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The greatest and most successful team in English football. Liverpool Football Club is a professional football club based in Liverpool, England which plays in the Premier League and is one of the most successful in the history of English football, winning more trophies than any other English club. Liverpool has won a joint-record eighteen league titles, seven FA Cups, seven League Cups and five European Cups, an English record. The club was founded in 1892, and quickly became a strong force in English football, winning five league championships between 1900 and 1947. However, Liverpool spent several years in the Second Division (level 2) during the late 1950s, and did not win promotion again until the appointment of Bill Shankly as manager in 1959. The club traditionally played in red and white, but this was changed to all red in the 1960s. Under Shankly's management, Liverpool won three League Championship titles, two FA Cups and a UEFA Cup; the club's first European trophy. In the past 30 years, they have been one of the most successful clubs in English and European football; they won four European Cups between 1977 and 1984. The club experienced a lean period during the 1990s, but saw a revival when they won a cup treble in 2001 and the club's fifth European Cup in 2005. The Heysel Stadium disaster made the club infamous in Europe; 39 Juventus fans died after a wall collapsed as they fled from charging Liverpool fans. The club was involved in a worse disaster four years later—the Hillsborough Disaster— which saw the death of 96 Liverpool fans in a crush against perimeter fencing. Both disasters have had wide-ranging impacts on English and European football, and the club to this day. Liverpool F.C. has played at Anfield since its formation, but plans to move to a new stadium in Stanley Park, which was due to be completed by 2011 but has been put on hold until economic conditions improve. Liverpool has a large and diverse fan base, which holds lo


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S255E01 17.08.2014 (2014-15) | Premier League | Liverpool 2-1 Southampton | Anfield 17/08/2014 Premier League match between Liverpool and Southampton. Played at Anfield on 17.08.2014
S255E02 25.08.2014 (2014-15) | Premier League | Liverpool 1-2 Manchester City | Etihad Stadium 25/08/2014 Premier League match between Liverpool and Manchester City. Played at Etihad Stadium on 25.08.2014
S255E03 31.08.2014 (2014-15) | Premier League | Liverpool 3-0 Tottenham Hotspur | White Hart Lane 31/08/2014 Premier League match between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur. Played at White Hart Lane on 31.08.2014
S255E04 13.09.2014 (2014-15) | Premier League | Liverpool 0-1 Aston Villa | Anfield 13/09/2014 Premier League match between Liverpool and Aston Villa. Played at Anfield on 13.09.2014
S255E05 16.09.2014 (2014-15) | Champions League First Group Phase | Liverpool 2-1 Ludogorets Razgrad | Anfield 16/09/2014 Champions League First Group Phase match between Liverpool and Ludogorets Razgrad. Played at Anfield on 16.09.2014
S255E06 20.09.2014 (2014-15) | Premier League | Liverpool 1-3 West Ham United | Upton Park 20/09/2014 Premier League match between Liverpool and West Ham United. Played at Upton Park on 20.09.2014
S255E07 23.09.2014 (2014-15) | League Cup 2nd round | Liverpool 2-2 Middlesbrough | Anfield 23/09/2014 League Cup 2nd round match between Liverpool and Middlesbrough. Played at Anfield on 23.09.2014
S255E08 27.09.2014 (2014-15) | Premier League | Liverpool 1-1 Everton | Anfield 27/09/2014 Premier League match between Liverpool and Everton. Played at Anfield on 27.09.2014
