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Les petits Einstein est une série d’animation qui suscite la participation des jeunes enfants en leur faisant découvrir le monde de la musique classique et des oeuvres d’art. À bord de leur sympathique fusée, Léo, June, Quincy et Annie s'envolent vers de nouveaux horizons. Ils découvrent le monde de la musique classique et des œuvres d'art.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Les Petits Einstein

S01E01 Promenade dans l'Espace 05/09/2005 When one of Saturn's rings falls into June's backyard the team goes on a mission through outer space to get the ring back to its planet. On their way, the team encounters comets, meteors and even strange space creatures called Meeps!
S01E02 La Baguette du chef 09/10/2005 As Leo uses his baton to conduct a beautiful sunrise, a bald eagle mistakes Leo's baton for a stick and flies away with it! When Leo retieves his baton he conducts the team and all the animals they've met on their journey to a glorious "Morning" reprise.
S01E03 La Grande Course du Ciel 10/10/2005 Rocket is going to be in the Great Sky Race! He'll be competing against all kinds of aircraft, including the Big Jet. The kids are sure Rocket will win, but as he prepares, Rocket gets the hiccups. The team has to surprise Rocket's hiccups away.
S01E04 La Petite Baleine 11/10/2005 Rocket makes friends with a little humpback whale. When the little whale has to go home with his family, Rocket is sad. The team makes it their mission to reunite Rocket with his new friend.
S01E05 La Chasse au Trésor 12/10/2005 In order to find a lost pirate treasure, the children must decipher several musical clues, until Big Jet finds out about it, though will they manage to figure them out in time before Big Jet steals the Treasure?
S01E06 Un Anniversaire Extraordinaire 13/10/2005 It's Annie's birthday and all her friends have given her balloons they're her favorite! She's so excited, but a big gust of wind blows them away. Not to worry - her big brother, Leo is determined to get them back.
S01E07 La Légende de la Pyramide Dorée 14/10/2005 Quincy finds a harp that plays a song that can open up anything! The harp has a picture of a golden pyramid on it. The team makes it their mission to find out who lives inside the golden pyramid. It's off to Egypt!
S01E08 Le Dragon Volant 17/10/2005 A Dragon Kite flies into June's backyard with an urgent message - the Great Kite Parade at the Great Wall of China is today, but all the Big kites are missing!
S01E09 Plus Vite, Petit Train! 21/10/2005 The team helps a train to reclaim a party bag in the Wild West. Rocket has a face-off with Big Jet.
S01E10 À la Ferme 24/10/2005 The children head to a farm where Annie’s friends, the Three Little Pigs, find some mysterious seeds. The children head off to find a rain cloud and the sun in order to make the garden grow, but what will grow out of the mystery seeds?
S01E11 A Little Einsteins Halloween 29/10/2005 It's Halloween and the children are in Europe to celebrate the holiday, as they plan to do some trick-or-treating at some European castles until some ghosts planned to steal their Halloween treats. Will the gang protect their treats from the ghosts?
S01E12 La Mission de Sauvetage d'Annie 14/11/2005 When musical bubbles whisk Leo, June, and Quincy across the Atlantic Ocean, it's up to Annie to save them! Annie embarks on her first ever solo mission.
S01E13 La Petite Souris et la Lune 21/11/2005 The team is camping when they meet a tiny mouse who has a present for the moon. The team makes it their mission to help the mouse get to the moon.
S01E14 Il faut délivrer le gentil chevalier 05/12/2005 When the children discover that a good knight has been trapped inside of a castle by a bad knight, they decide to rescue him, though they need to find an enchanted key before they’ll be able to do that. Unfortunately, the castle is guarded by all types of traps and the children will need to use their wits if they wish to foil the bad knight’s plan.
S01E15 La Grande Ballade de Noël 12/12/2005 When Santa Claus brings the children some special wish boxes, they find out that Annie’s gift fell off the sleigh and it didn’t arrive with the other gifts. The children decide to go on a mission that will take them around the world in order to find Annie’s present, though they may be able to use their wish boxes to help make their endeavor easier.
