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The Rise and Fall of a Professional Beauty. It was the affair that shook Victorian society to its core. He was the Prince of Wales, the future monarch; she was a professional beauty, who became a royal bedmate. Lillie is a story of scandal and intrigue; of notoriety and cold-hearted manipulation and of heart-wrenching, passionate romance. This lavish production follows the fascinating life of the Dean of Jersey's daughter from her modest childhood to her emergence as one of the most celebrated beauties of her time. Lillie's liaison with the heir to the throne marked only the beginning of a remarkable, scandalous and daring series of adventures in open defiance of accepted morality imposed by Victorian and Edwardian society. Trapped in a loveless marriage, Lillie soon takes full advantage of her beauty and enchantment, attracting many lovers including the Prince of Wales.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Lillie

S01E01 Emelie 00/00/0000 Beautiful tomboy Emilie Le Breton prefers the name "Lillie". Lillie's fetching looks attract the attention of many men on the British Island of Jersy-even those who arrive by accident. After a disastrous visit to London, Lillie falls in love with a local fisherman with whom she has a bit too much in common. Soon afte the forbidden relationship, she accepts the marriage proposal of the wealthy Edward Langtry, a man who offers an escape from both her father and Jersey.
S01E02 Mrs Langtry 00/00/0000 Settling with husband Edward in her somber new home in Southampton, Lillie finds less freedom now than she did on Jersey. Worse, Edward's riches have long been spent. After a life-threatening illness and a bit of trickery, Lillie and Edward move to London where Lillie gets her first delicious tast of upper-crust society. but tragedy forces Lillie's return to Jersey. Her beloved brother Reggie has suffered a fatal accident, causing her intense grief and unrelenting guilt.
S01E03 The Jersey Lily 00/00/0000 Lillie's beauty creates a sensation in London's social circles. She is now a "professional beauty", a fashionable society woman whose every movement and activity becomes a matter of public interest. Lillie graces magazine covers and becomes highly sought after by artists, photographers, writers, hostesses-and a visiting dignitary King Leopold of the Belgians. While Lillie is highly celebrated, little do the wags know that this radiant beauty has but one simple black dress to her name.
S01E04 The New Helen 00/00/0000 Althought Lillie hasn't requited his attention, King Leopold of the Belgians, like many other men, is enthralled by Lillie's charm and beauty. His daily early morning visists to her home abruptly conclude when his advances are flatly rejected. But will this royal snub stunt Lillie's climb up Society's ladder? A reception at the palatial home of Lord Suffield will answer the question without a doubt. With her place assured, Lillie goes about impressing another set of royals, who selct her for introduction to the Prince of Wales.
S01E05 Bertie 00/00/0000 Despite being an icon of beauty and glamour, Lillie's marriage to Edward is a loveless farce. Even though Edward attempts to improve her surroundings, wardrobe and lifestyle, Lillie's heart has found another. She becomes quite close to "Bertie", the Prince of Wales, eliciting whispers of an illicit affair between the pair. After a brief trip back to Jersey, Lillie entertains the affections of Arthur Jones, a lifelong friend. But Lillie and the Prince can no longer exist apart. She is now his mistress.
S01E06 Let Them Say 00/00/0000 Bertie, the Prince of Wales, has gone to great lengths to impress Lillie--even building her a country house in Bournemouth. When Austria's Crown Prince Rudolf pays an official visit to London, Lillie becomes the focus of Rudolfs impetuous nature. His behavior does not sit will with Lillie or Bertie, and Rudolf is unceremoniously banished from the country. A short time later, after a cold public reception from Queen Victoria, Lillie retreats to her country home with Arthur Jones. While her love for Arthur grows, she cannot bear to leave the royal spotlight for Jersey's provincial obscurity.
