for Cogswell Cogs—to become "Georgina Jetstream", infiltrate Cogswell Cogs, and get Spacely's cookie back.
S02E30 Anniversaire Surprise pour Judy 12/09/1985 Judy tells her talking lips diary of the events of the week before her birthday on Sat. expecting her parents to throw her a surprise birthday party. Curley Quasar helps her when her space car breaks down when no one else will help her. Then she avoids him the rest of the week thinking he isn't one of the in-crowd. On Sat. thinking everyone has forgotten Curley comes over with a gift for her & she changes her mind about him.
S02E31 Super George 16/09/1985 George is Superhero for a day with the help of a thought remote, but he might stay that way forever because the remote gets broken.
S02E32 A vous de jouer 17/09/1985 Mr. Spacely & his family are invited to appear on ""Family Fallout"". So he schemes to find a family dumb enough to compete against them which would be The Jetsons. Who won the grand galactic prize? Who got zonked?
S02E33 La fête des mères de Rosie 25/09/1985 After losing out on a big raise, George gets "compensation" from Mr. Spacely with tickets to an outer space theme park. There, the family go on various rides and attend a flea circus. Afterward, the Moon fleas escape on Astro and seek sanctuary with the Jetsons because their ringleader mistreats them.
S02E34 Un jour à effacer 18/09/1985 Jane can drive, and accidentally crashes Mr. Spacely's car that she borrowed, which causes him to gleefully take it out on George, making him a virtual slave and groveler, until it was discovered that the brakes are jammed. This absolves the Jetsons, and then the tables are turned and a furious and humiliated Spacely becomes the reluctant servant of George.
S02E35 One Strike, You're Out 19/09/1985 After Cogswell is picked as Tycoon of the Day by a magazine, Spacely is determined to produce more sprockets by overworking his staff and hiring more human labor. This causes the robots to revolt against the humans and the humans to revolt against Spacely. As a result, George is caught in the middle of it as the crisis takes away the time he needs to spend with Elroy to help build his robot athlete for the Robot Olympics at his school. But appropriately, this leads to the solution at work when he has to play the role of the robot when he nearly ruins his son's project.
S02E36 Les puces savantes 19/09/1985 A Mercurian Mirrormorph that was supposed to be delivered to the local scientific institute winds up going to the Jetsons' residence instead and causes all sorts of trouble as it messes up Judy's date and gets George fired as it has the ability to impersonate anyone who touches it. But if the same person holds it for more than 10 seconds, it could end up multiplying out of control and overrunning Orbit City!
S02E37 Boum 23/09/1985 As Mother's Day approaches, Rosie is sad because she doesn't have a mother herself. But through research, George is able to find a previous model of his robot maid and try to get a picture. Meanwhile, Jane tells George not to go overboard for her, but she eyes a mink stole that she hopes he'll get for her on her special day. Mr. Spacely tells him to buy it, but for his wife. Realizing his error, will George be able to get out of the mess he's gotten into?
S02E38 Grève générale 24/09/1985 A winning lottery ticket makes the Jetsons millionaires.
S02E39 Winner Takes All 06/10/1985 George competes in a sports contest to get an account for Spacely Sprockets.
S02E40 La croisière, ça fuse 31/10/1985 Jane wins a vacation on the Love Rocket. George meets his old girlfriend and Jane meets her first boyfriend on the rocket. Elroy and Judy find out and try to save the marriage.
S02E41 Elroy in Wonderland 22/11/1985 The night before the family leaves on vacation to Club Mellowstar, George shows Elroy some old tools his great-great grandfather used to work with. After they get there, the supervising robot restricts Astro from joining them as dogs aren't allowed at the resort. Elroy later frees him from confinement and the two scramble to get away from the supervisor, only to wind up in an unusual junk land occupied by old obsolete tool robots. Elroy and Astro work alongside some of them to prove they're not as useless as they're regarded. Will the two be able to find a way out of the junk land?
S03E01 Crime Games 19/10/1987 A malfunction of the TeleViewer causes Elroy to discover a robbery plot by "The Gripfather" (a take on "The Godfather"), and George ends up trapped in the middle of it.