S01E16 Comment nous sommes devenus les Petits Einstein - La véritable Histoire 08/01/2006 The children think back about how they became Little Einsteins, in how they met rocket and what their first mission was like. How was their very first Mission like?
S01E17 Une Journée en Australie 26/01/2006 The kids travel to Australia to the Sydney Opera House for the Animal Talent Show, The kids find a Joey (A baby Kangaroo) who found out that the Joey forgot about the Animal Talent show. Will the Kids and the Joey get to the Sydney Opera House in time for the Animal Talent Show?
S01E18 À la recherche de Petit Renne 20/02/2006 While flying on Rocket the gang travels toward Lapland a frozen place near the Arctic and finds a Baby Reindeer wandering into a winter forest but there's a problem...Quincy is afraid of the dark, Will Quincy conquer his fear and rescue the Baby Reindeer?
S01E19 Printemps Nous Voilà! 20/03/2006 The gang travels to the Netherlands so that Quincy can plant his friend Baby Tulip, until Big Jet uses his new machine: A season machine to interfere with the kids Springtime. Will the kids stop Big Jet from ruining Springtime?
S01E20 L'histoire du petit totem 17/04/2006 The kids traveled towards Alaska to the Totem Pole Forest to meet a Little Totem Pole on an amazing adventure, Where it tells the stories of the kids. Will the Little Totem Pole ever be a Big Totem Pole?
S01E21 La Machine à rétrécir et à agrandir 06/05/2006 The gang finds a Big-and-small machine in the Rocket room but when it goes out of control it shrinks Rocket and the kids. Now the Kids and Rocket must travel Inside a Cuckoo clock, Inside an Anthill and through a garden in order to retrieve the missing piece of the Big-and-small machine. Will the Kids ever turn back into their normal sizes?
S01E22 Le Petit Caneton 14/05/2006 A baby duckling mistakes June as it's mother after playing Follow-the-leader and then travels with the kids back to it's home in the Great Lakes. Will June and her friends return Ducky back to it's home?
S01E23 Les Animaux d'Afrique 19/06/2006 The kids go on a Rocket Safari in Africa. But trying to make a pathway for the wildebeest, Rocket gets stuck while blocking the water. So the team try to get the biggest animals in Africa to free Rocket from the cold water with some help from Bumblebee.
S01E24 Tout le monde a un ami 10/07/2006 The gang heads toward the Big Woods in Arkansas and meet an Ivory-billed Woodpecker named Tapper and finds out that it looking for a friend and the gang decides to take it to the top of the Ozark Mountains. Will Tapper ever find a friend?
S01E25 Fusée n'arrive pas à dormir 14/08/2006 The gang has a sleepover in the Rocket Room until they discover that Rocket can't sleep, so Rocket and the gang decides to travel to outer space to count the planets. Will Rocket ever go to sleep?
S01E26 La Machine à Anniversaires 20/10/2006 The kids are cleaning the Rocket Room when they find instructions on how to make a machine to make today everybody's birthday! The team will go out to find the pieces to make this machine and celebrate their birthdays today!
S01E27 Un Tout Nouveau Costume 06/11/2006 The team meets a small caterpillar and discover that they need he needs to get to the Tree of Many Colors so that he can get his brand new outfit! He warns the team that he doesn't have a lot of time left to get there! The team is going to try and get him to the Tree of Many Colors so he can get his new outfit, but will they be able to get him there in time?
S01E28 Le Grand Voyage des Papillons 20/11/2006 When everybode but Butterfly gets an invitation to the family migration party, the team knows something is wrong. They discover that Butterfly's invitation could've gotten lost! The team will go to several places and explore many different areas but will they still be able to find Butterfly's missing invitation?
S01E29 00/00/0000
S02E01 Quincy et les instruments de musique magiques 13/01/2007 Quincy finds four magical instruments and the other Little Einsteins get marooned on the Arabian Sea. Quincy will have to use his instruments to find the other Little Einsteins before the waves get out of control in the Arabian Sea. Will Quincy be able to use his new instruments and save the team in time? Or will they be swallowed up by the violent sea waves?
