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Welcome to the Lloyd in Space guide at TV Tome. Lloyd in Space Follows the growing pains of Lloyd, an average teenage alien youth, along with his three friends as they encounter all sorts of horrifying things like girls, low allowances and the occasional punishment. SHOW INFO This currently airs on: Toon Disney Weekdays at 10:30 AM and 3:30 PM Sundays at 1:00 PM and 1:30 PM The Kids Lloyd - Just your average boy from outer space! He's a green teenager going through the changes everyone else does including PUBERTY. Usually these changes cause some pretty weird situations and a whole lot of fun! Eddie - Lloyd's best friend and part of the only human family on the station! He can make Lloyd do just about anything he wants. This usually makes the predicaments Lloyd gets into even worse. Occassionaly though he can have good advice to fix the mistakes. Douglas - The brains of the gang, LITERALLY! He is incredibly smart. Often the one to over


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S01E01 The Big 1-3 00/00/0000 This is it: Lloyd P. Nebulon is finally 13. He is a man. However, while bragging about it in class, Mrs Bolt assigns him a 50 Megabyte essay on whay it means to be a man for the next day. Lloyd tries poker, but loses his money to a robot toaster. Then he tries fishing but blows up a factory. Then Officer Horten lets him take the wheel of the police car, but Lloyd destroys it and a waste-disposal unit when he goes into hyperdrive. Because of that, Lloyd is grounded for a month and is made to stay in his room while his mom goes to negotiate with the owners of the factory. However, he has to leave when he finds out Francine is destroying the nursery. Lloyd eventually gets there and stops Francine before it's too late, using all the tips he had gained. Then, he finally realised what it meant to be a man and finally got to work on the paper.
S01E02 Double Date 00/00/0000 The upcoming school dance is here but Lloyd doesn't know who to take until he meets Cindy! But he doesn't know what he's really getting until he meets her other head and finds out she's mean! He then takes his grandpas advice and tries to change the evil head.
S01E03 The Science Project 00/00/0000 Lloyd's science project goes bad when he feeds it too much junk food.
S01E04 Caution: Wormhole! 00/00/0000 Lloyd feels unappreciated by his family and friends but after falling into a worm whole on a class field trip and landing in the dumpster 20 ft away he finds out how much he really does mean to everyone!
S01E05 The Hero of Urbit-Knarr 00/00/0000 Lloyd and his pals sneak aboard a visiting hero's spaceship. But they relize he is nothing but a wimp when they take a ride are captured by aliens and Lloyd's mom must rescue them!
S01E06 Daydream Tranceiver 00/00/0000 Lloyd is at that age and is going through puberty. In this case all of his secret fantasies are sent out as holograms. This of course causes embarassement for poor Lloyd!
S01E07 Campout on Zoltan III 00/00/0000 After seeing a movie in class about pioneers Lloyd and the gang talk there fathers (and grandpa) to take them camping. They accedntally land on Zoltan III planet of danger. Their parents fight with eachother over doing things which totally ruins the weekend. Soon the gang decide to go on by themselves and get in BIG trouble.
S01E08 Kurtlas the Symbiotic Boy 00/00/0000 To thrawt off the school bully, Douglas and Kurt work together in a symbiotic realtonship. The result, however, becomes more dangerous than helpful.
S01E09 Babysitter Lloyd 00/00/0000 Mrs. Nebulan is leaving for the weekend and asks Lloyd to take care of Francine for 50 crontards (enough for a sled) Lloyd agrees yet Francine knowing if Lloyd makes a mess he won't get paid decides to blackmail him, He does what she wants and she won't wreck the house. How's Lloyd going to survive?
S01E10 Android Lloyd 00/00/0000 Lloyd sends away for an android replica of himself so he can go and do stuff while he stays home and goofs off. Soon bordem sets in and Lloyd wants to go back to school but android Lloyd won't leave after becoming popular. So now Lloyd must prove he's the real one.
S01E11 Nerd from Beyond the Stars 00/00/0000 When a new kid(who looks like a bug)comes he is very tiny and dorky yet Lloyd and the gang take him under there wing and befriend him. But the next week he went through a metamorphisis he becomes big, strong and popular and forgets about Lloyds kindness. So then the gang decides to emarass him as revenge.
