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S01E00 Rudolph Nureyev 13/02/2003
S01E01 Oliver Reed 25/11/2002
S01E02 Humphrey Bogart 26/11/2002
S01E03 Grace Kelly 28/11/2002 Featuring the story of how Grace Kelly, the daughter of a Philadelphia self-made millionaire, became Princess Grace of Monaco.
S01E04 Clark Gable 29/11/2002
S01E05 David Niven 13/01/2003
S01E06 Anthony Quinn 14/01/2003 Documentary on the life and times of two-time Academy Award winning actor, Anthony Quinn.
S01E07 Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy 15/01/2003 The story of Laurel and Hardy, one of the best-loved comedy duos of all time, from their origins in British vaudeville to their heyday as the first real comedy stars of the sound era. With contributions from friends, family and colleagues.
S01E08 Tammy Wynette 16/01/2003
S01E09 Alfred Hitchcock 20/01/2003 The life and work of legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock is featured, from his early years in east London to Hollywood fame.
S01E10 Mae West 21/01/2003
S01E11 Keith Moon 22/01/2003 Changing the face of rock drumming, Keith Moon exploded (quite literally) into the drumming world, finally bringing drumming to the forefront of the band. Like his style or not, his crazy antics paved the way for modern rock drumming.
S01E12 Bing Crosby 23/01/2003
S01E13 Vivien Leigh 24/01/2003
S01E14 Karen Carpenter 27/01/2003
S01E15 James Dean 28/01/2003 TV biopic of James Dean with rare archival footage of Dean, and candid new interview footage with Dean friends William Bast, Betsy Palmer, and Dean family members.
S01E16 Marvin Gaye 29/01/2003
S01E17 Lana Turner 30/01/2003
S01E18 Jayne Mansfield 31/01/2003
S01E19 Benny Hill 10/02/2003
S01E20 Maria Callas 11/02/2003
S01E21 Paul Robeson 12/02/2003
S01E23 Marlene Dietrich 14/02/2003
S01E24 Peter Sellers 19/02/2003
S01E25 Dusty Springfield 25/02/2003 Living Famously traces the story of the dramatic life and career of British pop diva Dusty Springfield. Singer Kiki Dee, producer Pete Waterman, club promoter Peter Stringfellow and backing musician Derek Wadsworth are amongst those interviewed. Dusty's singing career began in 1958 when, at the age of 19, she replied to an ad in The Stage to join female vocal trio, The Lana Sisters. They had a number of minor hits and toured the UK supporting established artists. Dusty quit the group in 1959 to team up with her brother Tom and friend, Tim Field, to form The Springfields. But by 1962 Dusty was becoming frustrated with the musical direction of The Springfields. Very much the star of the group, it was no surprise when she went solo. Dusty's solo career was immediately successful, with a complete change of musical direction and visual reinvention. I Only Want to be With You was the first of a string of hit singles that were to make Dusty the most successful British female singer of the 1960s. She went on to release 15 consecutive top 20 singles during the 1960s and became established as one of the country's leading artists. By the end of the 1960s, Dusty had unparalleled status as an interpreter of other people's songs. Established songwriters like Carole King would send unreleased demo tapes for Dusty to rearrange and re-record. But, despite her success in Britain, Dusty longed to make it in the land of her idols, America. Aiming to capitalise on her growing profile there, she signed with Jerry Wexler's Atlantic Records to produce her first US recorded album, Dusty in Memphis. But, though critically acclaimed, and including the hit single, Son of a Preacher Man, the album wasn't a commercial success. And, although Dusty moved to America following the album's release in 1970, her ambition to become the 'white Aretha' was destined to falter. After several years of living in LA without commercial success, Dusty returned to