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The Linux Action Show with no prep, no limits, and tons of opinion. An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and focuses them into a weekly lifestyle show about Linux.


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S01E01 Too Much Choice 12/08/2013 Does the Linux community lean on the age old excuse of choice, to brush of the real limitations of desktop Linux environments? We debate that, and then discuss the growing reasons to roll your own email server. Plus we read a ton of feedback, chat with our live hangout, some tablet troubleshooting, and more!
S01E02 Edge of Failure 19/08/2013 As the final hours countdown we chat about the fate of the Ubuntu Edge camping and debate with our live callers about the bigger picture. Plus our thoughts on the new KDE release, Steam, and a few more thoughts on elementary OS.
S01E03 Go Dock Yourself 26/08/2013 After rebuilding his KDE desktop better and stronger than before, Chris and Matt dig into what really seems to be troubling the Gnome project, what really makes a desktop easy to use, and if the Ubuntu Edge campaign was a sophisticated PR stunt. Plus the live feedback from our Mumble room, your emails, and more!
S01E04 Are Linux Users Cheap? 03/09/2013 We crunch the Steam and Ubuntu Software Center numbers and we have to ask: Are Linux users cheap? Or is the answer more complex than that? Plus how we think Microsoft buying Nokia might impact Ubuntu Touch, Firefox OS, and other open mobile startups, replacing Dropbox, and more!
S01E05 Wrath of Linus 10/09/2013 We break down what has Linus so upset, and the Internet in an NSA induced fever. Plus GOG makes a public statement about Linux that has us scratching our heads, and your feedback. Then if we had a format, we'd be breaking it with our review of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's first episode, Emissary.
S01E06 The Android Problem 17/09/2013 Is that exploit in your pocket? This week we'll ask if Android is Stallman's worst nightmare, making Tivo look like a quaint abuser of Linux. And how Linux is poised to push past it's current limitations over the next few years. Then it's your feedback, and our follow up!
S01E07 Full SteamOS Ahead 24/09/2013 Valve has announced SteamOS, and we have our analysis of how this will impact the Linux ecosystem at large, the challenge Valve faces, and the reasons Valve is the right company to pull this effort off. Plus the real reason for iTunes, re-thinking Google, and a lot more!
S01E08 Cloud Guilt 01/10/2013 Should Linux users be anti-cloud? Why do so many of us feel guilty for using the "cloud"? This week will dig into this conundrum and maybe even solve this more and more complex question. Plus a little KDE vs Gnome debate, moral pirates, and even RMS’ workflow.
S01E09 The Ubuntu Situation 08/10/2013 Is the traditional release model failing Ubuntu? Perhaps there is a better way to harness the rapid progress of Linux then static releases. With their focus on mobile, and a rather lackluster release around the corner, we debate if Ubuntu's switch to Unity is costing them now. Plus we chat about Linux usage among kids, and tools to learn more about Linux and technology, and more.
S01E10 The Ubuntu Hangover 15/10/2013 What does a post Ubuntu world look like, which distro would rise to the top? Our specially crafted team of armed and dangerous Linux users weigh in. PLUS: Rise up against your bearded distro gatekeepers! If you're an experienced Linux user, it might be time to break out of your distro box and help push upstream forward.
S01E11 Bankrupt Linux News 22/10/2013 The recent outburst from Linus Torvalds and Mark Shuttleworth have put the poor state of Linux news coverage into sharp focus. The media's attention to the cult of personalities damages the Linux community. We'll discuss what pressures push this trend forward, despite the need of a balanced dialog in an open community.
S01E12 Debating Debian Decisions 29/10/2013 Upstart or systemd which will Debian choose? We'll discuss the inherent benefits and disadvantages of both, and the larger ramification Debian's decision will have on the Linux ecosystem.
S01E13 Dark Mail: A New Hope 05/11/2013 What is the Dark Mail Alliance? We'll dig into how it's more of a protocol, and a hope than an actual product. Now the time to replace email we'll explain how you can help get the concept kickstarted. Plus your follow up on upstart vs systemd, a brief SteamOS chat, and more!
S01E14 Negative in the Practical Dimension 12/11/2013 This week we'll use the lens of some recent technical meltdowns to discuss this age old struggle of pragmatism vs idealism. Sometimes the practical choice kicks you in the butt, and you regret ignoring your ideals. And sometimes the free choice can't do the job. This is a balance Linux users find themselves in more most technology users.
S01E15 Don't Switch to Linux 19/11/2013 Our frank advice for switches to Linux. Despite what what the advocates would have you believe, there are some important consideration a potential Linux switcher should make. Our team of silverback Linux users shares their tips after years of using Linux.
S01E16 Meet the Dockers 26/11/2013 A new version of Docker was just released, we bring on the CTO and Founder of Docker to chat about the big features all Linux users can look forward to. Plus building the perfect Linux workstation, your feedback, and much more!
S01E17 Swap It Outta Here 04/12/2013 Do you run without swap? This week we reach into the topic grab bag and debate to swap or not to swap, the reasons long timer Linux users are switching to BSD, and what's wrong with our Sailfish OS coverage. Plus we'll some perspective from a new Linux user on what she ran into, your emails, and more!
S01E18 Hugs for LUGs 10/12/2013 Have IRC chat rooms, forums, reddit, and Google Hangouts killed the local Linux Users Group? We'll share our ideas to reboot the LUG and make them relevant for the modern Linux user. PLUS: Your follow up thoughts on the perfect swap setup, feedback, and much more!
S01E19 Fixing Linux Support 17/12/2013 Experienced Linux users may soon be finding a new call on their talents to help new users switching to Linux. But with services like Stackexchange, Google+ Helpouts, and more is it time to reboot the way we provide support to new Linux users?
S01E20 Fidel Chromecastro 24/12/2013 Chromecast has been called the gadget of the year, but are the better options? Or is a simple, low cost, Linux powered gadget the ultimate living room solution? We'll debate where it stacks up compared to XMBC, Plex, and others. Plus: Some insights into why Canonical might be looking to License their Binary repos to the Mint projects, your feedback, and more!
S01E21 Unplugging 2013 31/12/2013 In the final moments of 2013 our virtual LUG shares their expectations and predictions for 2014. We'll debate some of the most anticipated changes. Plus a frank Slackware discussion, rolling Ubuntu is back again, your emails, and more!
S01E22 Hurd Mentality 07/01/2014 Does building by group consensus slow down open source innovation? We'll look at some big choices Debian is facing and debate if some stronger leadership might produce more expedient and practical results. Plus: We'll discuss the CentOS team joining Red Hat, and drool over some Steam Box hardware, read emails, and much more!
S01E23 Google Invades Your Nest 14/01/2014 We follow up on some of the most innovative Linux powered devices at CES, and this discuss Google buying Nest Labs. Is the future of the "Internet of Things" locked down to proprietary devices running locked down software? And what are the ramifications for the home? Plus some practical thoughts on Steam OS, 4k Displays coming to Linux, a new way to interface with your PC, and your feedback.
S01E24 FUD for Thought 21/01/2014 The battle lines have been drawn and the assault against upstart is in full force. We'll discuss the heat being put on Canonical, the CLA, and upstart with our virtual LUG. Then we'll bust some Linux switching FUD that's been popping up with more and more Windows users fleeing the sinking ship.
S01E25 Culture of Shiny 28/01/2014 Aaron Seigo joins us to call out the new and shiny culture that's pervasive in the free software community. And even your own humble hosts have been afflicted with from time to time. The reality is users want new features, but hate reduced functionality. And often free software developers want to build something new. But what is the cost of this constant form of "progress"? How do we shift value from new and shiny, to tried and true to help enable wider free software adoption?
S01E26 MATE Mythbusting 04/02/2014 The MATE Desktop is about to see some big improvements, we bring on Martin Wimpress from the MATE project to discuss his new MATE Live CD, and what the future holds for MATE. Plus our renewed commitment to improving the state of Linux news, and the recent mistake that has Chris green with Hulk Rage!
S01E27 Debian's systemd Decision 11/02/2014 One of the bumpier chapters in Debian's history looks to be drawing to a close, at least for now. But what was all the drama about? And where do things stand now? We'll dig into the latest developments in the Debian init system debate. Plus inspiring a new generation to use Linux, your emails, and more!
S01E28 Neckbeard Entitlement Factor 18/02/2014 Michael Hall from Canonical joins us to discuss his personal views on what he's coined the new 80/20 rule for open source. Are the consumers of open source the biggest hurdle to projects becoming sustainable? Plus Valve might looking at your DNS history, getting young users to try Linux, and your feedback!