S02E01 Girl from the Center of the Universe 00/00/0000 When a new girl appears in school all the boys begin falling in love with her. Soon Lloyd is the only one untainted and must find a way to get the gang and everyone else back to normal.
S02E02 Nora's Big Date 00/00/0000 When a machanic comes to fix the ship, Mrs. Nebulan and the mechanic fall for each other and Lloyd doesn't like that. So he tries to convince the gang that he is actually a monster only to find out Lloyd was RIGHT!
S02E03 Pet Wars 00/00/0000 When the gang is totally broke Lloyd begins a pet care buissness but soon Eddie gets tired of being bossed around and creates his own buissnes and in an accident all the pets are released through the station the gang must work together. Later to have worked and not earn a cent. Soon they learn they didn't need money just eachother.
S02E04 Lloyd Changes His Mind 00/00/0000 Tired of Francine always reading his mind, Lloyd convinces Douglas to give him his mind scrambler, and it works until Francine tries to hard and causes them to switch bodies! Francine won't switch back until she must go to the planet of darkness as Lloyd, she is afraid of the dark, So Lloyd must reach the planet before it is too late!
S02E05 Boomer's Secret Life 00/00/0000 When a strange country invades the station everyone finds that Boomer is a Prince!
S02E06 Francine's Power Trip 00/00/0000 When Francine gets a head cold she loses her powers, the doctor says temporarily, and so Lloyd decides to get revenge while he can! When Francine still isn't better, the doctor now says it will be permanent, Lloyd feels bad and decides to help her get used to ordinary life.
S02E07 Lloyd's Lost Weekend 00/00/0000 To avoid a dull visit to Zizmo Beach for the four-day weekend, ""the lamest amusment park in the galaxy"" as he would say, Lloyd sneaks out of it all by claiming to have been invited to spend the weekend with his friends. However, he has a hard time with the tedious edu-life of the McNoggins, Kurt's Babyish Family and the family reunion weekend Eddie all of a sudden adores. After this tough experience, he suddenly misses his family and even takes the bus system to Zizmo Beach.
S02E08 You're Never Too Old 00/00/0000 Lloyd goes to spend a weekend at his Grandpa Leo's retirement home. He thinks it is SO boring but realizes if he gives it a chance he enjoys being with older people.
S02E09 The Big Sleepover 00/00/0000 Lloyd and his friends notice all the girls passing around notes and they wonder what the notes say. So Eddie gets hold of one the girls' notes, and it says ""You're Invited To A Girls Slumber Party! Don't Tell Any Of The Boys About The Party!"" So Lloyd sneaks into the girls' slumber party (while dressed up as a girl) and he tries to find out all the girls' secret without anyone finding out that he's really a boy.
S03E01 Gimme Some Skin 00/00/0000 Station convinces Douglas to give him a living body in order to impress his e-mail pen pal who is coming to the space station. Douglas agrees to test it out on station. Then Lloyd and the gang must teach Station how to act like a real man for his date.
S03E02 Incident at Luna Vista 00/00/0000 The bickering factions of Miss Bolt's class is forced to cooperate with each other when they accidently jetison their classroom into space with themselves in it. Soon everything goes wrong as Ms. Bolt short circuits and the classroom is about to colide with a star. The class pulls together and, thanks to Lloyd get back safely.
S03E03 Big Brother Kurt 00/00/0000 Tired of Francine always tagging along with him and his friends. Lloyd has Kurt play with her, but they soon become very fond of each other, leaving Lloyd jealous then Francine changes Kurt so he looks like one of Lloyds species to completly take over the role of big brother leaving Lloyd on the outside.
S03E04 The Thrila in Intrepidvilla 00/00/0000 After Francine uses her powers to defeat a band of bullies, Lloyd and his friends use her to charge every telekentic being in the galaxy to take her on, but when a being of pure energy accepts the challenge, Francine is too tired to compete.