S255E09 01.10.2014 (2014-15) | Champions League First Group Phase | Liverpool 0-1 Basel | Saint Jakob Stadium 01/10/2014 Champions League First Group Phase match between Liverpool and Basel. Played at Saint Jakob Stadium on 01.10.2014
S255E10 04.10.2014 (2014-15) | Premier League | Liverpool 2-1 West Bromwich Albion | Anfield 04/10/2014 Premier League match between Liverpool and West Bromwich Albion. Played at Anfield on 04.10.2014
S255E11 LFC vs Norwich City 1-1 22/10/2011 Premier League from Anfield (2011-12)
S255E12 LFC vs Stoke City 2-1 26/10/2011 League Cup 4th round from Britannia Stadium (2011-12)
S255E13 LFC vs Tottenham Hotspur 2-2 07/10/2007 Premier League from Anfield (2007-08)
S255E14 LFC vs Everton 2-1 20/10/2007 Premier League from Goodison Park (2007-08)
S255E15 LFC vs Chelsea 2-1 20/11/2011 Premier League from Stamford Bridge (2011-12)
S255E16 LFC vs Manchester City 1-1 27/11/2011 Premier League from Anfield (2011-12)
S255E17 LFC vs Aston Villa 3-1 28/10/2006 Premier League from Anfield (2006-07)
S255E18 LFC vs Fulham 0-1 05/12/2011 Premier League from Craven Cottage (2011-12)
S255E19 LFC vs Cardiff City 3-1 21/12/2013 Premier League from Anfield (2013-14)
S255E20 LFC vs Manchester City 1-2 26/12/2013 Premier League from City of Manchester Stadium (2013-14)
S255E21 LFC vs Chelsea 1-2 29/12/2013 Premier League from Stamford Bridge (2013-14)
S255E22 LFC vs Hull City 2-0 01/01/2014 Premier League from Anfield (2013-14)
S255E23 LFC vs Oldham Athletic 2-0 05/01/2014 FA Cup 3rd round from Anfield (2013-14)
S255E24 LFC vs Stoke City 5-3 12/01/2014 Premier League from Britannia Stadium (2013-14)
S255E25 LFC vs Aston Villa 2-2 18/01/2014 Premier League from Anfield (2013-14)
S255E26 LFC vs Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic 2-0 25/01/2014 FA Cup 4th round from Dean Court (2013-14)
S255E27 LFC vs Everton 4-0 28/01/2014 Premier League from Anfield (2013-14)
S255E28 LFC vs West Bromwich Albion 1-1 02/02/2014 Premier League from The Hawthorns (2013-14)
S255E29 LFC vs Arsenal 5-1 08/02/2014 Premier League from Anfield (2013-14)
S255E30 LFC vs Fulham 3-2 12/02/2014 Premier League from Craven Cottage (2013-14)
S255E31 LFC vs Arsenal 1-2 16/02/2014 FA Cup 5th round from Emirates Stadium (2013-14)
S255E32 LFC vs Swansea City 4-3 23/02/2014 Premier League from Anfield (2013-14)
S255E33 LFC vs Southampton 3-0 01/03/2014 Premier League from St Mary's (2013-14)
S255E34 LFC vs Manchester United 3-0 16/03/2014 Premier League from Old Trafford (2013-14)
S255E35 LFC vs Cardiff City 6-3 22/03/2014 Premier League from Cardiff City Stadium (2013-14)
S255E36 LFC vs Sunderland 2-1 26/03/2014 Premier League from Anfield (2013-14)
S255E37 LFC vs Tottenham Hotspur 4-0 30/03/2014 Premier League from Anfield (2013-14)
S255E38 LFC vs West Ham United 2-1 06/04/2014 Premier League from Anfield (2013-14)
S255E39 LFC vs Manchester City 3-2 13/04/2014 Premier League from Anfield (2013-14)
S255E40 LFC vs Norwich City 3-2 20/04/2014 Premier League from Carrow Road (2013-14)
S255E41 LFC vs Chelsea 0-2 27/04/2014 Premier League from Anfield (2013-14)
S255E42 LFC vs Crystal Palace 3-3 05/05/2014 Premier League from Selhurst Park (2013-14)
S255E43 LFC vs Arsenal 2-1 24/03/1997 Premier League from Highbury (1996-97)
S255E44 LFC vs Wolves 1-0 05/04/1969 1st Division from Anfield (1968-69)
S255E45 LFC vs Newcastle United 3-0 08/03/2008 Premier League from Anfield (2007-08)
S255E46 LFC vs Arsenal 4-1 31/03/2007 Premier League from Anfield (2006-07)
S255E47 LFC vs Everton 2-1 20/03/2005 Premier League from Anfield (2004-05)
S255E48 LFC vs Fulham 0-1 01/05/2012 Premier League from Anfield (2011-12)
S255E49 LFC vs Everton 1-0 30/03/2008 Premier League from Anfield (2007-08)
S255E50 LFC vs Chelsea 4-1 08/05/2012 Premier League from Anfield (2011-12)
S255E51 LFC vs Fulham 5-1 15/03/2006 Premier League from Anfield (2005-06)
S255E52 LFC vs Newcastle United 3-1 19/03/2006 Premier League from St James' Park (2005-06)
