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Ron Shirley cuts an imposing image. The hulking, tattooed owner of Lizard Lick Towing & Recovery makes it clear from the start that he means business. With lien holders as their clients, Ron and Bobby must go about the difficult task of tracking down and repossessing property, often coming face-to-face with irate owners. Amy, a former champion power lifter, works the main office, where the owners often bring heated demands that property be returned. As Ron puts it, "We get cussed out, spit on, hit and sued." But for Ron and Amy, the repo business is more than just a job. It's an opportunity for something much bigger. An ordained minister, Ron has a soft spot for people who have truly fallen on hard times. In addition to Ron's ministry, he and Amy frequently help out people in need by connecting them with local churches, food pantries and shelters. Each year, the Shirleys prepare a huge barbecue meal to help some of the people whose property has been repossessed by the company.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Lizard Lick Towing

S01E00 00/00/0000
S01E01 Episode 101 07/02/2011 Ron and Bobby repo a tattoo shop owner's car from the garage at his shop. While Ron's out in the garage, Bobby is left alone to fend off a number of tough tattoo artists and they take him down pretty hard.
S01E02 Episode 102 14/02/2011 Ron and Bobby must repossess a car from a notorious nut who opens fire on them. Plus, while the guys are out fishing, Amy takes to the streets to retrieve a cable van. And, Ron's dog is snatched by an angry debtor. Will he ever get him back?
S01E03 Episode 103 21/02/2011 Baby fever hits the office. Plus, Amy punches a debtor who demands to take back his truck. And an evening repo causes Ron to be late for his date with Amy.
S01E04 Episode 104 28/02/2011 Ronnie and Bobby are accosted by the crazy car owner throwing explosives at them. Plus, the guys are called out for an unusual repo involving a debtor who owes on his land and its occupants. They find themselves in an awkward situation where they must repossess some deer in order to save them from being hunted illegally.
S01E05 Episode 105 07/03/2011 Ron and Bobby head to a stock car track to repossess a flatbed and truck from a racecar driver. Plus, Ronnie ropes Bobby into helping him with a surprise for Amy and the guys reveal they have redone the nursery for the new baby.
S01E06 Episode 106 14/03/2011 Friends and family gather for a pig roast hosted by Ron and Amy, and while at the party, Bobby spots a car from a partygoer that's up for repo. Ron is forced to grab a car from his own backyard. Plus, a call comes in from a pal in Miami who needs a hand with a boat repo and Ron and Bobby fly down south dangerously close to Amy's due date. While Ron's out on the water, Amy is left to man the office with just days left till she's due.
S01E07 Episode 107 22/08/2011 A new chapter begins in the Lizard Lick saga when an old enemy blows into town. It all starts when Ron and Bobby repo a tricked-out truck from flamethrower-packing wannabe military man. Then, back at the office, Ron and Amy grow increasingly annoyed as Bobby becomes more and more distracted by his personal life. And finally, a repo gone bad in a rough part of town sends Ron to the emergency room.
S01E08 Episode 108 29/08/2011 Tensions at The Lick ride high as Bobby continues to deny any involvement with his ex. Is Amy losing her mind, or is Bobby being less than honest? The team enlists the aid of Big Juicy to ensnare a group of landscapers who haven't been paying for their high-end lawn mowers. Then, Ron and Bobby set out to rescue a car that is being held hostage by a low-rent tow company that's trying to extort the lien-holders out of more money. Plus, Ron and Amy stumble upon a surprise that could change the future of Lizard Lick forever
S01E09 Episode 109 05/09/2011 Ron gets put in a dicey spot at a motel during a sting on a sexy escort; a pimp suggests Amy try a new occupation; Ron and Bobby get more than they bargained for at a mud bog, where they've gone to pick up a tricked-out truck; and Amy catches a glimpse of an unusual video in Ron's inbox.
S01E10 Episode 110 12/09/2011 Ron, at wits end with all the drama Bobby's ex has caused, is forced to declare a "war for Bobby." The boys get caught up in a dangerous situation when they head out to the boonies to repo a truck from a bunch of moonshiners. Then, Amy sends Ron and Bobby to a rodeo to repo a livestock trailer and what they find inside leaves Bobby crooning. Plus, Ron decides to throw Bobby a party in his honor but a surprise guest throws a kink in his plans.