S01E29 The Klementine Squeeze 25/02/2014 A cautionary tale for anyone thinking about starting their own Linux distribution, and then we'll put it all out on the table and discuss our ideas and goals for Howto Linux, and take the live feedback of our virtual LUG. Plus should we trust Valve? Your feedback, and more!
S01E30 Talkin' Tox 04/03/2014 Two developers from the TOX project, an open source secure Skype killer join us to discuss their new project, the future, and how they hope to become your new messaging system. Plus getting more battery life out of a Linux laptop, the Steam problem, and your feedback.
S01E31 Ubuntu Punching Bag 11/03/2014 Is the Linux community's animosity towards Ubuntu turning away new switchers? We'll analyze what has the community so upset, and how that can color a new Linux users first impressions. Plus Valve promise to make transitioning from DirectX to OpenGL much easier, but we have our doubts, and why Wil Wheaton loves his Mac but plays with his Linux.
S01E32 Do Me a SolydXK 18/03/2014 The co-founders of SoyldXK join us to discuss their origins, what they focus on, how they hope to make a profit, and what the future might hold. Plus we have some "solid" AutoCAD replacements for Linux, your emails, and more!
S01E33 Graphical Civil War 25/03/2014 Is devastating fragmentation going to doom Desktop Linux, can a case for multiple display servers? Don't care about the display server? We'll make the case why you need to care, and why the biggest community confrontation could be brewing.
S01E34 Drive-By Advice 01/04/2014 We debate the validity of recent anti-Linux comments made on a nationally syndicated radio show, and the more subtle and larger "built-in bias" many in the tech community still hold towards Linux. Plus: Your follow up on the Mir/Wayland topic, Ubuntu's Amazon lens goes opt-in, and more!
S01E35 Windows eXPired 08/04/2014 XP support ends today and we'll celebrate the occasion by debating what prevents technical users switching to Linux, address some common myths, and set a course for our new howto show. Plus why Chase and Matt are wrong about DS9, blaming choice, your feedback, and more!
S01E36 Beware of Underdog 15/04/2014 Are boutique distributions a bag of hurt for new users? We love a good underdog, but sometimes our excitement gets the best of us and we recommend something that's not appropriate for a switcher to land on. Plus some quick thoughts on the beating open source is taking as fallout from the Heartbleed bug.
S01E37 Client Side Drama 22/04/2014 The GTK camp is pushing hard for Client Side Decorations, but there are some major drawbacks on non-Gnome desktops. We discuss the pros and cons, and if this is going to lead to a new kind of desktop Linux fragmentation. Plus our thoughts on the best password managers, your follow up, and more!
S01E38 The Rest of the Fest 29/04/2014 We had a chance to chat with folks from Firefox, the EFF, SUSE, and more. Plus we discuss the real benefits to Linux conventions like LinuxFest Northwest.
S01E39 Fragmentation Timebomb 06/05/2014 In the not too distant future the Linux desktop will face a landscape comprised of users running Wayland, Mir, and X11. Ubuntu will be rolling out their first generation Qt based desktop environment, and developers are crying fragmentation. But how would we shape the future if we could wave a magic wand? And is fragmentation a real problem in practice? Plus: Our thoughts on Magea, producing video content on Linux, and much more!
S01E40 Developers Get Qt 13/05/2014 We chat with two of the LXQt developers, and find out what's behind this major undertaking. Then we discuss our favorite packages for a Linux home server, and the brand new Ubuntu Orange cluster box. Plus your feedback, our follow up, and much more!
S01E41 Arch's Uprising 20/05/2014 Is this the year of Arch? We dig through the results from our listener home server survey, and compare our audience's answers with another recent large survey, and find some surprising results. Plus how the "Power Linux User" is underrepresented by developer attention, and we share some Linux switching stories that go horribly wrong!
S01E42 Fine Wine or Sour Ports 27/05/2014 Liam from Gaming on Linux joins us to discuss the Witcher 2 port fiasco, and why Linux's reputation as a gaming platform could be on the line. Plus a heated Manjaro discussion, your feedback, and a BIG announcement!
S01E43 Mint 17: Fresh or Stagnant? 03/06/2014 We'll take a look at the new features of Linux Mint 17, and discuss the new Cinnamon release. Then we'll debate if distro derivatives are a bad thing. Plus: Is Red Hat too over controlling of Gnome? Candidates for the Gnome Foundation's board think so, we'll discuss.
S01E44 Bedrock: A New Paradigm 10/06/2014 The founder of Bedrock Linux joins us to discuss their ambitious distribution that lets you utilize the userland of all your favorite distributions at once Plus Alienware slaps Linux users in the face with a dead fish, your feedback, and more!
S01E45 The Triple-Boot Phone 17/06/2016 Chris shares his experience with triple booting Firefox OS, Ubuntu Touch and Android on his Nexus 5 and the surprising results. Plus some grounded feedback and much more!
S01E46 SouthEast LinuxFest Unplugged 24/06/2014 We've got another round of great exclusive interviews from the floor of SouthEast LinuxFest 2014. Find out why Slackware is still going strong, the BSD kindness brigade & more!
S01E47 Desktopaholics Anonymous 01/07/2014 We come clean on our struggle with loving every Linux desktop, until we start up the hate. Plus we discuss the huge news for CoreOS and take a closer look at OwnCloud 7's server-to-server syncing. Plus troubleshooting KDE sound problems and a new community initiative!
S01E48 KaOS Theory 08/07/2014 We chat with Jos Poortvliet about the future of KDE, Plasma 5 Desktop, then review a KDE distribution with a direction: KaOS. Plus: The great news for the Blender project, our OSCON plans and much more!
S01E49 Rapid Fire Journalism 15/07/2014 We chat about our time with the new Plasma 5 desktop from KDE, then using the latest situation with Manjaro we discuss the poor state of Linux news, root causes, and what the real solution is that has major ramifications for the open source community. Plus some fantastic feedback, a Command Line challenge update, and our big plans for next week!
S01E50 Linux Look-Back 22/07/2014 We look back at five years of Linux memories, and reminisce about the bad old days of the Linux desktop. Then the exciting future for PC-BSD, and it's new unique desktop. Plus our favorite ways to track performance, desktop Linux app containers that are already here and shipping and much more!
S01E51 OSCON Behind The Story 29/07/2014 We've got more exclusive interviews from OSCON 2014, and then debate if fragmentation is simply the result of winning. Plus why the Linux community needs a reality check about the popularity of Apple's MacBook, and how poor the solutions are for MacBook owners who want to run Linux.
S01E52 CRUX Interview 05/08/2014 Our team reviews the famous CRUX Linux and we discuss this unique distribution with one of its long time developers. Plus details about Fedora COPR and is Desktop Linux stuck in an uncanny valley? We debate.
S01E53 Ubuntu with Rodent 12/08/2014 The new Beta of ElementaryOS has shipped and we discuss where they are heading, the problems with their community interaction, and the genius move they are taking with some tricky hardware support. Plus the long term cost of Ubuntu Touch becoming successful, using ZFS on Linux successfully, and much more!
S01E54 Microsoft's Munich Man 19/08/2014 Sam from the Moka project stops by to chat about the business of making Linux look better. Then we get into the role open source plays in self driving cars. Plus we bust some of the FUD around Munich's much reported plan to abandon Linux and switch back to Windows.
S01E55 LinuxCon 2014 Unplugged 26/08/2014 We've got exclusive interviews from LinuxCon 2014, learn about Linux in big networking, what the future holds for SUSE & much more. Feeling a bit down? Maybe it's because Linux users are being told to shut up about Desktop Linux & move on. We'll discuss why this an absurdly short sighted idea.
S01E56 One Packager for All 02/09/2014 The systemd group has a proposal for universal software management scheme for all Linux distributions. We'll share the technical details, debate the philosophical impact & explain why it's all powered by BTRFS. Plus some thoughts on the ultimate desktop manager, the true cost of a MacBook, and much more!
S01E58 Cult of Community 16/09/2014 Is the role of "Community Manager" a fraud perpetrated by companies trying to exploit the fruits for their community? We debate if things are really that black and white, and how a community advocate can make all the difference. Then we discuss your systemd follow up, the various desktops touch screen features, Microsoft buying Minecraft, and the recent purchase of openSUSE's parent company Attachmate.
S01E59 Dead Desktop Walking 23/09/2014 Debian moves to make Gnome the default desktop, is XFCE going the way of the Dodo bird? Our living debate will try to get to the bottom of the big elephant in the room. Plus Red Hat announces its refocusing on the very thing Canonical makes all its money from & why we may be on the precipice of a massive new competition between the two companies.