S02E02 Annie et Léo, Super-Héros 13/01/2007 Annie and Leo enter the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel until a witch causes problems for them and the gang. Will Leo and Annie save Hansel and Gretel from the witch?
S02E03 Le bal du soulier de verre 29/01/2007 While dancing in Leo's yard, June discovers that there's a glass slipper ball in Vienna but discovers that June must get to Vienna or she'll be late. Will the slipper fit on June or will she be late for the ball?
S02E04 La chanson de l'amitié 14/02/2007 While at the beach, Annie and the Little Einsteins meet two best friend Hermit Crabs. They all have a good time until a powerful wave whisks away one of the hermit crabs! The little Einsteins make it their mission to save the Hermit Crab and reunite the best friends! Will the Hermit Crabs be united again?
S02E05 Mélodie, l'animal musical 26/02/2007 Leo and the gang find a little pet that makes music while at the pet train in France. They decide on the name "Melody". She was ready to go to the pet train until Melody discovers that her ticket is missing, the gang travels to find the lost ticket. Will Melody find her lost ticket?
S02E06 La Princesse des marionnettes 12/03/2007 The gang arrives in Prague for a Puppet show until a cart taking the puppets hits a bump in the road and the puppets accidentally get left behind until June and the others decided to return the puppets back to the Puppet show. Will June and the others return the puppets in time for the show?
S02E07 Super Vite! 26/03/2007 The gang talks about their super fast device on Rocket until three little piggies on airplanes go out of control in different speeds. Will the gang save the little piggies?
S02E08 Le bébé singe 09/04/2007 The gang explores baby animals in the Ivory Coast of Africa. Suddenly, they find a baby chimp who only speaks music. The baby chimp misses his parents. So, the Little Einsteins go on a mission to help find baby chimp's parents. Will they find Baby Chimp's parents?
S02E09 Le Bébé Violoncelle 23/04/2007 The Little Einsteins travel to Italy to see a mother cello have five new little baby cellos. But, the fifth baby cello is gone from his mother. The kids find him floating down a river. Now Quincy and his friends must help baby cello find his mother. Will the Little Einsteins find baby cello's mother?
S02E10 Annie et le petit avion violet 04/05/2007 While traveling through San Francisco, California, Annie and her newest toy, Purple Plane, notice a green helicopter stuck way up high in the highest redwood tree! Annie will have to guide Purple Plane over the highest landmarks in California to reach green helicopter. Will purple plane be able to fly quite high enough?
S02E11 La course de Carmine 12/05/2007 The gang hangs out in Monaco where a Grand Prix is where a friend of Quincy's, Carmine a musical car plans to win the race. Will Carmine win the Grand Prix?
S02E12 La Grande Course du Ciel 12/05/2007 Big Jet damages Rocket's flying button and plans his revenge on losing the last Great Sky Race and plans on winning this race by preventing Rocket from flying. Will Rocket beat Big Jet in the rematch of the century?
S02E13 Le Basson Endormi 25/06/2007 Quincy and the Little Einsteins read the story of the Sleeping Bassoon. During the story, the Princess Bassoon is put under a sleeping spell by a grumpy wizard. The only way to wake her up is that someone plays her happy song. Will Quincy be able to wake up the Sleeping Bassoon?
S02E14 La soupe de Fusée 30/07/2007 While playing with the Little Einsteins, Rocket suddenly runs low on energy and the gang decides to create Rocket Soup by gathering ingredients from their old friends, Little Mouse, The Good Knight and the Joey. Will Rocket get his soup and get his energy back?
S02E15 Le ballet des fous à pieds bleus 17/08/2007 June is teaching four blue-footed booby birds ballet on a beach near the dock. When the boat leaves for the Galapogos Islands for a ballet, the baby blue-footed booby bird falls off the boat. Will the Little Einsteins get the baby blue-footed booby bird to his show on time?
