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S01E01 Pilot 01/10/2002 Plucky office "floater" Claude Casey lands a dream assignment as secretary to the network's news anchorman.
S01E02 Ice Cream with Lydia 08/10/2002 Claude mistakes dinner plans with Will for a romantic date.
S01E03 Claude the Liar 15/10/2002 Claude is caught in the middle when she must lie to Will's wife.
S01E04 Queen of England 22/10/2002 Claude is embarrassed by her friends' behavior and asks them to stay away from the 22nd floor.
S01E05 The Vacation 29/10/2002 Claude is afraid she will be replaced if she takes time off from work.
S01E06 The Pole 05/11/2002 Claude attends Ramona's "strippercize" class to develop her self-confidence.
S01E07 Future Shock 12/11/2002 Claude is afraid she might turn out like an embittered older secretary.
S01E08 Meet the Folks 19/11/2002 Claude's parents visit, embarrassing her in the process.
S01E09 Claude the Heartbreaker 26/11/2002 Claude finds difficulty with dating two men simultaneously.
S01E10 One Office Party Too Many 10/12/2002 At the network's annual Christmas party, Claude dotes on Will and Ramona steals the show.
S01E11 A Claude Casey Production 17/12/2002 Claude produces Kipp's disastrous news demo tape.
S01E12 Claude's Got a Secret 07/01/2003 Claude and Charlie pretend they have broken up in order to deflect attention from their budding romance.
S01E13 Telephone 21/01/2003 When Claude throws a party at Will's apartment, Kipp finds some disturbing information.
S01E14 High Maintenance 04/02/2003 Will's new girlfriend treats Claude like her own personal slave.
S01E15 Valentine's Day 11/02/2003 Will overhears Claude's steamy phone call with Charlie.
S01E16 Breaking Up 18/02/2003 Ramona, Lydia and Will's fiancée try to get Claude through her breakup with Charlie.
S01E17 Picture Perfect Party 11/03/2003 Claude tries to throw an elegant party but is upstaged by Will's public-relations ploy.
S01E18 The New Guy 18/03/2003 Claude leads a plan to thwart a rival for Will's anchor job.
S01E19 Oh Papa 29/04/2003 Claude attempts to unite Owen with his father.
S01E20 A Little Love for Lydia 06/05/2003 Lydia falls for Claude's visiting brother.
S01E21 Save the Squirrel, But Bet the Over 13/05/2003 Claude hawks tickets to Will's benefit dinner for a squirrel clinic.
S01E22 The Umbrella 20/05/2003 Claude considers a new job opportunity with a mean executive producer.
S02E01 Choices 23/09/2003 Claude accepts a new job assignment, leaving Kipp to take her old position.
S02E02 From the Office of Will Butler 30/09/2003 Claude helps Carl get a job in the office cafeteria.
S02E03 It Takes a Pillage 07/10/2003 Following a burglary, friendly Claude is taken advantage of by her neighbors.
S02E04 New York Evening 14/10/2003 Claude's plans for a glamorous New York evening can't get off the ground.
S02E05 Shampoo 21/10/2003 Claude's dalliance with an old classmate turns sour.
S02E06 Rules 28/10/2003 Claude navigates the tricky rules of the dating world.
S02E07 All About Claude 04/11/2003 Ramona gets territorial when an old adversary comes back into the picture.
S02E08 Roomies 18/11/2003 In Washington, Claude must share a hotel room with Lydia and Kipp.
S02E09 Claude's Alternative Thanksgiving 25/11/2003 When Claude hosts Thanksgiving, Owen must pretend he is not normal.
S02E10 The Girl Next Door 02/12/2003 Claude's dinner with Carl leads to misunderstanding.
S02E11 Claude the Terminator 09/12/2003 Claude enlists Ramona to carry out her dirty work.
S02E12 Santa Claude 16/12/2003 Claude must shop for Will's Christmas presents to the staff and his girlfriend.
S02E13 What About That! 06/01/2004 Will asks Claude to write an announcement to clean up his tarnished public image.