S01E60 Calm Before the Storm 30/09/2014 Today's show is full of robust discussion as your hosts discuss the recent criticism over our coverage of Ubuntu 14.10, the general reaction to Shellshock & the Netflixification of Photoshop on Chromebooks. Plus picking the best distro for getting a job, a little more XFCE chat & much more!
S01E61 Don't Feed the Soap Opera 07/10/2014 The Linux community is at each others throats this week, from Lennart Poettering's well intentioned rant, to the rage quit of GamingOnLinux's lead writer. You'd think it was high school all over again. But what's the larger ramifications of this public fight & what causes them? Plus can we put the blame at the feet of Linus Torvalds? Our thoughts on structuring a productive community, your emails & much more!
S01E62 Unifying Linux Software 14/10/2015 We discuss how one software center for all distributions would work & which existing solutions are the closest. Plus looking forward to some new Ubuntu apps & how Linux bit Lightworks right in the memory manager.
S01E63 For Forks Sake 21/10/2014 Is it time to fork Debian? Some Unix veterans do, and we discuss. The Linux Grandma joins us to discuss Kubuntu, KDE's outreach, and Google Summer of Code. Plus Microsoft says they really love Linux, Steam's secret weapon against Windows & much more!
S01E64 SeaGL & OLF Roundup 28/10/2014 Our interviews from SeaGL 2014, a grassroots technical conference dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge about the GNU/Linux community and free/libre/open-source. Special guest Angela Fisher joins us to discuss getting women involved with Linux and technology general. Plus our fun stories from Ohio LinuxFest 2014, a few closing thoughts, your feedback & much more!
S01E65 OpenSUSE Followup 04/11/2014 We follow up on our review of openSUSE 13.2 & discuss how life on the rolling side has been going for some of our LUG members. Plus the hardware box that promises to replace your password manager & we say goodbye to the Linux Outlaws.
S01E66 Firefox gets Unplugged 11/11/2014 The crew took the Firefox challenge & we follow up, we reflect on 10 years of Firefox, their early Linux support & the growing competition from Webkit. Gnome raised money to defend it's Trademark from Groupon, which has quickly raised the white flag. Is this instant groundswell of support the dawn of a new community attitude towards Gnome? Plus an exciting first live on the show, tons of great feedback & more!
S01E67 Debian Community Divided 18/11/2014 We recap the recent mini-exodus in the Debian project & discuss how the tone of discussion around systemd has had some terrible consequences. We follow that with some concrete ideas of what we can do to change that tone. Plus we take a stroll down fantasy lane and wave our magic wands and solve our top three Linux pain points, some great follow up & much more.
S01E68 Linux Powered Schools 25/11/2014 We're joined by a classroom full of special guests, we talk with the students from Penn Manor School District, where they've given every high school student a Linux laptop & integrated the students into the help desk. We get the inside scope on the challenges, roadblocks & successes of this large desktop Linux deployment. Plus a preview of our upcoming interview with Mark Shuttleworth & his take on the recent criticism and exodus from Debian & getting started in a Linux career.
S01E69 Perfect Linux Laptop 02/12/2014 The founder of Purism Librem 15, a laptop that promises to respect your freedom and be the perfect Linux machine joins us to discuss the hardware, software & goals of the project & how he hopes to encourage manufacturers to free the entire stack. But are the goals of this project too ambitions? We'll ask! Plus CoreOS announces Rocket, a new Docker competitor that we’re very excited about & more!
S01E70 Next Gen Fedora 09/12/2014 Fedora's project lead joins us to discuss today's Fedora 21 release, the possibility of the project switching to an Intel style Tick-Tock release & what Fedora 22 might look like. Plus what the Ubuntu Snappy Core announcement means, why it's a big deal & why it could be amazing for the desktop one day. Then was 2014 the year Roku killed XMBC for us?
S01E71 Fedora Takes the Lead 16/12/2014 Our virtual LUG reviews Fedora 21 & why we've just witnessed one of the most ambitious transformation of any Linux distro of 2014. Plus Dustin Kirkland from Canonical answers if Ubuntu Snappy could be the future of the entire Ubuntu project & what’s coming soon from the Xonotic project.
S01E72 Best of LUP 2014 23/12/2014 We look back on some of the rants and events of 2014. Whether it's systemd, Mir, Tox, Ubuntu or anything else, we covered lots of major events this year!
S01E73 Predicting 2015 30/12/2014 Our bold predictions for Linux & open source over 2015. Thought provoking, sometimes a bit inspired or maybe just plain wrong, this edition of Unplugged promises to entertain. Plus what goes into making a great & secure messaging system & more!
S01E74 Proprietary Exodus 16/01/2015 During a recent passionate speech Richard Stallman said users of proprietary software are victims, we'll debate of that's true & play other clips from his speech. Then we'll look at the recent exodus of Mac developers, ponder if this a trend worth paying attention to & if Linux is ready to take advantage of it. Plus the pants debt comes due, your feedback & much more!
S01E75 Obviously Linux's Fault 13/01/2015 It's a new year & a new round of Linux bashing. But are some of the criticism corrects? Can we handle a little tough love as a community for the collective good? We debate. Plus the 4 best new Linux distributions to watch in 2015, a MATE love story & an Arch victory.
S01E76 Building a Better Gnome 20/01/2015 Christian Hergert the creator of Gnome Builder joins us to discuss his projects funding campaign, quitting his full time job to work on open source & answering a major concern of developers looking to target Linux. Ubuntu announces their Internet of Things OS, we're a bit skeptical. Plus Linus takes a firm stance on public disclosure of vulnerabilities & Kernel documentation.
S01E77 Vivaldi, The Fourth Browser 27/01/2015 A new browser called Vivaldi is on the scene with Linux support out of the box. Our virtual lug makes the case why it might be worth giving a try! Plus a quick Linux laptop update, a surprise for Matt, your feedback & more!
S01E78 Straight Outta FOSDEM 03/02/2015 FOSDEM just wrapped up, where thousands of developers & enthusiasts of free & open source software gather to talk all things Linux. Plus we drool over the new Raspberry Pi 2 & ask if B+ buyers got a little screwed.
S01E79 Ubuntu Calling 10/02/2015 The first Ubuntu phone goes on sale tomorrow & we ask all the interesting questions you might have been wondering. The details on the launch of the phone, some of the great apps & what's still missing. Plus the new Raspberry Pi hates being flashed & we read a quick batch of great emails.
S01E80 ARMed with Arch 17/02/2015 One of the core developers of Arch Linux ARM joins us to chat about this rapidly developing platform, how Arch is used in ARM deployments & their relationship with the main Arch project. Plus an update on Ubuntu Phone & the first fully sandboxed portable Linux desktop app is demoed this week. How is it different than what we’ve seen before? And how far away might it be? We debate.
S01E81 Unplugging the Past 24/02/2015 Join us as we peer into the past and revisit some big topics!
S01E82 Ubuntu MATE Gets Legit 03/03/2015 We round out our SCALE13x coverage with a few more exclusive interviews, then get an update on the fast growing Ubuntu MATE project. Plus a look back at Gnome 1.0's release, Firefox OS on a pocket watch, the great wearable debate & much more!
S01E83 Numixing Fedora 10/03/2015 Ozon OS promises to make Fedora approachable for the rest of us, Ubuntu makes the switch to systemd & then we'll debate the likely effectiveness of the new Linux Kernel development "Code of Conflict". Plus feedback, story updates & more!
S01E84 On the Verge of Convergence 17/03/2015 We get the scoop on how Ubuntu Touch plans to tackle Android's market share & the challenges involved in moving some of our favorite desktop Linux apps to Ubuntu touch. Plus what makes the perfect laptop for our crew, why the future of BTRFS looks very bright & an Ubuntu MATE Update.
S01E85 Give the Kids Linux 24/03/2015 Will Secure Boot hamper boutique Linux distributions and hurt desktop Linux innovation? Our panel debates. Also getting started with Linux the right way. Plus a recap of the first ever Kansas Linux Fest, our errata, your feedback & more!
S01E86 Evolve Your OS 31/03/2015 The proprietor of Evolve OS stops by to discuss what makes Evolve OS a unique Linux desktop & the challenges smaller projects face getting coverage and attention. Plus a look at tiny powerful Linux hardware gadget that we think might be worth backing, a debate about "the look" of Linux apps & more!
S01E87 BTRFS Meltdown 07/04/2015 After yet another gotcha takes down a critical Linux workstation, is it officially time to consider avoiding BTRFS when it matters? Plus what happened to the Evolve OS project & why they are now called Solus.
