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You’ve entered Level, where GameTrailers deconstructs the best moments of the best games - and sometimes, the not-so-best games. Dungeons, bosses, maps and more, we’re pulling out our cosmic highlighter to stress the best.


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S01E01 Super Mario Bros. 3 - World 5-3 27/04/2011 Honor the best moments in gaming - starting with Kuribo's Shoe, the iconic suit from World 5-3 of Super Mario Bros. 3 on NES in the premiere episode of Level!
S01E02 Zelda: Twilight Princess - Snowpeak Ruins 28/04/2011 Venture deep into the mountains to a level unlike any Link has seen before in Twilight Princess!
S01E03 GoldenEye 64 - The Facility 30/04/2011 Level brings you back to the one of the most legendary levels in gaming history: The Arkhangelsk Dam Chemical Weapons Facility from James Bond's epic adventure in GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64!
S01E04 Cybernator - Attack on Arc Nova 03/05/2011 Cybernator on SNES puts the fate of the Earth in your hands in the third level: Attack on Arc Nova! Can you deal with the pressure of a game that makes you face your failure?
S01E05 Star Fox 64 - Katina 05/05/2011 Join the Star Fox team and friend Bill in the whirlwind of aerial combat in the battle of Katina in Star Fox 64!
S01E06 God of War II - Colossus of Rhodes 10/05/2011 In one of the most explosive opening sequences in gaming, Kratos faces a fearsome enemy: The Colossus of Rhodes imbued with devastating Godly powers!
S01E07 Contra: Hard Corps - Stage 1 26/05/2011 The first stage of Hard Corps comes out with all guns blazing! We honor the explosive opening of Contra's 1994 SEGA Genesis classic!
S01E08 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater - Woodland Hills Warehouse 12/07/2011 The Woodland Hills Warehouse helped put Tony Hawk games on the map! We serve up a few kick-flips and grinds as we honor the hours spent glued to the TV in the early PlayStation days!
S01E09 Demon's Souls: Fool's Idol Archstone 3-2 22/07/2011 Challenge the Gargoyles and the Silent Chief himself who populate the impossibly tall towers of Latria.
S01E10 TimeSplitters 2: Oblask Dam 08/08/2011 Whispers of GoldenEye haunt this fictional Soviet military base in Siberia!
S01E11 Chronicles of Riddick: Butcher Bay Prison Break 29/08/2011 The sweet taste of freedom is made all the more enjoyable after the depiction of captivity in Escape from Butcher Bay!
S01E12 Halo: Combat Evolved - The Silent Cartographer 24/11/2011 We map out one of Halo's best levels!
S01E13 Uncharted 2: Train Level 24/11/2011 Board the crazy train that put Drake's second adventure above the rest of the competition on the PlayStation 3!
S01E14 Half-Life 2: Ravenholm 25/11/2011 Join us as we relive the Free Man's terrifying trip to the decimated town of Ravenholm, courtesy of GT's Level!
S01E15 Baldurs Gate II: Irenicus' Dungeon 11/02/2011 Join us as we cover the death and suffering of the morbid dungeons and gameplay that encompasses Baldurs Gate II.
S01E16 Duck Tales: The Moon 29/12/2011 Join us as we return to the dark side of the moon with the insanely greedy Scrooge McDuck in the NES classic, Duck Tales.
S01E17 Shenmue: Mad Angels Brawl 14/03/2012 Revisit the epic brawl against the 70 criminal lowlifes of the Mad Angels gang in the climax of Shenmue on SEGA Dreamcast!
S01E18 Zombie Week 2012: Dead Rising Tunnels 08/10/2012 We kick off Zombie Week 2012 in the subterranean bloodbath beneath Dead Rising’s mall!
S01E19 Zombie Week 2012: Metal Slug 3, Mission 2 09/10/2012 Heavy Machine Guns won’t save you from the undead legion! Try projectile vomit instead!
S01E20 Zombie Week 2012: Resident Evil 2, The Police Station 11/10/2012 The RCPD gives the classic haunted house a run for its money for the creepiest place on earth!
S02E01 Battletoads: Ragnarok's Canyon 28/01/2013 The new season of LEVEL begins! Delicious flies, magazine pages, and pugilistic amphibians makes Battletoads a Rare treat on the NES!
S02E02 Condemned: Criminal Origins 04/02/2013 Why does Apple Seed Orchard stand out from the rest of Condemned: Criminal Origins' plethora of dark and dank environments? Find out in this episode of LEVEL!
S02E03 Mega Man X - Central Highway 11/02/2013 The training wheels rock off in one of the Blue Bomber's most memorable intro stages.
S02E04 GTA IV: Three Leaf Clover 18/02/2013 Your votes were tallied and GTA IV won! Is crime the last territory of creativity? Let’s rob this place and find out!
S02E05 Final Fantasy VI: A Night at the Opera 25/02/2013 Rebels clean up for a night of singing and cephalopods in one of Final Fantasy’s most memorable scenes.
S02E06 Dead Space 2: Titan Elementary 04/03/2013 Kids, don’t forget to bring your crayons and severed limbs. Isaac serves a most severe detention.
S02E07 Far Cry 3: Kick the Hornets Nest 11/03/2013 It’s time to kick the hornet’s nest in one of Far Cry 3’s most creative missions. And remember, winners don’t use drugs. Voluntarily.
S02E08 Doom II: Barrels o' Fun 18/03/2013 Love 'em or hate 'em, exploding barrels are one video game trope that doesn't seem to be going away. Join us as we explore one of their most creative uses.
S02E09 Double Dragon 2: Battle in the Chopper 25/03/2013 The Dragons' fists are no longer the greatest danger as they duke it out in the skies in Double Dragon 2's Level 3: Battle in the Chopper!
S02E10 Deus Ex: Hong Kong 01/04/2013 Uncover a vast Triad conspiracy within the streets and spas of Hong Kong in this diverse mission from Deus Ex!
S02E11 That Old Mario Magic 08/04/2013 Mario and Yoshi take a trip to the past in Sunshine for a slice of platforming paradise.

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