S01E11 Episode 111 26/09/2011 Tensions are high when Ron gives Bobby an ultimatum that could change Lizard Lick Towing forever. A frisky male debtor comes to the office trying to get his truck back and ends up getting a piece of Amy. Then, a visit from a lien holder brings some unsettling news as some bad rumors have been swirling around Lizard Lick. Meanwhile, Ron and Bobby devise a plan to trick some hippies out of an RV, and finally, a surprise guest at the office throws a wrench Ron's plan to mend his family ties.
S01E12 Episode 112 10/10/2011 On this thrilling season finale, Ron, Amy, and Bobby's relationship is at a breaking point. First, Ron tells Bobby he has to choose between his family at The Lick and his ex-fiancé. Then, after a job to repossess an arsenal of yard equipment, Bobby and Ron have a confrontation that will change the face of Lizard Lick forever. And, Ron takes Amy along on a motorcycle repo that ends with every repo man's worst nightmare.
S02E01 Episode 201 05/12/2011 The Season 2 premiere kicks off with stabbing victim Ron on the mend but not quite at full strength, so he and Amy recruit some new help who accompany him to repossess a truck from a firework salesman.
S02E02 Episode 202 12/12/2011 Bobby's surprise return sparks tension. Elsewhere, Bobby and Ron repossess a tractor from angry farmers and later retrieve an auto from a fight promoter and his violent bodyguard.
S02E03 Episode 203 19/12/2011 Mounting bills push Bobby and Ron to take on more high-risk repos, which begins with Bobby having revenge on his mind when he sets out to repossess the car of a guy who bullied him as a child. Later, a fuel distributor fumes about Ron's failure to pay his bill and a debtor outsmarts Ron and Bobby during a repo.
S02E04 Episode 204 26/12/2011 Ron ignores Amy and contemplates Bobby's plan to get them out of debt. Later, Ron and Bobby team up for a high-stakes repo in the backwoods, and Ron meets an acquaintance of Bobby's who has an interesting business proposition.
S02E05 Episode 205 02/01/2012 First, Ron and Bobby enlist the help of Big Juicy for a tricky repo. Then, a routine tire change leads Ron on a wild goose chase. And finally, a traumatic accident at the end of the repo leaves Ron and Bobby's New Orleans trip in jeopardy.
S02E06 Episode 206 09/01/2012 Tensions mount as Ron's knee injury puts a wrench in their plans to go to New Orleans.
S02E07 Episode 207 16/01/2012 Ron and Bobby arrive in New Orleans and their adventure in The Big Easy starts off with a bang!
S02E08 Episode 208 23/01/2012 Lizard Lick’s time in New Orleans hits another snag when the jobs Ron and Bobby are doing for Dwight get even stranger.
S02E09 Episode 209 06/02/2012 After a disastrous end to their New Orleans trip, Ron and Bobby are locked in a battle over how to deal with the problem of Dwight.
S02E10 Episode 210 20/02/2012 With Bobby's truck up in flames, he's out for revenge, and it's up to Ron to hold The Lick together.
S02E11 Episode 211 27/02/2012 Ron grows aggravated when Bobby is a no-show on a work day.
S02E12 Episode 212 05/03/2012 Ron faces his first day out of jail with a new resolve; Bobby and Ron head to the backwoods to repossess some tricked-out rims.
S02E13 Episode 213 19/03/2012 As Ron and Amy make plans to renew their wedding vows Bobby plans a wild and crazy bachelor party.
S02E14 Episode 214 11/06/2012 In the mid season premiere, a group of irate biker women attack Ron and Bobby; the angry owner of a towed steamroller comes looking for revenge; and a mystery man from the past makes Ron a tempting offer.
S02E15 Episode 215 18/06/2012
S02E16 Episode 216 25/06/2012 Ron's decision to bring Johnny, his ex-con cousin, into the fold sparks a firestorm with Amy and Bobby. Later, Ron and Bobby get the better of college students at a party.
S02E17 Episode 217 02/07/2012 Johnny works his charm on Amy, but his cheeky proposal offends her. Elsewhere, Ron and Bobby get caught in the middle of a Civil War reenactment.
S02E18 Episode 218 09/07/2012 Ronnie plans a team outing to the beach.
S02E19 Episode 219 16/07/2012 Ron loses a bet and Bobby becomes boss, so the two set out on a repo that results in a fracas with a passel of irate mountain folk.
S02E20 Episode 220 23/07/2012 Bobby encounters some turbulence during an airplane repo, while back at the office, the new owner engineers some drastic changes to the workplace. Later, Ron and Bobby enlist Amy's help in repoing the tour bus of a country-music star.