S01E88 Churning Over BTRFS 15/04/2015 Our discussion of Linux filesystems goes in depth this week as our LUG sorts out the best filesystem for your Linux desktop, server, laptop & mobile. Plus a few corrections from last week & lots of follow up. We also look at the release of Linux 4.0, some of the more humorous press coverage it's received & the "big feature" Linus couldn't care less about.
S01E89 Oh Deere, RMS was Right 21/04/2015 Manufactures claims software integrated with hardware means the end user never truly owns the device, and simply owns a license to use it. Our panel discusses the real world ramifications of this. Plus MacBook Linux woes, the quick look at the ThinkPad Yoga 3 running Linux, the biggest systemd myth busted & more!
S01E90 How The Fest Was Fun 28/04/2015 Exclusive interviews from the floor of LinuxFest Northwest 2015, meet the man who brought Netflix to Linux & changed the WINE project forever, how Intel builds the MinnowBoard for Linux, the state of ZFS on Linux & how we had so much fun it just might be illegal. Plus a quick look at the new KDE Plasma update, Telegram's surprising popularity & more!
S01E91 Open Source Kollaboration 05/05/2015 Aaron Seigo joins us to discuss the Kolab project, open source's genuine answer to Microsoft Exchange and other groupware solutions. We also discuss the Roundcube project's fundraiser & possible integration with Kolab. Plus our Virtual LUG reviews Ubuntu 15.04, and we discuss what's so desktop focused about Ubuntu 15.10 & much, much more!
S01E92 Linux Wife, Happy Life 12/05/2015 We get an update on our resident Mac users switch to Linux & the challenges she's run into. Ubuntu makes a deal with Microsoft and promises to ship snappy on the Internet of Things, but what the heck is a Snap package? And is it truly a transactional system? Plus hints on how Debian PPAs might work, the world's first $9 Linux rig & much more!
S01E93 Rollback Romanticism 19/05/2015 After an Ubuntu update goes really bad Chris reflects on how snappy, a transactionally updated version of Ubuntu, could have avoided this problem. Plus a review of the System76 Meerkat PC, Russia plans to fork Sailfish OS & more!
S01E94 11 Years of Linux Benchmarking 26/05/2015 Michael Larabel joins us to discuss his initiative of daily automated performance benchmarking of some of the world's most important open source projects & reflects on 11 years of running Plus our first take on Fedora 22 & how we resolved some rough edges, the best new options for new users that require Microsoft Office under Linux & more!
S01E95 Disjunctive Normal Fedora 01/07/2015 A follow up on our Fedora 22 review, including a few areas we missed. How Google's Cardboard could kickstart open source VR & new features coming to Gnome 3.18. Plus our take on the state of openSUSE, why 2015 might really be the year of the Linux Laptop & much, much more!
S01E96 Fedora's Bright Future 09/07/2015 The Fedora Project Lead Matthew Miller joins us to discuss what's coming up in Fedora 23 & reflect on Fedora 22. Plus Mark Shuttleworth unveils another device running Ubuntu, Angela stops by with a switch to Linux update, some quick story updates & more!
S01E97 Better Open Source Options 16/06/2015 What makes the Linux awesome? Community. This week we've got exclusive clips from SouthEast LinuxFest 2015 & an on the ground report from OpenTech 2015. Plus why open source needs to follow the Apple model and get started with students, creating value around open source & how Red Hat stays connected to the community.
S01E98 Not OK Google 23/07/2015 We look at some tools that make installing Linux on multiple computers a snap, discuss our favorite backup and reload approaches & then debate the merits of Chromium auto-downloading a binary to enable users microphones. Plus a great interview with the Openoid project from SELF2015 & more!
S01E99 Finger on the Pulse of Video 30/07/2015 Will Pinos bring to Linux Video What PulseAudio did for audio? We discuss this major development that breaks during the show. Also, a great discussion about the new Linux Mint release that leads to a heated debate about the long-term usefulness of boring distributions & why we Linux advocates might think they are more useful than they truly are. Plus some big follow up, the Mumble room gets unplugged & much more!
S01E100 Still Minty Fresh 07/07/2015 We reflect on 100 episodes of LINUX Unplugged, the themes from episodes past & then review Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon edition. Then we'll discuss an exciting new form factor for x86 based Ubuntu PCs & the exciting use cases for them.
S01E101 Will Flash Be Trashed? 14/07/2015 A renewed push to kill flash hits the web & we discuss the possible advantages for Linux users. A KDE user trying out Gnome for a week & the real issues he touches on. Plus your take on openSUSE's big changes & follow up to our take on it.
S01E102 Canonical, Dell & AMD Games 20/07/2015 Noah joins us in studio for a fun edition of Unplugged! Updates are landing on Ubuntu Phones, the ridiculous work around for a major performance boost on AMD cards, the real problem with Dell’s latest Ubuntu laptops & more!
S01E103 OSCON Secret Sauce 28/07/2015 Great interviews from the floor of OSCON 2015! How FastMail uses Linux, managing thousands of Apache instances, an open source Slack killer, Tizen on all the things & much more. Plus why the Ubuntu MATE project is dropping the Ubuntu Software, their replacement, the vLUG's thoughts on Plasma Mobile, a Skunkworks project straight out of Las Vegas & more!
S01E104 Miles of WiFi 04/08/2015 Ubuntu publishes their roadmap for the next few releases & we discuss what the future might hold for "Ubuntu Personal". Plus the major challenges Linux gaming is facing. Then we've got insights from the experts on building robust WiFi for your home, enterprise or even large events… Powered by Linux!
S01E105 Vulkan the Metal Slayer 11/08/2015 We chat with the chief technology officer behind Mycroft, an open source artificial intelligence for everyone. Then discuss Android's adoption of Vulkan and the major impact it could have on desktop Linux & the nice new Linux exclusive features coming to Firefox. Plus we revisit file syncing under Linux & discuss the really great options that have cropped up recently.
S01E106 Connecting the Docks 19/08/2015 Live from the floor of LinuxCon 2015 we capture Bruce Schneier's take on hacking attribution, how HP enthusiastically supports Linux internally & our impressions of the big convention. Plus how Docker is going big this year & which type of Linux event is right for you.
S01E107 Freedom Isn't Free 25/08/2015 We celebrate the 24th birthday of Linux by looking back to it's early days, discuss the new SSD optimized Linux filesystem, the rather normal things Linux is doing on Mainframes & how the community at large reacts to crowdfunding. Plus some great follow up, some great discussion & much more!
S01E108 Insecurity by Design 01/09/2015 Top law enforcement officials in the US want backdoors in all encryption systems. What would the ramifications to open source around the world be if this became law of the land in the US? Details on the upcoming road show, Kubuntu's new look, saying goodbye to an old friend & some Go powered retro feedback.
S01E109 Who Will Build The Builders 08/09/2015 Debian aims for reproducible builds of all packages. We'll explain what that means & why other distributions might be jumping onboard with the idea. Plus impressive early performance results under Mir & Gnome's 3.18's best features you’re not hearing about.
S01E110 Return of the Localhost 15/09/2015 We cover some great open source projects that help you live life off-line, as if you were online. We also discuss the upstream contributions from Munich & an awesome block level back up system. Plus some great feedback, a road trip update & more!
S01E111 Completely Unplugged 23/09/2015 A special edition of the Unplugged show, Chris joins the Virtual LUG from the road & Noah and Wes host the show. They compare and contrast Fedora and Arch & the nice new features of Fedora 23. Then everyone has their own perspective on home automation, from security to convenience. We have a great discussion about the broader ramifications of home automation. Then we wrap it all up with some closing thoughts on using Linux & open source to live offline, like you’re online.
S01E112 Open Source Power Outlets 30/09/2015 Noah hosts again while Chris is in the land of no service, also known as Utah! We talk about LibreOffice, Ubuntu's new Setup wizard, OpenSUSE's leap & more!
S01E113 Kernel of Truth 06/10/2015 Performance tips for keeping your Linux install running like new, some basic tricks & some advanced tips. Why Microsoft's new Surface Book might be able to run Linux & we reflect on the larger issues behind the recent public exits from the Linux Kernel development team & more!
S01E114 KDE Connect All the Things 13/10/2015 We take a look at some of the coolest technologies coming out of the Plasma desktop & finally a open source router you and your family can use. Then we share some of our favorite ncurses terminal based applications, you might just be surprised at how modern these terminal apps are!