S255E53 LFC vs Blackburn Rovers 3-1 13/04/2008 Premier League from Anfield (2007-08)
S255E54 LFC vs Everton 3-1 25/03/2006 Premier League from Anfield (2005-06)
S255E55 LFC vs Tottenham Hotspur 6-2 08/05/1993 Premier League from Anfield (1992-93)
S255E56 LFC vs Everton 2-1 19/04/2003 Premier League from Goodison Park (2002-03)
S255E57 LFC vs Blackburn Rovers 2-1 14/05/1995 Premier League from Anfield (1994-95)
S255E58 LFC vs West Bromwich Albion 6-0 26/04/2003 Premier League from The Hawthorns (2002-03)
S255E59 LFC vs Aston Villa 2-1 15/05/2005 Premier League from Anfield (2004-05)
S255E62 LFC vs Bruges 1-0 10/05/1978 European Cup Final from Wembley (1977-78)
S255E63 LFC vs Charlton Athletic 4-0 19/05/2001 Premier League from The Valley (2000-01)
S00E01 Liverpool FC - The Official History 00/00/0000 Liverpool Football Club is a professional football club based in Liverpool, England which plays in the Premier League and is one of the most successful in the history of English football, winning more trophies than any other English club. Liverpool has won a joint-record eighteen league titles, seven FA Cups, seven League Cups and five European Cups, an English record. The club was founded in 1892, and quickly became a strong force in English football, winning five league championships between 1900 and 1947. However, Liverpool spent several years in the Second Division (level 2) during the late 1950s, and did not win promotion again until the appointment of Bill Shankly as manager in 1959. The club traditionally played in red and white, but this was changed to all red in the 1960s.
S00E02 The Road To Istanbul 2005 00/00/0000 Starting right from the beginning with their 2-0 defeat over GAK in the qualifiers, this episode features every goal from every game along Liverpool FC's road to Istanbul.
S00E03 80's - Team Of The Decade 00/00/0000 A panel of five former Liverpool greats--Bruce Grobbelaar, Barry Venison, Mark Lawrenson, John Aldridge and Graeme Souness--look back at the 1980s, a decade in which the team won an astonishing 16 major trophies!
S00E04 Steven Gerrard- A Year in My Life 00/00/0000 Steven Gerrard: A Year in My Life' is an autobiography of Steven Gerrard, or more affectionately known as Stevie to his adoring fans. It is an insight into Stevie's life on the pitch, and his personal life, away from the football pitch. Stevie shared his insights, his ambitions and dreams, his fears, and his footballing career. Clips of what he can do on the pitch are aplenty in this film, and his footballing magic and skills were shown throughout the film.
S00E05 CL Final 2007 - Pre-match Jamie Carragher profile 00/00/0000 Real life Scouser Jamie talks to the cameras before the match but sadly no-one understands his accent.
S00E06 CL Final 2007 - Pre-match Kaka profile 00/00/0000 Southend born and bred footballer Kaka talks up AC Milans chances before the game, but cries at the end.
S00E07 CL Final 2007 - Pre-Match starting line ups 00/00/0000 Am I playing boss, am I playing?
S00E08 Champions League Final 2007 1st Half 00/00/0000 Liverpool outplay Milan for most of the match but somehow are robbed of the trophy again.
S00E09 Champions League Final 2007 2nd Half 00/00/0000 More of the jammy Italians gettting their own back. :(
S00E10 90's - Team Of The Decade 00/00/0000 After the successes of the previous two decades, the 1990s were something of an anticlimax for Liverpool F.C. The panel of former Liverpool players--Jan Molby, Jim Beglin, Mark Lawrenson and Peter Beardsley--take a look at the highlights and choose their team of the decade.
S00E13 FA Cup Final 2006 1st half 00/00/0000 West Ham score some flukey goals and think they could beat the mighty Liverpool until Gerrard hammers them back to the East End.
