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Based on the comic strip by Margje Henderson Bull, this is a series of animated short movies about a curly-haired little girl who is always in trouble with her angry dad. Most cartoons are U.&M.M prints. Some are NTA prints, the rest Harveytoon prints and some of the cartoons like "I'm Just Curious" leave the theatrical spinning star. The last offical video relase was from TV disturbutor Republic Pictures.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Little Lulu

S01E01 Eggs Don\'t Bounce 24/12/1943
S01E02 Hullaba-Lulu 25/02/1944
S01E03 Lulu Gets the Birdie 31/03/1944
S01E04 Lulu in Hollywood 19/05/1944
S01E05 Lucky Lulu 30/06/1944
S01E06 It\'s Nifty to Be Thrifty 18/08/1944
S01E07 I\'m Just Curious 08/09/1944 The print reviewed had the original opening and closing Paramount logo.
S01E08 Lulu\'s Indoor Outing 29/09/1944
S01E09 Lulu at the Zoo 17/11/1944
S01E10 Lulu\'s Birthday Party 29/12/1944
S01E11 Magica-Lulu 02/03/1945
S01E12 Beau Ties 20/04/1945
S01E13 Daffydilly Daddy 25/05/1945
S01E14 Snap Happy 22/06/1945
S01E15 Man\'s Pest Friend 30/11/1945
S01E16 Bargain Counter Attack 11/01/1946
S01E17 Bored of Education 01/03/1946
S01E18 Chick and Double Chick 16/08/1946
S01E19 Musical Lulu 24/01/1947
S01E20 A Scout with the Gout 24/03/1947
S01E21 Loose in a Caboose 23/05/1947 The print reviewed that had the B&W variation of the original Paramount logo sequence.
S01E22 Cad and Caddy 18/07/1947
S01E23 A Bout with a Trout 10/10/1947
S01E24 Super Lulu 12/11/1947
S01E25 The Baby Sitter 28/11/1947
S01E26 The Dog Show-Off 28/01/1948 The series finale.

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