S02E16 La petite fusée rouge 14/09/2007 The gang plans to take some Rocket Soup that they made for Rocket's grandma when she catches a cold when all the sudden Big Jet steals the soup until the gang and Rocket must retrieve the soup back from Big Jet. Will Rocket ever get his soup back from Big Jet and take it to his grandma?
S02E17 Le puzzle magique du Sphinx 18/10/2007 The Little Einsteins and Rocket fly through Egypt on a mission to help the Great Sphinx solve a magic puzzle.
S02E18 Il faut aider Bébé Bernache 29/10/2007 A baby goose gets lost during its migration through the Russian Arctic. Will the gang find the lost baby goose in time for it's migration?
S02E19 Annie et le pied de haricot 10/11/2007 The Little Einsteins embark on a quest to retrieve the Golden Goose from a giant. Will Annie and the others rescue the Golden goose?
S02E20 Le Gentil Prince Jouet 07/12/2007 June is in Iceland performing a ballet about a toy prince who makes all the toys in his kingdom happy. Will June manage to help the Prince?
S02E21 L'aventure des glaces de Monsieur Manchot 00/00/0000 Mr. Penguin needs Rocket's help to get his broken ice-cream truck over the Andes mountains. Will Mr. Penguin be able to make it over the mountains?
S02E22 Annie, Get Your Microphone! 22/02/2008 Annie wants to compete in a song contest, but Big Jet steals her music and rips it apart. The Little Einsteins attempt to get all of her music back in time for her to perform. Will the others retrieve Annie's song in time for the contest?
S02E23 La chasse au trésor 10/03/2008 Rocket discovers a treasure map that leads to riches in Hawaii, but Big Jet steals the map before the treasure is found. Will Rocket get the treasure first before Big Jet?
S02E24 La clé du mystérieux trésor 18/04/2008 The team is playing hide and seek in Japan when they come upon an old Japanese woodblock. The woodblock shows a picture of a prize box hidden at the top of Mt. Fuji, but the box can only be opened with a golden music key.
S02E25 Le gouter des animaux 02/05/2008 Rocket brings some snacks to baby animals in Africa, but Big Jet steals the goodies until Rocket transforms in different animal modes. Will Rocket and the gang retrieve the stolen snacks from Big Jet?
S02E26 The Great Schubert's Guessing Game 00/00/0000 The Great Schubert gives you three music clues and you have to guess Great Schubert's favorite carnival ride. The Little Einsteins all put their tokens together so that Annie can play the game. But before the team can read the clues, a gust of wind blows the three music clue cards far away! Oh no!
S02E27 Quincy and the Instrument Dinosaurs 00/00/0000 Quincy and the team are searching deep in the jungles for Quincy's favorite kind of dinos--instrument dinosaurs. The team happens on an adorable Baby Piccolo-Dactyl hatching from an egg. But just then, a huge, loud Bass-a-Saurus Rex passes by, and Baby Piccolo-Dactyl gets scared and flies far away. We've got a dino-sized mission!
S02E28 Build it Rocket! 02/08/2008
S02E29 Mon amie Mélodie 13/09/2008 Leo is having a party for his very special music pet, Melody. He has prepared a surprise for her--a ride in a hot air balloon. Melody is so excited that she jumps into the basket and gets blown away by a gust of wind! The team must rescue her.
S02E30 Music Monsters 11/10/2008 When Annie finds a little red monster hiding under her bed, he turns out to be an adorable music monster who plays a song so sweet it can make anyone smile. The Einsteins must help him rescue his friends being held by the Loch Ness Monster.
S02E31 La chanson de la Licorne 00/00/0000
S02E32 Les Fées Musicales du Grand Nord 13/12/2008 Far off in the arctic snows of Alaska, lives the Instrument Fairies. When a storm strikes, the Instrument Fairies find themselves trapped inside a dark cave. Only the tiny Violin Fairy is able to escape, and she enlists the help of Quincy!
S02E33 Silly Sock Saves the Circus 17/01/2009 Leo's Silly Sock is the silliest sock you ever saw.Silly Sock longs to join the Silly Clothes Circus in Paris, France! To reach the circus, the Little Einsteins and Silly Sock must overcome all sorts of wacky obstacles.
