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S15E01 10/1/03 00/00/0000
S15E02 10/2/03 00/00/0000
S15E03 10/3/03 00/00/0000
S15E04 10/6/03 00/00/0000
S15E05 10/7/03 00/00/0000
S15E06 10/8/03 00/00/0000
S15E07 10/9/03 00/00/0000
S15E08 10/10/03 00/00/0000
S15E09 10/13/03 00/00/0000
S15E10 10/14/03 00/00/0000
S15E11 10/15/03 00/00/0000
S15E12 10/16/03 00/00/0000
S15E13 11/4/03 00/00/0000
S15E14 10/17/03 00/00/0000
S15E15 11/3/03 00/00/0000
S15E16 11/5/03 00/00/0000
S15E17 11/6/03 00/00/0000
S15E18 11/7/03 00/00/0000
S15E19 11/10/03 00/00/0000 Regis baby-sits Kelly's children; actor Jimmy Smits; comedian Joan Rivers.
S15E20 11/11/03 00/00/0000 Madonna talks about her children's book; journalist Diane Sawyer; Pink performs; Kelly takes a trapeze class.
S15E21 11/12/03 00/00/0000 Actor Brendan Fraser; Regis and Kelly attempt to milk goats; Hall & Oates perform.
S15E22 11/13/03 00/00/0000 Actor Laurence Fishburne; Tom Jones performs; Kelly learns how to tango.
S15E23 11/14/03 00/00/0000 Actor Russell Crowe; crocodile hunter Steve Irwin; dunking booth.
S15E24 11/24/03 00/00/0000
S15E25 11/25/03 00/00/0000
S15E26 11/26/03 00/00/0000 Today's show welcomes NAOMI WATTS from her new project, ""21 Grams"" and we'll have a performance from TORI AMOS. Plus, we'll end the fun of our Thanksgiving Recipe Cook-Off concludes when we feature the recipes of a Thanksgiving must - stuffing!
S15E27 11/27/03 00/00/0000 It's Makeover Madness on today's LIVE! You've seen our makeovers over the past years, but now, it's time to see the best! Tune in to see the amazing transformations.
S15E28 11/28/03 00/00/0000 LIVE ends the week with a visit from former President JIMMY CARTER, talking about his new book and we'll also welcome actor MIKE MYERS from the highly anticipated movie, ""The Cat in the Hat""!
S15E29 12/1/03 00/00/0000 NASCAR in the Kitchen Week begins today! LIVE is bringing the biggest and best in racing all this week to show their stuff in the kitchen. Today, we begin with this year's Winston Cup Champion, MATT KENSETH. Also, Regis and Kelly welcome MELANA SCANTLIN from ""Average Joe"" and NICOLE RICHIE, talking about her new show ""The Simple Life"".
S15E30 12/2/03 00/00/0000 More fun in the kitchen when driving great JIMMIE JOHNSON shows Regis and Kelly one of his best recipes. Also, we'll have a visit from the ""American Idol"" judge we all love to hate, SIMON COWELL.
S15E31 12/3/03 00/00/0000 Today's show welcomes JEFF GORDON, as we continue NASCAR in the Kitchen Week. And, we'll also have actor DON JOHNSON from his new project and a performance from LEANN RIMES.
S15E32 12/4/03 00/00/0000 NASCAR in the Kitchen Week continues with recipes from driving champion, TONY STEWART. LIVE also welcomes BILL O'REILLY and a performance from GLORIA ESTEFAN.
S15E33 12/5/03 00/00/0000 LIVE ends the week of NASCAR in the Kitchen Week fun with a visit from racing star KEVIN HARVICK and NELLY FURTADO performs.
S15E34 January 24, 2005 00/00/0000
S16E01 Ethan Hawke/Aisha Tyler 00/00/0000
S16E02 Chad Michael Murray/ Leann Rimes 00/00/0000 Guest co-host Ted McGinley; actor Chad Michael Murray (``One Tree Hill''); LeAnn Rimes performs; Academy Award nominations.
