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The Mr. Men Show is an animated television series based on the original Mr. Men and Little Miss books created in the 1970s, 80s and 90s by British author Roger Hargreaves. Adapted from the published source material into a television variety program, The Mr. Men Show features comedy sketches, pantomimes, dance numbers and music videos. The TV series is directed by Mark Risley and executive produced by Eryk Casemiro & Kate Boutilier.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Les Monsieur Madame

S01E01 Bobos 04/02/2008 The gang heads off to the hospital to tend to their wounds.
S01E02 Centre Commercial 04/02/2008 The Mr. Men and Little Misses spend a day at the mall.
S01E03 Canicule 05/02/2008 Little Miss Calamity's ceiling fan is broken. Meanwhile, Mr. Persnickety goes to the beach. Finally, Mr. Rude's air conditioner brings in unwanted guests.
S01E04 Sommeil 05/02/2008 Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small open a mattress warehouse. Meanwhile, Mr. Rude talks in his sleep. Finally, Miss Scary snores.
S01E05 Danse 06/02/2008 Mr. Quiet and Mr. Strong perform a ballet. Meanwhile, tappers interrupt Mr. Grumpy. Finally, Mr. Scatterbrain square dances.
S01E06 Inventions 06/02/2008 Mr. Grumpy creates a tickle protector jacket. Meanwhile, Mr. Lazy's finds his dream remote control. Finally, Mr. Rude gets lessons in etiquette.
S01E07 À la ferme 07/02/2008 While at a nearby farm, Mr. Tickle and Mr. Scatterbrain decide to try their hands at cow milking. Meanwhile, feeding the pigs is harder than it sounds for Mr. Persnickety. Finally, Mr. Nervous visits the chicken pen so that he can collect eggs.
S01E08 Films 07/02/2008 A trip to the movies turns out to be quite the adventure. Meanwhile, Mr. Rude is asked to be the worker for the movie theatre's concession stand. Finally, Little Miss Calamity gets her on screen debut.
S01E09 Travail 08/02/2008 Mr. Stubborn applies for a job. Meanwhile, there's a new garbage man in town and his name is Mr. Persnickety. Finally, Little Miss Whoops and Mr. Bump decide to earn a living by moving pianos.
S01E10 Jardins 08/02/2008 Mr. Nervous unwillingly finds a new type of plant life. Meanwhile, Mr. Scatterbrain and Little Miss Whoops decide to make Mr. Grumpy a garden. Finally, Mr. Quiet spends time in a zen garden.
S01E11 Neige 11/02/2008 Mr. Bump has problems building a snowman. Meanwhile, Little Miss Calamity cautiously travels outside during a harsh snowstorm. Finally, the cold means nothing to Mr. Stubborn.
S01E12 Boîtes de conserve 11/02/2008 A soda causes a huge rift in Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Stubborn's friendship. Meanwhile, Little Miss Naughty comes up with a scheme to get rich quick. Finally, Little Miss Scary's 'Can of Fear' causes problems with everyone.
S01E13 Livres 12/02/2008 Things go a little bit crazy when Mr. Bump goes to a factory that prints books. Meanwhile, the gang tries to teach Mr. Rude proper manners. Finally, Mr. Persnickety visits a library.
S01E14 Plage 12/02/2008 Mr. Scatterbrain opens up a soda shop on the beach. Meanwhile, Mr. Grumpy's sandwhich is almost stepped on. Finally, a parasailing adventure is awkward for Mr. Bump.
S01E15 Jour de Pluie 13/02/2008 Rain in Dillydale leads to a leaky roof, a drenching and a ruined picnic.
S01E16 Trains 13/02/2008 The Mr. Men explore trains, both runaway and express, and their tiny cabins.
S01E17 Foire 14/02/2008 The gang participates in the fair's 'Whack a Clown' competition. Meanwhile, Little Miss Daredevil's aspirations of being shot out of a cannon are realized. Finally, a fun house upsets Mr. Grumpy.
S01E18 Camping 14/02/2008 Mr. Stubborn is asked to set up a tent, and hilarity ensues. Meanwhile, Little Miss Chatterbox comes in between the search for a lost dog. Finally, Mr. Grumpy's new camping equipment is littered with bugs.
S01E19 Voler 15/02/2008 It's a skydiving spectacle when Mr. Bump decides to try it out. Meanwhile, Little Miss Calamity wants to go on a hot air balloon ride. Finally, Mr. Stubborn is forced to fly a plane with passengers on board.