S02E34 Leçon de choses 22/09/2009 It's time for Show and Tell and each member of the team is bringing his or her favorite items! But Big Jet swoops in and snatches their show and tell items and flies away! Rocket and the team blast off to Mexico in hot pursuit.
S02E35 Go Team! 21/03/2009 The Little Einsteins are in Barcelona, Spain, looking for castles. There they meet a friendly king who has a shiny musical treasure. When a huge dragon flies down and takes the king's musical treasure the team sets off to find it.
S02E36 The Music Robot From Outer Space 00/00/0000 The Music Robot from Outer Space The team and June are looking through June's telescope when they discover the most incredible thing flying through outer space- a Musical Robot!
S02E37 La grande parade du petit éléphant 22/12/2009 The Little Einsteins are in Jaipur, India, for the Big Elephant Festival and Parade. Rocket and the team must find three missing magic grow peanuts that will make their tiny elephant friend grow so that he can be in the parade.
S02E38 Les Pompiers à la Rescousse 23/11/2009 The kids are all playing fire fighters with Fire Truck Rocket when suddenly the team spots smoke billowing from a rumbling volcano on the tropical island of Java. Fire Truck Rocket sounds his siren and the team blasts off to the rescue.
S02E39 Rocket the Bug 23/11/2009 In the episode entitled "Rocket the Bug," Rocket constructs a special house to protect three baby bugs in the garden, but a big bad wolf soon blows the house and Rocket to New Zealand. So the gang ventures after him, finding their way through a forest of Maori sculptures, a trap at Pancake Rocks and all the way to the top of Mt. Cook to recover the bug house in time to protect the bugs from an approaching storm. In addition to the Maori sculptures, the episode features George Frideric Handel's "Water Music."
S02E40 Fusée au secours de l'oiseau de feu 00/00/0000 It's the biggest adventure of the Little Einsteins, The country of Russia misses the Firebird's music until an evil ogre name Katschai steals the music throughout Russia as he captures the Firebird, it's up to the Little Einsteins to save the Firebird from Katschai and rescue Russia from an unmusical fate.
S00E01 Notre Super Aventure 26/08/2005 Leo, June, Quincy, Annie and Rocket blast off on their first whirlwind adventure that will take the team over Niagara Falls, inside a spooky cave in Oklahoma, and finally to the amazing butterfly forest in Mexico for their migration festival. Will Butterfly make it the their migration festival in time?
S00E02 Rocket's Firebird Rescue 21/08/2007 June, Leo, Annie, and Quincy travel to Russia in Rocket to rescue Firebird. The world misses Firebird's music, and the Little Einsteins will use their brains to save Rocket's feathered friend. ROCKET'S FIREBIRD RESCUE is based on Igor Stravinsky's ballet named FIREBIRD.
S00E03 Mission Celebration 00/00/0000
S00E04 Legend of the Golden Pyramid 00/00/0000
S00E05 Team Up For Adventure 00/00/0000
S00E06 Go to Africa 00/00/0000
S00E07 Race for Space 00/00/0000 Rev up Rocket and soar full-speed ahead into action-packed, music-powered adventures! Join Leo, June, Quincy, Annie and Rocket on a mission to rescue the Three Little Piggies when their airplanes spin out of control. Can Rocket fly fast enough and far enough to bring the Piggies all the way home? Only with your help! Journey with the Little Einsteins as they zoom to outer space on their most thrilling voyage ever! Then, get ready to race around the globe against the world s greatest flying machines. But look out! Big Jet is up to his old tricks, and he ll do anything to win the trophy. Whether your preschooler is exploring the ancient city of Machu Picchu, whooshing past stars and planets or searching for hidden treasure in Hawaii, Race For Space is a first-class ticket to nonstop entertainment you can enjoy together!
S00E08 Animal Expedition 00/00/0000
S00E09 Flight of the Instrument Fairies 00/00/0000
S00E10 Team Up for Adventure 00/00/0000