S16E03 Emma Bunton 00/00/0000
S16E04 Drea De Matteo/Jo Frost 00/00/0000 Guest co-host Jeff Gordon; actress Drea de Matteo (``Assault on Precinct 13''); Jo Frost (``Supernanny'').
S16E05 Jimmy Kimmel 00/00/0000
S16E06 Billy Crystal/Matt Long/Dr. Arthur Agatston 00/00/0000 Actor Billy Crystal (Broadway's ``700 Sundays''); actor Matt Long (``Jack & Bobby''); Dr. Arthur Agatston talks about the South Beach Diet.
S16E07 Debra Messing/Rachel Bilson/Joe Cocker 00/00/0000 Actress Debra Messing (``The Wedding Date''); actress Rachel Bilson (``The O.C.''); Joe Cocker performs; Pontiac Extreme Van-a-Day Giveaway.
S16E08 Duran Duran/Kim Delaney 00/00/0000 Duran Duran performs; actress Kim Delaney (``The O.C.''); Pontiac Extreme Van-a-Day Giveaway; health tips.
S16E09 Amanda Bynes/Tina Turner/Henry Winkler 00/00/0000 Singer Tina Turner; actor Henry Winkler; Pontiac Extreme Van-a-Day Giveaway.
S16E10 Harvey Fierstein/Sharon Osbourne/Ozzy Osbourne/Mireille Giuliano 00/00/0000 Actor Harvey Fierstein (Broadway's ``Fiddler on the Roof''); Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne; author Mireille Giuliano (``French Women Don't Get Fat''); Pontiac Extreme Van-a-Day Giveaway.
S16E11 Simon Cowell/Josh Duhamel/Tina Turner 00/00/0000 ""American Idol's"" most outrageous judge, SIMON COWELL, stops by. From the show ""Las Vegas,"" JOSH DUHAMEL pays a visit. The incomparable TINA TURNER is here. Today you'll meet our 2005 wedding couple as we kick off LIVE'S WEDDING WEEK. And a lucky viewer will be the latest winner of a Pontiac Montana SV6 when we play LIVE'S PONTIAC EXTREME VAN-A-DAY GIVEAWAY!
S16E12 Sigourney Weaver/Benjamin McKenzie 00/00/0000
S16E13 Kevin James/Brian McKnight 00/00/0000 KEVIN JAMES talks about his new movie ""Hitch."" BRIAN McKNIGHT performs. We reveal expert tips on how to throw a themed bridal shower during LIVE'S WEDDING WEEK. And someone will walk away with one (or two!) Pontiac Montana SV6 sport vans during LIVE'S PONTIAC EXTREME VAN-A-DAY GIVEAWAY.
S16E14 David Spade/Winners Of Amazing Race 6 00/00/0000 Comedian DAVID SPADE shares laughs from his show ""8 Simple Rules."" Regis and Kelly meet the WINNERS OF THE AMAZING RACE. And LIVE'S WEDDING WEEK bride is treated to a wedding dress fashion show. Plus, we'll have another winner of a tax-free Pontiac Montana SV6 in LIVE'S PONTIAC EXTREME VAN-A-DAY GIVEAWAY!
S16E15 Live's 2005 Wedding 00/00/0000 LIVE'S WEDDING WEEK concludes with the marriage ceremony of ""Live's"" 2005 wedding couple. We invite you to witness the nuptials as our studio is transformed into a spectacular setting and the deserving bride and groom make their dreams come true on live television.
S16E16 Live's Lost Love Valentine's Wedding 00/00/0000 They have a story that spans 30 years. They met as teenagers, but even as life continued to pull them toward one another, difficult struggles and circumstances prevented them from being together. After 14 years apart, Angela Collins and Bo Swartwout reunited as part of ""Live's Lost Love Week 2004"" and rekindled their feelings for each other. Now they return to celebrate their life-long love when they are married today on ""Live's Lost Love Valentine's Wedding."" Witness the climactic chapter to Angela and Bo's story as they begin their wedded life today on ""Live.""