S01E20 Passe-temps 15/02/2008 Little Miss Daredevil tries out her newest tightrope act. Meanwhile, Mr. Scatterbrain's favorite hobby is flying kits. Finally, Little Miss Whoops becomes a snake charmer.
S01E21 Peinture 19/02/2008 Little Miss Chatterbox has to stand still and stop talking so that Mr. Rude can paint a portrait of her. Meanwhile, Little Miss Whoops makes traffic a whole lot more hectic. Finally, Mr. Lazy buys a new paint shop and Little Miss Calamity comes to visit.
S01E22 Poissons 19/02/2008 A scuba diving expedition causes Mr. Nervous to be... nervous. Meanwhile, Mr. Stubborn learns how to ice-fish with the help of Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small. Finally, Mr. Bump causes problems for Mr. Grumpy when they got fishing.
S01E23 Collectionner 20/02/2008 The morning show gets a little crazy when Mr. Scatterbrain shows off his collection. Meanwhile, Little Miss Calamity tries her hardest to win the grand prize. Finally, playtime isn't a fun time for Mr. Nervous.
S01E24 Corvées 20/02/2008 The gang is paid to clean Mr. Persnickety's refrigerator. Meanwhile, Mr. Happy decides to mow lawns for Mr. Grumpy. Finally, no gutter is safe when Mr. Bump is the cleaner.
S01E25 Pleine Lune 21/02/2008 Mr. Bump has trouble finding a midnight owl. Meanwhile, Mr. Rude and Mr. Stubborn go on an adventure in the woods. Finally, Little Miss Calamity needs to catch a ghost and she recruits Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small to help her.
S01E26 Nuit 21/02/2008 Once again, Mr. Stubborn refuses to accept that werewolves exist. Meanwhile, nobody can seem to find Mr. Scatterbrain. Finally, Mr. Lazy's slow appearance causes others to think that he's a mummy.
S01E27 Science 22/02/2008 The scientific community rejects Mr. Stubborn's beliefs. Meanwhile, Little Miss Whoops takes a field trip to the local planetarium. Finally, Mr. Nervous reluctantly goes on a huge trip in space.
S01E28 Lac 22/02/2008 Mr. Quiet uses his free time to visit a lake. Meanwhile, things don't go too smoothly when Mr. Bump tries to water-ski. Finally, Mr. Happy's canoeing trip with Mr. Stubborn doesn't exactly go as planned.
S01E29 Nourriture 26/02/2008 Little Miss Whoops and Mr. Bump's new food service job is quite difficult. Meanwhile, Mr. Grumpy gets a job at a food court. Finally, Mr. Lazy does a surprisingly good job at work.
S01E30 Insectes 26/09/2008 Mr. Bump parades around as a singing spider in the school play. Meanwhile, Little Miss Naughty becomes an exterminator. Finally, Mr. Stubborn doesn't believe there are any insects in the apartment.
S01E31 Restaurants 27/02/2008 Nobody wants to go to Mr. Messy's new pizza shop. Meanwhile, Mr. Rude insults a very nice restaurant. Finally, Mr. Grumpy isn't happy with his new waiter, Mr. Scatterbrain.
S01E32 Musique 27/02/2008 Music touches Mr. Strong in a powerful way. Meanwhile, Mr. Noisy makes even more noise with his new drum set. Finally, Mr. Bump and Little Miss Whoops decide to form a band.
S01E33 Aventure 28/02/2008 Mr. Bump makes a big leap of faith when he tries his hand at bungee jumping. Meanwhile, Mr. Nervous is under attack from angry animals. Finally, Little Miss Helpful becomes a safari tour guide.
S01E34 Construction 28/02/2008 Trouble mounts when Little Miss Whoops heads to a construction yard to use wrecking skills. Meanwhile, Mr. Nervous reluctantly builds a skyscraper. Finally, a barn is built with the help of Mr. Bump.
S01E35 Cuisiner 29/02/2008 The gang works in the kitchen.
S01E36 Parc d'Attraction 29/02/2008 The gang goes to an amusement park, where the rides aren't always amusing.
S01E37 Pelouse 03/03/2008 The gang takes care of yard work outside.
S01E38 La parade 03/03/2008 Everyone watches the local parade.
S01E39 Jeux 04/03/2008 The residents of Dillydale play different games.
S01E40 Supermarché 04/03/2008 The Mr. Men and Little Misses head to the gigantic superstore to buy to their hearts consent.