S00E14 FA Cup Final 2006 2nd half 00/00/0000 You're not blowing bubbles anymore, are ya?
S00E15 Champions League Final 2005 - First Half 00/00/0000 Milan were regarded as favourites before the match and took the lead within the first minute through captain Paolo Maldini. Hernán Crespo added two more goals before half-time to make it 3–0.
S00E16 Champions League Final 2005 - Second Half 00/00/0000 During the second half, in a stunning comeback, Liverpool scored three goals in six minutes to level the scores at 3–3, the goals coming courtesy of Steven Gerrard, Vladimír Šmicer and Xabi Alonso.
S00E17 Champions League Final 2005 - Extra Time 00/00/0000 After everybody had eaten some orange quarters and pulled their socks up, it was back out to play with their friends for a bit longer.
S00E18 Champions League Final 2005 - Penalty Kicks 00/00/0000 The scores remained the same during extra time, and a penalty shootout was required to decide the champions. The score was 3–2 to Liverpool when Andriy Shevchenko's penalty was saved by Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek. Oh how we laughed at curly headed Crespo, on loan from Chelski and Shitchenko playing with his hair right before he misses a penalty. Dick.
S00E19 Champions League Final 2005 - Winning Celebration 00/00/0000 Liverpool run around, putting the trophy on their heads, celebrating their famous win which will be talked about as the best comeback of all time. 5 European Cups, the most in England.
S00E20 Liverpool - The Official Story Of The 1992/93 Centenary Season (VHS) 00/00/0000 A look at the Centenary of Liverpool FC, during the 1992/93 season. Over the one hundred years of their existence, they proved to be the most successful club side of all time, winning the Championship on 18 occasions.
S00E21 Liverpool FC: Official Story Of The 1993/94 Season [VHS] 30/05/1994 A review of Liverpool's 1993/94 season, the new Premiere League season in which they began a period of rebuilding in an attempt to recapture past glories. All the goals and top action from all the matches are collected on this tape.
S00E22 1994-95 Season Review 00/00/0000
S00E23 1995-96 Season Review 00/00/0000
S00E24 2005-06 Season Review Pt1 00/00/0000
S00E25 2005-06 Season Review Pt2 00/00/0000
S00E26 2006-07 Season Review 00/00/0000
S00E27 2007-08 Season Review 00/00/0000 Another season where us Liverpool fans think 'oh well, maybe next year'.
S00E29 100 Years of the Kop (Part 1) 00/00/0000 Woooosh, suck the ball into the net boys.
S00E30 2010-11 Season Review 00/00/0000 The ups and downs of the 2010-11 season include the dreadful instigation of Roy Hodgson as manager, Joe Cole being sent off first match, Fernando Torres leaving to play for Chelsea, the sacking of Woy, installing of King Kenny Dalglish and buying Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll.
S00E31 Football Rivalries - Liverpool & Manchester United 00/00/0000 The two most decorated teams in English Football - Manchester United - meet in the biggest fixture of the season. The Red Rivalry dates back over a hundred years ago making it one of the oldest in the world.
S00E32 2001-02 Season Review 00/00/0000
S00E33 1987-88 Season Review 00/00/0000
S00E34 Liverpool Fc: End Of Season Review 2005/2006 [DVD] 12/06/2006 Relive all the key moments from the 2005/06 season. Following on from Liverpool's amazing Champions League triumph last season, this season saw Steven Gerrard continuing his form as top scorer, the 3-1 defeat over neighboring rivals Everton and Robbie Fowler's dramatic return to Anfield to the delight of all red fans.
S00E35 2011-12 Season Review 00/00/0000 Watch all the goals and action from Liverpool FC's thrilling season - including sensational goals, a memorable FA Cup run and every minute of the nail-biting League Cup final triumph - with interviews with all the key players. Highlights from a season that saw Steven Gerrard's hat-trick complete a double over Everton; Luis Suárez cap a virtuoso performance at Norwich with an astonishing 55-yard lob; Glen Johnson grab a spectacular winner at Stamford Bridge and Sebastián Coates strike with a superb scissor kick. It also follows the thrilling FA Cup run; from Dirk Kuyt's late winner that sunk Manchester United, a 6-1 thrashing of Brighton, the gutsy semi-final comeback against Everton to the heartbreaking, 'if-only' last ten minutes at Wembley. Featuring a special bonus disc with every minute of the pulsating League Cup Final triumph, as well as the highlights of the road to Wembley - in which the Reds completed famous victories at Stoke City, Chelsea and Manchester City.