S02E14 Two Camps 27/01/2004 Kipp and Claude compete over who has the best boss.
S02E15 Love Stinks (Sometimes) 10/02/2004 Claude preps for a date with Mitch, the new segment producer.
S02E16 The Crush 17/02/2004 Jeb's son develops a crush on Claude.
S02E17 Claude's Apartment 24/02/2004 Claude matures her apartment for a date with Mitch.
S02E18 22 Minus 1 Equals 4 02/03/2004 Mitch bumps Lydia down to the fourth floor, making Owen and Ramona unhappy.
S02E19 Riding in Cars with Falafel 09/03/2004 Claude borrows, and then wrecks, Carl's car.
S02E20 Dating Protocol at GNB 16/03/2004 Claude fears a new HR policy may threaten her relationship with Mitch.
S02E21 Arctic Nights 27/04/2004 Will's early stint on a Canadian soap opera is exposed.
S02E22 Claude's Roxanne 04/05/2004 Will hires Claude's old friend as a secretary even though she is totally unqualified.
S02E23 The Pimp Hat 11/05/2004 The gang plays a game in which they each pick a name from a hat and set up a date for that person.
S02E24 Claude on One Knee 18/05/2004 Claude nudges Jeb into marrying Lydia in an effort to push her rival out of the office.
S03E01 Supply Man Down 24/09/2004 Claude's suggestion for a paper-free office could make Owen's job obsolete.
S03E02 Claude Wants to Know 01/10/2004 Claude presses a duplicitous former date for the truth about her.
S03E03 Ain't It a Shame, Claude? 15/10/2004 When a new guy starts at the office, Claude is oblivious that he has a crush on her.
S03E04 Ignoring Lydia 22/10/2004 Jeb pays Claude to be Lydia's best friend.
S03E05 Knock, Knock Who's Dead? 29/10/2004 After a worker dies in his office, Claude tries to return his things to a family member.
S03E06 From the Chair to the Couch 05/11/2004 Claude's remark to Will lands her on his psychiatrist's couch.
S03E07 Shoo-In 12/11/2004 Claude applies for a management-training program.
S03E08 We're Bad People 19/11/2004 Claude suspects Kipp has embezzled funds to pay for his eye surgery.
S03E09 Moms the Word 26/11/2004 Owen's meddlesome mother and her companion visit the office.
S03E10 Claude's Romantic Hideaway 03/12/2004 Claude interferes with Carl's love life.
S03E11 Claude's 15 Minutes of Christmas 17/12/2004 Claude is put in charge of organizing the GNB on-air holiday greeting, but is alarmed to learn that there are strict criteria to determine who can represent the company - putting her in hot water with Owen, Ramona and Carl, to whom she had promised an appearance. Meanwhile Lydia refuses to rearrange her holiday plans with Jeb when he announces they must accommodate his son, George, and Kipp and his new girlfriend, Annie, encounter holiday relationship turbulence.
S03E12 Emotions Eleven 07/01/2005 The crew arrives at GNB's annual retreat to discover former human resources representative Schmidtline fired up to point out all their workplace flaws. Claude struggles to lead the group in a team-building task, and when things go poorly, they decide to go AWOL to a casino. Meanwhile, Will and Jeb are left to fend for themselves in the office, but neither can figure out how to make a conference call.
S03E13 You Can Leave the Lights On 14/01/2005 Claude's ex-boyfriend, Charlie, returns to GNB and they decide to give their relationship a second try, so Ramona convinces Claude to buy some sexy lingerie to reignite their passion. Meanwhile, GNB has upped security and reinstated the studio tour, putting pressure on Ramona and Owen to perform as if they had an audience; and Jeb at last seems to appreciate Kipp's work, but he changes his tune when Kipp's great story idea (men with silly beard styles) results in horrible reprocussions.
S03E14 I Just Don't Like Her 21/01/2005 Carl's girlfriend, Viv, is friendly to everyone except Claude who, she thinks, is trying to steal Carl away from her. But when Carl breaks up with Viv for ridiculous reasons, Claude makes it her goal to get them back together. Meanwhile, Lydia convinces a restaurant to add Jeb's image on their famed wall, which forces Will off the wall.
