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LIFE IN THE CANOPY: LIVING LIKE A MONKEY Julie Anderson and wilderness expert Guy Grieve trek into the African jungle to study the elusive red-capped mangabey monkey. They get settled into the treetop shelter where they will live for six weeks to be closer to the monkeys and safe from predators at night. As Guy works to make their new home livable, hunting and gathering food and water, Julie must establish trust with the monkeys to get close enough to study them. Before long, Julie gains insight into monkey hierarchy and eating habits. LIFE IN THE CANOPY: JUNGLE DIARIES Going into their third week, Julie and Guy are approached by the monkeys, who are curious about their new neighbors in the canopy. Climbing experts help Julie set up a platform to observe the mangabeys' sleeping zone and closely interact with them. Meanwhile, Guy teams up with an elephant expert to learn more about the reclusive giants of the forest. They track the elephants deep into the jungle using thermal imaging to study this endangered species. LIFE IN THE CANOPY: LOST IN EDEN As the expedition starts to wind down, the team continues to observe the monkey group at their feeding zone. Julie enlists the help of the climbing team to rig ropes for her to climb into the upper branches of a tree almost as tall as a 20-story building, where she can study each distinct call and whoop of the mangabeys. After living in a tree house, interacting with monkeys and getting acquainted with the locals, the team has gained incredible insight into the day-to-day life of this threatened

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