S01E115 Open Production 20/10/2015 OpenStreetMap might just be one of the most important open source projects in the world. We look at some of the amazing tools built around this open & free infrastructure. Then our tips for producing great content & podcasts under Linux, plus a live unboxing & demo of the new Steam Controller.
S01E116 What's New MATE 27/10/2015 Behind the scenes on Ubuntu MATE's new features pushing the Ubuntu platform forward for traditional desktops, why Apple's latest court case proves Richard Stallman was right about owning your own software & there is real debate about Xiaomi's new Linux laptop. Plus the big EFF win that's great for Linux users, the big problems facing x86 that are a wake up call to distro makers & more!
S01E117 Does Slack MatterMost? 03/11/2015 New Desktop Environment updates grab our attention & the trend to move open source projects towards Slack has us concerned. Plus how the VW emissions issue is great for hackers, an OggCamp recap & we light a candle for Fedora 23.
S01E118 Leaping Over Tumbleweed 10/11/2015 New versions of openSUSE leap and Fedora have hit the web. The chairmen of openSUSE joins us to answer our hard questions & we follow up on Fedora 23. Plus the big upset with Debian this week, ransomware that targets Linux systems & way more than we can fit into this description!
S01E119 What's Up Docker? 18/11/2015 Have we gone too far with Docker? We channel our inner curmudgeon & discuss the Heartbleed sized elephant hanging out in Docker's room. Plus why all the bad press around SteamOS might be missing the mark & our virtual LUG shares their hands on experiences with openSUSE LEAP! Plus some important follow up, a few surprises & a dead UPS!
S01E120 Budgie Jumping 24/11/2015 A member of the Vivaldi browser project joins to discuss their new release. The man behind Solus comes on to follow up on our review, discuss the big plans for the future, creating a custom distribution & the problem with derivatives. GIMP turns 20 this week and we ask if it's just time to accept that some OSS projects will never topple their commercial competitor & why that’s just fine by us. We're still thankful for the GIMP.
S01E121 Raspberry Pi Does What? 01/12/2015 A new trick up Fedora's sleeve might be worth trying on your own Linux install, the new mini-pc revolution is here & the Raspberry Pi Zero brings it for $5. Adobe announces the death of Flash… Kind of. But we'll share how to finish the job & truly banish flash from your Linux rig. Plus open source gaming just got an upgrade, GIMP has some fancy & more!
S01E122 Thunderclouds around Thunderbird 08/12/2015 Mozilla wants to spin off Thunderbird & launch an iOS ad blocker that only works with Safari. Is there a master plan at work, or has the Mozilla foundation lost their way? Our virtual LUG debates. Then our best solutions for syncing your Podcasts from your mobile to your Linux desktop & SpiderOak ditches Google. Plus we review the new CrossOver 15 & discuss how this Linux desktop app works like no other. What nice features it offers over PlayOnLinux & standard WINE, why it's not quite like other commercial software for Linux & more!
S01E123 Mycroft and Chilli 15/12/2015 UbuCon is just around the corner, we're joined by Ubuntu's community manager & the team on the ground to share the inside scoop on how this Ubuntu conference came to be & how you can get in free. Ryan from Mycroft stops by to give us an update on their open source artificial intelligence project, their new official partnership with Ubuntu & more. Then we discuss the major partnership between LibreOffice & OwnCloud, the cool OwnCloud hardware that could develop into a consumer device. Plus some major project updates, community feedback & more!
S01E124 Linux's Amazing Year 22/12/2015 We look back at the big year for Linux, for our show & our virtual LUG. Some of the most interesting projects in open source were discussed first in our LUG, we look at some of the great moments & then give you our fresh take on the big events. It's a very special edition of LINUX Unplugged.
S01E125 Slaving for Red Star OS 29/12/2015 A distribution of Linux built to survey and track speech, we go into the surveillance marvel that is Red Star OS. Solus hits 1.0 & we bring on some of the team to tell us all about it. Plus Mozilla has a new… Distraction? We debate their merits of rumoured new Firefox OS powered hardware.
S01E126 Mycroft Action Show 06/01/2016 Straight from the horse's mouth, we get updates on the code drop coming from the Mycroft project. Plus some details about our SCALE plans & NVIDIA's Linux powered CES demo. Plus Chris owns up to his 2015 predictions & more!
S01E127 Sorry, I don't do Windows 12/01/2016 We react to Remix OS and give it a go on a few of our machines, discuss the surprise feature in KDE 5.6 & chat with some of the folks behind SCALE 14x. Plus how to tell family and friends you're not the Geek Squad, we get our filesystem geek on & using tech support opportunities to be an open source ambassador.
S01E128 Is that a server in your pocket? 19/01/2016 This week we dive into what the community thinks about putting a server in their pocket, show you some smart tricks with Gimp & some Windows nightmares. Plus some router chat & more!
S01E129 Shaky Linux Foundations 26/01/2016 Has the Linux Foundation made moves to cut out the individual from having their voice heard? We discuss the latest controversy brewing this week & the foundations response. Plus why if you're still waiting for Wayland to ship, your doing it wrong, AMD's plans for the open future, some updates from some of our favorite projects, stories from SCALE14x & more!
S01E130 The Six Rings of Ubuntu 02/02/2016 Why Linux Mint's X-Apps are a bigger shakeup then you might realize, bricking your laptop with a Linux command & Dell's new Linux distro. Plus we celebrate 15 years of VLC, a quick look at Tails 2.0 & more!
S01E131 Terminal Tackle Box 09/02/2016 Upgrade your terminal with Fish & the new Fishery plugin market. We chat about one of the really neat bash replacements on Linux. Then we take a look at Maru, a Debian based image for Nexus 5 devices that sounds a lot like Ubuntu Touch. Plus a quick look at a new app that combines Plex with Popcorn Time & the awesome new features we just all got as Linux users!
S01E132 Librem 15 is FAN-tastic! 16/02/2016 We discuss the official release of Vulkan, look at who has shipping code & why this is much bigger than you might realize. Plus Chris share's his first hands on impressions of Purism's Librem 15 laptop, some big Ubuntu Mobile noise, the Linux security bug you need to patch for right away & more!
S01E133 Apollo Has Landed 23/02/2016 Entroware's Apollo laptop has arrived, and we share our first hands on impressions of their ultra Linux laptop, how does it compare to the Purism, and a quick chat with Entroware's co-founder. Plus we discuss the Mint hack, and solutions we could create as a community to solve the bigger problems, updates from some of our favorite open source projects, and chat about Beep Beep Yarr, and more!
S01E134 Pi 3: The Next Generation 01/03/2016 After some updates about some of your favorite distros, we go hands on with the Raspberry Pi 3. Then we look at the AppImage project and their delivery on the download and run promise. Plus a make good on a recent mistake, looking at a new kind of distro funding model & much more!
S01E135 Microsoft's SeQueL to Linux 08/03/2016 Our world has forever changed with Microsoft's announcement of SQL server for Linux. We get a little nostalgic. Plus a look at the new OwnCloud release & updates on some of our favorite projects. Then we take a look at Shashlik which promises to transparently run Android apps on your Linux desktop & more!
S01E136 There's a Snap for That 15/03/2016 The future of Linux package management is here & there's a lot of ideas on how to solve it. We discuss some of the more popular ones & how they might be impacting your Linux desktop much sooner than you expect. Plus that awkward moment when a traditional desktop environment adopts a controversial UI modern element, the new generation of "perfect" Linux laptops & more!
S01E137 Kool as Breeze KDE 22/03/2016 Plasma Desktop 5.6 is out today & we'll share of the small things that we simply love. Plus some of our secret LinuxFest Northwest Linux rig build plans are revealed, why gaming on Linux is doing better than you've been led to believe & live shootout of open source Skype killers. Also our thoughts on ubuntuBSD, open source GPS tracking, Nvidia shipping Wayland support & more!
S01E138 Better than Linux 29/03/2016 Has Linux met its match? That's the claim several outlets are making this week. We look at the new & innovative operating systems stepping into the public light. The first official Ubuntu tablet goes on sale & we share our thoughts, a little BASH on Windows & a lot more!
S01E139 Virtual Bondage 05/04/2016 We look at the state of Virtual Reality under Linux. Richard Brown from openSUSE joins us to discuss making the Plasma Desktop even better & our quick review of Apricity OS "a modern, intuitive operating system for the cloud generation." Plus a bunch of project updates & much more!