S01E07 The Sailor Prince 00/00/0000 Lillie's social success continues despite the brewing public scandal over her illicit affair with Bertie. But a new Prince has arrived, Bertie's nephew Prince Louis of Battenberg. The attraction is mutual and Lillie now finds herself involved with a pair of Princes. When Bertie forbids Louis to marry Lillie, she coldly agrees. But Lillie hatches a plan to afford herself a more comfortable financial position: she will take to the stage, become an actress, and earn enough money to support herself.
S01E08 Going On The Stage 00/00/0000 Lillie is pregnant following a brief affair with Prince Louis. After being out in Jersey with Arthur Jones, Lillie secretly gives birth to Jeanne Marie in Paris. Even after the illegitimate child's arrival, Edward refuses to grant a divorce, and forces Lillie to support him by beginning her theatrical career on the London stage. Arthur Jones is bitterly disappointed, realizing his love for Lillie is unrequited and the two will never marry. Lillie is about to set sail for an American theatrical tour when she learns the disheartening news that Prince Louis will dock in Liverpool--just hours after her departure.
S01E09 America! 00/00/0000 In America, Lillie is cheered and celebrated wherever she goes. Although some critics offer harsh words regarding Lillie's stage debut, fashionable crowds pack the theatre each night. A rich, young American Freddie Gebbard, has taken to squiring Lillie, but as the show tours America, scandal follows. News reports accuse Freddie and Lillie of "immoral behavior". Undeterred, Lillie triumphs, attracting an ever-growing legion of fans. Back in England, the acting star causes yet another stir--this time with her own production, appropriately titled, "School for Scandal".
S01E10 Home On The Range 00/00/0000 Lillie is now a wealthy woman thanks to her sucessful theatrical visits to America. But she has little time to enjoy her elegant new London home. Back for a triumphant third tour of America, Lillie and Freddie Gebbard work with a famed lawyer in an attempt to obtain a divorce for Lillie From Edward Langtry. In an attempt to gain U.S. citizenship and force Edward's hand, Lillie purchases a large ranch in California. But Edward refuses to grant a divorce, whtihc leads Lillie ack to England, and a vicious confrontation between Freddie and the Prince Of Wales.
S01E11 Mr Jersey 00/00/0000 Fabulously wealthy George Baird is a gentleman, sportsman, horse-racing enthusiast--and known womanizer. Even though she's warned that her involvement with such a man will ruin her social position, Lillie is consumed by a strange attraction for Baird. Despite his violent outbursts, Lillie is now bound to him by fear. After a particularly brutal attact, Baird is jailed, attracting sensational press coverage worldwide. Meanwhile, Lillie begins a sucessful career as a horse owner escorting "Mr Jersey" into the winner's circle. But within months the two men who play pivotal roles in Lillie's life will meet their maker.
S01E12 Sunset And Evening Star 00/00/0000 Following the deaths of George Baird and Edward Langtry, Lillie moves to Regal Lodge in Newmarket, far from the scandal-loving London press hounds. There, with her mother and daughter Jeanne Marie, she feels safe. But her priceless jewel collection isn't as secure. Most of Lillie's uninsured gems are stolen, leaving her in financial straits. Lillie causes yet another wave of unwanted publicity when she announces her intention to marry Hugo de Bathe, an idle young aristocrat 20 years her junior. Meanwhile, daughter Jeanne learns the identity of her real father, and severs all ties with Lillie.
S01E13 Fifty Cents A Dance 00/00/0000 Lillie returns to America accompanied by young army officer Captain d'Albani. Although still married to Hugo de Bathe, Lillie keeps company with the Captain until he's called to war in 1914. The outbreak of fighting sees Prince Louis lose his coveted Admiralty, but leads him to a relationship with his illegitimate daughter, Jeanne Marie. Lillie, no longer the toast of America, finds herself seeking amusement in New York by paying her dashing young partners fifty cents a dance. With the war over, Lillie moves to the South of France, where she's surrounded by photos and memories of an illustrious past. As her time draws near, the only regret of her successful life is the love of a family.