S16E17 Jeff Probst/Shia LeBeouf 00/00/0000 JEFF PROBST visits ""Live"" to give the inside scoop on ""Survivor: Palau."" SHIA LeBEOUF tells us about his role in the new dark thriller ""Constantine."" And we take a peek at the ""Lost Love Wedding"" reception.
S16E18 James Spader/Tom Shelleck 00/00/0000 JAMES SPADER chats about playing brazen lawyer Alan Shore on ""Boston Legal,"" and TOM SELLECK shares stories from his new television movie ""Stone Cold.""
S16E19 Keanu Reeves/Tony Danza 00/00/0000 Leading man KEANU REEVES talks about his complex role in the new supernatural thriller ""Constantine."" And TONY DANZA shares some laughs with Regis and Kelly.
S16E20 Charlie Sheen/Matthew Fox 00/00/0000 From ""Two and a Half Men,"" CHARLIE SHEEN is here. And MATTHEW FOX visits from his hit show ""Lost.""
S16E21 Valerie Bertinelli/Ashlee Simpson 00/00/0000 VALERIE BERTINELLI reminisces about her role on ""One Day at a Time."" ASHLEE SIMPSON stops by with a word on her reality series ""The Ashlee Simpson Show."" And we announce the 10 finalists in LIVE'S BEAUTIFUL BABY CONTEST.
S16E22 Raven Symone/Jeff Gordon/Tori Amos 00/00/0000 From the show ""That's so Raven,"" RAVEN-SYMONE is here. TORI AMOS performs and we narrow down the finalists of LIVE'S BEAUTIFUL BABY CONTEST.
S16E23 Joan Rivers/Hilary Duff/Haylie Duff 00/00/0000 Regis and Kelly get a visit from friend JOAN RIVERS. Sisters HILARY AND HAYLIE DUFF stop by and we meet the five finalists in LIVE'S BEAUTIFUL BABY CONTEST.
S16E24 Amanda Bynes/Michelle Williams 00/00/0000 Our beautiful babies 'oughta be in pictures' and today they'll have a photo shoot for LIVE'S BEAUTIFUL BABY CONTEST. From the sitcom What I Like About You, AMANDA BYNES pays a visit. And MICHELLE WILLIAMS gives a performance.
S16E25 Omar Epps/Jen Schefft/Claudia Cohen 00/00/0000 Today we announce the winner of LIVE'S BEAUTIFUL BABY CONTEST! OMAR EPPS fills us in on his role in the new medical mystery series ""House, M.D."" JEN SCHEFFT, ""The Bachelorette,"" catches up with Regis and Kelly. And CLAUDIA COHEN gives an exclusive pre-Oscar report.
S16E26 Lori Laughlin/Faith Ford/Claudia Cohen 00/00/0000 ""Summerland's"" LORI LAUGHLIN is here. Kelly's small screen co-star FAITH FORD talks about her big screen role in ""The Pacifier,"" and CLAUDIA COHEN brings us all the excitement of Hollywood with her Academy Award wrap-up report.
S16E27 The Rock/Gisele Bundchen 00/00/0000 THE ROCK visits ""Live"" to fill us in on his unusual role in the new movie ""Be Cool."" And supermodel GISELE BUNDCHEN takes a stroll off the runway to visit with Regis and Kelly.
S16E28 John Travolta 00/00/0000 JOHN TRAVOLTA talks about reprising the role of Chili Palmer in the ""Be Cool."" And see who'll get a second chance at winning a Pontiac Montana SV6, when we play ""LIVE'S PONTIAC EXTREME VAN-A-DAY GIVEAWAY.""
S16E29 Vin Diesel/Motley Crue 00/00/0000 VIN DIESEL is here to chat about his movie ""The Pacifier."" Plus, MOTLEY CRUE sits down with Regis and Kelly.
S16E30 Halle Berry/Christina Milian 00/00/0000 Academy Award-winning actress HALLE BERRY stops by with an update on her latest projects, and CHRISTINA MILIAN performs.
