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This short-lived comedy series featured the legendary Lucille Ball as Lucy Barker, now a grandmother living with her daughter's family, and still getting into the comedic predicaments that her fans have learned to love.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Life with Lucy

S01E01 One Good Grandparent Deserves Another 20/09/1986 Curtis (Gale Gordon) comes back from a Hawaiian vacation with the intention of moving in with his son, Ted, and his family. He arrives just in time to learn that his son's mother-in-law, Lucy (Lucille Ball), Curtis's new business partner, has moved in with the family. Crotchety Curtis is annoyed that not only does he have to put up with her shenanigans at work, but now at home as well.
S01E02 Lucy Makes a Hit with John Ritter 27/09/1986 John Ritter is doing a play in town, and stops into the hardware store for some antique doorhandles. But instead of being helpful, Lucy is hurtful -- she advertantly injures his hands and foot. So Lucy insists that John stay with her. After the lead actress drops out of the play, Lucy talks John into offering her the part of his love interest.
S01E03 Love Among the Two-by-Fours 04/10/1986 A former flame of Lucy's, who is a business prospect for Curtis, comes into the store. After he takes her out, Lucy decides that she does not share the same feelings for him that he has carried for her.
S01E04 Lucy Gets Her Wires Crossed 18/10/1986 When a talk-show host comes into the store, Lucy talks him into inviting Curtis on for a Mr-Fix-It segment. Curtis reluctantly agrees to let Lucy join him, at the urging of Becky. But while gluing a lamp together, Lucy ends up gluing herself to Curtis. . .and both talk show hosts!
S01E05 Lucy is a Sax Symbol 25/10/1986 While looking for things to put in the yard sale, Lucy happens across her old saxophone and encourages Becky to take up playing. However, Becky finds playing the instrument unsatisfying, as does the annoyed Curtis.
S01E06 Lucy Makes Curtis Byte the Dust 01/11/1986 Lucy and Curtis get a computer to help with the books at the store. When she uses it to order a non-returnable fleet of merchandise, Lucy tries to get the bank to stop the check -- and accidentally misinforms them that Curtis has died.
S01E07 Lucy, Legal Beagle 08/11/1986 While trying to pass off a Kevin's teddy bear as her own during a clean-up sale, to help avoid taunting from one of Kevin's friends, she sticks it in a bag. The bag is then purchased with the bear inside, so Lucy puts up reward posters around town. When the woman comes in to pick up the reward, she's asking for a lot more than the $50 that Lucy is offering.
S01E08 Mother of the Bride 15/11/1986 Lucy's sister Audrey comes to town just in time to see Margo and Ted renew their vows. Lucy's excitement is diminished when Audrey starts making all the wedding arrangements, resulting in a cake fight between the two siblings.
S01E09 Lucy and the Guard Goose 00/00/0000 After the hardware store is burglarized due to Lucy foolishly leaving a key in a rock outside, she has the brilliant idea to get a goose to guard the store. But the goose never gets a chance to terrorize the burglars -- he's too busy terrorizing the store's owners.
S01E10 Lucy and Curtis Are Up a Tree 00/00/0000 Ted and Margo feel that Curtis and Lucy are spoiling their grandchildren too much. It doesn't help matters when Curtis begins building Kevin a treehouse, which begins a quarrel between the couple. While working on the treehouse, Lucy and Curtis decide to relieve Ted and Margo's burden by arguing over which will move out -- and Kevin walks off with the ladder, trapping them in the tree.
S01E11 Lucy's Green Thumb 00/00/0000 When Lucy makes health shakes for the family, they show their appreciation by pouring them each into an ailing plant. When the plant shoots up overnight, Curtis thinks he has a million dollar plant growing supplement -- but Lucy can't remember what she put in it.
S01E12 Breaking Up is Hard to Do 00/00/0000 Curtis sells Lucy his share of the store so he can retire. Lucy goes all out for a solo-ownership celebration and winds up nearly broke. So she interviews candidates to take over Curtis' position, finally settling on Curtis -- who found retirement less satisfying than he had expected.
S01E13 World's Greatest Grandma 00/00/0000 Lucy, jealous that everyone else in the family has a trophy to boast, is urged by Becky to join a talent show. After trying her hand at singing, dancing, telling jokes, and doing magic, Lucy finally settles on reciting a song. When she fails to win the trophy, the grandkids get her one of her own that reads ""World's Greatest Grandma.""
S01E14 Twas the Flight Before Christmas 00/00/0000