S01E140 Blame Popey for ZFS 12/04/2016 ZFS on Ubuntu gets new prominent criticism from Richard Stallman & we launch into a wider discussion the underlying message in these recent statements. Leo Laporte gives Linux another go after his previous switch disaster & reports back with some interesting insights. Then we discuss the big updates to XFCE, the HTC Vive's lack of Linux support & Chris finally sets up Traccar, a self hosted location tracking server & discovers it's surprising limitation.
S01E141 16.04 and Shut Your Face 19/04/2016 We get a little rambunctious as we talk about Ubuntu 16.04, why not the openSUSE Build Server & the remarkable problem with Ubuntu that's just now being solved. Plus some audio never meant for public release, updates on your favorite projects, first hands on with the Bq Ubuntu Tablet & more!
S01E142 Long Term Disappointment 26/04/2016 This week LTS has a new meaning as we reflect on a couple of weeks with Ubuntu 16.04 & why we're dumping it. We pick up the mood with some exclusive LinuxFest Northwest clips, projects updates & another clip that was never meant to air.
S01E143 Can't Contain Linux 03/05/2016 Your marvelous container powered future, what happens when your favorite open source project takes its ball and goes closed source? Subsonic is going closed source, we discuss alternative options, how we feel as donors & the bigger picture in all of this. Hands on with the HTC Vive under Linux, DuckDuckGo supporting their favorite open source, the goals for Ubuntu 16.10 & much more!
S01E144 Flavorless Mint 10/05/2016 Is a new wave of tech savvy Linux users coming? Chris makes his case & why distributions like Linux Mint won’t be ready for it. Plus updates from some of our favorite projects, Linux on the PS4 & a quick look at the Fedora 24 beta.
S01E145 BuzzwordFS 17/05/2016 You're insecure unless you're running one of Greg's Kernels & we think he's right! Plus openSUSE chairman Richard Brown stops by to follow up on not shipping ZFS in openSUSE which leads to a passionate discussion. And the simple thing we could all be doing to improve open source, but maybe we're all feeling a little too entitled!
S01E146 Snap, Flaps & Package Drops 24/05/2016 Package once, run anywhere. It's always almost here, just around the corner, in the near future. But are we finally about to nail it? We look at Flatpack, Snaps, AppImage, ask what stands out from the pack & which will fall flat. Plus why you're going to want to wait on that systemd upgrade, funding projects with a rocky past, the big thing about Mycroft no one is talking about & we try out Mycroft on the desktop.
S01E147 The Talking Gnome 31/05/2016 Open Source artificial intelligence in all the things? Ryan from Mycroft joins us to update us on their recent hard work. Is YubiKey going to hell in a handbasket? The latest from openSUSE, our first impressions of Remix OS & more!
S01E148 Mind on my Cloud & Cloud on my Mind 07/06/2016 After we get through a slew of great open source project achievements, we discuss the slippery slope that online services represent to Linux users. Plus we get all big picture, what can be learned from ownCloud's recent troubles, what we conclude by reading between the lines & more!
S01E149 Snaps are Go 14/06/2016 Canonical drops a bombshell by making snap packages available for nearly all Linux distributions, Nextcloud has some serious momentum, Samsung is rumored to drop Android in favor of Tizen across all devices & Wes kicks the tires of elementary OS' new Beta of Loki. Then we try out Snap packages & discuss needs to happen next to really make them take off as the standard universal Linux installer.
S01E150 War of the Packages 21/06/2016 We have a spirited discussion from both sides of the universal packaging issue, take a quick look at maru OS that turns a Nexus phone into your desktop, get the inside scoop on the recent Mycroft update & the new Solus release. Plus much more!
S01E151 Universal Divide 28/06/2016 We go hands on with Linux Mint 18, then discuss the latest batch of desktop killers & Wimpy's new rig. Plus what makes Mattermost really great, a new new universal package format, the confusing things Red Hat says & we get to know WireGuard!
S01E152 To .NET or to .NOT? 05/07/2016 Noah joins Wes for the second time this week to talk with the mumble room. Package management for Bash takes it one step too far, Nvidia starts putting GPUs in your containers, we learn some surprising things about open source at Comcast & discuss just what "Microsoft ? Linux" really means.
S01E153 One NAT to Rule them 12/07/2016 Chris discovers he's being snooped on by his ISP, we discuss some Linux friendly solutions solve the situation. Is Linux Mint 18 really the best Linux distro every? Or should Ubuntu 16.04 be getting more of the credit? Plus our chat with a developer, Solus goes rolling, Unity on Windows & building a long-term financially sustainable open source product.
S01E154 Pragmatic Idealism 19/07/2016 Do you use desktop Linux for idealistic or practical reasons? We ask our virtual LUG & share our stories. Plus Chris's new VPN solution & the hosted vs self hosted debate with a new twist. Plus Canonical's smart move to push Snap packages forward, tons of updates from our favorite projects & the disturbing news about Chrome.
S01E155 Snappy Collaboration 26/07/2016 The devil is in the details & we dive right in when Martin aka Wimpy returns from the Snappy Sprint & shares his experience from his recent trip. And in light of KeepPass getting an audit by the EU, we ask our Virtual LUG to sound off on the projects they’d audit if given the means & why. Plus great updates from all around open source & the Starbound server challenge!
S01E156 Your Media Just Got Served 02/08/2016 Take advantage of the Chromecast without Google, extend Kodi with awesome new backends & cast media around your network with free Linux tools. Our panel covers great tips to fully trick out your Linux media setup. Plus our thoughts on the FCC forcing TP-Link to support open source firmwares, reverse tethering for Android, a quick look at Mint 18 XFCE edition & a lot more!
S01E157 SSH: Heaven or Shell 09/08/2016 Our favorite tricks & hacks for SSH, debunking the Linux botnet rampage myth, the new challenges Solus is taking on & the inside track on how FOSS Talk Live went. Plus getting Ubuntu MATE on the BQ Tablet, benchmarking Ubuntu on Windows & our quick takes on using Zim Wiki and TagSpaces to manage your local, secure notes.
S01E158 Happy Birthday Debian 16/08/2016 We throw a birthday party for Debian, discuss the future of the project & the possible awkward moment that might be near. Plus Ryan Sipes stops by to give us a post Mycroft update, we dream of a bcachefs future, challenge Wes to get Linux fully working on a MacBook by the end of the show & lots of community updates!
S01E159 All Wimpy's Vault! 23/08/2016 We become masters of our own files this week, chat with the ElementaryOS project about inspiring future development & rolling our own file sync solution. Plus a quick look at the new Android N & why now might be the ideal time to switch to a Linux based phone OS.
S01E160 Binary Decisions 30/08/2016 We officially live in the post systemd word & we take a look around at some of the niftier tricks systemd is pulling off, some of the quirky bugs & quickly touch on some myths around the binary log format. Plus the clever tricks Wimpy employed to get Ubuntu Touch on an Android Meizu Pro 5, some big project updates, the SteamOS problem & more!
S01E161 A Real Pain in the Flash 06/09/2016 Wayland by default may finally be nigh & we share what we’re looking forward to the most about a Wayland powered desktop. The EXT4 bug that bit Wimpy, Adobe Flash comes crawling back to Linux & our quick review of a well put together Plasma Desktop distro.
S01E162 Linux Flying High 13/09/2016 Ubuntu powered drones that double as a desktop PC, tweaking your Linux desktop vs polish & coreboot’s efforts to bypass Intel ME. Plus our we update you on some of our favorite open source projects, the MySQL 0-day, a batch of emails, why we’re excited about the crazy USB/IP Project & more!
S01E163 Games of Linux Future 20/09/2016 In a special edition of Unplugged that looks towards the future of Gnome & KDE, The Linux Gamer joins us to discuss creating his content on Linux, game releases he's looking forward to & answer questions from our virtual LUG. Plus we gush about Canonical hiring Wimpy, if your SSH password revealed when you attempt to connect to the wrong server, gander at the Nextcloud box & much more!
S01E164 Dial Up Linux 27/09/2016 In this special edition of Unplugged we do away with the traditional format & take calls LIVE on the air for free. Some say the advice is worth what you pay for it!
S01E165 In OpenDaylight 04/10/2016 We connect with the communities & hardware projects using Software Defined Networking, update you on some of our favorite open source projects, share some anecdotes from a recent trip & update you on our trails with OpenMediaVault.
S01E166 Linux Winter Developments 11/10/2016 Serendipity this week as a beautiful theme reveals itself throughout the episode. Plus we get updates from some of our favorite projects, discuss the historic shift happening in Linux desktop & wrap it all up with some macOS shade.