S16E31 Sylvester Stallone/Christopher Byrne 00/00/0000 SYLVESTER STALLONE talks about hosting his new boxing reality show ""The Contender."" And the ""Toy Guy,"" Chris Byrne is here. OLIVIA WILDE is here.
S16E32 Greg Kinnear/George Lopez/Tears For Fears 00/00/0000 GREG KINNEAR fills us in about his new movie ""Robots."" GEORGE LOPEZ gives us all the latest from his self-titled show. And TEARS FOR FEARS will perform.
S16E33 Robin Williams/Nigella Lawson 00/00/0000 ROBIN WILLIAMS returns to the animated screen with his latest project, ""Robots."" And NIGELLA LAWSON shares some tasty ideas with Regis and Kelly.
S16E34 John Stamos/John Lithgow/Peter Gros 00/00/0000 From the new show ""Jake in Progress,"" JOHN STAMOS is here. JOHN LITHGOW is a ""Dirty Rotten Scoundrel"" on Broadway and he'll tell us all about it. And PETER GROS stops by with some wild animals.
S16E35 Uma Thurman 00/00/0000 Today UMA THURMAN visits with Regis and Kelly.
S16E36 Carmen Electra/Brooke Valentine/Big Boi 00/00/0000 CARMEN ELECTRA talks about returning to the beach for her appearances on ""Summerland."" And BROOKE VALENTINE & BIG BOI perform.
S16E37 Ashton Kutcher/Kelly Clarkson 00/00/0000 ASHTON KUTCHER talks about teaming up with Bernie Mac in the new movie ""Guess Who?"" And the original ""American Idol"" winner, KELLY CLARKSON, pays a visit to ""Live.""
S16E38 Rosario Dawson/Omarion 00/00/0000 ROSARIO DAWSON will fill us in on her role in the visually stunning movie ""Sin City."" OMARION performs a hit from his chart-topping album, ""O.""
S16E39 Laura Prepon/Vivica A. Fox 00/00/0000 ANDY RICHTER fills in for Regis Philbin as co-host today. LAURA PREPON stops by with an update on ""That 70's Show"" and VIVICA A. FOX tells us about her criteria as a judge on the new reality show ""The Starlet.""
S16E40 Rhona Mitra/Sprouse Twins 00/00/0000 ANDY RICHTER returns to co-host with Kelly. From ""Boston Legal,"" RHONA MITRA is here, and Regis and Kelly meet THE SPROUSE TWINS from the new Disney Channel show ""The Suite Life of Zach and Cody.""
S16E41 Alicia Keys/Marcia Cross/Topher Grace 00/00/0000 ALICIA KEYS fills us in on some of the intimate poems found in her new book ""Tears for Water."" MARCIA CROSS talks about her role as icy homemaker ""Bree"" in ""Desperate Housewives"" and TOPHER GRACE gives us some backstage bits on his new film ""In Good Company."" Also today, meet the ""Live"" Dream Team that will make the DREAM TEAM AMBUSH MAKEOVERS happen! Plus, viewers try to break some records as part of our GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS WEEK.
S16E42 Jamie Foxx/Jamie Lynn Spears/Dame Edna 00/00/0000 JAMIE FOXX talks about his Oscar-winning role in ""Ray."" JAMIE LYNN SPEARS fills us in on her new Nickelodeon series ""Zoey 101."" DAME EDNA is back ""With a Vengeance"" in her new Broadway show and she's here to tell us all about it. And we bring you more DREAM TEAM AMBUSH MAKEOVERS and GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS challenges.
S16E43 Jerry Seinfeld/Neil Patrick Harris 00/00/0000
S16E44 Mischa Barton/Clay Aiken/Nicolette Sherida 00/00/0000 From the sunny shores of ""The OC,"" MISCHA BARTON heats up the ""Live"" studio. CLAY AIKEN shares stories from his new book ""Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life."" And she's back with a seductive new soap-""Desperate Housewives'"" NICOLETTE SHERIDAN visits ""Live"" today. ""Live's"" DREAM TEAM AMBUSH MAKEOVERS continue with another unbelievable transformation and another viewer attempts to set a mark in the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS.
