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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Let's Eat

S01E01 Declared stand alone 28/11/2013 The messy Koo Dae-Young moves in next door to Lee Soo-Kyung, a food fanatic, after her previous neighbour dies by choking on a live octopus. The cute Yoon Jin-Yi also moves in and the 3 start a very hectic life together.
S01E02 Getting to Know Your Neighbors 05/12/2013 Soo-kyung is less willing to trust Dae-Young and continues to find him suspicious. The three have a bbq together. A serial killer is on the loose in the neighborhood.
S01E03 I Want to Be Alone, Everybody Get Out! 12/12/2013 Like it isn't enough that Jin Yi suddenly barges into Soo Kyung's apartment in the middle of the night, Goo Dae Young eavesdrops her apartment at the drop of a hat in order to scheme up a plan to sell her insurance.
S01E04 Answer Me Neighbors 19/12/2013 Jin yi suspects the ghost of the woman who lived previously in her room is around. Lawyer Kim's feelings from college come back.
S01E05 Worry Over Money, Cry Over Money 26/12/2013 Suddenly, out of the blue, $100,000 falls from the sky and into Dae Young’s lap! Without his knowledge, his previous client made him the beneficiary of her insurance.
S01E06 Pride and Prejudice 02/01/2014 After the two women died, it was Dae Young who became the benefactor of their insurances?!
S01E07 Why Is Life Like Eating Dinner Alone? 09/01/2014 The price Soo Kyung has to pay for the false report she made about Dae Young being the assailant of the don’t ask assaults is pretty harsh.
S01E08 Things That You Can See Only When You Quit 16/01/2014 Seeing Soo Kyung return home on Dae Young’s back infuriates Hak Moon. However, when he sees the two of them coming to work together, his anger explodes.
S01E09 Mamma Mia! 23/01/2014 In a fit of anger, Soo Kyung throws in her resignation letter but little is she to know that her mother would drop by her house on a surprise visit.
S01E10 Mr. ShikSha Over Flowers 30/01/2014 Soo Kyung is rehired by Lawyer Kim and everyone prepares to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Soo Kyung discovers that Dae Young is the writer of her favorite food blog.
S01E11 Those Not in Love Now, All Guilty 06/02/2014 Lawyer Oh and Jin Yi try to one up each other to get Dae Young's attention, while Lawyer Kim continues to try to win over Soo Kyung. Soo Kyung begins to realize she might not just be a fan of Dae Young's blog but may actually like him.
S01E12 The Taste of Love… Bitter Sweet 13/02/2014 It's Valentine's Day and everyone gets ready to confess. Jin Yi and Lawyer Oh both try to involve Soo Kyung in their rivalry over Dae Young, which just makes Soo Kyung more and more dejected. Lawyer Kim comes to Soo Kyung and Barasshi's aid and finally confesses his feelings.
S01E13 The Man Who Was Only Looking At Me 20/02/2014 Attorney Kim tries to woo Soo Kyung as he waits for an answer to his confession. Dae Young wonders why Soo Kyung is on his mind more and more. Soo Kyung may be headed into a dangerous situation.
S01E14 She Has Disappeared 27/02/2014 Matters come to a head with the 'don't ask' assailant while Dae Young rushes to the aid of Soo Kyung. Soo Kyung finally gives Attorney Kim an answer. Soo Kyung and Dae Young's relationship takes a turn.
S01E15 Silence 06/03/2014 Dae Young and Soo Kyung avoid acknowledging the events of the evening before, while Jin Yi's jealousy grows. The mystery of the delivery boy comes to a head with potentially dangerous consequences for Jin Yi. Dae Young and Soo Kyung finally confront their feelings.
S01E16 Still Let's Eat 13/03/2014 Kwang Suk shows his true colors on the roof of the building Jin Yi's father has built. Jin Yi disappears without a trace after being engulfed with shock and terror.