S01E167 Livepatch Bait and Switch 18/10/2016 Canonical is not first to the live patching game, but they could have the best take on it. VeraCrypt, the successor to TrueCrypt, audit results are out & KDE shares their long term plans for the Plasma Desktop. Then we bust some brewing Linux FUD and misconceptions & ponder the role of Free Software in a world that doesn’t care.
S01E168 Linux Shadow Force 25/10/2016 We get the inside scoop on what happens when Canonical gets a bunch of employees & community members in the same room, discuss the cool open hardware project Chris just ordered for the studio & update you on the big community highlights of the week!
S01E169 Apple's Out Of Touch Bar 01/11/2016 Swaths of Apple users are trying out Linux for the first time this week, with varying results. We discuss why & how it's going. Then, we play some great clips by long time Kernel guru GregKH, dream about a future Linux living room, update you on a ton of great projects & more!
S01E170 Nano Users Unite 08/11/2016 Nano users come out of the closet, we demystify NFS a bit & discuss the top 5 commands new Linux users should learn. Plus a NUC killer with a GPU, new Cinnamon & more!
S01E171 Uncontained Human Error 15/11/2016 This week we take a deep dive into the IOT & the Cloud. Noah isn't quite dead yet as he gives us an earful on the future of MacOS. Plus our thoughts on Signal, Telegram, Wire, IRC & more!
S01E172 It's Not X, It's Wayland 22/11/2016 Fedora 25 is out & project leader Matthew Miller joins us to chat about what's new. Plus Wimpy & Popey are back from UbuCon and share their experience, Ryan shares some tweaks Sytstem76 made to jump to 4K & Solus OS founder Ikey Doherty joins us to discuss benchmarking the "feel" of the Linux desktop. Plus community updates & more!
S01E173 Upgrade vs Nuke 'n Pave 30/11/2016 After a slew of open source updates we contrast upgrades vs fresh install, get an update on the state of snaps & get geeky about performance monitoring our Linux rigs. Plus the fake VLC story, a live install of Plasma Desktop & more!
S01E174 Mesh of Thoughts 06/12/2016 We ponder the implications of Fedora possibly going rolling & LTS, get schooled by the mumble room about the state of linux on the Raspberry Pi & debate about the effectiveness of mesh networking. Plus we talk about Clonezilla, one of our favorite backup tools & more!
S01E175 Best of MATEs 13/12/2016 We get the inside scoop about some fantastic collaboration happening between three Linux distributions that are supposedly big competitors. Plus Google's response to Ubuntu Core & the big NextCloud news!
S01E176 Shell-Shocked 2016 20/12/2016 We review the very worst moments in Linux during 2016, look ahead to what might be big in 2017 and toss out the rules for our last live episode of the year!
S01E177 The Many Faces of Linux 27/12/2016 While the guys are hibernating over this holiday week, we look back on some of the most interesting topics the virtual LUG covered this year. Everything from snap packages & Ubuntu reviews to LXD & Arch MacBook installs, plus a whole lot more. So kick back, settle in & enjoy the show!
S01E178 Big Sister is Watching 03/01/2017 Robots take over the show while we go around the table & get our 2017 predictions in for Linux. Plus updates from projects we love & the great Mac migration continues!
S01E179 Project Sputnik Interview 10/01/2017 Project Sputnik's Barton George joins us to discuss the new Dell hardware running Linux & the history of the Sputnik project. Plus the KillDisk hype is high, The Pi's PIXEL is taking on MATE, another Mac dev switches to Linux & more!
S01E180 The Theory of Liri 17/01/2017 We take a look at a martial design influenced distribution, the FSF's new high priority list & much more this week!
S01E181 A Brisk MATE for Solus 24/01/2017 It's a huge show with a bonanza of updates, big future plans & cross project collaboration. Michael Hall from Canonical join us to discuss UbunCon, SCALE15x plans & much more!
S01E182 Death by Download 31/01/2017 Remotely bricking Android devices, the new Plasma is looking great, first hands on with the new XPS 13 Sputnik, more BTRFS woes & hacking Popey's system. Plus's big change, building your own local Steam repository & more!
S01E183 Niche Distros Need Not Apply 07/02/2017 Is software ever really finished? Should we avoid boutique or niche Linux distributions? We have a spirited discussion & attempt to finally answer both of those questions. We also chat about what's new in Kodi 17, why open source on our TV's is critical & more!
S01E184 Chilling with Kylin 14/02/2017 A surprising new desktop environment, the latest on cross-distro snappy support & how to get the most out of Android without Play Services. Plus a script to take over a running server and replacement it with FreeBSD, a fresh take on VPNs coming to a kernel near you & more!
S01E185 Plasma Injection 21/02/2017 Austrian schools are switching, Wes is trying & Chris is reviewing the Plasma desktop this week. Why the heck we keep talking about it & what's really bugging us about it. Plus the 7-Inch Ubuntu Laptop that might be legit & Linus reflects on what he really hates after 25 years of Linux.
S01E186 AWS Loses Its ShIOT 28/02/2017
S01E187 CIA's Dank Trojans 07/03/2017 It's the year of the CIA linux desktop, with multiplatform malware & boot environments designed to attack Macs, Popey & Wimpy share their Mobile World Congress adventures & Bryan joins us to discuss the last Linux Sucks talk ever. Plus we chat with Gnome at SCALE, take a look at Endless OS & ponder the Litebook.
S01E188 Celebrating Linux on Pi Day 14/03/2017 We celebrate Pi Day by loading Mycroft & Alexa onto a Raspberry Pi 3, look at the actual use cases for VR & AR under Linux today, flash back to Linux in the 90s & update on our favorite projects.
S01E190 Boot Free or Die Tryin' 28/03/2017 We dig deep into the LibreBoot project, how the Intel ME problem impacts open source & limits badass free laptops. Then we spend Wes' money and shop for his next perfect Linux rig. Plus we discuss the big changeup at FreeNAS & more!
S01E191 What's a Distro? 04/04/2017 Joe Ressington of Late Night Linux joins Wes to discuss just what makes a "Proper" distribution. Then the latest news about Libreboot and the Free Software Foundation, Containers explained in pictures & our complaints about the latest Telegram release. Plus Fedora has the perfect desktop for Hacker News & Android is now king of the internet.
S01E192 Home Sweet Gnome 11/04/2017 OpenELEC's latest release, Snaps on Fedora, plus Wes' Picks, Pinterest's support for Open Source & the controversial use of Slack for Open Source projects. Then Wes, Noah & the Mumble room have a wide-ranging discussion about Ubuntu's big desktop change, what it means for the Linux Desktop, Linux Vendors & you!
S01E193 Ubuntu’s Bare Gnome 18/04/2017 Community efforts to port Unity 8 or recreate the Unity 7 desktop are popping up all over & one of them is showing some real promise. Plus why Ubuntu Gnome left us feeling a little underwhelmed. Then, Solus has a Gnome edition now. Ikey stops by to tell us about it & other new things coming out from the project.
S01E194 Internet of Troubles 25/04/2017 Linux Foundation thinks they have the solution to the Internet of Terrible & they might actually be right. We'll share the exclusive interview that has us excited for the future. Plus the bad, horrible, no good week that Docker had & more!
S01E195 Rub a Dub Grub 03/05/2017 Big improvements are coming to a grub near you, Wes has a batch of really useful new open source projects & we consider the "threat" posed by Windows 10 S. Plus the dirty secret about Linux's battery life, some of our LinuxFest Northwest plans & a lot more!
S01E196 Orange is the new Red (Hat) 09/05/2017 Canonical is going for the IPO & that means some big changes. In a recent interview Mark Shuttleworth gives us a hint at the new purpose of the Ubuntu desktop. Plus Thunderbird's future is uncertain, we get our hands on System76's Galago Pro & more!
S01E197 That New User Smell 16/05/2017 We review System76's Galago Pro, have a crisis of faith about the future of desktop Linux, get completely blown away by our community, help you BASH better & more!
S01E198 Magic Device Cloud 23/05/2017 NextCloud 12 is out & Jos joins us to chat about the highlights, Marius Quabeck joins us to discuss Magic Device Tool's secrets. Plus we cover a bunch of project updates & more!
S01E199 No Samba No Cry 31/05/2017 Why the big Samba vulnerability is no WannaCry, Wimpy gives us his take on e-gpus under Linux, our first take on Plasma 5.10 & a tool that will finally get you to use Docker!
S01E200 Gnome in the Shell 06/06/2017 It’s a Gnome lovefest this week, with a special look at the next release of Gnome 3, special features we’re looking forward to & new extensions that make Gnome even better. Then we chat about Google’s solution to old Linux Kernel’s in Android, the differences between Chrome and Chromium on Linux, a killer Plasma desktop feature & more!