S16E45 Nicole Kidman/Simon Cowell/Debra Messing 00/00/0000 NICOLE KIDMAN discusses her latest roles with Regis and Kelly. ""American Idol's"" most outrageous judge, SIMON COWELL, stops by. ""Will & Grace"" star DEBRA MESSING talks about her big screen role in ""The Wedding Date."" Plus, Regis will add his name to the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS, and we reveal the final DREAM TEAM AMBUSH MAKEOVER!
S16E46 Kim Raver/Jimmy Smits 00/00/0000 JOY PHILBIN fills in for Kelly Ripa as co-host today. KIM RAVER visits from the nail-biting FOX hit, ""24."" And JIMMY SMITS talks about his new role and the battle for president on ""The West Wing.""
S16E47 Queen Latifah 00/00/0000 JOY PHILBIN returns to join Regis as co-host. QUEEN LATIFAH is here with a word on her new movie, ""Beauty Shop."" And we bring you all the must-haves this season with the LIVE SPRING FASHION SHOW.
S16E48 Alicia Silverstone 00/00/0000 ALICIA SILVERSTONE reveals some behind the scenes stories from the star-studded flick ""Beauty Shop.""
S16E49 Brittany Murphy 00/00/0000 BRITTANY MURPHY tells us about her character in the stylized film ""Sin City.""
S16E50 Pam Anderson 00/00/0000 Bombshell PAM ANDERSON stops by.
S16E51 Penélope Cruz/Johnny Damon 00/00/0000 PENELOPE CRUZ visits ""Live"" for the first time to tell us about her new adventure film, ""Sahara."" And JOHNNY DAMON of the world champion Boston Red Sox talks about his new book, ""Idiot: Beating The Curse and Enjoying the Game of Life.""
S16E52 Farrah Fawcett/Mike Massey 00/00/0000 Farrah Fawcett fills us in on her new reality series, ""Finding Farrah."" Trick shot billiard champion Mike Massey will show off his skills and discuss his upcoming induction to the billiards Hall of Fame.
S16E53 Drew Barrymore/Gavin DeGraw 00/00/0000 Drew Barrymore visits ""Live"" to chat about her latest romantic comedy ""Fever Pitch."" And singer-songwriter Gavin DeGraw performs.
S16E54 Matthew McConaughey/Frankie J. 00/00/0000 Matthew McConaughey chats about his new movie, ""Sahara."" Plus, Frankie J. sings a song from his highly anticipated second album.
S16E55 Denzel Washington/Fran Drescher 00/00/0000 Denzel Washington discusses his new Broadway role, the title character in ""Julius Caesar."" And Fran Drescher talks about her return to television in the new sitcom ""Living with Fran.""
S16E56 Christian Slater/Kristen Bell 00/00/0000 CHRISTIAN SLATER fills us in on his part in the Broadway revival of ""The Glass Menagerie."" KRISTEN BELL talks about solving crimes as ""Veronica Mars."" And we check in on our Regis and Kelly / SELF Magazine STAFF FITNESS CHALLENGERS.
S16E57 Tea Leoni/Ryan Reynolds/Michael McDonald 00/00/0000 TEA LEONI sits down with Regis and Kelly to talk about her role in ""House of D."" From the new movie ""Amityville Horror,"" RYAN REYNOLDS is here. And Michael McDONALD sings a classic song from his album ""Motown II.""
S16E58 Miss USA 00/00/0000
S16E59 David Duchovny/Ken & Daria Dolan 00/00/0000 DAVID DUCHOVNY talks about making his film writing and directing debut with ""House of D."" Plus, KEN AND DARIA DOLAN are here with some last minute tax tips.
S16E60 Mariah Carey/Kathleen Turner/Phil Mickelson 00/00/0000 Superstar MARIAH CAREY visits ""Live"" to introduce her latest album, ""The Emancipation of Mimi."" KATHLEEN TURNER discusses taking on the classic role of Martha in Broadway's ""Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"" And golf great PHIL MICKELSON shares highlights from his book about winning the 2004 Masters, ""One Magical Sunday.""