S01E41 Hôtel 05/03/2008 The Mr. Men work and stay in a hotel.
S01E42 Anniversaire 05/03/2008 Birthday activities include gift shopping and wrapping, and pinata whacking.
S01E43 Station de Lavage 06/03/2008 The Mr. Men have their cars cleaned at a car wash.
S01E44 Vie sauvage 06/03/2008 The gang deals with troublesome wildlife.
S01E45 La Fête de Jolieville 07/03/2008 Activities around Dillydale include street sweeping, balloon-animal wrangling and musical history lessons.
S01E46 Voitures 07/03/2008 Cars cause headaches for a stalled Mr. Grumpy, a racing Mr. Nervous and Mr. Bump, who's being driven around by Mr. Scatterbrain.
S01E47 Tourisme 10/03/2008 Everyone enjoys the view.
S01E48 Obscurité 10/03/2008 The gang conquers their fear of the dark.
S01E49 Cirque 11/03/2008 The cast spends a day at the circus.
S01E50 Navires 11/03/2008 Every travels on a ship.
S01E51 Sport 12/03/2008 The residents of Dillydale become involved in physical activities.
S01E52 Bateaux 30/03/2008 We set sail and spend some time at sea.
S02E01 Pique-nique 08/09/2009 The gang have picnics at the beach and on the moon.
S02E02 Leçon de conduite 08/09/2009 Miss Whoops learns to drive while others have exciting rides.
S02E03 Dans l'espace 09/09/2009 Mr. Bump fixes a satellite; a planet is explored; Miss Scary thinks aliens are invading.
S02E04 Dents propres 09/09/2009 Mr. Bump fixes a satellite; a planet is explored; Miss Scary thinks aliens are invading.
S02E05 Aéroport 10/09/2009 The gang go to the airport.
S02E06 Chaussures 10/09/2009 Mr. Bump goes shoe shopping; Mr. Messy can't find his sneaker; and Mr. Fussy stages a version of "Cinderella."
S02E07 Art et artisanat 11/09/2009 The Mr. Men get creative with arts and crafts.
S02E08 Jeux télé 11/09/2009 The Mr. Men and Little Miss play and watch game shows on T.V..
S02E09 Garages 14/09/2009 The gang work in garages.
S02E10 Lunettes 14/09/2009 Mr. Happy might need glasses; and Miss Whoops loses her spectacles.
S02E11 Jouet 15/09/2009 The gang play with toys, but not everyone likes them.
S02E12 Reptiles 15/09/2009 The Mr. Men encounter reptiles.
S02E13 Chapeaux 16/09/2009 Mr. Fussy shops for a hat; Mr. Stubborn wears a big hat while driving; a best-hat contest is held.
S02E14 Robots 16/09/2009 A mechanical maid acts up; Miss Whoops gives a robot the wrong brain; and a new robot is introduced.
S02E15 Fêtes 17/09/2009 The gang go to parties.
S02E16 Haut et bas 17/09/2009 Spectators annoy Mr. Grumpy; Miss Magic works in a restaurant kitchen; and Mr. Noisy sells vacuums.
S02E17 Dîner dehors 18/09/2009 The gang visit restaurants.
S02E18 Cadeaux 18/09/2009 Presents get mixed up; Mr. Tickle tries to increase sales at Mr. Rude's shop; and Mr. Nervous is scared to open a gift.
S02E19 Soleil et lune 21/09/2009 Mr. Scatterbrain gardens at night; astronauts collect moon rocks; the sun worries Mr. Nervous.
S02E20 Téléphone 21/09/2009 Mr. Rude makes a call during a concert; a telephone line is fixed; and Miss Helpful has a plan to make Mr. Grumpy more popular.
S02E21 Bords de mer 22/09/2009 The Mr. Men visit the beach.
S02E22 Lavage et séchage 22/09/2009 A clothes delivery is botched; Mr. Fussy does laundry; and Mr. Strong tries to tame a wild washing machine.
S02E23 Éternuements et hoquets 23/09/2009 Mr. Stubborn is in denial about being sick; Miss Magic tries to cure hiccups; Mr. Fussy goes to a fancy restaurant with the wrong friends.
S02E24 Fruits 23/09/2009 Mr. Rude delivers fruit; Mr. Quiet rides a jet; and Mr. Bump works in an applesauce factory.
S02E25 Radio 24/09/2009 Mr. Grumpy doesn't like the radio; Mr. Fussy starts trouble; Mr. Rude wants to buy a clock radio.