S01E201 Turbo Mode Ikey 13/06/2017 Desktop Linux is about to get a lot more competitive, one of its recent biggest disruptors is going full time. Ikey, founder of the Solus project, joins us to discuss where this is going. Plus A dive into Fedora 26 beta, the security of Cockpit, Ubuntu Gnome survey results & opening some Windows gaming tech to all of us.
S01E202 Halls of Endless Linux 20/06/2017 Michael Hall from Endless joins us to discuss his new role, Endless' involvement with Gnome & the unique approach they are taking with EndlessOS. Plus Fedora shares some future plans that have us really excited & we try to grok casync, Lennart Poettering's new project for distributing file system images.
S01E204 Awkward Distro Puberty 04/07/2017 TUXEDO Computers & System76 have announced their own Linux distributions, but both these new efforts betray a much larger issue that no one is discussion. We'll have that awkward conversation. Plus OutlawCountry is getting a bunch of attention, BFQ scheduler finally gets its day, XDA Forum is going to give Phoronix some competition & some important info for Fedora users. The an update from the recent SNAP sprint, community news & a lot more!
S01E205 A Fitting Fedora 11/07/2017 Fedora 26 is here & so is Matthew Miller, the project leader, to chat all about the new release, big future projects, important changes to Rawhide & how they're taking advantage of openSUSE's openQA. Plus our hands on experience with the new release, the ultimate upgrade test results & community news.
S01E206 Beardy McBeardface 18/07/2017 We've chased Chris out of the studio and invented some new segments: First up Wes, in true TechSNAP style, highlights a few complicated ideas explained well, then it's on to updates from a few of our favourite projects, including some exciting news for WireGuard & a great collection of new stuff from around the internet. Plus special guest host Rikai & Wes geek out about gaming, we celebrate Slackware & pose the question: Just what is Mageia & why does it exist?
S01E207 Return Of The Distrohopper 25/07/2017 We get down to distros in today's episode. Distro news, modular distros, some reviews & major new developments. Plus Chris talks about leaving Arch and returning to his distro-hopping roots & the major news that broke today.
S01E208 The Stallman Line 01/08/2017 We get philosophical about open source's most modern problem & debate where we draw our own personal "Stallman Line". Plus a we briefly discuss today's big Bitcoin fork, Mozilla's new Firefox experiments, Krita's woes, Gnome's moves & the groundwork for the Slackware Challenge.
S01E209 LILO and Slack(ware) 08/08/2017 We conclude our Slackware challenge & share the lessons and results. Plus why you really need to give Firefox another try, easy sandboxing of any Linux app, GTK4’s blockers, the official anti-systemd resource… And we announce another meetup!
S01E210 15/08/2017
S01E211 Forks Done Right 22/08/2017 We get fired up about the bigger message behind Ubuntu's new fork, debate Mozilla's plans to collect data on Firefox users & come up with solutions for Linux users fleeing from CrashPlan. Plus a geeky project so cool it might consume your life, Google's clever plans to push ChromeOS into the Enterprise & the one thing Electron should never be used for.
S01E212 The Free Phone Nightmare 29/08/2017 We reflect on the communities appetites for another GNU/Linux phone fundraiser & pontificate if the Librem 5 might be our last hope. Plus a live unboxing of some new shiny surprise hardware. We also cover a batch of community updates, a cryptocoin you're going to want & discuss additional options for offsite backup.
S01E213 Gnome Does it Again 05/09/2017 The Gnome project is about to solve one of our audience's biggest Wayland's concerns. But as the project takes on a new level of relevance, decisions for the next version of Gnome have us worried about the future. Plus we chat with Wimpy about the Ubuntu Rally in NYC, Microsoft's sneaky move to turn Windows 10 into the "ULTIMATE LINUX RUNTIME", community news & more!
S01E214 12/09/2017
S01E215 Pulse of PipeWire 19/09/2017 A game changing project for Linux multimedia has been officially announced today, so we chat with the brilliance behind PipeWire, Wim Taymans. Plus community news of the week & why the rapid decline of the "open source media" matters more than ever.
S01E216 Open Source Is Hard 26/09/2017 It's Wes & the Beard this week as we cover tons of stories. TopIcons is officially unmaintained, KDE launches the XFree kwin project in an attempt to rid themselves of XWayland, Synergy goes closed source, Microsoft & Canonical build a custom Linux kernel & more!
S01E217 That One Time, At Ubuntu Camp 03/10/2017 How does Ubuntu get built? Chris is back from the Ubuntu Rally in NYC and has a full report, some interviews & stories to share. Plus Jos Poortvliet & Frank Karlitschek join us to talk about NextCloud's new end-to-end Encryption.
S01E218 The Purism Redemption 10/10/2017 We review Purism's Librem 15, the high performance 15.6" laptop built for Linux with physical radio kill switches. Plus the snap coming to a desktop near you, we report back from SeaGL & discuss some future changes to your humble weekly Linux talk show.
S01E219 Ubuntu's New Era 17/10/2017 We review Ubuntu 17.10 & discuss some of the major achievements this release represents. Plus we break down an important Linux kernel news story, get updates from the community & more!
S01E220 Remotely Useful 24/10/2017 An easy solution to get high performance remote Linux desktop up and going, some tips on how to interact with an open source project or community & looking back at some of Fedora's recent accomplishments. Plus Canonical is on the path to an IPO, pirates embrace Flatpack & more!
S01E221 Ubuntu A-Team 31/10/2017 Two of Ubuntu's top contributors join us to chat a bit about the 17.10 release, working upstream with GNOME, the future of SNAPS in Ubuntu & goals for 18.04. Plus the public beating Kodi is taking for an open source problem, Flatpak gets mature & the Linux Foundation is working on open source AI. Then we share some recent distro reload anecdote & a bunch of community news.
S01E222 A Community Divided 07/11/2017 Community news & app picks this week before we get into a bizarre story that could rip up parts of the open source community. Plus Elementary OS's secret weapon to get more native apps, our tips for great High-DPI under Linux & some Enlightenment love.
S01E223 Fedora's New Trick 14/11/2017 A new version of Fedora hits the web and we share our thoughts & chat with a member of the project, Noah joins us to answer your live calls & we're all excited about Firefox's new quantum release. Plus Gnome 4's ambitious goals, a new Linux Kernel that really matters, OpenShot woes & more!
S01E224 No Escape from Google 21/11/2017 Google gets caught red handed, we find lots of goodies in the new Linux kernel & we have three great new app picks this week. But the meat of the show is Lynis a tool to audit your Linux box, create reports & teach you how to better secure your system. Plus we officially lay the groundwork for the Gentoo Challenge.
S01E225 Hacking the Community 29/11/2017 Red Hat, Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, and others come together to push common sense GPL enforcement & a whole batch of community news. Plus we call out the Register, DRM's dirty little secret & how Linux users can make a difference.
S01E226 Bitcoin for Linux Users 05/12/2017 Why Bitcoin is the next Linux, the Gentoo Challenge is in full swing, and we catch you up on the latest community news, a throwback app pick & more!
S01E227 Peer Pressure 14/12/2017 It's time to replace Patreon, YouTube, Twitter/Facebook & all the other centralized platforms of the web. But can open source answer the call? This week we look at a few projects that could replace today's information silos if Linux users just step up. Plus community news, some big updates & a lot more!
S01E228 rm -rf 2017 19/12/2017 We debate the best distros of 2017, get into some community news, and a bcachefs and Gentoo challenge update & also learn a bit about Canonical's new Multipass project. Plus a few Linux commands that are guaranteed to destroy your install.
S01E229 Taste of Linux 2017 26/12/2017 We break from the unformat of the show for a special holiday chat about the top moments in the world of Linux this year that impacted us the most.
S01E230 Invest In Popcorn 02/01/2018 Wes & the Beard kick Chris out to share their top tips for starting 2018 out right, plus a holiday surprise from Linux Journal, a new device for Google’s Fuchsia & an unfortunate new flaw in a processor near you.
S01E231 Most Expensive Linux Distro Ever 09/01/2018 We slay the Gentoo challenge monster & give you our first take of the most expensive Linux distro we've ever tried. What does nearly $100 of Linux get you? We find out! Plus tons of community news, the perfect Linux workstation coming soon & more!
S01E232 The Secret to Future Linux Success 16/01/2018 A big week of community updates, events & news, including great news for Plasma Desktop users, MATE users & Wayland fans. Then Barton George from Dell joins us to discuss the new XPS 13’s shipping Ubuntu, where Linux could see its next big success & more!