S03E15 Playhouse 28/01/2005 Claude's boyfriend Charlie temporarily moves in after his landlord pays him ten thousand dollars to move out. However, when Charlie becomes too comfortable with his new wealth and free living arrangements and begins holding auditions for his new band in her apartment, Claude questions her decision . In the meantime, Lydia wants Jeb to take dance lessons to prepare for their wedding, and Owen is the perfect teacher.
S03E16 Distractions 04/02/2005 Paula Abdul guest stars as a gallery owner who predicts new photographer Owen will become famous, while Lydia and Jeb search for a photographer of their own to shoot their upcoming nuptials.
S03E17 Get Away 11/02/2005 Will loans his beach house to Claude and Charlie, who find that the uninvited Lydia and Jeb are there. Meanwhile, when Ramona's computer crashes, she finds herself oddly attracted to the dorky software technician; Will's water-massage-table arrives after his departure to Aspen, where he intends to break up with his girlfriend; and Kipp and Carl compete to win the affection of a lovely news producer.
S03E18 Pre-Wedded Bliss 04/03/2005 Claude steps in to help Lydia and Jeb with their pre-nup, but finds she may have opened a Pandora's Box. Owen offers to help Claude with Will's fan mail, and forges a relationship with one fan in particular, Louise. But when Louise (played by Joan Rivers) shows up at GNB to meet Will, it could be trouble for everyone. Meanwhile Ramona cooks up an internet auction scheme to get back at Kipp for insulting her.
S03E19 Claude's Extreme Makeover 25/03/2005 Claude wins an extreme apartment makeover by the ""Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"" design team at a charity auction. While the designers (and Owen) redesign her apartment, Claude has to spend the night at GNB -- where there is a surprising amount of late night activity and intrigue. Upset over his breakup with Lydia, Jeb bonds with Carl and the two go on a bender; Lydia arrives in hooker attire, claiming that she's fleeing the police; and Kipp makes out with the cleaning lady.
S03E20 Amicably Yours 01/04/2005 Claude discovers that Jeb and Lydia are pretending to be romantically interested in her and Kipp, respectively, as a means of making the other jealous. Meanwhile, Carl makes a long overdue visit to a doctor, played by Star Jones Reynolds, who makes him think he has more ailments than he really does
S03E21 Casey V. Kronsky 08/04/2005 To complete the GNB Management Training Program, Claude and Kipp must supervise a department. Claude is assigned to Supplies, where she struggles to assert her authority over hypersensitive Owen. Meanwhile Kipp is assigned to Operations, which he soon learns is the janitorial department. At first appalled at blue collar life, Kipp later embraces his new masculine side. Lydia fills in as Jeb's secretary, which proves awkward since they've broken up. Carl recieves 18 health code violations in the cafeteria, but the inspector agrees to wave them if he'll sleep with her.
S03E22 Claude the Expert 15/04/2005 Claude encourages Charlie to audition for a band, but she's dumbfounded when he reveals he got the gig and has to leave town indefinitely. Will wins Kipp from Jeb in a card game and gives him to Claude as a gift -- so Claude willingly lets him do her job. Meanwhile, Ramona and Owen plan a surprise birthday party for Carl. Depressed over her breakup with Jeb, Lydia (""the spinster Weston"") becomes Owen's ""pancake whore,"" but Claude interferes and Lydia winds up having an impromptu wedding with Jeb at Denny's.
S04E01 The Devil Wears Burberry (1) 18/04/2006 Upon returning from vacation, Claude learns that her boss, network anchor Will Butler, has resigned, leaving her jobless. Luckily her trusty friends, Owen and Ramona, have secured her a position as a temp on the 4th floor, right back where she started three years ago. Jeb Denton, the new anchorman, has promoted his wife, Lydia, to producer, and Claude's worst nightmare comes true when she's offered a job as Lydia's assistant. She hesitantly accepts the job on condition that she be given more responsibility, but working for Lydia proves to be a dangerous bargain. Meanwhile, Owen becomes addicted to Carl's new soft serve ice cream machine.