S00E36 Liverpool - End of Season Review 12/13 10/06/2013 The summer of 2012 marked the start of a new era at Anfield with Brendan Rodgers appointed as the new manager of Liverpool FC. With the emphasis on positive, attacking football the squad is developing into one of the most exciting in the Premier League and the building blocks for a bright future are now firmly in place. The Manager's first season featured 30 goals from Luis Suarez, an emotional farewell to Jamie Carragher and a series of stylish victories including a 6-0 win at Newcastle. Featuring every goal and every game from the Premier League, FA Cup, Capital One Cup and Europa League this is the complete review of 2012-13.
S00E37 Liverpool Football Club - Great Managers - Shankly 27/10/2003 When a man called Shankly arrived at Anfield in 1959, Liverpool FC were in the Second Division. When he left in 1974, he’d turned them into one of the most respected clubs in the world. His story is that of an Anfield legend. He was the inspiration and motivation behind the club’s rise from the Second Division in 1962, taking them all the way to the First Division title in 1964. He led Liverpool to their first ever FA Cup triumph in 1965 and broke new ground as he guided them throught their first forays into Europe. He left Liverpool FC with a million memories. Everyone has their own favourite Shankly story. The Scot was more than just a manager, he was the man who gave the club its identity, character and personality. He was the man who built the modern day Liverpool FC. His mission was to build Liverpool FC into a bastion of invincibility. His mission was accomplished.
S00E38 Liverpool Football Club - Great Managers - Paisley 27/10/2003 Over fifty years at the club saw Bob Paisley rise all the way through the ranks. Joining the club as a player in 1939, he became Bill Shankly’s right-hand man in 1959. When Shankly retired in 1974, Bob was the man who stepped out of the shadows to become the new man in charge at the club. His story tells how he didn’t want the job when he took over, but forced into the limelight, hard work, an eye for a player and an astute grasp of tactics helped Paisley re-write the record books, turning Liverpool FC into the most respected club on the continent. In nine glorious years Paisley led Liverpool FC to six League Championships, three European Cups, three League Cups and a UEFA Cup. He was named Manager of the Year on six separate occasions and was quite simply the most successful leader in the history of the club.
S00E39 Liverpool Football Club - Great Managers - Dalglish 27/10/2003 As manager of the club between 1985 and 1991, he led them to unique achievements. Liverpool FC’s first ever League and Cup double was claimed in 1986, with Kenny becoming the first player/manager ever to reach such heights. A further two League Championships and another FA Cup followed, as Kenny went about building one of the most exciting teams Anfield has ever seen. Had Dalglish been just a manager he’d have done enough for the club, but his tenure in charge was preceded by an equally glorious playing career, when his goals, vision and genius helped Liverpool FC to five League titles and three European Cups. In an exclusive new interview, Kenny talks about the triumphs and tragedies that mapped out his 14 years at Anfield. How he led Liverpool FC through the Hillsborough disaster and how the club, supporters and the city shared their grief as one. He reveals how he turned down the chance to join Bill Shankly’s Liverpool as a 15 year old, before returning in 1977 to build a new era at the club and become King of the Kop, creating magical memories for a generation of fans. The tremors caused by his resignation in 1991 equalled the shock of Shankly’s departure 17 years earlier but Dalglish can quite rightly claim his place amongst the greatest servants Liverpool FC has ever had. This is his story.
S00E40 Liverpool Football Club Season Review: 2013-2014 02/06/2014 The full story of Liverpool FC's thrilling and incredible campaign to win their first Premier League title, and be crowned the champions of English football for the nineteenth time. The mighty Reds have become the great entertainers powered by the goals of dynamic duo Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge, and driven on by their inspirational skipper Steven Gerrard. Including the triumphant double over fierce rivals Manchester United, and comprehensive, stunning victories over Everton and Arsenal. This two hour DVD features all the goals, all the games and exclusive interviews with the manager and star players.