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À l’insu des Terriens, de nombreux extraterrestres vivent sur Terre. Généralement belliqueux, ils font tout, pour diverses raisons selon leur planète d’origine, pour ne pas impliquer les Terriens dans leurs histoires. Le prince Baka (« idiot » en japonais) Ki Eru Dogula de la planète Dogura est l’un de ces extraterrestres. De caractère très égoïste, il n’aime rien plus que de voir le visage d’une personne en difficulté ou la souffrance morale des gens, y compris des Terriens. Véritable génie, il s’ennuie profondément, et cherche toujours des moyens de se distraire, quitte à impliquer des innocents dans des plans selon lui géniaux.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Level E

S01E01 Un alien sur terre 11/01/2011 Tsutsui Yukitaka is a young man moving to a new town and high school, thanks to a his skills at baseball. however, he notices some of his belongings have already unpacked - and he has a visitor who might not be from Earth...
S01E02 Run After the Man 18/01/2011 Some alien agents have arrived in town trying to find "Blondie" and gather information on him. Apparently his race are extremely dangerous and warlike. However, on the surface at least, he appears to be a total idiot.
S01E03 Risky Game 25/01/2011 After discovering the "corpse" in the apartment, it suddenly springs to life. Now it wants to destroy Prince Baka to save face...
S01E04 From the DARKNESS 31/01/2011 A group of teenagers witness some kind of monster kill and devour a young woman. They seek help, certain that one of them might be next. But what is this creature and why is he doing it?
S01E05 Come Here, Colour Ranger! 07/02/2011 Bored again, the Prince abducts a group of children with the idea of forming a group of superheroes to protect earth - the Colour Rangers! However, with their new powers they learn something worrying about their teacher...
S01E06 Dancing in the Trap 14/02/2011 The Colour Rangers get trapped inside another one of the Prince's traps - this time it's an RPG!
S01E07 Game Over...!? 21/02/2011 Still trapped inside the Prince's RPG, the Colour Rangers now have to protect a princess - but have they met her before?
S01E08 You're My Darling! 28/02/2011 An alien princess is arriving on earth to find a mate - but this might have consequences for the entire human race! Meanwhile, Mikihasa, a human, is also having problems finding a mate...
S01E09 Love Me Tender 07/03/2011 Princess Saki and Mikihisa have been split up - but will the agents manage to keep them apart before the entire human race is destroyed? Perhaps the Prince will be able to help...
S01E10 Boy Meets Girl 14/03/2011 The Colour Rangers come upon a Mermaid in the forest - an alien race that punishes those who lie with death. Unfortunatly, Shimizu is set to relocate to America after his father gets a new job there. Will this be the end of the Colour Rangers?
S01E11 Field of Dreams 21/03/2011 The Prince and a baseball team get trapped inside one of the players heads as a result of cosmic stress. But whose brain are they inside? And what do they have to do to get out?
S01E12 Half Moon... 28/03/2011 The Prince's younger brother and fiance arrive on Earth, hoping to push him into an arranged marriage! However, this would mean he would then become the ruler of Dogura, which he (and his guards!) think would be a task better suited to his sibling...
S01E13 Full Moon! 04/04/2011 The Prince is still trying to escape his arranged marriage - however, his bride-to-be has set him a puzzle that he cannot help but try and solve. Will he manage to avoid an eternal marriage - or is there another plot at work here?

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