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Oxygen Media profiles nine brave and inspiring young women who are anything but conforming and “traditional” in a candid four-part special event, “Living Different,” beginning Tuesday, January 6 at 9pm ET/PT. Each hour-long special will feature two extraordinary stories of diverse women who are unrestricted by social norms as they follow their passion whether it be love, spirituality or profession. From an all-girl Hasidic rock band that is taking their female empowerment message mainstream to an androgynous model who dates both males and females, these women are unapologetically marching to the beat of their own drum.


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S01E01 #LoveWithoutLabels 06/01/2015 Lizz bravely came out to her conservative, Mexican Catholic family. However, when her longtime girlfriend, Stacey, decides to transition into a male, she must now break the news that her girlfriend is transgender. Meanwhile, Rain is an androgynous model dating both men and women, but a nonexistent bond with her mother and the lack of true acceptance by her father prevent her from fully becoming the person she knows herself to be.
S01E02 #WarriorWomen 13/01/2015 Kristi, a professional MMA fighter and self-proclaimed “‘girly tomboy,” wants to follow in her family’s tradition of excelling in athletics. She attempts to win her second pro fight despite a broken hand and a concerned mother who worries about the brutality and damage of the sport. Meanwhile, Alexis, a professional women’s tackle football player and makeup artist by day, struggles to make her close knit family understand that the only ring she wants right now is a championship ring.
S01E03 #MyExtremeDevotion 20/01/2015 Hannah, a Muslim convert and Los Angeles transplant, is determined to be a successful real estate agent despite her devout ways. She wants to prove to her boss that her religion, including praying five times a day and wearing a traditional black abaya, will not get in the way of the agency’s sales. Dalia and Perl, founding members of the all-girl Hasidic rock band, Bulletproof Stockings, want to take their female empowerment message mainstream. However, booking a large music venue in Manhattan proves to be difficult when their conservative religious life will only allow them to play for all female audiences.
S01E04 #MySpiritualLife 27/01/2015 Melissa left a lucrative job as a top makeup artist for a leading makeup manufacturer to pursue her real calling as a Psychic Medium. Unfortunately, her parents and several friends are skeptical and worried about how she will be perceived when everyone finds out. Kiki’s heart was shattered when her boyfriend deemed her crazy and left her when her gift as a psychic was revealed to him. She must now overcome the emotional scars that are left to fully embrace who she is and be open to exposing herself once again.

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