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With four-frame comic origins, this animated title preserves the same quick pace by following the regular cast of colorful characters through separate but interwoven story lines in every episode. From Ms. Shitara's relentless but always ineffective sexual pursuit of young Takagi to the adventures of the heroicly stupid but cute Sushi Cat, you will be mystified at the silliness of it all but find yourself laughing for the same reason! LET'S ぬぷぬぷっ aired in TBS TV's "Wonderful" late-night show in the after-midnight anime segment on the 6 October 1998 and 2 November 1998.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Let's Nupu Nupu

S01E01 Lift Your Legs and Licky Licky 05/10/1998
S01E02 Tongue in Cheek CPR 06/10/1998
S01E03 Close Your Eyes and Pump It 07/10/1998
S01E04 Get Your Grind on in That Thong 12/10/1998
S01E05 Popping Cherries 13/10/1998
S01E06 Sensitive Hot-Pot 14/10/1998
S01E07 Help Me up, Nurse 15/10/1998
S01E08 What Librarians do Best 19/10/1998
S01E09 It`s a Stickup 20/10/1998
S01E10 What Goes Bump in the Night 21/10/1998
S01E11 Get That Head out and Let It Leak 22/10/1998
S01E12 White Water Rafting 26/10/1998
S01E13 Finger in the Spot 27/10/1998
S01E14 A Thorough Checkup 28/10/1998
S01E15 Simmering Geta 29/10/1998
S01E16 Let`s Nupu Nupu 02/11/1998

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