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Flavia, Nubia, Jonathan et Lupus sont quatre enfants qui résolvent des mystères divers à l'époque de la Rome antique, en 79 de notre ère.


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S01E01 Les secrets de Pompéi (1/2) 08/05/2007 Pour les protéger des nombreux dangers de Rome, le père de Flavia l'envoie, en compagnie de trois amis, à Pompéi, où ils seront plus en sécurité...
S01E02 Les secrets de Pompéi (2/2) 08/05/2007 Flavia et ses amis parviennent à convaincre l'amiral Pline que le Vésuve représente un véritable danger pour la ville de Pompéi.
S01E03 Les pirates de Pompéi (1/2) 03/07/2007 Après l'éruption du Vésuve, Flavia et ses amis se retrouvent dans un camp de réfugiés où ils découvrent une sombre affaire d'enlèvement d'enfants...
S01E04 Les pirates de Pompeï (2/2) 03/07/2007 Avec ses amis, Flavia enquête sur les enlèvements qui ont lieu dans le camp où ils se sont réfugiés. Leurs investigations les mettent en danger...
S01E05 Les assassins de Rome (1/2) 17/07/2007 Alors que Jonathan célèbre son anniversaire, la fête est interrompue par l'arrivée de son oncle Simeon. Celui-ci décide de ramener le jeune homme à Rome...
S01E06 Les assassins de Rome (2/2) 17/07/2007 Alors que Jonathan se demande si sa mère est réellement morte lors du siège de Jérusalem, ses amis tentent de le retrouver afin de sauver l'empereur...
S01E07 Les dauphins de Laurentum (1/2) 31/07/2007 Pour aider son père à payer ses dettes, Flavia, toujours aidée de ses amis, part à la recherche du trésor d'un navire englouti...
S01E08 Les dauphins de Laurentum (2/2) 31/07/2007 Lupus plonge à la recherche d'un trésor enfoui dans la mer. La perspective d'un butin faramineux a entraîné d'autres personnes à faire de même...
S01E09 Les ennemis de Jupiter (1/2) 14/08/2007 Le père de Jonathan doit se rendre à Rome pour lutter contre une épidémie de peste. Quant à Flavia, elle tente de déchiffrer une énigme...
S01E10 Les ennemis de Jupiter (2/2) 14/08/2007 Jonathan et ses amis tentent de découvrir quel poison a été administré à sa mère car ils craignent que l'empereur ne soit également attaqué...
S02E01 The Gladiators of Capua (Part 1) 08/07/2008 A sinister group of gladiators has come to Ostia and Nubia believes her missing brother may be amongst them. The children smuggle themselves into the arena to find him, till Lupus is caught and put with a wild beast and Jonathan faces the strongest gladiator in single combat. There is a deadly mystery here - but can they solve it in time?
S02E02 The Gladiators of Capua (Part 2) 08/07/2008 Today is the day of the gladiatorial contest and Jonathan believes he's facing certain death. Flavia has disguised herself as a dancing girl, but that isn't a safe option when there's a big political conspiracy going on and the children have become part of it. Can they save the life of the Emperor's brother Domitian?
S02E03 The Trials of Flavia Gemina (Part 1) 15/07/2008 It's the feast of Saturnalia when all the world's turned upside down with dancing and feasting and mis-rule. An abandoned ship has washed up in Ostia - carrying ghosts or monsters or who knows what. And Flavia has another challenge when her father brings home a horrible woman he wants to marry.
S02E04 The Trials of Flavia Gemina (Part 2) 15/07/2008 Nubia tracks down the monster that escaped from the ship - and discovers there's more than one monster and nothing is what it seems. Flavia's battle to expose her father's new fiancee as a murderer gets her into deep trouble and finally, comes close to costing her life and the love of her friends.
S02E05 The Colossus of Rhodes (Part 1) 29/07/2008 Lupus narrowly escapes kidnap by slavers on the streets of Ostia, but his friend Porcius and other children are snatched. Flavia and her friends sail after the slave traders. But they have a traitor right there on board with them and no one knows who it is. And their quest is threatened by a terrible storm.
S02E06 The Colossus of Rhodes (Part 2) 29/07/2008 In Rhodes, the children find the whole island is paralyzed by fear of Magnus, the mythical figure who master-minds the slave trade. There are rumors that he is a giant. The only way to save the kidnapped children is to get right inside Magnus' palace and to get evidence of his evil. In the end, Lupus has to tackle Magnus and his henchman alone.
S02E07 The Fugitive from Corinth (Part 1) 19/08/2008 In the darkness, Flavia and Nubia wake to cries and the sounds of a struggle. Flavia's father, has been stabbed and his life hangs in the balance. Only Nubia has faith that the gentle Aristo, their tutor, could not possibly be behind the attack. The children take a carruca into the hills outside Ostia, in pursuit of the murderer. But the murderer is willing to kill again...
S02E08 The Fugitive from Corinth (Part 2) 19/08/2008 As the children close in on the man they are pursuing, they are led into a trap from which they are unlikely to escape alive. Their only hope is that Lupus can bring them help. They must catch the man who tried to kill Flavia's father before he can strike again. Who is the mysterious attacker?
S02E09 The Slave Girl from Jerusalem (Part 1) 02/09/2008 Flavia and her friends are trying to save Hepsibah, a young Jewish midwife, wrongly accused of terrible crimes. Miriam is determined to protect her friend, who will deliver the babies she is expecting. Jonathan has a prophetic dream that someone will die. But who? This is one of Flavia's most difficult mysteries.
S02E10 The Slave Girl from Jerusalem (Part 2) 02/09/2008 Hepsibah is now charged with two murders and her court-case is going disastrously wrong, as Flavia's choice of lawyer is young and inexperienced. Nubia, Lupus, Flavia and Jonathan have to race against the clock to find the evidence that will clear Hepsibah. Meanwhile, the comical drunken Floridius befriends Lupus and does his daft best to help out. Jonathan's prophecy of a death comes tragically true.

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