S03E05 That's Debatable 00/00/0000 When Douglas' partner gets sick, he convinces Lloyd to be his teammate in the Inter-Galatic Debate Chapionship, but Lloyd would rather date than debate. So Douglas studies extra-hard and overloads making the smart side of himself deflate completly leaving him as nothing but pure emotion! Now Lloyd must debate for his life to win the championship! But can he do it?
S03E06 Stink-O-Rama 00/00/0000 Lloyd and Eddie consider being garbagemen lame until they have to spend Carrer Day working for Mr. Stinko the garbageman, and they help him save Intrepidville from colliding with a giant floating ball of garbage.
S03E07 Space Farm 00/00/0000 Lloyd and his friends go to Douglas' cousin's farm in hopes of avoiding their chores at home, but they discover that the chores at the farm are even greater.
S03E08 Love Beam #9 10/10/2002 Lloyd gets much more than he barganed for when he uses Douglas' love beam to get the stuck-up Britanny to fall for him. At first he is happy but when he relizes he likes the "NebuDork" Brittany he must decide on the possesed Brittany who likes him or the stuck up Brittany who secretly likes him.
S03E09 Neither Male Nor Female 24/10/2002 The boys and the girls make a bet as to the sex of the new kid, Zoid, but Zoid comes from a planet where you are neither sex until your thirteenth birthday when you can choose it. When Zoid's thieteenth birthday does roll around, he or she refuses to reveal it. The only way the gang can ever find out is if Zoid gets a crush on one of them.
S03E10 Cheery Threelap, Lloyd 00/00/0000 Lloyd tries to get out of singing holiday songs to read his comic book by claiming he celebrates Threelap even though he knows nothing about it. But when the teacher calls his bluff to sing songs about it he call Grandpa who describes it. Lloyd finding it boring makes up his own version but what will happen when Grandpa shows up at the preformence...
S04E01 A Place for Larry 00/00/0000 Larry is fired from working on the bridge, and decides to look for another job. Meanwhile, everything is in chaos and everything is going wrong around the station. Eventually, Larry saves the station from a meltdown and reveals he is actually one of the most neede workers to control Intrepidville.
S04E02 The Big Fued 00/00/0000 Principal Feely wants every to find out about their race for a festival. So they set off, but Kurt and Douglas find their race hate each other because of a misunderstanding millions of years before. They try to stay friends, but they start to hate each. On the day of the festival, Kurt has brought people from his race over, and Douglas has brought people from his race over. A fight ensues, but when Lloyd tries to stop it, they turn on him and Eddy. The chase them into a gravity well, and it's up to Kurt and Douglas to put aside their differences and save them before their faces get all streched.
S04E03 Halloween 00/00/0000 Lloyd does not want to go trick or treating with Francine and decides to scare her. Boomer builds a lame haunted house and the gang is not impressed but they figure it will scare off Francine and her friends. When the gang goes in the exit is a portal to the future where a monster has invaded the space station that is now deserted will the monster get the gang?
S04E04 At Home with the Bolts 00/00/0000 It's Bolts birthday party and Lloyd is the only one who turns up. While poking around, he finds a video of what Bolt used to be like. She was really nice and had a soft voice, but new models came out and she grew old. Her husband and her are fighting when they come in from the kitchen and Mrs Bolt decides she's never going to teach again. Lloyd shows the video to everyone and they show up, hoping she'll come back and be nice. She does come back. But she's not nice.
S04E05 Heads Up Blobberts! 00/00/0000 Kurt finds out he can remove his head. His body, without his head, is not a wimp and starts playing a new sport that makes him really cool. However, after the body starts going steady with Megan, it ditches Kurt's head and he is given the advice 'Your head is where the heart is.' Later on, the body gets really mean and they think up all sorts of ways to put Kurt's head back. However, when they find out the head really is where the heart is, it has to be put back so the body is nice again. Because, without the head, the body is just a nasty loser.
S04E06 Commander Lloyd 00/00/0000 After a gas freezes everyone except the kids in Intrepidville, Lloyd becomes commander. However, everything gets chaotic and the ship breaks apart. Without station to help and all the adults gone, Lloyd must save the kids in true Tetris style!
S04E07 Day One 00/00/0000
S04E08 Go Crater Worms 00/00/0000
S04E09 Ride Along 00/00/0000