S02E21 Episode 221 30/07/2012 Amy is steamed about being left behind when Ron and Bobby take off for a classic-car show, where they spot a vintage sports car that's up for repossession. Later, Ron sends Amy on a job that leads to an encounter with her former fight rival.
S02E22 Episode 222 06/08/2012 Bobby has a bear of a time at a pet shop repo, while Amy's time consuming mixed martial arts training keeps her away from work and impacts her marriage.
S02E23 Episode 223 13/08/2012 Ron and Bobby make a play to repossess a football coach's truck. Later, when Ron doesn't offer any support to Amy in her upcoming martial arts match, she kicks him out of the bedroom.
S02E24 Episode 224 20/08/2012 Ron, Bobby and Amy recruit NASCAR driver Elliott Sadler to participate in a prank on fellow racer Austin Dillon. Later, the crew discover that a mysterious rival has been stealing business from them.
S02E25 Episode 225 27/08/2012 Ron refuses an offer to buy Lizard Lick Towing, and the spurned suitor wages an all out war on the crew.
S02E26 Series Finale 03/09/2012 In the season finale, Repo Ron is about to either make the biggest jackpot of his life -- or the biggest mistake of his life -- when a hyper aggressive competitor makes an offer to buy Lizard Lick.
S03E01 Episode 1 21/01/2013 Ron deals with the aftermath of his hasty decision to sell Lizard Lick Towing: the new owner threatens to put the whole crew out of a job. But before the deal is done, Ron and Bobby go after one final repo -- and expensive sports car abandoned on train tracks that leaves Ron and Bobby in the path of an oncoming train.
S03E02 Episode 302 28/01/2013 Lars arrives to assume ownership of the company and is arrested; Juicy gets tossed into the water; and Lars' cars are repossessed. Meanwhile, Ron and Bobby helicopter to a cow field to retrieve a Suburban.
S03E03 Episode 303 04/02/2013 Ron and Bobby take on new careers as security guards for a mystery celebrity; the boys are forced to repossess a bus filled with senior citizens on a gambling trip.
S03E04 Episode 4 11/02/2013 Before Ron and Bobby can start their very first security detail protecting Wrestling Superstar Ric Fair at a charity event, the boys are forced into a deadly game of chicken at a BMX bike race track.
S03E05 Episode 5 18/02/2013 Bobby has big plans to get into the restaurant business when a food truck goes on the auction block -- but will Ron and Amy jump on board as partners? Then, Ron and Bobby try to lure reluctant debtors out of a locked car with a BBQ cook-off!
S03E06 Episode 6 25/02/2013 Krazy Dave's family reunion threatens to ruin the debut of Ron and Bobby's Food Truck.
S03E07 Episode 307 04/03/2013 The LIZARD LICK crew lose their food truck and start the investigation to see who took it.
S03E08 Episode 8 11/03/2013 Ron and Bobby cowboy-up for a rough riding repo -- but not before Krazy Dave and Amy conspire to send the newly single Bobby on a blind date.
S03E09 Episode 9 18/03/2013 Ronnie finds a surprise in a repo that has him reminiscing for his old dog Repo... Bt first, when a van comes up for repo at a little girl's beauty pageant, it leaves Bobby with sore shins... Ron threatens to ruin Bobby's first date with Cassie when a carnival ride comes up for repo. ?
S03E10 Episode 310 25/03/2013 A repo turns X-rated on Krazy Dave; and Amy's intrusion into Bobby's love life throws their friendship for a loop.
S03E11 Episode 11 01/04/2013 When big-time real estate developers threaten a local farmer with foreclosure, Ron steps-in to save his hometown from being bulldozed -- while Bobby fulfills a lifelong dream of sitting behind the wheel of a famous automotive TV icon!
S03E12 Episode 312 15/04/2013 An old enemy resurfaces and attempts to sabotage Ron's big debate.
S03E13 Episode 313 22/04/2013 Ron's opponent accuses him of wrong doing and a terrible mishap threatens the team.
S03E14 Episode 1 08/07/2013 In the season premiere, Bobby is rushed to the hospital after a horrific car accident while Ron and Amy wait desperately for news of their friend's condition.
S03E15 Episode 2 15/07/2013 Cassie reveals a shocking secret to Bobby, while cousin Johnny tackles a repo that goes horribly wrong.
S03E16 Episode 3 22/07/2013 Ronnie is injured when his cousin Johnny botches a repo... and Cassie schemes to bilk money from Bobby's insurance-- but when Mayor Davis turns up, someone walks away in handcuffs.