S16E61 Ashton Kutcher/Carlos Bernard 00/00/0000 ASHTON KUTCHER fills us in on his new romantic comedy ""A Lot Like Love,"" and CARLOS BERNARD visits ""Live"" from the nail-biting hit show ""24.""
S16E62 Judge Judy/Il Divo 00/00/0000 The tough-talking JUDGE JUDY visits ""Live,"" and international singing quartet IL DIVO performs.
S16E63 David Hyde Pierce/Anna Nalick 00/00/0000 DAVID HYDE PIERCE stops by from the new Broadway musical ""Monty Python's Spamalot."" And singer-songwriter ANNA NALICK makes her television debut as she performs from her album ""Wreck of the Day.""
S16E64 Lucy Liu 00/00/0000 LUCY LIU talks about her new off-screen duties as UNICEF ambassador.
S16E65 Christina Applegate/Fisher/Bren Olswanger 00/00/0000 CHRISTINA APPLEGATE drops in from Broadway as she returns to her role in ""Sweet Charity."" Plus, a performance from the pop group FISHER.
S16E66 Felicity Huffman/Jenny McCarthy/Charlie Weis 00/00/0000 From the hit show ""Desperate Housewives,"" FELICITY HUFFMAN is here. JENNY McCARTHY shares some of the hilarious challenges of motherhood discussed in her latest book, ""Baby Laughs."" Plus, new Notre Dame coach CHARLIE WEIS pays a visit to the team's biggest fan - Regis!
S16E67 Eric McCormack/Jill Scott 00/00/0000 ""Will & Grace"" star, ERIC McCORMACK drops by and R&B singer JILL SCOTT is here with a new book of poetry, ""The Moments, The Minutes, The Hours.""
S16E68 Mos Def/Liam Neeson 00/00/0000 MOS DEF shares the details of his new sci-fi comedy, ""The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy."" LIAM NEESON returns to ""Live"" to introduce his film, ""Kingdom of Heaven.""
S16E69 Ice Cube/Mark Consuelos 00/00/0000 Regis and Kelly welcome ICE CUBE. He'll give us the lowdown about his new action movie ""xXx: State of the Union."" Kelly's real life husband MARK CONSUELOS talks about reuniting with her character on ""Hope & Faith.""
S16E70 Paris Hilton/Dean Cain 00/00/0000 PARIS HILTON talks about her role in the remake of the 1953 classic thriller ""House of Wax."" And DEAN CAIN shares behind-the-scenes stories from his upcoming appearance on ""Hope & Faith.""
S16E71 Goldie Hawn /American Idol Vote Off 00/00/0000 Author Goldie Hawn (``A Lotus Grows in the Mud''); encore performance from the latest singer voted off of ``American Idol.''
S16E72 Hayden Christensen/Martin Short 00/00/0000 From the highly anticipated ""Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith,"" HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN is here. MARTIN SHORT stops by to preview the release of his movie ""Jiminy Glick in La La Wood."" And don't forget to watch for today's clue to LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY'S CRUISIN' REUNION.
S16E73 Jennifer Lopez/Chad Michael Murray/Snopp Dogg 00/00/0000 The multi-talented JENNIFER LOPEZ talks about her latest movie, ""Monster-in-Law."" From ""House of Wax,"" CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY visits ""Live."" And Regis and Kelly welcome SNOOP DOGG back to the show. He'll be performing from his newest album. Plus, we reveal another clue to enter LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY'S CRUISIN' REUNION.
S16E74 Orlando Bloom/Ludacris 00/00/0000 ORLANDO BLOOM fills us in about his new epic movie ""Kingdom of Heaven."" And LUDACRIS talks about his return to the big screen with the new movie ""Crash,"" and another clue is announced for LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY'S CRUISIN' REUNION.
S16E75 Mom's Dream Come True 00/00/0000 Five special moms will have their wishes become a reality as ""Live"" celebrates Mother's Day with its 15th Annual MOM'S DREAM COME TRUE show. And watch for the final clue needed to enter LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY'S CRUISIN' REUNION.
