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Welcome to the Life with Roger guide at TV Tome. A wacky comedy about two men with nothing in common who become friends and roommates. It's Jason Fuller's wedding day, and he can't shake the feeling of impending doom. He's marrying his longtime girlfriend, Myra, a woman certain to make his life miserable. "Fortunately, fate intervenes in the form of a quirky stranger named Roger, drastically changing the lives of both men. The mismatched pair meet when Jason convinces Roger not to jump off the ledge of a bridge. Their chance encounter snowballs into a day of wild adventure: Jason's car is towed, he's robbed at gunpoint at the ATM and then has to rush Roger to the hospital for an injury he suffered trying to thwart the robbery attempt. And all this happens before the wedding. Despite knowing Jason for only a few hours, Roger is convinced his impending marriage is a big mistake. Seconding that opinion is Lanie, Jason's sister and across-the-hall neighbor, who is sure


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S01E01 Pilot 08/09/1996 A repressed doctor befriends a man he saved from jumping.
S01E02 The Day After 15/09/1996 Jason can't cancel his honeymoon trip, so Roger goes with him.
S01E03 The Stereo 22/09/1996 Roger helps Jason buy a stereo at a bargain price.
S01E04 The Foosball Connection 29/09/1996 Roger bonds with Jason's boss when he becomes their temporary secretary.
S01E05 Breaking In Is Hard to Do 06/10/1996 Jason wants his ex-girlfriend to return his leather jacket.
S01E06 First Date 13/10/1996 Unbeknownst to Jason, his first date in five years is actually a setup by a well-meaning Roger. And Jason's conduct shows he's sorely out of practice.
S01E07 Love Thy Neighbor 27/10/1996 Roger tries to help Jason make new friends in the building, so he declares the next person to leave the elevator will be their lunch guest -- but this turns out to be the building super who, after Roger spurns his boorish behavior, seeks revenge.
S01E08 The Way We Was 03/11/1996 Lanie's friend Heather has a romantic history with Roger but is looking for a secure financial future, so Roger returns to his former steady job in order to start the relationship anew.
S01E09 Is There A Doctor in the House? 10/11/1996 Myra trips and hurts herself at Jason's office.
S01E10 Working Girl 17/11/1996 Roger goes undercover to get solid proof when evidence suggests that Jason's new girlfriend Gina is a hooker.
S01E11 Last Tango 15/12/1996 Taunted into a tango contest, Roger vows to teach Myra to dance.
S01E12 The Apartment 05/01/1997 Jason is determined to move out when Myra becomes his building's manager. But Roger's ""psychic abilities"" sense evil in the dream apartment they find.
S01E13 The Landlady 12/01/1997 Burglars hit Jason and Roger's apartment after Myra fires the building's longtime doorman (Ron Karabatsos) and installs an elaborate electronic security system.
S01E14 About Last Night 19/01/1997 A sexy dream about Roger prompts Lanie to explore the possibility of it coming true; Myra helps Jason shop for furniture to fill his apartment, which has been burglarized.
S01E15 The New Boyfriend 02/03/1997 Even Roger and Jason think Myra's new boyfriend Ron is perfect -- until he makes a pass at Lanie.
S01E16 The Man with the Golden Charm 03/03/1997 Roger's lucky necklace gets thrown in with clothes destined for charity, which explains -- to Roger -- why he fails to attract a bid at a bachelor auction.
S01E17 A Fight to Remember 09/03/1997 Once a champion dancer, Roger accepts a grudge-match challenge to tango, then learns his former partner is unavailable. Can Myra step in and follow his lead?
S01E18 Toy Story 16/03/1997 A visiting preteen monarch abandons his duties and escapes in someone else's limousine -- which happens to be driven by Roger and Jason, who become kidnapping suspects.
S01E19 Dial M for Muffin 23/03/1997 When the nice neighbor lady who's been supplying Roger with baked goods doesn't show up, Roger, Jason and Myra's investigation leads them into danger.
S01E20 The Boxer Rebellion 30/03/1997 Roger is cast in an underwear commercial, but Lanie learns it's not the career maker that he's expecting. Meanwhile, Jason pretends he's Myra's husband when her aunt visits.

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