S03E02 ASTRONomical I.Q. 21/10/1987 Elroy invents an evolution machine. By mistake his evolutes Astro by 10,000 years, increasing his I.Q. by 4000 points. George bets everything he owns by playing chess with a little help of Astro. At that moment Astro is caught by the dogcatcher. When that doesn't work he enters a brainy game show where the contestants can win millions.
S03E03 Coucou, Jeudi 23/10/1987 Rocky Retro is the new hunk in school and Judy loses him to Marcia because she has a car. Judy wants her own car and has to find a job to pay for that. She accepts three jobs: walking dogs through space, doing construction work and taking orders at a fly-thru burger joint in a nearby solar system.
S03E04 Invisiblement Vôtre 27/10/1987 It seems that Orwell Spacely, Mr. Spacely's nephew, is the company's inventor. George becomes the company's Guinea Pig. Just when the patrolling police think no one breaks the 500 mph speed limit, they see a car driven by a man without a face. The new invention doesn't clean people like it is supposed to, it makes them invisible!
S03E05 Georges mène la danse 29/10/1987 The annual father/daughter dance means embarrassment for Judy so she fakes the 48 hour flu. Still Jane promises that this year will not be the disgrace from last year because dad is taking dancing lessons. Using a super sniffer the kids try to find their father to peek at one of his lessons.
S03E06 Clean as a Hound's Tooth 02/11/1987 George ends up going to the dogs after a dentist experiments dog teeth on his mouth.
S03E07 Wedding Bells for Rosie 04/11/1987 Rosie falls in love with the robot of the janitor. To get a 'green card' for that robot they need to get married. But can robots get married?
S03E08 The Odd Pod 06/11/1987 Jane enters a garden contest. Astro crushes Jane's plant and the plant passes away. George buys Jane a new plant at 'Far Out Flowers', a rare import 'A Martian Creeper'. It turns out to be a very rare breed ...
S03E09 Georges voit double 10/11/1987 With genetics one can duplicate every possible living thing. A great way to duplicate George, so one can work and the original one can stay at home and enjoy leisure time. But which is which?
S03E10 Patron d'un Jour 12/11/1987 A medical test shows that George is more suited to be president of the company than Spacely himself. That is: after Elroy finds out Spacely distracted George during the test on purpose so he could pay him less salary. Elroy forces the score and George is executive for 2 weeks. Will George behave or will power raise to his head? Mr. Cogswell tries to put Spacely out of business when George is in charge for two weeks.
S00E01 The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones 01/10/1987 The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones is an animated TV movie, featuring the first meeting between the characters from The Flintstones and The Jetsons. Made by Hanna-Barbera, as part of the Hanna-Barbera Superstars 10 series.
S00E02 Rockin' with Judy Jetson 15/01/1988 Rockin' with Judy Jetson is a 1988 musical made-for-TV movie produced by Hanna-Barbera and aired in syndication as a part of the Hanna-Barbera Superstars 10 series. It is based on the animated television series The Jetsons.
S00E03 Jetsons: The Movie 06/07/1990 Jetsons: The Movie is a 1990 animated comedy-drama musical film produced by Hanna-Barbera and released on July 6, 1990, by Universal Pictures based on the hit cartoon series, The Jetsons (the 1980s revival, in particular). The film features the final voice roles of George O'Hanlon and Mel Blanc who both died during production of the film. It was dedicated to both their memories and was also the film debut of Brad Garrett.
S00E04 The Jetsons Return to the Future 02/06/2009 This documentary includes creators, historians and voice talent reminiscing about how the popular series was revived for a second season 20 years after its debut, and focuses on how creators kept the show true to its original '60s spirit while revamping it for a broader, younger audience.
S00E05 The Best Son (John K.) 10/03/2002 George and Jane are upset when Elroy steals something and decide to trade him in exchange for a robot kid.
S00E06 Father and Son day (John K.) 10/03/2002 George and Elroy both play hooky to spend a day of male bonding.
S00E07 The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania! 28/02/2017