S16E76 George Eads/Scott Savol 00/00/0000 ""Live"" comes to you from Disneyland Park today to kick-off ""The Happiest Celebration On Earth,"" a global celebration to salute Disneyland's 50th anniversary. Joining Regis and Kelly is GEORGE EADS, from the hit show ""CSI."" Plus, the hosts will sit down with the latest contestant to be voted off of AMERICAN IDOL.
S16E77 Evangeline Lilly / Bill Pullman / Aaron Carter 00/00/0000 ""Live"" travels coast-to-coast to broadcast live from The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort where the ""Happiest Celebration On Earth"" is in full swing. ""Lost"" castaway EVANGELINE LILY joins Regis and Kelly, and AARON CARTER sings his smash hit ""Saturday Night."" ""Live"" also gets an exclusive showing of the spectacular musical special, CINDERELLABRATION.
S16E78 Simon Cowell/Backstreet Boys 00/00/0000 Regis and Kelly are back at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. Today they ask SIMON COWELL for the scoop on the ""American Idol"" finalists. And THE BACKSTREET BOYS perform a song from their first studio album in five years.
S16E79 Wilmer Valderrama / Rob and Amber / Festival of the Lion King 00/00/0000 WILMER VALDERAMMA of ""That 70's Show"" pays a visit to Regis and Kelly at their Walt Disney World Resort location. And ""Survivor"" veterans ROB & AMBER talk about their latest reality adventure, ""The Amazing Race."" Plus, a special performance of Disney's THE FESTIVAL OF THE LION KING.
S16E80 Jon Cryer/Bobby Valentino 00/00/0000 ""Live"" concludes the week of fun with a final show from Walt Disney World Resort. Regis gets an ""extreme"" behind the scenes look at one of Walt Disney World's newest attractions. The hosts also share some laughs with ""Two and A Half Men's"" JON CRYER, and BILL PULLMAN will discuss his six-hour event series ""Revelations."" Plus, hot R&B newcomer BOBBY VALENTINO will sing a song from his highly-anticipated debut album.
S16E81 'Everybody Loves Raymond' Cast/Anthony Fedorov 00/00/0000 Regis and Kelly welcome the entire cast of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND as they head toward their series finale. Plus, a performance from the latest contestant to say goodbye to AMERICAN IDOL.
S16E82 James Denton/Tom Westman 00/00/0000 ""Desperate Housewives'"" JAMES DENTON talks about his role as the mysterious hunk of Wisteria Lane. Plus, the newest millionaire of the SURVIVOR series sits down with Regis and Kelly.
S16E83 Teri Hatcher/Jorge Garcia/Jesse McCartney 00/00/0000 ""Desperate Housewives"" star TERI HATCHER visits ""Live."" And from the other ABC blockbuster ""Lost,"" JORGE GARCIA is here. Plus, ""Summerland"" star JESSE McCARTNEY shows off his singing talent as he performs a song from his debut album ""Beautiful Soul.""
S16E84 Donald Trump/Miss Piggy 00/00/0000 Regis and Kelly welcome longtime friend DONALD TRUMP back to the show. And from ""The Muppets' Wizard of Oz,"" the porcine diva MISS PIGGY is here.
S16E85 Ashanti 00/00/0000 ASHANTI fills us in on all the behind-the-scenes Muppet madness in her new movie ""The Muppets' Wizard of Oz.""
S16E92 Renee Zelleweger/Kevin Connelly 00/00/0000 Renee Zellweger chats about her new movie, Cinderella Man. And from HBO's Entourage, Kevin Connelly stops by. Plus, a performance from the American Idol winner Carrie Underwood.
S16E255 Michael Chiklis/Janice Dickinson 00/00/0000 ""The Shield"" star MICHAEL CHIKLIS stops by, and supermodel JANICE DICKINSON gives us all the details as she joins the cast of ""The Surreal Life."" And GRILL FRIDAY - SECRETS REVEALED continues with another sizzlin' summer recipe courtesy of MARCUS SAMUELSON.