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La vie est un zoo est une série d'animation créée par le studio d'animation Cuppa Coffee. La série est une parodie d'émissions de télé-réalité telles que Loft Story, Big Brother ou Occupation Double. Elle est diffusée au Québec sur Télétoon.(Wikipedia)


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Life's a Zoo

S01E01 Bienvenue dans la jungle 01/09/2008 The cast is introduced as they move into their new home and sparks quickly fly. This episode's featured video is "Made of Stone" by Spiral Beach.
S01E02 Qui dort perd 05/09/2008 The housemates hold a sleepathon to see who can stay awake the longest but when Jake wins he gets a little extreme in protecting the reward. This episode's featured music video was "Young Leaves" by Attack in Black.
S01E03 La Raypublica 08/09/2008 Fed up with the state of things in the house, Ray stages a coup and assumes dictatorial control over it. This episode's music video was "Spinning in My Grave" by The Beautiful Unknown.
S01E04 Pas Chi facile d'être une star 19/09/2008 Chi Chi becomes a celebrity after winning an immunity challenge and her fellow housemates look to ingratiate themselves with her.
S01E05 Maigris ou disparais 26/09/2008 After days of binge eating the guests' refrigerator is seized by the show's producers, and this week's challenge is to lose the weight they've gained. The contestant who loses the least amount of weight will be made - EXTINCT! This episode's music video was "The Skinny" by the Tin Bangs.
S01E06 Dr D est dans la place 03/10/2008 It's the mansion's musical show. This episode's featured video: "Won More Time" by God Made Me Funky.
S01E07 Panique en pique-nique 10/10/2008 It looks like there are several Morreskis, and Morreski has to decide "Morreski or no Morreski?" The music video is "Show Me" by Ripped.
S01E08 Dites moi où je suis 17/10/2008 When they can't get along, the contestants are all drugged and wake up in a maze of white rooms where they'll either have to work together to get out, or go extinct! This episode's featured music video is "Midnight Love" by Jason Kent.
S01E09 Une sacrée trouille 24/10/2008 A psycho runs loose in the mansion, who Claude says is the former owner, a man named Nicholas Van Ryn. This week's challenge for the contestants is to stay alive. But Van Ryn's hidden fortune is also up for grabs. Jake plans to find the fortune and make Rico extinct. This episode's music video is "First Date" by Danko Jones.
S01E10 Objets du vice 31/10/2008 The houseguests must go through 24 hours without their addictive vices. But then Jake steals the vices and becomes the worst addict of all. The music video is "How Did You Get This Way?" by Trophy Band.
S01E11 Un peu de retenue 07/11/2008 The house mates compete to see who can go the longest being nice and polite to the others without resorting to anger. This episode's music video "Rollercoaster" by Major Maker.
S01E12 Comme dans les dessins animés 14/11/2008 A costly overrun on advertising for the show forces a radical new look for the house mates. This episode's music video "Sinners of Saint Avenue" by Slave to the Square Wave.
S01E13 Ray prend les commandes 21/11/2008 After discovering a secret surveillance room in the mansion, Ray uncovers a collection of scripts and storyboards, suggesting that the show is, in fact, scripted. The cast plans an elaborate retaliation plot.
S01E14 Émissions spéciales (1/2 nouveau départ) 01/01/2009
S01E15 Cible en vue (2/2 nouveau départ) 01/01/2009
S01E16 Vérités ou conséquences 01/01/2009
S01E17 C'est à Chi le bébé 01/01/2009
S01E18 Pour le meilleur et pour le prix 01/01/2009
S01E19 Grande finale (1/2) 01/01/2009
S01E20 Grande finale (2/2) 01/01/2009