S03E17 Episode 317 29/07/2013 When the mayor of Lizard Lick accuses Bobby of stealing, Amy does some detective work to prove his innocence.
S03E18 Episode 318 05/08/2013 With Bobby injured, Ron is forced to have Krazy Dave help with a repo during a turkey hunt.
S03E19 Episode 6 12/08/2013 Bobby is red-hot over a photo that might show Cassie in a compromising clinch with another man.
S03E20 Episode 7 19/08/2013 The Lizard Lick boys are both in the dog house when Bobby finally confronts Cassie about her ex-hunband... and Ron comes face-to-face with the man he suspects is trying to win Amy's heart.
S03E21 Episode 321 26/08/2013 Ron and Bobby track-down an illegal bounty hunter with a history of violent behavior.
S03E22 Episode 322 02/09/2013 While Bobby causes trouble at the police station, Amy digs-up more incriminating evidence against Mayor Sam Davis.
S03E23 Episode 323 09/09/2013 Bobby goes too far when he confronts the man who broke into his house and Krazy Dave attempts to single-handedly repo an 18-wheeler.
S03E24 Episode 324 16/09/2013 Ron takes Amy on a second honeymoon.
S03E25 Episode 325 23/09/2013 Ron's shoddy attempt at a second honeymoon gets him in hot water with Amy-and Bobby makes a mess of the business when he's left in-charge.
S03E26 Episode 326 30/09/2013 On the season finale of Lizard Lick, Ron and Amy compete for control of the business, while someone on the team goes missing when they cross swords with a dangerous band of brothers.
S04E01 Episode 401 16/12/2013 In the season premiere, Ron and Amy's repo competition takes a dangerous turn when Amy goes missing... while Bobby's fate is sealed when the judge rules on his felony charges.
S04E02 Episode 402 23/12/2013 Finding a Christmas tree takes a frightening turn when one of the Shirley children goes missing in the woods... and Bobby plays secret Santa to a family in need.
S04E03 Episode 403 30/12/2013 Bobby confronts his past when he receives an invite for a Back to the 80's party, and is forced to face his past tormentors.
S04E04 Episode 404 06/01/2014 Amy is boiling mad at Bobby for hurting Big Juicy's feelings when he dumps her for another woman -- and the Lizard Lick crew rally to help a single mother living out of her car.
S04E06 Episode 406 20/01/2014 Bobby confronts a female stalker while on a hot first date.
S04E07 Episode 407 27/01/2014 Ron and Bobby throw down in the middle of a scrap yard and later give a job to one of their debtors.
S04E08 Episode 408 03/02/2014 Emotions run high when Ronnie goes head-to-head with a former bully.
S04E09 Episode 409 17/02/2014 A theft at the Lick lot leaves Ron and Amy with a big mystery to solve-- and all clues lead to Big Juicy.
S04E10 Episode 410 24/02/2014 The gang go after a car thief and deliver some Southern justice.
S04E12 Episode 412 10/03/2014 Juicy's job is on-the-line when a car gets stolen from the Lick.
S04E13 Episode 413 24/03/2014 Ron's business teeters on bankruptcy when his Dad threatens to cut ties... And Bobby is tempted to partner in a new big bucks venture.
S04E14 Episode 414 31/03/2014
S04E27 Episode 27 18/08/2014 Krazy Dave is trapped in a submerged car when a repo goes horribly wrong... while Bobby and Juicy face tough decisions deciding their futures at Lizard Lick.
S05E00 00/00/0000
S05E01 Episode 1 08/07/2013
S05E02 Episode 2 15/07/2013
S05E03 Episode 3 22/07/2013
S05E04 Episode 4 29/07/2013
S05E05 Episode 5 05/08/2013
S05E06 Episode 6 12/08/2013
S05E07 Episode 7 19/08/2013
S05E08 Episode 8 26/08/2013
S05E09 Episode 9 02/09/2013
S05E10 Episode 10 09/09/2013
S05E11 Episode 11 16/09/2013
S05E12 Episode 12 23/09/2013
S05E13 Season Finale 30/09/2013
S06E00 6x9 17/02/2014 A theft at the Lick lot leaves Ron and Amy with a big mystery to solve-- and all clues lead to Big Juicy.
S06E01 Episode 1 00/00/0000
S06E02 Episode 2 00/00/0000
S06E03 Episode 3 00/00/0000
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S06E09 Episode 9 00/00/0000
S06E10 Episode 10 00/00/0000
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S06E12 Episode 12 00/00/0000
S06E13 Episode 13 00/00/0000
S06E14 Season Finale 00/00/0000

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