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The main characters series are: * Little Red Tractor - a small, old but reliable farm tractor, mute but capable of expressing emotions. Stan restored him to his as new condition. * Stan - Little Red Tractor's driver and constant companion. Stan lives at Gosling Farm, and keeps 2 cows Daisy and Veronica, and 2 pigs. * Patch - Stan's Dog * Big Blue - a large, up-to-date farm tractor. Has no anthropomorphic traits. * Harvey - Harvester owned by Mr Jones but sometimes borrowed by Stan. * Mr Jones - Stan's neighbor and owner of Big Blue. He often appears selfish, materialistic or otherwise antisocial, but tends to be socially inept or smug rather than actually unpleasant. His full name is Mr Jasper Jones and he lives at Beech Farm. * Thomas - Mr Jones nephew who comes to stay at Beech farm with him on occasion since Mr Jones sister moved back from the city to the country. Thomas is learning to like the country life which he initially thought was smelly, dirty and not as good as computer games. * Stumpy - the miller. Friendly and mildly eccentric. Drives his quadbike, "Nipper" very badly. Stumpy plays in Walters band. * Elsie - Stumpy's wife. * Nipper - Quadbike ridden by Stumpy. * Ryan - Child neighbour of Stan. He and his sister like to play with Little Red Tractor and help out. * Amy - Ryan's sister. * Mr Turby - Ryan and Amy's father. He likes to run and plays keyboards in Walters band. * Mrs Turby - Ryan and Amy's mother. She likes to paint and does arts and crafts. * Walter - Runs the Babblebrook garage and likes to play rock and roll. Walter is easily lead astray. Walter is lead singer and plays the guitar for his band called Walter and the Wolverines. * Nicola - Walter's daughter who also runs the garage. She tends to be far more sensible than her father. Nicola also plays an instrument in her fathers band. * Leo - Walter's ne

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