S02E26 Supermarché 24/09/2009 The gang go to the supermarket.
S02E27 Gratte-ciels 25/09/2009 Mr. Bump washes windows with Mr. Strong; a building is deconstructed; Miss Magic speeds up an elevator.
S02E28 Cinéma 25/09/2009 Mr. Grumpy goes to the movies; Mr. Strong hunts for treasure; and Mr. Messy goes to the drive-in.
S02E29 Se déplacer 28/09/2009 Mr. Nervous rides a taxi; Mr. Stubborn drives a bus.
S02E30 Horloges 28/09/2009 Mr. Grumpy has a new alarm clock; Mr. Quiet tries to sleep; and Mr. Tickle and Mr. Bump fix a clock tower.
S02E31 Bureau de poste 29/09/2009 Mr. Bumps sorts letters but is distracted by Mr. Tickle; Mr. Messy likes junk mail; Mr. Grumpy picks up a package.
S02E32 Animaux de compagnie 29/09/2009 Mr. Strong has a new pet; an elephant goes missing; and a best-goat competition is held in Dillydale.
S02E33 Danse, danse, danse 30/09/2009 The gang bust a move.
S02E34 Arbres 30/09/2009 Mr. Quiet builds a tree house; a rare tree frog is sought; and Mr. Stubborn's car gets stuck.
S02E35 Bibliothèque 01/10/2009 The gang visit the library.
S02E36 Pirates 01/10/2009 Miss Bossy runs a pirate class; Miss Scary works at a pirate-themed restaurant; and aliens commandeer a spaceship.
S02E37 Gluant 02/10/2009 Mr. Strong targets gunk. Little Miss Scary has a gooey plan. Little Miss Naughty builds a fountain.
S02E38 Trains et avions 02/10/2009 Railroad tracks are fixed. Little Miss Magic irritates Mr. Fussy. Mr. Grumpy's train trip is ruined.
S02E39 Pleine mer 05/10/2009 The gang visit the high seas to go fishing, look for a sunken ship and rescue castaways.
S02E40 Voisins d'à côté 05/10/2009 Mr. Grumpy's dinner is interrupted; Mr. Nervous frets over house sitting; and Mr. Rude parks in the wrong driveway.
S02E41 Déjeuner 07/10/2009 Two Mr. Men eat lunch in the cafeteria; Mr. Bump serves sandwiches; Mr. Fussy has a picnic.
S02E42 Machines 07/10/2009 Mr. Messy tries a new way to clean his house; a street sweeper goes crazy; and time travelers meet dinosaurs.
S02E43 Fées et lutins 09/10/2009 Miss Whoops tries a new job as the Tooth Fairy; a garden gnome frightens Mr. Nervous; Mr. Grumpy is plagued by his Scary Godmother.
S02E44 Amélioration de maison 09/10/2009 Mr. Grumpy has a regal new home; Miss Helpful rearranges furniture; and Mr. Stubborn fixes up a home.
S02E45 Oiseaux 13/10/2009 Birds ruin a meditation session for Mr. Quiet. Mr. Tickle shows how to tickle a bird. Mr. Fussy looks for a rare bird.
S02E46 Bain et bulles 13/10/2009 Mr. Quiet's bath is interrupted. Mr. Messy takes a mud bath. Little Miss Whoops designs a bike that blows bubbles.
S02E47 Sable et surf 15/10/2009 Mr. Grumpy sells surfboards. A beach-party video is made. Mr. Quiet encounters a sand crab.
S02E48 Parcs 15/10/2009 Mr. Grumpy can't get peace in the park. Little Miss Magic makes unusual snacks. Mr. Messy learns to fly a kite.
S02E49 Surprises 16/10/2009 Mr. Quiet has an unexpected guest. Surprises at a restaurant upset some customers. A surprise is planned.
S02E50 Voyages 16/10/2009 Mr. Fussy stays in a too-small cabin with friends. Mr. Grumpy rides a camel. Mr. Nervous tries to relax by the pool.
S02E51 Mauvais temps 19/10/2009 Mr. Stubborn goes to the beach despite bad weather. A snowstorm traps Mr. Quiet in a cabin. Mr. Strong tries to fix a leaky roof.
S02E52 Indésirables 19/10/2009 Mr. Fussy hunts a mouse. A fly lands in Mr. Quiet's soup. Mr. Bump tries to get rid of wasps.

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