S04E02 The Devil Wears Burberry (2) 25/04/2006 After quitting as Lydia’s assistant, Claude is back to “floater” status. However, the only spot available is working with Lydia, so Claude reluctantly agrees to work for her, but with conditions. Lydia’s first major assignment is to produce a complicated segment for the news. She pretends to have everything under control, but ends up breaking down and begging Claude for her help. Claude saves her only after she’s given a raise, a promotion and an apology. Meanwhile, Ramona gets a call that she may need to quit and return to the National Guard, leaving Owen and Carl freaking out.
S04E03 A Crush Grows in Brooklyn 02/05/2006 After a long week, Claude, Carl, Ramona and Owen enjoy a night out for happy hour at their favorite bar. A little tipsy, Claude and Carl head home and, when one thing leads to another, they end up in bed together. They decide to keep it a secret from everyone at work to protect their friendship, but their attraction to each other makes it difficult. Meanwhile, Jeb incites a power struggle between Lydia and Kipp to keep them both
S04E04 Why Are You Hurting Claude? 30/05/2006 Ramona detects with her "laydar" that Claude and Owen are sleeping together. Owen's in the dark until he walks into Claude's bedroom -- where it's not dark. Meawhile, Jeb & Lydia are constantly fighting at work, and Kipp loses his trust fund and looks to Ramona to help him budget his money, and Owen shops for a new doorknob.
S04E05 Flirting with De-feet 06/06/2006 Claude is concerned when Carl doesnt seem to be affected by her flirting with Ethan (Joey McIntyre), the copy repairman. Meanwhile, Ramona finds out that Kipp is making money on the side as a foot model, and she demands to get involved. Owen takes the photos of their feet together, but when they find them online, it turns out that someone has turned their shoot into a bizarre sexual scene.
S04E06 The Owl Specialist 00/00/0000 Claude has owls living on her apartment roof and does her best to protect them, but gets distracted by Lydias dog, who ends up scaring them away. Meanwhile Owen tries to get someone to be his emergency contact, but no one wants the responsibility since hes so accident prone.
S04E07 Red Carpet Claude 00/00/0000 When Jeb is described as boring, Claude decides to get him publicity. But instead ends up getting it for herself.
S04E08 Kip Steadman's Guide To Dating 00/00/0000 When Kip reveals he lost his apartment with his trust fund, an unwitting Carl takes him in. Kip then gives advice to Carl about dating Claude. Kip reveals, through their hatred, he knows a lot more about Claude then he thought. Ramona and Lydia listen to Claude talk about her and Carl's relationship. Meanwhile, Jeb receives a watch from Lydia that he hates. But in the hands of Owen, it's not safe.
S04E09 Reinventing The Wheel 00/00/0000 Owen helps Claude deal with a moody Lydia. Carl finds out he's related to Romona. Or is he? And Kip finds that Jeb is picking on him because he is a weak target.
S04E10 And The Award Goes To 00/00/0000 When Lydia feels like she doesn't get enough recognition, Jeb and Claude concoct the idea of giving her a fake award. But, the pair get too over their heads after Lydia gets too excited by the award. Owen shows off his carpentry skills to various employees. And Claude accidentally belittles Carl, which puts a strain on their relationship.
S04E11 I Hear An Ear 00/00/0000 Claude and Kip get into an argument as she as about to become assistant to Jeb and Lydia.
S04E12 Banished and Famished 00/00/0000 Claude's annoucement for the 22nd Floor hits the rocks when Lydia adds a list saying that the 4th Floor workers are banned from the snack bar, which forces Ramona and Owen to eat in their office.
S04E13 Sex, Lies and Office Supplies 00/00/0000 After listening in on Lydia's phone call, Claude realizes that Lydia's about to cheat on Jeb, so she intervenes... but she later comes to regret it. Meanwhile Owen decides that he's going to seduce Lydia; and Jeb's plan to roast his boss takes a drastic turn when he loses his voice and sends in Kipp to give his speech.

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